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Day Three

The island had grown boring to him.

He remembered—not very fondly, he might add—the moment he had been transported to the island. Tossed out of the helicopter with nothing but a bag full of supplies and a strange contraption that he figured somehow fit on his arm. The first thought he’d had was to scale the lighthouse, get a better look at his surroundings.

He remembered being amazed by what he saw: forests and flora that stretched out as far as his eye could see, hills dotted with nice-looking buildings, and a brilliantly blue ocean that shined even in the dead of night. Everywhere he looked, beauty rested. The fear that the island’s beauty was a façade for its malice had tugged at the back of his thoughts, but somehow, he had let himself into being fooled that he might end up at least a little bit lucky. After all, how in the world could something so gorgeous play host to something so brutal?

He didn’t see that island anymore. Everywhere he looked, he saw the scars of Dante’s Abyss. It sickened him more than his wounds already did. As he traveled across the island’s landscape, he could see the remnants of battle scattered about. A few broken tree limbs here, the scars of somebody’s rocket launcher in the dirt there. This place had lost all of its magic, much like the collar had stripped Mickey of his.

He wanted to go home.

There were only two ways that was happening: he would die, or he would win. And he preferred the latter. But there was a catch: nobody else would lose their life by his hand. He had tasted what it felt like to be a murderer—even if it had been a complete accident—and it had burnt his tongue. He refused to participate in the violence this game propagated anymore.

The mouse stopped to rest for a moment, and in his pause he started to wonder why he had ever let this Omniverse get to him the way it did, as many times as it did. Heck, he was Mickey Mouse, king of the Disney Realms, keyblade master, and all around fun guy! So he’d thought, anyway. But everything in this whole universe got him down. Why the heck did he let these fellas beat him? Back home, nobody stood a chance of dampening his mood, but these jerks had grown especially good at it in a matter of days.

He couldn’t let that happen anymore. His bright, shining, optimistic personality was the only thing that had ever kept him running, and he had let this game—and this whole multiverse in general—stomp all over it ever since he had gotten here. If Minnie could see him now, she would’ve been ashamed.

Not anymore.

His splitting headache rammed back into him with a vengeance, and he swayed a bit, woozy. Well, he might be on his way to getting his attitude back, but that definitely still stung.

His head focused back into the game as three silhouettes appeared on the horizon. The mouse dove behind some shrubbery—his size served him well in some instances—and sat himself on the ground to try and counteract the massive throbbing he felt in his brain. He peered out of the bushes, hoping these guys would just walk on by him, not even noticing the big ears sticking out ever so slightly from the leaves.

And then suddenly, his day got even brighter.


He sprinted out of his hiding place, and the trio’s gaze turned to him. The man seemed to slide quickly into a defensive pose, but Erza and Samus relaxed at the sight of him.

“Mickey,” Samus exhaled, nodding and lowering her flak cannon. Without her helmet on, Mickey could see the grin that crept onto her face—was it the first time he had ever seen her smile?

It gave him a little bit more life.

Mickey leapt up into his redheaded companion’s arms, burying his face in her shoulders. She laughed a little bit. “Good to see you too, Mick,” the knight smiled, and all Mickey could do was nod. He felt the tears of relief swelling up in his eyes.

“Glad to see my sword kept you safe,” Samus said as Erza set Mickey on the ground. The mouse looked up at the bounty hunter, and as her smile grew even broader, he rushed her and wrapped his arms around one of her armored legs. She seemed surprised, but patted him on the head gently. She was very glad to see him.

His gaze flickered to the other, unfamiliar man, who he had hoped in vain was Harry Dresden. Introduction would come later, the mouse knew, but if Erza and Samus trusted him, Mickey saw no reason for him not to. And even if he did seem untrustworthy, the mouse couldn’t find it in himself to worry about it right now.

After all, he was home.
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

Samus felt her heart skip when Mickey stepped back into the world. Back into safety. There were three of them now. Suddenly the prospect of reuniting MESH became real. Pepsiman was gone, but … Harry could still be out there. It ached. That was the problem when you started bringing friends into your work. Tragedy happened. It hurt so much more when you had to witness it. But she couldn’t let herself stop moving now. If they could just make it a little further … then at least one of them could escape. But not until they were all together.

At the back of her mind, Samus was beginning to think about the possibility of winning the competition. They’d come this far … and she knew she had the skill to take it. Gaining such a prize would help her efforts to unseat the Empire. But what would that mean? Winning. It meant that some of them would have to go through the agony of death.

She didn’t want to think about that right now. It was too far off. But at the back of her mind, it waited. Soon, it whispered.

With a great effort, Samus shook off the dark thoughts and returned to the present. Adrenaline filled her once more. “We’re halfway to the end, people. Let’s not get complacent.”

The group around her nodded, even as their faces lost some of their new cheer. Even now, enemies might be watching them. Waiting to put a bullet between the heads of two old comrades as they reunited. Samus could not let down her vigil for even one second.

“I trust the Sword kept you well,” said Samus.

“Yes.” Mickey smiled, but it held something behind it that told Samus their time apart hadn’t been easy.

That’s good, thought Samus. It will help him survive.

“What’s that on your hand?”

Samus glanced down at her left hand. The claws. Something about them unnerved her; they looked like they had a history of blood, and in the same way the Sword filled her with courage and faith, the claws did not. They felt like they had needs of their own. “I found them,” she muttered. Everyone knew what that meant.

Mickey hesitated. “Do you want your sword back? I can take those claws … if …”

Looking at the sword did fill Samus with longing. It was true, and Mickey saw that. But she shook her head. “No.” He needs it, she thought. “You’re a better swordsman than me anyway.

Mickey couldn’t argue with that, and he seemed a bit relieved. “Thanks, Samus.”

She waved her hand dismissively, but the claws gave an eerie edge to what would otherwise have been an offhanded gesture. She was glad they weren’t permanent. She turned to Gildarts.

“What are you planning to do now? Stay with us, or go alone?”

The man balked a bit, scratching the back of his neck. “You mind if I stay with your group for a while? You guys seem … able.”

Samus nodded. “Good. I just wanted to hear it from you.” As far as she was concerned, Gildarts was one of their group now. But in a competition like this, there was no possibility too small to be taken account of. Erza might trust him, but he was still a stranger to Samus and had to be treated as such.

“So what next?” piped in the red-haired woman.

Samus withdrew her map, removed a Caterpie from it, and began pointing.
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

Ganondorf slept. Finally, after his long ordeal, he knew peace. The darkness of the night and damps cradled him like a newborn babe, a more comfortable resting place than any down mattress he’d ever lay upon. And as the Gerudo slept, he dreamt of times to come, times long past, and times which never were or would be.


The early morning sun broke upon Ganondorf’s face, slowly yet surely rousing him from his slumber. His eyes fluttered open at the touch of those golden rays, shining like burnished gold in the dawn. What he saw shocked him to a seated position. His mind struggled to take in where he was and what was happening. Stone walls surrounded him, and the gilded bed upon which he sat. His grand organ dominated the far wall, a testament to his might and his skill in music. He was home… but why? What had happened to the island? The Great King lifted his arms, bare without his armor, and marveled at its unmarred flesh. It was shattered to the point where Ganon had been afraid to remove his armor and treat it… yet it appeared well now. In fact, it seemed as though he had never been injured at all.

A movement on the bed beside him startled the Demon King into leaping from it. A voice, melodic in tone, issued from the movement’s source, a woman.

“What’s the matter, honey?”

For once in his life, Ganondorf was speechless. He was held spellbound by who was laying in his bed, revealed to be nude by the Gerudo’s sudden exit from the bed and the removal of the cashmere blanket. It was her… No. It couldn’t be her. There was no way Eighteen would allow this. A fear gripped Ganon’s heart as he began to back away from the woman lying in his bed. She smiled at him, a sultry glint in her eyes as they scanned down below his waist, and with another shock Ganondorf realized that he was as nude as she.

“My… excited are we? Come back to bed, dear. Let’s see where this morning takes us…”

On that note, Ganondorf bolted from the room. This couldn’t be real. O-omni was playing with his mind… Demise had erected a new world to tempt him with… or perhaps he was still dreaming! Yes, that had to be it. As the Gerudo dashed through the Keep’s halls and corridors, familiar faces kept popping up at every turn. Enel, chuckling at Ganon’s nakedness and saying they should get a drink later. Zelda, blushing crimson and pretending to look away. Link, looking amused at his friend’s antics and saying he should finish with Eighteen before roaming the Keep. And more. More people from his past and present continued to appear as Ganondorf struggled to wake himself from this dream. Yet, it seemed he couldn’t make himself awake… and a horrifying thought occurred to him. What if this was the afterlife? Perhaps Omni had only allowed him to revive that time to fool the Gerudo into complacency. It would make sense… the idyllic setting… his wounds were certainly grievous as well. It all fit. He had died in that forest, and this was what death was like in the Omniverse. A world of the dead’s crafting, built to their innermost desires… but is this what he REALLY wanted? A life of friends, of love, of peace? And if so, why had he run from it?

The world around Ganondorf shook, causing him to stumble and fall. Mortar and stone fell from the walls and ceiling, crashing around the Gerudo and threatening to flatten him. The color itself drained from his surroundings as the shaking increased, and the floor opened below him into a vast void of darkness. Ganondorf fell.


“Ganondorf… HEY! Ganondorf! Are you alright!”

Roused from his nightmare by a small hand on his shoulder shaking him awake, Ganon found that after his rest, his wounds immediately went back to reminding him that they were there. A coarse groan escaped his lips, which turned into a coughing fit as he fought against gravity in an effort to make his feet. An early morning light pervaded the forest. His left arm, still useless to him, reasserted itself as the dominant pain in his mind. His eyes, dulled with pain, both physical and the trauma he had experienced in that dreamscape, opened to find who had awakened him. He chuckled throatily, standing erect as his body finally won out against its fatigue, and Ganondorf looked down his nose at his companion.

“It’s about time.”

