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Move Creation Workshop

Hakkero Pistol (1500) (requires ranged, debuff, area attack)
Marisa’s Hakkero has been changed into a long barreled pistol about a foot long. It can use both normal and special pistol bullets made specifically for this weapon. It holds up to a max of 8 bullets, though it requires five seconds to reload during which marisa needs to keep her attention on loading. It also takes about a second to fire though they don’t need to pull the hammer after each shot. Each bullet for good accuracy has a max range of 50 feet it’s true max range under perfect conditions is 100 feet. Ranges may change with specific bullet types.

The normal bullets are in every way shape and form a bullet dealing moderate damage. They are used mainly in situations where Marisa isn’t up against a prime. And as such have less stopping power compared their magic infused cousins.

Incendiary rounds- Marisa’s first group of magical bullets. She carries around a set of incendiary rounds noted by the red shell about ten in number. When fired the bullet with be lit on fire before a ball of fire is shot forward. The range is 25 feet for good accuracy  and the ball of fire is about a foot in diameter and once it hits it’s target it will start to burn for five seconds dealing minor damage added onto the initial impact which deals moderate damage.

Flak round- Marisa’s second group of magical bullets. As before with the Incendiary rounds she carries ten of them. Unlike the other bullets though this has a max range of ten feet but the bullets are made to become shrapnel that fires forward so it has a 30 degree radius as shards fly out to hit anything in that vicinity. This deals minor damage for each individual shard that hits.

Shock round- Marisa’s third group of magical bullets. She carries 5 rounds and it has a max range of 50 feet. Each bullet lacks the damage output of other rounds only dealing damage  and to make up for the weaker power of the bullets they’ve been laced with electric magic allowing a direct hit on a target to stun them for two second. Should the target not get hit and it hits the ground a ball of electricity five feet in diameter will form shocking anyone in the vicinity dealing minor shocking damage alongside the stun from before though only for 1 second.
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Aerophone Scryerskull: 300 OM (Requires Enhanced Senses, Buff Prof)

Attached by a simple mechadendrite and held up with anti grav generators, this is an exact copy of 13's skull covered with microphones and sensors. Although functionally blind, it is able to detect any sound within the range of 13's enhanced senses and build images off of that. Everything to do with the noise created within .85 of a metre will be exactly seen and sent to 13, who will then be able to see it like it was in front of him. This will, for example, show 13 the legs of an assailant running towards him along with any dust thrown up by their running. It will show how a gun is being aimed and the projectile, although it will only reach up to about the end of their arms or the tips of their shoulders. This information is shared with any cybernetically enhanced primes, allowing them to see the limited outline of whoever the target is through walls and other obstacles.

Mole Launcher: 300 OM (Requires Ranged Prof, Homing Prof)
A reverse mortar, this weapon fires explosive rounds that arc through the earth and strike under a target where their armour is usually weakest. Modified for it and its ammunition to be deep strike capable, it is able to be instantly summoned in and out, although there must be at least a minute between periods of it having been teleported away and teleporting it back. With a maximum range of 1.8 metres and a travelling time of 150m/s, this weapon is fired by sticking the end into the ground as far as it is able to go and firing. 13 will then communicate with the machine spirits of the rocket about the speed, position and expected displacement of the target. After 2 seconds lying relatively idle underground it will then fire miniature rockets, homing in on the target's expected location and capable of compensating up to 10 metres away from that point. At long ranges the rocket can be seeing disturbing the earth and at the maximum range, it can be attacked from above ground. Ammo is teleported into 13's hands, which then takes 7.5 seconds for the ammo to be reloaded and the gun to be ready once more.

Image: https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/im...uncher.jpg or https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/im...r_Team.jpg
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Haniwa cavalry spear (300) (requires physical strength)
The Haniwa who are lucky enough to be awarded with a horse are also given a cavalry spear for the extra range that such a reward requires. It’s greatest advantage is it’s length being about 6 feet long from the tip of the spear to the end of the stick and about half a foot metal blade. It’s sharpened to be razor sharp and is quite concentration heavy due to the nature of making sure you actually hit your target when you thrust or slash. Everything else besides it is normal for a spear of this type.

Clay shatter (300) (requires ranged)
Keiki’s haniwa have a built in spell in which something hits them razor sharp clay shards will fly out of their body and strike anything in the direction of the strike. Each haniwa can use it once and it lasts for a second the barrage of shards is five feet wide roughly, moving around the speed of an arrow. Haniwa also take damage when they use this spell due to their bodies being used as ammunition (around 1-2 damage roughly).

Haniwa blade (300) (requires physical strength)
Each haniwa is outfitted with a short sword built specifically for close quarters encounters having a two foot long blade. It’s not very exhausting to swing around but like the spear requires a fair amount of concentration due to it’s razor sharp nature. Everything else however is normal for the sword.

Army corps bow (300) (requires ranged proficiency)
Each haniwa is outfitted with a composite bow, and twenty arrows for long range combat. While most haniwa aren’t the best shots due to their magical circuits not being great, enough haniwa firing arrows will cause problems. It takes a few seconds to aim and ready each arrow with a great amount of concentration put into each shot. One can move while they are shooting arrows but it greatly decreases the range and accuracy of the shot as well as the power behind each arrow to about 10% of the original capabilities. The bow in general is typical in terms of range and speeds of a composite bow.
[Image: __haniyasushin_keiki_and_joutouguu_mayum...a9b2c8.jpg]

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