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King Bradley 'Wrath'

[Image: 300px-bradley_211.png?w=629&h=769]
Location/Role: King Bradley (the title is an honorific rather than official title) serves, in many ways, as the official ‘face’ of the Empire’s administration. While the Emperor is by no means a recluse or an uncharismatic man, Bradley has a certain something about him that makes him popular with even some of the people who would prefer to see the entire administration go up in flames. As such, Bradley is the most public, high-ranking figure in the Empire. Only Dredd has more street time (and for completely opposite reasons).

Due to his role, Bradley often makes appearances throughout the top four tiers, visiting businessmen and local politicians. He also serves as a recruiter for both primes and powerful secondaries, and he is also the voice of the Emperor when dealing with the Kingdom.

Story: The man that would grow up to become Bradley was born as a simple human male in a world where alchemy and the mystical were commonplace. From birth, Bradley’s life was nothing but training and physical conditioning, designed to make him the perfect warrior.

At the prime of his life, he was injected with an artifact known as a Philosopher's Stone. Forged from wrathful souls, the stone transformed Bradley into a being known as a Homunculus. In the process, the souls killed one another until only the most wrathful remained. The unique process let him pass off more so as a normal human, but he lacked the strong regenerative powers of other homunculi.

Sometime in the early-1880s, Bradley enlisted into the Amestrian army as an officer. He quickly ascended the ranks due to his brilliance and talent. Within a few years, he was already a general with a long track record of successfully subduing Amestris’ neighbors. As a charismatic war hero, he found himself at the center of a vast cult of personality that only served to propel him into the spotlight.

In 1894, Bradley was appointed Commander-in-Chief of Amestris, placing him at the head of state and military. Following his assumption of leadership, Bradley launched the country into a series of border skirmishes and wars with their neighbors. While most accounts of the fighting were kept silent, stories slipped back that war crimes were quite frequent. After seven years of fighting, the province of Ishval went into full-scale revolt after the unjust murder of a small child. The fighting in the province was some of the worst that the Amestrian military had endured, especially as the combat moved into denser urban environments.

For seven years, a back-and-forth campaign was waged in Isvhal Province. It was then, just when he noticed the war was beginning to negatively impact his regime’s control over the rest of the country, that Bradley passed Order 3066. Marching into Ishval, the State Alchemists massacred the population over the course of several months. This put an end to the fighting at the cost of nearly every Isvhalian. The wars did not end, and several more conflicts followed before Bradley was pulled into the Omniverse just as the Central City of Amestris teetered on the brink of civil war. (immediately before the beginning of the original Fullmetal Alchemist story)

[Image: personnages-de-fullmetal-alchemist-317342.jpg]
Bradley arrived in the Omniverse during the earlier days of the war with Diablo. Coruscant propaganda states that Bradley was ‘the third Prime,’ ignoring the place of Diablo and a handful of others who may have predated Bradley’s arrival. Regardless of when he arrived, Bradley was greeted personally by Emperor Palpatine. Similar in demeanor and personality, the two quickly became friends and returned to Coruscant, where Bradley joined the imperial hierarchy. Over the course of several months, Bradley quickly ascended the ranks. Banned histories state that Bradley’s rapid promotions weren’t based on merit but rather on his allegiance to the Emperor. Either way, Bradley was granted the honorific of ‘King’ and has since been firmly established as the number two man in Coruscant’s Empire.

On the surface, King Bradley seems like a simple military man. At parties and social functions, he is known to be chatty, personable, and capable of making anyone laugh. As the Emperor slipped increasingly into the shadows, Bradley gradually became the most popular face of the regime. Beneath the charm and smiles lurks a second King Bradley--a wrathful individual trained from youth to main and kill.

This is the Bradley that would personally slaughter squads of enemy combatants. A popular story is that Bradley once killed a tank-sized demon with only a grenade and a broken sword. Given his prominence, Bradley has often been the target of terrorist attacks and assassination attempts. One such assassination took place when King Bradley was visiting Tier 5, an already inhospitable place that started to seize at the notion of an imperial bigwig coming to their home.

During a ceremonial function with the local politicians, a series of explosions went off, killing nearly half of Tier 5’s local electorate and almost two squads of stormtroopers. King Bradley was injured but alive, and he soon found himself surrounded by nearly a dozen well-armed men. Footage from cell phones captured the massacre that followed as King Bradley removed his eyepatch to reveal what has since been nicknamed ‘the Ultimate Eye.’ Bradley then pulled off his coat, displaying a set of five swords across his person. In the bloodbath that followed, King Bradley slaughtered each and every one of his attackers without suffering a single blow. All that remained of the foolhardy separatists was a mass of severed limbs and a giant pool of blood that was left unclean by imperial decree following the attempted assassination. While the viscera has been picked apart by scavengers, there are still bloodstains in the old meeting square.

Since the attack, Bradley has made no more trips below Tier 4. The running rumor is that this policy is to protect the people there from Bradley, rather than the other way around. Supposedly it took half a dozen space marines to hold back King Bradley until his rage subsided enough for his more levelheaded tendencies to take control. Despite the slaughter of the poor and underprivileged, Bradley remains even more popular among the more affluent citizens.

[Image: king_bradley_by_redsaka-d76pxde.jpg]
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

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