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Day Two

Guu stood there, mild disbelief on what had just transpired. She couldn’t believe what her rage had just driven her to do. She watched the bloodied corpse of the person lying in the next room for the longest time, hoping from every ounce of her being that the person in front of her would show any sign of life. He didn’t.

The regret from her actions growing, she tried to refocus. She looked over at Desco again, who was holding a disembodied hand against her head like an ice pack. She started to feel rage again for what just happened to her, but tried to put a cap on it, knowing all too well what that lead to already.

Water was still dripping down her face, the alarm system still assaulting her ears. Wanting to the constant bombardment to stop, she scanned the room carefully. She saw what looked like a pipeline going against the wall. She remembered the schools back at her universe would run power cables through pipes like that. Taking a gamble, she threw her shield at it.

The pipe dented almost 45 degrees, which was enough to break a wire or two. With the power cut off, the alarms abruptly go silent and the sprinkler system drips to a stop. The only light was from the windows, which poured in a neutral glow from the overcast sky. It was enough for the group to see where they were going, just barely.

Next order of business, she needed to check the body for items. She wasn’t looking forward to it. She’d long expressed how disgusting the innards of humans were and the fact that this was her fresh kill didn’t make it much better. She slowly approached the body. As the man’s dead face came into view, she suddenly recognized whom he was.

‘It’s that kid!’ She thought. She once discovered him, injured in the woods and carried him to safety. The guilt weighed heavily over her head; she only added to the man’s misfortune in the end.

She reluctantly pilfered through the man’s stuff, grabbing his bag, his hammer, and a strange parcel with an odd item inside. She bagged the odd item and held the hammer and the victim’s backpack to bring back to the group. She noticed that there was now blood on her palms.

‘Subtle…’ She thought, being reminded of Shakespeare.

She first approached Gildarts, she plopped the bag in front of him.

”Please see what he had. Hope he had survival gear on him.”

”Are you gonna be alright, ma’am?” He asked, solemnly but respectfully.

”I’m already alright.” She lied. She already knew he could easily see through her bluff. She didn’t care.

She made her way to Strawhat, she gruffly held out a blood stained hand.

“The laser sword, please.”

Luffy, processing her request, slowly handed over the lightsaber he possessed. Her other hand plopped the hammer into his palm.

“Wow! Thanks Bubblegum. He said, not sure what he could say about what had just happened.

She walked over to Desco.

“How are you doing?” She asked.

”That hurt Desco a lot but Desco will be fine!” She said. “A little dizzy though!”

Guu gave her a little smile. She admired the demon child’s strength. She dug into Desco’s bag, pulling out the other half of the lightsaber. She re-attached them by the hilt and placed the whole thing in her bag.

“You’ve got your whole laser sword back.” She said plainly. “I left it your bag.”

”Yay ow!” She clasps her head in pain.

”Mind if I got in with you and Yogsothoth?” Guu asked candidly.


Desco shaped the monster behind her into a chair. Guu climbed into it and cuddled up besides her, wrapping a single arm around her while nuzzling her shoulder. The demon child smiled at the pink haired girl’s affection and returned the nuzzle with the uninjured side of her head.

Time passes as the morning continues. Luffy was practicing using his brand new hammer, swinging it around in a lonely part of the area, seeing what he could do with it in tandem with his stretchiness. Guu never left Desco’s side. Eventually, she started to look intently at her own blood stained palm. Gildarts was sitting not far from the couple. He was watching the pink princess with much concern.

”My princess, there is plenty of water around here, you could wash the blood off.” He asked, hoping removing the stain would calm her mind. She just continued to look at her palm.

”No.” She said, sighing heavily, clinging closer to Desco. “I can’t.”
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Del looked onwards at the symbols on the necklace being presented by Jak, and then McNinja's seeming fascination with the object.

Nodding a bit, Delsin smiled, raising his arm slightly, before speaking, "What McNinja said. Then we all can have our turns telling where we came from, I guess."

Delsin was admittedly curious about these strange individuals' origins, and he could tell they might be interested in his story as well. One could easily wonder what kind of 'variety' the Omniverse had to offer with these Primes.

Looking at Jak Mar, Dr. McNinja, and the likes of Delsin Rowe all in one group, anybody could say that they looked so different, they could come from completely different worlds.

The strange thing about the Omniverse is always the fact that it's true.

Getting himself comfortable, Delsin continued, "Lay it on us, Jak."

Jak took the time to think back... The father.. he knew for only a few minutes.... The mother he never knew... Daxter was probably... slightly somewhat the family he could call a brother... No...

His friends... It was bad to call... his allies family....

If this contest could bring anybody together, it was the three of them.

He sat on the ground and thought "Should he? Does his friends deserve his trust?"

His better sense told him it.. was alright and he began to speak in a saddened tone..

"It's...a long story....

I lived in Sandover a long time ago... but my father... he was .. named Damas... he was the king of Haven City until Baron Praxis betrayed him to the wastelands... and... I was his son... I never knew him.. long enough to actually know him that much...

Jak was very quiet from that moment on, to force himself to process his feelings if he still had any...

After thinking for a while, Jak spoke up "Yes, I'm...a prince of Haven City and the Wastelands... but i don't want...to be one... "

Anyways, you might not know me as having many powers, right? That's where you're wrong... I.. am able to control the element of eco energy... I could handle any eco, even the dark and dangerous type of dark eco to the rare light eco... Praxis... he tortured me for 2 years.
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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Gilgamesh stood up, brushing the dust off of his golden armor before walking towards the tree. His beautiful treasure sitting right there waiting for him. Gilgamesh sat on the fallen trunk, it’s splintered hide providing a very comfortable place. The sun rising, and Gilgamesh knew today would be a good day as the gleaming rays of sunshine hit. Ahh yes this would definitely be a good day. The King picked up his weapon and admired it, examining its features, it’s sharp blade, the barrel, the roughness of it’s beauty. He was glad he didn’t have to rely on that damn pony anymore. Gilgamesh looked up towards the orange sky, the sun giving through it’s beauty to his world. His memory faded back towards the raining morning, which seemed so long ago…


Pain. Pain and sorrow is what Gilgamesh felt. Rain poured all around him and he was soaked with the feeling of grief. Gilgamesh was carrying the Knight, his friend, in his arms. The mud coming up to below his kneecaps and his heart on the ground as he desperately looked for something to come out and help him save Jon. The mud covering his golden armor and the rain made the tears that streamed down his face indiscernible. He heard faint groaning from Jon and he knew deep down he wasn’t going to make it. But that didn’t stop him. He felt the water get shallower and the hill steeper and the water becoming less all consuming. He felt his feet become dry once again and he laid Jon against the tree. Blood wouldn’t stop coming from out of the wound.


The King’s heart dropped as he heard the twigs break underneath someones feet.

“Who is there? I shall let you know that sneaking up and murdering a King is a horrible idea! " A twinge of fear was in his voice, he was too vulnerable at this moment. Too fragile. Alone. A frown came out on his face and he adjusted his collar to try and make his heavy breathes more comfortable.

“King? King Gilgamesh.” A man stepped out of the shadows and “I hear you have an opening.”
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The sun was again peeking over the horizon. Yesterday, there had been a picnic. Today, there would apparently be ghost stories. Both events that would normally happen in the second half of the day, when the sun was already out or had long ago set. Something about this Abyss place certainly messed with one's sense of time.

Erza lay on her side, yawning as the painful silence finally began to dissipate, a crackling fire warming her face and reminding her that her burns were gone. That medpack was certainly something special; her skin was good as new (excluding the face cut, of course), and her jaw even seemed somehow less sore. Plus, it had managed to bring this Pepsiman fellow back from the brink of death.

