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The Pale Moors Information

The Pale Moors

If you dare take either of the gates from the Nexus or Camelot, you will soon find yourself in the town of Darkshire, so named for the perpetual clouds blotting out the sun’s gaze. Once the centerpiece of the Kingdom's colonial interests, it is now a place where everybody locks their doors and windows at night. As the frontline in the war against Diablo, Darkshire suffered terribly before the fighting concluded.  In the aftermath, it failed to recover when the Kingdom gradually withdrew from the verse, and the arrival of a foreboding castle on the horizon has only complicated matters.

Ever since Diablo, all manner of undead creatures have begun to wander the land, making day-to-day tasks like farming perilous. Attacks on Darkshire have become common.  Even so, citizens often disappear from their beds or their guard posts. Now only those very brave, foolhardy, or with no choice remain.

Outside of Darkshire, the landscape is one of rolling fields dotted with forests, wetlands, and varied bodies of water.  Travelers leaving Darkshire are advised not to eat or drink anything they find in the wildness and avoid any dense fog they may encounter, particularly around the abandoned city of Silent Hill in the mountains.


Darkshire has recently undergone a shift in government, although the situation has long-since stabilized, resulting in relative success for the town in recent months.  

Outside of Darkshire, the rest of the Moors has seen an increase in activity as new primes flock to Dracula. The interior of the Moors hasn't been this dangerous since the peak of the Blight.

What appears to have been a dormant volcano erupted in the interior of the Moors, near the site of the Primordial Scar, many months ago. Reports are still murky.



Darkshire was once a thriving colonial outpost of the Kingdom.  It was renowned for its beautiful architecture of brick, dark woods, and stone. Once the jewel of the Kingdom, Darkshire was a beautiful walled city, populated by the rich and successful who sought escape from the rigors of life in Camelot (think of Bowerstone in the earlier Fable series). While times have changed, this legacy can still be found throughout a city that came so very close to the precipice of destruction so many years ago. Although most blatant indicators of former Kingdom affiliation, including the earlier government, have been washed away, many buildings still match designs you might see in Minas Tirith's well-to-do neighborhoods, although quite a few of those one illustrious hotels and boarding homes have become little more than glorified tenements.

At its height, Darkshire was home to nearly ten thousand souls. The Terror War and the subsequent withdrawal of the Kingdom caused those numbers to plunge to what was almost a breaking point a few years back. The arrival of hardened primes and weary souls has helped Darkshire to recover, although it will be a long time and a lot of spilled blood deep in the Moors before the city regains any semblance of what it once had. Even so, Darkshire's people are a hardy, resolute bunch that do not waver in the face of adversity. Those that might have long-since left the Pale Moors, leaving behind a population of citizens with little more than laconic wit in lieu of the outside world.

With the souring of the Moors, Darkshire's existence has come under perpetual threat from all walks of horrors that stalk the rolling hills and scattered forests.  In recent months, Darkshire became embroiled in political bickering as its economic slumped and safety became even worse.  Reports surfaced that many in the town were consorting with drow, including the former mayor.  This led to a palace coup by Dobson Skendor (whose father had been murdered), Shang Tsung, Atelos, and a few other influential citizens.  A political-military council was created to govern the town, with Dobson as a ceremonial first-among-equals.

With the increased threats from the mindless beasts that roam the wilderness and those monsters organized under Count Dracula, Darkshire is not an overly happy place.  With the loss of the neighboring town of Silent Hill and the conflict between the Kingdom and the Empire, Darkshire must rely upon itself.  Visitors to this town will find a hardened, brooding people adapted to the gloom of the Moors.  

The following non-player characters are centered in Darkshire: Dobson Skender , Atelos

Dracula's Castle

No one is quite certain exactly when the castle appeared on the Pale Moors, only that it occurred sometime after the closure of the Underverse.  They only know that it's appearance is what started the Pale Moors gradual decline into a gray, hellish landscape populated by more beasts and monsters than humans.  Because no one has made it to the castle and lived to tell the tale, details of its interior are a mystery.  The most common parcel of knowledge is that it is run by Count Dracula, whose destruction seems to be the eventual aim of the doctor/hunter Abraham van Helsing  

The following non-player characters are centered at Dracula's Castle:  Count Dracula

Silent Hill

Silent Hill was started in the early days of the Omniverse, when the Pale Moors were known more for their beautiful scenary and wildlife, rather than the omnipresence of doom and disease. Primes like Henry Mason, Billy Coen, and Oswell E Spencer helped grow the place from a collection of lake-side huts to a full-fledged town. For years, its location--nestled between the beautiful Lake Teluca, the Arkelay Mountains, and Raccon Forest---made it a hotbed for all likes of Primes and secondaries. The town was not without its conspiracies--tales of experiments in the Spencer mansion and of a cult that worship the demonic lord of the Underverse. Even so, the community thrived even as the Pale Moors as a whole went into decline.

