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Rex Libris

[Image: rex_posed.gif]
Location/Role: Rex Libris is the Head Librarian of the Great Library of Coruscant and the Archives of Ultan. He spends most of his time in the Great Library on Coruscant's Top Tier, fiddling with dusty tomes or helping individuals locate their book or periodical. Rex is known to visit the Archives every few weeks to supervise shipments or perform other clerical duties that require his presence. Despite his somewhat abrasive personality and his less-than-stellar relationship with Judge Dredd, Rex is an approachable fellow, unless you have an overdo book. In which case, you might want to slip your payment through the depository slip and flee...

Story: Rex Libris appears as a clean shaven, black haired, bespectacled man in his mid forties. Perpetually wearing what appears to be the same black suit, with white shirt and standing over six and a half feet tall, Rex is an intimidating figure even before you notice the handgun that is constantly within his reach. The librarian is a gruff fellow, often more interested in making sure you are following library rules than having an actual conversation, though talk of books and research are always of interest to him. He is quick to anger, but also quick to calm.

Despite his appearance as a man in his mid forties, Rex Libris is in truth thousands of years old. He began his life as a librarian at the Great Library of Alexandria, before being blessed by the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth as a reward for his great service as Head Librarian there. Eternally bound to the earth and to serve as a librarian, Rex wandered from library to library over the ages. His last post, at the Middleton town library, was but a handful of years ago. He had only just found himself to be finally settled there, when he was whisked away to the Omniverse.

[Image: have-you-returned-your-library-books1.jpg]
Ignoring Camelot simply due to its outward apprentice, Rex wound up in Coruscant. Once there, he found no library to call his own, so he decided to create his own. In the process of doing so, he summoned a secondary, Ultan, to serve as a caretaker for an archive of rare books. This archive, originally a wing of the Great Library, was later relocated to Tier Five when it outgrew its original confines. In order to create a library on the First Tier, Rex had to strike a deal with Emperor Palpatine. Rex would be allowed to run his library with him as the sole person with jurisdiction over it, but in return, Rex agreed to ensure that the library was a place ideal for the citizens of Coruscant. He also had to agree not to carry any seditious texts, although Rex would circumvent this by having anything deemed too politically damaging classified as 'archival texts' and having the moved to the less heavily policed Tier Five.

Rex is determined to ensure that any library under him is run smoothly and according to library rules. Anyone unable to abide by the rules will find his or herself removed or even barred from the library. Rex has been known to use force if needed. As books tend to attract the attention of otherworldly denizens and all manners of evil spirits, Rex has become a formidable fighter, and he is happy to use his abilities to protect his library.

There are tales among the youth of Coruscant that he even banned Judge Dredd himself from the library after a disagreement over who had the right of jurisdiction within the hallowed glass halls. Dredd, while still seething over the event, knows that Rex has the approval of the Emperor, and while the two are happy to glare daggers at each other throw the glass walls of the building, he has yet to try and enter again.

One of Rex Libris’ secondaries, Ultan is an elderly, wizened man constantly wearing a grey cloak and cowl. He is a friendly man, but exceptionally eccentric. While his knowledge of all the books in the archives is incredible, with memory of minute details from every single dusty tome, he enjoys recounting trivia from the books far more than most people are able to stand. Despite all this, he is unparalleled in his ability to locate exactly the book someone is looking for.

Oddly enough, Ultan is the caretaker of the archives that bear his name on Coruscant's Tier Five. Despite his appearence and the rare books he safeguards, there are few individuals who have attempted to rob the Archives. Rumors persist that those who tried never made it back out of the archives..
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

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