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The Nexus Information

The Nexus is roughly 25KM in diameter and circular (roughly 400 square KM). The gates are spaced at each of the eight compass points, close to the edge of the circle. It takes roughly two hours walk to get from the fountain to any gate, or about twelve minutes at top speed on a mount (~80mph). This means it would take about four hours to walk from one side of the Nexus to the other, or ~25 minutes at top speed on a mount.

For reference:

[Image: Nexus.png]

[Image: Nexus_Dist.png]

The Nexus, by default, looks like a blank canvas. The ground, the sky, are all a bright, clear white, to the point where it is hard to distinguish the horizon and sometimes feels like you will fall through the world. There is no sun, but everything is somehow illuminated. The Nexus stands as the best example of Omni's power to simply make his own rules of how things work. Unlike most other verses, summoning permanent structures is impossible - perhaps a reflection of the impermanent nature of this verse.

In the center of the Nexus is the Fountain of Infinity. This is where all Primes incarnate, whether when arriving to the Omniverse for the first time or reincarnating after death. The fountain itself rarely looks the same - sometimes it will take the form of a tower, other times a great elevator from the sky, or an hourglass filled with sand, or a deep pool. The landscape immediately around the fountain also changes, though it quickly gives way to the endless flat whiteness.

On the horizon from the Fountain, the eight gates can be seen, housing portals to the eight main verses. Each is about two hours walk from the Fountain. To the west is the gate to Coruscant, a giant archway of smooth connected steel. It is always guarded by stormtroopers on either side of the gate, who usually only stop Primes if they are wanted criminals (and even then, are smart enough to call it in rather than to fight). To the northwest is the gate to the Endless Dunes, an archway of stone that looks worn and eroded. To the north is the perpetually smoking gate to the Ashen Steppes, hot to the touch. To the northeast, the gate to the Tangled Green, an archway covered in bark and vines. To the far east, the gate to Camelot, an archway of clean hewn stone. Scouts can often be seen coming in and out of it, who try not to come into contact with unknown Primes. To the southeast the gate to the Pale Moors, of grey stone and dark moss. To the south is the gate to the Frozen Fields, being of snowy ice. To the southwest, the Vasty Deeps, in the image of two palm trees bending to meet each other. Each gate is about 12 foot tall, and almost as wide.

The Nexus is perhaps the most important location in the Omniverse. Control of the Fountain means being able to capture any Primes who incarnate here, although generally they prefer them to come willingly – all Primes have the potential to become powerful allies. Occasionally elite squadrons from the Empire or Kingdom will wait at the Fountain for a dangerous Prime from the opposite side to reincarnate, so that they can banish them to the Underverse.
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