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Ramona Flowers

CHARACTER NAME: Ramona Flowers

CHARACTER SOURCE: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 

A Mysterious Early Life
Not much is known about Ramona's past, but the earliest events in her life that she's willing to go start from junior high and onward. During this time, she dated a number of people. She had a decent break up with half and cheated on the rest. In total she amounted up to seven exes before moving to Canada. While there, she worked as a delivery girl for Amazon.ca, being the only one in her area since she used subspace to make her rounds fast and efficient. Needless to say, she was pretty secure on the job front.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
On one of her deliveries, she was face to face with a guy named "Scott Pilgrim" who pretty much just ordered something so he could have the chance to ask her out after meeting her at a party, which after a weird conversation at his doorstep, she agreed. Shortly thereafter, the two of them started to date, but not without her seven evil exes showing up throughout the year to challenge Scott to several fights in order to keep Ramona as his girlfriend.

One battle after the next, Scott, with the help of several people, began defeating the exes one by one until it was revealed by a girl named "Knives" that Scott was cheating on her with Ramona. Ramona let this information stew until Scott himself admitted it, leading her to call him a bad person, despite seeing how rich her claim was after the things she'd done in the past, leaving Scott to swear that he would make things right after defeating her fifth and sixth evil exes. After fighting them, Scott rushed to her apartment in time for her to confess that she was a bad person herself. As Scott tried to calm her down, a mysterious phenomena known as the Glow enveloped Ramona more and more until she vanished into subspace.

From there on, she wouldn't meet with Scott again until he ended up in subspace after his initial defeat at the hands of her final evil ex, Gideon Graves. She agreed to help him defeat Gideon before ending up trapped in her own mind, leaving Scott to reach her via subspace. With his help, Ramona was able to break free and cast Gideon out of her mind and, after one last bout in reality, Gideon, along with the rest of Ramona's exes, were finally defeated!

Afterwards, Ramona informed Scott how scared she was of getting metaphorically stuck, even if she wanted to stay with him. Once Scott told her it just took some practice, the two agreed to give their relationship another try some time in the future. This worked out just fine for Ramona, since she felt that she had something to do on her own until then.

Battle of the Heart and Mind: Ramona's Subspace Crusade!
After her time with Scott, Ramona entered subspace once again, spending as much of her time as possible eliminating remnants of the Glow, a weapon of emotional warfare that Gideon had used on her and many other people to trap them inside of their own heads with the worst aspects of themselves, enhancing the negative emotions that they possess. While the Glow itself is temporary, the only way that anyone could rid themselves of it was to come to terms with their own issues. Ramona spent an unknown amount of time, wandering through subspace helping others and combating this emotional weapon until the last portions of it infected her.

Already well versed in how these things worked, Ramona had to literally face her past as, the Glow over time, took the shape of her previous exes. One by one, she conquered these apparitions, slowly putting what little was left of her past doubts behind her and even using subspace in order to claim something from each of them until she finally made it to Gideon.

Annoyed that she had to fight this "Pretentious D-bag" again, Ramona gathered her other selves from within her mind. However, Gideon wasn't alone. Ramona and herselves had to face off against his six ex girlfriends as well as a slew of other minions that the Glow could conjure up. As the battle raged on, Ramona found her negativity slowly drift away, signalling that the Glow was getting weaker and thus, made her even more determined to stamp it out even further, Giving this version of Gideon a final crack to the face with her hammer so hard that his nonexistent glasses were shattered into a thousand pieces, finally eliminating the Glow from the world and leaving Ramona with a much stronger influence over subspace as a result of the many battles she had to go through in order to get to this point.

But out in the distance of subspace, she could see another glow, different from the kind she'd been battling all this time. Ramona tried to fend of it's influence, but was quickly overwhelmed and brought before Omni himself!

[Image: 220?cb=20120106103323] As far as her height is concerned, Ramona is charted up to about 5'7", being somewhat taller than average girls her age. Other than that, Ramona is a 25 year old Caucasian woman hailing from America. She tends to wear several different outfits, but because she'd been living in Toronto recently, her wardrobe consists of a jacket and several types of bulky clothes to withstand the cold weather. Another thing to note is that she is fickle about the color of her hair and dyes it at least once a week, but for the mercy of the person reading this, just assume she constantly has it dyed to your favorite color. Yes, even whatever color you get by combining grey, neon green and magenta. An important accessory that she always has on her is her subspace suitcase which takes the shape of a purse. It is the ultimate purse, no contest simply because Ramona using it's connection to subspace to store several things of all sizes inside of it, from weapons to cigarettes to music and even other people. On a final note is her mode of transportation. For the most part, Ramona has used roller skates in order to get around, becoming so good at it that she could even do it through snow, but she'd somewhat traded roller skates for skateboarding after obtaining the Mithril Skateboard from her subspace crusade.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength (1000), Buff Proficiency (400)

STARTING POWERS: Basic Teleportation (1500), Basic Super Jumping (300), Super Speed (1000)

[Image: 228-2283465_scott-in-ramonas-bag-hd-png-download.png]Titanium Baseball Bat (Requires Physical Strength and Buff Proficiency) - 300 OM
A normal 42 inch bat made out of pure titanium with the word "Whacker" inscribed on it's business end. Deals a decent amount of damage, but not a lot. It does have a slight damage boost against blondes though.

Send Off (Requires Physical Strength) - 300 OM
Ramona plants her feet down and rears up a strike with her Titanium Baseball Bat for one second before unleashing a swing that deals a medium amount of damage. When charging up her swing, Ramona has to stand still and focus, leaving her vulnerable for a moment.

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Hello, I would just like to inform you that this site will be closing down. We have moved to the following site -> https://reomniverse-rp.com/

Hope to see you there soon!

Wow! By the time I make up my mind and get everything done, the site it shutting down. That's friggin hilarious! XD

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