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Day One - Part 2

“Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen!” Karl Jak’s voice found every prime on the island, regardless of how mangled or unawake they may have been at the time. “It took a little bit to get going, but here are our deaths over the last six hours…

#29 Flash
#17 Lubbock
#11 Jason Voorhees (We think?)
#10 Alain

And here are your beautiful little Danger Zones that will activate in six hours!


It’s nice to see all the little buddies down there on the island, but just remember… only one of you can win at the end. Until sunset! “

Quote:You may send in moves (and any new alliances) and F2F queue-ups in for 'Day 1 Afternoon' now. Happy surviving!
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Face to Face
#32 Galel Baraz

Nearly half a day had passed, and Galel Baraz was out to find his comrades.

He had an idea where they were located… He just needed to get there in time. Although only four primes had perished, the Psyker knew that the fighting had to be rough in certain areas of the island.

With each step, he knew he was closer to his allies. With each step, he knew he was closer to uniting with the other marines and butchering all who would stand in their way. With each step, he knew he was closer to final victory.

Until one such step caused the ground beneath his boot to start beeping.

Galel Baraz looked down just in time to watch as the mine exploded, claiming his left foot and the lower half of the leg as it threw the armored man up into the air as if he had the weight of a child.

With a dull thud, Galel crashed onto his back and let out a groan.

The Abyss had just become very real for him.

Galel has lost his left foot and part of his left leg – Insane Injury (+10 Damage)
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Face to Face
#16 Gin Yatreg vs #04 Retane & #06 Jack Frost

Gin had been enjoying his dreams when the announcement from Karl ripped him from his slumber. Once the man was done talking, the young man tried to get some more sleep, but before he could drift off back into a land of sugarplums, he heard the horrifying sound of approaching footsteps.

“Aww, no,” Gin muttered as he checked his gauges. Nadda.

“You look familiar,” Retane sneered as he came running at the still seated prime, leaving Jack Frost in his dust. The namekian swung the glaive at Gin’s head, but the redhead scrambled away as the poleax slashed through the tree trunk.

“You also look dead,” the Jade Fiend swung the poleax at the side of his opponent’s head, but Gin managed to fire off his thrusters in time to avoid a blow to the head. Instead, the redhead felt the blade scrape across his leg all the way down to the bone, but he didn’t let go of the controls as the jetpack shot him up into the air.

“You don’t get to escape death,” Retane rasped as he once again tapped into the power of his artefact. Digging into his pocket, the namekian hurtled the dented mirror at Gin, who managed to avoid the projectile, but after taking a moment to glance behind him to see where it had landed, the man realized the error of his ways. In that short time, the orgosynth-fueled namekian scrambled up the tree and leapt onto his chest.

A clawed fist raked at Gin’s face as he plunged toward the ground. At the last minute, he managed to twist away and hit the thruster, which propelled him into an uncomfortable, head-first landing a few yards from his attacker. Trying to shake away the concussion, Gin stumbled to his feet and tried to figure out where to escape. As his eyes stopped on a potential path, the namekian’s faithful ally dove at him. Jack Frost laid into Gin with a rapid series of blows, but they didn’t have the same agony-inducing impact that Retane’s green knuckles had. Although he was staggered, bloody, and confused, Gin managed to throw out his hands and knock away an oncoming swing.

With Jack’s guard ruined, Gin held out his hands and summoned a Maneuver Platform. Instead of using it for anything graceful, the wounded man dove around it and popped up behind his white-haired opponent. Clutching Jack by the back of the head, Gin threw all his failing strength into a shove that brought the Guardian’s face into the edge of the free-floating platform. Jack Frost let out a gurgling shout and was on the ground in a heap in a few moments, his hands clutched over a now blood-stained face.

“Nice exit.”

Gin felt a slight pinch and looked down to see a blade jutting out from his gut.

“Oh... oh man,” the redhead muttered as he glanced over his shoulder to see the smirking namekian. “That’s… No good,” With a grunt, Gin grabbed lashed out and scrapped his hands across Retane’s face, ripping at the green-skinned alien’s face.

“That’s the Abyss,” Retane growled as he tore the blade of the glaive out, twisted around, and slashed open Gin’s throat.

#16 Gin Yatreg DEAD
41 Primes Remain
Retane has used Tier 1.5 Transformation ‘Malefactor’ (-1 SP)
Malefactor rolled '15' -- Retane remains in control
Retane has a cut on his face – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
Jack Frost has lost some teeth and had his jaw fractured and dislocated – Major Injury (+6 Damage)
The Hand Mirror is lost
Retane and Jack Frost may take the Modified Jetpack
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Okor released a primal roar at the retreating figures, the sound shaking the ground. "Run, mortals! Break your blades against Astartes Flesh, and... Despair!" Laughing raucously, he turned to his brother. Tartaros laid upon the ground, bleeding from a variety of wounds. His hand had been blown off, his leg had been shattered beneath the ceramite, and a bloody hole in his armour indicated a stab wound. The larraman's cells struggling to keep pace with his mortal wounds. Sighing, Okor slipped his arms underneath his brother, smearing his own clear blood against his armour. Did he suffer a wound in the battle? He hardly noticed it. But of more consequence was Tartaros. Lifting the Luna Wolf from his position, he carried him through the battered doors and past the fortifications, bringing him into a poor excuse for a triage, a sparse array of surgical tools decorating the room. Dropping the marine on one of the few tables not pressed into service as a defensive position, eliciting a groan from the ancient warrior. "Quiet now... Brother. You know well enough, the Long War never ends." He chuckled sadly, grabbing a fistful of clotting agents and painkillers from his bag. Anything less than a mortal overdose would hardly make an impact on a marine. Raising the bundle of syringes, he drove them into the stump of his hand, filling his bloodstream with drugs. The systems of his armour and his augmented biology could only do so much, after all...

As his brother recovered, a bandage wrapped around his wounds, and a splint tied around his battered leg, Okor paced. Where in the warp was that damned sorcerer? The codes had been clear. Had they abandoned their pact? Had they betrayed him? Scowling beneath his helm, he grabbed a piece of broken steel. A makeshift spear was better than his fists. He paused, leaning against a desk. It was the damned Black Crusade all over again. Thousands of warriors, every single one marching under a unique banner, held together by tenuous loyalty to the Despoiler. And how did that end? Just like the lasted damnable eleven. Failure, betrayal, and suspicion. He cast his gaze through the boarded window, looking for movement amongst the woods. He was unsure if the mortals would stop their attempts. They were Astartes, yes, but such dogged persistence was starting to yield results. He brushed his hand against his tabard. He still had his weapon. They would not take this ground while he lived. He touched a hand to his helm, feeling the scars of battles-long past beneath the verdigris, feeling the hole that had long since been grown over.. Technically, a part of him never left the siege of Terra. He grinned, enjoying a joke only he could comprehend, the malformed bone of his skull still aching from what should have been a killing blow.
[Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: HerosGraveyardBadge.png][Image: DA15Badge.png]

Blink was still trekking her way down an open path when the voice of Karl Jak once again rang over the speakers. Really? Was it noon already? Had she been on this island for twelve hours? She had hardly slept and she didn't eat at all. Of course, remembering those facts only made her tired and hungry. “Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen! It took a little bit to get going, but here are our deaths over the last six hours…"

The pink creature quickly pulled her map out of her bag, standing there in the middle of the path. She used the little marker that was attached to the laminated paper to mark off the names.

"#29 Flash. #17 Lubbock. #11 Jason Voorhees (we think). #10 Alain."

Blink squinted in confusion at the comment over the Voorhees character. Rather then cross him off entirely, she put a question mark next to her name. She didn't know any of the other names. One of them had died at her hands, and she was fairly certain that guy wasn't known as 'Flash.' So she had to assume the person she had eliminated was either Lubbock or Alain.

"And here are your beautiful little Dangers Zones that will activate in six hours! J3. K6. B3. F1. It’s nice to see all the little buddies down there on the island, but just remember… only one of you can win at the end. Until sunset!"

As Karl Jak signed off, she looked up to where the voice was coming from. She couldn't identify any speakers, but she was certain it was coming from a tree. She thought about his ending comments. Little buddies down there? She took that mean that some people were teaming up. That was not good news for Blink, who had no friends and no weapons to defend herself. Going up against bad odds would not go well for her.

Suddenly, there was a cool touch at the back of her slender neck. She tensed, and then inwardly cursed. There was a gun pressed to her head. She had been careless and stopped right in the middle of an open path without thinking. She practically begged to be found. "Put your bag on the ground," a female voice commanded. She sounded stern. "I'm not trying to kill you, I just want your weapon."

