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Day Three

"Well that was a lovely little night filled with drama and violence. Say goodbye to the following primes, who packed up their belongings and moved onto brighter shores:

#39 Victor Wolfe
#02 Cindy
#24 Pepsiman
#41 Aero

"The following spots will become Danger Zones in six hours...


"Welcome to Day Three. Almost half of the competition has said goodbye. Who will be next? Sweet dreams, sweethearts."

Quote:You may send 1 or 2 movements to me over the next 24 hours. This phase will last until tomorrow, June 3rd at 7 PM CDT!
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Aw, man, Alex, this is the pairing you’ve been waiting for. Me, the fabulous Deadpool, and Mickey-fucking-Mouse. This type of shit could only happen in the Omniverse. Ain’t that some cool shit?

Um, excuse me. D’you mind? This is my post.

Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry. Forgot, occasional hilarious interjections only.

Mickey blinked at the furry little creature in the mercenary’s hand. What in tarnation was that? And how, exactly, did the man expect this little thing’s promise of affection to dissuade him from his current attack? He shook his head, lunging forward again with the Master Sword. Deadpool leapt out of the way, dropping the Furby when he did so.

Shit, shit, shit, catch it!” the masked man shouted, and instinctively, Mickey dove for the little toy, swiping it up in one of his gloved hands just before he hit the ground.

“Why?” the mouse pressed, “what happens if it hits the ground?” He looked back up to his adversary with a scowl.

Oh, nothing,” Deadpool shrugged, “I just didn’t want the little guy to get hurt.” Mickey let out a guttural growl, throwing the Furby at Deadpool, who adeptly caught it and stuffed it back into his belt pocket. “Alright, guess you’re hatin’ on the Furby love. That’s fine, I get that. Brand wars and such. But listen, I don’t want to hurt Mickey-fucking-Mouse, okay?

The mouse picked himself up off the ground, charging up his repulsor gauntlet. “You should’ve thought of that before you killed Minnie.” Deadpool, confused for one of the few times in recent memory, looked down at the rat.

That gross thing?


Mickey shot a blast from the repulsor glove, which Deadpool just barely limbo’d underneath, and then spun around with the Master Sword (like that move Link has in Smash Bros.). Once again, he barely missed the superhero, and his scowl grew deeper. He had been so close to escaping this game. This poor son of a gun probably had no idea that he had showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time—Mickey was an angry mouse. A very, very angry mouse, and he relished in the idea of taking it out on Deadpool.

Deadpool swung his shovel at the King, but the mouse back-flipped out of the way just in the nick of time. “Nice moves, Mickster,” the merc-with-a-mouth nodded, leaning the shovel on his shoulder, “My name’s Deadpool by the way, since you don’t technically know that IC yet.

“I don’t care what your name is,” Mickey said, and his adversary suddenly realized that this was not the Mickey Mouse of his Saturday Morning Cartoons. This Mickey Mouse had been through some shit troubled times. (Ugh, why you gotta censor me, Jacob?)

For once in his life, Deadpool didn’t bite back with a quip. No, this fight had gone on quite long enough. The mercenary ran at Mickey, sliding on the ground in an attempt to take the mouse off of his feet. The little guy, however, moved too fast for him, leaping up into the air and planting one of his yellow shoes smack dab into Deadpool’s face as the mercenary skidded underneath him. The costumed man let out a groan, and Mickey back-flipped onto his chest, leaning down and placing the Master Sword at his throat. “Got ya, pal,” Mickey grimaced.

Oh, shit, I’m about to get murder-killed by Mickey Mouse,” the merc blabbed, sounding much too enthusiastic for the King’s taste. “Do it! Do it, please, I can tell my grandkids when they’re watching Steamboat Willie!

Mickey faltered. The man spoke the truth—for a split second, he intended to slide the blade across his opponent’s throat and watch as blood spilled forth and one more contestant left this game. The realization hit him like a truck, and he stumbled backwards off of Deadpool’s prone body, dropping the Master Sword. “Oh my gosh,” he breathed heavily, “…oh my gosh.”

The adrenaline that had been pumping through him began to slow its pace. “I… I’m sorry,” he apologized, though he didn’t altogether know why.

Nah, dude, it’s cool,” Deadpool waved a hand, “Besides, I accidentally killed your little rat friend, and I’m sorry about that, too.

Karl Jak’s voice pierced the ears of the competitors to announce those that had fallen in the last six hours. Mickey’s stomach sank when he heard the name of his blue-spandex-clad former ally. The Pepsiman might have been utterly useless, but he’d had a good soul. He hadn’t deserved to be a pawn in this megalomaniac’s game.

Two members of team MESH down. If this murder game had its way, soon enough all of them would be dead and gone—himself, Erza, Harry, Samus, Pazo the Caterpie.

But for right now, Mickey Mouse remained alive and well. And for right now, he planned on staying that way. He would stay that way up until the very end, when he could look Karl Jak in the face and make him pay for what he had done to his friends.
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

Face to Face
#26 Doomguy vs #5 Gilgamesh

“We’ve got this,” Gilgamesh replied with a grin as and the marine made their way down the street that linked so much of the island. “It was good luck that I happened upon you when I did,” the gilded king added as he led the pair. With the moon high over their heads, the only light they had was the occasional street light that barely illuminated a few yards of street before darkness took over once again.

“Heh,” Doomguy shot back as he spun the hammer in his hand. The head of the weapon was still glistening with blood and flecks of brain matter from the last idiot he’d stumbled upon. As the marine turned his focus back to the ‘king,’ he smiled behind his visor.

...He wouldn’t be the last person.

But Doomguy was undoubtedly the first person to realize the truth of the Abyss…

'Friends' are worthless.

With a grunt, the marine raced forward and smashed the hammer against the side of Gilgamesh’s head. The blonde monarch let out a rapid scream as he hit the ground hard, but unlike the mascot, this was a trained fighter and not a comical piece of talking scenery. Rolling away as the hammer slammed into the pavement, Gilgamesh scrambled to his feet. “You stand against your true king?” He shouted as Doomguy came in with his hammer. Avoiding the swing, Gilgamesh grabbed the weapon by its handle and tried to wrench it from the marine’s hand.

“You bleed like the rest of them,” Doomguy chuckled behind his visor as he swung his head forward and bashed into into Gilgamesh’s chin.

“I bleed because I choose to bleed!” Gilgamesh roared as he wrenched the Lancer out from his bag and opened fire.

Doomguy clenched his teeth as he felt the bullets stitch a line up his side before sailing high of their mark. Even so, the marine steeled himself as watched the bloody, mangled king steady the assault rifle for another round of fire. “Better sleep with an eye open,” Doomguy remarked as he stepped back into the darkness beyond the range of the streetlight. “Next time I’ll be tearing it out.”

The hammer blow tore away part of Gilgamesh’s scalp and left him with a concussion and difficulty hearing in one ear – Minor Injury (+4 Damage)
Doomguy has bullet wounds up his side that have comprised his armor – Major Injury (+6 Damage)
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Face to Face
#23 Guu, #34 Erza Scarlet, #21 Gildarts & #09 Samus Aran vs #12 Dr. McNinja

Dr. McNinja found himself in a little city, with quaint buildings that no one had probably ever lived in before. With no sign of his allies since his little impromptu exeunt from the mill, he was trying to lay low until he could find them again. When he next heard footsteps, he crept out from the shadows to see that he was looking at a wounded little girl and a woman with fiery red hair. Between the two of them, they had a shield and a hammer that looked positively awesome.