Harry wasn't sure what to make of Desco saying she was a demon. Demons didn't act like this; like upset little children. Demons were ancient and unchanging and inhuman, and Desco... was a scared little kid. Strange tentacle monster and hovering or not, the wizard couldn't reconcile that with "demon" in any way. "Desco, I... don't think that killing people is the right way to go about this." He could practically feel the frustration from the Winter Knight; the mantle wanted to lay into something. He'd been lucky to escape too much conflict so far. He'd actually spent most of this competition among friends. "We don't know who hurt her, for one thing." And for another, it might just have been Erza, Samus, and Mickey. If they got attacked they wouldn't have had a choice.

Honestly, there was very little to do. Harry looked at the BFG and sighed. This thing was no good for hunting. You'd be able to see it fire from across the island, and anything it hit would be completely annihilated. The wizard had an idea for that, though. It was practical, since from the looks of the BFG technology didn't hate him when he was collared like this. Its practicality wasn't the only reason he was suggesting it, though. "Desco, does that lightsaber split in half?"

"Yes, it does. Desco gave part of it to Luffy, before he found his own weapon. Why?"

"I'm going to go try and find some meat, and I was wondering if I could borrow it, since it's the closest thing we have to a knife." Desco considered that before unhooking the lightsaber, splitting it into two, and tossing one of the halves to the wizard.

"That's a good idea, minion."

Part of Harry realized that if he could take Desco seriously he'd probably be very frustrated, as he trekked through the underbrush as quietly as he could. I am holding a freaking lightsaber what's even going on anymore? He wasn't too proud to admit that he'd accidentally turned it on at one point during the hike and had simply stood around pantomiming scenes from the movie for a good ten minutes. What Star Wars fan wouldn't, if they had a real lightsaber? But now, he was back to hunting for a deer or something he could cook over a fire. It had been over an hour, and only just now did he spot one. He crept closer, until he was sure he'd be able to pull this off.

One of the two spells he'd been able to manage without the collar interfering.

"Infriga." Harry whispered, and the cloud of mist appeared around the deer, solidifying around it and trapping it. Harry ran from his hiding place and, just as the magical ice was starting to fade, ignited the lightsaber and sliced off the stag's head. I guess the red blade fits, after all. Still, we need to eat. He shouldered the headless deer and went back to camp.

It was a fairly long trek, especially with a deer on his back, but Harry made it. Desco was still curled up in her tentacle ball, but Harry left the lightsaber hilt by her for when she woke up. He took the deer near the river and searched for two suitable rocks, hitting one against the other to break off a sharp flake before taking that and tracking down an ivy of the non-poison kind and some bark, using the ivy to lash the sharp stone fragment to the bark to make some sort of crude knife. Armed with an admittedly-flimsy tool, Harry gathered wood for the fire, set a fire, and started cleaning his kill while said fire burned down.

Desco awoke later to the smell of cooking venison. It wasn't going to be amazing, but it was still pretty good meat. The pair of them split a vegetarian chili MRE to augment the meal, making their small amount of provisions go just a little farther. That was when Karl's announcement split the air. "We need to move." Harry stated flatly, as he ate the last bits of his chili and venison and unceremoniously threw the wooden spits that still had venison on them into his and Desco's duffel bags. He scooped river mud over the coals to make sure a forest fire wasn't about to start, then consulted the map and compass before striking off away from the new danger zones.

When they'd found another site near the river that should be out of immediate peril, Harry decided on his next item of action. He stood, shouldering the BFG and his duffel bag. "I'm going for that package. It could be anything. It might be something for those burns. You need to stay here." Something about Harry seemed different to Desco; he was colder. More determined. He didn't wait for a reply before setting off, following what his map said should be a safe route to the diner.

Winter was coming.
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

There was a stern determination painted on his face for a moment, it spread from deep within the layers of the way he held his eyes on the spot she had vanished from, and the emotion sulked a bit on his lip. The veteran was overly aware that it wasn't just his comrades watching, but Karl as well. He would carry on Guu's honor, by fulfilling her last wish. It was the only way he knew how to survive in a place that pitted people against themselves with the betrayal of temptation. Still, all he felt he could do was set a good example for those watching and the powerfuk Prime nodded to the empty air which his leader had gone from.

By the sound of things, Karl was on a killing spree. The mage smirked a bit, but Guu was alive and well. It finally felt like they had gotten one over on ol' Karl Jak and in this moment, the game master seemed a little more conquerable. "Careful Karl, your humanity is showing."

Droplets of crimson were speckled along his forearm. He was marked with the blood of the innocent. Needless carnage was always a pity. You didn't even know who you were really fighting against.

For the once-tricked Gildarts, the obvious answer of who his enemy really was dwelled only on Game Master Karl Jak, whose name was known by each participant, but never explicitly stated as a competitor. Karl was his ultimate rival, the most sound competitor in the game, and the only real winner.

Guu had left a snazzy looking shield behind. It seemed to have its own symbol embellished on it, and for some reason when he had touched it, he felt empowered with freedom. Gildarts was busy trying to attach it to his arm when a mouse appeared from some rattling brambles.

At the sound he had immediately readied, on high alert and clutched his Gunblade with careful precision of his prosthetic hand. Once it was decided that Mickey was a friend, Gildarts took it upon himself to make an introduction, it was a good example, and the kiddies were watching.

"Hi there, I'm Gildarts." He went through thr motions of extending a mangled hand, and lifted his silver limb, "Looks like I don't really have a good hand to offer you."

The smoldering pain had been numbed out by his sheer sense of mental fortitude, but as he has shifted his weapon away to meet the Mouse's glove with his armored arm, he felt the unhinging intensity of his awful agony thrash in the back of his mind where the never-tamed magic lashed in distress.

A glimpse of this shooting pain was sure to have shown in the most minute expression across his face as he reached toward the mouse, who eyed him with consideration before offering his own gleeful introduction. "Howdy! Nice to meetcha! I'm Mickey Mouse!"

Mickey had met warriors, and thought at least for the time being he wouldn't mention the severity for the sake of something so petty as Pride, but Samus wouldn't like it. If Mickey knew her, she wouldn't appreciate a liability. Still, he couldn't help but feel some compassion, and planned to show his concern for the injury a little later.

After their greeting, time seemed to glide by as a map was revealed and Gildarts finally was able to get a clear view of the coordinates that had been narrowly avoided as well as the deadly consequence that happened should they be stepped on.

The only problem with Guu's request was that he had no idea where to look for the purple one. Quickly the Prime got a good look at the map's crossed or lettering and reconsidered the best avenue to take.

"And which direction did you come from Mickey? Did you see anything?" Useful Intel would be valuable in this killer climate.

The others didn't seem to mind Gildarts' presence one way or another, and they had been put in a boat of mutual hatred for those people who were playing the game. Twenty had died -no, had been murdered- and he had played right into Karl's excuse and used self defense as a reason. If he were completely honest with himself, Guu's mission offered him momentary solace from the idea that the abyss had created a monster-killing machine out of him. He was ready to leave that in the dust, or at least he thought so, until the idea of a fated battle to test his limits grew in his mind with more and more appeal.

He fished around in his bag and found some tools that mortals used to survive and guzzled some satiating water. It also looked like there was food in those aluminum sacks, and Gildarts decided to shake up some grub.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

GYAAAHHH! . . . Haaghhh . . Hugh . .

Mugiwara squawked and hacked with bated breathe, confined by ethereal restraints. Ghastly wreathes slithered about his extremities like a coiling serpent of malevolent smog. Trickles of sweat doused his stretchy skin, adhering a glaze of permeable sheen.

Ooh? You've arisen from cerebral attrition I see. Exhaauusting isn't it? Still trying to cuff your way through with brute force? Keh, fucking Neeaanderthal. You cannot 'punch' me awaaay as you've so primitively triumphed in days of yore. Try as you might to shed my suffocating mantle, you are now nothing but a smelly vaaassal, get over it shit-for-brains.

Guh . . You're enjoying this too much you creepy fartcloud! I'm going . . to clobber your face! But you're too big a' coward to face me! You smell . . like rotten meat and fish-man dung!

F-fartcloud? Dung?? Sonuvva . . I'm the amaaalgam of darkness you feeble-minded lout! The bringer of nightmares, the abyyyssal harbinger of your nethermost teeerrors! I am of the legendary species!


Lifting a leg for good measure, Luffy let one loose, nearly sharding his britches in the process. Pungent fecal gas drifted from his hiney as the rubber youth mockingly waved some of it toward the dusky Pokemon.

Kishishi, that's what you smell like, ya' stupid shadow-monger. Eat it!

Why youuu . . little barbarian! Ugh! Laugh it up, rubber ducky! I'll spin that smug expreeession upside down.

Moreooover, I have knowledge regarding eeevery detail about you, do not forget. When this is all said and done, we'll pay a visit to your beloooved chums back on Cinnabar. I am going to make you watch heeelplessly with a front row seeaat as I force you to teeaar out their fucking throats! Gehgehgehgeh!

Luffy's visage dropped as his heart sank into duress. Darkrai's impending presage obliterated the pirate's foolhardy gumption. Heinous images flared before him, premonitions of Straw Hat himself covered head to toe amidst the blood and guts of cherished comrades, all the while donning a malice-coddled grin.

You . . . I don't care if it costs me my last breath. I will bring you to your knees. I will make you regret ever taking my body from me. I will not stop until you beg for mercy. No, matter a' fact, even then I'm not going to stop! Maybe I'll even poo on my fists before I pound into you! How's about a Gomu Gomu Doodoo Gatling?! You won't be chuckling for long! Don't you ever threaten my nakama!!



A light-footed crackle of twigs jarred Luffy from his cognizant stasis. Jerking his head he lied eyes upon a peculiar entity not dissimilar from himself, at least his 'current' self.

"Oiii . . . "
[Image: giphy.gif]

Face to Face
#28 Doomguy vs #37 Wartortle

The marine continued to grin behind his mask as he made his way away from the scene of his most recent battle. Although Gilgamesh had managed to draw blood, Doomguy knew that the next time he saw the king he would be smashing apart that smug face.