This caused Blink to chuckle. "You have a gun. I have this." She held up the barbie doll after retrieving it from her pocket. She held up the superhero doll, causing the caped wings of the toy to flutter in the breeze. "Still want my weapon?"

There was a few moments of pause as the predator debated. Finally, Blink felt the weapon being pulled from her skin. "I'm not trying to fight," she said again, re-affirming her point. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to be dangerous."

The pink teleported turned around to face her would-be attacker. It was a short woman, somewhere between slender and curvy that didn't really have a name. She had sparkling blue eyes that caught Claire's eyes immediately, but the most obvious feature was a long purple hair. She was holding up a very strange looking weapon; it was a thick gun with a long blade attached underneath it. It took her a moment to place, and then when she did she could feel an uneasiness cross through her. It was a chainsaw. Attached to a gun.

This woman had a chainsaw gun, and Blink had gotten a barbie doll. That was bullshit.

"I'm Violet," the woman greeted her. Blink had it funny that her name matched her hair. "I've played this game before. Where I come from. I know that people fare better when they team up."

"You don't even know me." Blink told her, not understanding her logic. For all this Violet girl knew, Blink could be a serial killer outside of the game. Why risk it? "I could kill you the second your back was turned."

The girl smirked. It was made Blink nervous. "I won't be turning my back anytime soon. What's your name?"


This time it was Violet's turn to squint. She must have thought that name was as silly as Blink thought about her's. "Alright," she finally decided, as if she was judging the name to be a passable one. "Do you want to do this thing together, buy us a few more days, or are we going to have to duke it here?"

Claire tensed a bit as Violet's hand moved along the trigger guard of her gun. She looked along to the sides of the path, committing the location to memory. She was going to need to know the area if she had any hope of outrunning this weapon. "Listen, I appreciate the offer, but...that sounds really stupid to me."

At that, she suddenly lept forward, teleporting in mid-lunge. Violet had reacted by jumping backwards, but she had an obvious confused face on her when the pink woman disappeared entirely. Blink appeared next to her, finishing her side kick by slamming her foot into the hip of Violet, sending her sideways. When the woman hit the ground, she had expertly landed on her back, her gun pointed up in the air. Blink teleported in front of her before she could react, kicking her hand to the side and sending the chainsaw'd projectile the dirt.

"That makes things a little more even," Blink grinned. She brought her foot up and slammed it down towards the plum-topped head of the girl. She yelped as in one quick movement, Violet had brought her wrists up to block the shoe from hitting her, and then kicked Blink's ankles right out from under her. She grunted as she hit the ground, back first.

"It's not even close to even." Violet moved over her, balling her hand into a fist. "It's not too late to call a truce and told this out."

"That's not the way this thing works," Blink hissed up at her. It's not that she didn't appreciate the idea of a buddy. It was that she didn't trust anyone at all, especially cute chainsaw-cannon wielding girls that hold her at gunpoint.

"Suit yourself," Violet told her. She brought her fist down and clocked Blink right in the face. The pain shot up her nose and into her brain as she pounced off the dirt path underneath her. She was actually surprised by the quickness of the punch, her eyes obviously dazed as another one came down. Blink quickly shuffled her head to the side, this time getting hit on the temple. She tried to teleport, her body quivering as she struggled, unable to drag the girl's weight with her. It wasn't going to work in this position.

Instead of taking a third shot, Blink brought her leg up, colliding her ankle with Violet's knee from the side to buckle her weight to the side. Violet rolled expertly to her feet, but it was too late to get Blink back into a trapped position. The woman quickly rolled sideways and teleported. Violet's eyes turned to the magenta girl's bag, where she spawned, easily rolling over it to capture it. She was trying to escape, a fact that she was sure Violet identified instantly.

Before she could teleport again, Violet tackled her from behind, sending them both to the ground again. "Just listen to me!" She shouted as she was thrown off again. Blink quickly rose to her feet, but this time her bag was behind Violet. Realizing this, the azure-eyed fighter slid her feet back so it touched the green bag, ensuring Blink couldn't do that teleport thing to snag the bag. "I've played this twice before this. I'm not new to this. Teams get far. Partners get far. If you go in alone with that barbie doll against a group of three or four...what do you think is going to happen?"

Claire seemed to relax a bit. The fact that even after their quick scuffle, Violet still wanted to be partners made her feel a bit calmer. If this was a trick, she'd have just killed from the beginning. She was trying very hard to get Blink to agree, even if it meant more fighting. "I just...I don't know." she admitted.

"Listen. Give me a chance. If I wanted to rob you, I would have." Violet relaxed a bit, reaching down to pick up Blink's bag. She tossed it to her, which the pink Prime caught. "If you want to leave later, then that's fine. But we can go far together. A lot easier then we would on our own."

The logic was there. The genuine feeling she was getting was there. It took a lot for her to go against her gut and just teleport away, but Blink's soft side finally caved in. She looked up and nodded her head, dropping her guard. "Alright. Fine. Let's do it."

Violet smiled and held out her hand. "Partners?"

"For now," Blink agreed, not wanting to commit too much. "Partners."

They shook hands.
[Image: blink2k15.png]

Face to Face
#42 Delsin Rowe, #12 Dr. McNinja, #25 Jak Mar & #41 Aero

Delsin Rowe and Dr. McNinja had been driven from the clinic.

They’d lost their fortress, but along the way they’d picked up another friend from the preshow. Would they mount another attack against the space marines?

As the trio fled up into the mountains, they found themselves staring up a man with vibrant blue hair and an open shirt that revealed a body that he clearly spent a lot of time working on. “Hey,” Aero muttered as the three winded primes all stopped to look up at the new arrival. “You guys okay? You seem a little shaken up.”

“Space marines refuse to die…” Delsin muttered as he gestured down toward the clinic. Aero glanced over the graffiti artist and nodded.

“Yea, the buildings are never safe here. You’re better off shooting flares into the sky until someone comes to stab you.”

“Wait… you’ve done this before?” Jak Mar inquired.

“Oh yea, I’m a pro.” Aero said with an unwavering swagger as he smirked at the trio. “You guys need some more muscle? Ridding solo this early on is a nice way to get jumped.”

“Yes… yes, please,” Delsin answered for the group as their new partner smirked and hopped down to their level.

“The name is Aero,” he announced. “Nice to meet ya.”

Aero has teamed up with Delsin Rowe, Dr. McNinja, and Jak Mar
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Mami's vision returned to her as she opened her eyes slowly. It was a groggy awakening she had, with her upper eyelids feeling heavy beyond belief. What in the world had just happened? Glowing beam-swords... A man with flesh like rubber... And--

A wordless yelp of pain escaped Mami's lips. Her chest felt as if she had just been punched halfway across the world, and her head hurt so badly that she could barely keep a coherent thought. Pain lingered and changed in intensity, which she chalked up to possible brain damage. Brain damage. That word echoed in her abused mind. At least she hadn't been burned, she thought, but this was still really painful in its own unique way. Fighting against people was hard... Especially when you were fighting with a poorly-made, gimmicky western utensil.

Painfully Mami struggled into a standing position - She was just outside of a group of trees, and behind her was a large field... The field with the hills that had kept her so safe. So much as looking at the forest brought her thoughts of warped and peculiarly unstable pain, and so she began her trek as far from the forest as she could possibly get. She tried to focus on a point in the distance she could travel to - A mountain, off in the distance, seemed like a nice spot. But then there were two mountains, drifting off in opposite directions... And they were transparent. "Weird," Mami muttered before falling forward. She swallowed hard as she rose to her feet again. "Owwwww," she complained and put her left hand to the back of her head...

And as she returned it to her side, she saw her hand was coloured crimson. Mami looked away quickly, feeling sick from seeing her own blood, but changing her orientation so quickly didn't help that either. She stumbled to the ground again with a painful thud.

She had barely been in the Abyss for six hours, and she already felt like she was going to die. Of course, she wasn't quite yet, but she may as well have been. Mami doubted she would be able to defend herself in her current condition, especially without even the pathetic excuse of a "weapon" she had earlier. She was defenseless on an island of people who, quite bluntly, seemed to have better fortune than her. At that she sighed and let her eyes fall shut for a few moments. Her ribs ached and broken pieces of bone in her chest felt like they would tear her torso open from time to time, as the pain remained unstable, but she pulled the strength together to start trudging.