No one knows exactly what happened to the town, but roughly six months ago, a fog rolled in off the lake one morning. Fog was common due to the geography, but this fog never receded. Communication to and from the town became virtually impossible. Reports of grotesque, shambling creatures and the living dead began to flourish. Although these reports were common in the rest of the Moors, Silent Hill had long been a bastion. Anyone inside the town was soon considered to be dead or worse, and the few that entered the fog-soaked town after this incident rarely returned.

Those that did--a prime that committed suicide to escape--reported that the town was a realm of nightmares. Fog and rain shrouded horrifying creatures and crazed survivors. People still left in the town would often seem oblivious to the hellscape around them. The Prime also spoke of how the town would, from time to time, transform into a hellish, rusted reflection of itself. The change was heralded by an air-raid siren, and it always marked an increase in the presence of beasts and mental anguish. The Prime reported been tormented by dead friends and stalked by a man wearing a large, triangular helmet and dragging a massive cleaver.

Even still, Primes and secondaries still find reasons to try and brave the fog. Rarely do they return, and when they do, they are usually never the same mentally or physically. The only Prime who seems to have endured in Silent Hill is the Viper, who many will state was never quite whole of mind to begin with. The ‘woman’ can been seen roaming the towns and the fog-soaked countryside. Some say she searches for the cause of the town’s hellish state, while others claim she is nothing more than one more twisted, tormented soul wandering Silent Hill until the Omniverse’s end.

The following non-player characters are centered in Silent Hill: The Viper


Although no one has yet found the underground city of the drow and lived to tell of it, a few capture drow have leaked details of the place.  Located in the more rugged and hilly areas in the outer reaches of the Pale Moors, the underground city is home to the growing drow city-state.  Its warriors and clerics, under the leadership of their Matron Mother Triel Baenre, have gradually started to become a greater nuisance and threat for Darkshire and the various farms and settlements that try to exist out in the wilds of the Pale Moors.

The following non-player characters are centered in Menzoberranzan: Triel Baenre

Poenari Castle

If one travels far into the Moors, they will eventually run across the Poe River, which rushes down from the Carpathian Mountains that serve as one of the frontiers of the Moors. Nestled near the widest point of this river is a dilapidated fortress. At one point, years ago, Poenari Castle was the front line in the defense of the Pale Moors. Built over the course of a few weeks by some of the best mages of Camelot, the castle served for a long time as a bottleneck against the evil spilling out into the Moors. King Aragorn, Victor von Magnus, and Dumbledore spent several months at Poenari Castle when the nefarious attacks in the Moors were only intermittent assaults and guerrilla conflicts.

When the armies of Diablo started to spew forth from the Black Gate, Poenari Castle, despite its thick walls and natural defenses, became impossible to hold onto. The defenders, led by the three aforementioned Kingdom primes, held out for several weeks before it became clear that the situation was impossible. They were forced to retreat before escape could be cut off, and after another month of sieges, the castle fell to the armies of Diablo. By that point, Poenari had been so thoroughly ravaged that it was left to rot away--a giant mausoleum that is now mostly forgotten to the ravages of time and the reality of the Moors. The only one to visit the place in recent history is Argento Camarinos, who spent a few weeks at the place as part of a bigger journey to the Black Gate. The paladin reported that the place, despite clearly losing the battle against time, remains an impressive sight, even if he also mentioned that he heard moans and lamentations in the dead of night.

Poenari Castle has recently, more or less, fallen under the control of Illidan, who seeks to turn its host of monsters and fel creatures against the Light.

The Primordial Scar

If you travel a few days from Darkshire into the interior of the Pale Moors, you may stumble across the site of a recent battle.  It is here that the Tarrasque was fought and defeated by a coalition of 7 primes.  What had once been the site of a somewhat prosperous farming village is now a massive ruin.  Explosions detonated by the primes caused the tunnels beneath the area to collapse, leading to the creation of widely uneven terrain and numerous sinkholes.  Along with the holes and fissures, the area is dotted with strange rock formations caused by the cooling of magma, said to have been the Tarrasque's blood.  

At the epicenter of the area is an enormous sinkhole wide enough to have consumed a city block.  If the primes are to be believed, the spot is where the Tarrasque collapsed into the ground upon its demise.  While everyone has celebrated the end of the creature's rampage, there are those who doubt the validity of its death and cite the old stories they've shared since the early days of the Pale Moors.

The Black Gate

A few weeks from Darkshire is the Black Gate, the massive gate which once served as the entrance into the Underverse.  It was from this demonic structure that Diablo's armies flooded out into the rest of the Omniverse, and it was here that the armies of Camelot finally defeated the monster and ended his threat.  What remains is a rolling field of uneven terrain that houses hundred of dead warriors and demonic creatures.  The gate itself still stands--two black stone pillars with an arch on top.

