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Day Two

"Ergh . . that jerk! I'm gonna' kick her ass and eat that stupid dragon!" Luffy fumed, throwing a tantrum as he peered through the freshly ruptured cap, now cleft by a searing bullet hole. Not only serving as his signature of infamy, the pirate's treasured headwear was an homage, a gift from the man standing atop the highest pedestal amidst his dearest idols. She freaking damaged it! Sonuvva!

"Ey, you alright there squirt?" A concerned voice jolted the captain from his stewing trance. Shooting a tapered eye at the culprit, Luffy's peeved countenance softened at the comforting sight of Gildarts standing before him. The Shanks look-a-like's broad shoulders blotted out the sun as his sable cloak flapped, swaying along brisk currents.

"Shan- Damn it, I mean Gilly! You look so much alike! Kahaha, but yeah, Nami taught me how to sew," Straw Hat reassured, his menacing glare rescinding back to a jubilant grin. "Once this game is over I'll have it back good as ne-OW!" Luffy winced as he palmed his forehead, blood still trickling down from the razed wound.

"Here, let me take a look at that," The brutish mage propositioned, settling against a stump next to the bleeding youth. Gildarts' years of battle experience has forced him to learn, albeit novice level, how to mend his wounds. He tore at pieces of his tattered cloak, promptly wrapping Luffy's dome to prevent the gash from leaking further. Without warning, a sudden spark glinted alight within Straw Hat, severing his mind from the sentient plane. Not a warning sensation, no. Something . . . Dark.


Gehgehgehgeh! Bumbling bafoon, that wench almost bested you. A pity you're so weak, you can barely defend yourself, let alone your so-called friends! It's only a matter of time before you kick the bucket. You'll never see your crew again, child! Never!

The malicious entity curtsied yet again, burying the pirate beneath an avalanche of repugnance and seizing his mind hostage similar to days prior. This time, however, the feeling was stronger, more influential, more adamant, difficult to . . break, difficult . . to . . . breath.

You resist me yet. Feh, futile. As your emotions flare, so too does my unyielding grasp. Give in to me, boy. You're powerless! You will never succeed here, you're too soft! Too caring! You abhor taking life! Will your enemies share such infantile sentiment?! Will you stand idle as you watch the guts of your friends ripped apart?! As their bodies are obliterated asunder?! As they cry out for your aid while you writhe on the ground, incapable of saving them?!

The gruff voice grew louder, more prominent, more convincing. It was right, it spoke the truth. He was too forgiving, too magnanimous. But . . this was who he was, who he had driven to be. His unfettered resolve was not so easily shattered.

Stop it! Guh . . . I've heard enough! Get out of me!

Luffy spoke in anguish within the confines of his conscience, grasping his forehead in agony as his head twisted and churned in turmoil. The captain's sclera creepily dimmed to an empty black as his pupils flashed a vibrant yellow. As if decaying by the second, muguwara's flesh dulled to an ashy gray, forfeiting all color as if the very blood in his veins curdled to oil.

Accept me! Embrace me! It's your only chance!





". . . Heh . . Heheh . . . Heheheheh!"
[Image: giphy.gif]

“Say goodbye to the sunshine, Primes, because the next time you see it will mark the dawn of our third day on the island! Over the last six hours the following primes bowed out from our little adventure…

#18 Link
#06 Jack Frost

“It was a slow afternoon, and it seems like the island’s getting a little too big with all you pals running around. The following will be new danger zones that activate at midnight tonight:


“But hey, it looks like some of you are a little bit complacent. I know I made a pretty island, but there’s a lot of it to see. So how about… if three of you aren’t dead by the time bell tolls midnight, I’ll have to do something about that… Enjoy the night, Lovelies!”

Quote:You may submit your movements to me now, using the title ‘Day 2 Evening.’ Only one member of a group needs to submit moves.

Day 3 starts tomorrow at 7 PM CDT. What horror, ere, entertainment await?
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Claire was good at running. She was fast on her own, without the use of portals and teleportation. Add into the fact that she could literally fade in and out of existence all together, zipping her body matter around faster than light, and she was by far the fastest fighter in the tournament. So when she had no weapon and no chance of survival, the best thing to do was run. Which is what she did when she ran into the big green monster and his blonde friend, followed by another duo featuring a green guy. She didn't do who she could trust and had no intention of finding out, so she just left.

It was a successful strategy. She managed to clear the fight and make it to another little hidey hole on the side of a small path. She was perched up on a hill over-looking the worn road, hiding behind the cover of some low branches. She opted to try her Stroganoff style MRE (Meals Ready to Eat, if you forgot) in order to regain some of her strength. She was having a pretty lame day and was operating off of one dinner the night prior and maybe a couple hours sleep in the last two days. She was convinced it was not going to get any better, but she was determined to push through it.

It was just as she was finishing the very light dinner that someone appeared in front of her. If she hadn't just barely caught him walking into her line of sight, she would have thought he was a teleporter too. For being big and green, he was annoyingly quiet and fast. Like her, he was featuring a wound on his shoulder, though he was much more beat up everywhere then she was. When she saw him, she reacted shot up, sliding backwards onto her haunches, in a squatting position. She had one hand already on her duffel bag. What was left of her stroganoff dinner was on the dirt. "Don't," he said. It wasn't panicked. It was calm and deliberate. He obviously was not scared, and despite his demeanor, was trying to calm her. "Your name is Blink, right?" She was impressed with his memory.

"I never got your name," she told him. She never let her guard down. Her left hand flickered with fuchsia-colored energy, showing that was ready to do what she was needed to escape. Or fight back.

"Ganondorf," he told her. That was all he said.

She nodded her head. "Are we going to have a problem...Ganondorf?" His name felt weird on her tongue. But he didn't give her a frown, so she must have said it right. She stepped back a bit again, still crouching. She had a gameplan in mind, involving a healthy jump upwards into a portal. He had seen her teleport earlier, so it was likely he knew she would do it.

"No." He said to her. He was apparently a man of few words. "My traveling companion is dead."

Her lips dropped a little bit. There was no real way to express sorrow to someone that just saw a friend (or whatever that blonde guy was to the green man) die. She didn't know the guy. She doubted he came to her looking for comfort. She knew exactly what he was coming to her for. A replacement. "Mine died too," was all she could offer him, as a way to let him know that she had her own shitty experience here in the game. She glanced at his arms. One of them was balled in a fist. He was acting very calm and relaxed, but he was obviously ready in case she wasn't on board. "I don't want to fight," she said. "You obviously don't want to either. We're both hurt."

He nodded at her. It was his plan from the get-go, she assumed, to team up with her. She couldn't tell if he liked her or if he just needed a replacement for his lost companion. It didn't matter to Blink. This guy was obviously someone that could handle himself in a fight. He was hurt, so she didn't anticipate him being a problem if she had to run away. She stood up, finally, her guard coming down as she straightened out.

"Let's go, the sun is going down," he commanded. Without waiting for her to response, he turned and began to walk. She scrunched her nose up like a brat, a little annoyed by the bossy statement. But he wasn't wrong. It was almost completely dark and it was time to move.

She looked at the big man as he walked. This was what Violet had talked about before she left the game. The game had a lot of different faces, but this was it's most transparent. Two people banding together not out of it friendship or loyalty, but a need to continue playing. There was no common ground. There was no history. Just two players that recognized the importance of numbers.

It was just survival tactics. Nothing more.

"Come on!" he hollered behind him. It was loudest she'd heard from him yet. A small part of her wanted to bark back at him for yelling at her, but instead she yelped at his commanding tone and quickly teleported closer to him. She appeared next to him, but she fell back a bit after she was confident he noticed her. She let him walk in front. Survival tactics.
[Image: blink2k15.png]

“Saddle up as soon as you're done, ladies,” the water-type Pokémon commanded, “We've got more ground to cover.”

Easy for you to say, pipsqueak, all you’ve done is look at your map… thought the adolescent shinobi, as an exaggerated breathe escaped his lungs. Although annoyed with the newly formed leadership, Sasuke had to admit it, Wartortle had fallen into command rather easily, as though it came natural to him; a born leader. The young ninja pondered: to what sort of experience did this abrasive little turtle possess, to of given him such a quality? In the Village Hidden in the Leaf, shinobi were born and bred to carry out missions; to become natural born leaders. Did this Pokémon share a similar lifestyle? How had this aquatic creature come to command such a presence?