“I wouldn’t go that way,” a voice rasped, prompting the marine to stop and turn. A few feet away, a human-sized turtle was leaning against a tree. The creature’s face was a bloody, partially disfigured mess, and it was obvious that without the plan to keep him up, he would be on his back. “Too much gun.”

“Heh,” Doomguy replied with a sneer as he lifted the hammer. Karl had mentioned that there weren’t that many competitors left, and in a few minutes, there’d be one less.

Wartortle snickered and lifted a nail gun. A beat later, the weapon let out a whir and started to hurtle its payload of carpentry supplies at the marine. Doomguy dove to the side and grit his teeth as he dove for some cover amid the trees. As he slipped behind a tree, the whirl of the gun’s little motor stopped, and the marine listened for the inevitable footsteps that would signal the gimp turtle try to attack him.

When no such noises came, the marine scowled and rolled out from behind the tree, his hammer at the ready as he stalked toward his foe’s cover. He saw the creature’s bag on the ground, but an attempt to land a swinging blow from the other side of the tree connected with nothing but wood. The marine slid onto the other side of the tree and had barely a moment to breath before the turtle dropped down onto him. The nail gun barrel touched the top of the marine’s head, but he managed to smack it from his attacker’s grasp. Claws tore at his head, trying to rip through his helmet.

Swinging his knee up, Doomguy landed a blow on the turtle’s gut. A beat later, he threw a left hook, striking the creature’s already obliterated jaw. The swift right cross that followed knocked Wartortle onto his stomach.

“You’re done,” the marine muttered as he grabbed Wartortle’s gun and checked the ammo before lining up a shot.

“I’m done when I say I’m done,” Wartortle rasped as the Turtle Pokémon rolled over to reveal a clawed hand wrapped around the collar on his neck. The red light was already beeping furiously.

Doomguy scowled, spun, and ran as the forest behind him was rocked by the resulting blast.

#37 Wartortle DEAD

18 Primes Remain

A forest fire has started.

Doomguy gets the Nail Gun
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Blink regretted leaving the lighthouse pretty quickly. She had a great deal there, when she thought back on it. It was secluded, for the most part. Had several rooms, places to sit, actual beds and an awesome view. The downside was that it was such a big target, but she was starting to feel like that wasn't as big of a deal as she made it to be. As she trudged through some mud and underneath some low-hanging branches, she was grumbling on about how she had made a rash decision. She hadn't even paused to eat a meal there at the lighthouse. She appeared there, kicked some guy out of the building, and then promptly decided to leave without weighing the pros or the cons. Within the span of an hour, she had been given perfect shelter and then returned back to the wilderness.

At first, she blamed it on the hunger, but that could be because it was the most pressing issue she had at the moment. She was currently looking for a place to settle in underneath some trees so she could eat her last MRE. Eventually she decided it was the game. This whole Dante's Abyss tournament had started out as just something to pass the time. She had joined only because she had nowhere else to go or do. But now it consumed her. It went from a passing hobby into a life goal. So when the idea of safety and survival was put next to comfort, she had immediately gone for survival. This game had just become that important to her.

She finally found a spot to sit down, just off the path she had been walking near. She was hidden behind some bushes, far enough way that nobody would suspect she was hidden amongst the bushes. She set her duffel bag in front of her and pulled her last MRE out. It was Stroganoff. She opened the plastic covering and calmly began to nibble on it, using her hands. It wasn't terrible. She remembered briefly eating her first one with Violet, talking about the game and what was in store for her. She could have never predicted that the lavender-haired fighter would die so quickly after that, and Blink would left alone for the majority of her time. She tensed a bit as she thought about it. It wasn't anyone's fault, but she was still mad.

Blink's green eyes raised up as she heard footsteps. She looked behind her, noting there was definitely a person trudging slowly through the brush. Whoever it was had taken her strategy of following the road but keeping off of it. The danger zones had created a path going straight north to south and east to west, forcing everyone to use those directions to travel. She quickly set her plate down and and stood up, squinting her eyes to try and see this intruder better.

The smart thing to do was to lay low and continue eating her meal. But the smart thing to do also led her to leave the safety of the lighthouse. She was over being smart. Sitting there in the corner of the woods and hiding wasn't going to get her anywhere near the top of the leaderboard. She was in the top twenty - but that wasn't good enough for her. She had to start eliminating people when she had the chance.

She teleported her way closer to the shadow she was tracking. She blinked in and out of space, appearing closer every time, until she was right behind the figure. She was pressed against the three, peeking her purple-topped cranium out so she could peek.

Her emerald pupils sparkled a bit as she realized who she was stalking. He was tall, as green as the cloak she was wearing, and looking just as hurt as he was when she left him. She quickly teleported and appeared right in front of him, a smile on her face.

"Ganondorf," she said, pleased to have found him again. There wasn't a lot of people on the island she would have been relieved to run into, but this was the person that wasn't going to just kill her on sight.

He stopped, surprised, and immediately looked defensive. He paused a moment, as if trying to process who she was, and then nodded. He straightened back up, seeming to agree with her assessment of the situation. "I didn't think I would see you again," he admitted. "Looks like you survive, still."

"I'm stubborn like that," she declared. "I'm glad I found you. I'm also glad you haven't keeled over, yet, old man."

The green Prime didn't seem to appreciate her description of him, judging by his frown. Then again, he seemed to constantly frown, so it was hard to really tell. "I guess I'm stubborn like that as well," he said to her. At first, it seemed completely serious, but the slightest smirk appeared on his face to show a hint of sarcasm. She smiled back at him, warmly.

She told him to quickly wait while she went to get her things. She teleported a few times to get through to the little hiding spot she had found and knelt to re-pack her bag. She had been almost finished with her meal and went ahead and scarfed down what was left so it wasn't wasted. She was eager to return to Ganondorf- it was a lot better feeling knowing she had someone watching her back.

She looked over at where he was standing, arms crossed, waiting for her. She didn't completely trust him, but she still felt a bit of comfort and security knowing he was with her. He could have easily killed her the first time they met. He could have probably gotten her this time too, if he tried. In this game of death and violence, she had been lucky enough to find a couple people that was willing to work with her, as opposed to killing on sight.

It was a sad thought that closest thing to friendship she had found in the Omniverse was a couple people that weren't going to kill her on sight. But it was good enough for Claire. For now, at least.
[Image: blink2k15.png]

In his dreams, Jon Snow was flying.

That's how it felt, at least. Colds winds hammered and bashed against him, pitting him off against the elements as he struggled to keep himself soaring through the air. Looking down, he could see it all; barren, lifeless trees of winter, ones that lacked any trace of it's leaves or other shrubberies. The branches swayed faintly as the cold breeze brushed against them, the sudden rush of air invigorating their typically unmoving forms.

What was this?

All of this felt quite familiar, as though he had dreamt it before. He felt out of body, almost. Out of mind and out of touch with his very being and form. It was like he couldn't control himself, where he turned and swerved. The feeling was quite indescribable.

Jon felt himself budge as the winds began to quickly pick up. They grew harsher and more demanding, roaring down on him in some kind of metaphorical defiance. He found himself struggling to keep afloat and adrift as a familiar voice entered his head - one he had not heard of for quite some time.

"Kill the boy, Jon Snow..." the soft, quiet tones of Maester Aemon Targaryen spoke with firm resolution and prudent advice. "Winter is almost upon us."

A strong blizzard and breeze rolled right through Jon as the scene began to shift, an aura of snow and frost masking it's transformation. When the icey fog began to clear itself, Jon was met with a recognisable, yet less-than-welcoming sight; the Wall.

It stood as tall and firm as ever, but it was quite clear even from a distance that something was amiss. The loose timbers of Castle Black had been razed to the ground, and continued to burn and rot away like a wood pyre even now. Dozens of sworn brothers and wildlings lay across the white-coated floors, their blood and organs sprawled across the grounds in a gruesome and horrific display. From the gate, the Wall itself looked like it had almost been split into two, the strong ice shattered and the iron-bolted gate collapsed.

The creatures of the far North began to pour in, and behind them, the army of the dead followed, slaves bound to the will of their Walker overlords. The slain all around them began to rise as they passed by, resurrected by the witchcraft and black sorcery of the Others, cursed to become their servants and cannon fodder in the long war to come.

One of the creatures, a Walker mounted on horseback, rode forth ahead of the marching stampede. It's lifeless, unforgiving, cold blue eyes surveyed the landscape ahead of it. Forestland for miles. The Walker rose it's spear into the air, letting out a terrifying screech, a call for the Long Night to truly begin.

Jon heard the faint voice of Maester Aemon one last time as he felt himself begin to awake from his terrible nightmare.

"Kill the boy... and let the man be born."

* * * *

Jon gasped for air as his eyes flickered open, the crack of evening light hitting his sight and senses. His body jolted and scampered up as he soon regained his movement and control, sitting up from his slumped position against the tree behind him.

Sasuke, who wasn't seated far away at all, raised a brow as he heard Jon awaken, shifting his gaze toward him.

"You alright?" he questioned him. He lacked a distinct sound of care or compassion for him comrade in his voice, but he asked moreso out of mere curiosity and courtesy, clearly. Jon nodded silently as he moved an arm to rub the fatigue from his eyes, his heart's speed beginning to slow down to a resting pace.

"Aye, fine..." Jon sighed. "Just... had a strange dream, is all" he took a few minutes to compose himself and gather his thoughts before his gaze floated to look at Sasuke, who'd now glanced away with a lack of interest and caring. "Where is-" "He wanted to go look ahead a little bit" the ninja cut him off almost instantaneously. "He'll be back soon enough."

Right on cue, the faint sound of cackling sounded from the forests behind Jon. His senses sharp and alert, Jon quickly hopped to his feet, drawing his bow and unfolding it with a click. He was almost ready to pluck an arrow from his quiver and open fire, and would of if he hadn't got a good luck at the man, first.

"It is only I, your King. No need to try and shoot me again" Gilgamesh rolled his eyes, raising his hands up slightly. Jon lowered his bow and got a good look at him, but he made no movement to bow and or greet him, simply making a silent walk back over to where his bag was resting against the tree.

