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Gene Shock

Chapter 0
    “Do I really have to take another test?” Gin asked, annoyed.

    “Just a few more Gin, this colony is going to be our home. They have to make sure we’re not going to get sick.” His father said while opening the door for him.

    “But aren’t you a doctor? We can just do this at home!” Gin complained, walking inside.

    “I’m... not that kind of doctor. Anyways how about this; if you behave, we can get some ice cream later?” his father said.

    Gin’s eyes light up, “Okay!” he shouts in excitement before running on ahead of his father. However, just as he rounded the corner, Gin bumped into someone knocking both of them over.

    “Owww, what was that for?” a high pitched voice whined in front of him.

    “Sorry!” Gin apologized, rubbing his now sore nose. He stood up and helped the other kid to their feet. It was a girl with silver hair, about the same age as Gin.

    “It’s okay, just watch where you’re going!” she scolded, glaring at him with purple eyes.

    “I will... Oh! What’s your name? I’m Gin!” Gin said, switching the topic instantly.

    The girl blinked, and relaxed, “Oh, um, I’m Luna!”


    Gin opened his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Ugh, that was a blast from the past.” He said. Gin sat up, and let his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room he was in. “Where am I?” he thought. Gin ripped the IV off his arm and slid his feet off the bed. After he found a wall, he felt his way along it looking for a light switch. Finally, his fingers brushed against a button, which he promptly pressed. Instead of the lights, a screen flickers on, basking the room in a dim light. As it booted up, a logo flashed on the screen.


    Syntech? " he thought. As he pondered why he would be in a Syntech building, the memories slowly began to trickle back to him. "Oh, now I remember. But wasn’t someone supposed to come wake me up?" Gin thought, confused. Finally done loading, the screen changed to a menu with a flashing banner at the top of it.


     “Oh. That isn’t good.” Gin said, staring at the screen. Gin moved to the door and attempted to pull it open. Unfortunately, it appeared to be jammed shut. “Only one way out of this then.” He said, willing his shield power to appear. With a few punches, the door finally gave way and busted outward. Red light shone in through the doorway, temporarily blinding Gin.

    Once his eyes adjusted, he stepped into the hall and felt the hard floor change to a spongy spring-like one. “What the...” Gin wondered, the floor definitely wasn’t like this earlier. He looked around, and saw that the floor wasn’t the only thing that had changed while he was out. The entire hallway was now covered in the strange substance. “This definitely isn’t good.” He said.
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"A waking dream of life and light."

Chapter 1
Pardon Our Dust - Part 1

「One Year Earlier

"Haaah, finally back here again."

A red-headed boy stood in front of the exit gate of Coruscant with a smile on his face. 

"If I hadn't seen that ad from Syntech, I'd have already done my visit for this part of the world." 

The boy shivered, thinking back to the events of the previous year. Asked to help investigate a place inside a pocket verse created by a man named Karl Jak, the boy and several others had crashed a plane onto an island filled with the supernatural. Over the course of several days, the boy and his companions had encountered ghosts, zombies, a crazed carny, a serial killer, and the ghoulish version of one of their teammates. Funnily enough, it was a vampire that was his only ally and friend for most of it. It was also this incident that had caused the boy to notice a pattern whenever Karl Jak was involved:

He was impaled a lot.

In fact, he had been impaled about three times now, all inside that pocket verse of Karl's creation. He had come to the conclusion that the verse itself was screwing with him, and that some cosmic entities got some sort of sick kick out of it all. 

"...Maaaybe I should look for some body armor while I'm here. Yes, definitely body armor. I wonder if they have Mithril in this universe..." 

The boy quickly went on his way, through the surprisingly in-depth scanning area, and down the steps of the entrance/exit area. 

"Hopefully Tonic doesn't get too stir crazy staying near the guard station," the boy thought, worried for the avian friend he had to leave behind. Evidently despite his race being created in a lab, Tonic was deemed too similar to creatures of magical universes, and was thus barred entrance due to a number of incidents involving the birds in the past. "Well, it's only for a few days. He'll be fine," the boy reassured himself. 

As he stepped onto the crowded sidewalk, he noticed a tourist stand with maps and brochures of the all the venues the city had to offer. He grabbed a map of the city and began to look it over. 

Quote:Don't worry, these things will get longer.
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"A waking dream of life and light."

Pardon Our Dust - Part 2

"Oi, issat Gin I see over there?" a voice called out, thick with a Scottish accent. 

The redhead looks up from the map and turns in the direction of the voice, spotting an old friend of his walking next to a man Gin recognized, but couldn't place a name to.