“Shouldn’t be too hard,” McNinja muttered as he glanced down at the glove and its clawed fingers. The pair couldn’t have too much more juice in them… After all, the girl with the pink haired looked like she could barely walk, let alone fight off anyone with his level of expertise.

Stepping forward, the ninja shot forward in a blur of white and black. He reappeared next to Erza, who immediately went from shocked to agonized as she felt blood start to bubble out from her thigh. “Base!” Dr. McNinja shouted as he shoved the woman over and went to snatch her hammer. Before he could grab it, a heavy metal shield smashed him in the skull. The man groaned and stumbled backwards, his clawed hand lashing out but only scraping against the surface of the Vibranium shield. A beat later, a bolt of lightning tossed him up into the air and down half the block before he crashed in a twisted heap on the hood of a parked car.

Dr. McNinja rolled out of the ninja-shaped dent in the surface of the vehicle and staggered away from the primes, his clawed glove at the ready as he tried to slip off to fight another day. Unfortunately for the ninja, his intended path was already occupied by a pair of scowling primes. Looking over his shoulder, McNinja saw that the other two were catching up to him, and a glance at the new pair revealed them eying his bloody knife-fingers with an air of suspicion.

Gildarts, seeing how injured Guu was and the fresh blood down Erza’s side, stepped forward and drew his gunblade. “It’s time.”

“What time?” McNinja said as he smiled behind his ski mask. “Lunch time? Hammer time? …Miller time?”

With a scowl that betrayed a small amount of confusion, Gildarts swung the blade. McNinja ducked the long weapon and was swinging out his hand to rake open his foe’s chest when a kick knocked him back. A beat later the high kick was followed by a red-hot spray of flak tore through the side of his head and body. Twisting and stifling a scream as the twisted metal burned into his skin, McNinja swung blindly in Samus’ direction before a second gunblade swing tore open his throat.

#12 Dr.McNinja DEAD
24 Primes Remain

Erza has some bloody slash marks on her leg – Minor Injury (+2 Damage)
The Claw Gloves are there for someone -- lemme know
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

It didn't take too long for Harry and Desco to make their way to the river. The wizard refilled their water bottles from the swift-moving water, dividing the plastic containers evenly between his bag and Desco's. Taking note once more of Karl's new danger zones, he let the "final boss" rest a little. She needed it, after the beating she'd taken. However she was floating, not having to use those muscles took a lot of stress off the healing burns. That was pretty much the only reason Harry wasn't making a camp, and to hell with Primes and Danger Zones. Harry pulled out his map and recalled all the danger zones that Jak had announced, sighing. "It looks like we're in a pretty rough spot. We have to go one of these paths through the danger zones." Harry's finger traced a handful of pathways through the grid. "What do you think, Desco?"

"Desco thinks we should go that way." Harry looked at the piece of paper and saw where the girl was pointing. He really didn't have much else to suggest. No one direction looked much better than the other, and Harry found himself standing almost before he'd made the decision.

"Alright. Can you move?"

"Of course Desco can move!" The girl's voice was still obviously pained, though she seemed to be managing it slightly better as time went on. "Desco is a Final Boss!"

Harry still kept his pace slack for her benefit. She didn't complain about it.

He walked through the forest, leading Desco through the woods along the edge of the river, close enough to see the water but far enough to still be in the treeline. "Desco, Karl gave everyone a weapon when we started this. What was in your bag, besides the food, water, and map?"

Rather than talk, Desco showed him, reaching into her duffel bag and pulling out a weapon that Harry recognized very well. "Desco got this! It's a cool laser sword. There are two of them!" The floating girl pantomimed the humming sound of a lightsaber perfectly as she swung the hilt down through the air and almost floated straight into Harry, who had stopped and was staring, wide-eyed.

"Is that a lightsaber?"

Desco looked up at him. "It's Desco's cool red laser sword!"

Harry leaned against a tree and lapsed into his second fit of laughter since finding himself here. Desco looked up at him. "What's wrong, Harry?"

Harry shook his head, managing to choke out something coherent; [b]"Darth Maul's... lightsaber. I can't believe... Star Wars."
He got himself under control and stood back up. "Sorry, Desco, I just recognized it from somewhere."

Desco nodded in that sage manner only kids could really pull off. "That's OK, I guess. But Harry..."

"Yes, Desco?"

"What were those 'star wars' you mentioned?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked," the wizard replied, launching into the heroic tale of Luke Skywalker and his travels across the galaxy. It was relaxing, to say the least; telling a story to a kid on a hike through the woods. He could almost forget where he was, and why he was here.
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

As Harry regaled Desco with tales of a galaxy far far away she asked questions along the way. The most important of which was about the storm troopers because she had heard of those. "Storm Troopers? Like those ones in The Empire." "I suppose so. They must have come from this galaxy." he continued and they passed the time as they walked aimlessly away from where they started.

In a break, Desco remembered what they were here for, and what was missing that she hadn't realized between the agony of the burns to the wizard helping her. "Where is Guu and Luffy and Gildarts? Desco was just with them fighting a big group for a furby!" Harry looked at her did she forget what had just happened or was she unaware of it at the time? She was in that ball of.. tentacles which was still following around. "I think everyone was warped to different parts of the island Desco. They must be somewhere else." "Oh.."

Desco started to miss them already, especially Guu. She wasn't in good shape after that last encounter with that other wizard and she was probably hurt during the most recent fight they had. Maybe she could find them! But there was something else more important than finding them which would surely happen eventually. "Desco wants to go out and find the demons that attacked Desco and her friends! Desco will slaughter them all!"

"It's time you learned your lesson."

The rush of battle had reached a sticky calm. Sticky as the blood that had splattered on his body and blade, caking in crimson layers over his bandaged skin.

The victim clattered to the ground in a dense lump, Erza and Guu's eyes stayed down on the corpse with youthful shock as Samus nodded to her male ally in acknowledgement and readjusted a bit of her disjointed armor. After eying the shortest of the group and reading the minute movements advocating Erza's trust, Samus slung the great canon into an eased position.

Gildarts was still a bit swept in the battle as he had lowered his blade but not his guard. He seemed suspicious as to what Karl would throw at him next, or if the ninja's body would come back to life. Still, the veteran hadn't meant to completely kill him, only teach the guy a lesson. His brown eyes hung on the once-live man, You fought well, but you chose the wrong enemies, and hurt my dearest friend.

With this closure, his boiling blood began to simmer and cool; Gildarts let his eyes move up to Erza, who seemed to be looking back at the auburn-haired male too. With a relieved smile that she was still breathing, still standing, and still fighting, he took a step closer to her. She matched his step and together they strode toward one another as a ioyful relief swelled in his heart. He moved his silver arm to extend a greeting, only to have Erza look over the man's shoulder and walk right past him to Samus, or rather, to Pazo who had safely endured the battle from some hidden nook beneath her armor and had just now come out to his perch on Samus's shoulder.