"Well...?" Sasuke's gaze hovered to Gilgamesh as he rose to his feet and approached him. "You see anything? Or... anyone, rather?" the ninja inquired. The king nodded slightly in response.

"I saw some robed and another one of those unholy demon children some clicks South of here" the King confirmed as a wide grin began to spread across his lips. "I recognise the child as an Ambrosian..."

Sasuke's eyes lit up at that. "She's just fair game, then" he agreed, glancing over to Jon. Snow didn't say a word, rather he hiked his bag back over his shoulders and kept his bow unfolded and under his arm. Such gestures seemed to be enough confirmation that he was game and ready.

The three exchanged silent nods to one another, and they pair began to follow Gilgamesh through the dense foliage of the forests. They moved with quick haste; if they slacked they'd miss them, after all, and that's not what Gilgamesh wanted, that wasn't his plan. He was a king in his own right, yet he still desired to be the King of the ashes and the dead contestants of Dante's Abyss.

And Jon wouldn't try and stop him; not yet, at least. He'd play along with this little mind-game until he got out of here. Then Karl Jak would have some questions to answer.
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Face to Face
#05 Gilgamesh, #43 Sasuke Uchiha, #33 Jon Snow, #20 Harry Dresden &#38 Desco

Harry Dresden and Desco saw the mill up ahead—its giant, rustic-looking vanes spinning softly in the afternoon breeze. The walk there had been a somber one, with their attention focused on navigating the increasing number of danger zones that now populated the island. “Doesn’t fit in,” Harry muttered as he watched the windmill gently spin in the breeze. In a place where people were dying every few hours, it felt strange to watch a serene little building plucked from the hinterland of Amsterdam exist without the slightest scratch or hint that blood had fallen here.

“Desco wants to keep going,” the Final Boss shot back. Harry nodded, knowing full-well that the child didn’t understand the irony of the building’s existence. The pair made their way passed the windmill, trying to take a wide, arching path around the structure in the event that someone inside. They were almost clear of the mill when the fat, glowing arrow smacked into the ground in front of them.

“Run!” Harry shouted as the explosive projectile erupted, throwing fire and dirt in all directions as the two new friends were knocked onto the ground. The wizard was quicker to his feet, his eyes turning in all directions as he waited for someone to pop out of the forest. He grabbed for the BFG, but his attention was diverted when the ground a few yards in front of him started to fount up amidst a screaming stream of automatic fire. Harry scowled and rolled backwards, his eyes never straying from the approaching gunfire.

“Hope this works,” the wizard muttered to himself as he rose up and threw a hand forward. “Pyrofuego! With a flash of the light on his collar, a massive ball of fire shot forth from the man’s hand and exploded in the grove of trees. As the flames started to spread, Harry caught movement and ran for the BFG as Desco moved to join him.

Sasuke was the first to emerge, his clothes still burning as he stumbled out and fired his own counter-blaze at the wizard the his demon master. Moving forward, Desco’s eyes went wide as Yog wrapped his tentacles around her, turning her into a glowing black sphere that absorbed the flames and redirected them away from Desco and Harry. It all seemed to be going well until Gilgamesh dropped out of the sky next to the wizard. The king’s jet thruster’s died off as he swung the jagged edge of the Lancer down onto Harry’s chest.

Harry fell back, but a grin spread across his face as the BFG revved to life. Gilgamesh swore and rocketed into the sky as the giant blast of plasma zipped through the air and hit the side of the windmill, blasting apart about a quarter of the building and leaving a green residue on the jagged edges of the remaining wall.

In front of Harry, Desco unfurled from the protection as the flames died off. The lightsaber flared to life in her hands as she moved for Gilgamesh, who dropped back down to the ground.

“I killed your friend,” Gilgamesh sneered as Desco’s eyes widened and the aura around her body surged with raw power. The king slipped into his own transformation as the demon-girl charged at him, lashing out with her tentacles as she moved to close the distance. Gilgamesh held his own, managing to bat away Yog’s attacks, but he couldn’t get out of the way as one of the lightsaber blades slipped across his chest, scorching clean through his armor and burning into the skin beneath. “Damn you,” he growled as he revved up the chainsaw bayonet and swung, forcing Desco to retreat. Before she could press the attack again, an arrow sank into the eldritch abomination behind her, causing her to come to a full stop. She turned and saw Sasuke and Jon Snow rushing to defend their king.

Harry saw it too, but he was too late to stop the archer from sending an arrow through Desco’s skull. The steel projectile knocked the little girl’s head nearly off her shoulders.

In that instant, the wizard gave into the pull of Winter, and he let the power and unbridled anger wash over him. Turning sharply, he fired the BFG and watched as the blast threw both men for the loop. Jon Snow hit the ground and stayed there, but Sasuke rolled and managed to come out on his feet.

That ended quickly, as Harry rushed forward and bashed the ninja in the gut with the barrel of the weapon. As he moved to find the trigger, an arrow sank into his side, causing him to grind his teeth together to help swallow down a scream. Sasuke stole that moment and retreated as a shadow fell over Harry.

The wizard looked up at the giant monster and scowled as its fist slammed into his body, scooping him off the ground and launching him passed the now defiled windmill. He hit the ground hard, but not hard enough that he didn’t scramble to his feet and make for safety.

#38 Desco DEAD

17 Primes Remain

Harry Dresden used Tier 1 Super Move Pyrofuego (-2 SP)
Harry Dresden used Tier 1 Power Up Mantle of Winter (-1 SP)
Gilgamesh used Tier 1 Power Up Runes of Babylon (-1 SP)
Sasuke used Tier 1 Power Up (-1 SP)
Jon Snow used Tier 1 Super Move Fist of Wun (-2 SP)

Jon Snow has fire burns, plasma burns, a few fresh scrapes, and he twisted an ankle – Major Injury (+6 Damage)
Sasuke has some burns and a few bruised ribs – Minor Injury (+4 Damage)
Gilgamesh has a shallow slash through his armor and across his chest – Minor Injury (+3 Damage)
Harry has a deep laceration from chainsaw blade and an arrow through his side – Major and Minor Injury (+8 Damage)

The double-saber is there for New Babylon.
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Face to Face
#26 Doomguy vs #36 Carn_Val & #37 Luffy

“Who are you?” Luffy demanded as a clearly injured prime with a scary-looking mouth stumbled out of the woods.

“Who are you?” Carn replied, trying to grin even as the pale-skinned pirate looked down at him.

“You first,” the elastic man snapped back, his eyes narrowing as he stared down at the anomaly.

From the left of the pair, a third voice responded. “How about I go first?”

Luffy and Carn turned to see the marine standing there, nail gun in one hand and hammer in the other. The gun whirred to life, and the air was suddenly full of nails. The pirate managed to clear out of the way, but a nail found its way through Carn’s skull. Luffy watched the body fall down and was still left wondering who the dead person could have been.

Unfortunately for the pirate, a hammer smashing down onto his skull reminded him that there were more pressing matters at hand. Luffy let out a growl as his body started to expand and change colors. Within a few moments, Nightmare Luffy had returned, and Doomguy found himself scowling behind his visor. Lunging forward, Luffy swung down, smashing the earth where the marine had stood. In return, Doomguy lifted the nail gun and pulled back the trigger, stitching a nice line of nails up his opponent’s chest.

In what was a display of inertia more than anything, Luffy managed to slam into Doomguy, knocking the armored man backwards. With another growl, the hulking plastic man lifted his gun and pulled the trigger. Doomguy twisted his body and watched as the bullet ripped across the front of his armor, shredding the material but failing to bite against the skin underneath. A plastic fist then caught him off-guard, and this time, the marine was knocked airborne. His flight took him back to the edge of the little cliff that overlooked the water, and before he could find purchase on the ground, Doomguy dropped over.

#36 Carn_Val DEAD

16 Primes Remain

Luffy used Tier 1 Transformation Nightmare Luffy (-1 SP)

Luffy has a dent on his silly rubber head (Story Injury), but he also has a bunch of nails punched through his friggin' skin -- Minor Injury (+4 Damage)
Doomguy drops about 10 meters and will spain his ankle, bruise his back, and break his visor/helmet (I hate those things) landing in a way that doesn't kill him -- Major Injury (+6 Damage)
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Quote:Apologies for messing up the chronology here, but this bit was sort of necessary considering my previous post. This one occurs alongside Mickey and Samus' latest posts.

Erza had hardened her heart. She had retreated into that persona she so often liked to put off of a gruff, emotionless warrior. This time, though, there was an added aspect of impersonality, a sense of practicality over humanity. She had distanced herself, more than ever before, from anything and everything that could possibly hold her back in a giant deathmatch. It required a disregard for her allies, for the atrocities she had and would have to continue committing, for human life.

It was a state that she could not maintain for long. It had helped get over whatever had happened to Guu, before and after she left. It had helped numb the pain of having likely been half the reason for so many deaths, and the survivors' guilt she'd always suffered even back in her home world. But even a complete disregard for human life couldn't keep her heart from melting upon the arrival of a certain anthropomorphic mouse.

As Mickey jumped into her arms, the stone walls guarding the barriers of Erza's heart gave way, letting loose a wave of pent-up grief that was immediately beaten back by the force of the mouse's impromptu display of affection. "Good to see you too, Mick." She let him go, finding it impossible to contain a relieved grin and a salty surprise in her good eye, which she promptly turned her face to hide.

She had been about to leave Gildarts behind, figuratively speaking. It wasn't something Erza would normally consider, but given the extenuating circumstances... Even Samus, though they hadn't known eachother for all that long, had a good heart and deserved her respect. In fact, that was the core of the issue with hardening oneself from everything else in life - It would mean abandoning any semblance of respect for the strength of the others, let alone their heart. And that was something that Erza just couldn't make herself go through with, even for just a little while.

Mickey and Samus were reconciling again, Gildarts looking on with one eyebrow raised. Erza took the moment to sit down and allow her powerful and conflicting emotions to settle into a bog of faint discomfort. It was very good that she wasn't alone anymore, that was no question. A set of potent allies would help to keep her alive and, more importantly, sane. But that didn't get rid of the nature of the event, nor did it fix the fact that she and her current allies made up not a fourth of the remaining contestants. Nothing was secure yet; Anything could happen, given the right number of enemies.

