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Yu Kanda

[Image: efdb408fbc96fa9c4052f9dd8a95f5c2.jpg]
Name:Yu Kanda
Level: 7
Spent OM: 42700 OM
Faction: New Babylon
Proficiencies (5200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Homing Proficiency (600), Area Attack Proficiency – (600) Debuff proficiency - (1000 OM), remote control proficiency (600), area defence ( 400 OM ).
Powers (7500): Burst Movement (800), Master Acrobat (400), Flight (1800), Supression (1000), Foresight (1500), Fusion (1000), Symbiosis (1000)
Moves (3450): Mugen Unsheathe (300), First Illusion: Netherworld Insects (300), Double Illusion Sword (300), Second Illusion: Hurricane (300) illusion: chains of justice (300), illusion: clone part 2 (300), illusion: deathwind(300), Illusion:Afterimage ( 300 OM), Illusion:Soul slash (600 OM) Flash steps (300 OM)
Super Moves(3100): Offensive Super move tier 1; Eight Flower Mantis, Super Defense move Stigmata illusion : Innocence crystal., Tier 2 Super move Second forbidden illusion: Heavenly wrath, T2 super defense: Innocence coating ( 800OM)
Transformations(4500):  Tier 1 Power up : Forbidden Spell: Triple Illusion. Tier 2 powered up form, Illusion : Angelic form, Alternate form: Gogen style ( 2000 OM )
Assists(1500):  T2 assist: Innocence clone
Items(300):Communicator , Mobile Dataverse Device
Consumed OM(450): sold moves: (450 OM) Bets: ( 300 OM )
Bases: Ambrosia, Black order
Unlocks(17.000): First stat increase ( SPD ) ( 1000 ) , Base ( 1000 OM, Base upgrade Dataverse uplink station ( 1000 OM), Base upgrade recall station ( 1000 OM), second stat increase ( ATK ) ( 2000 OM ),third stat increase (SPD) (4000 OM), fourth stat increase (DEF)(7000 OM)

[Image: stats.jpg]

Quick links roster:
Source/History/Personality/Fighting style
Moves/Super moves/Transformations/Assist/alternate forms
OV relations and NPC's
D.gray man source knowledge
The black order/ base
I won't mind if you attack my character or base with little to no warning!


Character source:

[Image: latest?cb=20151026123924]

Character history:

[Image: s-l300.jpg]
Kanda was created as part of the Second exorcist program at the Asian branch of the Black order. In this program they took the brain of the original Kanda and placed it in a new body after he died. Twenty years later Kanda awoke in the laboratory and his true story started. At first he became violent towards the people around him that were trying to help him and give him medical attention. being artificially created and not know why made him think of himself as non-human. During his time in the laboritory they made many attempts to synchronize him with the innocence of the original Kanda, yet every attempt failed horribly. Every time attempt was extremely painful as the innocence rejected him. He would've died during these test if it wasn't for his regenerative seal on his chest. During this time he had severe hallucinations and after six months of agonizing physical and mental pain they decided to euthanize Kanda. But Kanda wasn't alone in the facility, there was a friend who wouldn't just let him die and planned to escape. During their escape they were intercepted by several CROW and kanda was thrown into a canal in order to escape. The escape was futil when the CROW caught up to him down the canal.

Almost immediately after, Kanda was taken into custody by the CROW, and when he finally regained consciousness, he was in the middle of a large sorcery array. Realizing what had really happened to him, Kanda began laughing insanely and demanding to know how the original Kanda died and how many years it had been.Without answering his questions, they activated a spell that sent a massive electrical surge through Kanda's body that shorted out his ability to regenerate shortly after, killing him. Not long after, Kanda's body revived and he synchronized with the Innocence of his original form, Mugen*. Using Mugen, Kanda escaped his confines.