Moving so far had meant nothing but pain, from the only time she had done it... But it would be more painful to stay where those others had been not long ago, those others who were much better equipped than she, who would likely wind up pulverizing her if she stuck around. Mami kept walking, though her vision came and went as it pleased, leaving her simply to hope she was heading the right way. She rarely if ever let herself turn - Luckily she kept her balance and most of her sense of maintaining orientation, so traveling wasn't as difficult as it would be to someone who, say, had lost a limb. That didn't make it any less worrying, though - From time to time, starting a few minutes after she had begun walking, a high-pitched whistling noise would go off in her ears. If anything was a sign that she needed to stop soon, this was. She had veered off-course by a bit, but she hoped that she could get some rest...

Suddenly everything seemed to click as she tuned into the world around her again. She was in some kind of a forest with yellowy-beige dirt, similar to the one she had been in previously but different somehow. There was water that extended out seemingly infinitely off to one side of her. The trees were crooked, the bark was lighter than the trees she had seen earlier and the leaves curved down. Paaaaa-hb tree... Was that what they were called? Mami didn't care. She slumped down with her back against the tree, flaring in pain as she slid down until the ground reached her thighs and her legs stretched out parallel to the island. Mami yawned and let herself relax a little, which was somewhat easy thanks to her somewhat crippled senses, drifting in and out of sleep for indefinite periods of time.

An unfamiliar voice echoed in her ears. People had already died, so she supposed she was more fortunate. "Bulbock," she muttered in her sleep. "Lubbock," she corrected herself before going back into heavy sleep. Maybe rest would do her head some good.
[Image: KBSao70.jpg]

Galel cursed the capricious whims of the Changer of Ways. Every vile word and utterance he knew was shouted to the heavens as blood leaked from what used to be his left leg. Pain unlike any he had felt since he had been stabbed by a power sword surged through his body, crippling his ability to move. No. He seethed. I will not be defeated so easily. He raged, his fist clenching and grasping his bloody stump. Fire He screamed within his mind, using his other arm to prop himself up. The blast had propelled him off the road and into the bush nearby, and had also thrown his bag several feet away from him. The Sorcerer cursed again. What have I done to displease my lord Tzeentch so? He pondered, turning himself over in order to begin crawling towards his bag. With great effort, he clawed forward, his mighty hands digging into the dirt and grass beneath him and dragging his body along. Soon enough, he was at his bag. Food... Water... Map... Compass... and THAT. He eyed the item, his mind desperately trying to decide whether to use it or not. His hand traced the item's outline, running along every edge. He shook his head, grabbing the bag and slinging it over his shoulder. His supplies still in his posession, he began to crawl into the bushes.

The trees were tall and broad, perfect for what he planned to do. He tore bark from near the base of one tree, then dragged himself to some fallen sticks. With a small amount of tinder gathered, he propped himself against a tree and began arranging the swigs and sticks. He cursed his fate once more, rubbing sticks together to produce a spark. This will wake too long. He thought to himself, and looked to his stump. Already, the bleeding had begun to clot, his Astartes biology helping him along as best it could. Even his advanced genetic ability would not be enough soon, for infection would take root if Galel did not burn it out now. Desperately, Galel rubbed the sticks together, the intense friction generated by the strength of an Astartes speeding the process considerably. With a little oxygen, and some intimidating words, Galel produced a small spark. From the spark, grew flames that began to consume the tinder and kindling that he had gathered. It would not be a large fire, but it would have to be big enough to do what he needed.

With a groan of pain, he lowered his partially clotted stump over the fire, gritting his teeth as the flames licked and caressed his flesh. It took longer than it should have, but soon enough the stump had been cauterized, and Galel moved it out of the flame. Lying back against the tree, he panted. How could I have been so foolish? How could I have allowed myself to be caught unawares? He thought, all three of his eyes drifting closed. Within moments, he had passed from consciousness.


"Galel Baraz..." Whispered a thousand voices, each more menacing and less intimidating than the last.

Galel blinked, his eyes opening to a shifting and swirling pattern of colours beyond description. What is? He thought, looking down at himself. The red and gold colours of the Thousand Sons Legion adorned his armour, and in his arms was a bolter of ancient design. What is going on? He wondered.

"You're in my home, travelling through my halls." whispered the voices.

Galel frowned, turning to look around himself. Nothing was there, simply more shifting colours and patterns, which were honestly getting annoying. "Show yourself!" Galel shouted, pointing his bolter at the shifting colours.

"Well where's the fun in that?" the voices whispered. "You're unremarkable, that interests me."

Unremarkable? Galel thought, frowning.

"Yes! Unremarkable!" the voices said. "Unremarkable, ordinary, average... not special in any way. That makes you interesting."

How is he- Galel began to think.

"Answering you? I told you, you're in my home. I know everything in here." The voices laughed, their chittering shrieks scratching within Galel's mind, causing him to reel in pain. "You're so normal, so I need to fix that. I can't have you serving me like that."

"Serving you?" Galel asked, turning around again.

"Serving me." said a single voice, which came from an indescribable being that had suddenly appeared before him as he turned.

Galel scowled, leveling his bolter at the creature. "Why would I serve you?" He bellowed.

"Because I have your gun." It answered. Galel looked down to find himself holding nothing, then looked up at the being, who had just placed the end of the bolter against his helmet. The Legionairre froze. "How did you?" He began to ask. "I am the master and the servant, the lord and the slave, the victim and the perpetrator." It spoke.

"I am everything, and nothing. And you are my thrall."


Galel jolted into consciousness. How long had he been out? Minutes, hours? The sun was still out, so it couldn't have been too long. Regardless, he tried to stand, falling forward as his left leg refused to move. "What now?" He cursed, looking down to see his missing leg. His third eye widened as he realized where he was. Damnit. He thought, looking around. His supplies were still there, and the fire he had made was burning down to coals. It hadn't been big to begin with anyway, he thought, looking around for something he could use. There. His third eye settled on a long, sturdy branch, one that should support his weight when used as a crutch. He dragged himself towards it. With difficulty, he staggered to his foot, using the branch as a crutch. His mind wandered to his allies. Had they fallen prey to the same trap he had? Were they dead? No, he refused those possibilities. He had only been caught because of carelessness, he rationalized, surely the others were unlikely to make the same mistake he had. Smoke. He decided, and began to hobble off to gather materials to build another fire.

Two hours passed, and he had gathered a sizeable pile of kindling and fuel. He sat himself down once more, and began to make a spark. As he rubbed sticks together, he glanced at his pile of supplies, emptied from their home in his bag. He had lamented it's loss, but he needed the fabric. The bag lay next to him, torn out of shape into a sheet of fabric. It would serve it's purpose, but it wasn't pretty. Again, he breathed upon the spark he had created, nurturing the infant flame and using it to light his bonfire. I hope they see this before someone else. He thought, as he began to use the 'bag' to cover the flame in short intervals.

Above the trees, clouds of smoke rose. One large cloud, followed by two short clouds, then a pause. One large cloud, followed by four short clouds, then a pause. It repeated; one large, two small, pause. One large, four small, pause. Repeat. It would keep repeating for several hours, as Galel's determination was unwavering.

The Irish ninja collapsed on a nearby stump, sobbing. The last battle had really taken a toll on him. Delsin approached him, hoping to comfort him. Dr. McNinja, at first, whipped his hand back and started choking Delsin.

“Don’t you dare presume you can comfort me,” he grumbled, “Not after what I… After I…”

“Doc… what are you…”

Dr. McNinja collapsed again, limping like a sock puppet. Delsin fell onto the ground, grabbing his neck. Thankfully, it wasn’t really an injury, just mildly annoying to breathe. McNinja’s mask was now soaked with tears. He pulled a vial out of nowhere and began collecting the tears from his eyes.

“I’m sorry, guys,” the physician blubbered, “I just never thought that I’d… That I’d…”

Jak replied angrily, “That you’d what? Kill someone? You signed up knowing you would kill. I don’t know what you’re-”

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” McNinja interrupted, “I knew I was going to kill… But not… He was just such a… An innocent…”

Dr. McNinja began sobbing again. The vial became full, so he put it away and pulled out another one. Delsin tried to read the label and realized it said, “Ninja Tears”.

“Uh… Doc?” Delsin frowned. “You uh… Haven’t killed anyone yet.”

“No! No!” the doctor shouted. His allies desperately tried to make him shut the hell up. “You don’t need to do that. I… I take full responsibility. I… I did it. I killed him.”

The others were almost afraid to ask. Delsin cleared his throat and croaked, “Who?”