She glanced over to the silver-clad soft-drink-person, who was now going off animatedly in some sort of a tirade, even using different voices for his different characters and shifting back and forth in place, almost acting out the scene. He seemed to have been the most eager to jump on Harry's "scary stories" suggestion. "When he woke up, he was strapped to a long, flat dentist's chair, a spiderlike monstrosity looming over him. 'I'm going to have to extract some of those teeth, my dear.' 'But why!?' the man called out." He emphasized this by throwing back his head and raising his arms in supplication. "'But of course! You've got cavities, from drinking too much Coke!' 'But, but, the world is out of Pepsi! I had to do something to quench my thirst!' 'Yes, and you'll have to make do with Coke and Fanta for the rest of your life! Muaaahahahaha!' 'AAAAaaaaaauuuughghhh!'" Erza chuckled softly as he fell dramatically to the ground.

"I've got one," she offered. "So there's this evil dark guild and they are all like 'Yo MESH we gon' kill you all,' but then we say 'No, we'll kill YOU all first!' And then they go all 'Haha you've all got power-inhibiting collars, we can do whatever we want! Woohoo!'"

The other four stared at Erza, Mickey doing his best to imitate a friendly chuckle, the only other noise the crackling of the campfire. Crickets would have chirped softly in the background if this were happening at the right time of day.

"Hah. Scared you all good. I'm going to rest for a bit, since I was on watch all last night, but you guys can keep going and see if you can top THAT." She nodded emphatically, confident grin a sure indication that she'd entirely misread the group's reaction to her story, and then rolled over to lay on her side, facing away from the fire. She slowly drifted into sleep as Harry continued with a more traditional scary story in a hushed and tense but somehow comforting voice. It had certainly been a long day and night, and another short moment of respite would not be wasted on this tired warrior.
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Victor winced as he looked at the wounds the weapon had inflicted, the woman had gotten him good, it was all within acceptable parameters and thus he concluded that his mission was a success.He had been told to infiltrate, kill and try not to get killed in the preceding skirmish. Overall a good days work for the young assassin.

Victor was shocked at first hearing that he had not only killed the poor woman he was targeting, but condemned her to a dimension of torment. "Perhaps that was a tad harsh of me, maybe I should have found out what the magic poison really did before I used it on that girl." Victor thought to himself. " I mean, what if she had family, friends, or a lover." She certainly was pretty enough for one before she turned to dust. And thanks to the revelation about what the serum did, one of his traveling companions had almost snapped at him.

Luckily for Victor his inner voice was there to reassure him, it spoke into his head, light and gentle, yet strong and comforting at the same time, " Do not worry about it, after all didn't the empire teach you that all the people you were killing where evil and thus going to the underworld?", this rang true. The empire he was a trained by loved their theology lessons teaching him and the other recruits that all enemies of the empire would suffer for eternity in the underworld. " You see? throughout your whole career as an assassin on some level you believed that everyone you killed was going to be tormented for eternity ." Victor thought over this idea and agreed that some part of him probably believed the idea that everything he was doing was for the greater good but for the first time in his life he was not so sure.

Sure it had put him in a good position but the look of horror in their eyes as he stabbed the syringe deep into Violet sent a uncomfortable shiver down his spine. "Maybe these girls did not deserve that, maybe we went to far this time?" Victor started to doubt himself and the life he was leading, every kill, theft and betrayal he had ever performed started to come back with him causing him to keel over onto one knee, his breathing getting heavier as he struggled to take in air.

Until it hit him, with the force of a punch to the face the voice in his mind screamed at him. " Shut up and listen to me you intolerable, self doubting fool! You are an assassin, its not your job to think about the questions of morality or true justice, it's your job to kill when your lord tells you to kill, and you were given an order to kill that girl using the needle, so what did you do?" The voice shouted with all the force of a concussion " I killed her, using the needle." Victor answered back his voice whimpering from the pain. " Damn right you did , you did your job to the letter and helped out your group, as an assassin you have done well , and being an assassin has gotten you this far, so just keep up what you have been doing so far and when this is all done we can discuss our life choices."

The pain subsided and Wolfe recovered from the panic attack standing up straight he took a few deep slow breaths to calm himself. " Good, if it's any consolation the fact that they were on this island means that those two would have probably killed you had it come down to just you three, Don't forget this is a survival game. Besides I am sure this sort of thing happens all the time, with the amount of people killing each other on this island alone there are sure to be cases where it all went to far and lead to banishment."

Victor decided that he had done nothing overly wrong and with this new found self acceptance cracked a smile " well that all turned out great, shame one of them got away but that arrow should give her something to think about at least. still she gave pretty good too, thats a great weapon for you to have your majesty, if what it did to me was any indication it packs a real punch. " Victor said out loud, the king however seemed to be deep in thought.

Victor looked at the other possible people that he could have a conversation with, after all the only company he had had recently was a dead old guy, a voice in his head and two people he was going to betray. He would not let the opportunity for real human interaction, He looked at the large hulking figure of the marine, he did not look like the one known as Okor but still he seemed like the quiet type, And the last thing Victor needed was to get on his bad side.

That left Jon Snow , the man who he had previously saved from certain death, he did not know the exact details of his injury but it was grim, much worse than the damage that the other members of the group had suffered. Lucky for them Wolfe had obtained the stem packs from Seraph and the instructions with them where pretty simple to follow. It was a close call though.

Before Victor decided to follow Jon he thought about what he could do to try and stop some of the bleeding from the holes he was riddled with, an idea came to him. He removed the cloak that he had been wearing and ripped it into long strips, once he was satisfied he wrapped the began to use the fabric to wrap up the injured areas, there was just enough material to prevent him from leaking blood every time he took a step, happy with his makeshift first aid he headed after Jon.

Jon was brooding on his own clearly suffering from a similar conflict to the one Wolfe had suffered, and was clearly taking it harder than he had. Wolfe decide to try and give him some advice to help him through it.

" Listen sir.Snow I had no idea about the effect of the serum and what was going to happen, I am a new resident to this world and ended up in this tournament by chance, but I ask myself now , if I had known before hand what was going to happen would I have done it? I say yes, you see when you were but a whisper away from death I arrived, I healed your wounds to the best of my ability and your king intrusted me with that serum and gave me that mission. Now he could have easily used the serum on me and got the medication and my weapon, then he could healed you and I would be in the underworld right now, He could have also decided to take the stem packs for himself and leave you to die after taking that bow, I think at full strength he would be just as powerful as you were after i healed you, So Jon Snow what I am trying to say is , you need to drop the morality act for a while and put your trust in this group, without trust you would be dead, I would be allyless and our King would be in a bad position, we need to do whatever it takes to get through this, after all this is the abyss and the rules are different here." Victor poured his conviction into every word, he would try and be the one to try and bring Jon back to sense," Just remember sir Snow , I was the one who had to plunge that needle into someone who for all I know could have become a good friend if we had met under different circumstances" Victor decided to leave Jon with these words of advice heading back to the main area.
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Unrelenting beads of frigid, aquatic filth cascaded in umbrella formation from sequentially-splayed emergency sprinklers, drizzling the abandoned institute's entirety. As if the tenuously -trickling rain outside wasn't enough pestering debacle to fetter their movement, the group just couldn't keep dry no matter where they pursued solace.

Capitalizing on deluge-drenched disarray, the sanguine-maned prankster wildly flailed his oversized mallet, catching Desco right in the kisser and heaving her into the proximal wall as if passing judgment via massive "gavel."

The jury was in, and Guu was to serve, for all intents and purposes, as executioner. The scene of mutilation was horrific, Luffy could hardly believe what he had just witnessed. Up to this point, the imp goddess was merely a cutesy little tyke, though adamant in her gumption. Now, he was unsure what to think, or what to call her.

"Bubbleguu! That was too far! Why?!" Luffy bellowed out, pantomiming both hands to match his impassioned words. Never before, in all of his adventuring, had he seen such gruesome butchery. Clumps of severed flesh littered the hallway as oozing life-juice slowly crept down the walls, culminating into crimson puddles upon rustic linoleum.