But, there was no point sitting around moping about it. She leapt to her feet with a nod. Just keep making the best of it, like you've been doing for three days already. Nothing has changed. You can still fight. The other three were already talking strategy over a map. She'd save the rationalization for later.

"So, what's next?"
[Image: Erza_kicks_Happy.gif]

I felt the shock wave in my feet and the agonizingly sensitive bullet holes in my side before I saw it. Like the feeling of splashing down into the frigid water of a morning pool. A feeling of electricity washed over me, and I had to look for the source for I feared that I would be covered in barrage fire. To my relief and surprise, I saw the mushroom cloud that hung over the far side of the island's sole mountain, dust kicked up above the very peak of the land and intermixed with the clouds above. I could only wonder what could have possibly caused that kind of damage, and in equal part be thankful I was not at the epicenter of the explosion and wish I was there to see what caused it. A brief moment of exhilaration at such wanton destruction at least left me a moment without my thoughts on my bullet wounds.

It passed, however. I continued my extended island walking tour until I found a safe haven in the form of a ditch that had once been a small stream dug into the earth. Barely enough for me to get my head under with my knees to my helmet, but at least I saw covered. I hastily wolfed down a 'HOOAH!' bar that came with one of my MREs as I looked over the map given to us to track our position. I had been surprised how far I've gone across the island, and yet I could feel it in the blisters in my feet. The heavy weight in my eyelids, and the heartbeat that throbbed in my wounds and in my strained mind. How long ago was sleep? I had pushed myself for so long, but I was not done.

The war was not over, the battle was not won. It would not end until I was the one standing atop the bodies. Each name that the voice of our tormentor listed off was another spot towards victory. Some of those names may have been regretful to hear go, but as the prize came closer to my reach and the blood soaked my hand, outlasting and defeating the rest had become the forefront thought in my adrenaline soaked brain.

The right side of the island was pushed towards the left, the hazard zones left only a corridor to fight through to escape. It would be a bottleneck to force the others to fight. A bloodbath. The west side was a bit more open, if only barely. One still had to dance around the areas that would turn you into a living-then-soon-dead firecracker via the collar, but so long as I patrolled the the area I could find perhaps some of those that hid in the pockets of the island.

I packed everything else up and headed out. Time to hunt.


What I found was unorthodox, yet I could not do anything other than smile. A stocky rifle that felt more like an SMG in my hand, a clip full for long spikes like nail as ammo that I felt like it could punch through someone's armor and right into their heart. The large turtle creature (another pokemon?) had been tough to wrestle the weapon away from, and in the end it used the collar around his neck to try and finish me off in his dying breath, but I came out unharmed and with a far better weapon. than before.

Although I had wished that there had been something left of the creature to scavenge, the walking soup bowl would have been worth all the MREs that I was given, but his explosive end left little but a forest fire that chased my heels until I managed to reach a clearing and made some time.

Round two with Stretches had not fallen in my favor as I had wished. I decorated him in nails and done his head in with a few blows, but whatever he had that allowed him to balloon into a hulking creature is was kept him in in the fight, and I was left with a limp and a pain in my back that made turning a bit more painful than it had any right to be. But it was pain I could live through.

It was my smashed visor that was the more horrid damage done to me. I could feel the salty breeze touch the sweat that had built up over the time in the sun and battle. I had to take my helmet off in order to shake all the reflective glass out. No matter. Now they could see my face.

They can see the eyes of the man who could be their death. I limped on and looked for my next opponent.

"Good evening, my little precious primes! The sun is setting, and it's time to hear about all the tragic loses our little island community has suffered.

#35 Wartortle
#38 Desco
#36 Carn_Val

"The following squares will be our newest danger zones in six hours...


"Have fun with the package over at the dinner. We're down to the sweet sixteen. Enjoy yourselves,"
with a snicker, the announcement drew to an end.

Quote:Everyone may now move up to 3 spaces once again -- We'll draw DA to a Finale when we're down to 6-8 primes. Happy hunting.
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Face to Face
#21 Gildarts, #14 Mickey Mouse, #34 Erza Scarlet, #09 Samus Aran & #20 Harry Dresden vs #05 Gilgamesh, #33 Jon Snow, #43 Sasuke Uchiha, #19 Ganondorf, #03 Blink, #04 Retane & #27 Deadpool

Easter Egg - Ultima Weapon

Long ago, a magical girl had died inside the diner.

Before that, it had been the home to a mismatched group of warriors trying to pass the hours on an island where they were all fated to die. As the sun vanished beneath the horizon, a group of five warriors found themselves reunited before the building. Samus, Mickey, Gildarts, Erza, and Harry Dresden looked silently at the two shattered windows that bordered the entrance to the dinner. The group known to fans of the show as ‘MESH+G’ was somber. Gildarts felt a crippling sadness at hearing the news of Desco’s death. The man had blood on his hands from earlier in this twisted competition, and now he had failed in his leader’s final request.

“It’s probably somewhere inside,” Samus spoke softly as she walked toward the door. She pushed it open and stepped back, half-expecting a pack of primes to come stampeding at them. When nothing happened, the bounty hunter stepped over the threshold and into the diner. She spied the wooden crate with the glowing panels in the corner of the diner and nodded to herself. Before the others could be made to follow, shots rang out through the dusk sky, scattering the group. Samus instinctively dove further into the diner, tucking and rolling back to her feet even though her muscles ached. She rose to her feet just in time to see the stream of fire belch toward her face. Falling back, the bounty hunter grimaced as the ninja hopped up onto the counter and stared down at her.

She didn’t like that expression on his face, so the woman armed her missiles and released the barrage at him.


Outside the diner, the other members of the group had been scattered by the attack. Gildarts rose up to see their adversaries. Among them, he saw the pale-face, dark-haired man who had struck down Desco. He wasn’t a man of vengeance or to be consumed by his emotions, but GIidarts found himself rushing at the pallid figure with the arrows, even as bullets zipped through the air around him. Holding up Guu’s shield, Gildarts clenched his hands around the gunblade. He felt an arrow ricochet off the surface of glossy metal.

With a grunt, the charging prime reached his opponent and thrust the shield forward. Jon Snow dove back, avoiding the bashing attack and the long arch of the gunblade that followed in its wake. The bastard grimaced as he knocked an arrow and launched it. Gildarts let out a grunt as the arrow sank into his organic shoulder. Before he pressed his attack, the prime dug down deep into himself. His collar flickered as the air around him was filled with a powerful white light.

“Show me your best,” Gildarts declared as Jon Snow stumbled back and tried to smile. “What?”

The answer came in the form of a giant lumbering forward and hitting Gildarts with a vicious, car-sized fist that, even though he got up the shield, sent the prime crashing through a series of trees before his momentum finally expired.


Driven away from the fighting by Gilgamesh’s gunfire, Mickey Mouse fell back toward the trees, his nimble form allow him to awkwardly dodge the erratic bursts as they punished the ground in front of the diner. The gilded king pressed the attack, trying to drive the mouse further back, separating him from the rest of his friends. Mickey, however, was not without firepower of his own, and as he was hoping back to avoid a stream of bullets, he threw out his palm and launched a repulsor blast that forced Gilgamesh to dive and roll.


Erza Scarlet and Harry Dresden were in tandem as the rockets came at them. On the other side of the blasts, the one-eyed namekian grinned with a blood-stained mouth as the missiles screamed forth from the launcher.

The pair, despite their own firepower, fell back, hoping in their own minds to separate their current threat, eliminate him, and rejoin their allies.

They hadn’t expected to back up right into Deadpool, who held a shovel in one hand and a little red-white ball in the other. With a grin, the merc chucked the Pokeball at the ground as he swung with his shovel and bashed Erza in her already brutalized visage. The ball cracked open to reveal a large yet snake-looking creature with puffy white ears and a horn. “Use Hyper Beam!” Deadpool commanded before realizing what he was looking at. ”Damn. It. Well kill them someway else than!”

With a rather mortifying yet melodic shriek, the Dragonair lunged at the pair of primes, forcing the pair to splinter.


Gildarts rose to his feet and stumbled forward. A look down revealed that the impact from the giant had crushed his non-prosthetic arm between the Vibranium shield and his own chest. Attempting to move the limb caused it to sag to his side, and Guu’s shield struck the ground. With a scowl, Gildarts looked at the gunblade and sank it into the ground. Taking up his fallen leader’s personal buckler into his functional hand, he rejoined the battle.

Jon Snow, believing that his foe was gone, had taken just a few moments to breath before turning his attention to the fight between Mickey and Gilgamesh. His first arrow had distracted the mouse, leaving him open to a vicious kick from the golden king sent his rodent and fellow monarch onto his back. Before Jon could switch his attention to another fight raging to the south of the diner, he heard a thunderous voice boom at him.

“We’re not done, you and I,” Gildarts shouted as the one-armed prime started lumbering toward his opponent.

Jon Snow scowled as he reached back into his quiver. He waited as it cycled to a different type of arrow, and the bastard glanced just once at the explosive munitions before slipping it onto his bow and pulling back the drawstring. He let the arrow loose and watched as Gildarts rushed forward to meet it—the shield before him leading him on even as the air exploded into a ball of fire. Jon Snow had all of three moments to breathe out before Gildarts erupted out of the smoke before him and smashed the shield across his face. The bastard fell back, his nose shattered and fresh pain flaring up through his neck and cheekbones.

The bastard reached for another arrow. In a flash, it was in the air, but the Guu Shield was also airborne. As the arrow tore into Gildart’s lung, the shield smashed into Jon Snow’s skull, snapping his neck back and releasing the warrior into Death’s embrace.


Inside the diner, Sasuke writhed on the floor behind the counter. A missile barrage had thrown him from his high ground and made him feel far from pleasant. Back in the center of the diner, Samus heard the escalation noise outside and turned to deal with the situation. Hearing the bounty hunter about to rejoin the fight, the ninja pulled himself up and fired at her with his flamethrower. Samus twisted and tried to avoid the blast of fire, but it caught her regardless and instantly scorched the exposed parts of her skin.