With glistening eyes, Dr. McNinja glanced at Delsin, completely petrified, as if the smoker’s glance was some Gorgon’s glare of disapproval. The guilt of his actions seemed to crush his chest and bloody his eyes, which were now turning red from the crying. His coat was dangling in a heap to his left, and his shirt had become sullied from the battle. Dr. McNinja broke through his statuesque delirium, and managed to let his jaw down to pronounced the next two words, their movement jagged, as if they were rusty gears in a clocktower:

Mr. T.

Crickets chirped.

“The doll?" Aero asked.

Dr. McNinja once again started wailing, pounding the dirt with his fist.


McNinja's allies stood for a moment, stunned. After a moment’s pause for processing, Jak finally managed to say:

“You are mourning the death of a doll that was destroyed in a battle with a powerful space marine and a soldier that’s contaminated with every plague.”

"Let's not forget that he choked me," added Delsin.

“And it will haunt me to the last of my days,” Dr. McNinja sniffled, “Come on, Delsin. I can only hope those soldiers will send off Laurence with a proper burial. We need to move. We’ll leave a message for Jak… to meet us east of here.”

Delsin protested, “But we were just starting to break through them! We could kill two very powerful players, and take a well-fortified building! You mangle a fucking doll and you want to quit?! Hell no! I did not get my head bashed in for us to run away! We should-”

Why are you so intent on destroying them? Dr. McNinja cried out, “Haven’t they suffered enough?”

Dr. McNinja grimly started walking away. Delsin blinked a few more times. Aero leaned over to Jak and whispered, “That man is insane.”

"You don't say," Jak replied.
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Odd hours. Call for appointment.

By now, the resourceful outcast had become incredibly thirsty. The oceanic taste of soggy fish was not the most flattering flavor and the film it left on his tongue had yet to be rinsed from his mouth. He eyed the brambles that surrounded him before his gaze fell on the black bag he had been deployed with, courtesy of Karl. Maybe it was time to see what was in store for him? The black shape sure did look ominous and Gildarts hadn't bothered wasting his time opening the zippers of a bag he could barely see last night. Daylight now blazed above him and the Prime had a feeling the sunrise wouldn't be the only action happening on the island today.

Muffling the speakers once more was that same tumultuous ocean gale. Karl was trying to tell Gildarts something important and he had missed it again simply because the winds were blowing the wrong way. A low growl slowly released from his angry throat. It was also safe to say he would not receive the message of who still remained. What's happening out there?

He inched closer to his bag after putting on his crisp and sandy shorts and in one gusting motion he donned the mysterious cape over his existing bandages. After reading the drifting clouds, the immortal decided today was a moving day and this meant taking inventory.

The Prime leaned over his bag and placed his calloused hand on the zipper. "What do we have here...?" It was safe to say he got more of a surprise than he had bargained for.

He felt the touch of something on his shoulder, it had multiple legs and was heavier than three gallons of water. Immediately his startled senses flushed with a swift reaction. The wizard spun around and whatever had attached itself to his back was not shaken by his speed. Acting with instinct, he rushed his body backward and squished the creature into the grating bark of a nearby tree.

After breathing in a gulp of relief, and hearing a thick and sticky crunch from behind his back, he reset his gaze forward only to fill his sight with the dangling of a thin strand of webbing, inches from his nose. The hydrant-sized spider's crushed appendages had left a stain of purple blood on his favorite ruffled garment.

Sparkling round eyes fixed on him from the many branches above, each pair radiated with a menacing gleam of hunger as his own irises darted in all directions. Webbing thicker than twine had been woven into a cage-like pattern in the trees while he had been distracted with the one ambusher. The purple bug had made a noble sacrifice to secure prey for its clan. "Not me, not today." He managed, as his cape flickered once more and he dodged a beam of sticky string spiraling toward him.

Long ranged opponents against a short ranged combatant. Oh Karl, how unoriginal. With a few swishes of his movement, his cloak was pinned against the tree by the frosty webs they had spun. Soon he would become glued to the tree, or worse, their dinner.

"I still have my stick!" He remembered and shouted valiantly as he took a swing that landed him a home-run. After batting away the stray jumpers and skewering those closest to him, many of his pest enemy still remained. They only had to be lucky enough to hit him once and it would disable him. He was loosing his momentum and running out of options and corners to dodge into.

The Prime didn't feel it, but his boot had been glued to the ground and covered in the lush substance that hardened like cement and began to coil and crawl up his leg. In an attempt to lunge left, he was halted by a weighted sensation that kept him in place. The man looked down to see the twine slowly curling up his boot and toward his kneecap.

The intelligent insects saw that he was secured and all piled on him with a weight that would have been enough to crush a weaker man alive. Luckily Karl's collar didn't stop his body from being durable, nor did it restrict his undeniable strength as he reared his silver limb into a group of them and the purple arachnids were flung aside while their shells became attached to the webbing meant for him. More crawled back at him as he flung each of them aside, he readied his fish spear and dealt a lethal blow to the last one... two... three creatures of the forest.

CRAAACK! Went his hard-earned stick.

The loud Splaaaat! that that followed assured him of his victory. A nest of purple spiders, he could take it. Gildarts survived like he played cards, but boy did he wish Cindy was around to cut him out of this one.

The man had managed to free the foot of his boot before it was enveloped in the growing gum-like substance.

As his heavy panting subsided, the Prime had to realize the state of things. It seemed his odds of survival had taken a turn for the worse. He looked once more at the hardening walls and while his direct foe had been vanquished and pieces of their carcasses were sprawled out all around him, the Prime now was surrounded by the suffocating ribbons of expanding string.

Trapped. Or rather, very trapped sounded about right. Soon he would be smothered to death by the strings of the very creatures he had destroyed. His thoughts had perhaps yet to realize his current condition and went right to those he fought to defend, even in spirit. How can I save them if I die now?

Little did Gildarts know, he had more to worry about than his old acquaintances who were battling for their lives against the other Primes on the island, for he had until sundown to escape his patch of land before his collar burst and he would really lose his head!
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"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

Welp. There goes my map. At least it had been sacrificed for a good cause. She stuffed the nasty, bloody, half-burnt, half-soaked remains of the precious resource back into the bottom of her duffel where it formed into a more-or-less solid clump of shredded goop. They had been ambushed in the middle of breakfast - Which, luckily, they'd managed to eat most of before it was completely obliterated - and in their contentness unable to react quickly enough to the onslaught of one who would interrupt that glorious, if rather tasteless, moment. Fortunately, water was a good temporary solution for burns. Less fortunate was the fact that it was now the middle of the day and the sun was hot in the sky. In this environment, their burns would continue to sting far more than necessary for the rest of the day - an unfortunate circumstance that could only be solved by ducking under the cover of a lush canopy of thick green leaves and taking a moment to cover their wounds.

So that is what they did. Once the immediate pain of having an explosion go off in their faces began to give way to a softer, more constant one, Erza and Mickey scooted out of the sunlit picnic spot and into a shadier spot, leaning against a tree as Erza's skirt again lost a few inches. Going to have to find a new source of bandages pretty soon. She certainly wasn't the most modest of people by any stretch as far as that sort of thing went, but it would certainly be a strange feeling, sporting a hulking frame of steel on her top half and nothing but underwear on the lower.

The two slowly but surely applied the blue strips on themselves and eachother, doing their best to cover the most serious burns. They'd need to wash these off later, probably getting rid of the fabric but at least cooling the burns themselves. It was as Erza was finishing up with her second-to-last remaining skirt-strip that a flash of bright blue and yellow caught Mickey's eye. That was no local flora. The wounded warrior felt a soft tap on the shoulder and a soft, squeaky voice in her ear. "Erza. There's someone here."

Instantly she let go of the makeshift bandage in her hand as she reached for her hammer - Though, to be fair, that was so far almost a secondary aspect of the weapon - taking up a low-seated battle stance as the mouse donned his four-fingered gauntlet and did the same.

Shit. Two of them. An enviously tall, fully-armored figure sporting the colors Mickey had noticed and a grisly-looking man in a trenchcoat became visible as they moved closer and closer. It was a moment before the decked out one glanced up and froze in her tracks, holding an arm out to halt her musing companion, whose eyes grew wide at the sight of two well-armed Primes pointing weapons at them. The armored one, however, seemed less worried than resigned. Her helmet tilted back for a moment, eyes facing the sky and facial expression the purest possible form of a nonverbal "Not this crap again" (not that Erza could see it), before her arm reluctantly dropped a duffel bag and reached around to her back to pull forth a gleaming sword. The man was slightly quicker to whip out his own weapon, a gun somehow even larger than the one in Erza's own bag. And thus began the stalemate.