By then, Samus and Erza were petting the creature, engulfed by the round shiny eyes and purring spirit. There was nothing better at lightening the mood than a soft creature's gentle hum. It tuned out the pain flooding in the blood of Erza's thigh, and the fresh stench of death that plagued the tainted air.

Guu was a bit too short to see the Caterpie with Gildarts standing in her way, so they greeted each other as lost friends. It hadn't been too long and yet the child looked to be in grave condition. Concern, distaste, and failure; each tasted like a lump on his tongue.

"Leader, are you alright?" It wasn't worth asking what had happened, the girl had gained significant damage from the golden one in the last time he had seen her. They had fought side by side.

"Gildarts!" She was quick to smile and glad to see him, but her heart sunk when she saw Desco was no where to be found. "Oh of course I-"

Guu's strapped bandages were slanted off the wound, exposing the scorch marks that alerted him to her crisped skin. "When was the last time someone else took care of you? Here, even leaders need a little care too. Keeping that chin up can get tiring kid, but," he leaned in a little closer, as though speaking in secret, "Isn't it worth it?"

Guu's eyes followed his gaze.

If any doubt had been lining her mind due to the ruthlessness of battle, Guu now felt a hint of assurance, for she saw the noble Erza and the mighty Samus, both smiling together with a little creature curling with pleasure on the elite's shoulder.

Words weren't really the man's forte, and he primarily preferred action, yet the hope rising in the child's eyes showed that he had hit home, and set a new flame in his own.

The drastic change of the wizard's determination, from brutality to compassion, helped the girl remember why he had joined Ambrosia and was a perfect fit. Her eyes hung on him as she tried to read his thoughts, simply from the gentle grinding of the weathered creases on his face. Gildarts played doctor, and tightened the youth's bandages once more, leaving Samus and Erza who seemed to be getting along rather well.

Every once and a while, his eyes passed over in the two's direction. Sometimes staying a bit too long on Samus's blonde hair. By now, the she-warrior was bandaging up the scarlet injury on Erza's thigh and to they were speaking the name of a missing friend.

He couldn't help but ask Guu, who was nearest, "Do they know each other?" Or maybe he had just fallen back into his old oblivious habits and overlooked a crumb-sized detail.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

" . . . fy . ."

" . . . uffy . ."

". . . LUFFY!"

Agh! Hahh . . hagh . . guh . . Wha? That was . . Ace's voice? Why am I hearing him now? . .

Straw Hat 'came to,' at least in regards to his subconscious, seated amidst a chasm of vacant space, encompassed by little other than the void of pitch black oblivion. Grasping his throbbing forehead, the rubber pirate fell victim to haunting visions, visions of his own actions; yet they weren't his own. They were the actions of an all-consuming entity.

Recalling horrid images, mugiwara flushed with volatile emotions. Anger at his powerlessness to stop it, grief of his separation from beloved comrades, anguish from his inner tribulations, sorrow for those he inflicted agony upon.

Staring terrified at his bloodied palms, Luffy gritted his teeth as the snap of Cindy's neck repeatedly buffeted his mind, followed consequently by the shriek of her last dying breathe, splintered with panic and fear while her lifeless body fell limp into a grave of muck.

Damn it . . How . . how could you? Why?! . . . why'd you have to kill her?!

Copious tears bubbled and streamed down the youth's visage, trickling into salty puddles before leaping from his chin and splashing against his scuffed lap, which had since been dyed a deep scarlet.

Technicallyyy it was YOU who killed her, homo-sapien. At leeaast that is what everyone else belieeeves, gehgehgeh!

The raspy, looming voice of Darkrai echoed from the depths in reposte, giggling maniacally as the captain whimpered. Clamping his jean shorts with rage-hexed digits and curling his fists, Luffy shouted back into the shroud darkness.

NO! You bastard! This was your fault! You controlled me, you used MY body! Why are you even doing this?? Get out! Get out of me and face me head on! I'll annihilate you!!

Keh, simpleton. What fuuun would that be? You're so weeaak and patheeetic, I'm experiencing much more pleeaasure in this body of yours. Why am I doing this, you ask? Becaaause I relish in bringing nightmares to liiight, to gaze as the spirits of you humans crumble. Truth be told, this was a meeere experiment ordered by Sir Delphox, however I willingly volunteeered.

Seething darkness twined together like ribbons of swirling smog, culminating into a sentient figure whom revealed themselves beneath a blanket of shadows. The creature appeared as a mass of cloaking obsidian with a plume of foggy white billowing from its face and extending upwards. A red spiky growth resembling a lower jawbone wreathed around its neck and the figure's head remained primarily concealed apart from matching, vibrant cyan eyes.

Wiping away his sobbing eyes, Luffy's countenance abruptly morphed into that of a beast, drunk with wrath. Charging into the foreboding dusk, his dirtied sandals clapped against the muddy surface before heaving an elastic fist forth. Expediently, the thoughtless attack swathed through Darkrai's intangible body as the nightmarish Pokemon drifted closer, careening around the enraged pirate.

You reeaally are quite dense. Assuming you can purge me out with ineffectual physical strikes. You can harm me no more than you can harm your meeemories. Accept it, my hold is stronger than your meeaager willpower.

DAMN IT! Guh . . can't . . fight it . . anym-

Kwee Kwee Kwee!

Shrill chirping of birds awoke 'Luffy' from a deep slumber. Peering both eyelids open, his sclera were still shaded black. Eyeing the avian creature perched upon his chest, the possessed captain grinned with unhinged malice.

Gripping the songstress between his wrapping hands, mugiwara squeezed without relent until the innocent tweeter 'popped' beneath his crushing hold. Feathers belched forth as gooey crimson seeped down his greyed mitts. Tossing the departed fowl to the wayside like trash, Luffy arose to his feet and scampered off.

"Who will be our next victim, eh Mugiwara? Gehgehgeh!"
[Image: giphy.gif]

Quote:(Shortly after the fight with Aero, Day Two Evening...)

It was by pure coincidence and perhaps a shred of luck that Jon Snow had crossed paths once again with the young shinobi Sasuke Uchiha. It was only this time that he had found him alone, without his merry band of misfits and oddballs. Jon had little time to think on it when he spotted another figure off into the distance, though - a man that stuck out with his vibrant, wavy blue hair and confident stride. He was closing right in on Sasuke's position, and it was soon enough that the ninja realised someone was headed his way, choosing to take the slyer route and circle back around the apparent challenger.

Shortly enough, though, the combined efforts of Jon's arrows and Uchiha's firepower made easy work out of the man, and soon enough he, as well as that cocky smile of his, were no more. Carrion for the crows.

The ninja's dull gaze quickly drifted itself to where the arrows had came from, giving the familiar man in black a once over. The shinobi gave a mutual, silent nod of acknowledgement, and Jon simply returned the gesture. No big, long or fancy words were needed. The two had came and signed-up here together, and now they'd survive here together.

Until there's nobody left and he decides to roast me in my sleep... Jon figured.

"Let's see what we have here..." Sasuke mumbled as he crouched down onto his knees, unzipping the victims bag open as he began to rummage around inside. He snatched out the most obviously useful things, first. Some bottles of water, two MREs... the ninja grunted as he came to one of the final items left within; some kind of... plastic bag? The young ninja shook his head in annoyance, tossing it aside. "Trash... just like him!" he uttered in irritance, inhaling sharply through his nostrils. Jon's eyes widened a tad as he heard a certain familiarity to Gilgamesh in his tones.

