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The Vasty Deep Information

Vasty Deep

By taking a gate from either the Nexus or Coruscant, you will come here to Costa del Sol, a large island that serves as the Empire’s outpost in this verse. Past here, the islands are as varied as they are many, mostly empty but often inhabited.

Generally, the western parts of the verse are hotter, while the eastern parts are colder - it is on one snowy island that the gate to the Frozen Fields can be found.  Many other islands exist, from those with small cities reminiscent of year-2000-era humanity to ones inhabited by giants and monsters.  Someone could spend an eternity sailing the seas of the Vasty Deep and still discover new islands and new underwater treasures.

At the far end of the verse, the islands become more and more sparsely inhabited until the emptiness of the ocean takes over. It is said that at the verse's southernmost point, there is a small island on which sits a gate to the Void .... but somewhere in the depths is a monster who preys on those hoping to reach it.


Nebula's forces ravaged the Deeps for months without a force to check them. The Empire, with its Imperial Navy, offered little more than containment measures to prevent the darklings from reaching the 'interior' region of the Deep, leaving those settlements in the periphery and vast hinterland to fend for themselves. The pirates, who once had a center of power on Blue Flame Island, are decentralized following the destruction of the island and the city-state of Bilgewater. Sabaody Archipelago has likewise been abandoned in the wake of its nearly complete desolation by Nebula. Rapture, the underwater city-state run by the capitalist Andrew Ryan, has officially closed its doors to all outsiders. No new news has flowed from the city.


Costa del Sol - Costa del Sol – Located just on the other side of the Nexus gate, Costa del Sol is the heart of Imperial activity in the Vasty Deep. Situated on a large island, the city showcases a fusion of advanced technology and historical materials and architectural styles. This almost perfect fusion of old and new makes Costa del Sol a truly fascinating city, despite the fact that it serves as the keystone for the Empire’s control in the interior part of the verse. While nowhere near the size and scale of any Tier of Coruscant, Costa is a large city with a thriving economy and a diverse population. Legislation is dictated from an elected council of local leaders and businessmen, but the real authority lays with Vi, the brash, raw, and fearless woman with the giant mechanical fists.

While Costa del Sol serves as the focal point for trade for the Empire, it is also the home to a flourishing tourist industry. Much like the city of Silent Hill in the Pale Moors used to do before ‘the fog’, Costa del Sol attracts people from across the Omniverse with its rich and raucous ‘party district’. Designed to evoke the feel of 19th century parties in far-away tropical places, there are parades and grand parties almost every other day. It’s said that it is impossible to go to Costa del Sol’s party district and not leave happy. For the younger or less inclined toward hedonism, there are various gardens, theaters, zoos, and even an amusement and water park in Costa del Sol’s tourism quarter.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the large influxes of foreigners and visitors, there is a heavy police presence in Costa del Sol to ensure peace and stability in such a giant melting pot.

Costa del Sol serves as the home port for the Imperial Navy, an autonomous branch of the Empire’s military that ensures Coruscant controls most of the trade that flows through this enormous verse. Under the orders of Admiral Kizaru, the Imperial Navy operates around the clock, patrolling the waters around Costa del Sol and occasionally sending individual ships or small flotillas further into the Deep to combat piracy, runaway rebels, or merely to remind independent settlements of the Empire’s influence over the area.  Given the nature of the verse, the Imperial Navy can be seen as a composite force, made up of several various types of vessels.  Many, particularly Admiral Kizaru's fleet, have the appearance of 'golden age of sail' vessels, although there are some smaller pieces that many would consider 'more modern.'  The Imperial Navy also administrate Impel Down, an underwater prison for criminals (many of which tend to be primes) who have crossed the Empire in one way or another.

The following non-player characters are centered in Costa del Sol - Vi

Impel Down - The Empire's largely-undersea prison, Impel Down, is located just a few miles away from the city.  The prison is famed for its tiers of increasing severity. In previous days it would hold all manner of Primes and was guarded by Admiral Kizaru. Nowadays the admiral tends to leave Impel Down to his subordinates, preferring to sail the high seas enforcing the Empire's law.