Kanda would later become admiral Froi Tiedoll's pupil, and Tiedoll would give Kanda, who had only been known as "Yu" until that point, the surname "Kanda", which Kanda would come to prefer to be known by. He was now working as an exorcist for the Black Order and he hunts down akuma that pray on mere humans. Exorcist are able to fight the akuma thanks to the innocence,which provides an exorcist with the tools to hurt and destroy the akuma. Kanda's innocense 'Mugen', a sword with supernatural powers. Kanda runs his index and middle finger along the back of the blade to activate it.

Kanda begins his long journey as an exorcist stationed at the Black Order headquarters. Here he meets his friends and allies, Allen Walker, Lavi , Lenalee Lee, Arystar Krory the third, Miranda Lotto. They aswell are exorcist with innocense who fight alongside him. Together with them he goes on many missions to face the army of akuma under the controll of the millenium earl and the Noah family who's goal is to destroy the exorcist and mankind itself. They all become stronger as they face tougher Akuma and even the Naoh themselves. Kanda discovers many new powers to his sword Mugen and grows stronger himself after every battle.

After a long road filled with tears, bloodshed, joy and death, Kanda finds himself at the start of a new mission. His friend Allen Walker has gone missing and he needs to go after him. He then meets up once again with general Tiedoll. Tiedoll then tells Kanda that he will only allow him to go after Allen if he proves his loyalty and strength to the Order by becoming a General, revealing that Kanda has actually already achieved the Critical Point a long time beforehand, but had kept it hidden because he did not want to go further into the organization that he hated so much. After contemplating his situation a moment and reassuring himself that he was prepared to accept the hardships of it all, Kanda accepts Tiedoll's condition to become a General.

At this point Kanda became a General and he doesnt quite know wether he should be happy with this achievement or that he is betraying himself. Dedicating himself to the order that created him as an experiment in the first place. He goes to sleep with a restless mind. Yet the moment he closes his eyes everything will change for Kanda. He will not wake up in the same bed he fell asleep in.


[Image: latest?cb=20100926152652]

Kanda is a cold, stoic, and arrogant person who shows little regard to the lives of those around him, even his fellow Exorcists. He is, more often than not, willing to leave those who slow him down behind, even if it means their death and especially if they are not Exorcists, viewing any field officers who are not Exorcists expendable pawns who should not be expected to be saved. He is even often seen turning his blade on his own comrades over small things, such as Lavi calling him by his given name, Yu, or Allen simply trying to talk to him. Despite his words, Kanda is frequently seen saving those around him, and even putting his own life at risk, though he does it grudgingly and openly complains.

Fighting style:

[Image: 190?cb=20151221120439]
Kanda is an expert swordsman and he will never fight without his trusted sword 'mugen'. All of his strengths and powers come from this weapon. Once in combat he will always activate his sword and go doulble energy blade quite early on. He loves a good fight and will respect a foe who fights with strength and honor. He shows mercy to good characters who in turn proven themselves in combat, if you're a demon/ non human/ evil person he will do anything to strike you down, no mercy. Kanda always asseses the situation before making a move, praying on his opponents weakness. Although once he loses control of his anger he will become more reckless, and goes for the more "High risk high reward" card.
Please don't write him as the guy who loses control easily, he is an experienced warrior and it won't go as easily as "yo mamma is so fat".

He prefers to make use of his high speed and mobility to get close to his opponent and expose their weakness. He doesn't play well with others but does so when the situation forces it, and if the situation calls for it, he even allows innocence fusion.

[Image: yu_kanda_motivational_poster_by_zodiacgal-d4fkj4v.jpg]


Mugen Unsheathe
Kanda runs his index and middle finger along the back of the red crystal katana blade to activate it, whilst saying Mugen Unsheathe, Innocence Activate. The which gives the katana a silver glow along the blade. While activated Kanda is able to perform his illusion moves in combat. Kanda cannot perform his illusion moves without first activating his katana. Mugen stays activated untill Kanda de-activates it. Activating mugen takes about 3 seconds.

