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Serraph Quarrere

Name: Serraph Quarrere
Spent OM: 8300
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3000); Physical Strength (1000), Buff Proficiency(400), Ranged Proficiency(1000), Area Attack Proficiency(600)
Powers (4400/8000); Mimic (2800), Insight (1600)
Moves (600); Libro(300) All For One (300)
Super Moves (600); Cero
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items (300); Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (200)
Consumed OM (0); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (0);
Unlocks (1000); First Stat Upgrade (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 5 (<-first stat upgrade)
"Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the presence of my Lord. He is sifting through the treasures in which his Gates of Wrath does store. He lets loose the righteous vengeance of his terrible swift swords. Gilgemesh has returned!"

Serraph Quarrere

Age:  110
Apparent Age: 16-19
Hair Color/Texture: White/Papery
Skin Color/ Texture: Pale White/ Papery
Eye Color: Silver
Height: 5'3''
Wieght: 50-180 (Dependent on Experience and knowledge obtained)
Build: Thin and light due to his body composition.
Clothing: Light Blue button up with a brown vest and Navy Blue tie. Light khaki pants and brown leather dress shoes. Thin framed, black glasses.

Race Information

Species/Race: Hollow/Arrancar

Personality: Serraph is a very curious Arrancar and will do whatever he feels is necessary to answer just one more question. No information is insignificant, no experience is worth not exploring. During the day he is a rather calm and well mannered person, preferring not to draw his blade. At night however this changes quite a bit as the night sky brings out a rather aggressive demeanor within him. In battle, if he must fight, he'd aim to make the fight as quick as possible. There's no need to keep the battle going much longer than needed. He's got things to do and so does his opponent.  


Serraph Quarrere was born in 1935 in London. As a young boy he spent his time down by the local library, diving his mind into the depths of its oldest tomes. There was nothing he didn't want to know. No knowledge was trivial to him. By the time the second world war broke out, he had became the librarian's assistant, responsible for fetching, returning, and organizing the vast collection of books that dwell there. There were some books he was forbidden to read however, but not entirely kept from doing so. Despite his longing to do so, he obeyed his superior. However when the bombs fell upon London, he saw this as a chance to take the slightest peek inside these banned texts while everyone else seemed to flee to the shelters. As he pulled the thick, dust covered scripture from the shelf a nearby detonation caused the tall bookshelf collapse atop of him, ending his life as a human forever.

 His spirit however simply couldn't move on, bound to the library ruins he remained until his own chains tore his heart, his love apart as the once grand library was remade into something entirely. At first rage was the trigger of this transformation, Giving him a rather beastly form for a Hollowified soul, but his hunger was targeted less on those who destroyed his death-place, but those who became sources of knowledge for mankind.

 He would be found by a small warband of hollows, their leader sparing him from being devoured.  For a nearly a century he spent his time kidnapping a wide variety of people ranging from Historians, Scientists, to even sources of entertainment such as Poets or Scriptwriters. To Hueco Mundo he'd steal them, gleaning every morsel of knowledge from their dying bodies before devouring them. As his master lead him from massacre to massacre, his  tastes  would grow more and more broad. Nothing was safe. Other Hollows became targets, sparking his evolution to among the Menos Grande. His time as an Gillian was more of a feeding frenzy than gathering of knowledge but in the end his personality would gain control, transforming him into the less numerous Adjuchas. In this form he regained his thirst for knowledge and curiosity for all things, but lost his knowledge of himself and everything up to that point. At this point many of the band was either dead or had transitioned into their Arrancar form with one of them going on to join the reborn Espada organization.

 Such emptiness drove him forward until he was approached by  his former comrade, now eighth espada.  With his ability he'd wipe a portion of Serraph's memories and used him to betray their former master.  He'd take her by complete surprise and devour her alive, making her a part of him. Once this task was done, his former comrade would reveal himself as a traitor and betray Serraph. Unfortunately for the traitor, that alone would be his undoing. Serraph would take the comrades name as his own as well as his position among the espada, serving the now Queen Tier Halibel.