The forest was completely silent for a few intense heartbeats. Even the wind that had been so welcome before seemed to have paused simply to watch. Nobody moved, nobody shot. It almost seemed that... nobody wanted to? On closer inspection, the armored one seemed deeply wounded, a wide swathe of crimson-stained cloth visible where the protection around her stomach was missing. This one had had it rough, and she probably wasn't quite in the mood to risk making her situation any rougher.

The tension was broken as a quiet shuffling began to emanate from the injured one's bag, immediately pulling Erza's eyes away from the immediate threat. A large green caterpillar's head poked over the surface, its confusion starkly evident as it began to wiggle its way out of its temporary "cocoon." Its apparent owner was temporarily distracted as she panicked, trying to shoo the adorable little critter out of harm's way. She was stopped as soon as she started, however, by the first words of the encounter.

"Can I... Uh, pet it?" Erza's attention remained fixated on the cuddly little guy, the imminent bloodbath completely a thing of the past. Samus and Harry glanced up at eachother in befuddlement before cautiously lowering their weapons. The helmeted bounty hunter gave a small, slow nod.
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She’d finally made a friend. That friend was made through violence and a rather shady agreement, but she’d take it. After being out here for almost half a day without much incident on her part, she’d started to give up hope on running into anybody non-threatening enough to align with.

At first, she didn’t really want to do anything to her, but it would have been safer to simply disarm her and decide from there what to do. After Blink’s laughable weapon was revealed, Violet knew she was safe…for now. Blink, at this point, was lucky to have gotten this far without injury or worse, so would hit have been a humanitarian effort on her part to take her on as a partner, or would this alliance ultimately cripple her? Better to have a meat shield than none, right?

At least she wasn’t alone.

“Let’s get off this path and get some food, I’m starving;” Violet headed back towards the outskirts of the woods, knowing a nice bough of thickly leaved branches they could nestle in and have breakfast. “I’ve got a spot over here in the woods we can rest in and chat while we eat.”

Blink watched her carefully, skeptical of her proposal. Violet noticed her barely concealed expression and turned fully around to face her, fists thrusting defiantly on her hips. “I’m not going to fucking kill you, but if you keep standing out there in the open, someone’s going to come along and do the job. It’s not just your ass you have to think about now, you know.”

Heaving a sigh, Blink obliged her newfound companion. “I guess I am a little hungry.”

“Great!” Violet said cheerfully. “Luckily for you, we can have a nice feast before we set off again. Some dickbag tried to jump me earlier and I got his sack with all of his stuff. Can you believe this clown didn’t even use any of it?”

“Wonderful,” Blink trudged behind Vi as she made her way through the brush and branches until they reached a nondescript area nestled between some trees. Some of the branches grew rather low and dense, which would be good for keeping them concealed while they ate.

Violet lifted up a heavy branch, revealing a small cavern beneath the branches, a duffel bag slung to the side. “I actually just found this place a little bit ago when I saw you walk by.”


“Isn’t it?” Violet dipped inside, ushering her new companion in behind her. “We’ll see anyone come by before they see us, as long as we keep quiet.”

The interior of the makeshift shelter was lined with dead leaves, with a thick, leafy canopy above. The space seemed to be dug into the earth, just big enough for two or three people to lay down comfortably inside, as well as their belongings. As far as hidey holes went, it wasn’t bad.

Violet sat down beside her bag and popped the clip that held it closed. Pulling back the flap, she revealed its contents to Blink, who smiled back at her in approval. “Nice.”

“Yep,” she said as she began to pull out pack after pack of the little brown pouches. “Let’s see, we have two pork ribs, a beef stew, spicy penne pasta, a southwest beef and black beans,” she paused to scrunch her face. “That sounds gross.”

“Can’t hurt to try it, right?”

Violet shrugged. “I’ll just save that for last. What else do we have in here?” she riffled around some more, pulling out the remaining packages. “Beef brisket, Asian beef strips, and last but not least, a meatballs with marinara sauce.”

“Just think of all the cows that had to die to make these damn things.” Blink remarked as she began going through her rations. “Mine aren’t much better, but at least I have this.” Blink produced a brown package much like the others, except she seemed to be excited at this particular one.

Violet read the label. “Oh, my Kami, is that Buffalo chicken?”

Blink nodded. “Yes.”

“I’ll trade you.”

“Hmm,” her companion looked at the package, mulling over the decision. “Nah.”

“I can just shank you here and take it.”

“But you won’t.” Blink retorted. “You need me.”

Violet frowned at her, eyes narrowing. “You suck.”

“I may suck, but I have buffalo chicken.” Blink smiled as she tore the package open, spilling the contents out before her. She began to assemble the ingredients, pulling a water bottle from the pack for the liquid items in her ration.

Violet settled on the pork rib meal, and ripped the package open with a small level of sadness. The smaller packets spilled all over the ground in front of her, causing the leaves that covered the ground to crunch under the weight.

“So,” Violet began, placing the rib pouch into the portable heating pack. “First time doing Dante’s Abyss?”

Blink nodded, mixing a colorful powder into a bottle of water. “Yeah.”

“It’s my third.” Violet said, mixing her own drink. “First time here in Omniverse, though. Where I come from, I did this insufferable place twice.”

Blink raised eyebrows at that. “Why would you put yourself through this again?”

Violet chuckled. “I have my reasons.”

“And this is why I don’t think I should trust you,” Blink took a swig of her drink, her face contorting in disgust. “Ugh, this is gross.”

“Welcome to DA,” Violet gave a small laugh as she tipped her drink towards her companion in a mock toast, then took a deep drink of the mix. “Memories in a bottle.”

“I think I’d rather die than have to live on this crap for the next four days.”

Violet waggled her brows. “I can arrange that for you.”

Blink gave her a look. “I’m sure you can, but do you want to take that risk? I may have an action figure for a weapon, but I will not hesitate to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, lady.”

“Don’t have to be rude,” Violet sniffed. She began arranging the bread and spreading the package of thick, yellow paste onto the thin wafers. This was supposed to be cheese, but she was suspicious.

Blink laughed. “Me? Rude? You’re the one proposing to murder me.”

“It was a joke!”

“Sure.” Blink grabbed for another bottle of water, deciding to cast aside the bastardized drink that came with the MRE.

“I was.”

“If I wake up dead, I’ll know who to blame,” the pink-skinned woman began unpacking her warmed meal and picking at the brightly orange colored meat. “This looks absolutely delicious,” she said sullenly as she cut a bite off of the filet. She popped it into her mouth, the acidic hotness of the sauce colliding with the soft squishiness of the meat.

“I take it from your expression, it’s not really that bad,” Violet commented, her sandwich together and ready for her belly. She was uncertain of the meal, but energy was energy, even if the food was crap. She hadn’t eaten in almost 12 hours, and she needed the protein.

“Could be better, but it’s edible.”

“MRE’s are the devil,” Violet commented, taking a huge bite out of her pork rib sandwich. “But they’re not always terrible, I guess.”

After several moments of silence while they ate their meal, Blink decided to move on to business. “Where do you think we should go from here?”

Violet chomped the last morsel of her sandwich and washed it down with the vile liquid they labeled as “raspberry drink”. “I was thinking of holing up here for a few hours and scoping the area. I think if we let the others just fight it out, we can come in and knock ‘em off while they’re weak. There are definitely some stronger ones out there than myself, and having been alone for half the day, I wasn’t too sure of my chances should I come across a bigger group.”

“Numbers seem to be a good thing here,” Blink sighed. “I didn’t make many contacts during the pre-show.”

“Neither did I,” Violet said. “The only person I had even the remotest interaction with died already.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

“Yeah, was kind of hoping to come across him out here, maybe get in some training. Guy said he was an assassin.” Violet scoffed. “An assassin that dies within the first twelve hours is just…I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t be an ass about it. Bad luck is pretty common out here.”

“You should really be more careful about who you sneak up on,” the woman chided. “You were lucky I didn’t have much of a weapon.”

“You didn’t seem like a huge threat, to be honest.” Violet started piecing at her snack of peanut butter peanut M&M’s. “Oh, come on, don’t look at me like that.”

“You don’t know shit about what I can do,” Blink said, astonished at Violet’s brashness.

“Oh, yeah, you can teleport,” Violet rolled her eyes. “Teleporting is nice, but it’s not going to kill anybody unless you can actually do something useful with it.”

“I can get away pretty quickly.” Blink replied. “That’s useful.”

