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Onward to adventure

Sora wasn’t sure what to expect when he went through the archway he eventually found in the white void, but the green fields blue skies and pleasant breeze was… Well pleasant. He stood there for a moment, taking the scene in with a “huh.” before continuing to explore further inwards. Was he still in the same world as that white void? It didn’t look like it, but again he didn’t know much about it or if this was even like the worlds he visited before… Though, that wasn’t saying much for him, he just sorta rushes headfirst into danger without thinking.
[Image: Darkdata.png]

Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

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