Jon's brow raised as his eyes moved over to look down at the weapon the blue-haired man had been using; some sort of small pole which looked to be of a wooden make. Jon bent down slightly to retrieve the bludgeoning weapon, rolling and twisting it around in his palms to inspect it, before coming to a realisation. "Victor had been carrying this..." Jon noted with slight distress. How had he got ahold of this.

Jon supposed it didn't matter now. This man was dead, and if Victor joined him now in the afterlife, then perhaps such a fate was only reserved for his kind. The kind which lacked any honour or semblance. He reached back as he began to unzip his duffel bag, carefully placing the pole inside before doing the sack back up. The weapon didn't look as useful as the bow he had now, but it was a weapon none-the-less, and it could be useful for something down the road.

"That everything?" Jon inquired as he looked back to his ally. The blue-clothed boy stood back to his feet with a silent nod of his head. "Everything that'll be useful to us" he spoke in response as he turned around to look at Snow. "But where do we go now...?" the boy squinted as he took a few closer steps toward Jon. The bastard sighed, glancing away for a few brief moments as he thought to himself.

Even he wasn't sure where they should go, next.

"We just... walk for now, I suppose" Snow shrugged his shoulders simply. "It's getting dark, besides. We may want to find somewhere to stop soon enough. Rest up for the night, regain our strength" Jon turned his eyes back to Sasuke, and he was greeted with a slight smirk. "Sounds like a plan" the ninja nodded, and off they walked...

Quote:(The morning of Day Three..)

The next morning had came as quickly as the night had passed, and in the timespace Jon and Sasuke were able to catch up with one another quite a bit, filling each other in on their misadventures on the Island. With Jon informing Sasuke of his brief escapade with Gilgamesh, being shot down and nearly killed by some kind of pistol-bullet, and having to watch as some poor soul was banished away and sealed in hell as a apart of some disturbingly elaborate scheme and betrayal, whilst Sasuke filled Jon in on what he was doing. Who that insane guy under the red mask was, what in Seven Hells that loudmouthed turtle thing was, and... that he'd met Crona...

Crona... Jon's mind called out his name as he walked along the grass. If only I'd been there... I'm so sorry. Jon shook his head. It was just like every time. He couldn't save Robb, his own brother, from the clutches of betrayal because he'd swore some stupid vows. He couldn't save Lord Commander Mormont because he was too busy back-pedalling with the enemy... and now Crona was gone, all because he couldn't get there in time.

Jon bared his teeth, in significant anger and wroth at his own self. Why the fuck must everyone die? Just because I can't save them..."

No. Jon couldn't think of this, not now of all times. He wouldn't let his own thoughts and doubts be the death of him. His father had once told him not to be ashamed of fear. Don't be afraid... he had said. Embrace it, and you'll know how to face it. His own conscious wouldn't be getting the better of him this time, let alone anyone else left standing in this damned competition.

Jon kept walking onward, his bow tucked carefully under his arm. Rather than waste away another meal-ready-to-eat from either of their bags, Jon had decided to see if he could find rabbits or any other edible game nearby. He was no skilled hunter or coachman, but he could try his hand at it, at least. Jon kept a steady pace onward until a rustling sound came from the bushes, bringing the bastard to a halt.

Instinctively and almost immediately, Snow plucked an carefully-placed net arrow from his quiver, knocking it between the strings as he began to pull back...

Jon held his fire for some seconds. The sounds of brushing leaves continued as someone or something worked it's way steadily through the bush. Someones coming...

Jon let the arrow fly free, and someone let out a grunt as a net whirled around them, wrapping them up and pinning them down to the floor.

Now I have you... Jon figured to himself as he quickly rushed behind the bush, to eye his catch. Snow's eyes widened, however, as he glanced down to see a familiar looking fair-haired, golden plated man squirming about within the net, groaning and grumbling to himself all the while.

"Get this thing off of me, you MONGREL!"
[Image: tumblr_nzzfidB5IX1tcnpluo4_1280.png]

Well at least Samus and Pazo aren't dead yet. And Gildarts. WOW, that was morbid.

Erza tried to hide her pain and disillusionment behind the convenient facade of simplistic contentment as she cuddled the Caterpie and did her best to make small talk with Samus. It wasn't that she wasn't super relieved to see Gildarts, it was just that she didn't quite want him to see the state she was in - For the sake of her own pride, but mostly his mental state. Optimism, at least some degree of it, would likely be necessary to get through this event successfully, and the lack of it that Erza felt at that moment, after running into two back-to-back enemies while separated from her only friends in this place, was something that she didn't want to spread to the rest of these similarly downtrodden folk. Well, it was good to see Samus and Gildarts no more injured than the last time she'd seen them, at least.

That brought her attention back to her own new wounds. Those burns she had wiped away with the medpack? Back, and stinging more than ever. That cut on her face? Replicated on her leg, now an actual threat to her survival. She'd almost forgotten about her newfound injuries in the momentary joy of reuniting with lost allies, but they'd have to be treated soon.

Erza grimaced as she tore off yet another strip of cloth from her skirt. You're welcome, viewers. Not that you didn't already see more earlier in the night. She wouldn't be able to rely on this any longer; any shorter and even college cheerleaders in the audience would begin to look at her with scorn. She brushed it off - Survival, and preventing infections, was more important. A sense of deja vu swept across her as Samus leaned over and wrapped the strip around her leg, barricading the blood flow of the most intimidating injury in her arsenal. The burns would have to wait; they hurt like a bitch, but they weren't the worst this party had to offer.

"Mickey?" Samus, visor now even more dented up than before, shook her head.

"No sign of Harry either. Looks like it's just us for now. Well, and those two, I suppose, but I honestly don't know how the little one is still moving after the beating she's taken." She was right - The girl, who had been introduced shortly in the barracks as Guu, certainly seemed worse for wear. Erza hadn't noticed when they'd first run across eachother, as the lack of a full moon and the cover of the trees had somewhat obscured her figure, but she seemed to be mostly naked and covered in deep, bloody burns that put Erza's own to shame. Luckily, it seemed Gildarts was beginning to try and treat them as much as he could, and Erza's own experience told her he wouldn't screw it up, but there was only so much to be done in the middle of a forest.

The two were discussing something in private, voices hushed and body language uninviting, as the girl unflinchingly allowed Gildarts to patch her up. It was just as well, she supposed; Erza and Samus had their own matters to attend to, and the Ambrosians had theirs. There were certainly things she would say to Samus after their short stint as mutual protectors that she would have difficulty revealing to Guu, though her friendship with Gildarts in their home world would certainly transcend such barriers. However, they'd need as much help as they could get, were they ever to find the other three members of the group. Mickey could hold his own for a while - in fact, he was friendly enough that he likely had another ally by now - and Harry was probably experienced enough at going it alone for the time being, but Pepsiman...

Erza cursed herself silently. They'd never given him a weapon. Which wouldn't have been a problem if they could have stayed around to protect him, but that was apparently not to be the case. He'd managed to injure himself pretty badly even before they'd met, and the previously-shaky alliance had been able to save and bond over him. But now, he hadn't had any means to protect himself, and had been slaughtered no more than six hours after being thrown back into the wild, alone and defenseless. Fuck the Furbie, fuck Karl and fuck whoever killed the Pepsi guy.