Cinnabar Island - Nearer to the centre of the verse, Cinnabar Island houses a large community of monsters and outcasts who have removed themselves – to the best of their ability – from the outside world. Their reluctant leader, the genetically-enhanced creature Mewtwo, tends not to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the islanders unless his psychic powers are needed to keep the peace. As a result, it has become a mecca for those spurned from the Kingdom or Empire. While the Empire has made attempts to 'establish diplomatic relations' with Cinnabar Island, Mewtwo has made it entirely clear that the residents are independent, and will remain so. Many of the citizens are wary of outsiders, but are ferociously loyal to those who have proved themselves friends.

The following non-player characters are centered on Cinnabar Island: Mewtwo

Isla Nublar - A small, teardrop-shaped island with a jungle shrouded in clouds, Isla Nublar seems like a dreamy paradise from boats off shore.  That illusion was quickly lost when the first travelers ventured over the mountains that ring its perimeter.  Every member of that party died, slain by the natives of the island--dinosaurs.  Although small, Isla Nublar’s unique ecology allows various niches to thrive.  Only those foolhardy enough to seek glory would dare visit the island.

Fishman Island - The name is a slight misnomer, as Fishman Island is an underground kingdom.  Inhabited by merpeople, zoras and all other types of fishmen, it has a strange atmosphere where, depending on who you speak to, foreigners can either be treated as celebrities or dirt. Due to its location, visitors from the surface are rare. The denizens are often at odds with Rapture, whose proximity forces Fishman Island to remain constantly aware of its surroundings. Fishman Island is currently off-limits following a week-long radio silence. Anyone wanting to approach this location needs to contact the Storyteller department first.

Rapture - Deep beneath the rolling waves of the Vasty Deep inside a massive dome lies Rapture, an underwater city.  Rapture is perhaps the most amazing, terrifying thing in the entire verse. Run by the Coruscant refugee, Andrew Ryan, Rapture is a place where free enterprise and science run wild, free of regulations and other silly things like morality.  A very small island with a lighthouse marks the only access to Rapture, via a bathysphere, but entrance is often highly restricted.  A gorgeous, Art Deco-inspired city, Rapture was founded on the notion of excluding institutions like government and religion from everyday life.  The city is a capitalist’s haven, with no social programs and restrictions on business.  The wealthy are very well off, while the city’s less fortunate bristle with anger at Ryan.  Rapture is now on "lock-down", and a bounty will be placed on any outsiders.

The following non-player characters are centered on Rapture: Andrew Ryan

Roaming NPCs

Wartortle - A highly-intelligent and malicious creature, Wartortle leads a terror group called the ‘Liberation Front.’  Cells operate in most population centers in the important verses, and it is rumored that the leader himself resides somewhere in the Vasty Deep.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Faction Quests

Lace up your Bootstraps

Location: Vasty Deep (Costa del Sol and surrounding waters)
Requirements: Do not be affiliated with: The Kingdom, The Rebels, Cinnabar Island, or Liberation Front
Difficulty: Moderate (5000-10,000 words dependent on writing quality)

Reward: Become an Ensign or Petty Officer in the Imperial Navy, Access to Costa del Sol Officer Plaza, Naval Cutlass (Flavor item, can be fashioned as a move), Imperial Flintlock (See Cutlass)

Overview: Player must complete a tour of duty as a sailor aboard an Imperial ship.  They must serve this role with distinction to receive a commission at the end of their tour.

Costa del Sol, while very much a part of the Empire, has its own unique culture and society.  At the centerpiece of the tropical city’s identity is the Imperial Navy.  The navy, which functions as a nearly autonomous branch of the larger Imperial Military, is an integral part of Costa del Sol, with most naval officers serving in high-ranking civil roles when they transition from active roles out in the ocean of the Vasty Deep.