Smacking at the flames that clung to what remained of her suit, Samus glared at the ninja who now leaned heavily against the counter.

“Where you running off to, when I’m still right here?” Sasuke grumbled as he balanced the nozzle of the flamethrower on the counter and pulled back on the trigger.


Harry Dresden had been separated from the diner. While he could still hear the sounds of the melee, he could no longer spot the structure amidst the trees and other foliage that surrounded his current location.

“Lost?” A female voice inquired, causing the wizard to spin around the see a purple-skinned woman grinning at him.

“Doing just fine,” Harry muttered as he eyed her with suspicion. “Friend or foe?” He asked, causing the woman to smile faintly.

“Ask him that,” she answered as she pointed to something behind Harry. The wizard turned to see a familiar face, but Ganondorf was beyond forced pleasantries and saccharine smiles and turns-of-phrase. With a frown, the Gerudo clenched his good hand and slammed it into the other prime’s face. Harry hit the ground, but even as he crashed into a heap, the air around him seemed to shimmer as he once more dipped into the power of the mantle.

Scrambling to his feet, Harry swung his bag, BFG and all, at Ganondorf, breaking the Gerudo’s balance long enough for the wizard to release a massive blast of fire that momentarily removed the demon king from the equation. With the knowledge that he was being attacked from both sides, the man turned with full intentions of blasting Blink into the next century.

Only when Harry ripped the BFG from the bag to blast Blink to pieces, the magenta mutant was nowhere to be seen. All that remained was a little pink crease in reality that the wizard found fascinating and frustrating on a few levels. He would have started to wonder what had caused it, but his thoughts were sharply redirected when a rock crashed into the back of his skull. Harry stumbled forward and nearly lost his balance.

Now behind her opponent, Blink pressed the attack without a second guess. She had spent far too long on the island—the thought of bashing the man’s skull in didn’t even warrant a moment to think it over. A second swift movement brought the stone crashing into the side of Harry’s head, but the wizard had endured the blows. And worse for the mutant, he’d managed to turn around and bring the weapon to bear on her.

Before Blink could register the danger of the situation, the blast of plasma slammed into her, plucking her off the ground and slamming her into a tree before erupting like a contained bomb. When the dust faded, a broken and mangled Blink lay against the shattered trunk of the tree. One of her hands was gone, leaving just the jagged bone jutting out from the purple meat. The mutant tried to stand but found it hard to find the strength.

With the BFG still primed, Harry turned to find Ganondorf, but the demon king was nowhere to be seen.

He made it all of ten steps before the nearest tree suddenly broke away from its base and tried to crush him. As Harry stumbled backwards, a giant arm wrapped around his neck. He reacted with a quick headbutt, but before he could turn to deal with Ganondorf, a portal opened in front of him. Blink stumbled out of it. The purple mutant scowled as she stabbed jagged arm bone into Harry’s chest. The wizard screamed as he found the trigger again. The second blast of plasma left just a third of the young prime’s body remaining when it hit the ground.

A fist hit Harry in the head as Ganondorf once again slipped his arm around his neck and started to squeeze. The wizard’s eyes went wide as he tried to angle the heavy weapon to fire at the prime behind him. When it seemed as if he might actually manage to fire the plasma gun, Ganondorf lifted the man up off the ground and smashed him against another tree. Dazed and still losing blood from the head injuries, Harry Dresden took longer to rise to his feet than he should have, and when he rose, he found himself staring into the giant barrel of his own weapon.

“It’s nothing personal,” Ganondorf replied as he fired the energy gun into the chest of Harry Dresden. The blast found its mark, blowing apart the man’s chest and throwing him like a rag doll back into the wide clearing that surrounded the diner. Erza Scarlet, who had just managed to fling herself out of the path of a rocket, groaned as she looked down to ensure her ankle hadn’t twisted. As she was about to turn her attention back to the task at hand, Harry hit the ground next to her. The wizard, his body blown open like an overripe fruit from the blast, looked her in the eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but lost the strength to do so, and as Erza watched, he slipped off the mortal coil. The redhead’s eyes went wide, but she had little time to dwell on it before another rocket came screaming through the sky at her. She hopped clear of the explosion, and by the time she rose to her feet, her Flight Armor was primed.


With a grunt, Mickey Mouse hopped to his feet and released a repulsor blast that went wide of its mark. As Gilgamesh stepped forward and swung down with the whirling bayonet of the Lancer, Mickey swung up with the Master Sword, intercepting the chainsaw attachment before it could saw through his face. To his left, the mouse king saw a flash of blue before the Dragonair tackled into him, its stout horn smashing against his face as he lost his balance. Behind the Dragon Pokémon could wrap its body around Mickey, the tiny prime sprung back, swinging his sword and launching a blast to keep the creature at bay.

“Here, you’re doing it all wrong,” Deadpool replied as grabbed a metal rod hanging on Gilgamesh’ side. “Just get out of my way,” he added as he pushed away the gilded king and started toward Mickey.

“This is for Minnie,” Mickey rasped as one of the lightsaber’s ends sprung to life. Deadpool swung down and Mickey threw up the Master Sword to intercept him. The two blades met in the air with a crackling hiss.

“This is bullshit,” Deadpool growled as he tried to overpower his smaller adversary.

“…language,” Mickey replied as he lifted up a hand. Rather than a repuslor blast, a massive surge of yellow energy erupted from his metal palm, slamming into Deadpool’s chest and throwing the merc onto his back.


Erza scowled as she charged, her suit giving her a needed edge in avoiding the rockets as they came screaming through the darkening sky at her. On the other end of the salvos, Retane grimaced, his wounds starting to catch up with him as he tried to steady his aim. The namekian would never admit it to a soul, but his physical body was starting to degrade. His mind remained sharp and clear, but it took more effort to will his flesh and muscles to respond. Even when the Malefactor started to pump its strength through him, he knew this wouldn’t be a fight like the others.

One of his rockets soared wide, and perhaps seeing that the advantage in their little war of attrition had finally turned in her favor, Erza ripped Mjolnir from her side and threw the hammer. The weapon hit Retane in the chest with a deafening thunderclap, and the namekian fell backwards as his opponent stopped and waited for the weapon to return to her hand. She glanced focus back to the diner doors, where she had heard the report of Samus’ flak cannon go off yet again. The woman made to move to help her ally when she heard a raspy voice.

“Don’t you dare,” Retane growled as he slammed an elbow onto the barrel of the next primed rocket, denting the thick metal of the launcher. He hoisted it back onto his shoulder, but when he pulled the trigger, he let go. The trapped rocket shot forward, bringing the other three and the launcher with it as it struck the ground a few feet in front of Erza Scarlet and exploded. The woman stifled a scream as she was caught in the blast and thrown head-over-heels. As Retane slumped over to the ground, his eyes turned to the object in his bag. Green hands stretched for it as the world around him continue to rage.


Mickey Mouse was an elusive prey, and on this day, Gilgamesh was ill-equipped to serve as his exterminator. The Golden King and the Mouse King continued to play their game of cat and mouse, even as explosions ravaged around them. Dragonair lay dazed a few feet away—its eyes swirling as it struggled to regain its senses. With a yelp, Mickey hopped and fired another blue blast of energy. Gilgamesh dodged away and let the jetpak lift him up into the air, causing his opponent to crane his neck around as the golden king shot up and then behind him.

With a thud, Gilgamesh dropped down, kicking Mickey in the face before the mouse could retaliate.

“Goodbye, Mouse,” Gilgamesh sneered as he pulled back on the trigger and fire upon the dazed rodent.

Before Mickey Mouse could be torn to shreds, he was shoved out of the way and replaced by Gildarts, who threw up the shield. As he did, a white X surged to life before his own bulwark, and as the king of New Babylon continued to fire, he saw his bullets seemingly dispersed and nullified by the enemy prime. With a scowl, Gilgamesh relented, and Gildarts scowled at him.

“You’re done, King. It’s time you paid for what you’ve done.”

Before Gildarts could swing the shield, the blast of plasma slammed into his chest. Gilgamesh and Mickey both dove away the tallest of the three primes was thrown forward by the force of the blast. The two turned to see a smirking, half-alive Ganondorf with a BFG in his hands.


Samus Aran fell backwards as the flak cannon discharged once more, spraying burning shards of metal toward her adversary. Although she didn’t have an angle on her opponent, she did hear the thud of what sounded like a body hitting the ground. Scrambling to her feet, she glanced around, half-expecting her opponent to destealth from somewhere and come at her with another blast of flames.

Instead of that, she heard what sounded like the crackle of a live electrical wire. Was Erza laying into people with more bolts of lightning?

Before Samus got her response, Sasuke dropped down from the ceiling and punched her with his lightning-infused fist. The bounty hunter refused to scream even as she was momentarily blinded by the flash of light and lost the sensation in her limbs. Even despite the pain coursing through her body, Samus had long ago ceased to be the Hunted.

With a grunt, the Hunter smashed her skull against Sasuke’s face, knocking the ninja backwards and breaking his contact with her. Dropping to a knee, Samus swung up the flak cannon and looked into the man’s eyes as she fired the weapon one more time. There was no dodging or evasion this time—Sasuke could only mouth something offensive as the blast hit him and sent him smashing through the wall and into the kitchen behind it.

The woman, her legs somewhat shaky, rose to her feet. Her eyes found the package, but in her heart, she knew that her teammates were still risking their lives. Turning to look at the door, she saw the mercenary leaning against the frame, a furry toy in his hand.

“Have fun,” Deadpool replied as he chucked the object at Samus. The bounty hunter stumbled backwards as the Furby hit the ground in front of her and somehow managed to land upright. The strange little toy wiggled, its eyes looking up and down as it chirped something out of its plastic beak. Samus wasn’t an idiot—the bounty hunter turned and tried to run even as those words rang out from the toy.

“I love you,” it said before it exploded and brought down the front half of the dinner.


Mickey and Erza watched in horror from their separate fights as the bomb went off in the diner. They both knew who had been inside the building.