[Image: tumblr_m4vdkf6ftV1qhfrsfo1_r1_500.gif]

First Illusion: Netherworld Insects:
When activated, Kanda swings his sword and releases a single supernatural creature that devours his opponents. This creature take the form of hellish bone worms who follows its target in an attempt to bite them. They move through the air, yet fast targets may outrun them.They will follow their target untill they succeed their attack or are destroyed.
[Image: latest?cb=20100705144112]

Double Illusion Sword :
After Kanda activates Mugen he is able to use the second illusion called Double illusion sword.Kanda covers his sword and scabbard in a coat of energy and generates an energy blade, creating two sharp weapons. The energy surrounding both blades appears to be blue/white electricity quickly vibrating along the blade. Kanda dual wields both weapons and will lay waste to his enemies. The blades are connected by the same energy.
[Image: 3525045_1400136973239.55res_500_284.jpg]

Second Illusion : Hurricane

Only when Double Illusion Sword is active, Kanda can use this defensive move. While both his swords emit the blue innocence energy Kanda can make a 360 spin holding both swords out, Because of his high speed a full 360 spin takes him 1 second. The innocence energy follows the path of the blade in the air, because of the speed it seems the energy forms a full circle around him. Enemies within 1.5 meters of Kanda will be pushed back and risk getting cut by the effects of Double Illusion Sword. Enemies between 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters will be pushed back without risking getting cut. Kanda will stand in place while performing this move defensively.

move approval :  <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://omniverse-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=640">viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=640</a><!-- l -->

Illlusion: chains of judgement:
two blue energy coated metal chains appear from below ground. Both of which focus the same single target and fly towards it in an attempt to chain the target. Once successful they pin the target to the ground. When a target is pinned down the chains will disappear 5 seconds after succeeding their goal. A target with high strength may be able to break the chains. They have a reach of 30 meter and fly at a speed equal to Kanda’s current spd stat. The chains will not damage the target, merely incapacitate them. The strength of the chains is equal to Kanda’s current strength. In order to cast this move Kanda has to prepare enough energy to summon the chain, this will take 3 seconds. During this time he is able to evade yet not attack. After which Kanda’s fatigue takes a hit, he will still be able to attack though if too many attacks were to follow up he will hit his limit.
approval link:http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=9019&pid=130377#pid130377 

Illlusion: Deathwind:
(300 om)(ranged and remote control)
when double illusion sword is active Kanda spins his energy sword. He is then able to throw it and guide it through the air by the energy link between his original sword Mugen and the energy sword (this energy is harmful to others). The maximal reach of the energy link is 15 meters. As long as the blade is in the air it keeps spinning. This move is more difficult to control as opposed to normal dual wielding. The damage it causes is equal to the normal sword damage it would do if it was normally wielded. The sword’ flying speed is equal to that of Kanda. The katana remains the same length, 73cm is the size of the blade. It spins at 120 RPM.
approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid130377 

Illlusion: clone part 2:
Once Kanda’s clone is out. Both bodies will remain identical, every cut, bruise or wound will be copied by the innocence coating around them. Normal suppression rules apply when attempting to make out the real one. When the clone is damaged it does not affect Kanda’s HP pool or vice versa. This remains active as long as the clone is around.
approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid130374 

Flash steps:
Kanda focuses on incoming attacks (ranged or melee). This extra increase in focus makes it possible for him to dodge incoming attacks he normally wouldn’t be able to dodge during normal combat, as it allows him to use the Burst Movement Power more than once per second. It requires such focus he won’t be able to attack during dodging. Evading at this speed does come with a toll. A single dodge isn't much of a problem, continual dodging makes him feel like he ran a marathon within seconds; making this much more tiring than using Burst Movement with the usual 1 second gaps between each 'burst'
Approval: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid131153

