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A Vigilante In Pursuit

Marc Spector agent of vengeance and the avatar of the Egyptian god of the Moon Khonshu stepped through out of the Nexus gate with a blinding flash of white. Just several minuets ago Moon Knight had been walking with Scarlet Spider until they agree to go separate paths  to cover tracks and see if they could find any other people in this Omniverse they had landed in. 

Moon Knight's Brown eyes under his mask finally adjusted to the from the sun and the sudden flash from entering through the Nexus gate. His white hooded cape and costume glowed from the sun, the smell of the tropics, food, and drinks filled up most of the air. A small gust of wind caused Moon Knight's white cape flow upwards in the air, ironically his cape formed a crescent shape as it flowed with the wind. 

Moon Knight's eye slits on his silver mask formed into a heavily confused look but most of everything in this new world confused him. Things would make sense if Khonshu was still talking to him in his head, hopefully the god would return and give Spector clarification or at least some sense on the pressing matters. 

"Is this some kind of beach town? This makes no sense, at least there's more people in this reality of madness." 

Noticing that his costume completely makes him stand out, Marc took it off reviling his normal civilian clothes oddly they were what he would wear if he's using his Jake Lockley persona, the taxi driver. With the Moon Knight costume hiddin underneath Marc's civilian clothes he proceeded into the coast city's streets, passing by a sign saying "Welcome To Costa Del Sole."  

It didn't take long for the silver avenger to notice that the city was swarming with men in white armor. These white armored men were definitively the police force in the area but they all seemed different from the police on Earth, something was very wrong with them but what? 

Passing threw a few more streets Marc had found what looked to be a local bar. Not wasting anytime Spector pushed the bar's wooden double doors open, the sound of food and drinks being served filled the entire building. Marc silently stepped in and took a seat near the back. A TV was set up above him near the table he had picked out. Spector took a few minuets to take in all that had happened to him in just the matter of hours. 

"First the world was ending by crashing into a parallel Earth, then I make it to this Omniverse. I met a different Scarlet Spider in that white abyss, who know's if I'll find anyone else from my universe but most of all I hope Khonshu returns to explain all of this."  Marc  said not paying attintion that a waitress had stepped in front of his table. 

"Would you like a beer honey?" The waitress asked pulling out a small note pad to take his order. 

Marc turned scratching the stubble on his face and giving a small smile. 

"No just water please."

The waitress wrote his order on her note pad. "Sure thing this one is on the house you look like you need it." After saying that she stepped away, giving Marc more privacy to ponder his thoughts but that quickly ended when the TV above his table blared on the Local new that passed in this world. Marc quickly became absorbed when the story of the day was about the Avengers. 


"Hello my name is Susan Turner and welcome back to the Costa Del Sole local news." The reporter said on the screen before Images were changed to an island. 

"As you can recall from recent news of the super hurricane that nearly destroyed the populated island Rando Le Terz off the Costa Del Sole is now suspected to have been created by the small group known as the Avengers." 

The image on the TV screen was quickly changed to an image of a large tower with an over-sized A near its roof.   

Marc's attention was brought back to the waitress from earlier who was back with the water he had ordered earlier, Marc gave a slight nod. 

'Thanks." Spector then turned his focus back to the TV.

"The Avenger base is currently located on an island that is also located a few miles off the coast of Costa Del Sole from there they plan to commit crimes such as vigilantism and are suspected of supporting anti imperialists. Please stay tuned after this break we show you an interview with an Imperial official by the name of Aanton Veers." 

Marc finished his water and shot up out of his seat and got the attention of the waitress. 

"Mam how can I get to the Avengers?" he asked quickly ready dart out of the bar with haste. 

"Well I reckon you could get a ferry in the harbors to get you there." She said her voice was trembled in confusion of why Marc  would go there.  

"Thanks." Marc replied bursting through the wooden doors and heading into the streets once more.