Service is not mandatory, but most citizens of Costa del Sol volunteer their time to the navy in some form or another.  Even foreigners are able to enlist into the military, and primes are eligible for officer positions if they can ‘endure’ a tour of duty aboard an imperial frigate (a medium-sized warship).  During this tour, the prime serves as an enlisted soldier, as if they were a lowly secondary.  They will be expected to follow all orders and to complete any and all tasks given to them by superiors.  Failure to do so or insubordination will result in them being thrown in the brig (and being barred from the navy) or worse.

Those who end their tour of duty with distinction receive the rank of Ensign.  They are invested with the traditional symbols of an officer—the cutlass and flintlock pistol.  They also receive a formal and informal uniform.  The latter of which may be worn anywhere, but the former is only for service onboard ships.

As an ensign, the character is responsible for periodically returning to serve a tour of duty in the defense of the waters around Costa del Sol and Impel Down.

Quest Stipulations – Character must travel to Costa del Sol and enlist in the Imperial Navy.  They must then serve as a common seaman (or seawoman), following orders and performing oftentimes menial work aboard a ship.  At the conclusion of this tour (which may be as routine or dramatic as the writer decides), they will become an ensign if they performed with distinction.  As an ensign, they must return periodically to serve more tours


A Little Peace and Quiet

Location: Cinnabar Island
Requirements: Cannot be affiliated with: The Empire, the Imperial Navy, or the Liberation Front
Difficulty: Moderate (5000-10,000 words dependent on writing quality)
Reward:  Living space on Cinnabar Island or the surrounding archipelago (may be used for a Base)

Overview – Character must travel to Cinnabar Island’s main settlement.  They will receive a task from the council that is aimed at improving the island.  Tasks can vary from the mundane to the dramatic, but writers should be aware of possible bounties for anti-Imperial acts.

Cinnabar Island has, for a long time at least, been a sanctuary for the (metaphorical) flotsam and jetsam of the Omniverse.  Ever since the physic prime Mewtwo arrived at the island, its population and central settlement have continued to expand.  Cinnabar’s expansion has not been without ‘growing pains.’  The somewhat recent exodus of Wartortle and his followers shattered the idyllic atmosphere of the island, and the halfhearted blockade by the Empire has had an effect on both the economy and moral.

As a result, Mewtwo’s closest advisors (the de factor rulers of the island) have become open to recruiting help from the outside world, despite such actions being shunned earlier in the island’s history.  Interesting individuals need only travel to Cinnabar Island, find the main settlement, and present their case to the leadership (a collection of Pokemon who serve as Mewtwo’s inner circle).  The council will give them a task they feel matches most with the individual’s abilities or personality.   These tasks run the gamut from land clearance to sabotaging the Imperial Navy’s blockade (be aware of bounties!)

Because Cinnabar Island is far from the most lucrative place in the Omniverse, the leaders can offer the only thing they have to give—a plot of land and acceptance into the melting pot that is Cinnabar.

Quest Stipulations – Character must perform a task for the leadership of Cinnabar Island.  This may range from something trivial (cleaning up new farm land or helping to build new homes) to something more involved (smuggling in luxury goods or sabotaging a blockade)



Location: Various
Requirements: Level 2
Difficulty: Special (At least 7,500 words)
Reward: ???

Graffiti of a clawed, blue fist clenching a hammer.

The words ‘Break your Chains’ sloppily painted on the side of an abandoned farmhouse or a shipwreck.

The plastic mask of a grinning, furry white-eared turtle that crops up in the deepest parts of the Dataverse.

The Pokemon Liberation Front, often just ‘The Liberation Front,’ thrives in the darkest shadows of the Omniverse, but their message is perhaps more voluminous than the physical bodies that fill its ranks. Is this vandalism the actions of nihilistic terrorists or just bored youth wanting to rebel against the establishment?