A bitter bile began collecting in the back of Erza's throat. Had she been considering revenge? She realized she'd been mumbling to herself, face contorted into a hard, angry scowl. This was more than irritation; this was pure rage. But rage was not an emotion that had ever fit Erza. She took a deep breath before noticing Samus staring at her in concern. "Uhm, are you alright there?"

This game would not be won by rage. It seemed it wouldn't be won by friendship and happiness, either, loathe as she was to admit it. It would be won by cold, hard martial precision and ignorance of the emotions. By killing when it was convenient, not when it felt good. It was not a mindset that Erza wanted to be a part of, or even that she was truly prepared for. But it was better than raging at every event she could not control, and right now, it seemed an easier option than grief.

"I'm fine, Samus. I've just come to a... Realization, of sorts." She glanced back over to the less-familiar pair as Samus's concern did nothing but grow. "Gildarts! Tell me when you're done with the girl. If we're going to come out of this without getting killed, we've got to get moving."
[Image: Erza_kicks_Happy.gif]

Face to Face
#34 Erza Scarlet, #09 Samus Aran, #21 Gildarts, #23 Guu

The leader of Ambrosia was battered, bruised, and generally fed up with the degree of humanity imposed upon her by collar around her neck.

Every step she took caused her to feel some sort of pain, and even after all the hours of limping and half-dragging herself, the agony never dulled. She hadn’t expected the lengths to which Gilgamesh would go to try and settle their vendetta. How many of this kicks and punches had been for Karl’s sake, and how many had been to satiate the black heart beneath all that golden armor?

She missed home. She missed the erratic and manic atmosphere of the Tangled Green and the little town she now called home.

“Gildarts,” the girl muttered, prompting the tall prime to turn around and drop to a knee before her.

“Yes, Leader?” The man asked as Guu set down her possessions. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I won’t be giving him the satisfaction,” she muttered as she rolled something between her stubby arms. “And perhaps this will satiate his thirst for blood.”

“I don’t understand,” Gildarts said as he furrowed his brow. The two other primes were standing just behind him, interested in the conversation but also aware that they shouldn’t involve themselves.

“Just promise me… promise me that you’ll find Desco…” With a grunt, Guu smacked the weird little egg against her chest. The fragments started to sputter and hiss as the ground around the pink princess started to glow white.

“Keep her safe.”

In a flash of lights, the leader of Ambrosia was gone. She had stared into the Abyss and saw in it something she never wanted to.

It was time to go home.


23 Primes Remain

Guu has used a Mercy Circle on herself. She is returned to the Preshow Lobby sans collar.

The Vibranium Shield and Guu's bag are there for Gildarts
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Quote:This occurs after the EE, but before my Aero F2F. I'm still playing catch up >.>

The golden orb that had once loomed overhead retreated into the blackest of night, only illuminated by the thinnest of starlight; even the moon, but a crescent and no longer bright, gave way to the decadence of the dark night. Blood and sweat soaked the ground, nowhere could you harken a peaceful sound; however, enemies weren’t all the Avenger found. With Jon Snow and company, together, their foes lost their ground.

Whoa bro, calm down, dude. There’s still a ton of competitors left in this. No need to make grand works of art for posts… Just stay active and we’ll still smash this. Geez… Rhyming and sh*t. How high are you trying to raise the bar? F*ckin guy…

DUDE! Are you STIIILL censoring me? You F****** B**** A** Mother*******….

That’s why I’m leaving you after this post!

I mean… who do you think you are? The FCC?

Chump… xD

Once the battle had commenced, an opponent stepped forth, challenging both the mercenary clad in spandex, as well the ninja dressed in blue. An alluring, bright white aura erupted from within the challenger. (Not unlike Sasuke’s own azure colored aura) Gildarts then tore a piece of the crate from its hinges and flung it the Avenger. Sasuke, with the intuition of his sharingan, managed to evade the brunt of the attack, however, the force in which it had been thrown was astounding, unprecedented even. No one Sasuke had ever encountered had possessed such a strength, and even with the piece having only scathed his chest, it had still managed to wound him; he could feel it. The youth placed a hand to chest and watched as his fingers came away bloody. A fire lit within the Uchiha’s eyes as he equipped his flamethrower, rushed Gildarts with an alarming speed, and roared, “YOU BASTARD!!!” as he went.

Deadpool, not to be outdone (Or outshined in writing. *Cough* *Cough*), followed pursuit. An explosion of conflict sounded, as the two healthiest members of ‘Warpool Valenchia’ met the mighty ‘S’ classified mage, head on in battle.

There we go. That’s more like it. Try to keep Dr. Seuss locked up while I’m around, will ya?

Suddenly, before they met Gildarts in battle, and out of nowhere, a giant bird flying overhead relieved itself of its excrements. In a freefall, it just so happened to of landed on the top of Deadpool’s head.


Oh ho! Touché, you got me there. I’ll leave the heckling to minimum, just no more bird sh*t. Capeesh? Oh and I guess you do know how to properly use the term ‘excrements’. Though I liked the former use too. It’s not as though lights can flood a room, but it sounds good when reading it. Haha.

Deadpool wiped the feces from his mask and snarled, “GILGAMESH!!” who, in turn, tossed the mercenary a shovel just as Gildarts had closed the distance between them.

Unfortunately for the mighty prime, the numbers just weren't in his favor, and try as he might, the ninja/mercenary duo proved too much for him and forced a retreat. It wasn’t just the gravity mage either, who had tucked their tail and ran. It appeared as though Sasuke’s group had one the day. Relieved the youth tended to his wounds, giving no thought to what Deadpool was doing. He then straightened his posture, composing himself, and resolving not to expose his wounds to the group. He needed them, sure, but that didn’t mean he trusted them and he wasn’t about to show any signs of weakness for them to attack.

Meanwhile, Deadpool had grabbed the Furby from the box, causing discourse between him and the King of the Dunes, Gilgamesh. The King did not sound happy about Deadpool taking the loot for himself, but before Sasuke could get a closer look, something happened. The Furby spat out some gibberish in Furbish and started to wiggle in Deadpool’s hands as its eyes began to glow.
Everyone’s collar flashed a color Sasuke hadn’t seen before and a thunderous boom sounded overhead, causing the youth to cast his direction skyward, “Thunder? But it stopped raining hours ago…”

Deadpool muttered something Sasuke couldn’t hear just before he vanished into nothing.

Vanished into nothing.

Vanished into nothing?!


Sasuke watched on in amazement as his former opponent’s and allies’ bodies began to break apart, slowly dissolving into a rainbow hue of streams, wafting upwards towards the sky. Sasuke’s eyes widened as he lifted his hand, observing the exact same thing happening to him! He panicked and desperately tried to resist it, but it was over in a moment. Blackness. Nothing.


Sprawled out, amongst the grass, the youth opened his eyes as consciousness flooded back to him. He placed his palms to the earth and lifted his torso ninety degrees, allowing him a view of his surroundings.

“Another forest?” the youth questioned as he stood, stretching his stiff limbs of their soreness. Lifting his duffle bag, he slung it over his back and took another observation, “No. No, if only I was that lucky. This is the same damn place I started in.”