Straw Hat's outcry was tamed by a benign prosthetic palm gingerly grasping his tensed shoulder. The pirate shot a glance at the culprit; Gildarts towered behind him, solemnly shaking his head with closed eyes to quell the boy's hoot and holler.

"Shanks, er, I mean Gilly! We didn't have to ki-" Once again Straw Hat found himself silenced by a ruffling pat to his head.

"Remember, Luffy, that untimely death is not permanent in this realm. The boy will be fine in a few moments, once he peacefully resurrects," the scruffy mage reassured with a candid smile, compelling the captain to mimic his semblance.


Fwoosh! Fwee!

Mugiwara heaved the chunk of iron with amateur grace, impressing his kinfolk with beastly strength as he swung the walloping hammer as though it were a paperweight.

"Careful, lughead. You might hurt yourse-" Guu's cautionary counsel fell short of punctual. As the words whisked from her maw, Luffy lost grip of the handle and flung the mallet loose with Gildarts at the bullseye of its trajectory.


The dawdling hooligan collapsed into the dirt as Luffy's newly coveted hunk of ebony metal slammed unceremoniously into the rear of his slick-haired dome. Fortunately, the brute managed to stave his plunging descent with his precious face as comical lumps of pulsing, fleshy bulbs swelled from the point of impact. His vertically-challenged cohorts promptly rushed in to the rescue as Luffy frantically frolicked over in a frenzy.

"Ack! Crap! Gilly! . . ."

Quote:No real damage! Just comic relief fodder.
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Somehow, through pure persistence I had managed to impress this beefcake of a man. He had flung me around like a ragdoll and I could see why, his arms were damn near the size of a tree trunk and he was a massive bastard. My body was sore after going against him in the ring, but I was glad to have an ally.

“So... Are you like some kind of gladiator?” I asked, slightly intrigued by his over-the-top showmanship.

“Me? I’m the People’s Champ! I’m The Rock!” he spoke loudly with over-exaggerated gestures. I chuckled a bit and he stamped his foot into the ground and took a step towards me.

“What’s so funny jabroni?”

He almost stood a good foot over me and had to be at least twice my weight, in other words the mountain of muscle was terrifying. A bit intimidated I spoke softly “you see.... I’m kinda known as the People’s Champion too.” Before I could continue he wrapped a meaty paw around the back of my neck and lifted me off the ground.

“The Rock is the only People’s Champ around here!” he paused for a moment and strained to listen for something imperceptible “Do you hear that?”

“Uhm, wha-”

“It doesn’t matter what you hear!” he interrupted me and looked out into the distance, as if addressing the entire Omniverse “cause all I hear is the millions!... And millionsss of the Rock’s fans!”

This guy was a fucking psychopath. But, a psychopath would make a great ally in this bloodbath. I raised my good hand in deference “alright, that’s fine that’s fine you’re the People’s Champ. I’ll just be the Defender of Darkshire.” I hoped that I hadn’t fallen out of his good graces. After a few tense seconds where I was sure he was going to throw me straight into hell he set me back down. I looked up at the Rock who had somehow found a pair of sunglasses, he started grinning and spoke “alright Rockwell, let’s go find some candy asses and show em what the Rock N’ Rock Connection is cookin!”

Yeahp, total fucking nutjob.

We began walking and my stomach growled “hey, you got any food? I haven’t eaten anything since I got here.” The Rock reached into his duffel bag and threw me a small pack of food and a bottle of water. Eagerly I began tearing into the meal and I gulped down the water.

“So what happened to your arm?” he asked in an almost-normal tone. I looked down at my busted arm and noticed that the sling was getting close to ripping.

“When I first got here I uh, ran into a red-headed bastard who called himself Ganondorf and some boy in a green dress. They had some kind of explosive launcher and a fucking dragon. Needless to say I didn’t have a good time”

He laughed “well its a good thing you found me kid, those jabronis don’t have anything on the Rock N’ Rock Connection! We’ve got the whole Omniverse cheering for us, we can’t lose.” His eternal optimism and confidence actually managed to get a chuckle from me. Maybe this guy wasn’t so crazy after-all, muscle-bound and overconfident, but that was exactly what we needed.

“Any idea where we’re heading?” I asked, throwing my trash into the ditch near the road. We had been walking for what seemed to be an hour now and there was nothing but an open stretch of road for miles. My giant companion looked off into the distance and paused a moment for effect.

“Dante’s town is up ahead, I’m hoping it has some kind of ring so The Rock can layeth some smackethdown on some candy asses.”

My eyes almost rolled themselves out of their sockets, this guy really had no off switch. In the distance the beginnings of a town crawled over a hill. At least he knew where he was going and I would be glad to rest in a building for a while. We strode into the town and I kept my eyes peeled. The Rock however strode around with his head held high, as if he was untouchable. He walked with a damn near unholy purpose towards the center of town, he was searching for something and I knew better than to stop him.

“I knew there had to be one here!” he exclaimed and swung open the doors to a building.

It was a gym, a fucking gym. Several rows of treadmills and weight sets filled the building and in the center was the crown jewel, a goddamned wrestling ring. My muscle-bound companion threw his duffel bag against the wall and his sunglasses followed suit. He crawled into the wring and began to pose as if someone was taking his picture. I groaned softly and walked over to his bag, my curiosity got the better of me and I unzipped it. Inside the bag was two bottles of water and two MREs along with a length of wood with metal nails pinned into it.

“You care if I use this big guy? You seem to be more than capable without it” I raised up the plank and asked him.

“Go ahead, but just so you know you’ll get a DQ if the ref catches you using it in the ring.”

“Yeah, speaking of which. What the hell are you doing?”

“Getting ready for our next match, speaking of which you see that mic over there?”

He pointed to the corner and I glanced over there, sure e-fucking-nough there was a microphone hanging from the rafters. Carefully I walked over to it and tapped it, checking to see if it worked.

“I’ll need you to introduce us when someone comes through those doors.”


“Something grand and impressive, you know something that will drive our fans wild”

A smirk cracked across my face, I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of this situation.

“Alright champ, don’t worry. I’ll give us the best fucking introduction you’ve ever seen”

Fuck it. I decided I’d play along with his game.
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Scary stories? The bounty hunter had to question Harry’s intent. She had plenty, but none that she particularly wished to relive. But perhaps he had a point. Sharing battle memories, tactics … it would widen their scope of experiences and steel them for the vigil to come.

“How about you, Samus?” asked the wizard with a grin. “I bet you’ve got some stories I haven’t heard.”

Samus took a deep swill from her bottle of water, grimacing at the river-taste before replacing her helmet. “Sure. I ever tell you the story of the Biologic Labs Research Station?”

Harry scratched the back of his neck. “No …”

“It all started when I was assigned to watch over a group of scientists as they travelled to the planet SR388. I was down on the planet’s surface when I was attacked by an unknown organism. A jellylike thing that flew through the sky and was immune to my bullets. It embedded itself into my suit, and then into my flesh.”

Harry and Mickey shared a worried glance.

“Back in my ship, I headed back to the research station when I lost consciousness. All I remember was a sudden searing pain.”

Harry spoke up. “Samus, are you sure this is the right kind of story?”

Samus shot him a look. “You asked to hear a scary story. Isn’t this scary?”

The wizard shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah … but-”

Samus carried on. “I was unconscious and then I drifted into an asteroid belt. My emergency pod ejected and the scientists found me. The thing that had attacked me earlier was revealed to be a parasite. It had multiplied in my body. I was given a minimal chance of survival.”

With her audience so obviously enraptured, Samus found herself getting into the story. She’d never told it before and it was a good one. She leaned forward, gesticulating across the fire.

“But then they came up with this idea. See, in my universe there was another parasite called the Metroid. I killed them all years ago. Anyway, they had a sample from the Metroids. And one of the scientists decided that they could make a serum from the sample and inject into me! See, the Metroids were created to prey upon the parasite. That’s another story. Anyway, they injected me with the Metroid genome and I became part Metroid.”