Gusts of salty sea air lightly blew into Marc's face as the ferry he had luckily hired for free just well over six hours ago. The boat slowly rocked back and fourth  as it made its way through what was called the vasty deeps sea waters. For the whole trip and now Marc sat in a chair near the captain the ferry boat patiently waiting until they made it to the Avengers Island. Hopefully the trip wouldn't last any longer it had been six hours since their departure. For about the whole trip fog had seemed to fill their pathway, making it more difficult to make out where they were going. 

The fog didn't make Marc feel comfortable at all, he was in a new place and getting lost meant that he could possibly be lost in the seas for God knows how long. The good thing about being lost though was that Spector had a very colorful back ground, his years in the Marines and being a CIA operative would at least keep him alive for a while and it wasn't like he was being attacked. Marc tried to shake that feeling away wasn't healthy for his already broken mind. 

Marc stood up out of the wooden chair that he had propped beside the ferry's captain and stretched. 

"Um how much longer til we get there? The waits killing me."   

The captain a short white elderly fella with a large grey mustache, wearing a navy blue uniform and seemed to always keep a pipe in his  mouth. He  gave a low cough and pointed his pipe out in front of him. 

"The island you lookin for is right there." The man said in a very low almost mumbling tone. 

Marc turned his as the captain pointed, to his surprise the fog had cleared up and standing right in front of the both of them was the island. 

"Heh it's like Stark's." Marc whispered to himself. 

The tower itself was large towing everything on the island and a large letter A sat at on its top. It took about a good few minuets before the captain could dock his boat so Marc could get off. Once the ferry was docked on the island Marc stepped off thanking the captain for the ride. getting near the towers front door Marc pulled off his civilian clothes and dawned his costume once again, he was now no longer Marc Spector now he is the Moon Knight, once more the blade of Khonshu.

Moon Knight slowly made his way for the towers glass double doors and rang the doorbell. With only a few seconds a fair sized man with thinning black hair, wearing a fine black suit answered to the door. Moon Knight was almost surprised to see Jarvis here in the Omniverse, may that means Tony Stark is here too. 

"Moon Knight I presume and of course I believe you are looking for the others?" Jarvis said in a proper manner. 

"Yeah I am looking for the Avengers," the silver clad vigilante gave a huge sigh, "I'm going to probably regret this but I want to reinstate my membership. Join the team again and this time not pulling a stunt like I did with the West coast Avengers."   
Jarvis opened the doors all the way letting the Fist of Khonshu into the tower. 

"I'm sure Vision would be glad to let join back with the team, sadly though he and the other members have left for a mission. In the meantime I can show you to your own room and you have access to the towers danger room." 

Jarvis lead Moon Knight through the towers living room quarters and the other many rooms the tower had before leading Marc to his own room, from there Jarvis left Moon Knight to let him do his own thing. Taking advantage of his new room  Marc took a show and refreshed himself before putting back on his costume once more. Once the suit was back on he exited his room and heading back down stairs to the living room area. Moon Knight found Jarvis vacuuming the carpet near the TV area. 

"Jarvis would you be kind and show me to the danger room, if Vision and the others are on a mission, that might take them awhile so I might as well do something in the mean time." 

Jarvis turned off his vacuum giving a slight nod and lead the silver Avenger to the towers danger room.

Mr. Jarvis shuddered silently behind Moon Knight’s back. Mr. Spector was known to sudden bursts of violence. Even though Mr. Jarvis was never the target of said violence himself (and frankly he believed he never would be), he was uneasy. After all, no matter how progressive one was, finding out someone was mentally ill always made them very uncomfortable.

This was why he mentioned the Danger Room so soon. It was best to ascertain the sanity of this particular incarnation of Moon Knight, and what better way to do so than in combat?

“Mr. Spector, I trust you are familiar with the Danger Room and its functions?”

“Never used it,” Moon Knight replied, “Didn’t this belong to the X-Men?”

“I’m not sure how long you’ve been in the Omniverse, sir,” Mr. Jarvis replied formally, “But there are no X-Men here. Not as we know them.”

Moon Knight didn’t respond. He simply stepped into the large modern arena. There were still singe marks from when Mr. Jarvis was testing his Iron Butler suit.