Kanda’s speed goes into overdrive. Rushing at his opponents before moving around him, he moves at a speed so high opponents start to see more than one Kanda. They'll see about 5 images, one will be the real Kanda, and the others afterimages. Each image quickly dashes about once a second, leaving a blur in their wake and often making it hard to keep track of a single image - yet alone the Kanda. Opponents with quicker reactions may find it easier to spot the real Kanda (typically their SPD vs his). During this move it’s difficult to hit the right target, but not impossible. Getting up to speed takes Kanda 2 seconds. It will set Kanda up for swift open attacks, allowing him to expose a weak spot in their defence. Maintaining this high speed is incredibly draining on his stamina pool and is not able to maintain it for longer than 15 seconds, during which he can do nothing more than move and execute basic melee attacks. After which he can not use it again until he caught a decent breather. If Kanda were to be hit during his rush the afterimages disappear.
[Image: 36d8546f920369beb485fb94cfb4a4e517894428_hq.gif]
approval: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid133658

Illusion:Soul slash
At the instant of the slash, the blade absorbs and condenses the innocence energy within Kanda,before releasing it at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward.This slash takes the shape of a crescent moon or wave.  The slice is enoughly 1.5 meters tall but only 22mm thick ( same as the sword thickness) the crescent moon shaped energy slash does cutting damage. Can be dodged or blocked like any other ranged attack. The attack is low to medium damage. The maximum range of this move is 50 meters. continues use of this attack is moderately fatigue draining. Kanda is able to send a projectile flying every 2 seconds if he wishes to do so, they travel equal to a bullet. Kanda is able to charge this attack for higher damage, the maximum charge time for this attack is four seconds, after which Kanda is unable to do the same attack for a minute. The charge-up attack does high damage. Kanda has to remain still for the chargeup.
approval: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid133658

Super moves

Super move 1; Eight Flower Mantis :

Using innocence, Kanda quickly slashes towards the enemy eight times. The slashes collectively resemble a flower which explodes when the symbol is complete. The symbol will be visible on his victim. The slashes itself won't do damage, the explosion following however does extensive damage. The explosion isn't an outwards explosion it's an explosion of concentrated energy concentrate at the centre of the flower. This attack can only be performed if the second illusion is active.
Move approval : <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://omniverse-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=440">viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=440</a><!-- l -->

Tier 1 Super Defense move Stigmata illusion : Innocence crystal :

The innocence recognizes a life threatening threat and protects it user. Stigmata signs appear on both his wrists as his ankles, releasing the exorcist blood. The blood merges with the innocence energy and creates a large crystal around the exorcist, protecting him from harm. The stigmata emerges moments before an actual threat appears, but the crystal forms within a single second. It does hurt Kanda when his blood mixes with the energy but it doesn't damage him. The crystal forms itself within 2 seconds.

Tier 2 Super move Second forbidden illusion: Heavenly wrath :

Darkness fills the sky as a ball of innocence energy emerges from the dark sky and descents to the exorcist. Kanda's swords can absorb the massive energy, they will emit a bright white/blue light that breaks the darkness around him. He then drives both swords in the ground, the light vanishing. Controlling the energy thought the ground anyone can see the 8 lightning shaped cracks going through the ground on their way to the target. They are controlled by Kanda, they surround their target and all 8 beams shoot up, slowly closing in before creating a large beam shooting towards the sky, clearing the darkness above. Descending of the innocence ball takes 6 seconds excluding the sky turning black. Kanda has to use this energy within seconds before its lost forever.

Tier 2 Super defense move Innocence Coating:
The innocence senses danger and creates a shield around Kanda, It is like an extra layer of skin. a faint blue glow can be seen. Moving and attacking depends on the severity of the offensive moves. The shield has a fixed amount of energy in order to defend Kanda’s body. If its a full frontal attack the shield is so powerful Kanda cannot even move and will disperse when the attack is finished. When it is an attack of a debuff nature the innocence fights it from within Kanda’s body, nullifying it's effect. Kanda is able to move and attack freely when countering a debuff move. This defense does not work on a T3 move (or higher).http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=9019&pid=133658#pid133658


Tier 1 Power up : Forbidden Spell: Triple Illusion
Kanda drastically increases his speed and strength at the cost of some of his life, but within the Omniverse activating triple illusion it drives on Omnilium. While triple illusion is active Kanda has 3 dots in his eyes.