Furious, the ninja growled under his breathe and tore through the forest, in search of anyone he could find, friend or foe.
Dante's Abyss 2015
[Image: Sasuke_DA_zpsb4vizgxd.png]       
Mark Twain Wrote:"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

The oddest fucking couple, on Karl’s island of mutilation, spent the remainder of the evening sorting out their differences. The mouse stayed cautious and introverted, but spoke enough for them to arrive at a mutual understanding; they would pair. The two Primes could not be more distant in terms of personality—and beliefs—but for the time being, they needed one another.

The mercenary sensed the despair within Mickey, and though the mouse tried his best to keep it from exuding, nothing escaped Deadpool’s all-knowing mind. Hell, if not for his arrival, the goldenboy of Disney would have committed suicide. Mickey needed a partner—any partner—just to maintain his sanity, and keep him motivated to continue.

Deadpool needed a partner he could hitch his ride on. With his diminishing energy and lackluster weaponry, he could only persist so much further; an extra body could make the distance bearable. Plus, the mercenary would be stupid to pass up an opportunity to break Mickey’s morals.

”So, we got a deal?” Deadpool asked, hunkering down as he faced the mouse. He half-stuffed Furbypool back into his pocket and extended a hand towards the mouse.

Mickey held reluctance, but after a moment to digest everything, he slowly wrapped his small, gloved hand around the mercenary’s and gave it a firm one-shake. “For now,” he muttered, “but you must to give Minnie a proper burial.”

”Our . . . meal?” Deadpoool looked over his shoulder, where the crushed rat laid. ”Sure, why not? I’ll do that now then.”

Mickey nodded, throwing the Master Sword over his shoulder and back into its sheath.

With a stretching groan, the mercenary put his hands on his knees and pushed himself back to a stance. He felt like an old man, but curtained his tiredness the best he could as he turned around and walked towards the rat’s corpse—Minnie’s corpse. She would have been a good meal—still could be a good meal—he thought as he gazed down at her crushed spine; her tongue slouched out from her closed mouth as she rested facedown on the damp ground (only thing missing was an “x” over each eye).

She’s still useful. Deadpool glanced back at Mickey; the mouse stared at his own feet, holding the same depressing visage. The mercenary slammed his shovel into the ground next to the rat, and excavated a pile of dirt. But instead of sliding the rat inside her grave, he balled her in his fist, and shoved her into a belt pocket—dinner was still on—before the mouse could pick his head up to notice.

”I’m done,” Deadpool called out. He pushed the pile of dirt back in place with his shovel and threw it on his shoulder. ”Minne the Rat is now resting in piece.” In my pocket, and soon my belly. He smirked.

Deadpool turned to see Mickey raise his head; a fragile smile twitched under his glossy nose, but that was all. The goldenboy was still far away from feeling like the jolly racist mouse Deadpool knew oh-so well. “Want you want to do for the night?” he asked and took a look up the purpling sky. “It’s getting late.”

”We move,” the mercenary replied, almost cutting the mouse off. He recalled the words he spoke to Vinent: ”Stay still and become scraps for a better survivor. You might be used to people calling you scraps—if Chinese food myths are true—but not me. I’m the guy who eats the scraps; the guy that snarls as blood drips between in the cracks his teeth, screaming ‘THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!’”He unleashed his tongue and flicked it rapidly, even giving the air a couple of pelvic thrusts.

Mickey’s hairline furrowed (Poor Walt Disney ,never gave him any eyebrows) at the mercenary’s behavior. “I don’t know what is wrong with you,” he responded, “but we can keep moving. I don’t want to stay still too long anyway.” He located his bag—only a few feet away—and grabbed it by the strap, swinging it around his clavicle with one flick of his wrist. “Where to?”

Good question. Deadpool reached a hand over his torso and unzipped his green bag—zzzzzziippp!—to grab his map (with all the holes he punched into it to signify Deadzones, it now looked like a wrinkled piece of Swiss cheese) He brought it close to his face and narrowed his eyes. ”We go this way,” he said, and extended an index finger ahead. "It’s the most vague area close to us. The more vague, the less chance a reader has of getting a lock on our position.” After rolling the map up, he stuffed it back in his bag and zipped it closed. ”If we’re lucky, we’ll be two squares ahead by next phase.”

Most of his word puzzled his short comrade, but the mouse soon muffled the confusion down and looked at the mercenary; he was beginning to regain his determination to continue. “Right, let’s go then.”

The two Primes made their way onward, trusting their instincts, and following the beaten path provided.

Wow, you didn't let me talk to you that whole post . . . Loser.

Dante's Abyss Placings
2015 - 4th
2016 - 2nd
2017 - 4th

PVP Combat Record
3W - 0L - 0D
4W - 1L - 0D
[Image: Deadpool_Funny.png]

Even from the start I knew that today would be a shitty day. My head pounded and my legs started to burn from climbing up the mountainside. It wasn’t the worst mountain I’ve climbed up, but two days worth of fighting and wounds made anything brutal. The Rock wasn’t nearly as injured, or tired as me I wondered if he had even gotten into any fights before I came around. Even with my throbbing headache and bruised body I pushed forward, all I had to do was keep up with the Rock.

“Hey big guy, can you toss me a water, I’m pretty thirsty”

He unzipped the duffel bag and threw the last bottle of water over his shoulder. Thank god my partner was generous. Although something was off, he seemed quieter than usual. Maybe he was nervous? No I doubt that someone with as much braggadocio could even be nervous. Finally I decided to hell with it and asked him “something wrong? You’ve been pretty quiet.”

He looked over his broad shoulder at me and smiled “nothing’s wrong, The Rock is just enjoying the hike! We’re almost to the top of the mountain, I’m hoping that someone is up there because I am ready to layeth the smackethdown on some candy asses!” His enthusiasm gave me an unexpected burst of energy. I smiled back and gave him the thumbs up with my good arm “hell yeah! We’re ready to rock!”

I laughed and wondered if Dmitri was watching me make a fool of myself with this beefcake. Although, from what the Rock has said he must have an insane amount of fans. Hopefully I could leech some of his apparent star power and become a fan favorite when I leave this damn island. If I was to raise an army to fight Dracula I needed to make my name known and this was the best way to do it. Win or lose, I’d make sure to give the people at home a good show and the Rock intended to do that same.

We eventually found ourselfs at the outskirts of a village. There were only seven small buildings, each of them looking much older than the one’s back in Dante’s Town. There was an eerie silence that swallowed the town, the whole place felt cursed. My spine shivered and I took a deep breath to steady my nerves. The Rock had stopped walking and was now just staring at the several buildings that dotted the mountaintop. After my courage was secured I walked into the center of town, with the Rock following me.

“Will this do big guy? For the arena I mean?”

The Rock shook his head “no, we need to get higher, the Rock N’ Rock Connection can’t rock the mountaintop if we aren’t actually on the mountaintop.”

I shrugged “aight, your call. But before we start hiking again, let’s take a little break here.”