While that truth is mired in fog, the reality is that the Liberation Front is very real. Their bombs seem to reach all parts of the Omniverse. Senators in Coruscant and knights in Camelot have little in common, but the hatred of the Liberation Front is one such thing. Even the seemingly nameless bureaucrats in Costa del Sol, Carrefore, Nippur, and the outerlying Duchies of Camelot find themselves occasionally at the receiving end of an act of terrorism from the Front.

It is said that the Liberation Front recruits primes and secondaries with little fear of death or banishment. Their number one interest? People with track records that make them opposed to the centralized authorities of the Omniverse. You want to gain the focus on the Liberation Front? Get on their radar.

Quest Stipulations – Player must hear about the Liberation Front in some way, shape, or form. Player must proceed to commit a very public, very horrifying crime that earns them a bounty in Camelot, Coruscant, Vasty Deep, or the Endless Dunes. Player must escape any backlash by the authorities.

Unique Quests

Gala Date
Location: Costa del Sol
Requirements: Must not be affiliated with The Kingdom, Cinnabar Island, Pokémon Liberation Front, or the Rebels; Must have done any Empire-Imperial Navy faction quest or have Recognition in Coruscant or the Vasty Deep
Difficulty:  Moderate (5,000 to 10,000 words, dependent on quality)
Reward: Instant celebrity in Costa del Sol
Vi, the Enforcer of Costa del Sol, has to deal with a lot of nonsense in her daily affairs.  Unlike her counterpart in Coruscant, she does still like to try and enjoy the more colorful things in life.
Once a month, there’s a large gala held in Costa del Sol to celebrate the city’s continuing success and wealth.  Vi is always present and almost always drunk, but she always gets slightly embarrassed when the event turns into a lot of dancing.  You see, she never learned how to dance amidst her otherwise awesome life.  The fact that she hates to remove her hextech gauntlets doesn’t make things any easier.
You’re a respected individual within the Empire.  You hear through the grapevine that the strongest individual in Costa del Sol isn’t quite so nimble on her feet.  Perhaps you can lend a hand?  Go meet Vi (if you haven’t already) and see if you can’t teach her a few dance moves.
Of course, you’ll have to see this through to the end, so you’ll have to be her dance partner at the Gala.
Quest Stipulations – Must go to Costa del Sol.  Must meet up with Vi and at some point, uncover her tragic lack of dance skills.  Must then teach her and be her dance partner at the upcoming Costa del Sol Gala (good luck).

Avast Me Hearties
Location: Vasty Deep (Various)
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Extreme (20,000-40,000 words dependent on writing quality) + Instant Notoriety
Reward:  Violet Star Piece (Artefact)

A.) Collaborate – Seek out Jadeveon Clowney, one of the Dalaran astronomers who is operating on Cinnabar Island. Once you meet him, he’ll have a task for you to gain his trust and prove your worth. After completing this task, he’ll share the results of his research with you—a star piece that crashed into the ocean further into the verse. Although he can’t account for the drift or tides, he has some coordinates for where he thinks it may have landed. With him and his bodyguards, you set out on a small boat to the location. Along the way be prepared to deal with the dangers of the ocean and the threat of others vying for the same prize, including the Liberation Front and the Imperial Navy. When you arrive near the coordinates, you are stunned to see a large wooden boat with black sails bobbing in the waters. The boat turns toward you and with strange speed, overtakes you. What follows is an intense battle with the reanimated crew of this ship, which at closer inspection appears to have spent years on the bottom of the ocean. Jadeveon must survive the battle. When you win, you’ll discover the star piece on the pirate ship, and he’ll entrust you with care of the star piece. If he perishes, you will be contacted by one of his peers to deliver the artefact to Dalaran for safekeeping. Failure to do so results in a Camelot bounty. Completion of this quest will result in a bounty with the Empire and all its holdings (Costa del Sol, Carrefore, Imperial Navy).