"Baltair? Hey!" Gin shouts as he approaches the two.

The old friend was Baltair, a tall well-muscled Scotsman in his 30s with brown hair and an eyepatch on his left eye, dressed in leather armor more appropriate for a place like Camelot, and a large broadsword hung from his waist inside its scabbard. The man with him, also in his 30s, was somewhat shorter than Baltair, but dressed in similar armor. The man had dark black hair that reached his shoulders, brown eyes, and a handsome face, not rugged like Baltair's was. The contrast between the two was odd to say the least. 

"I've not seen ya since the battle royale in the coliseum!" Baltair says, patting Gin on the shoulders, "Am I seein' things or have ye grown a bit?" 

"If I have, I wouldn't know!" Gin says. 

"Looks like his hair has gotten longer as well." Chimes in a third voice. 

Gin turns to look at the man with Baltair, "That I know for sure... uh... you were in the coliseum too but I don't think we ever introduced ourselves." 

"We never fought, though I did save your life from that beast's final attack." 

"Yeah... Thanks for that by the way."

"You're welcome! The name is Clark, a pleasure to meet you outside the coliseum." 

Clark extended his hand to shake, with Gin following suit, "I'm Gin, it's also a pleasure!"

With the introductions over with, Baltair speaks up, "So Gin, what brings ya here to Coruscant?"

"Just here to see what the place is like, though I'm thinking of getting some body armor."

Baltair and Clark look at each other for a second and direct looks of slight confusion at Gin. Clark is the first to speak, "Couldn't you just make some yourself? You are a Prime after all." 

A few second of silence go by as Gin processes this revelation, "Oh... I guess I could do... that..." his voice trails off, heavy with embarrassment from the fact that this has completely slipped his mind.

The two men laugh at his response, frustrating Gin, "A-At least it would have been well made! So what are you guys here for?!"

The men soon calm down, and Baltair answers,"Clark's here to get his ol' axe tuned up. I jus' tagged along."

"Tuned up?"

"Yes, the spell that kept it from breaking vanished during the battle royale, which meant I had to get it redone," Clark explained, "So I figured, 'why not get the fancy stuff from Coruscant added to it?'. Cost a bit, but it was worth it!"

"So it's mechanical now?"

Clark smiled, "Correct! I can't show it to you here on the streets, but take my word for it, this is quite the axe now!" Clark happily patted the sheathed axe that hung from his waist. However no matter how Gin looked at it, the axe appeared to be a normal one.

"Say, why don' you come with us, Lad? I'm sure you'd find tha body armor ye want in tha' place," Baltair offered with a small grin.

Gin gave Baltair and stink eye, "Ha ha. Sure I'll go. What's the place called?"

Baltair chuckled, "Issa famous company, I'm sure you've heard of 'em. Syntech!"

Gin's eyes opened wide in surprise at the name. Soon his thoughts were filled with worry, "I'm gonna need that body armor stat."
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"A waking dream of life and light."

Chapter 2
This Chapter Brought to You By SynTech

"We have to go down?" Gin asked, partially confused. The trio had walked a few blocks before arriving at an elevator set for the second tier of Coruscant, much to Gin's confusion.  

"Aye, Coruscant's got a buncha floors. Never seen 'em myself ah course," answered Baltair.

"You haven't?"

"It's his first time here too," Clark chimed in, "After he saw my axe, this big guy was begging me to take him along."

"Well when ah see an axe fix itself an' sprout ahnother blade, ah tend ta get interested," Baltair quickly retorted.

The elevator soon arrived, and they stepped aboard once the exit crowd was finally off. The group found a space on the platform and resumed their conversation while they waited for the elevator to descend. 

"So why do we gotta go down?" Gin asked, reverting the conversation to his original question.

"The SynTech building is on the second floor, so we go down," Clark answered.

"But why do we have to go down at all?"

Baltair raised an eyebrow and looked at Gin, "What are ye tryin' ta ask, lad?"

"Why do we have to go down to another floor? Why are there floors at all? Did they hit a wall or something building the normal way?" 

Baltair and Clark looked at each other, and back to Gin, giving him a shrug. 

"Ya got me, lad," Baltair said.

"I'm not sure as well," Clark concurred. 

"No clue at all?" Gin asked, surprised.

"We ain' even from here, why would we know?" Baltair quickly answered. 

"...Yeah fair enough," Gin mumbled. 

The conversation drifted off after that. Soon, the elevator doors closed, and the platform jolted from place, beginning its slow descent. 


Quote:Two part chapter again. I'll try not doing this once the story actually gets going.
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"A waking dream of life and light."

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