Stat increased :

ATK: +2
SPD: +2
TEC: +1

Move approval : <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://omniverse-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=440">viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=440</a><!-- l -->

Tier 2 powered-up form: Illusion : Angelic form
Chosen as a soldier from Heaven, the innocence synchronization reaches 100% and takes over his body. Kanda's body appears to consist out of nothing but white-yellow lightning energy. His swords become one with his body and he sprout large angelic wings. Something resembling a halo appears above his head. His eyes are made of a pure blue innocence energy, no iris to be seen. His tattoo on his chest is still visible.


Move approval : <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://omniverse-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=1300#p63328">viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&start=1300#p63328</a><!-- l -->

Alternate form: Gogen style
Kanda’s hair turns white/grey and he takes a much riskier approach of combat, he can take an extra hit or two and his strength has dramatically increased. Because of this sluggish way of fighting he isn’t as mobile or skilled as he was before. All of his abilities and skills are still available to him.

Even though he can still see the difference between friends and foes he takes much more uncalculated risks.   

Alternate form stats:
Atk: 7
Def: 3
Spd: 2
Tec: 2
[Image: Kanda-Hallow2.jpg]


T2 assist : innocence clone
Kanda’s tattoo shines bright with energy, Emerging from within the exorcist a clone appears. At first he appears to consist out of nothing but pure innocence energy, but after 20 seconds you can’t see a difference between them. It doesn’t speak, it instinctively knows how and what to attack. The clone is more durable than the original, though it doesn’t hit as hard.


OV relations
Kanda has interracted with these characters and has formed an oppinion about them. This is their current standing ( inactive or swapped characters have been left out)

Victor Wolfe ( Neutral / suspicious ): He hates him, he loves him, he doesn't trust him. They have a complicated relationship.

Gilgamesh ( Neutral / respecting him): Kanda just started serving this king. He is still unsure how wise of a ruler this man is, time will tell.

Ms.Marvel (Honorable): After their bout in the camelot arena he has grown fond of this woman of power. He respects her and would stand by her side if she asks for it.

Ash (Neutral/ She's a demon!): Confused regarding her origin and is weary, but hasn't slayed her yet, so thats good?

Shantotto (Tolerates): An educated woman who is more curious then anything else. She doesn't try to screw Kanda over.

Erik Vrell (Neutral / dislike): Part of Victor's groupie club. He would use him as a human shield.

Amber ( Tolerates/likes): A fellow hunter. He admires her calm nature and no bullshit conversations. He would help her if she needs it.

NPC Tyki Mikk

[Image: Tyki.Mikk.full.91165.jpg]
NPC name: Tyki Mikk

Source: D.Gray man

Location: Pale Moors

Role: NPC prime for personal use, antagonist for Yu Kanda

Reason : The reason why i want to have him as a Prime is for him to be able to summon Akuma for the storyline.

Important note !!! : I know the moves are a bit OP regarding omniverse rules, yet i want to emphisize that this NPC will only be used in Kanda's solo storyline. No one else will be affected by this Overpowered moves. ( unless someone willingly joins the thread )

Personality :
Unlike most of the Noah, Tyki prefers to keep his human mindset alive alongside his Noah mindset, resulting in him having dual personalities, one calm and kind and the other sadistic, that he refers to, respectively, as his "light" and "dark" sides.

Tyki's "light" side is reserved for his human friends and the child they travel with, Eeez; while this personality is forefront, he goes about under the guise of a scruffy hobo who travels with his companions from place to place, looking for work. He is carefree, but mischievous, and has no problems tricking people out of their money (and even clothes) using card games, if it will end in profit. Though he would like to feign some pride, he is not above accepting what he can as long as it doesn't involve too much humiliation

His "dark" side, though, is heavily influenced by his inner Noah, especially when he feels bloodlust. While his "dark" side is prevalent, Tyki's speech and mannerisms become much more refined; he dresses well and carries himself in a more dignified manner. He is still a bit laid back for a "noble", however, and has his moments when he is not as dignified and at times he uses his refined behavior as a means to tease his enemies. While in his "dark" side, Tyki also becomes much more sadistic, and enjoys using his "Choose" ability to kill people in creative and grotesque ways, particularly by removing organs.