Mickey interrupted. “Is this a real story?”

“Yes, of course. So I became part Metroid, and then I was able to absorb the parasite in my body because Metroids eat X-Parasites.”

“Wow,” laughed Harry nervously. “That’s pretty creepy. I can’t believe that really happened to you.”

Samus shot him a look. “That’s not the scary part.” She continued unabated. “See during the surgery they had to remove a bunch of my power suit. It was all infected with the X. So they put it in containers and sent it all to the labs. And then …” She paused for a dramatic effect. “Then all the pieces of my suit woke up and became clones of me!” She threw her arms out.

Harry and Mickey just continue to stare.

“Yeah, see the X-Parasite’s thing is that it takes your genes and then turns into a copy of you. But I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew was that there was an explosion at the ship. I went in. There were a bunch of these monsters. Zombies that looked human … before they lunged.”

She recalled the thing they’d seen at the lighthouse. Perhaps they all would have reacted quicker if they’d had her experiences. That was why this story was important.

“Anyway, I was wandering the ship when I heard it. Footsteps that sounded just like my own. Right above me.” She whispered, “It was the SA-X.”

“SA-X?” squeaked Mickey.

“Samus Aran X.” She shot the mouse a dark look. “It knew everything I knew. It had all the powers I had … before the surgery have removed most of my suit. It was stronger than me.”

“How did you beat it?” asked Harry.

“It wasn’t an ‘it’, it was a ‘them’,” said Samus, slightly annoyed that she’d had to explain the crux of the story prematurely. “There were multiple SA-X aboard the ship.”

Above, the weather decided it was time to send the cold wind screeching through the valley in which they rested. Mickey jumped and Samus launched to her feet, brandishing her arm-flak cannon. Harry held up his hands and they all relaxed. Samus sat down again.

“So there were no less than six SA-X aboard the ship. I fought one of them but it got away. But at that point I was pretty shook so I decided to blow up the space station. The only way to get rid of the X-Parasite was to get rid of the planet SR388 as well. So I sent them on a collision course.”

Harry interrupted: “Wait, wait, are you serious?”

“Stop interrupting. After I set the space station on a collision course with the planet, I ran for my ship. But something waited. At the docking bay.”

Samus took in a breath. Telling the story was draining. She still saw it all in her mind. But it was cathartic, somehow. In all her years bounty hunting she’d never talked much about the things she’d seen. She’d had no real opportunity. Who were her friends? Kreatz and Mauk were still part of the Federation. She never saw them. Adam ... well, Adam was Adam. Would anyone in this multiverse believe these stories? The things she’d seen, the things she’d done? Someone had to.

“It was a big … Omega Metroid. I’d seen them before. I don’t know why this one attacked me. Perhaps that saw me as a rival. I don’t know. But in my weakened state, I couldn’t fight it. That’s when I saw my death at its hands. My suit was at its end. One more blow.

“And then … the SA-X that I’d defeated came. I don’t know why. Maybe it was just trying to escape too. Or maybe …” Because it was already dead. And because it wanted to help me. She shook her head. “To this day I still don’t know. But I jumped at it. Absorbed it. And my suit became one with the SA-X. I took all my power back and killed the Omega Metroid.

“And then I ran.”

The woods were silent besides the crackling of the fire. “What about that planet?” asked Harry.

“It’s gone. All the life on that planet – the X-Parasites, the flora, the fauna, everything. It vanished in an instant. The X-Parasites would have destroyed the galaxy.”

She knew it.

“And what about you?” Mickey’s voice was quiet. “What happened to you?”

Samus stared into the fire, careful to listen for the sound of approaching enemies. “I got sucked into here. Didn’t even have a chance to tell my story to the Federation. They probably think I ran from my crimes.” She lay back. “Doesn’t matter now. I’m here, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.”

A yawn came from where Erza and Pepsi man were sleeping. The mage knight propped herself up, rubbing her eyes as she regarded the quiet group. “Morning,” she said. “What did I miss?”

“I was just telling Mickey and Harry a scary story. Did you want to hear it?”

Erza’s face lit up, but before she could answer, Harry interjected. “No! No that’s … enough scary stories for now, I think.”

Samus stroked the top of Pazo the Caterpie’s head. “Yeah … I’m sure we’ll have more to tell soon enough.”
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

"How's that sun feeling? We had an active morning, Lovelies. The following primes said goodbye to us over the last few hours...

#15 Violet
#31 Okor
#44 Negi Springfield

The following are our new Danger Zones that will activate in six hours!


There will also be a new package dropped off at F4 in the heart of the city. It will contain a fluffy, adorable Furbee. Have fun, Kids. I'll talk to you in a few hours."

Quote:This cycle will last until tomorrow, June (!!!) 1st at 7:00 PM CDT. So same as last Sunday's phase. Thank you for dealing with my life.

[b]Easter Egg Event - Just send me a message that says 'Easter Egg!' with what you want to queue up. Once you submit this PM, there are no take backs, even if you get mangled in a F2F between now and then.

Weather - Some clouds. No rain.
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Face to Face
#19 Ganondorf, #18 Link & #03 Blink vs #04 Retane & #06 Jack Frost

The pair of wounded warriors had barely had the time to celebrate their victory when they heard the footsteps of the woman smacking against the soil outside the blown-out front wall of the clinic. Link and Ganondorf walked over where the wall had once been and watched as the girl maneuvered through the marines’ fortifications. From the look on her face, she had been trying to escape from something. She made it all the way up to the pair before she realized that they were even there.

“Who are you?” Ganondorf demanded as he and link started to scan the forest around the clinic for any sign of movement. At this point in the game, they both knew that neither of them could ill-afford another confrontation with anything more threatening than another walking corpse.

“Blink,” the girl replied as she looked over her shoulder. “I think I was trailed on my way here, but I can’t be certain.”

Before either the Gerudo or Hylian could press her for more information, they both saw the movement in the woods. A green-skinned warrior with a poleax and a much younger man emerged. The moment they saw the wounded trio, the two new arrivals dashed into the sea of twisted steel and stone.

Link shouldered the rocket launcher and fired a missile that threw up steel and dirt when it hit an empty patch of dirt. Even the recoil of the launcher seemed almost too much for the fallen hero to manage, as he was nearly knocked by when it shuddered in his grip. Ganondorf saw his ally falter and dropped back to make sure the Hylian didn’t collapse.

“We’ve got this. Just keep the pressure on them,” Ganondorf muttered as he reached into his bag and retrieved Wilson. In the scuffles of the previous day, no one had walked away with the sphere, and the Gerudo planned to give it an admirable send off. As Retane’s head popped up, Ganondorf swung back and hurtled the sphere. The namekian let out a grunt as the ball hit him in the shoulder and knocked him off balance. Jack turned around and then stopped in his steps.

“Don’t you stop running! Use it and destroy them, like we agreed to!”

The guardian nodded, his eyes glancing at the organism latched to his back. The orgosynth flared up as Jack Frost let out a grunt and fell to his knees. His eyes turned to Retane, and while his smashed up jaw couldn’t form the words, the namekian could read the expression on his face – “What is happening?” Jack Frost then shook his head and shoved himself up to a vertical position. Retane caught a look of the horrifying shade of red in the boy’s eyes and knew that something was wrong. The Malefactor seemed to twitch against the young man’s back, and as Retane watched, a part of Jack was lost forever. The guardian’s veins went black as something started to corrupt him from the inside out.

With a growl, Jack Frost leapt up over the twisted heap of metal and charged the pair. The namekian was close at his heels when the guardian threw up an ice shield to absorb the impact of an oncoming rocket. When that dust settled, Jack came barreling forward, running on all fours like a manic animal.