B.) Theft/Solo – Seek out Jadeveon Clowney, who is operating at Cinnabar Island. Subdue him and his bodyguards. After that, you can rifle through his work and discover coordinates for where the star piece was projected to have crashed. The inhabitants of Cinnabar Island will offer you assistance in return for the artefact. Turning them down or betraying them will not result in a bounty but will make you disliked by them. If you didn’t have the heart to kill the astronomer, you can expect that he will trail you down seeking revenge. Once you finish this quest, you can expect a Camelot bounty when the astronomers piece together the puzzle. The Empire will also place a bounty on you as well.

C.) Ahoy, Skipper! - For those who are members of the Imperial Navy, you can head to your Admiral once you acquire the intel from Clowney (he will not willingly ask for the Navy's help).  Knowing that the artefact is some sort of power, Kizaru will promote you to the role of CO on a small vessel with a crew of around ten sailors.  Once you obtain the artefact, you must return back to Costa del Sol for an audience with the Admiral and Vi.  Admiral Kizaru, knowing that you are a faithful seaman, will tell you to keep watch over the artefact and keep it from the 'dirty rabble.'  He'll also patch up your boat for you the next time you're in the Deep.

D.) Friend of Cinnabar – Obtain the intel throughout whatever means. Mewtwo will request an audience with you about the star piece. He will express his concern that the artefact must be kept out of the hands of the Empire and their Navy. He’ll provide you with a group of Pokémon to accompany you to the coordinates, as well as a vessel. Once you defeat the undead pirates and claim the star piece, you must return to Cinnabar. Mewtwo, having looked at the artefact, remains stalwart that it must be kept out of the hands of the vile. He entrusts you, a friend of the island, the guard the star piece.  Keep the Pokemon with you.

E.) One for All and All for One (PVP) -If you’re lucky, you may find the astronomers just as they are dealing with another prime. At this point, you can either join the other prime or fight them to the death, the astronomer won’t mind.

Once someone has allied with the astronomer or stolen their information, you will have to go through extra means to try and follow the trail: You come across the empty astronomer camp. It may have been packed up nicely or left behind in a rush (with possibly some traces of a struggle). Either way, there’s no one home. You are behind on the chase, but not all is lost for you. Gossip travels quickly and there are eyes in many places in the Omniverse, as well as people who can see beyond their sight. You may even find an angry, bruised astronomer chasing someone who stole his work. Do whatever you need to do to discover where the astronomer went or the thief who killed him.

With any luck, you can catch up to the other person. At that point, you can either join them or fight them. Losing one of these fights can result in death. Leaving someone alive gives them the option to continue trailing you.

Void Entrance Quest

Gate in the Deep
Location: Vasty Deep
Requirements to complete (can be started earlier). May be completed alone or as a group.
5+ ATK between entire group (may use powered-up stats as basis). Requirement lowered by 1/2/3 if you have a Tier 1/2/3 Super Attack.
7+ SPD between entire group (may use powered-up stats as basis). Requirement lowered by 4 if you have Flight, 1 for each other Movement power.

Difficulty: Extreme (20,000-40,000 words dependent on writing quality)
Reward: Void entrance in the Deep.

The name of the deep is not hyperbole; it is the largest of the ‘light’ verses, beaten only in size by the Underverse. One could spend years travelling around and exploring the many islands that dot its vast ocean. But the further one goes from the gates, the greater the ocean seems to stretch on. Until finally, nothing but emptiness.

You sail on. But the ocean grows dark, and the seas dead. The storms grow fiercer and the nights longer. Until you cannot remember the last time you saw day; only a perpetual kind of twilight. You feel yourself being watched. You remember the sailor’s tales and their warnings of the dark ocean. But you press on; for what reason?

And finally, when all you can see is ocean in every direction and the sea seems unnaturally still, the ocean swells as though a great ancient evil rises from the depths. A being of such age and intelligence that to stand before it is to feel your soul flee your body. The Kraken.

Defeating such an ancient being would take amazing power and inhuman bravery. Fight it. Beat it. And sail on through the fog. A small island lies, as though you were meant to find it. The next world awaits.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

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