“I’m ready when you are.”

Mr. Jarvis bowed and stepped out of the room. Moon Knight made a silent prayer to Khonshu and prepared to fight. Two minutes passed. After a pleasant “ding-dong”, the cool and soothing voice of the Danger Room AI spoke.

“Hello, Marc Spector. Welcome to the Danger Roo-”

Mr. Jarvis appeared in the glass booth above, pressing two keys on the dashboard. The voice abruptly stopped speaking.

“Simulation objective: locate and detain the pictured individual.”

A hologram of a humongous humanoid wolf appeared before Moon Knight. The ex-mercenary immediately identified the character.

“Werewolf by Midnight,” the Silver Avenger muttered.

The hologram vanished. Next to where it was, a holographic bear trap appeared.

“Hazard: Multiple bear traps in various places.”

Suddenly, the lights shut off, leaving Moon Knight in complete darkness. Even the booth appeared darkened from the outside. The only source of light was the faint glow from the sheer whiteness of the hero’s suit.

“Simulation begins in three... two... one...”
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
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The arena Moon Knight stood in started to hum with life as the silver Avenger stood in deep darkness. The arena itself started morph before Moon Knight's eyes, the darkness was replaced with with dim warehouse lights the gave off was almost yellow, a clear sign of age and that the building hadn't been used in a while. The arena floor turned into a dirty tiled floor and boxes and large towering creates filled the entire building. 

Moon Knight slowly proceeded putting one foot in front of another trying to stay as absolutely quiet as possible. He was no longer fighting street level criminals and thugs, he was now fighting a full fledged animal bred for killing anything that got in its way. This wouldn't be the first time Moon Knight had fought a werewolf or the Werewolf by Night and this probably wouldn't be the last. Several years ago when Moon Knight was starting his career as being the Fist of Khonshu he was hired by a group called the Committee. They wanted Jack Russel the Werewolf by Night as their pet and as in a pet they meant a personal weapon at their leash that they could throw at anyone that got in the way. Moon Knight actually was successful at capturing the werewolf but soon freed it once a changing Jack Russel and his sister who he had kidnapped in the process of trying to capture the werewolf convinced Moon Knight in the error of his ways. Freeing the Werewolf by Night Moon Knight and the best beat down the Committee and escaped. 

Going further down a maze of boxes and creates Moon Knight could hear a faint low growl, the beast was near. Moon Knight slowly walked further down the path of creates, with a slow pace the Silver Avenger took out three crescent darts and set them between the his white gloved fingers. There was no telling where the Werewolf could for all he knew he could be being followed by the monster and the dim yellow lights that hung on the ceiling didn't make things easier at all, he could stumble right on top of it or worse step on a bare traps the danger room's computer told him about a few seconds earlier. 

The growling grew even louder it almost sounded more of like barking or roaring. This in any situation was not good, to many tight spaces and not enough light at this right Marc felt that he would do better fighting blind then be in this. Getting into a defensive position praying to Khonshu to give him strength, he was stopped dead in his tracks the fear of walking right on to the beast was absolutely true, at least there was a sort of upside to his misfortune. The Werewolf by Night was standing right under a window and it just so happened that it was night and the full moon was up shining right on top of the both of them. Because Moon Knight was the Avatar of Khonshu the Egyptian god of Moon and vengeance, the full moon gave Moon Knight strength and fulled his stamina, sadly though because it was a full moon this also meant the Werewolf also had more strength and stamina. 

The Werewolf by Night was facing the window and the gray wall that it was attached to. The Werewolf was kneeling on the ground growling in the pain of transforming from human to beast. To Moon Knight's luck the Werewolf stopped its growling and began sniffing the air. With blinding speed the supernatural monster turned its eyes glowing red in anger, it then slowly rose to its feet as if studying the Silver Avenger trying to sniff out fear and weakness. The beast would find none of that the Moon Knight did not fear the animal, he had faced the wolf before and beat and he would do it again, fear was nothing to the Fist of Khonshu he had died once and came back to life so there was nothing that would be able bring the silver clad hero down without a hard ass fight. 