Ganondorf fell back as the white-haired boy lunged at him. With a grunt, he swung with his good arm and managed to knock his opponent to the ground. A few feet away, Blink ducked under the blade of a poleax. The woman than lashed out with the arrow she’d ripped from her own shoulder. She managed to catch Retane in the thigh and tear through part of his muscles. The namekian let out a roar and swung a foot up into her chest, knocking her back far enough for him to get in a clean swing with his glaive, catching her in the gut and ripping through clothes and skin alike.

The magenta mutant fell back and looked over to see that the white-haired boy had the other two on the defensive. She wouldn’t be safe here, and she wasn’t in a position to fight… not yet. Revenge would have to wait. For now, Claire Ferguson did the smart thing and vanished into a portal.

Retane turned and rushed into the fight brewing between Jack and the two other warriors. The guardian, infused as he was by the strength of the Malefactor, had the others on the defensive, but they were skilled warriors fighting a young man driven rabid by something Retane didn’t understand. The namekian dashed forward and swung the blade at Ganondorf, and the Gerudo leapt backwards out of the way.

A few feet away, Link saw his ally fall and thought it was the end. The Hylian’s eyes went wide as he tried to bring up the Rocket Launcher, but before he could find the trigger, Jack caught him in the side of the head. Before Link could right his balance, he felt a hand tear through his chest and rip at his heart. Words tried to escape the Hylian’s throat, but they were lost to the blood gurgling down his chin. His eyes turned to meet Ganondorf’s. Something like a smile spread across Link’s face as death washed over him.

Before death took him into its embrace, Link managed to choke out a few more words to his rival-turned-partner. “See you in the next life, Ganondorf… “

The Hylian hit the ground just as the Gerudo was finding the egg in his bag. As Retane and Jack Frost watched, Ganondorf held out the artefact and willed the monster inside into existence. The massive silver dragon erupted into existence and sent its master’s foes backwards with a flap of its might wings. With his body screaming in agony, the Gerudo could barely pull himself up onto the back of the Rathalos as it took to the sky, tearing apart yet more of the clinic as it took to the skies.

“Damn it,” Retane rasped as he watched the Gerudo escape them. “We’ll find them,” he muttered as his gaze moved to Jack. The guardian had yet to relax from his orgosynth-infused state. Even worse, it seemed as if the blackness had spread. “Let go of it, Jack.” Retane barked as his ally started to walked toward him. The look on Jack’s face was not his normal expression.

No… It was almost as if Retane was looking at his own reflection. The Malefactor had the boy now.

“Fight,” Retane said—his voice almost a plea as Jack ran at him. The Jade Fiend did what he had to do—he pinned the wooden end of the glaive into the ground and pulled the other one down in front of him as Jack lunged at him. A monstrous scream escaped the corrupted boy’s throat as he writhed against the blade impaled through his chest. One of his hands even tore at Retane’s face, ripping through his right eye. Despite the punishment, the namekian remained strong as the orgosynth’s strength slowly started to wither. After a few minutes, Retane heard a soft, frail whisper barely audible from the boy’s mangled jaw.


The namekian looked to see the boy’s eyes had returned to normal, even if they were already starting to look glassy. “Hey, Jack.”

“Did we win?” Jack whispered.

“Yea, you killed that guy. It was amazing to watch.”

Jack Frost smiled as blood started to dribble out the sides of his mouth. His next words were like the whisper of a ghost. “Told you I wasn’t just a sidekick…”

The boy slumped forward, his head falling onto Retane’s shoulder.

#18 Link DEAD
#06 Jack Frost DEAD

29 Primes Remain

Jack Frost rolled ‘1’

Blink has a shallow cut across her tummy – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
Retane has a cut in his thigh and is blind in one eye – Major Injury (+8 Damage)

Blink used Tier 0 Super Move Teleportation Energy (-1 SP)
Ganondorf used his Egg, which will reactivate in 24 IC hours.

The Rocket Launcher, Wilson, and the Cellphone are there for Retane
The Malefactor is there for Retane
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

“I’m sure we’ll have more to tell soon enough.”

Gosh, I hope not.

All of a sudden, Erza let out a blood-curdling scream. Within seconds, Mickey’s gauntlet hummed to life, Samus’s flak cannon was at the ready, and Harry had jumped for his huge gun. The red-haired girl scrambled over to the group, taking solace in Pazo the Caterpie, who huddled up next to her. Pepsiman remained laying where he was, now in the sights of all of their weapons, utterly clueless.

“You idiot, move out of the way,” Samus spat, gesturing with the flak cannon. Slower than anyone would have liked, Pepsiman put his hands in the air and moved around behind the foursome that he counted on for protection. The three weapon-toting Primes stared off into the woods behind Erza. “What do you think it was, Erza?” the bounty hunter asked, not taking her eyes off of the forest for even a second. At her feet, the red-head tried desperately to calm her quivering down.

“I—I don’t know,” she muttered, “but it… it touched me.” Mickey reached over and placed his unarmored hand on Erza’s shoulder, and she grasped it. Her other arm pulled Pazo close to her, like a child would its stuffed animal after seeing a monster under its bed.

A few seconds passed, and the entirety of their group stayed perfectly still, barely even breathing. They knew that at any moment, the emerald-skinned warrior or the giant pig beast or even the maniacal turtle from the Pre-Show could pop out of the bushes behind where Erza had been sleeping. As the tension reached its boiling point, something moved in the bushes.

“There,” Mickey offered, gesturing for the disturbance. Samus and Harry redirected their aim down to where the movement had been, and after a few seconds, the culprit made themselves known to the group.

“Aw, shit.”

“Golly Ned.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

From the depths of the forest, a particularly slimy-looking rat had wiggled its way into the group’s campsite. Almost immediately, the group relaxed their hold on their weapons, but although he tried to hide it, the Pepsiman remained petrified.

KILL IT!” the Pepsiman screamed, pointing wildly at the creepy little creature roaming around where he and Erza had made their rest. “Please, please, please—”

“Be quiet, would you?” Samus barked, grabbing the spandex-clad man by the shoulder and gripping just tight enough that it pained him a little. “Do you want this green man who slashed you open to find us? If you keep shouting like that, he will. You know that, don’t you?” The Pepsiman whimpered a little bit, and Samus, annoyed, shoved him away and turned her attention back to the group’s guest. “Now, now, what to do with you?”

“I said,” the Pepsiman insisted, “kill it. Those creatures don’t deserve the refreshing powers of Pepsi!”

For such a kind, generous soul, this rat had inspired the Pepsiman to violence.

“Are you kidding, pal?” Mickey interjected. “I’m right here.” He gestured to himself, reminding everyone in the group once again—in case they had forgotten—that they had a walking, talking mouse in their midst.

“Yeah, buddy, be a little sensitive,” Harry chuckled, slapping the Pepsiman on the back.

“Oh, please, mice are so much different from rats,” the Pepsiman argued. “It deserves to die. You there, woman with the big gun—”


“—whatever, please just shoot that thing with your gun,” he pleaded, obviously exasperated, “I can’t let it contaminate the Pepsi. Only Coke products would stoop so low as to let their drinks be infected by such… such…”

“Careful what word you use, buddy,” Mickey crossed his arms, furrowing his brow at the personified product placement. “To be clear, I don’t like the R-word or the V-word.”

“…such animals.”

“Hm,” Mickey mused, “I don’t like your tone, pal, but the word’s fine.” Erza giggled just a little bit, and Mickey shot her a look to let her know how serious he was. He had already taken enough grief from the people of Camelot about how he was a mouse in a human’s world—he wasn’t going to take it from a person whose life they had saved, let alone some ridiculous looking mascot. He had more dignity than that. “Anyway, we can’t kill the rat,” Mickey laid down the law, “After all, she’s probably like my fourth cousin or something.”

“She?” Erza asked. “How do you know?”

“Mouse intuition.”