Level : 4 ( OM used : 13150 out of 16000 )
Stats: ( 2 stat unlock 3000 OM)
Tech: 3

Proficiencies :
Physical Strength - 1000
Ranged Proficiency - 1000
Area Attack Proficiency - 600

Burst Movement - 800

Banishment circle - 250
Vita Compas - 800
Communicator – 200 OM
Mobile Dataverse Device – 100 OM

Teez ( 900 OM) Tyki was given many flesh-eating butterfly golems called Teez by the Earl . They appear as butterflies. The Teez listen to Tyki's command, he controls them via hand movement. ( compareable to Byakuya's ability from bleach ). The butterflies are almost as fast as an arrow projectile but they come in swarms.

[Image: latest?cb=20110514230029]

Teez Sword ( 300 OM ): A teez comes to Tyki's hand and emits a large amount of Dark matter, shaping it as a sword and usable for combat.

[Image: tyki_vs_kanda_by_charlotte_blair-d55rx8t.gif]

Choose ( 900 OM ): As the Noah of "Pleasure", Tyki is able to "choose" whatever he wishes to touch, which can make him intangible to any solid objects or treat liquids and air as if they have solid form, seen when he is able to walk on water and air. He uses this ability to kill many of his victims by removing their vital organs without damaging the skin, as well as avoiding damage. He has also been seen to force Teez into his opponent's body, which subsequently eat the victim from the inside out. The only thing that Tyki cannot choose to phase through is Innocence, as his ability is based on the creations of this world, of which the Innocence is not

Dark matter blast ( 300 OM ): Tyki shoots of bolts of dark matter, size of a soccer bal moving faster than an arrow. Tyki can only shoot these blasts when he is in his awakened noah transformation.

Awakened Noah ( Transformation Tier 1 1000 OM, alternate form 2000 OM )
With his blood turned black, Tyki initially sprouts many tentacles from his body that he can use to strike down his opponents, then the tentacles wrap around him to transform him into a demonic knight-like monster made of pure Dark Matter. He somewhat resembles a Level 3 Akuma ( Canon term NOT level 3 assist ), but is far more powerful. This form gives Tyki enhanced power, speed, and all around abilitie. and can also launch blasts of Dark Matter at his opponents, as well as imbue his punches with Dark Matter and create devastating shock waves upon impact.
[Image: dgm__tyki__s_awakening_by_kiplingskat.jpg]
Awakened Noah stats :

The exact date and circumstances surrounding Tyki's birth remains unknown and his age is only an estimate. Tyki presumably grew up with his brother, Sheril Kamelot, but keeps a different surname for reasons unknown. Tyki at some point began to live a dual life, one as a homeless migrant worker, traveling with two of his friends and a child named Eeez  and the other as a member of high society and brother to a minister. Despite his refined manners and wealthy family connections, Tyki claims that he has no education.

At some point in time, Tyki and Sheril both became Noah. After Sheril married Tricia Kamelot and adopted Road, Tyki became an uncle. Upon becoming a Noah, Tyki maintained his dual life and began to develop a habit to take the top button off the coat of an exorcists he kills; he gives the buttons to Eeez, the boy in the drifter group he associates with.

NPC Klaud Nine

[Image: latest?cb=20090919005207]
NPC name: Klaud Nine

Source: D.Gray man

Location: : Travelling

Role: NPC prime, SS Reward

Level : 1
Tech: 2

Proficiencies :
Physical Strength - 1000 OM
Range proficiency  - 1000 OM
Burst Movement - 800 OM
Master Acrobat -  400 OM
Basic super jumping - 300 OM

Communicator – 200 OM
Mobile Dataverse Device – 100 OM


Innocence whip ( 300 ), Klaud uses a whip which is coated with innocence energy. The innocence energy is particularly strong vs demons. Against anything else it will act as just a whip.