With the Werewolf at its full height it started to suck in air, its fur filled chest bulging out. The monster then let out all of its air bellowing out a ear bursting howl. 

"I hate to do this to you Jack but I'm going to have to beat your mange self senseless." 

The Werewolf gave out a loud bark darting for Marc with powerful speed, the beast roaring the whole way. With haste using his free hand Moon Knight pulled out his grapnel gun and shot it for one of the creates above him. The Werewolf just barley miss him if he hadn't reacted a second late the wolfs lung would have torn him apart  by its razor sharp claws. The beast crashed into the into the large wooden create the silver and white hero now stoop on. taking the advantage Moon Knight threw the crescent dart that were still in his other hand at the Werewolf by Night. The crescents whistled cutting the air before piercing into the Werewolf's hide. The Werewolf screeched and howled in pain from the silver adamantium darts the caused it to bleed. Angered the Werewolf jumped up onto the create clawing for the Fist of Khonshu with unnatural speed.   

Moon Knight was able to dodge the Werewolf's left hand keeping its talons from ripping his face apart Moon Knight was able to land a powerful right hook to the Werewolf's canine face but Marc was unaware of the Werewolf's other hand. The furry hand's claws tore into Moon Knight's chest he could feel the warm liquid sensation of blood seeping down his chest painting crescent emblem that laied on the center of his chest a new color. Shouting pain Marc was able to connect his right silver boot into the Werewolf's chest causing it to tumble down off of the create.  

"Stay the fuck down!" 

The Werewolf by Night whimpering slowly got back on to it feet shaking its head the unnatural monster gave a heavy growl of pure red hot anger.

The Werewolf growled in pain. Clutching its chest, the beast made a strange, sharp noise, like a 50-ton bear barking. It pounced at Moon Knight, bloody claws raised high in the air.

"KILLLL YYYOOOUUU" the beast howled.

With an unworldly shriek, the Werewolf by Night leapt forward, catching the Silver Avenger in its flight. The pair rolled a short distance before the beast stopped the movement short, pinning the Agent of Khonshu to the ground. It began to ravage Moon Knight's armored chest, claws flashing in the dim moonlight, wet with Marc's blood. Moon Knight screamed through grit teeth. For a moment, he forgot this was a simulation, for he felt real pain.

After five or six devastating slashes, the Werewolf by Night raised both claws, prepared to strike Moon Knight in the throat. Moon Knight responded by using his grappling hook to latch himself to the wall in the back. The device yanked him backwards from under the savage beast, and just in time. Any second later and Moon Knight would have been a pile of red and white rags.

Moon Knight tumbled as the hook released and the wire retracted back into the stick. He rolled onto his chest and pushed up, noting the very realistic carnage that his abdomen had become.

Moon Knight flashed a furious glance at the Werewolf, who glared back with just as much fury.

The two stood in the narrow hallway, surrounded by crates, letting the moonlight flood over their bodies.

"You want claws?" Moon Knight snarled.

He flashed his spiked knuckles, glinting menacingly in the dark.

"I'll give you claws."

The beast charged, but Moon Knight interrupted the lunge with a lacerating uppercut, leaving his own claw marks in the beast's stomach. Nonetheless, the Werewolf's momentum continued to carry him forward, knocking down both fighters to the floor. Moon Knight leaned back and jumped to his feet, his wounds barely impacting his performance. With a deft leap, he executed a devastating spin kick to the Werewolf's face.

The beast's maw was only temporarily in pain, but it was enraged quite permanently. The anthropomorphic wolf clawed at the Silver Avenger, who ducked and jabbed under the wolf's armpit. Good hit. It was a weak spot on most people, a very sensitive area. The Werewolf by Night shrieked in pain.

The Werewolf slashed again, but Moon Knight reached back and used his grappling hook to pull himself backwards, once more throwing several crescent darts, this time at the Werewolf's feet to throw him off balance.

The Werewolf roared and pounced again.