Sasuke’s face lit up, a grin stretching across his visage. Imagery of this creature, fully dressed in Kakashi’s wear, and barking out orders to a squad of shinobi played in the ninja’s mind; Sasuke chuckled at the thought.

Suddenly, Wartortle shot the youth a menacing stare and raised his voice with a growl, “What’s so f*ckin’ funny?”

Holding the rear position, Vincent peered up ahead to see what the commotion was about and, fearing trouble, the gunslinger resolved to move in for a closer look.

Sasuke, who hadn’t anticipated being questioned on the matter, was caught off guard, and blurted out the truth, “Hmph, it’s just funny, that’s all. The great Uchiha, the most formable clan of shinobi in all of existence, and here I am, taking orders from a talking turtle. It’s pretty funny.” He laughed.

“He’s right, you know, Warts.” Interjected the black and red garbed mercenary.

“Don’t call me that!” spat the azure reptile as he gave the merc a disdained look.

“Oh, come on! It’s a great story. You’re a great character. You’re real funny.” Deadpool pressed the conversation, slapping his hand to shell, displaying comradery.

Wartortle however, seemed to be taking offense, because his next question sounded with an alarming volume and a hostile tone, “The F*CK?! W-what do you mean? You mean the way I talk... Oooooor... What??”

“It’s...J-just It’s… It’s just funny… Ya know… The way your story is told… It’s… just funny…” Deadpool stammered, now back pedaling.

Wartortle, who had been leading their convoy, stopped, turned about to face Deadpool, and approached him directly as he spoke again, “Funny how?... I mean, what’s funny about it?”

Vincent stepped forward, noticing that the situation was escalating with his newly formed alliance, and began to mediate, “Hey now, we’re all on the same side here. Let’s just take it easy, you’ve got it all wrong Wartortle--”

The words fell on unaffected ears, as Vincent was interrupted by the angered Pokémon, “Oh, whoa, whoa, Vincent. No, he’s a big boy, he knows what he said…” Wartortle paused for a moment and directed his attention back to Deadpool, snarling as he continued, “What’d you say?... Funny how?”

Deadpool, fearing the shaky foundation he had only just built was all about to crumble, stammered in his response, “J-just… Just… ya know… you’re funny..”

“You mean... –AND let me just understand this, because I don’t know… Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just still a little f*cked up and not hearing correctly, but just… exactly how am I’m funny, how? What, like I’m a clown? What? I AMUSE you? I make you laugh? Huh?! I’m here to F*CKING ammmuuuse you? What do you mean funny? Funny how? How the F****CK am I funny?”

“…. I don’t know… J-just… Ya know, how your story is told… W-whaaat?”

“No, no, I don’t know. You said it. How do I know? You said I’m funny. How the F*CK am I funny? What the F*CK is SO funny about me?! Tell me! Tell me what’s so funny!” the Pokémon barked as he reached for his dastardly weapon of choice, the nail gun.

Silence ensued for what felt like an eternity, the more humanoid characters of the group shared nervous glances at each other until finally, Deadpool broke the silence. Howling with laughter, the mercenary raised a finger to the Pokémon, “Get the F****ck ooouuutttaa here Warts!!!”

The Pokemon’s face lit up with amusement, displaying a devious smile.

“Wartortle!” Vincent exclaimed as he started to chuckle himself.

“This MOTHERF*CKER!!!” Wartortle shouted with a devilish grin on his face, “I almost had him, I almost had him!” Deadpool, still laughing, shook his head, as the Pokémon continued, “Ya stutterin’ prick! Hahaha!”

With an uproar of laughter shared by all, Wartortle’s visage came alive with amusement as he spoke again, “Hey, Sasuke, was he shaking? Did he piss himself?!”

Sasuke couldn’t help but smile. This fuckin guy is crazy… the youth thought.

“I wonder about you sometimes Deadpool! Let’s not get captured, ya might fold up under questioning! Hahahaha! Little b*tch.” The tiny turtle remarked as he jumped up and punched Deadpool in the ribs; hard.

Deadpool winced and shook his head.

The joy on Wartortle's face dissipated and in place, a more serious expression was left, "Alright, now, let's get that damn Furbie. I'm gonna shove it up Karl Jak's ass!"
Dante's Abyss 2015
[Image: Sasuke_DA_zpsb4vizgxd.png]       
Mark Twain Wrote:"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

We stood in that gym for a long time. After what must have been at least an hour I finally sat down and leaned against the gym wall. The Rock was still pumped and ready to rumble, but I was tired and still sore from earlier.

“Yo, big guy... I’m gonna catch some rest. I haven’t had much since I got here.”

The Rock nodded his head slightly “these candy asses must be scared of the Rock N’ Rock Connection! I’d be too if I was a little jabroni like them.” I chuckled a little, the big guy was growing on me.

He didn’t seem to have a problem with me sleeping so I took the opportunity to shut my eyes and rest. My dream was unpleasant, it was full of fire and death. Rarely did I ever have pleasant dreams, but this one was more rough than usual. I found myself standing among the ruins of my village. All around me was death and fire, fear and pain. In the midst of the slaughter covered in a crimson cloak stood one man, Damien Alabaster. My rage and hatred sparked a raging inferno in my heart. I woke from my dream yelling and livid, ready to tear apart the world to kill that man.

When my senses came back to me I noticed that the Rock was gone. The only thing left was the wooden plank that he had given me to use as a weapon. Panic hit hard, the bastard actually left me? I looked out the nearby window and all I could see was darkness, night had come. My heart dropped, he had left in the dead of night and didn’t bother to take me along. Dammit, the bastard had actually made me upset that he left.

The Rock N’ Rock Connection was over.

As I always did, I moved forward. I left the gym and started to head east, hoping to find the coast or something to orient myself. At least he left me a weapon, this plank would be put to much better use than a disembodied arm. My little nap did wonders and although the dull pain in my busted arm was ever-present I wasn’t nearly as stiff and sore. The town was eerie at night, every light was shut off and there was no traffic or signs of life. The silence was ominous and I found my self stamping my feet in an effort to push away the quiet. Finally I made it to the edge of the city and the edge of the wilderness, it would be harder to hide in the woods than on the streets of a ghost town.

Unable to see in the dark my hike through the woods was harsh, me feet kept tripping over the thick underbrush and I ran into several low hanging branches. The moon did little to guide my path, most of its light blocked by the forest canopy. I was no stranger to traveling at night, but without any light source it was always difficult. Eventually I made it a clearing and came to a quaint little park. Carefully I did my best to survey the surroundings, but I had a hard time seeing anything in the darkness.

I did hear something however, a low rumbling growl. My body froze in place and I tried to find the source of the sound. Another roar erupted behind me and I whipped around and came face-to-face with a very pissed off bear. Bears can run almost twice as fast as an athletic human. There was no way I could get away, but I didn’t want to get away.
“You want some then? I’ll put you into the fucking ground!” I roared back at my attacker. The massive ball of fur and flesh was none too impressed and charged at me. I readied my plank and was prepared for the worst. After all I had made it decently far and to get mauled to death by a bear wasn’t the worst way to go.

“Can you smelllllllll... what the Rock’s cookin?!”

The Rock came from seemingly nowhere and broadsided the bear. He hooked his arm around the bear’s neck and using his momentum he swung his body over the bear and slammed it into the ground. With wasting a beat I rushed forward and cracked the bear across the face with my weapon. We had only managed to piss it off and I stumbled backwards as it erupted to its feet. The beast slashed the Rock across his chest and sent him backpedaling into a nearby swing set. With my muscle-bound companion out of the way the bear turned its attention to me. It charged with all of its ferocious might and I dove out of the way.

The Rock had regained his footing and rushed over to stand by my side as I picked myself off the ground. The Rock N’ Rock Connection was still alive and well, but the bear aimed to change that.

“Glad to have you back” I told him as we readied ourselves for the next charge.

“I just went for a stroll to see if I couldn’t find someone to layeth the smackethdown on” before the showman could continue the bear plowed into us. The impact knocked me to the ground, but the muscle-bound Rock stood tall. I watched in awe as the mountain of beef wrapped his arms around the bear’s torso and lifted it into the air. The poor beast thrashed about, trying to break free from the wrestler’s grip. With one solid motion and a sickening crunch as the bear’s head crashed into the ground the Rock sent the beast straight to hell.