Erza giggled again. This time Mickey let it slide.

“No one’s killing any rats,” Samus declared, “After all, it’s… kinda cute. Maybe Pazo needs a playmate.” She turned and looked at the rat, which had frozen in fear thanks to all of the shouting that had occurred.

Mickey was the first to approach his would-be family member. “Hey, pal,” he smiled, crouching down to get a little closer to its level. It was refreshing to see someone smaller than him. “Wanna hang out? Or you wanna head home?” He unlatched the gauntlet from his arm and let it drop to the grassy ground before reaching out and cupping his hands, offering them up for the little guy. The rat squeaked a few times, finally scurrying up onto the gloved platform. It squeaked a little bit more. “Oh, yeah, buddy, I hear you,” Mickey nodded, “Sorry about him. He’s new around here.”

“Hell’s Bells,” Harry laughed, “Our ally is literally speaking to the rat right now.” Erza joined him in chuckling about it. She supposed that she should have guessed, when she first met this anthropomorphic mouse, that he could do this.

“I guess it is kinda cute,” the red-head shrugged, “You think Pazo’ll like him?” She threw her focus to Samus, who pondered it for a second, and then decided to test it out. She reached down to where Pazo remained confusedly curled up in the grass, and picked him up, carrying him over to Mickey. The bounty hunter squatted down, holding the Caterpie in front of the rat and letting the pair of little creatures examine each other.

The Caterpie stared at the rat for a second, leaning slightly out of Samus’s grip to… well, Mickey didn’t really know what it was doing. Smelling it, maybe? The rat sniffed his new bug-like playmate, and then turned and scampered up onto Mickey’s shoulder. “She says she’ll stay for now.”

“Gross,” Pepsiman said, but the group shot him glares and he quickly decided that it was time for him to shut up. After all, these people had saved his life.

“Well then,” Erza said, crossing over to the mouse and rat, “She needs a name.”

Samus started to suggest something. “How about—”

“No, I’ve got the perfect one,” Mickey interrupted, fingering the photograph still lodged in the bottom of his pocket. “Her name’s Minnie. That’s it.”

The rest of the group nodded. Minnie it was.
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

“I'm thinking Team WartPool. Nice and ominous.”

“That's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. We don't need a goddamn team name, we need to find that asshat Jak and rip his fucking face off.”

“I admire your tenacity, but groups of heroes always have names. Avengers, X-Men; just trust me Warts. We need this.”

“Stop fucking calling me Warts. You make me sound like a venereal disease. And if it'll shut your gaping facehole, just go with WarPool.”

“That, my slimy, homicidal friend, is a capital idea. You get extra snackies.”

“I'm going to fucking end you.”

Vincent chuckled at the squabbling duo, shaking his head slowly. The group had parked themselves just on the leeward side of a particularly large hill, resting with their eyes on the horizon. They had yet to meet any resistance since their departure from the Diner and the pale Prime hoped, at least for the time being, that it would remain that way. As the more eccentric members of their squad sorted out their differences, Vincent and Sasuke had taken to inventorying their remaining supplies.

“Looks like about 6 MREs and 3 Aquafinas, along with the canned goods and the 3 extra bottles of water that we grabbed at the Diner.” the Uchiha concluded, laying out the supplies on the grass. “We're going to need to wash some of the empty bottles if we want to re-use them, though. It looks like Deadpool pissed in his.”

“It's a time-saver, don't act like you're not impressed!” The mercenary called from up the hill.

“We should find some more water soon. The four of us won't last on less than a gallon of water. I'm not as worried about the food,” the ex-Turk responded, tearing off a length of cloth from his tattered cloak. Though not overly durable, the material would provide at least a modicum of protection for his bare feet.

The gunslinger's shinobi comrade nodded, piling the rations back into their respective bags. “There's got to be a stream or something. Maybe some rainwater pooled somewhere.” The keen-eyed ninja shot a glanced up at the arguing co-leaders, “We should probably be the ones to look. We're faster.”

Though Vincent barely knew the teen and trusted him even less, he agreed with him. Each stood to gain nothing from offing the other at this point, with the safety afforded to them by their amalgamation being a strong incentive to get along. When it came down to the final few, things would be much different; for now, they needed each other. With a shared nod, the duo took off down the hill.

- - -

The raven-haired duo swept the area, finding no bodies of water in their immediate vicinity. Vincent suspected they may have better luck if they headed into the forest, though the gunslinger did not want to stray too far from their comrades, lest they be jumped by opportunistic opponents. Save for the few small puddles of accumulated rainwater that Sasuke scooped into one of the empty bottles, they were to return more or less empty-handed.

“Well, this sucks,” The avenger grunted, capping the murky bottle of accumulated runoff. “I guess we should head back.”

The ex-Turk nodded, stowing his empty collection bottle. “Sounds good..Sasuke, was it?”

“Yeah.” The dark-hair teen replied. “Sasuke Uchiha, avenger of the great Uchiha clan.”

Valentine pondered the statement for a moment. The boy was likely one of the younger entrants of the competition, yet he reeked of bloodlust. “Revenge...is that why you're here?”

The avenger scowled. “I'm here to win and get the power that comes along with it. Then I'll use that power to finally destroy Itachi!” Rage burned in the boy's eyes.

“Be careful with vengeance,” Vincent offered, turning to the boy. “One sin won't wipe away another,”

“I know what I'm doing, don't preach to me.” Sasuke spat, quickening his pace. “Let's just get back to those two lunatics.”

- - -

The dark-haired duo arrived at their makeshift camp to find that a small mound of nail-ridden, deceased rodents had appeared, thanks to Wartortle. While Deadpool and Sasuke got to work skinning the animals and preparing them for their Viking funeral, Vincent and Wartortle assembled a fire pit.

“I don't know shit about fire, but I can sure as hell dig a hole,” the Pokemon rasped, proceeding to displaying an impressive use of his Dig ability.

The ex-Turk layered stones into the hole before erecting a makeshift rotisserie over the newly-crafted pit. The rain had squashed any hopes of creating fire the good old-fashioned way, but Vincent found that the gasoline and lighter he had been afforded with circumvented this process nicely. Though reeking of an automobile fire, the blaze was more than enough to char a half-dozen squirrels. Through a mixture of various MRE components and blackened game, the WarPoolers filled their bellies before heading back into the field.

“Saddle up as soon as you're done, ladies,” the water-type Pokemon commanded, “We've got more ground to cover.”
[Image: G3vODOp.png]
Dante's Abyss '15
Vincent Valentine

[Image: oQAQ9Jn.png]
Dante's Abyss '16
Grand Champion
Nanaki/Red XIII

[Image: sfSJ19f.jpg]
(07-16-2018, 06:14 PM)Lord Zedd Wrote: I'm here to kick ass and write compelling stories with Vincent Valentine.

And baby, we're all out of Vincent Valentine.

High above the island, the Rathalos floated upon a thermal, the warm afternoon sun providing its mighty wings with plenty of lift. And though the beast held steady in the sky, its rider yet had trouble remaining on it. The Gerudo’s left arm, useless to him since his fight with Gilgamesh, still dripped blood, the droplets falling like rain from the sky and staining the Rathalos’ scales a ruddy reddish-brown. With every flap of its wings, the exposed bone scratched along his plate mail, eliciting a pain-stifling grunt from Ganondorf. His one good hand clutched tightly at the nape of the dragon, its lone support holding him in place as his pain and weakness threatened to cause his collapse at any moment.