The Rock nodded and removed his sunglasses and threw them off to the side. One had to wonder where the man kept those things, hell were did he get these championship belts at? Even though he seemed like a big brute, the man was hiding some serious magickal power. I decided it was best not to ask him and walked towards one of the buildings. Slowly and cautiously I pushed the door open and stepped inside. It was a quaint little house, seemingly untouched by human hands. I shivered again, it was almost as if Karl just killed an entire island and took it over for his own sick game. Whatever Karl did to get this island was none of my business, but it still made me wonder how one man could become so powerful.
[Image: StrazSig.png]

[Image: DarkshireBadge.png][Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: SecondarySaga.png][Image: HerosGraveyardBadge.png]

"Good morning,all you lovely little primes! The following competitors made peace with themselves last night...

#12 Dr. McNinja
#23 Guu

"The following areas will be Danger Zones in six hours...


"Enjoy the morning sun, Primes. I'll have some news for you in six hours."
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Face to Face
#13 Strazio Rockwell & #46 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson vs #25 Jak Mar

Strazio Rockwell and the Rock had been doing all right.

That changed when they managed to stumble across the man known as Jak Mar. The man knew immediately that he wasn’t looking at brand-new friends when the two started to stalk toward him with a glint in their eyes. No, they were looking to do him in, much like the man who’d give him the Pokeball…

Jak shoved a hand and threw out the ball before the two could flank him and do terrible things to him. With a flash of light, the sphere cracked open and released what seemed to be a giant, circular rock monster with arms legs, and an angry-looking face. The stout Pokémon let out a growl as it rushed to meet the huger of the two men in combat.

Moving around the Rock, Strazio rushed for the enemy prime. Jak had barely enough time to set his bag down before the piece of wood smashed into the side of his skull. Fortunately for the long-eared prime, he had stepped forward and taken the blow beneath the spot in the stick of lumber where the nails were jutting through.

A few feet away, the Rock plucked up the rock monster and smashed it into the ground. “Jabroni,” he muttered as he started to lay into the creature with vicious kicks, oblivious to the fact that the seemingly natural cracks in its body were starting to shimmer.

Hearing the hum coming from Golem’s body, Strazio looked away and felt his gut twist up.

“What?” The Rock asked as Jak suddenly chucked something at him. The superstar snatched the stick of dynamite out of the air and let out a sigh when he realized what it was.

Strazio cursed beneath his breath and smashed Jak in the side of the face as he ran for cover. The Defender of Darkshire dove off a hillside as his adversary scrambled down the street.

In tandem, the stick of dynamite exploded and the Golem self-destructed, creating a flash of light and a mushroom cloud that could be seen from the other side of the island.

#46 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson DEAD

21 Primes Remain

Jak Mar has some burns from failing to escape the a serious concussion from blows to the skull -- Two Major Injuries (+12 Damage)
Strazio will twist his ankle pulling off his whole 'not being exploded' deal -- Minor Injury (+2 Damage)

Jak Mar rolled ‘4’
The Dynamite has been used up and is now gone
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Delsin was pretty frustrated at the fact that he was suddenly sucked out of the seemingly meaningful conversation he was having with both Jak Mar and McNinja in the Mill.

He had to admit though, there was a pretty strangely satisfying feeling of being teleported into nothingness. The wake up wasn't so pleasant, though.

Delsin lie on the grass, rubbing at his eyes, looking upwards after a couple of moans. Talk about a hangover.

He saw it was easily day outside, finally. It was morning, judging from the position the sun was in, but Delsin had a feeling everybody was wide awake. Delsin continued to think about whatever just happened, mumbling to himself nothing but angry gibberish.

"This Karl guy... Man, I wanna get at him now..."

Delsin stood himself up, feeling his legs seeming to crack a bit as he did so. He groaned in slight pain, his vision seeming to blur a bit from the blood rushing out of his head.

Deeply sighing, Delsin swiped at his legs, getting the dirt off of his jeans, before looking up at the trees before him. Shaking his head, he began to walk wherever his legs could take him.

Talking to himself again, Delsin complained, "I really am not digging this whole Omniverse thing..."

A lot had happened in a very short amount of time. Blink had found the closest thing to a friend she would probably ever find. She then lost that very same thing when a flash of light erupted over the island. She had teleported hundreds of thousands of times, but this time it was completely different. There was no portal. No safe traveling through her cosmic pink energy. One second she was looking at the green hulk known as Ganondorf and the next she was standing in a building, completely without explanation. Her first instinct had been to look out the window she was near, where she saw she was very high up above the ground. The flash of light was just disappearing, leading her to assume that she was not the only one that had happened to.

Her first thought was that someone hit her with a weapon when she wasn't looking. This was her first time indoors since the game had begun two entire days earlier, so maybe she was in the post-game waiting room. Upon further investigation, she noticed she was in a kitchen, which looked as if it had been raided. She wasn't the only person to have been here. She then headed upstairs as far as she could go, up a circular set of stairs. Once outside, it was obvious. She was at the lighthouse.

The next big event that happened was someone attempting to claim the lighthouse for her self. She got a chunk of her arm bit harshly in the scuffle, but ultimately was able to kick the male intruder out and send him back outside. She returned to the kitchen of the lighthouse to recover her bag of stuff.

"Well," she said to no one in particular. "I can't stay here."

Everybody and their mother would be looking to get into the lighthouse. It was too good to be true. She wished she had this two days ago when she and Violet slept in the rain, on a swampy hill. Whoever lived here through that storm had it really easy. If she chose to stay, she'd have a fairly defensible fortress, but that would be about it. There was nothing useful here. All it did was paint a target on her back.

As Claire made her way out of the lighthouse, she took the time to assess what was left in her pack. She had one more MRE and two water bottles left. Not nearly enough to get her through the next four days, if the game took that long. She rifled through the weapons she had...if you could call them that. She scoffed at the green gloves and the one arrow that had been previously stuck in her shoulder. She felt a bit better as she saw Super Barbie there, cheerfully smiling up at her with her arms spread wide. She closed the pack again putting Barbie back in her shirt pocket, where she felt a bit more closer to her.

It was a sad day when Blink felt better around a superhero barbie doll then she did actual people. She didn't have terrible injuries, but they were all bad enough together that it equalled one big ball of hurt. She was hungry, tired and a bit cranky. She had a stab wound, a slash wound and a bite wound. On top of all that, the one bit of security she ran into since Violet died was Ganondorf, and he was taken from her just as well. Where had he ended up, she wondered. She still wasn't sure if everyone had been teleported randomly or just her.

The sound of the megaphone blew over the island and her eyes raised up, trying to locate the sound. Remembering what happened last time she stopped in the middle of the road, she quickly moved sideways into the trees - finding herself in a familiar position underneath the flora. She quickly pulled her map out to mark the locations. Karl Jak didn't mention anything about the random teleporting, which she found odd. Maybe he had nothing to do with it?

"...#39 Victor Wolfe..." Karl was reading aloud. Blink's green eyes raised up a moment as if to double-check what she had heard. She quickly crossed the name off and listened to the remaining names. A smile crossed her face as she put the cap on her marker and returned the map to the duffel bag. When Karl signed of again, she flopped back against the tree.

She could still remember seeing Violet disappear as if being sucked into a hellish tornado. She could remember Victor smirking and telling her that was fair in this game. Violet, whom Blink had trusted to lead her in the right direction, paid the sacrifice for her foolish naivety. But now, someone out there had avenged her. She didn't know Victor personally, but...it made her feel good to know that she had outlasted him. It was a small victory. But one she needed.