“Wow...” I managed to choke out, glad that this man was on my side.
[Image: StrazSig.png]

[Image: DarkshireBadge.png][Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: SecondarySaga.png][Image: HerosGraveyardBadge.png]

Face to Face
#05 Gilgamesh, #26 Doomguy, #33 Jon Snow, #39 Victor Wolfe, #43 Sasuke Uchiha, #27 Deadpool, #30 Vincent Valentine & #35 Wartortle vs #23 Guu, #37 Desco, #21 Gildarts, & #38 Luffy vs #02 Cindy vs #41 Aero

Easter Egg - Furbie

The wooden crate with the shining panels was resting in the center of a park. It had been sitting here for a few minutes when the quartet made their way over the wooden bridge that spanned the quaint little pond and crowded around it. Even though Luffy didn’t seem quite himself, the other three were on edge as Guu made it to the box and started to undo the various latches that held its lid in place. As the lid fell onto the soft grass, the pink-haired ‘girl’ tilted her head as she looked at the inanimate object that rested inside the cocoon of packing peanuts.

Before Guu could collect the Furby, a burst of automatic fire stitched across the ground next to the crate, causing her to hop back. The trio behind her stiffened up as they searched the darkness for some sign of an attacker. Their answer came when the park’s various lampposts and ground lights flickered to life, revealing a megalomaniac in golden armor standing just ten yards away from the crate.

“Back away from the crate!” Gilgamesh sneered as he revved the chainsaw blade that served as the bayonet for the Lancer. “I won’t repeat the order.”

Guu shook her head as she reached for the shield. Behind her, the trio of Ambrosians armed themselves. A gunblade glistened as Gildarts freed it from its sheath. Desco’s double-lightsaber roared to life in the tiny hands of the Final Boss. And although he was just barely maintaining his composure, Luffy drew the giant hammer and grinned manically as he smacked it in his palm.

“Please,” Gilgamesh snickered. “You’re done.” He added as he gestured behind the group.

The Ambrosians looked to their flanks and their rear and saw a ring of other primes had surrounded them. A ninja, a walking turtle, a pale-skinned figure in ragged clothes, a soldier in heavy armor, a shifty-looking young man, someone in red spandex, and a dark-haired archer completed the circle around the quartet.

Eight on four.

“Fun time!” Luffy bellowed as he charged the nearest person. Victor Wolfe drew his powerpole and managed to deflect the first hammer swing before a rubbery fist snaked around his defenses and staggered him. As the pirate stalked in for another blow, he found himself tackled to the ground by the marine in enchanted armor.


Desco turned from Luffy and barely managed to move out of the way as a boot crashed down into the ground. Looking up, she saw Vincent looming over her, his expression devoid of any kind of emotion as he slammed his other boot into her skull. As he tried to press the attack, a lightsaber blade cleaved through the air in front of him, forcing him to fall back or lose his nose. Feeling more confident, Desco pressed her attack, lashing out with a quick succession of swings. She hadn’t had the weapon for long, but for some reason, she felt adept at its use, regardless of how illogical it seemed to have such a lethal tool. Although the energy blade didn’t land a target, it forced Vincent into a retreat, but before she could capitalize on having the momentum in her favor, a nail plunged into her hand.


Gildarts put himself between Guu and Gilgamesh just long enough to have a burst of fire nearly torch his face. White energy surged around the tall primes body as he tore off part of the crate and hurtled it at Sasuke Uchiha, catching the ninja in the side of the head. Instead of pressing that fight, GIldarts charged Gilgamesh, who tossed something to someone next to him. Before the attacking prime could check his peripherals, he was hit in the skull with a shovel, and Gilgamesh jumped over him and landed atop the crate, his focus going down to Guu. “Time to end this,” he replied as he shrugged off his armor and let the runes of Babylon empower him.

“You couldn’t beat me the first time,” Guu replied as she eyed the archer standing casually at the edge of battle. The man had an arrow in his bow already, and it wouldn’t be long before he tried to do something with it. With a grunt, the pink-haired girl ran forward, avoiding Gilgamesh as she hurtled the Vibranium shield, aiming to catch Jon Snow off guard.

Jon Snow frowned as he fell back and shifted his aim to the little creature charging at him. He let go of the arrow as the shield crashed into his chest and sent him backwards. His arrow, however, blew up midway to its target and released a giant, weighted net that collapsed onto Guu, pinning her to the ground. By the time she knew what had happened, Gilgamesh was already laying into her with thunderous kicks to her face and side.

“Mongrel,” the king shouted, letting out all his frustration about everything that had happened since he came across the little girl in the Tangled Green. He only relented when she seemed to stop moving, but rather than gun her skull apart, he simply flashed a smug grin and turned to deal with her outmatched allies.


Desco retreated even as she lashed out at the two from a distance with Yog’s tentacles. While she had the range advantage against the one prime, the turtle with the nail gun knew he had the advantage as he shot at her and casually stayed outside the range of her strikes. Feeling somewhat frantic, the Final Boss slipped behind a tree as a line of nails slammed into the other side. Clearing her mind, she devised a plan and started to smile as two of her tentacles started to shimmer with energy. As the footsteps approached her hiding spot, the demon girl spun out and released the mixture of wind, fire, and ice at the pair of primes.

The blast caught both of them off-guard and drilled them into the ground, but Desco’s attack had come a moment too late to stop the mid-air Molotov cocktail from crashing against her head and bursting into flames all over her body. Even as her foes writhed in pain, the Final Boss crashed to the ground and struggled to extinguish herself.


Luffy attacked like an uncontrolled animal. Each time he missed hitting Victor with a powerful hammer swing, he wound up murdering a tree or a lamppost or something else stupid enough to be in his way. Victor, for all his training, managed to evade the blows for a while until one of them caught the side of his head, splintering his skull and drilling him into the grass. “Hehehe,” Luffy rasped as he turned to glare at his other adversary. “Next.” The rubber pirate barked as he came running at the marine.

“Really?” Doomguy snickered as he motioned for the elastic prime to bring the fight. “Is your spine an elastic band? I hope I get to find out!” With that, the marine lunged and tackled Luffy to the ground and started to smash his face with his elbow and fists.

“Heh,” Luffy snarled as the blunt wounds dented his rubber flesh but didn’t seem to break his demented spirit.

Doomguy scowled as he shoved a hand against Luffy’s upper jaw and used his other fist to grab the pirate’s mandible. With a grunt, the marine tried to tear off the elastic man’s lower jaw, but before he could get anywhere, a foot caught him in the back of the head. A beat later, Luffy’s body started to expand beneath Doomguy. The lithe form of the pirate vanished as he swelled up into some sort of Frankenstein monster.

Now blue-skinned and a few times larger than he had any right to be, Luffy shoved Doomguy to the ground. The marine immediately scrambled for the hammer the pirate had dropped during their first scuffle. Before the two could have at it, a gunshot ran through the air, and the ground in front of Luffy, causing the Nightmare Pirate to let out a guttural roar as his eyes moved beyond Doomguy to the woman at the edge of the park.

Knowing she’d missed, Cindy tried to steady herself for another shot when the massive blue hand stretched out and closed around her head. A second hand grabbed the rifle causing it to discharge up into the sky as Luffy jerked his first massive fist, snapping the Monster Hunter’s neck.

As Luffy reeled back his limbs, Doomguy took that moment to grab a nearby lamppost that had fallen during the pirate’s initial hammer rampage. With a scowl, the marine wrenched away the post from its broken base, spun it around, and slammed the jagged end through Luffy’s shoulder, twisting and jerking the rod of steel from side to side.

The nightmare pirate growled as he managed to smack away Doomguy with a foot. As Luffy’s left arm fell limp as his side, his right hand reoriented the fifty cal to face its intended target. The marine let out a growl and grabbed hold the weapon as it discharged. Weakened as he was, Luffy let go as the force of the bullet threw Doomguy onto a patch of rosebushes.


Gildarts avoided another burst of fire. A beat later, an amped-up Deadpool rushed in and nearly tore his head off with a shovel swing. The bandaged prime ducked away and caught the mercenary in the arm with his gunblade, tearing through his suit and tearing the flesh and muscle below. Deadpool let out a yelp and pulled away as Gildarts turned to try and quickly deal with Sasuke.

