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These rules apply to: All Out-of-Character (OOC) forums, the Omniverse Shoutbox (called ‘the chatbox’ here after), and our public Discord server. Sections that have additional rules will be highlighted.

To start, we try to be fairly relaxed outside of the IC boards. None of us really want to babysit or over-moderate what people want to talk about OOC. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to do so. However, five years has shown that it’s not a perfect world, so we do have guidelines and rules just like every other part of the internet or the physical world.

Please direct all game related questions for staff members, updates, et cetera, to the Help Desk.

First and foremost, don't be a complete asshole. Profanity is okay (obviously) and we don't feel like we should step in and moderate every disagreement - you're big boys and girls, you can work it out. However, this doesn't mean you can do or say whatever you like. Please avoid really gross or explicit stuff in the chatbox or Discord. Please avoid excessive cutesy/baby-talk and affection. You're free to do this in private chats but this isn't the place. It can be weird for new or prospective members.

This is more of a general bit of life advice, but always be aware of who you're talking to. If you're speaking to your old writing buddies, you probably don't need to worry about upsetting them. But the chat-box is public and not everyone may get that you're joking. Be especially mindful with new members or people you don't know very well. Take a step back - is this something you would say to someone in real-life if you just met them? If not, then don't say it.

In particular, be very mindful when it comes to discussing matters of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other sensitive matters. We do not tolerate discrimination here on the Omniverse. We will not tolerate the use of racial slurs or sexist, homophobic, transphobic remarks even if it's 'just a joke'. Do not make light of rape or other extremely heavy matters.

Harassment, whether in public or in private, sexual or otherwise, is not acceptable in any form on the Omniverse. If someone wants you to leave them alone, leave them alone. This is different from in-character actions. If someone has an in-character bounty, you have a right to pursue it, but any mechanical business (such as fight initiation) should go through the public boards or staff member PMs. If we suspect that you are using 'in-character reasons' as an excuse to harass someone, we will not hesitate to step in.

NSFW images and links are allowed but must be marked appropriately with spoiler BBcode tags and a reason for the NSFW tag (i.e. partial nudity). Do not link to actual porn sites or sites with dodgy advertising, on the public boards, chatbox, or Discord.

No illegal links - for example to torrent sites, warez etc. Do not discuss where or how to get illegal things. This includes streaming sites. It's one of very few things you can do that actually means the site can get shut down, so we're very stringent on this.

Our on-site chatbox is a PG13 platform.  This means no sexy talk, no borderline sexy talk, no blatant sexual innuendo, no sex or sex-themed jokes. It's already stated in this chat to not make light of rape. A joke or meme that is funny to you is not going to be funny to everyone. I don't want prospective members (they can view the chatbox) thinking that we're a bunch of high school boys making rape jokes or making light of sexual assault. I deal with enough of that at work. Chatbox is PG-13, and staff reserve the right to silence or ban you if you violate this. That said, the Discord and various private means are available if you would like to have more adult conversations; however, rape jokes/memes and even memes/jokes that imply rape have a zero tolerance policy moving forward, and that is everywhere related to the Omniverse.

Do not flood or dominate chatbox. If you're just using the chatbox as a bandstand to rant about things and you're not actually talking to anyone else, we may ask you to shut up, or remove your chatbox permissions.

An extra note on this.  We understand that you really love Warhammer, Touhou, etc., but try not to enact your will on the chatbox.  It’s one thing if you’re talking with someone early in the morning and it’s just the two of you, but it can feel awkward for other people if they’re trying to have their own conversation and the chatbox is being flooded with other stuff.  Take those conversations over the Discord, where we have special rooms for this stuff! The same goes for stuff on the website, too.  Having complex discussions about site semantics can be intimidating for newer members.  Take those discussions to the Discord.

Please use the nickname feature on Discord to ensure you have a recognizable character or HUB name. Do not use non-site nicknames, web handles, or ‘goofy’ names.  You can do that stuff in your private Discords.

Utilize common sense and decency. If a staff member tells you not to do something, please abide by their request. If someone makes a serious discussion and you ignore their requests to stay on topic, or if you're asked not to discuss something in a particular topic and you do so anyway, you will be removed. If you ignore these rules you may be punished and possibly banned (more details at the end).  We don't want to ban people for dumb shit, but we will. Freedom of speech yada yada yada, but if you don't like it, make your own forum.

This is more of a tip than a rule. You will have a much richer experience on this site if you use the forums, not just the chatbox. We're an international site and there are lots of different timezones, people working night shifts, etc. Folks aren't always around to chat instantly. If someone isn't online, then just post something! Consider this a rule when it comes to things that need updating and/or questions that need asking.

Please do not harass staff members. Some people forget that staff members are also just other members like you. We are not paid. We can't be around 24/7. Sometimes we just want to chill out and read the chatbox like everybody else, not immediately jump into questions and updates as soon as we get home. So, as aforementioned, we politely request that you put all your update requests, staff-directed questions etcetera in the relevant forum (usually the Help Desk). The chatbox is not your personal staffer 24/7 helpline. Neither are our IM/DM clients. If you continually ignore this, we will remove your chatbox privileges.

Punishment/Penalties - We don't have a formal 'penalty system' here on the Omniverse. What we do is this: we tell people when they're crossing the line. If they continually cross the line, disrespect the rules, the staff, or any other member despite being asked not to, we ban them.  Prior to a ban, we may implement smaller punishments like losing chatbox or Discord privileges.  

We try to be tolerant, but the community here is important for us. We want to fill that community with nice, respectful people who follow the rules and make this a nice place to come get your RPing kicks or just hang out after work. We really like those people. So if you're making the place very unpleasant or stressful for those people, or for our staff, then we don't want you here. Straight up. We are not like many RPGs who will tolerate abusive behavior.

If anyone is making your life here unreasonably uncomfortable, please let a staff member know, even if the person upsetting you is a staff member themselves. If you don't tell us, we can't do anything about it.

On staff – Staff here at the Omniverse are volunteers.  They’ve volunteered to sacrifice some of their time as writers to help keep the various aspects of the website operational.  They often have a thankless ‘job’ where their only reward is a blue name and occasional thanks from members. The other part of their sacrifice is that they are responsible for holding themselves to a higher standard than their peers, whether that be on the boards, chatbox, or Discord, especially in regards to their behavior and attitude.  We hold every member of the staff to these standards, whether it’s Alex or the newest Sprite. If you have concerns about the staff or its members, do not hesitate to reach out.  We are all constantly working on making the website a better place, and we know that sometimes that starts with us.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

A talk about recent things:

The chatbox is meant to be a free and open environment that's safe for everyone. But as aforementioned, we are not babysitters or censors. As long as people abide by the chat rules - remaining polite, non-abuse, etcetera (they're up there, I'm not going to repeat them all) everyone is free to have their say.

The discord is around so that the chatbox is a little less crowded and there's room to spread. I'm more than happy to add more rooms, or better yet - you can make your own private rooms.

I'll be more blunt, because that's the best way I get things across: I don't like everybody either, but the chatbox is not my schoolyard. If I dislike the chat but it's not breaking rules, I just go see what's happenin' elsewhere. Occasionally I will change rules if I think it affects a majority of people and it's a reasonable ask (ie, no borderline rping in the chatbox).

You are free to debate and argue this, PM me if you think someone has broken these rules. But I will have to ask for hard evidence (i.e. screenshots) if you say someone is breaking the above rules. Otherwise it's not a staff issue.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

OP updated

Perpetual Discord Link -> haha j/k, someone will invite you once you're an actual member

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