“I have a big ass gun with a chainsaw on it.”

“Which is total bullshit,” Blink finished her ration and cast the leftovers aside.

“Pure luck. As I said, bad luck is common out here. I am willing to bet that someone out there’s got something even better than what I have, and we’ll meet them sooner or later.”

“Do you think we can take them out?”

Violet thought for a moment. “I guess it depends on what we’re up against. You’ve got a Barbie and I’ve got this thing. We need to find you something better than that if we’re going to make it.”

“Definitely,” Blink agreed. She tore open her dessert of sour gummies and demolished them in a few bites.

“For now, we’ll just stay here, and hope someone comes along.” Violet balled the empty package up and tossed it to the side, then threw some leaves on top. Violet hoped her decision to team with this woman was a good one. Without a decent weapon, she’d be a liability. That is, unless they figured out a way to use her teleportation, and Violet thought she had an idea.

As the hours ticked on, they discussed some strategies, mostly involving getting the most out of that nifty teleportation, and lots and lots of chainsaw action.

Undiscernible blurs of color whizzed throughout the woodland, transitioning tree to tree as they methodically scoured the landscape, until finally, they came to a halt. The day’s sky, enamored by a blazing, golden globe of fire, cast its warmth upon one, Sasuke Ucchiha, standing amongst treetop. Atop the foliage, with his duffle bag slung over his back, the youth raised a hand, shielding his eyes from the vicious mid-day sun, and peered across the terrain.

Despite his best efforts, he grew frustrated with the fruits of his labor. High and low the shinobi had searched, giving way the morning to the day, and yet he’d found no evidence of an assailant to dispatch. Whoever had gotten the drop on Crona, they had retreated far, far away from the area, further than he cared to venture. For as he searched, often the island would ‘boom’ with the sounds of battle, just miles away from the youth. He wasn’t the least bit surprised when the loud speaker crackled to life, announcing multiple deaths had occurred over the course of the morning.

The Uchiha dropped, descending the space to the ground, and began his long walk back to his comrade, speaking to himself as he went, “Strange, I’ve searched I’ll morning and haven’t encountered anyone…”

“My, that is strange!” A charismatic sounding voice sounded from behind the young ninja.


Note to the reader, Baron doesn’t use lame terms like, ‘Oh Snap’. Tch, loser. Also, what’s with people in your scenes always coming in as a voice from behind you? Hmmm? Homophobic much? It’s okay if you are, its 2015. It's cool. You can tell us. Be strong, sister.

Sasuke turned to face the voice in question and as he did, his expression was that of confusion. Before him, he found a… ninja(?) sprawled out upon ground, his haunches laying against a tree placing his feet skyward.

That’s an odd position... the youth thought to himself as he stepped forward for a closer look. Guised in a black and red decorated apparel, Sasuke concluded that he had to be shinobi, for he even wore a mask. (Although, currently the island map had been unfolded over his face.)

Is he resting?... Now? In a place like this?... Thought the Uchiha.

Suddenly, the youth felt the exhaustion of his own journies throughout the Omniverse. He hadn’t slept in… God knows when… Before the Chunin Exams? Back in his own world! Sasuke placed his hands to his hips as he surveyed the stranger, making sure he wasn't leaving himself open for an attack, as he allowed himself to feel the fatigue. The man appeared to be fast asleep.

Mami and Orochimaru… Hammond and those bullsh*t Troopers with that... Bullsh*t ‘Vaccine’... Dumbledore and those Artifacts! … Itachi…! Itachi!!! I will the kill the demon responsible!!! As he finished the thought, Sasuke shook the tired from his eyes, feeling a wealth of… invincibility flowing through him? He chuckled at the thought, he knew it not true, but damn… he felt it.

Okay, we get it. You have a vendetta… Your brother killed your parents, blah, blah, blah, you glow in the dark. Whatever, bruh.

“Hey, wake up!” Sasuke shouted as he pointed to the stranger, a gust of wind blowing through his clothes and raven hair as he did so. The mercenary’s legs, once parallel, decided to cross over the other, as a loud snore sounded, almost in response; the map levitating and falling inches above his face.

Sasuke scowled, narrowed his eyes, and tried again, this time louder, “HEY!!! GET THE F*CK UP!!! I don’t have time for this! I need to win, so surrender your items! Hopefully, one of them is what I need, but I won’t slay you as you sleep, that’s beneath me. NOW STAND!!!”

Ha! Slay me? Hey, buddy, did you not see the Power Rankings list? Haha, like, who is this guy? Did I roll a 4? Did I get a Pikachu? Bruh, I didn’t choose you…

Deadpool, still at rest, rolled over causing his feet to fall from the tree. Now laying on top of the map, with head over crossed arms, he muttered something about, “Ponies…” and “Badazzling…” whilst he slumbered.

Oh ho! Okay, that was kind of a clever way to take a shot at me… but, Marc, seriously, you’re screwing this all up. Hurry it up and get on with it, this is taking you forever, and I still need to post before we gang up and Lubbock someone off.

“ENOUGH OF THIS!!!” Sasuke roared as he charged the sleeping masked opponent, “I’LL JUST HAVE TO WAKE YOU!!!” As he finished, he bounded into the air, arcing over the space between them, his knee came slamming down, thundering with all his might.


Deadpool however, had rolled counter clockwise to avoid the Uchiha’s assault, his snores ever mocking the young ninja as he did. Sasuke, frustrated, assailed the mercenary with a barrage of punches and kicks. Each of them connecting, however, each of the blow’s true damage diverted by his opponents own martial art ability. The mercenary now stood, opposing the young ninja of the Leaf.

Come on, Come on? You almost done yet? Give us the short version?!

Sasuke sighed.


“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours?”
an eyebrow, though covered by mask, arched on Deadpool’s visage. Sasuke followed the thumb Deadpool used to point to a duffle bag, he too, had slung over his back. Sasuke paused for a moment, looked him over, and nodded. In unison, they dropped to the ground, slung their bags off, unzipping them to reveal the contents inside.

HOLY SH*T!!! Look at what you got! Hey… wait a minute… What the f*ck? F***! Uhhh, why am I being edited? Seriously dude? F*** that! You F****** F*******! Lame… Anyway, look at mine. What’d’ya think? Nice right?

Deadpool questioned as he extended a fist. Sasuke peered back at him and… bumped a fist to his.


That just happened.
Dante's Abyss 2015
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Mark Twain Wrote:"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

This was a terrible idea, Neal scolded himself. Seriously, why the FUCK didn't I stay at the diner? Disgruntled that his choice had lead to an almost immediate confrontation, he internally seethed. He knew better than to shout at himself like he wanted, that mad gunner could be anywhere. No telling if a building could stop the Prime. For all Neal knew, that could have just tickled the guy.

That was cool though... I definitely got some distance. The brighter side made Neal smirk. It was strange, how his Mind Bullet actually worked when not long prior he failed to produce the same effect. Even as he thought back, he brings his hand up, pointing a finger and dropping his thumb like a hammer. Nothing. He pointed at the sky with no effect.

But my idea failed miserably. His mood suddenly soured. Neal had all of five eight uno cards left. Crafting the club and shield that failed so catastrophically, he had made sure to leave the Skip cards, because he liked the crossed out circle. I can't believe I thought that would work...But hey, I survived a second fight! ...

I'm so damn bipolar it isn't even funny.

After his little rollercoaster of revelations, he focused on his handiwork once again. It was not pretty, but his bloodied leg had been bandaged, at the cost of his shirt. It used to be a nice button up, but it turned into scraps of bloodied cloth. A creeping feeling of sadness bit at his chest. Mom had just ironed that for me... At least, she had right before he appeared in the Omniverse, less than a week ago. He took a breath and pushed down that sinking feeling. He could not afford an emotional breakdown now.

Another deep breath, and Neal's emotional state was once again under control. He calmed his heart and focused his mind to relax. His plans had failed time after time. First Wartortle had abandoned ship, then his shield and club had shattered on impact while simultaneously bashing his plan to fortify a building in the city without confrontation. He needed a new idea, something no one else would think of. The only problem with that is, everyone else is looking for exactly the same plan.

Maybe I need a more obvious plan? An obvious plan, something the survivors would do. Team up, perhaps? The idea passed through his forethought, giving him the vague idea of having to betray someone. Could he really do something like that? And could he keep his head with the paranoia that someone would betray him? His brain burns out considering everything in bulk. Teaming Up, pros and cons...