Unfortunately for the mighty prime, the numbers were not in his favor, and as he turned to try and cut down the ninja, he was smashed in the face by the barrel of the flamethrower. Gildarts fell backwards and hit the ground long enough to let Deadpool swing his shovel down onto his opponent’s hand, crushing the other prime’s good hand into the grass. Screaming out in pain, Gildarts lashed out wildly with the blade. He missed, but it gave him the breathing room to make it to his feet and fall back into a place where he could prevent the pair from circling around him again.


Victor Wolfe limped from the park. The wound to his head was making him see double, and he was having a problem navigate. He didn’t want to be a burden to his group of allies, so he decided to remove himself from the equation. As he stumbled out of the park and onto the street, he clutched at his head to make the bleeding stop.

From somewhere behind him, he heard a man singing.

“Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag… drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?”

“Who is that?” Victor muttered, unable to figure out who was singing as he turned and tried to see. Now that he was in the street, the lights from the park weren’t helping him quite as much.

“Do you ever feel… feel so paper thin. Just like a house of cards, one blow from cavin’ in.”

An elbow crushed into the prime’s skull. He stumbled forward as a foot slammed into the back of his knee. The second low dropped him to his knees. Before he could figure out what was going on, the bag slid over his head and was pulled taut, cutting off his ability to breathe. The prime tried to fight back, his fingers grabbing at the muscular arms that held the bag in place over his head, but he had been dizzy before all of this had happened.

Victor Wolfe would be famous for many things in the Abyss. He’d sent a woman to hell as part of an elaborate tale of treachery and deceit.

And now he would be famous for being killed by a plastic bag.

As Victor slipped into death, the bag slid off his head.

“Do you ever feel already buried deep… six feet under, screams but no one seems to hear a thing?”

With a smirk, Aero took Victor’s Power Pole and sauntered off into the city, continuing to sing the song as he vanished into the night.


“Pathetic creature, isn’t she?” Gilgamesh asked Jon Snow as the gilded king grabbed a handful of Guu’s hair and wrenched her head back so he could look her in the eyes. “You’re not so tough now, are you?”

Although she had been beaten and bludgeoned to the brink of unconsciousness, the pink-haired girl found the gall to snicker, prompting an irate Gilgamesh to slap her in the face. “What’s so funny?” Gilgamesh roared as he picked her up and threw her like a rag doll. The king turned the safety off on his assault rifle as Guu rose to wobbly legs.

“I’m going to kill you,” Guu whispered as purple tentacles suddenly tore through the girl’s back. Her eyes started to glow a dark shade of red as she lunged at Gilgamesh like some sort of demon creature. The gilded king fired a series of well-aimed bursts, but Guu evaded, hopping left and right as she closed to space. Guu lunged, but she went over Gilgamesh and landed on Jon Snow’s chest. The archer winced as she bit down onto his scalp, trying to rip into his skull.

“Off of him!” Gilgamesh roared as smashed the gun against Guu’s back, knocking her to the ground as a pale-faced Jon Snow collapsed. Using her tentacles like spider legs, Guu scampered at Gilgamesh and lunged, landing on his chest as her tendrils started to rip at his face and chest. He caught a glimpse of the bloodlust in her eyes and knew that this creature was something altogether unholy.

With a grunt, Gilgamesh managed to jam an elbow against Guu’s chin and shove her off of him. Even so, the king was now bleeding from dozens of places on his chest and face, and Guu showed no signs of relenting on her savage assault.

“Little Demon Bitch!” A gruff voice shouted, prompting Guu to turn around to see a smiling marine holding a BFG. “Go to hell.” He said as he pulled the trigger, releasing a concentrated burst of plasma into Guu as she tried to lunge at him. There was vibrant explosion of light as the pink-haired girl was hurtled through the air and into the dark.

“Thanks,” Gilgamesh replied as he turned to see that Deadpool had grabbed the Furby from the box. “What are you doing?” The king demanded as the mercenary started to gleefully poke at the furry animatronic animal.

“It’s so cute,” Deadpool cooed as the Furby spat out some gibberish in Furbish. As the merc with a mouth was about to say something else, the Furby started to wiggle in his hands, and its eyes began to glow. “Oh, well that’s weird.” He muttered as everyone’s collars started to flicker.

Just like that, everyone was gone from the park in the blink of an eye.

#39 Victor Wolfe DEAD
#02 Cindy DEAD

27 Primes Remain

Gildarts used Tier 1 Transformation Tier 1 Transformation! (-1 SP)
Vincent Valentine used Tier 1 Transformation (-1 SP)
Gilgamesh used Tier 1 Transformation Runes of Babylon (-1 SP)
Guu used Tier 2 Transformation Spawn of the Elders (-2 SP)
Desco used Tier 1 Power Up Battle Aura! (-1 SP)
Luffy used Tier 1 Power Up Nightmare Luffy! (-1 SP)
Sasuke Uchiha has used Tier 1 Transformation Cursed Seal of the Heavens (-1 SP)
Deadpool has used Tier 1 Transformation An End to an Overture (-1 SP)

Desco Used Tier 1 Super Move A Final Boss Arises! (-2 SP)
Doomguy used Tier 2 Super Move BFG9000 (-4 SP)

Desco has been shot by a few nails and has extensive burning… she will be in extreme agony – Major Injury and Minor Injury (+10 Damage)
Vincent has a mixture of burns and cuts from being ice-burned (Yea, deal with it) – Major Injury (+6 Damage)
Wartortle has suffered the same injuries as Vincent!!! (because yes, sometimes AoE attacks can be useful) – Major Injury (+8 Damage)
Luffy has a stab wound completely through his left shoulder that will render that limb pretty much useless – Major Injury (+8 Damage)
Doomguy’s armor seems less shiny
Gildarts’ good hand is smashed – Major Injury (+6 Damage)
Deadpool has a nasty cut on his arm – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
Sasuke has a gash across his chest— Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
Guu will have horrifying burns all over her body. Everywhere. Her limbs will ache and throb and she’ll hate everything about being alive for a little while – Major Injury (+8 Damage)
Gilgamesh has some extensive cuts and tears on his chest and face – Minor Injury (+4 Damage)
Jon Snow has a bloody bite across half his scalp because someone tried to eat him – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
Gilgamesh and Jon are mortified and will probably have nightmares about Elder Ones Guu – Story Injury (+5 years of therapy)
Doomguy doesn’t give a fuck – Story Injury (+0 Shits)

Vincent has used 1 Molotov Cocktail (1 remains)
Deadpool received the Survival Shovel from Gilgamesh
Luffy received the Sniper Rifle from Cindy
Doomguy stole the Hammer from Luffy
Deadpool received Furbie
Gilgamesh gets the Gold Rathian Egg
Aero gets the Power Pole

Furbie activates secondary power
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Samus felt a degree of relief that they’d opted to stay away from today’s so-called “Easter Egg event”. From what she’d heard from Mickey and Erza, the pair had been lucky to escape unscathed from the first one. As for the second, she could only fathom why nobody else had turned up to procure medkits. Perhaps they hadn’t been as desperate as they, or perhaps they’d been afraid.

As the sun began to drop beneath the horizon, Samus returned from a small excursion, dumping a dead deer in the clearing in which they made their camp. It had been quiet, compared to the discord of the first day. Was it the same in the city?

“Nice catch, Samus,” grinned Harry as he stoked the fire. “Looks like it’s venison tonight!”

The armour clad bounty hunter shot him a thumbs up. It was nice to be able to do that without her shoulder stabbing in pain. She didn’t mention that she was a vegetarian normally, and the meat was liable to do some strange things to her already-taxed innards. It was nice just to be able to eat something that wasn’t packaged waste.

Pepsiman was sitting as far away as possible from Mickey, but even he seemed a little less on edge then earlier. A full twelve hours of nobody trying to stab him probably helped. “Would anyone some refreshments?” He turned to the newly-returned bounty hunter. “Samus, are you hydrated?”

She’d been avoiding the mascot’s constant attempts to get her to drink that carbonated swill. But having just returned from her hunting trip, she relented. “Give me a can of the regular shit. None of that fake sugar crap.” She was beginning to lapse into her old modes of speech, if only because her time in the Federation military had been the only time before that she’d felt such camaraderie. She caught the can, pulled her helmet back, and took a deep gulp. “Tastes like death.”

“Don’t be so morbid,” chastised Mickey Mouse, but his smile told the hunter that he was only half serious.