Lau Jimin ( 300 ), Klaud hits Lau Jimin with the innocence of her whip, allowing him to enter his battle mode. The whip doesn't damage Lau Jimin, it feeds him the needed energy on contact. In battle mode Lau Jimin grows in size and his fists are coated with innocence energy. Whenever Klaud hits Lau Jimin he enters battle mode for 5 seconds, giving him the opportunity  to create an attack. If he gets more energy during his battle mode, the attack will be able to continue as every strike of the whip can be used to extend the battle mode with 5 seconds. For obvious reasons Klaud cannot focus on attacking herself in order to get the timing right on maintaining Lau Jimin's battle form. Lau Jimin fights with the stats of Klaud during battle mode.

Long Range Mode : Destruction Shell Lau Gunz ( 300 OM) : Lau Jimin, upon receiving Klaud's command, splits from the top of its head down to its groin, an explosive mass of energy building up in the center of this split and firing a beam attack to deal devastating damage. Only usable in Battle mode. The attack takes 5 seconds to unleash. The beam is comparable to a DBZ attack beam, only it uses innocence energy.

Klaud joined a group of secondaries in order to find  omni, she wanted to be reunited with her companion, Lau Jimin. After a long, emotional and dangerous journey some of the secondary group reached Omni and allowed Klaud to become a Prime, she is now able to be reunited with Lau Jimin.


Every story has a beginning.

Yu Kanda:

Enter the omniverse :
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Strange world Strange alliance, the tangled green:
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Ambrosia Part1:
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Tangled green mission:
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Ambrosia Part2:
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Camelot road to the colloseum :
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Camelot colloseum Saga :
Signups :
<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://omniverse-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4025">viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4025</a><!-- l -->
Round one Yu Kanda VS Ms. Marvel :
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Spectator :
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Klaud Nine :
Secondary Saga :

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Final Phase, the oververse :
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D.Gray man source knowledge

Chapter: Innocence:

Chapter: Akuma
If you know D.gray man you already know what akuma are and how they work. If you haven't seen it and want to make sense of it all read this post

To explain how akuma work I will do a brief explanation what they do and how their level system works. Akuma are soldiers for the millennium earl under the leadership of members of the Noah clan.

Each akuma contains a human soul, this human soul is trapped within the Akuma. The demon will seek humans to destroy. The more humans it destroys the stronger it gets  ( yes like experience points ) . At a certain level of destruction they will evolve to stronger forms.

Special Abilities :

Akuma curse-  Only exorcists can touch akuma without getting this curse. once touched the human body gets covered in black stars before turning to dust within seconds. In the Omniverse, primes are the equivalents of exorcists and resist the curse.

Shape shift : The level 1 and 2 akuma can take human form and change their limbs to their original form. They use these form to catch their prey and get close to their enemies.

Akuma levels :

Akuma Level-1 ( Easily beaten even by level 1 primes )
The most basic form of the akuma, it's a floating egg like form with no limbs. Instead it's body is covered with gun barrels which they use to shoot their enemies. When hit, the akuma curse takes hold. They rarely talk.
[Image: akumal10.jpg] [Image: level_1_akuma_by_seekerarmada-d5j91xl.jpg]

Akuma Level-2 ( the equivelant of a level 1 prime, more difficult to defeat as a level 1 )
Every level2 akuma has its own look and special ability, every single one of them is different and strange looking. From level 2 and up the akuma can have normal conversations. Strength wise they are leagues above the level 1 akuma.
[Image: latest?cb=20100207170032]

Akuma Level -3 ( Compare this to a level 3 prime, not so easily defeated)
Level 3 akuma all have the same look, just their color is different. They are very strong and very fast, they use mainly hand to hand combat.
[Image: e0cba4ce9087a0_full.png]

Akuma Giant ( Comperable to a level 4 giant prime, beware, they can crush you easily)
When enough level 2 and 3 akuma are gathered they can merge all together to 1 giant akuma. Even though they are slow they are very powerfull.