Pros: Survival bonus, easier to fight in numbers than against them. Companionship, even if strained, could make the days pass easier. The second one was a bit of a stretch, but truth be told, Neal was getting a bit lonely out in the middle of nowhere. I could get to know my enemy before we have to fight, then attack weaknesses. If I betray them early in, I could have a chance at their weapon.

Cons: They could betray me before I get the chance. They could learn my weaknesses too... and they might not have any better advantage than I do... This one was tough. The pros and cons were pretty balanced to him.

Con: I could die, Pro: it really doesn't mean anything. Except I could find an inhabited town for a hot meal and a bath... I am a technically immortal Prime, after all. Infinite lives... The thought silenced his mind. Neal stares intensely at the brick wall of the alley he hid in, letting the unspoken words echo in his skull.

I'm a goddamn sociopath...

Mickey had never been happier to see a bug.

The tension between the two pairs dissolved almost immediately following the armored woman’s nod. She lowered her sword, and Mickey lowered his powered glove. The tall man let his gun fall from a readied position, and Erza relaxed her fighting stance, setting Mjolnir on the ground as she rushed over to pet the tiny little caterpillar. “Thanks,” the red-haired girl said, shooting a glance up at the bounty hunter. She received a simple nod in reply as the woman walked over and leaned against a tree. Wow, Mickey noted, she got hit hard, I guess.

The mouse supposed the woman should find herself lucky that he and Erza weren’t really the violent types. They could have just as easily run into someone like that big green guy from before, who had spared no moments on pleasantries when he smashed the suited guy’s face in. Of course, her tall friend over there probably would do an okay job of protecting her—that big gun had to come in handy somewhere, didn’t it?

“Oh, by the way, my name’s Erza,” the mouse’s companion introduced herself, picking up the caterpillar and placing it in her lap.

“Harry Dresden,” the man spoke up first.

“…Samus,” the woman said, the first word she had spoken since coming into contact with the pair. “Samus Aran.”

“Mickey Mouse.”

“We know,” Harry waved off the mouse’s introduction. He looked to Erza and Samus, who were now shooting him puzzled glances. “Well, I know, anyway.”

If the mouse had eyebrows, one of them would have raised in that moment. Nothing surprised him more than when people in this Omniverse—who clearly were not from one of the realms that he ruled over—recognized him, but he would let it slide. This wasn’t really the time for questioning everything anyone said, anyway.

After all, Samus and Harry seemed like nice enough people for now—right? Something about Mickey told him that he could trust these guys. Of course, it might have been the good guy complex he had; Samus’s injury could have been swaying him. Naturally, he did not want to kick anybody while they were down. On the contrary, the mouse had a probably unhealthy desire to help anyone he came across that looked like they needed it. And Erza seemed pretty content not to scuffle with them as long as she could pet the caterpillar, which was, Mickey had to admit, rather adorable-looking.

With the tension starting to completely dissipate, Samus took the opportunity to stop standing. The bounty hunter sat with her back against the tree she had been propped up on, and Mickey plopped down near her. Erza remained a short distance away cuddling Samus’s little pet, and Harry stayed standing up.

“So, uh…” the mouse stammered nervously, “what happened to you?” He gestured toward the blood-stained cloth poking out of the mid-section of her armor.

“Oh, you noticed,” the bounty hunter said. She placed a hand to the wound. “Stabbed,” she stated simply, “by a man with big tusks.”

Erza and Mickey looked at each other in realization.

The giant pig guy!” they shouted in unison.

“Yeah,” Harry chuckled, “that sounds about right.”
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A guard had woken him up in the middle of the night, escorting him to a helicopter. Another guard grabbed his duffel bag and followed along. At some point along the way, the guard had put a collar on him. He was far too groggy to resist. He stood in the helicopter, still half asleep, as it took off and arrived at the island a short while later.

"Get ready to jump," yelled the pilot over the roaring wind.

Jump? He stood there confused, not believing what he was hearing. Do they expect me to jump down that far? He peered out the open door, looking down at the dark night below him. Suddenly, the guard next to him gave him a push and he went tumbling out the door. The duffel bag came falling right behind him.

The sensation of falling abruptly woke Negi up. There was no time to think, only to react. Ras tel Ma Scir Magister Vente Nos. He expected that a layer of air would form beneath him, slowing down his fall. Unexpectedly, he fell through the air unchecked. His eyes widened as he saw the ground rushing up to meet him, and frantically struggled not land head-first. Even so, the landing knocked the wind out of him. Owww ... what happened? A moment later, the duffel bag hit the ground right beside him.

Why didn't I slow down at all? he wondered as he lay on the ground. Suddenly, he realized he couldn't feel his magic at all. Why? It was fine earlier ... It must be this collar. Now that he noticed it, he was painfully aware of the cold metal around his neck. He attempted to take it off and was rewarded with a nasty shock. So I'll be fighting without magic. Somehow, he had missed the part about limiting the contestants' powers.

Karl Jak's voice resounded over an unseen intercom. Find each other. Kill each other. As he listened to those words, it dawned upon him that this was not a mere competition of strength. This is a bloody murder. Why did I even sign up? He hoped that he wouldn't have to kill anyone.

Having recovered a bit, Negi picked himself up and surveyed his surroundings. He was on some sort of coastline, though it looked nothing like a beach. He went over to his bag, rechecking its contents. Four MREs, four bottles of water, a map, a compass ... What's this? At some point since he last check the contents, someone had put a weapon in the bag. He took it out with some difficulty, struggling with its size and weight. A hammer? I'm expected to fight with an oversized hammer? Checking the bag, he saw that there was nothing else. It seems like I'll have to use this.

After walking for a while, Negi saw a cave nearby. Having been rudely awakened in the night, he still felt tired, so he went in to take a quick nap.

Samus stared at the mouse. She laughed.

Mickey cocked his head. “Something funny?”

Samus thought for a second, then shook her head, still grinning. I have to be dreaming. The pair were just too weird. Not wanting to kill them? Too funny. This was a murder game. And she was talking to a giant mouse.

Where did reality end and the dream begin? Any moment now she’d wake up on her ship, heading back towards the Federation.

She slipped out of consciousness for a moment, then snapped back awake. Her eyes trained suspiciously on the mouse. He looked worried. Are they tricking me? Harry. She looked over at the wizard, and he was frowning too. He stepped down. Samus clutched his hand, fixed him in the eyes. Her heart beat as she glanced across at the mouse and redhead. They’re going to kill us.

What was that look in Harry’s eyes? Was it fear? Concern? After a moment, he placed his free hand over hers, patting it gently before untangling his other hand. She realised she’d been gripping with all of her strength, and now her shoulder tingled as she released the tension. She hissed through her teeth as the hot burn pounded, as if it had a heartbeat of its own. Losing her left arm hurt more than her other injury. Wielding the sword was almost impossible now.

She looked down at the blade and took a deep breath. Staring back at her from the luminescent metal was herself. Featureless and imposing beneath that cold visor. Gripping the hilt, she looked back to the two newcomers.

The redhead was still playing with Pazo, and although she looked up from time to time, she was clearly far more engaged in petting the monster-caterpillar then she was on watching her surroundings. Meanwhile Mickey had backed away a few feet but still looked concerned. Were these the faces of two killers?

Samus looked back at the sword. Something lifted and she stood up.

“You can’t play with Pazo all day,” she said, crossing over to Erza and holding her hand out to the Caterpie, who promptly hopped onto her arm and up to her shoulder. “If we get jumped, I don’t want him to be in any danger.”

“Aww …” said Erza, looking crestfallen as the caterpillar hopped back into Samus’s bag.

“Hmph.” It was a wonder these two had survived so long. “So. Who’s got first lookout?”
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

Harry raised his hand. "I'll take first watch. You've used a lot of energy today, and you need to rest for those wounds too." The wizard leaned against the tree, BFG at his feet. "I haven't cast a single spell today. Can't even make light; they took all my foci when they knocked us out. If you're listening, Karl, I had damn well better get that amulet back after this game." His voice only picked up slightly at the last part; he understood stealth, but he refused to believe that Karl Jak couldn't see them now. The wizard dropped his duffel bag by Samus and hefted his weapon over his shoulder, making sure it wasn't pointed at anyone and his hands were far away from the trigger. He hadn't known what exactly it did, and finding out had been rather surprising. He worked with energy a lot, especially heat, so he knew exactly how much power a beach ball made of plasma took to create, and this thing wasn't even that warm after he took the shot. He was going to make damn sure that when it went off, it did so because Harry wanted it to.