Pepsiman crossed his arms, looking genuinely upset despite his lack of a face to express with. Samus strolled over and fake-punched him on the arm, eliciting a huge whelp. “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I liked that other stuff.”

The advertiser looked at her in a way that might have been suspicious, but he relented. These were, after all, the people that had chosen to save his life. He reared back up, looking proud once more. “At PepsiCo we hope to cater to all tastes. With such a wide range of products, there’s something for everybody!” He flashed a thumbs up.

Samus returned it, glad that her helmet hid her grin. The other three members of MESH snickered.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Erza. “Do we stay here, or keep on the move?”

The Metroid-Human Hybrid crossed her arms, becoming more serious. “I think we should stay where we are. The more we move, the more chance we have of coming across enemies. Let them do the fighting.”

Harry continued to stir the fire. “I don’t like the idea of sitting here while the rest of the groups move around us. We have no idea what’s going on. For all we know, they could be planning an ambush.”

There was quiet for a few moments. Then Mickey broke the silence.

“As long as we’re together, I think I’ll be okay with anything.”

The group smiled. Even Samus, embarrassed as she was, couldn’t help but let her cheeks flush. She felt the same way. And by the look on the faces of the others, she could tell they all did too.

Then they were gone.
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

Harry didn't know what had happened. One minute he was with Mickey, Samus, and Erza, eating venison from the deer Samus had killed and sharing a nice, calm moment of camaraderie with everyone, and the next, there he was, on this beach. The disorientation, combined with his frustration at being alone and his shock at being so far from his original position, was enough to jar his instincts loose. For a while, Harry Dresden took a backseat to the Winter Knight.

And the Knight needed to move.

He grabbed his gun and checked his map and compass. He whirled in place and spotted a landmark that couldn't possibly be mistaken. Combining that intelligence with the position of Mt Blair, the Knight oriented himself due north and set off into the trees, keeping the danger zones in the back of his mind and scrambling through the underbrush with an ease of movement born of instinct; the sheer animal knowledge of Winter might not be an expert parkour user, but it could manage some twigs and roots just fine. A game trail ran through the woods, and the Knight picked it up swiftly. Continuing north for about an hour brought him to a clearing, and a sight strange enough to confuse the Winter Knight long enough for Harry to take control once again.

"Stars and stones, what the hell was that?" He muttered to himself. Looking into the clearing at the floating sphere of tentacles, he added, "And what is that?" He approached cautiously, BFG at the ready, only to hear a tiny little voice emanate from the floating mass of tentacles.

"Go 'way! Desco is a Final Boss! Desco will annihilate you!" Harry looked at the floating tentacles and sighed, kneeling down next to it. Whoever was inside might've been his enemy, by the rules of this game, but...

It was a kid. That much was obvious from the voice. Harry was not going to hurt a little kid just to satisfy Karl Jak. Final boss? That sounds like something from one of Butters' computer games. That thought gave him an idea. Harry reached out a hand and tapped on one of the tentacles. "Desco? My name's Harry Dresden. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm a wizard. You know... I lost my boss. I could use another one to work for, at least for a little bit. Do you need a wizard, miss Final Boss?"
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

The plan was going accordingly. Once Gilgamesh had reunited with the mercenaries who had been allies with his subject it was all going to plan. They were able to destroy those that dared face the large group. Reliving the memory of making Guu suffer made the King have a smirk smile before the flash of white seared into Gilgamesh’s eyes and the loud sound of simultaneous beeping occurred all at once. The whiteness expanded before enveloping the group, swallowing them all whole. The light searing into his eyes, making an imprint into his brain before.

Silence. Darkness. Those were the only sensations that the King had. Gilgamesh awoke, rubbing his eyes and cracking his neck. A quick glance around him he realized that he was in the middle of a town. The tall buildings looming over the King and a faint mist enveloping the town. It was too silent, it made him uneasy, petrified even. It was in pristine condition, no litter, no ugly house, it was perfect. He shook his head, It was meant to be this way. They MADE it this way. This is a fake town. The King rubbed his eyes before standing up feeling the weight of his items in his pack. Pain in his shoulder flared as well as his newly received wounds due to the...the monster. Gilgamesh grimaced in the memory of that horrific thing and how he fended it off. Damn thing. He kneeled over to his bag and stuck his hand in it, he felt the sharp, cold metal that had provided him with some sort of comfort. At least he had something to fend off the evils of the world. Something squishy…

”Hey asshole, take me out to dinner first?!” He sighed...he forgot about this piece of shit. “Yeah I’m still here dickwad. King of fuckers is what you are.” The pony grumbled as he put him to the side. Something else was in there and Gilgamesh’s lips curled into a twisted smile. He used both hands to drag out the heavy, golden egg and he barely could contain his excitement. Laughter spurt out of his mouth and while initially it was just chuckles it eventually bursted out into full on madness. The King had lost his mind in this game and had already forgotten why he had come here. He wiped a tear that was beginning to trail down his eye and took one last deep breath before releasing a sigh.

“I’ll teach these mongrels to mess with me. I am King Gilgamesh and I will not be stopped.” The King raised the Egg into the sky and felt its living power beat into his palm. He carefully set down the egg back into his duffel bag. The King stuck out his tongue as he looked for something else. Ah! The Binoculars!

He put them up to his face and began to look in general directions. To his south there was nothing but he looked closer. Pulsating energy bounded the air and he let out a loud gulp by just thinking about his head popping from the collar. He continued to scan and he saw two figures walking. One was a bald muscular man and the other… His heart burned in his chest and his eyes grew wide with a sense of hatred as he saw the other’s face. Straizo? That was his name...He recalled as if it was so long ago that the Prime had walked into his Kingdom and demanded him to assist. The gall of the mongrel...He clenched his fist in anger but he relaxed it. The Binoculars dropped from his face and he solemnly stored them in his bag.

He can’t take out the mongrels. Not when Jon is this badly injured. Wait. Gilgamesh looked around frantically looking for something but only had the response of tall, mundane buildings and flickering street lights. A cold wind passed by and the window shuttered clanged sporadically. He was alone. Gilgamesh sighed. He went into his bag and took out his favorite weapon before realizing that his heart was racing.

The King had a grin on his face, toying with the mongrels ended his boredom. And now he will end them.
[Image: GilgameshDAsig_zpsecqjfngm.png][Image: NB_BadgeRight.png][Image: RhzfCY6.gif] - Credit to Ezzy

One moment Desco was having a decent day. She was hanging out with friends and off on a other adventure to collect demon spawn. The next she was on fire and ND writhing in agony as her tentacles frantically stretched out over her body. She didn't really know what had happened after that, Yogsothoth, singed but relatively unscathed from the makeshift firebomb which landed on her head enveloped and protected her body.

Inside that darkness Desco settled down a little, falling in and out of awareness. The agony of the burns over her entire body was all that she could feel. Tears fell from her eyes but anything more that hurt sent sharp pains throughout her face. This wasn't the first time she had been injured so badly. Desco grew up as an experiment, and that included testing the absolute limits of her tolerance. Dipping her entire body in acid, freezing it in subzero temperatures, if you could think of it daddy had done it to her, and she loved him for it, she was made that way.

Desco only regretted now that her body was not up to participate as it used to be. After all of those experiments her body could withstand almost any injury and still function. Sure it still would have hurt the same, but her body used to be able to tune that down enough to fight and repair itself. She couldn't regenerate that here now so the agony continued.


While I normally wouldn't have been within a square mile of a group so untrustworthy, for the first time in a while I finally managed to get some real rest while they took guard. I wolfed down my MRE and got what might have been a few hours of sleep. My heavy eyes welcomed the moment of peace even if it was only a moment, and when I was stirred back into consciousness I knew the reason why: Battle. We would were to gang up with another group, and hit the drop package in force.

What we found was pure chaos.

It was two against one, Gil's crony's and I against a familiar face. Guu and a few of her allies were whom we fought against over what was a useless children's toy. Out-numbered and surrounded, we bared down on them and war erupted. Did I feel bad for what I did? No. There was no regret. They knew what they were getting into, and so did I. It would not be the last time I would fight against someone I knew to the death.