Quote:Sorry kinda short. Remember, end it RIGHT before the killing blow.
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
01001101 01100001 01100100 01100101
01111001 01101111 01110101
01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011

Moon Knight the fist of Khonshu and the Werewolf by Night tumbled and rolled the dusty tile floor. It was a complete struggle of power both man and beast at each others throat. The Werewolf on top of of Moon Knight as they rolled around on the floor attempted to bite at the Agent of Khonshu's throat hopping for a chance to end him quick and swiftly. Moon Knight on the other hand fueled by pure rage and the will to live, fought the struggle with all of his might. Continuing to fight for control Moon Knight was able to wedge his white and silver legs between the Werewolf by Night and pushed the feral monster off of him.

The both of them now separated from the struggle of might now stood staring into each others eyes ready to return to their deathblows. Moon Knight's were glowing blue from the glimmers of the moonlight on the other hand the Werewolf by Night's eye's were glowing red out of pure and utter feral rage. The beast could almost taste the Moon Knight's blood, it now wanted to not kill Moon Knight but now wanted to feast up his flesh. 


The beast roared in anger, it was almost hopping in anticipation to attack the Silver Avenger once more. Moon Knight clutched at his abdomen, blood was still seeping out of his wounds. The Werewolf sure as Hell made its mark but pain was nothing to Moon Knight, it's only fuel to his violence and rage. 

"You want blood you heinous monster, then you'll have it!" 

The Werewolf gave a large deafening howl before charging after Moon Knight on all fours. Moon Knight quickly pulled out his grappling hook  shooting at the Werewolf by Night, the hook's cable was able to slightly wrap around the Werewolf's hulking fur chest. This was exactly want the protector of those who travel the night wanted to do. With the grappling hook's cable slightly wrapped around the Werewolf and it charging, Moon Knight charged for the beast to using as much strength and power as he vaulting over the large wolf-man. Now behind the Werewolf by Night, Moon Knight grabbed both end of his grappling hook's cable, using it to his advantage pulling himself upon the beasts back. Moon Knight was now able to direct the beast in any direction he wanted it to go. 

The Werewolf didn't take to the makeshift saddle lightly especially when Moon Knight began to wrap the cable around it fur coated neck creating enough pressure to force it into any direction he wanted. The Werewolf by Night in an angery fit tried to reach behind its back to claw the Moon Knight off of him. 

"OFF! OFF!" 

Moon Knight's grip on the makeshift saddle only tightened as the beast  began charging trying to shake the Agent of Khonshu off of its back. Yanking and roughly pulling on the cables Moon Knight forcing the Werewolf by Night to bulldoze in the direction of one of the  large wooden creates that filled the entire building. 

"It's time to go Knight, Knight you mange bastard."

Unwilling the feral blood thirsty beast crashed hard in the create, smashing through the wooden surface. With the beast upper half stuck inside the create Moon Knight with hast jumped off its furry back, taking a boxers stance he began to beat at the Wolf-man's abs. Moon Knight's silver spiked knuckles built into his white and silver gauntlets, tore into the Werewolf's skin causing it howl and bark in pain. In a fit of rage the Werewolf by Night was able pull its left clawed arm out from the create and swatted the Silver Avenger off of him. The supernatural strength of the wolf-man's furred left arm was completely strong enough to knock Moon Knight off his feet sending him back a few feet back. 

With the fist of Khonshu on the ground and being able to itself off the create the Werewolf by Night lunged at Moon Knight. With in only mere seconds from being torn apart Moon Knight quickly pulled out two crescent darts and threw then into the Werewolf by Night. The darts cutting into both of the beast's furry shoulders. The Werewolf's lung was completely stopped, now standing Moon Knight, he  propelled his feet  into the Werewolf's chest as it lunged for him, his kick strong enough to send it on its back.  

The Werewolf by Night now laying on the dusty floor whimpering in pain, Moon Knight jumped onto its chest. Drawing his fists spiked  back Moon Knight began to beat in the Werewolf's canine face left and right cutting it up into a bloody mess. Just before the avatar of the Egyptian  god of Moon and vengeance could draw the finishing blow everything submerged into darkness just as it had been when the simulation had first started.