The mouse king stifled more words he’d regret as he lashed out, catching Gilgamesh with the flat side of the Master Sword. Even as the armor man stumbled backward, the Dragon Pokémon rushed in to fill the void, causing Mickey to blast the creature in the face with a repulsor blast. He turned his focus back to Gilgamesh, who had been staggered by the attack and was wide open for another blast. The mouse threw up his hand and steadied it for another blast.

Before Mickey could fire, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked back and up to see Deadpool standing there. “Need a hand?”

Without waiting for a response, Deadpool made his own punchline. With a swift motion, he swung the lightsaber down onto Mickey’s outstretched hand, slicing through iron glove and wrist alike. There was a moment of silence as the mouse’s severed hand hit the ground and the blue light of the glove faded into darkness. As Deadpool swung back to lob off the mouse’s head, he was struck in the back by a bolt of lightning and thrown clear of the fighting.

Turning, Mickey tried to force a smile for Erza, but all the strength in his tiny mouse body wasn’t enough. With a thud, the mouse king fell over, the Master Sword toppling to the ground as he cradled the cauterized stump.

“Mickey!” Erza screamed, her eyes wild with rage and fear as she ran forward. She threw Mjolnir, causing Gilgamesh to jet out of the way. Before she could reach the mouse, a blast of plasma exploded between her and her oldest friend in the Abyss. The woman turned and saw a smiling Ganondorf looking at her, and a look to her other side revealed Gilgamesh with quite the same look on his face.

“Truce for now?” Ganondorf replied as he reached into his bag for a glowing silver egg.

“Truce.” Gilgamesh sneered as he retrived a shimmering golden egg from his own duffel.

Ganondorf grinned—the upstart had either killed Cindy or managed to profit from her death. He’d never admit it, but the Gerudo felt a little more respect toward the arrogant little asshole. “Nicely played.” In two flashes of light, the Rathalos and Rathian were reborn, and their presence was once more felt in the Omniverse for the first time in nearly a year. The kings mounted their dragons, leaving Erza Scarlet as the meat in a monster sandwich.

She didn’t really enjoy her odds, but Erza wasn’t going to back down. If she was the last survivor of her group, she was going to die like the best of them.

“Come on!” The woman roared as he swung Mjolnir, launching a bolt of lightning that blew apart the ground beneath a now airborne Rathian. Spinning, Erza dove out of the way as the Rathalos swung down a claw, ripping up a chunk of earth. The woman flipped backwards, landed on her boots, and fired up the Rathalos, catching it with a glancing blast of lightning as the creature spun through the air and released a blast of fire down at the woman. She avoided that blast but failed to avoid the second blast of fire.

Smashing Mjolnir into the ground, Erza pushed up off the ground and looked up to see the two dragons hovering around her. She twirled the hammer in her hand and hurtled it at Gilgamesh. The Rathian dropped down to avoid the path of the weapon, which returned to Erza just as the claws of the Rathalos raked across her front, cleaving through armor, flesh, and muscle.

The redhead stumbled backwards and tried to lift the hammer to fire off another bolt of lightning, but before she could, a claw burst through her chest. Erza’s arms dropped to her sides, and the last thing she saw was a Rathalos claw slicing through the air toward her neck.

With the woman dead in two pieces between the two of them, the monarchs turned their attention to one another.

“Are you ready to die?” Gilgamesh asked as the two dragons kicked up off the ground, leaving the island beneath them as they took to open air. “You can’t expect to survive this time, Ganondorf.”

“I’ve endured much worse than you,” the dark king sneered. “And I will always endure, as long as this place exists.” Ganondorf hooked his broken arm underneath one of the straps that connected his small saddle to the monster. Once he was certain he could still move one of his fingers, he rested the BFG on the limb. It wasn’t pretty and painless, but it gave the Rathalos a plasma-spewing turret.

From his own mount, Gilgamesh scowled, but although he might to denounce his foe as his lesser, he emulated the other king’s actions without a second thought.

And like that, the two dragons let out roars and entered into a collision course. Fireballs, plasma balls, and bursts of gunfire ripped through the air as the monsters spiraled and proceeded to cross over one another. As the Rathian went upside down and passed over the other dragon, Gilgamesh and Ganondorf shared scowls.

After the first failed pass over, the winged creatures turned around and went at it once again. Their riders’ weapons missed their targets, and the Rathalos and Rathian crashed into one another in a heap of claws, tails, wings, and jaws. A blur of gold and silver twisted through the sky as the monsters raked and snapped at one another. As they broke away from the melee, they gave their rider’s another chance with their weaponry. A plasma burst smashed through the wing of the Rathian, causing the creature to scream out, but its owner’s bullets found Ganondorf’s arm. The stream of bullets ripped through the Gerudo’s heavy chest, releasing sprays of blood as they punched out his back. A ball of fire followed a beat later, and the Rathalos roared as it spun backwards. Much like the other dragon, it managed to remain in the air.

Ganondorf let out a groan as he slumped forward onto the neck of the winged monster. He lifted his head to see that that Rathian remained gingerly in the air, its damaged wing making it work twice as hard to not start freefalling. Letting go of the BFG, Ganondorf smiled as he reached a hand back. In a flash of golden light, a portal appeared behind him and spit out the handle of a sword.

“You bastard,” Gilgamesh seethed as he willed his monster to attack. The Rathian beat its wings, damaged and all and came at the Rathalos. Before it could hit, Ganondorf swung forward Ea, releasing a giant red beam of energy that punched through the enemy dragon’s chest. Although it absorbed most of the impact, a fragment of the beam tore up through the creature’s back and ripped into Gilgamesh’s shoulder. The Rathian smashed into the Rathalos, and with a desperate rage, the dying monster sank its teeth into its foe’s neck and twisted, snapping the other dragon’s neck even as its own heart beat for the last time.

Nothing remaining to keep them in the air, the two dragon corpses start to plummet to the ground, their entwined bodies a mass of gold and silver scales that reflected the last of the sun’s light as the orb drifted below the horizon.

Miles below, Mickey Mouse grabbed Mjolnir in his good hand and proceeded to shed a tear for Erza Scarlet. One final look up was all the motivation he needed to slip off into the forest.

When the dragons hit the ground, the impact force knocked over what remained of the diner and destroyed the first few rows of trees around the collapsed building. An intertwined flash of silver and gold ushered away the corpses, leaving behind the corpse of Ganondorf.

And in the air above him, Gilgamesh floated down softly before his jet pack’s thruster died off. "For this one moment in time, he was the true King of the Endless Dunes. With an arrogant grin, the king went to root through the wreckage of the building. When he finally unearthed the package and threw it open, his face twisted up in an expression of unbridled rage.


The crate was completely empty.


Sasuke Uchiha could barely see. He knew the woman was dead, and that was all he cared about. He looked down at the warm glowing mass of rainbow light and knew that he wasn’t done just yet.


Gilgamesh had already been gone by the time the rubble started to shuffle on the other side of the collapsed building.

A piece of rubble shifted and a bloody brown glove with clawed fingers shot up out of the debris and into the evening air.

#33 Jon Snow DEAD
#07 Blink DEAD
#20 Harry Dresden DEAD
#34 Erza Scarlet DEAD
#19 Ganondorf DEAD

11 Primes Remain

Sasuke uses Tier 1 Transformation (-1 SP)
Samus uses Tier 1 Super Move Missile Barrage (-2 SP)
Gildarts used Tier 1 Transformation Tier 1 Transformation! (-1 SP)
Gilgamesh used Tier 1 Transformation Runes of Babylon (-1 SP)
Erza Scarlet used Tier 1 Transformation Flight Armor (-1 SP)
Deadpool used Tier 1 Transformation End to an Overture (-1 SP)
Mickey Mouse used Tier 1 Super Move Yellow Kingdom Hearts (-2 SP)
Retane used Tier 1.5 Transformation Malefactor (-1 SP)
Sasuke used Tier 1 Super Move Chidori (-2 SP)
Gildarts used Tier 1 Super Move Crash n’ Burn (-2 SP)

Gildarts has a ruined (useless) arm (Major) and a severe burn across his back (Minor) (+10 Damage)
Samus has, due to surviving an explosion and a crushed building, a fractured skull (Major), and her non-flak cannon arm is broken (Major). She also has a swath of bruises and mild burns (+12 Damage)
Mickey Mouse has lost a hand (Major) and suffered additional head trauma (Minor) – He will have problems discerning what is real and what is fake for the remainder of the competition (+9 Damage)
Deadpool took a bolt of lightning to the back (Major) and a bolt of energy to the gut (Minor) (+8 Damage)
Retane suffered a blast to the chest – Mortal Injury – Retane will die in 36 hours
Sasuke has burns from missiles across his body (Minor) and he also took a face full of flak, causing him to lose an eye, sustain jaw injuries that will make talking difficult, and generally a lot of bleeding and agony from pieces of hot metal in your flesh and muscles (Major) – (+9 Damage)
Gilgamesh has a wound through the shoulder that will make it hard to use an arm (Major) – (+6 Damage)

Malefactor rolled a ‘15’
Deadpoll rolled a ‘2’

Deadpool used Furby
Deadpool stole the Lightsaber
The Iron Man Gauntlet was destroyed
The Rocket Launcher was destroyed
The Flamethrower was broken
Mickey Mouse gets Mjolnir
Retane uses Pyramid Head Helmet – Retane is now Pyramid Head
The BFG and Silver Rathalos Egg are there for Gilgamesh
Sasuke Uchiha gets Ultima Weapon
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

Mjolnir scraped the ground behind Mickey as he walked, his one remaining hand gripping the hammer with all the might the mouse had left.

He struggled to breathe as the night-time air wafted in. The mouse’s gargantuan ears flopped a bit in the breeze. He knew the wind brought in the scents of the island, but his little black nose missed them all.

Off in the distance, Mickey’s blurry vision caught streaks of orange painting the forest. They had not been the only ones to taste death this night.

He felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest.