Any emotion was fleeting once the fight dragged on. I engaged the stretchy man and watched him change into a monster that broke one other combatant with a single swipe of a blackened hand. I managed to wound him and was knocked away. When I had gotten back up, I saw the eldritch being that was Guu. Instinct took over at the sight of the demonic creature, and I unleashed the power of the BFG 9000

It all ended in a ball of plasma death, and as I watched the massive weapon disappear into Omnilium, I felt for the second time that day the sudden change to another destination. Forced teleporations started to feel like a pattern in my life.

When I dropped back to reality, I was at the base of a magnificent waterfall, the roar of the gallons of liquid crashed down into the begining of a river overwhelmed everything else. The grass and trees around the pool wear healthy and beautiful under the constant mist and rainbow that arced over the rapids. It was tranquil, but I could not waste time here. As much as I wanted to. I filled up my water bottles in the river, gripped the handle of my new hammer, and set off to find whomever was near by.


That had never been one of Mickey Mouse’s favorite words. Never had he ever been in a dangerous situation where he could not rely on his friends to back him up. Even in this murderous heckhole, he had somehow stumbled upon trustworthy people that he would protect with his life. Erza, Samus, Harry—heck, he might have even taken a bullet for Pepsiman.

Their last moments together now seemed like a lifetime ago. One second, they had been surrounding their makeshift fire, relishing in the relative peace they had managed to find, and in a snap, they had all been whooshed away. Mickey had landed with a not-so-gentle thump in the darkness of the forest with nobody around. Honestly, it surprised Mickey how much he instantly missed these people—especially Erza. He had met her less than two days ago, but he would have given anything to hear the redhead’s frustrated grunts right about now.

His insides pained him when he realized that they had been stolen from him. Ripped from where they stood and thrown by themselves into the dangerous, violent wilderness of Dante’s Abyss. As of Karl Jak’s last announcement, twenty-nine Primes remained in the game; on the bright side, they had less people to worry about, but Mickey knew that with each death, some contestants’ bloodlust increased tenfold.

Solemnity washed over the mouse as he picked himself up off the ground. He had never been a close bedfellow with loneliness, but Karl Jak and the other producers of this sadistic murder-game had introduced them rather quickly just minutes ago. The mouse pouted, wondering how in the world he would survive this game without his friends.

He wanted them back, goshdarnit.

On the ground next to him lay the metallic gauntlet he had started with and the sword Samus had presented him with. He reached down and gripped the hilt of the blade, hoping that it would reinvigorate him like the last time he had touched it. Something stirred, but it did not dissuade the agony in his stomach. He lifted the weapon up off the ground, and then squatted down to pick up the glove. As he laid his fingers on it, though, he began to have second thoughts. He straightened up, throwing the Master Sword next to the gauntlet and turning away from his weapons.

“I won’t do it,” he said to no one in particular, though he imagined he was talking to Karl Jak and the rest of the sadists in charge of this awful game. “I’m not gonna play anymore.”

The mouse sat down defiantly, crossing his arms in a huff. He’d had it up to here with this game, and this was the final straw. Yes, he had chosen to enter for the good of the people of Bree. He had known the game would test his moral limits, and put him into uncomfortable situations. But he would not allow Jak to revel in the violence this program promoted any longer, not on his account. He realized now that he had made a grave mistake entering in the first place.

Well, he would not continue. I give up, he resolved, I forfeit. Twenty-nine Primes remained, and essentially, he had just knocked the number down to twenty-eight. In a matter of minutes, he knew, once Karl and his goons realized that he actually meant to quit the competition, his collar would explode and this whole nightmare would be over.

He waited. Minutes passed by and not even a stray beep emanated from the collar. Were these sons of guns not taking him seriously? He grunted at the thought—no one ever took him seriously. Even back in the old days, in the Country of the Musketeers, his opponents had always underestimated him. Pete had laughed at him, mocking his diminutive stature and peaceful nature. Mickey had showed him who was boss, but how in the world could he prove to Karl Jak that he meant business when he was alone on a murder island?

If only Minnie were here, she would know what to do. He had never been the smart one in the marriage—the lady mouse always had a plan, and he simply followed it to the letter. After all, he only ever got into trouble when he went against her advice. Kind of like now, he realized. She had been begging him to stay at home for a little while, keep her company in the big, empty castle… but he had left. Even when she had pleaded with him to stay, he had chosen his duty over the love of his life, and he had ended up stuck in this ridiculous multiverse for it, the pawn in some crazy white silhouette’s game.

His stupidity had cost him his wife and all his friends, and now he had been stupid once again, entering this competition and making new friends only to lose them just as quickly.

A rustling in the tall grass before him alerted the mouse, and he broke from his defiant position to chase after the disturbance. Taking a closer look, he discovered Minnie the rat had somehow been teleported with him when the producers’ evil scheme had swept him away from his allies. Desperately clinging to any sign of them, he reached out for the little girl rat, but she had been scared by the trip and scuttled away quicker than he could catch her, disappearing into the forest without a trace.

Well, that was it. Now he had actually lost everyone.

Suddenly, he began uncontrollably weeping. Mickey couldn’t remember the last time he had cried, but now here he stood, tears streaming down his face faster than his gloved hands could wipe them away. He had actually lost everyone—Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto, Erza, Samus, Harry, Pepsiman, Pazo the Caterpie, and even Minnie the rat. He dropped to his knees, burying his face in his palms, truly and utterly broken.

He took a few deep breaths, trying to regain control of his body, but the tears wouldn’t stop coming. He turned his face to the sky and screamed. “I QUIT!” he bellowed, trying his best to find the slimy, smirking face of Karl Jak in the clouds. “Let me out of this goshdarn game! I don’t wanna play anymore!”

He could only imagine how the viewers at home felt about him. He was sure that he looked absolutely pathetic right now, wallowing in his own loneliness and misery. Well, to be completely honest and frank, the mouse did not care one single bit what any of the residents of this Omniverse thought about him. The sooner he got out of this arena, the sooner he would find his way home and be rid of these deplorable people—Primes, Secondaries, whatever—and back to all those he held dear. He would miss his new friends, but when it came down to it, he had only known them for two days.

Despite his shouts, still nothing happened. He let out a roar that might have sounded a little more ferocious if only his voice weren’t so high-pitched. “Fine,” he hissed, standing back up at looking at the tops of the trees, hoping one of Jak’s camera would catch him. “If you won’t let me out—I’ll get out myself.”

He braced himself for the most painful experience of his life. He swallowed his nerves. All he had to do was pull. He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes and letting the idea wash over him that soon he would be back in the regular Omniverse. Normally, he wouldn’t consider that a perk, but he had had more than enough of this murder-island in the two days he had been stuck on it. It was time to go.

One, two, three, then do it, Mickey, he coached himself. His fingers gripped the collar.

Fuck, I didn’t know a Mickey post could be so depressing.

The gauntlet flew onto one arm as the other reached for the Master Sword. Blade at the ready and repulsor glove charged and ready to fire, Mickey spun toward the voice and prepared to fight his new opponent.

“Who the heck are you?”
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

The mass of tentacles just floated unmoving, and it seemed like forever burning from her wounds until a voice shattered the silence. The lose of focus on her injury lessened her pain, but she was in no mood to talk to this wizard. She was vulnerable while injured and that made her both angry and afraid of what would happen next. Still, he persisted.

"Uhh... go away! You might hurt Desco!" the mass of tentacles started to float away, bobbing up and down as it followed the rough terrain, but Dresden could easily keep pace by walking alongside her. "Why would I hurt my boss? What's wrong in there?" Harry wasn't sure what it was but something was wrong. But the sound of her shaking breath as moving her chest caused her pain was muffled by Yogsothoth. The mass turned slowly and two yellow ones, one the size of two fists and the other more ordinary size but both with slotted pupils stared at him

"Come on let old Harry help boss. I promise I won't hurt you." the spherical mass stopped as he said that. Desco liked being called boss, and he did sound nice and he was offering to help. Yogsothoth turned again and the outer layer of tentacles slowly moved away. A duffel fell out and some ounces of blood flooded out onto the ground, revealing the injured little demon girl. Two smaller tentacles were still stretched and twisted around covering the worst of her injuries. Amazingly, somehow her hair was only singed from whatever had hit her, but tentacles covered most of her face where the worst of the burn was, a blacked eye that uses to be yellow partially seen on her forehead.