 Now as a more humanoid figure (from the result of Arrancarization), he lost most of his hunger for the souls of the dead, allowing him to turn to his more curious side for satisfaction. But then again he could not be satisfied, as his Aspect of Death was Curiosity. Forever he would be curious, with each door opened he would encounter several more. His task as the Eighth Espada was to create, maintain, and guard Los Noches's, the Espada's base of operations, library. To this end, despite his lower rank among Tia's knights, he held the power to request acquisitions of various Human or even Shinigami texts to be brought home to Los Noches. This was the price of having a broad array of knowledge on hand. Those ranking outside the Espada however, could not decline his summons or missions.

 He wasn't the most popular of the group, but Serraph, as he called himself now, forced them all in his own way to recognize his importance. After all without that recognition, he would be weeded out and destroyed by the stronger members. In the end, it would seem it was all in vain, as the smiling one would reach out with his almighty hand and pluck him from his library in los Noches... but... this wasn't so bad. In this new realm, he would recognize that this place held infinite possibilities, he'd just have to start looking.


Zanpakuto: Libro (Requires Physical Strength)
An Arrancar's signature weapon is the vessel that stores its sealed powers. Such a vessel takes the form of a bladed weapon like a sword or ax. To release its power Serraph need only say its activation phrase: "Record, Libro". However saying such a thing currently does nothing. At 41 inches, Libro is rather plain appearing rapier save for a few strange qualities that set it apart from normal blades. At first glance one would see that the thin, double edged blade, along with its simple basket hilt is white rather than the silver color that is common among steel or iron weaponry. If one were to run their finger across its surface they'd find it to have a texture more in common with paper than with metal, but enemies should be wise not to be fooled. Libro is just as strong as any other blade.

All For One  - 300 OM - Buff, Mimic

Serraph may "teach" a single move he knows to someone else via three seconds of physical contact. This includes any move he has learned from Mimic. Anyone he teaches will only have access to the move for a half-hour in character. If the hour-limit on a Mimicked move runs out, anyone he has taught the copied move will also no longer be able to use it.

If the person he is teaching doesn't have the required proficiency or powers to learn the move, they will temporarily gain them in relation to the move, and the move alone. If he teaches a move that requires "Flight" they will be able to fly only when actively using the taught move. He can only give one move per person. If someone is already using a move that was given to them by All For One, and Serraph uses All For One on them again, the first move will be erased from that person and replaced with the new move.

It is only really comfortable or safe to use All For One once every half-hour, but he is able to use it more often than that. When he performs All For One, he feels sick. Performing it in rapid succession will have the effect of making this feeling of sickness increase, after five uses within ten minutes, he will become dizzy and unable to walk. If he uses it ten times within ten minutes he will become physically ill, prone to spitting up blood, and intensely dizzy, unable to move. Using it twenty times within ten minutes will cause him to lose consciousness for at least eight hours, or if already wounded, die.

He is unable to teach Supermoves.

Super Moves:

T1 Super Move: Cero (Requires: Ranged Proficiency, Area Proficiency, 600 OM): A glowing crimson light emanates from Serraph's form coalescing and concentrating on a single point on Serraph's body or his Zanpakuto. This mass of blood red spiritual energy collects in a sphere and implodes upon itself during the charging process, which takes four seconds, before bursting forward in a straight line towards its target. The structure of the attack is not a smooth beam of energy but an erratic, jaggedly moving, 4 foot wide, blast similar to the common idea of a bolt of lightning's appearance. The zig-zagging motion of the blast can not be used to fire around objects in the way of his target. The blast itself moves at an average speed of about 85 mph and can be aimed at anything within line of sight.

[Image: Cero.gif~c200]
Mimicked moves:

"Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the presence of my Lord. He is sifting through the treasures in which his Gates of Wrath does store. He lets loose the righteous vengeance of his terrible swift swords. Gilgemesh has returned!"

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