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Name: Madeline
Spent OM: 11000
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength(1000), Ranged(1000), Ranged Materialize(600)
Powers (7400/8000): Super Jump(Advanced)(500), Burst Movement(800), Master Acrobat(400), Foresight(1500), Enhanced Sense(Master)(2000), Suppression(1000), Stealth(1200)
Moves (0): Directional Dashing(300), Reset Crystal(300), Double Dash(300), Wall Cling(0),
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (1000): Power-Up - Determined(1000)
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4
[Image: FuGWFqr.gif]
[Image: 7QNIC9D.png?1]




Madeline is a young Canadian girl, presumably 20-22 years old, who has struggled with anxiety and depression for years. Having a hard time coping with stress and going through an existential crisis, she makes the decision to climb Mt. Celeste. The mountain is said to make people face their true selves. Madeline had hardly made it off the foot of the mountain before discovering a random mirror. It was some sort of magical object beyond her understanding. The mirror sucked her in and transported her into the Omniverse.
[Image: EL49hO-U4AAFtiI.jpg]


Madeline is a short youth around 5’3 in height with brown eyes and long auburn-colored hair. She is primarily seen wearing a blue snow jacket, black pants and carrying a heavy travel bag on her back.

ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength(1000), Ranged(1000), Ranged Materialize(600)

STARTING POWERS: Super Jump(Advanced)(500), Burst Movement(800), Master Acrobat(400), Foresight(1500), Enhanced Sense(Master)(2000), Suppression(1000), Stealth(1200)


Directional Dashing(300); requires Physical Strength, Burst Movement

This ability allows Madeline to move as sonic speed in any direction she chooses, including up and down. Although she isn’t known to be much of a fighter, she can use this hypersonic dash to damage enemies who seek to cause her harm. If Madeline uses this ability for mobility, which is it’s primary purpose, she can only use it a single time before having to touch the ground again. This can be seen easily as her hair changes colours(Auburn to teal, then back to auburn when she reaches solid ground). The single use can be bypassed, however, if a reset crystal appears around her. She can dash as much as she wants on the ground as long as she retains contact with it, however, overuse can be tiring on her body.

Reset Crystal(300); requires Ranged Materialize.

Crystals can form within a 5 meter radius of Madeline at anytime, sometimes she can control their appearance and other times they form of their own will. If Madeline makes contact with a Reset Crystal, it ‘resets’ the cooldown of her directional dash by the maximum level(Which is one in her base form). Using multiple Reset crystals can be as taxing as using Dash, but summoning them does take a second of effort, whether she summons them or they will themselves.

Double Dash(300) Requires Physical Strength, Determined(Power-up)

Madeline's improved vigor allows her to use a second dash after her first while the power-up is active without touching the ground to recharge her dash. Reset crystals only allow her to regain a single dash, but cannot give her more than two at a time. The mechanics of this move work exactly the same as Directional Dash otherwise.

Wall Cling(Flavor); requires Master Acrobat

Madeline is extremely dexterous. She can cling to walls and scale them in any direction for some time before she loses energy and begins to fall. If Madeline dashes to a wall and clings to it, her Dash *does not* reset until she finds more welcoming footing. If she clings to a wall before dashing, she can use her dash as she wishes, but it cannot reset until reset conditions are met(Gaining footing or acquiring a reset crystal.)


Power-Up - Determined

Madeline's determination to reach the summit of Celeste Mountain envigorated her resolve. The power-up improves her ability to climb and run at maximum speeds. The power comes from Madeline's other part of being, whom she calls Kathris. By the two of them combining their strength, they can perform many different feats, including but not limited to Double Dashing.

Def: +1
Spd: +2
Tec: +2

Example of a combination of all the moves at work:

[Image: ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif]

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