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Staff and Member Structure + Staff Bios

Staff and Member Structure

Omni - Omni
Omni looks after the shop, pays the bills and tries to make sure things don't burn down.

Angels are our senior-most staff members. They are confident in a wide range of the site's workings and can exercising authority in many of its systems.
Current Angels: Daniel

Cherubs are a step up from sprites with an additional level of trust and responsibility. Along with all the Sprite powers, they can edit omnilium and some may have additional perms to edit users and forums.
Current Cherubs: Dust

Sprites are a basic step up from members for those who wish to help the site out. They are staff members who are focuses in one area of the website, hopefully one where they feel comfortable and confident. They can use the Mod CP, which means they can approve edits and do various board-level moderation tasks as well as help moderate the Discord and chatbox.
Current Sprites: Strazio Rockwell, Taloc, Moon Knight, Guu

Members can make suggestions for content, rulings and storylines up to any level of detail. They can act as judges for fights if agreed upon by both participants of a fight, or a majority from each side. They can run storylines and sagas - though "far-out" ideas such as the use of an original location or pocket verse with unique physics/rules, the rewarding of OM or artefacts, or involvement of site NPCs must be approved by Alex. They can nominate other members for exceptional bonuses, answer questions in the quick questions topic, and give general advice if they are confident to do so.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Hello there, the name's Daniel and I am from the land of Animals that want to kill you - According to almost every member on this site. Oh... and just in case you're not sure, that land is Australia. I think, when it comes to staff, I'm probably the most inexperienced role player. I say this because The Omniverse has been my first major experience with play by post Role playing. But that doesn't mean that this has been my only experience writing though! I would frequently write terrible poetry and short stories a few years back. But they will never see the light of day again, so don't even ask about it. This was what sparked my interest in writing and was what led me to discover this beautiful place.

About me? Okay! Well My name is Daniel and I'm from Australia... just in case you weren't clear before. I really enjoy writing (evident by my activities here), but I also do a lot of gaming, although this is mostly limited to League of Legends. But I do frequent Guild Wars 2 with some friends every now and then. I don't have a job, or go to school (yet), which means that I have more time for the site! Yay. A few other things, I do enjoy the occasional Anime and I will almost always be watching movies in my spare time.

I am a pretty laid back guy most of the time and if there's anything about me you need or want to know, just PM me. I'll reply when I can. Just don't be afraid to message me. So come on, the Omniverse is a wonderful place and I hope you enjoy your stay here!

*taps mic*
Dust here! Er- Actually my real name is Angie. Hi~!

About me?

When I am not striving to be the top writer on this site, I can be found doing a number of things. Outside of dates and relationship stuff that I won't bore you with; I can be found in the Discord or CB chatting it up. If I am not there, or slow at responding, I could be drawing or gaming (tabletop RPGs: VeloCITY/Dungeons and Dragons/Etc.) - or listening to pod casts about games. I stalk YouTube for a various of things, art related mostly, but also music and lore. Always looking for cool ideas, I tend to look through random pictures on different sites, too. On rare occasions I am playing board games with Kaleigh(my significant other) and Taloc(brother-in-law) - possibly others. And often than not, if you are in the Voice Chat(VC) I'll pop by!

I like to think I am approachable on my own, but I encourage people to come to me if there's anything they think I can help them with. I also know the personality and skill-set of the rest of the staff enough that I can always turn you to the right people. So feel free to PM me, or DM me on Discord. I try my best to be helpful and inclusive, like posting this so Daniel's isn't lonely. (Just me or does anyone else want to ask about his poetry?!)

And if it looks like I've been online for 24+ hours, I probably have been.

My experience?

Let me do some math here, real quick. Roughly 15 years of Role-playing experience, started back on Yahoo Messenger - yeah I am pretty old, man - and at some point I was dragged from one place to this. It was a slow start, but everyone's been great!! I'm self taught, still learning kind of thing. Same with art, although I've got 20 plus years in that. As for staffing, I have had my hand in a few pots, nothing so grand to win rewards for or bring attention to. I try to be firm but fair, even talking to close friends about serious situations when I need to as a person of "authority". The key is to know what we all aren't going to agree 100% of the time!

Though there is one thing we can agree on! Omniverse is a pretty great place!!

Welcome and Enjoy~!
[Image: source.gif]
"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

Hello! As do a lot of people outside of the site know me, my name is Samuel but please call me Sam. 

What to know more about me? Well, for starters I live in America to be even more specific I live in the lovely state of South Carolina. Outside of staffing and writing, I can be seen playing video games with friends, reading a comic book, or just hanging out in the Cbox or the Discord server. Just as stated above you can think it as a long-term hobby of mine to read and occasionally collect comics but I have in the past collected older game consoles. Besides leisure hobbies, I like to think of myself as an aspiring writer, you can consider it a passion of mine. Though in my opinions I could always go for improvement.  

As for staffing and experience, the OV sadly is the only official RP site I’ve been on though I have done several RP’s on Discord servers. I will and always treat people fairly, do my best to help, and get work done. I should be usually available due to running an in site faction as well. As long as you DM me on Discord or send me a PM I should respond in some cases immediately. For the most part, I feel like I’m fairly approachable it’s usually easy to start a conversation with me. So without a further adieu, I encourage you to join the party, enjoy yourself and have fun.

*Shuffles into view, awkwardly looking around*

Uh... Hi everyone... I'm Josh, though I've gone under the moniker Taloc for the better part of ten years now... 

*Takes a deep breath*

When it comes to staffing experience, I'm most likely the least experienced of the group, with this being my first gig as an admin. Regardless, what I bring to the table is a strong understanding of words, and an excellent ability to produce stories at the drop of the hat. Should it come to either of these topics, look no further, because I'm your man.

Right, right. More about me. I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan *cough cough* and, in spite of having lived in several different states during my life, find myself constantly pulled back. On the day to day, I'm almost always working, though I'm never hard to get ahold of, checking the site several times a day and being connected to the discord near constantly. Drop me a line, always open to chat. Just, uh... Don't make me write out a bio... Awkward...

Try to have fun in your stay here, and never forget the details. 
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

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