The gate draws little to no visitors, as it is a long march through hostile territory.  Most people fear they will run across the ghosts of the dead or something far worse.  The paladin Argento visited this landmark months before he disappeared in Silent Hill, and a group led by Proto Man came here to banish the source of the Blight.


Known by many of the Fallen and other monsters of the Moors as the Towers that Eclipse Darkshire, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry rose in a matter of minutes upon a high hill overlooking an equally deep lake. This location in particular places it three or four hours from Darkshire, making it an ideal fall back position should the worst happen and the village is invaded.

To all who see it, even at distance and to those lacking any particularly crafted sense, it practically thrums with an inviting magical energy. For those who accept that invitation, they will find themselves passing under a single high walled entrance and through a slowly populating village before reaching Hogwarts’ hallowed exterior. Bear it no ill will and you find yourself in a place will to teach you all the subtle intricacies of the arcane and occult.

Roaming NPCs

Abraham van Helsing - Professor Abraham van Helsing can be found wandering throughout the Pale Moors.  He makes stops at the small villages that exist in the decrepit wastes, offering his services as a doctor and a hunter before moving on.  His goals are unknown, although the stories go that he seeks the destruction of Dracula with the hopes that doing so will allow the Moors to heal.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Faction Quests

A Light in the Darkness
Location: The Pale Moors (Darkshire)
Requirements: Must not be affiliated with Dracula’s Army or Diablo's Army, must return periodically to defend Darkshire in order to retain Defender status.
Quest Difficulty: Moderate (5000-10,000 words dependent on writing quality)
Quest Reward: Emblem of Darkshire (Flavor Item), Full status in Darkshire garrison

The Pale Moors were once a beautiful place.  Its fields were the most verdant in the Omniverse, and the tourist ‘industry’ drew hundreds of visitors from all over.  All of that changed when the Black Gate opened and Diablo’s soldiers started to spill out from the Underverse.  Years of conflict and fel magic soured the place, turning it into a sullen, taciturn waste.  While some small settlements still exist in the hinterlands, Darkshire is the only town that remains, and even then, what lingers is little more than a husk.

War with Diablo and now a guerrilla struggle with Count Dracula have pushed Darkshire to the brink of collapse.  While the town has retained some of its dignity, it has traded much… even the dead in Darkshire are brought back to life to wear suits of armor, don weapons, and defend the city walls.  In this time of struggle, the town turns down zero opportunities to recruit outsiders for its defense.

For those willing to stick around to protect the last bastion of the Moors, they must simply volunteer with Atelos, the Commander of the Guard.  Once an individual receives their set of armor and weapons, they will be given a post to report to.  After two weeks of serving as a recruit, an individual will be officially vested with an emblem that grants them full status as a defender of Darkshire.  At this point, they are obligated to return and help watch the walls for at least one weekend per month in order to retain their defender status but are more than welcome to volunteer more of their time.

Let Darkness Come
Requirements: Not affiliated with Darkshire, The Kingdom or The Empire
Locations: The Pale Moors (Various)
Difficulty: Challenging (8000-16,000 words dependent on writing quality)
Quest Reward: Acceptance with Dracula’s Army, Access to Dracula’s Keep, Taint of Dracula (Unknown Character Effect)

In many ways, the Terror War is still being fought in the Pale Moors.  The names may have changed, but Count Dracula did little more than fill a void left behind when the Black Gate was sealed.   Without the support of the Kingdom, Darkshire has slowly and steadily drawn closer to the verge of collapse.  Once the last town of the Pale Moors is under his control, Count Dracula will be the de jure lord of the Pale Moors.

While most of Dracula’s followers are beasts and monsters, the vampire does employ many intelligent beings in his ‘organization.’  Those who seek to gain favor with him must prove not only their worth but their loyalty.  If one desires an audience with Dracula, they must bring him an innocent, preferably a woman or a child.  They must also bring him the head of a soldier of Darkshire.  Once they have these offerings, the interested party must travel to Dracula’s Castle and present them to him.

For those who survive to this point, the final stage is to surrender yourself to the count.  Dracula must drink of your blood, for this is the ultimate show of fealty to your new lordship.  Those who survive this process will gain entrance into the inner keep and be on their path to becoming one of the count’s inner circle members.

Unique Quests

The Tarrasque

Location – The Moors
Requirements:  At least four party members, additional members do not increase the word requirement
Difficulty – Fabled (60,000-80,000 total words, dependent on writing quality)
Reward – Tarrasque Armament Artefact (Artefact boost 1 stat of the players choice and can be stylized as they desire)

Overview – A year of peace.

Little did we know that a year was all we had before it would rise again.