He couldn’t find it in himself to cry. All of his friends were dead. Erza, Samus, Harry… even Gildarts was nowhere to be found in the battle’s aftermath. Those scary guys had murdered them all, and for what? The mouse didn’t even know—he hadn’t even had a chance to see what the drop was this time. For all he knew, it had been for nothing.

Not for nothing. Mickey would make sure of that. This entire competition, he had been searching for a reason to continue on to the end, when it had been right in front of him the whole time: his friends. Nothing mattered more to the King than the three people who had survived the last three days with him. And if they were dead, he would win this competition for them. Not for anything else. Not for the town of Bree, not for his own pride, not even to get revenge on the jerks that had killed them.

He would do it to make them proud.

The trees around him fumbled in the darkness, twisting and turning like something out of a horror movie. Mickey had never liked anything too scary, so he stopped for a second and shut his eyes, trying to make the images go away.

When his eyes shut, though, their faces stared at him. Far away, in the blackness, he could faintly see the figures of his dead friends smiling at him one last time. To the left, Samus Aran, armor dented and broken but blonde hair flowing down past her shoulders, flashing him one of her rare grins. To the right, Harry Dresden, his fellow wizard, duster a little torn up but one hand on his hip and a sly smirk creeping onto his face.

In the center, Erza Scarlet, who Mickey might call his very first friend in the Omniverse. Perhaps it was fitting that in his mind, she still looked exactly as she did the moment he met her.

He opened his eyes. The trees still looked the same, but Mickey’s purpose had swallowed him whole. He continued to drag Mjolnir along until he reached a little creek tucked in behind most of the forest’s thicker brush. The mouse couldn’t contain a sigh of relief. To his impaired brain, this looked like the bluest water he had ever seen, and so in a matter of seconds, he used his teeth to rip off his only remaining white glove and reached down, cupping as much of it as he could in his hand and drinking it.

It slipped down his throat, and he could only think one thing:

It wasn’t as refreshing as that one drop of Pepsi.

Shivering, he reached into his pocket, but this time his fingers didn’t grasp the picture of Minnie he had conjured up all those days ago. He tugged out a little piece of blue fabric, ripped from Erza’s skirt after the dragons had torn her apart.

It took all his strength to reach up and pull the Master Sword from its sheath. He tied the remnants of his very first friend to the hilt, which in the darkness looked like it might have been the same shade of blue. Tying it with one hand took some effort, but for Erza, he managed it. He placed the hilt to his face, feeling the softness of the little piece of cloth one last time, and then, with just the slightest hesitation, he lowered it into the water.

He sent it off down the stream.
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

My rage had carried my wretched body for several miles before I finally collapsed against a tree. The anger in my chest still burned, but my broken body was near its limits. Black and sick-green bruises had swollen my busted arm and I was sure that gangrene or infection was starting to set in from the lack of proper medical care. Most of my burns and cuts had either scabbed over or started to harbor nasty infections themselves. Despite having eaten several hours earlier my stomach grumbled at me, the physical exertion forced my body into overdrive and even the MRE hadn’t been enough to fill me.

“I’ll rest... Just... Just for a moment” my voice was strained and breathing came hard. Laboriously I knelt to the ground and used the plank of wood to brace myself. There couldn’t be any more than ten contestants at this point, and most of them would kill themselves going for that supply drop I thought to myself. My inner fire was beginning to flicker out, even my anger had begun to prostrate itself before exhaustion. Even the Avatar of Rage had limits, especially when he was subdued by this damn collar.

“How sad...” I groaned to myself, Dmitri must be watching me right now. My legs trembled as I forced them to hold my weight. “Dmitri, Rumford. If you guys are watching this...” I started stumbling forward, slurring my speech slightly “I just want you to know, that I’m sorry... If I don’t...” Pain flared through my body and my heart skipped a beat. I’ve died before, but it wasn’t lingering it was a sudden snap and my heart stopped. Feverishly I started to panic, how could I die like this? I've come so far, how could I just die now? I'm... I'm scared I started to rub my cold, pallid body with my good hand, trying to feel something - anything. My heart skipped another beat and I fell into the underbrush. Slowly the forest melted away and I started to drift into the darkness.

Quote:Eight years prior

“Come on, Straz get up! Get up!” Mara cried my name as she cradled my head in her lap. My body was frigid and pale and my lips had turned a sickly blue. I was dead, a thaumaturge had stopped my heart with a wicked spell. In my universe accepting the rite of the magus marks your soul. A mage’s soul is barred from entering the afterlife, this was the price of magistry.

I found myself floating in a white void, not unlike the nexus. My body entered a white room, with four walls and a ceiling. On each wall was the sigil used in the rite of magick. Before I could even move, my body and the room was torn away, until only my mind remained. Still lucid and terrified I called out, but my mind could not speak nor could it take any action beyond thinking. This realm housed knowledge in its ethereal form, everything that was ever known or ever will be known existed in this purgatory. I was ravaged by this boundless knowledge. Information bombarded my brain, filling me with foreign thoughts.

But the human mind is like a glass of water, it can only take so much until it begins to overflow. Desperately I fought to keep my sanity, my name slipped away as did Mara’s. Without a name and without a purpose I was unable to do anything but exist. This was the price of magistry, power at the expense of potency. Knowledge, without purpose.

Time functioned differently in that hellish place of knowledge, I was trapped there for an eternity. The only scrap of knowledge that was not washed away. The only piece of information that I held onto vehemently was Damien. My anger was strong enough, deep-seated enough that no matter what I forgot I did not forget Damien. For an eternity I held my grudge against the man, even when I was unable to remember my own name. Eventually I was ripped from that realm and my mind as replaced with the knowledge it had prior to death.

“Why are you crying?” I asked Mara, who did not answer but rather pulled me close to her chest. She had removed her magebane armor and covered my body in it, breaking the spell that the thaumaturge had cast on me. She saved my life, but in my stupor I could hardly remember being killed. “Please, don’t ever die again” she said, choking through tears.

“I won’t, I promise that as long as we’re friends I won’t leave you behind.”

Quote:Present Time - - The Abyss

The forest started to come back into focus. My breathing evened out and my body started to feel warm again. I had passed out in a nest of bramblebushes and pin stickers. Their pins had turned my body into a pinchusion and I groaned from the obnoxious pain. “Not yet... I’m not ready yet” I spoke. My bones creaked and my muscles threatened to tear themselves apart as I pushed myself back to my feet. The fire in my chest was more of a cinder than a raging inferno, but it was still burning. There was no way I would let this damn abyss consume me. After all, I did have a promise to keep.
[Image: StrazSig.png]

[Image: DarkshireBadge.png][Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: SecondarySaga.png][Image: HerosGraveyardBadge.png]

“This was always my game, bitch.”

The words reverberated in his ears as he walked through the woods. This was her game, but she ran like she did. The Emerald Fiend grinned and let out a long slow growl that erupted into laughter. "BITCH? I'll show you a bitch soon. I promise you! But no... This is my game! THIS IS MY GAME!!"

The Emerald Warrior's voice boomed out into the clear air. His roar was a declamation for all to know he was still there. The Horsemen strived on. He heard the call about a special item. Easter Egg they called it.

He remembered back to his past; When Easter Eggs were incorporated to make sure more action was involved. He remembered the fusion of the Android and the Saiyan. He had barely escaped it alive. Tapion had betrayed him. They had just got a kill, but in the first Easter Egg, He had to go alone. Against a fusion of two stronger then him. One of them was Android 18... The poster board child of the new Abyss.

She was a Grand Champion only after losing her memory and getting it back.The Emerald Fiend had lost his memory and might never get it all back. The manikin cursed under his breath and let out a long growl. He was frustrated and and angry. The Emerald Warrior shook his head trying to shake his head in anger.

He heard the call for the Easter Egg, and he knew. He knew he was ment to be there. The Abyss told him. He told himself. He would find some relief there at the new crate's spot. He would make them understand that he wasn't dead. He would kill anyone that got in his way that got between Jack Frost's trophy and anyone that got in his path.


The rogue let out a grin. Respect me. Realize I am here. Let me show you where you fucked up He pressed the trigger and sent a missile flying. He had met the golden boy on the mountain and after a few words, they agreed to trade. He had traded two items for a single one. It looked painful and the renegade knew he would be the only to handle it. It was as if his instincts had the foresight of what was to come. When the green warrior took it, he knew he had signed Jack's fate.

Subconsciously he knew what it meant. He had laid out the plan for this....

How though? Was it that important to betray a friend? Was it his style to be that dominant predator that cared about no one other then himself? Could he truly take that painful object and set the wheels in motion that would bring him to this path?

The Emerald Warrior did it. He had traded value for value and subconsciously set his own comrade to fall. He had intended to let Jack survive, but he needed his best friend to die. He needed Jack Frost to die, before he could think about using the crimson helm. It was easy to split in to two but it was obvious it wouldn't be able to be taken off. The spikes inside would make sure he would know pain...

"Jack..."The rogue called out to the vast nothing. "I'm sorry. I promised you a lot, my friend. I tried to make sure you reached the top twenty. and I failed. It's my fault you felt the pain you had to felt. You were too good for this type of thing. I forced your hand and I robbed your innocence. Just as easy as I took the other lives. I am guilty for being that dark source you came to help me with. I am sorry that it was the death of you. I miss you and I need your help though. I want to make sure you are known and that you are not without notice. Believe in Me, and I will make sure everyone knows that Jack Frost was here...."


Retane was dying. No one would ever touch Jack's trophy. Only a Horsemen chose how he died. He had again chose to help the golden warrior he had done it at a range. That red haired bitch however...

The namekian laid there.. His chest was collapsed and he was dying. He looked at the crimson artefact and shook his head. For a moment it was too painfull to thing about. But he had to live on. He wasn't done killing.

He grimaced as he looked at the spikes inside but he let out a low growl as he snapped. He laughed for a few moments realizing he could escape death, just by accepting the darkness. He had to accept that it was his fault. He had to accept his own guilt.

"Show me what he felt. Show me his thoughts. Let me carry the weight of his pain on my shoulders. Let me make sure they learn that Jack Frost was here and not a sidekick...."

Pitch Black isn't he Boogey Man.... I am...
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

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