Akuma Level-4 ( The strength of this creature is great, not an enemy to take lightly or face alone. compare to a level 5+ prime )
The highest tier of Akuma, they are in a league of their own. They are even stronger than some of the Noah clan. A very powerful Demon that will never stop.
[Image: tumblr_mpg0qcT8nY1rbs5bxo1_500.jpg][Image: aaa1.jpg]



The Black Order

[Image: latest?cb=20110507125814]
( the Omniverse base does not float and is next to the TWNN in the Endless dunes )

The Black Order is an organization that works to defeat the Millennium Earl and his army of Akuma. The official, universally recognized emblem of the Black Order is the Rose Cross. within the Omniverse they do not only target Akuma, because the Omniverse has many forms of evil they focus on everything related. Bounties, Demons, Akuma, Criminals and monsters will all be on the Black order's hunting list.

Members of the Black order have the right to call themselves exorcists. They possess a weapon of innocence. Every exorcist has their own weapon to fight this evil.

The organization is considered neutral good aligned. Any evil aligned character will have a tough time dealing with the order morals. Characters that are good / neutral aligned will be welcomed and assisted. Never will the organization refuse help to someone in need and if able they will always respond to a threat or a cry for help.

The black order Omniverse branch is now stationed in Nippur, where to protect the city and it's people. After Kanda proven himself a capable warrior in the eyes of Gilgamesh, the king asked if Kanda would help him bring peace to nippur and protect it's people. Kanda agreed to this and the black order is now part of Nippur.

Mission :
•  collect Innocence.
•  Find and train Primes.
•  protect the city of nippur and the people in it.
•  Defeat any Demons, Akuma, hunt bounty criminals and evil beings in general.

Stationary characters :
  • Gatekeeper, Ares Teena Dloe Gynosan P. Ruporson Gear Amadeus 5th
  • Exorcist Hevlaska
  • Some fodder exorcists
  • Some nippur Guards

Base upgrades :
  • Base : 1000 OM
  • Recall station : 1000 OM
  • Dataverse Uplink Station : 1000 OM


(Not yet released)

Infantry - Your average exorcist, nothing noteworthy or special powers. They use weapons like swords, guns, spears. All the weapons will be glowing with Innocence pressence.

Mobile - Suits created by the Scientific department. They run on innocence power of the pilot. They are equipped with both guns and swords that are coated with innocence energy. Capable of flying, same height as if a prime used a mega-mushroom (18M)
[Image: papers.co-ar85-freedom-gundam-art-illust...lpaper.jpg]

Support- Exorcist with the power of time stop. They use their innocence power to manipulate time itself. They are able to 'withhold' wounds from appearing, or even taking them away. This is only temporary, the wounds will appear again once the 'Time stop' stops. They are also able to provide other units with shields. They are NOT able to heal wounds. Only delay their effects in order for the troops to fight at full strength a bit longer than usual.

[Image: latest?cb=20090104025136]

Mercenaries - tba

Assasins - Third exorcists that weren't able to properly sync with their innocence. Their body is taken over by this energy. They don't talk, they don't disobey orders, they get a name, a job and get it done.

[Image: 976441bleachchapitre669scanvfrawmangaquincy.jpg]

Debilitaters -
Exorcists blessed with the power of illusions. They are able to trap their opponents in horrible illusions, they appear so real that their minds make it real. Wounds will appear across their body. These illusions will make it more difficult for the enemy forces to focus on the true soldiers.

[Image: Free-Shipping-Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn-Mamm...ostume.jpg]

Trappers -
Innocence bow wielding exorcist, they keep their distance from the battlefield and defend whatever position needs defending. They shoot arrows that consist out of pure innocence power.

 [Image: latest?cb=20140816192859&path-prefix=en]

The most powerfull of exorcists, their body has molded with the innocence, granting them great physical strength. They use this strength to wield gigantic weapons, swords, hammers, axes.

 [Image: b1c4ac7149c84fb5e495070ffbcca0f21233066271_full.jpg]

Armored - tba


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