Up from the Primordial Scar, the Tarrasque has risen, and its bestial hunger knows no limits.  The massive, lumbering hell monster seems to feel no pain.  Nothing can stop it from devouring all in its path, but it was stopped before, right?  Certainly the task can be done once more.  You must assemble a group of primes willing to risk their lives to stop this creature.  Research.  Plan.  Practice.  But know that nothing can prepare you for this monster, which seems to be a walking manifestation of the Pale Moors itself.

Best of luck.  Ready your tombstones before you depart.

Void Quest

Gate in the Moors
Location: Silent Hill
Requirements to complete (can be started earlier). May be completed alone or as a group.
3+ TEC between entire group (base form or alternate forms only)
Requirement lowered by 1 for each Sensory or Subterfuge power.

Difficulty: Extreme (20,000-40,000 words dependent on writing quality)
Reward: Void entrance in the Pale Moors

A long time ago, Silent Hill was a beautiful, modern town nestled amidst one of the most gorgeous regions in the Moors.

All of that beauty is now lost to history. The town rests beneath a permanent fog. Stories speak of nightmare creatures that roam Silent Hill, occasionally emerging beyond the fog to haunt and terrorize travelers. Only the foolhardy venture into the doomed town, and rarely do they escape of their own accord. Suicide is the only known way to escape from Silent Hill, and the only prime capable of communication outside the fog is the Viper, a crazed, tormented individual prone to split apart into four equally unstable selves.

There are stories, however, that the town had a darker side. Tales speak of cults populated by the town’s elite trying to open gates into other verses. Some say they sought Diablo’s favor, while others claim they were trying to enter the Void. The clues are there, spread across the town, pointing to dark secrets beneath the town’s landmarks. Avoid the monsters, which seem to manifest most around people who harbor their own dark secrets and suppressed emotions. Follow the clues, and you will find the Gate.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Pale Moors FAQ(Updated 4-5-17)

Q: “What do the regions around the gates look like?”

A: The gate from the Nexus opens into a wide open plain.  In the far distance, you can spot Darkshire’s silhouette on the horizon.  The gate that connects to Camelot is located somewhat up in the mountains, although there is an old road (built back in the heyday of Darkshire) that makes travel here easier than it would be otherwise.  The gate that connects to the Frozen Fields is likewise high up in some foothills.  There are some taiga forests that border the area, and this is the only region in the Pale Moors where snowfall occurs.

Q: “In general, what’s the landscape like in the Pale Moors?”

A: Did you google ‘moor’ before asking this question?  Anyway, the Pale Moors is, originally, a wild heathland—coarse grasses, rolling hills, generally uncultivated land.  The period of the Kingdom’s expansion into the region and Darkshire’s golden age lead to a quick degree of agriculturalization.  In that time, farms could be spotted for miles in the interior of the verse.   Beyond the interior of the verse, you still have that old landscape, although the ‘souring’ of the Moors has rendered much of the terrain black or dead altogether.  While there are many rolling plains and small foothills, the north and south boundaries of the verse are formed by mountain ranges—the Arkalay Mountains to the south and the Carpathian Mountains to the north.

Q: “Oh you have more to say?”

A: There are two major rivers in the verse.  The first is the the Argeș River, which runs through the northeastern parts of the verse and ends up feeding into the Death Marshes.  The second major river is Toulaca River, which runs through the southwestern parts of the verse and feeds into Toulaca Lake.  The two rivers bend and come within about fifty miles of one another, and this field is the location of Poenari Castle.

Q: “Is there any ‘normal’ wildlife left in the Pale Moors?”

A:  Crows.  Vultures.  Vermin.  Rats.  Roaches.  The types of things that make a living off death.

Q: “So everything else is…?”

A:  Nightmare-stuff.  While the region around Darkshire (and thus near the Nexus gate) is ‘relatively’ safe, the area beyond that is filled with all sorts of horror.  Shambling hordes of zombies.  Packs of werewolves.  Some liches.  Also, you gotta remember that the remnants of Diablo’s armies are still prowling in the Moors, so you’re going to find demons and their ilk.  Plus, we haven’t even talked about the eldritch horrors that will eat your brains out if you put down your defenses.  Then there’s, you know, the Tarrasque.

Q: “Why do people live here?”

A: Well the only real source of humanity is Darkshire and a handful of farms between Darkshire and the Nexus gate.  Having stood against Diablo at the height of the war, the original citizens of the town are a hardy and grizzled lot.  They’re not willing to crumble and run away just because their home verse is filled with terror-monsters.  The town, while never close to its former prosperity, has managed to survive the withdrawal of the Kingdom, a massive scandal that lead to the removal of the original mayor, and a handful of invasions and assaults from drow and followers of Dracula.  It’ll take a lot to break these peoples’ backs.

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