Face to Face
#21 Gildarts vs #09 Samus Aran

Images flashed and flickered with bolts of vibrant light from beneath his eyelids, in his numbed head he winced and recounted the discord of battle. Some golden man had hit him with a shovel, and then there was a red one, and a black one too.... A jolting sensation was brought to his fresh injury and his metal plating immediately leapt to grasp and squeeze his throbbing right hand to cool the pain ingrained in his flesh.

With a brisk glance around, the Prime could very well see he was no longer on the battlefield, Not again. His worst fears were realized as he felt oddly reminiscent of Omni's abduction. He set his injury on a back burner and thought he heard voices, with a low huddle, the crouched low in the shadows. Where was Guu? Luffy? Desco? The blaze of battle couldn't have sent them too far off.

He stealthily strode beneath the bed of stars. The crunch underneath his trudging toes would eventually lead him somewhere, but was he in any condition to fight? The gunblade was slung over his shoulder and he had rifled through the contents of the bag. What were a set of aluminum silver bags doing in there? Still, he identified the water bottles and the map, finally discovering what those numbers and letter had meant, paired together. They were coordinates and Gildarts was late to the party.

What had it been? A5... B7?? There were too many to count and the oblivious man had never listened in the first place. He had to hope as he walked and stumbled, that he wouldn't run into a dangerzone. For all he knew, he could have been in one, but the taste of death hadn't coated the air. The landmarks around him seemed nil, or rather indistinct in the dark, so he couldn't be sure which pattern of the cubes to follow or where to set his starting location.

The warrior stole some bandages from the personal collection he kept on his chest and added them to his purpled and swollen digits. It was ugly enough to look at, and he braced his arm against the nearest tree before wrapping with his prosthetic utility. So much for that hand.

A little more stillness passed before he heard the gentle crack of a branch and the bristling of a creature's movement but a few yards away. What was that? No, who? An enemy? Or a friend?

The veteran drew close, preserving his position in the shadows and peered around the splintering pine needles and dipping limbs swaying to and fro with the gentle touch of movement.

Gildarts tensed, he saw someone, a shadowy figure.

The canopy above disrupted his light, so all the wizard could see was a bulked-up suit of armor. Certain it was a survivor from the previous battle, the mage swept his movements forward and soundlessly shuffled toward him.

Too close and with the the blade of his weapon raised ready only to strike a lethal blow down and into the nook of his enemy's neck, there was a small pause. He couldn't attack a man who wasn't facing him. Not on these terms.

An advantageous announcement was made, causing the armored suit to spin around to greet his unexpected guest. "You think you can attack those kids, then retreat into the forest and still get away with it?"

With the polished gleam of armor striking his eyes, he realized it was not the man with the golden suit and loosened his grip on his weapon. Unfortunately for him, the armored enemy caught sight of any hesitation, and assigned the man's stealthy approach and the angled edge of his weapon tilted toward her as a plot of her own assassination. This was Dante's Abyss and she would use his visibly loosened grip to her own advantage.

Surprise had left him open and Samus was more than willing to take the shot. A readied fist was waiting for him and it collided with the already blood-smeared man's face. His jaw moved with the blow, not to mention the swift and crushing force of the movement almost nipped into his nose.

Another ball of steel collided with his abdomen, but the durable Gildarts was ready and waiting. He had gotten a good look at his enemy before sneaking up on him, and felt there would be no lack of skill in his adversary's hand to hand. Gildarts only had one and would have to make do.

As he faced his powerful opponent, he was glad he hadn't taken the shot.

Gildarts cradled the blade against his forearm and grasped it before it was disarmed by the hunter's next very intentional hit. The moment it was cast aside, the Hunter had expected at least some degree of distraction, for it was the only weapon that had displayed. In the next moment as Samus's trained fingers found their loop, the wounded Gildarts too had proved to be more than a challenge than he looked.

Samus had dodged the punch that skimmed her helmet easily, but had not expected such agility to be deployed in a powerful as swift strike. With a steely elbow, he had pulled his metal joint into her face until it collided with a force that cause her toes to lose the cherished balance she had used to keep them on the ruddy ground. In the next moment, her reflexes tripped the trigger of the hefty weapon that had been stowed on her shoulder.

The murderous night of the island had quelled with stifled screams of death and battle. Shrapnel pierced the veteran's skin and kissed a ribbon across his cheek; Gildarts heard the eruption before he could fathom the heat flooding to his adrenaline filled muscles. For the two battle-savvy strangers, the exchange of fists had spoken better than any words of introduction that could have fit in their place. On Gildarts' lip hung a smile, under Samus's visor, she eyed a challenge.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

The setting sun sent strange shadows through the canopy as the Great Gerudo King strode through the forest, providing patchy illumination to guide his way. Just behind him was the strange purple-skinned girl… and she was certainly a pleasant surprise. After Link’s death, Ganondorf had been left without an ally, and even more discouraging, without a weapon. Such luck to have found a replacement so soon afterwards, and one so compliant as well. He had given an order and the girl had obeyed. It was encouraging to the Gerudo. For too long he had had to make do with mule-headed companions who would only bend to his will when he supplicated himself. Eighteen. Enel. Even Link was never truly his ally in this event, if it weren’t for the circumstances, the boy would likely have drove his sword into Ganondorf’s heart at the first opportunity.

But this Blink… she was much easier to control. Of course, it could all be a ruse, some scheme to garner the Demon King’s trust before her betrayal, but for the moment, it seemed as though she needed him as much as he needed her. And he’d have to be sure that it was he who made the first move when the time for betrayal came.

His broken arm still shot flares of pain through his body, but the Gerudo was beginning to be able to shove it to the back of his mind; a presence never fully ignored but which could be suppressed when the need for action arose. It hung limply at his side, a burden he couldn’t rid himself of lest he killed himself. Yet perhaps even such a debilitating injury could be used to his advantage. Yes. His opponents would likely see his state and assume him weak. Easy pickings. They’d learn otherwise… and when they did it would be too late. Ganondorf chuckled as he mused about how he would destroy the other contestants. He’d simply out-smart them, for there were none as cunning as the Great King of Evil.

His new ally peered quizzically at the giant of a man for the un-provoked laughter, then her eyes widened.

“Hey… why’s your collar blinking?”

Ganondorf stopped dead in his tracks, the blood draining from his face. Had he walked into one of Karl Jak’s death zones in advertently? He’d lost his map and compass in that latest skirmish with the green one and his boy, so the Gerudo was practically walking blind. He turned to look at Blink and saw a similar flashing light on her own collar.


And just like that, they were gone, vanished to who knows where. And the Gerudo was, once again, alone.

Face to Face
#26 Doomguy vs #24 Pepsiman

Pepsiman had been separated from his companions—Who would they have to hydrate them?!

The mascot wandered out in front of a ghastly little building that was missing most of its front side and the majority of its roof. Twisted iron bars and chunks of dislodged concrete and brick decorated the lawn in front of the building like grave markers. The whole area reeked of rotting meat, burning fuel, and cordite.

“A vending machine would help spruce this place up,” Pepisman said as he started forward. The mascot managed a few steps before the hammer smashed into the back of his head.

Before he knew what was going on, a second blow split his skull open.

#24 Pepsiman DEAD
26 Primes Remain

The Island got a little darker today – Story Injury (+0 Damage)
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

And that was that.

It hadn’t taken long for Samus to revert to her old habits. It was as though her time with MESH … as they’d so fondly come to refer to themselves, was all just a nice dream. This was the reality. This was what she knew. And unfortunately for her enemies, this was what she was good at.

Gildarts ducked under her hail of flak fire, advancing with a step and a rising fist. Samus could have backed off more, taken him apart with the flak cannon. But she didn’t feel like being methodical right now. She felt like breaking this man apart with her bare fists. It could have been anyone, but he was here, and she needed someone to take this frustration out on. So she let the punch graze the side of her visor, rearing her arm cannon back. Then she threw it forward, like a hand-guided missile, into her enemy’s gut. He reeled. She wasn’t done. Her left leg came upwards, swinging with centrifugal force. Credit to the man; he blocked, both hands coming upwards. The hunter noted a wince, the slightest indicator of hesitation, and his bloodied right hand. A shark’s smile loomed on her face. With her left foot still braced against the man’s hands, Samus jumped upwards, twisting in the air and bringing her right leg around. A ballsy, stupid move, but it paid off, connecting with the man’s head and sending him spinning into the trees. Samus caught herself and landed on the ground in a semi-crouch, one leg extended to the side.

That felt good.