The game was terrible. 48 straight hours of bloodshed, injuries, hunger and confusion. She was on her last leg and she knew it. If she went up against anyone that wasn't as hurt as she was, it would be tough to meet them head on. So she'd have to be smart. She'd have to be cautious.

"I'm not out of this yet," she told herself. It was going to be tough and the odds weren't in her favor, but she was still in a player in the game. That was something that half of the original contestants couldn't say. Despite being brand new to this universe and a complete unknown in the competition, she had made it this far. With a barbie doll and a couple quick teleports. "I'm not out of this yet!" She repeated. She almost believed that one.
[Image: blink2k15.png]

Face to Face
#42 Delsin Rowe vs #14 Mickey Mouse & #27 Deadpool

Delsin Rowe knew he was in desperate straits the moment he was torn away from his group and dropped onto another part of the island. In an attempt to find some solace and try and decipher where to head next, he ventured to the large park outside the city. He found a resting spot inside a large wooden playground set, complete with a spiral slid, monkey bars, and a rope ladder. With any luck, some rest and relaxation would help clear him up as people started to drop like flies.

The hours passed, and he heard the announcement of Aero and McNinja’s deaths. While he hadn’t known the blue-haired guy for too long, he’d fought alongside the claw-wearing ninja, and he couldn’t help but feel like it was a terrible omen. The island was starting to contract (metaphorically, of course), and that meant the survivors were slowly being driven together. How long until his little wooden paradise gave way to the harsh reality of the Abyss?

Staring out from his fort, Delsin saw the two primes approaching long before he heard them. They didn’t seem too terrible—a walking mouse and a goofy-looking man in some sort of spandex or latex. Looking out the rear of the wooden structure, Delsin scowled as he tried to figure out his options. Before long, he knew what he had to do. Slipping out the back, he unhooked the rope ladder from the side of the building, and before the other two primes got close enough, he grabbed a fistful of gravel. Even if the other two primes were unarmed, Delsin knew he had to get the jump on them fast, or he would be dead.

As they drew closer, he started to hear the conversation they were having… the strange man was talking about new phases or something.

With a yell, Delsin sprung out from his hiding place and swung the large rope ladder down onto Deadpool. The mercenary grumbled behind his mask as he toppled over and started to fumble around awkwardly beneath the playground piece. Turning sharply, he threw the gravel at the mouse’s face. Mickey let out a gasp and turned away from the handful of stones, and a beat later, Delsin picked him off the ground and threw him at the jungle gym.

The mouse temporarily dealt with, the graffiti artist turned and saw Deadpool standing there, rope ladder in hand.

“Didn’t have a Weapon, did you?” The mercenary chuckled as he threw the mass of rope at the other prime. Delsin was quick to respond—he threw his hands forward and drilled his enemy with a concentrated blast of smoke. Deadpool hit the ground a few yards back, rubbed his head, and mumbled something about SP before Delsin ran up and punched him in the side of the head. The first blow wasn’t too bad, but the second was more like a boot crashing down onto the mercenary’s face—that was the one that elicited a remark that included more than a few obscene terms.

“Language!” Mickey shouted as he rushed forward to his new partner’s defense. Hopping over Delsin’s low kick, the mouse swung the Master Sword across the man’s chest. Before landing, Mickey threw out his other hand and fired a bolt of energy into Delsin’s shoulder. The graffiti artist stumbled at his opponent and managed to throw enough force into a punch to send the much smaller prime backwards.

Any advantage the man may have had was lost when the shovel slammed into his face and knocked him down. He hit the ground hard and started to drag himself away when the shovel came down and split apart his knee. Delsin screamed as Deadpool came in for a second swing, but by then, the adrenaline had already started to take over. The man rolled hard, blood spattering from the open wound as he managed to barely the shovel blade. He reached out with his arm and swept his opponent’s leg out from under him. By some twist of fate, Delsin managed to catch the shovel, and he was on the verge of landing a blow to the neck when the massive beam of yellow energy slammed into him.

As Deadpool made it to his feet and grabbed his shovel, Mickey dashed over and grabbed at his wrist. “Hurry, while he’s unconscious.”

The mercenary laughed. “That expletive deleted dead, Mickey Mouse.” Deadpool glanced up and shook his head at something in the sky.

#42 Delsin Rowe DEAD

22 Primes Remain

Mickey Mouse used Tier 1 Super Move Yellow Kingdom Hearts (-2 SP)

Mickey Mouse has a bad bruise on his jaw -- 'It's a whoopah!' -- Minor Injury (+1 Damage)
Deadpool suffered some minor blunt force trauma to his chest. It'll be sore -- Minor Injury (+1 Damage)

Watch your mouth, DP. Next time, it's a warning.
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

I followed the the river downstream, back towards the sea and hopefully towards combat as it seemed that everyone in the gang war, and let no one tell you it was anything but, was thrown to the four winds and left to land wherever would be suitably dramatic for Shit King Karl Jak and his audience. Drama that I partook in and helped sustained. Had this not been so important to finished, I would just jumped off the nearest bridge just to spite the onlookers, but offing myself would have done me nothing when I still had work to do. I grumbled in annoyance at this dance we played part in until I made a turn north once I neared a danger zone.

I ran into someone along the way. A man in what looked to be in a full body metallic leotard. He had been enticed with the nearby building far too much for his own good when I cracked him across the skull. It was not my proudest moment, but I at least gave him a quick death. That's the least I could do, and yet I feel like it was the most I could do as well. Destruction, and nothing else.

The building he had been staring at was destroyed beyond all belief. A war torn hovel that had the scent of the dead and signs of battle everywhere. Of course it would, as I saw the blood stains that littered the place. What little identity could be gleamed from the ruins was found when I looked within once of the few remaining windows, and my heart sunk into the pit of my stomach. A model of a red cross laid on the floor from where it was knocked from on the wall. I had just killed someone in front of a hospital. A place of healing had just been the scene for a vicious and cowardly attack. I stood there in wonder of just how low I was to sink in pursuit of my goal. I shook my head, at myself and towards the scene, and dragged the body in.

I found the others. The bodies that died here before. Two of them, while broken and ripped open as if to find something inside, were arranged as if respectfully by a comrade. The third like them in massive power armor was simply decked on the floor, body ruined by an explosive. You can't have three grave for three people, someone has to bury survivor. A few others, probably the attackers, were strewed across the battleground as well. With a little help from half a gurney, I managed to get all the bodies lined up.

I watched them, wondered how they fought and died, and then soon wondered why they fought and died. Was it to prove themselves, to others or to themselves, was it for the prize? Perhaps it was for some greater purpose. While they were in truth outside this hellhole of an island and still around, there death did not mean nothing. It was a commitment to a cause, whatever it might be. And that was something to respect.

I stood at watch, and I saluted the fallen.

When I left the building and headed down the road, I saw him. The golden armored blondy. It seemed so unlikely that we would see each other again so soon, and yet I waked with him down the paved path. I glanced down at my hammer, and gripped its handle.

There was only one way this could end.


Although I now limped away from the misguided attack set with bullet holes in my flank and with not even a knife to deal with them, this is when I truly felt alive. The pains that I have suffered through Hell had come back in memories, and I flashed a smile behind my visor.

I could not be stopped. Not until I was knee deep in the dead.

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