The wizard looked at the other two people in their impromptu alliance. The redhead with the armor, Erza, was entirely unfamiliar to him, which wasn't a shock. He still had a hard time believing he was talking to Mickey Mouse. Come on, seriously? This was surreal, almost as shocking as walking into Coruscant had been. If he met Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda or any Jedi on this island he was officially going to lose his cool. "Well, we ran into you. Do you want to delegate the watch in pairs or one at a time? I'd rather let Samus get some rest, she's taken one hell of a beating. I don't know about Erza, but if you can't trust Mickey Mouse then who in the world can you trust? You guys make the call." After the watches were settled, Harry would take his, looking out into the woods and Listening; the capital L didn't make it anything superhuman, just a skill that a lot of people ignored. Rather than passively hear, he actively listened for sounds that would indicate something large approaching; snapping twigs, rustling branches, that kind of thing. It wouldn't pinpoint anyone, not in a million years, but it'd help him know where to look, and that was almost as important.
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

The sun edged higher into the sky, their boots rhythmically slapping the ground on their journey. Link shifted the two satchels on his good shoulder, the rocket launcher awkwardly poking him in the back. He didn't mind; he had plenty of aches and pains to drown out the dull edge bouncing into him with each step. Once again, the battle was a victory for the unlikely duo. Once again, they thankfully didn't have to kill, although it came awfully close, but now Link and Ganondorf had added another contestant's survival gear to their own stores. It didn't look like they would die of starvation on the island. Not that it looked like being the likely cause before.

And yet, even though every mortal threat thus far had originated outside of Ganondorf's influence, Link still kept a wary eye on him. He had been true to his word so far, delivering some might attacks to their foes, never taking the opportunity to strike Link, and had even managed to let slip some deeply guarded humanity in the quiet moments of the morning. Still, seven years of unchecked destruction and enslavement didn't vanish from Link's mind so easily.

He still couldn't believe that the tusked boar monster, towering threateningly over him, gripping two blades as tall as Link was, had actually ensured his survival thus far. Had he managed to slay Ganon in their final encounter in Hyrule, would he still be alive here?

"So," Ganondorf said, breaking the stillness, "how does your bomb thrower work?"

Link cocked an eyebrow. That description of his weapon was as good as any he could think up. "Well, you just hoist it onto your shoulder, look down the sights like a bow and ... wait, you don't need to know this."

Ganondorf shook his head. "So mistrusting. What happens if your only good arm gets damaged? You'll need me to operate it."

Link sighed. "Point taken." He pointed to the trigger. "Aim, pull on this like a crossbow, bomb gets thrown."

It was ok. Link hadn't mentioned to Ganondorf that there was a hidden bounty in his claimed bag. It was a syringe filled with some mysterious liquid, but if it was anything like the needle Syla stuck in his neck, it would definitely be to his advantage to hold onto.

Indeed, it may be the perfect thing to put down Ganondorf for good.

But such thoughts were premature. Ganondorf's demise could only happen if the two strange bedfellows were the last remaining contestants on the island, and there were no guarantees of that yet. Ending the dark lord early would mean Link would be friendless in a hostile environment. His survival, as much as it may churn his stomach, relied on Ganondorf staying by his side until the very completion of the tournament.

So why was it getting easier to walk by his side?

"Your injuries," Ganondorf said. "how are they?"


Ganondorf breathed out slowly. "How badly are you hindered from our battles?"

Link focused on his wounds. The damage from Samus' fiery bee swarm still clung to his skin, but other than the pain it wouldn't affect his ability to fight. The dislocated shoulder, on the other hand, couldn't be healed easily.

"Everything's fine, except my arm."

Ganondorf stopped, eyes fixated on Link's shoulder, and took it in his beefy hands. Stabbing heat flared instantly.

"Ow!" Link winced. "What are you doing?"

"Calm down," the Gerudo king said, focused. "I did much worse to you in Hyrule. Besides," he said with a smirk, "this will really hurt."

Ganondorf's hands tensed and Link felt a click in his shoulder, bone scraping across bone, and a volcanic eruption exploded in the joint. Link's knees went out from under him, but the Gerudo had him in his grasp.

"... why?" Link said through clenched teeth, the agony tightening his voice.

Ganondorf tutted. "There. It's not perfect. The pain won't be any better, but you should be able to move your arm with greater ease."

Fighting through the burning socket, Link tried. He was right. The movements were easier, less restricted, even if every pain receptor in his arm coursed with magma.

"I have the perfect diversion for that arm," Ganondorf said, eyes on the horizon.

"Oh goddessess, what? A kick to the groin?" Link said.

Ganondorf looked at him, a thin grin on his lips. "I have a feeling you'll enjoy this."
[Image: illidansig2.jpg]

While Luffy was off trying to figure out how to cook his catch, Guu and Desco returned to their swimming practice. She was pulling the demon child along by the arms, kicking her legs along the surface as hard as she could. Eventually Guu moved her hands to the girl’s shoulders.

Now paddle with your arms in a circle.

She did so, splashing droplets of water everywhere with each rotation.

Keep at it… and… She gently lets go and gets out of the way.

She was a little precarious, sinking only a little bit before stabilizing, but she was still paddling forward. She made it a good 5 feet from Guu, when she suddenly popped upright. She was holding a red shellfish in her hand.

“Hey look, Guu! I caught a crab! Let’s eat it!” She said excitedly. However, the pink one only looked upon her blankly. The demon child looked back in puzzlement. “What?”

”Desco, you just swam 5 feet.”

“I did?” She said, cocking her head.

”Look at the distance you’ve made.”

She looked at the space between them, then at Guu, then at the space between them, then at Guu. Her eyes light up as a smile spread across her face a mile wide.

“I swam!” She said gleefully.

”You swam”


She floated as fast as he could to close the gap between the two and went in for a big hug. She starts hopping up and down while clinging to her, not even acting annoyed at these turn of events.

Soon after, the two sat on the beach together. Desco was gleefully giggling, still on a high from her accomplishment.

”Just find yourself a body of clean water back home. Practice that as much as you can and you’ll be an expert swimmer in no time.”


”Well, yeah, your father’s laboratory. Don’t you live there?

Desco paused for a moment, her jovial attitude shrinking.

”Well, I like visiting daddy, but I don’t think I live there.” She began. ”Desco wants to go on adventures! Daddy is usually busy all the time anyway with his work”

”Well, do you have anywhere else to go?

“No. But I will find something! A final boss always does!”

”Well, actually, if you’d like…” Guu started, looking carefully for the words. ”You can come live with me in Ambrosia

”You want me to join your Dictatorship?” she inquired.

”It’s not a-” She started to yell, but she stifled it. ”After you’re done visiting your father, I’d like you to join my Kingdom Desco. I want you to live in my palace and we could go on adventures together just like the good old days. I want to look after you, because… well…”

There was a pause. The air between the two was tense. Guu swallowed her pride.

”…I care about you.” She said casually. She peeked over to Desco, her eyes were glimmering at this. She wasn’t sure how to read this expression as her mouth was ever so slightly ajar. ”So… will you come live with me?”

After a brief moment of silence, Desco still making that face, she noticed the Demon girl was getting a little watery-eyed at the sentiment. She suddenly donned a large smile.

“Of course I will!” She said.

Guu, not sure how to respond in this situation, awkwardly sidles over to the demon child and gives her a hug. Desco gleefully returns it.

Suddenly the rubber man calls from the edge of the beach.

“The meat! It’s ready!” He yelled to the two.

In front of them was the entire car sized creature engulf in a bon fire. Luffy tore off large pieces of meat and handed them towards Desco and Guu. The Pink one took a large bite. Considering her low standards of food up to this point, it was the best thing she had ever eaten. Any kind of real meat was a delicacy over that MREs.

Luffy, satisfied the other two had a piece, preceded to gorge himself on the remainder. Desco couldn’t help but laugh, which prompted Guu to somewhat do the same. The pink princess lays up against the demon child as she brewed up positive emotions inside of her. For the first time in a long time, she was part of a family. A real family.

Guu suddenly bonked Luffy over the head as he was still just getting started on eating the rest of the meat.

”You idiot! You made a signal fire leading every prime right to us! She yelled as loud as she could with her voice. ”Do you want to get us into more fights?”

“Yes.” He responded, which lead to another bonk over the head.

Guu yanked out the map

”Ok, the smartest route is to head down thi-” She began, pointing at the map, but she was cut off by a Luffy, looking over her shoulder.

“There’s a Diner? I’m so there! Yosh!” He yelled, heading off the direction of the map. Desco soon followed.

”Me damnit.” She said as she ran to catch up with them.
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