Far below, the island seemed nearly a play set for a child, only the mountain itself rivaling the height at which the Rathalos flew. The Dark Lord looked down upon it and a scowl twisted his lips. He was a fool for ever coming here; A fool for buying into Karl Jak’s promises of riches, power, and fame. This place was a meat grinder with people going in one side, and death out the other. So much death, too. While Ganondorf wasn’t at all upset about the majority of them, even those he’d had a personal hand in, one in particular dug at his pride and mind: the boy’s. It was strange to think that Ganondorf wouldn’t be happy to have his rival dead, but he wasn’t. Link had proven to be a valuable ally on this island, surprisingly providing some sage advice, and having saved the Gerudo’s skin on multiple occasions. And now he was dead… and Ganondorf had once again failed to protect someone. In his mind’s eye, he could see Firani again, her dead, tear-filled eyes looking up at him. He could see Link as well, the massive hole in his chest exposing the flesh within. They stared at him, their eyes accusing him, berating him for his weakness, for his inability to shield them from their fate.

The Demon King’s scowl turned into a growl as his wolfish eyes bored down at the island below. He thought, briefly, about taking the Rathalos back and enacting his revenge on that white-haired child and his green companion. But, he’d only ensure that Link would have him for company outside of the Abyss if he did so. And besides, they weren’t to blame. Not truly. Even Karl Jak was merely a player in the grand scheme of things. For, at the root of it all, it was Omni who had allowed this to happen. Or rather, it was the freedom he had given to the people here. If Omni were a true God, he could have stopped this all. It certainly would have been within his power to do so. And yet, the white bastard had allowed this travesty to happen, and look at what it had brought about. So much death, and merely as entertainment.

And thusly did the Dark Lord resolve himself to a new task here. No longer would he merely attempt to sway the hearts of the people to his side. To curry favor with them. No. They needed a strong hand to guide them, to lead them, to force them onto the path of peace. He would be that hand. There would be no destruction this time, not like when he ruled Hyrule. No passive ruler sitting upon a throne while the world continued to move as it wished. Ganondorf would become their King… no. He would become their God. He would cast Omni down and take his rightful place on the seat of power. Then, and only then, would the world be right again. Then would the world know true peace.

The splatter of crimson lined his cheek in a pattern much akin war-paint; it smeared with the grimy scent of iron. The eviscerated Negi's blood had landed on his skin, yet somehow the still-warm fluid seemed to still have life in it. The scariest part of all was that the veteran had neither flinched nor blinked as the whipping stream of blood splashed at him. He had entered the room full of rain last, snapped into his battle stance and in the corner of his eye he saw assigned the 'attack' without threat.

It was ever a tragedy when death could be averted, and yet events played their course and coincidence sometimes became a battle's ruthless misconception. The hammer-armed youth was more fearful than aggressive and had merely lashed out in the same chilling fever that had consumed him.

Death had always been simple, and he still found it was always the same.


With the events that had swiftly unfolded, the new member reviewed his quirky crew with a resounding joy. They were bubbly and reminded him of home, as well as cast him away from his currently very bleak state of mind. It had been unwavering to the dangers of the Abyss, yet there was more than just physical triumph to worry about. This same fact was written in the messy scribbles of incomplete expression all over Guu's face.

He had yet to create a fixed interpretation on the bunch Guu had managed to round-up but had assumed their presence had been a devised strategy. Power in numbers could mean survival, he just had been surprised to see that Guu was actually playing the game.

The leader had defended Desco with a murderous brute strength. The Ambrosian royalty had done a nice job taking care of those she cared about and as far as he could tell, she had chosen well

There was, however, a concern. His leader seemed to be mixing her expressions between a mixed pout and an empty sternness, the latter for the well-being of the rest of the group. Guild masters always had the challenge to keep their temper, maintain a strong face for their comrades, and always have another plan. The burden was a weight worth more than the smiles they could show her as reassurance.

Gildarts had already felt his own face settle into that stoic and intimidating stone. His battle expression was lined with experience but ever-present in the face of danger. This place made monsters from men and today's challenge would be engaging, this was an opportunity to grow as a fighter and as a strategist. Maybe he would even get a chance to show some of his skill, sans the magic he could no longer deploy, and still save the little girl from another traumatic experience. Not only did he want to face the best this game had to offer,

Gildarts didn't like to lose

Negi's death had proven to be a tragedy of the commons. While he had died playing the game, his resources to live would be shared amongst their group as a means do survive. The items had been stored in a duffle bag much like his own, now that he had noticed, everyone had a bag like him, while his own lay forgotten beneath his shoulder blade...

He had just mentioned the illusion of Omni's immortality, yet the silence only told him that the teens were unconvinced, at least by the distant and feeless fact of reason.

Guu's struggle needed closure and Gildarts knew how to provide. It came natural to the man so familiar with death, and perhaps it would bring his leader peace. His loyalty-bound action was meant to serve the guild master, at the same time, he hoped it would heal her damaged resolve as death was the only consequence strong enough to dampen such an emboldened thing in the first place.

"Guu, I'll tell you a secret." He spoke softly so that she would be inclined to listen and be stolen from her daze, "As long as you honor it, death with never be something so cheap as it is sold on this island."

Gildarts let his eyes descend on the mangled puddle of raw death and crouched low before wordlessly taking off the remains of his tattered cloak and placing it on the place where the heap of a corpse had last been seen. He and that garment had shared many adventures together, it was the only thing he carried on his back, or wore into battle. However, in this case, his priorities were in only the loyalty he displayed. Some would call it a sentimental commemoration, however the dead that rested below his blanketed garment remained as stranger. They would learn his name soon enough.

Moments later, Gildarts received a crash to his thick skull, which sounded as startling symbols in his ringing ears. "Ghrmph!" His voice muffled as his reflex caused him to squint just before the pain broke through. This hadn't stopped him from biting his tongue. The teeth-marked slice etched a strangely comical grimace in the old mage, who rigorously rubbed the back of his head to distract from the burning pain.

"Tsst, tsst." That smarts! Gildarts kept his eye closed in a wince before finding the power to overcome it. He would never admit to such accidental pain, he had his pride just as common as any warrior.

"Oi! Watch where you swing that thing! You're stronger than you look, kid." He complemented the flexible Luffy, who bent at stranger angles than even Guu was able, yet that didn't lessen the intense throbbing that had turned the room into a faded shadow.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

Face to Face
#23 Guu, #21 Gildarts, #38 Desco & #37 Luffy, vs #02 Cindy

Cindy had endured thus far without needing the assistance of others, but in her attempt to hunt down the man with the hammer and finish the job, she’d lost him amidst the storm. After she waited that out, she had decided to trek further north in an effort to lurk out a few more of her opponents. Although the sun was out through the clouds, it was already beginning to set, which meant it’d be nighttime soon enough.

The Monster Hunter scowled as she spotted the group of primes out in front of her—two little girls and two large men. They seemed oblivious to her presence, and that brought a smile to her face as she pulled the rifle from her bag and dropped into a crouch. She placed the pink-haired girl’s head in the center of her sights and pulled the trigger, releasing the fifty caliber round from the suppressed gun. Before the weapon could land on its mark, the tall scrawny man tensed up, and with a scowl, Cindy watched as he smacked Guu out of the way with his rubbery limbs.

Luffy turned and scowled at Cindy. The man came running at her and started swinging his fists, which stretched the distance between the two of them in an attempt to catch the hunter.

“Damn it,” Cindy shouted as she jumped back to avoid a fist as it slammed into the ground. She retaliated with by eye-balling a shot and pulling the trigger. Luffy’s female friends gasped as their friend lurched backwards, but after a short pause, they realized he was okay.

…his hat, however, had taken a fatal blow.

Reaching up, Luffy pulled the strawhat off his head and brought it to his face. As he did, a thin trail of blood ran down the front of his face. The hat was torn where the bullet had punched through, and bits of straw were already starting to break away.

Luffy’s gaze moved to Cindy, and the woman immediately felt like she’d made a terrible decision. The man slammed his ruined hat onto his head and came stampeding at her, his body exuding steam as his sweat vaporized off his limbs. With their knowledge that Luffy hadn’t been shot through the face, the rest of the group trailed behind the pirate. Cindy allowed her own power to bubble to the surface as she fell back and tried to squeeze off another round. Before she could, Luffy’s palms slammed into her chest, throwing her from her feet and onto her backside.