She waited for the man to get up. He looked almost offended, and he clearly hadn’t taken that kick to the side of the head in good humour. He cracked his neck with a solid glare and came again, taking his weapon — a sword with some type of gun affixed to the hilt — from where it had previously fallen on the forest floor. He swung and Samus danced around his attacks, the speed of the Predator suit making it easy. He was strong, but not quick. She wondered who was more skilled?

As that almost-unconscious thought slipped her psyche, she found herself having to bend at an awkward angle to dodge an incoming stab. And as she reached for the floor to brace herself, she suddenly felt it vanish beneath her. Her opponent had hooked his foot around hers and pulled backwards. She collided with the floor and rolled just in time to avoid his sword. It let loose a BANG! as it connected with the solid landscape, sending up a spray of dirt and leaves in its wake. In the next moment they’d wheeled round to each other and were facing another assault. She raised her flak cannon and he his gunblade. But for some reason, neither moved to attack. Slowly, the tension in the air began to change.

“Who are you?” asked Samus Aran.

The man stuck his sword in the ground, crossing his arms. I didn’t ask him to lower his only defence, thought the hunter. “Gildarts.” He said.

Samus lowered her weapon, cautiously. “Samus.” She said.

The silence now was palpable. This ‘Gildarts’ didn’t seem to want to fight, nor did Samus, but friendliness was far from close by. So the bounty hunter shot a question instead. “What were you talking about back there? Kids? Retreating?”

Gildarts grumbled, scratching the back of his head. “I uh … I thought you were someone else.”

“No shit,” snarled Samus. “You might wanna be more careful where you point that sword.”

Gildarts mumbled something about blood in his eyes, but didn’t argue. “So you weren’t there?”

“There where?” The bounty hunter enquired. “The Easter egg event? Is that why I suddenly got teleported away from my group?”

“Seems everyone did.”

“So it’s back to square one. I suppose Karl wasn’t happy with us being so safe.” The bounty hunter was extremely annoyed. She’d gotten complacent, she knew that, but how could she have expected to be teleported away from her allies? The competition thus far had been unpredictable, but at least it had stuck by its own rules. It seemed that Karl Jak didn’t care for integrity or fairness, so long as he got his blood and — Samus felt her stomach coil — ratings. Making it out alive would be a miracle now.

Anger made the choice for her. “You wanna team up?”

Gildarts looked dubious. “You’ve got a strong kick, I’ll give you that. Still, I’m not sure I can trust someone who doesn’t even show their face. What even are you?”

Samus whipped off her helmet. Her blue-green eyes struck Gildarts like lasers. Then she put the helmet back on. “I’m human. Happy?”

Silence spoke for agreement. It was good enough for now.
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

Desco peered at the wizard with pained eyes. He was a wizard? He didn't look like a wizard, where are his robes or hat, and he was carrying around a giant gun. But Harry was fighting down his emotions to remain calm in the face of the little girl. A well of anger and sympathy spread through him as he looked at her. How was she still alive and moving with those kinds of injuries? She must have some kind of strong power, she even had that tentacled thing she was using to defend herself in this place. Harry couldn't even light a match. That Karl Jak, he brought kids into this thing... what kind of monster would allow this to happen to a little girl. Or do this to a little girl. She was burned all over her body. He needed to help her and he didn't have that much water... "How about I treat those burns of yours?" Desco blinked, painful as that was. "You know how?" "Some things are easier without magic."

Harry knelt down to the duffel Desco had dropped. He opened it up to see what Desco had left in supplies, noticing that next to the duffel was also some kind of metal rod. That must be the weapon she was given to survive this bloodbath. He noted with surprise that she had all of her water bottles full. She must have refilled them before arriving here. Dresden sighed, he shouldn't be here treating a non-human girl with burns. "Here, I'm going to use the water to treat you. Stay still this might hurt a little but it will feel better." Desco's wide red eyes stared at Harry, but what was more unerving was the tentacle thing that was with her that might fight him, and the blackened eye on her forehead. He couldn't tell if that was the color it burned as naturally or if it burned through and is just dead flesh now. Damn alien biologys. He popped the caps off of two water bottles. "You'll need to move those.. tentacles so that the water can reach." Harry started pouring the water bottles one by one onto her head, and spreading it around to cover her entire body and keep flushing it with water. It was painful at first but the water flowing over her was slowly helping her feel better. But she had it all over and there was limited water supply as Harry used up what was left of his water supply too.

Harry pulled of what was left of his shirt and started tearing it into strips. Once again his clothing was becoming a makeshift bandage, and this little girl's clothing was.. pretty weird. It seemed to be a part of her. Feeling a little better, Desco sat up on Yogsothoth. "What are you doing?" "You need to be bandaged, Most of your burns have blisters and some broke." "Oh.." Desco was compliant and simply watched as Harry started applying the makeshift bandages, firm but not too tightly against the skin. While he had used some of his shirt already for the lady bounty hunter, there was plenty for Desco's much smaller body. "You are really nice mister." "No problem kid."

Face to Face
#36 Carn_Val vs #03 Blink

Ever since eating one rocket too many Carn_Val had pulled into seclusion, perhaps intended to let everyone else blew up one another. When his collar flashed and he found himself separated from his Lighthouse and all the nifty things he’d found and constructed over the day. With a frantic expression on his face, the anamoly started to limp his way back to his ‘house.’

He got all the way to the front door, threw it open, and stepped right into Blink, who looked just as confused as he did.

“Out,” Carn replied as he lunged forward and sank his weird assortment of teeth and replacement ‘teeth’ into Blink’s arm. The magenta mutant winced before smashing her hand into the side of his head. As Carn stumbled backward, she struck him in the skull and sent him down the short flight of stairs that led up to the lighthouse entrance. The anomaly hit the ground hard, cracking his head on the dirt.

“This is mine,” Blink muttered as she slammed the door shut, leaving a confused Carn to slink away.

Carn_Val has a concussion and possible skull fracturing -- Major Injury (+6 Damage)
Blink has a bloody bite mark on her arm -- Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Guu woke to searing pain all over her body.

The last thing she could remember was the events after fighting the dragon. Luffy was doing an odd thing, Desco was asking about Furbys…whatever those were.

But before she could fully remember anything other than that, her vision came to focus. Her location looked familiar for some reason, but she wasn’t anywhere near where she remembered herself being…. nor was she anywhere near her friends.

She tried to call out, but even the slightest movement from talking brought her pain down full force. To combat the pain, she tried to focus on anything else. She used what little she could feel to take inventory. Her bag was strapped loosely over her shoulder. Her shield was snug on her arm. It was at this time she noticed the rest of her body was exposed to the cold evening air. Despite the pain, she turned her head up.

Her clothing was mysteriously gone. All that was left of her outfit was her bloomers, which were slightly burnt in their own right. Scorch marks were all over her skin, which explained the agony. She tried to shapeshift some new clothes, but even the light touch of the fabric rubbing against her burns was enough to force her to reel back on that action. Instead, she focused less on her nude form, and more on getting her mind off the pain. That horrible pain. That aching pain. That horrible distracting aching pain.


Some amount of time passes by. Could have been minutes, could have been hours, all that was true right now to her was the pain she was trying so hard to ignore. She thought about Desco, Gildarts, and Luffy. If they were here, they’d be helping her out by now. Where were they? She tried to call for them.


She sputters out a cough at the attempt.

“De-Desco? Luffy? Gildarts?”

No response from anyone. As she had suspected, she was all-alone.

With no allies to aid her, she knew she couldn’t just lie around and wait for her enemies to find her. She attempted to motion to her feet. She screamed a little as every inch of her body was in complete agony, fighting against her actions. Eventually, it took the combined efforts of every clean part of her skin, bulging out and pushing up to get herself into a stable sitting position. She breathed heavily as she takes a small break from the pure anguish.

She stretched out her rear thighs to push herself back onto her feet. Carefully, aching all the way, she practiced moving. She knew she could move despite the pain. She did have that power, and it was getting easier by the minute. She did a wave of her arm, she threw her shield at some trees, she did a few stretch punches, she ran for a little bit. Each time, it hurt so bad, she could feel her eyes well in tears, but she was slowly getting used to the constant agony. Pain was the home turf of her ancestor’s after-all. But even so, she had to fight the temptation to reach for her collar, just to end it all.

Now she knew how the humans must have felt.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

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