“Damn it,” Cindy scowled as she jammed the butt of the rifle into her shoulder and pulled the trigger. The members of the group broke apart to avoid the path of the projectile, and the Monster Hunter took that moment to retrieve a golden object from her bag. In a blinding flash of light, the gold Rathian roared into existence. A jagged wing lunged forward, smashing Desco and Gildarts out of the way. Cindy grinned as she hopped up onto the monster.

Lurching forward, the Rathian sent Luffy sideways with another smack of its wings, and with only Guu before it, the dragon bared its teeth and lashed out. The pink-haired girl threw up her shield, and the Rathian’s mouth hit it with an impact strong enough to release a small sonic boom and drill Guu’s feet down into the ground. The leader of Ambrosia winced as the next blow came and knocked her backwards, slamming her back into the dirt and wrenching her legs. A third furious slam rammed Guu further into the ground, and with that, the Rathian kicked up off the ground. Before it could vanish, a still fuming Luffy lurched forward, and with his hammer in hand, lashed out with his elastic appendage. He caught Cindy on the side of the knee, causing her to scream in pain, but by the time Luffy could reel back for a second blow, the monster hunter was gone.

Cindy’s knee has been smashed, she’s gonna have some issues with mobility – Major Injury (+8 Damage)
Luffy has a cut on his scalp – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
Gildarts and Desco suffered minor scrapes – Story Injuries (+0 Damage)
Guu suffered some bruises and scrapes – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)

Luffy used Tier 1 Transformation Gear Second (-1 SP)

Cindy used Golden Rathian Egg, which will be inert for 1 IC day
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

At the highest peak of the island, you could see the furious whipping cyclone of Hurricane Karl made its pass across the northern end of the island, and the rain and winds died down as the force of nature went back to the endless sea after the damage was done. The shores and lowlands were still flooded in the wake of the potent downpour, but that would recede back to level soon enough. And I could look for some of the care packages that have been dropping around the island. The sounds of violence were ever present as I stood over the canopy, gun shots and clashes of metal no longer muffled by the thick clog of trees and I stood to gain some equipment.

As I was ready to dig in to my next MRE and finish off my water supply when I heard a scuffle much closer to me. I flatted against a boulder to avoid detection, and slowly poked my head out of cover to see that, fifty yards from my position, that a fight had broken out between primes. I only managed to see the back end of it, as I saw three men fighting a single purple woman, one that had managed to flank her from be back while the other two readied to charge. Among them was a effeminate blond that stood out in gold armor, a man who I remembered immediately as I saw his impractical armor and stupid hair do: Gilgamesh. Of all the assholes I had to run into, why was it this one? That must have meant the others, the haggard one in black furs and the guy with more daggers than sense, were his lackeys.

I barely had enough time to slink away before I was thrown in with the fight. The spandex wearing alien seemed to have opened a port and appeared right before me without any warning. Instinct drove me to fight before I could think on the situation, and I clasped one of my hands around her neck. Without a weapon, as she could do was flail uselessly as I crushed her wind pipe. As the others surged towards us, I looked briefly away to decide how I was going to get out of this myself when I felt the ground underneath me disappear. I let got as the surprise got the better of me ans I was flung right on top of the other three like a green comet. She got away, and we were all bruised but no worse for wear.

As Gil went of to collect his trophies and the other two went to rest their wounds, I walked up behind the 'king' and cleared my voice to catch his attention. He was busy admiring an assault rifle with a chainsaw when I interrupted him, and a grimace flared on his face as he looked me down. Despite it pained me to work with this asshole, I needed to stay alive and avoid the roving bands of primes that were also fought for the prize.

"I'm going to be traveling with you now" I told him, and the annoyance turned to livid anger as his eyes grew wide and his teeth snarled at me. the audacity, he probably thought, and stood his ground in confrontation. He tried to wield the gun in his hand menacingly, but I could see the inexperience in how he held the weapon and he wasn't used to them.

"How dare you make demands of your rightful king, mongrel" He shouted, and I rolled my eyes hidden under my helmet's opaque visor. The tyrant was already on my nerves, and it was really only a need to conserve resources that I didn't just punch him. "What make you think that-"

I cut him off when I placed my Big Fucking Gun on my shoulders, intimidated him just long enough that I could get a word in.

"Because my gun is bigger than yours" Although I left out that it would likely disappear after I used it, like my plasma gun before it. "More importantly, you're wounded, your friends are wounded, but I am at full health and you need someone else the hold you together in a fight. You don't have to like it, but it's going to happen. So deal with it"

The golden man was infuriated, ready to strike me down. I practically smiled as I watched him get upset. But he never did. Instead, he rolled his eyes in thought, before a wicked smile flashed for a moment and he managed to clam down.

"Alright. Let this transgression pass. For now. You will have to supply youself, but I will allow you to fight for us."

'Then it's a deal" And yet, I couldn't help but feel like I would regret this.

Jak's eyes moved from Delsin's to The Good Doctor's and looked to the door. Aero seemed to be guarding the door quite well and he would get everybody out if he happened to hear anything...

The man said closing his eyes "I'm not as good as you think I am... in...fact I'm a criminal with a past.... I was forced into prison and tortured for two years" and he squeezed his fists so hard, he had to take a breath. Me and Dax, we both saved and hurt people... It's a long story...

Jak rubbed his hair with his good arm, and nodded "I have powers... It's not surprising... to anybody..."

To keep his mind off any lasting thoughts, he looked over to Delsin. "Delsin, what's your story? Do you have...powers like I do?
[Image: oNAS6Nu.png]

[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Desco sat there happily cuddling with Guu. There was something off about her attitude and body language since they killed that wizard Negi, though Desco didn't know his name or that they knew eachother. She couldn't really tell what was wrong since bloody death was a part of a demon's life. Most of the time Desco didn't get quite this close ad Guu was still covered in blood and getting it on Desco. She used powerful attacks that often cleaned the scene with magical power.

"So do you guys know what a furby is?""No." "Sounds like meat!" Desco recalled those old movies that her father used to watch. She knew at a furby was from commercials on TV but at the moment she got them confused with the old movie her father watched. "Desco knows! They are these little furry things that if you feed them they turn into demons!"

Victor watched the exchange between the marine and his new lord, it was clear that Gilgamesh was not to happy with the attitude that was being shown towards him, Victor decided not to step in though , every time he had been involved in diplomacy so far someone had ended up closer to death. And unlike with Jon he did not feel like a few encouraging words would be able to prevent any friction between Gilgamesh and this new arrival. Still he did have a point, they needed someone to soak up damage and this guy was big enough to take a good beating.

Victor decided to sit down under a nearby tree enjoying reprise from the storm that had scarred the island for the last day, he removed the now empty syringe from his bag, what was once filled with a deadly purple liquid was now full of air, how could one syringe have so much power over someone he thought, this was something that would change his life in the omniverse forever, It had shown the entire omniverse just what he was capable of doing when ordered too, and hoped that this would prove just how capable he was as an assassin, infiltrating and eliminating a heavily armed and full strength opponent without to much injury. And the greatest thing was that unlike with death, he would never have to see that woman again, unless her partner tried to seek him out there would be very little in the way of repercussions. He had also achieved another goal of his, show his skills to the one known as Gilgamesh, if he really is in charge of a kingdom then he could be an important ally to have once this island excursion is done.

And Wolfe knew he would need allies, for there were always moral crusaders and do gooders who would want to try and avenge that poor girl, making powerful moves tends to be a polarizing thing, still he doubted that there would be a person in all the realms who would not atleast have some sort of opinion on his actions, meaning he had done well to leave his mark on the island so far. Victor decided he would sit under the tree until the rest of the group decided to move, it was a relaxing spot, and helped him forget about the horrors that could happen to him on this island.
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