The tower seemed a little silent right now, after Marcus and Vision left to do something. She hadn’t heard from Captain America either, the small child had gone off with her friends and mom. Even Jarvis was busy with a new person she’d never met before.

Even then, it was too quiet. She felt like she was standing in the corridors of Skynet staring down into the abyss… even then did red mechanic eyes stare back at her?

She snapped to attention as she grabbed her guns in question as the lights clicked off. “What the fuck?!” the pilot cursed as she tried to use her eyes to look around for what had happened.

The lights never turned off around here.

“Marcus?! Jarvis? Harry? Captain? Is that you?!”

Even Blair’s military training wasn’t going to prepare her for what was to happen next anyway.
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Edwin Jarvis pressed a few keys on the console.

"What an interesting turn of events," he muttered to himself.

The circumstances suggested a power outage, which was frankly impossible. The Avengers Tower was powered by a large-scale arc reactor, which, in the extremely rare event it shorted out, would have detonated if such a power outage were to occur. This was why numerous safeguards were in place to ensure that never happened.

So if the safeguards failed, Mr. Jarvis would be dead. Therefore, it was safe to assume that someone had turned it off. But who?

Ms. Williams was instructed to not enter the arc reactor room, and was given a clear explanation as to why not (the reasons being the ones stated above) and Moon Knight was in the Danger Room. The maidbots might have triggered it, he supposed.

That, or this was the work of an invader.

"An old friend," Mr. Jarvis repeated, and the armor found him. It clicked and whirred as the Iron Butler suit activated, illuminating the room with an eerie blue light. The arc reactor, along with the helmet's facial features, were the only light sources in the dark observation booth.

Automatic doors. Curses. Mr. Jarvis used the suit's enhanced strength to force the doors open, bending the steel in doing so. He would need to make repairs later.

"Ms. Jocasta?"


"Display Avengers Tower blueprints, if you would."

The upper left corner of the display showed a 3D map of the Tower.

"Now display the locations of all life forms on this map."

Two red dots pulsed near each other on the 14th floor. This would be Moon Knight and Mr. Jarvis himself. He was actually searching for Ms. Williams, who was on the 5th floor. An unexpected red dot appeared near the generator room. Of course. It indeed was an invader. It was time to move.

"Activate night vision."

"Of course."

Mr. Jarvis reached for the vault door sealing the Danger Room. He turned the handle manually, an exhausting effort due to the

"Moon Knight?"

The Silver Avenger's white suit would still be bright in the darkness, allowing Mr. Jarvis to pinpoint his location within the simulation chambers. But Mr. Spector was nowhere to be seen.

"Moon Knight, sir?" Mr. Jarvis repeated.

Moon Knight dropped from the ceiling, landing right in front of the butler. Surprised, Mr. Jarvis drew his weapons, both palm repulsors ready to fire. Moon Knight punched him, then tackled the butler before he could react.

"You're not Stark," Moon Knight accurately noticed, "Who are you?"

Mr. Jarvis disengaged the mask, making it snap up. He glared at the vigilante.

"Oh," Moon Knight sheepishly muttered, "Sorry."

"It's quite fine, sir. At first, many do not realize I am not Master Stark."

He glared at the Silver Avenger, who was helping him to his feet. It was difficult, due to the clunky suit.

"Of course, many do not tackle me on sight."

"We're under attack. You can't blame me."

Mr. Jarvis sighed. "No, I suppose not. There is one more resident of the Tower we need to secure before we proceed."

"You can do what you want," Moon Knight snarled, "I'm taking down whoever dared attack us."

Mr. Jarvis opened his mouth to protest, but sighed.

"Very well," the butler replied, "You, sir, go find the invader. I'll go secure Ms. Williams."

The helmet shut down on him, the visor activating once more to display an optimal flight course. Despite the narrow corridors of Avengers Tower, Mr. Jarvis knew that all of the maidbots were currently deactivated and would not get in his way. He activated his jets and blasted down the hallway.
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
01001101 01100001 01100100 01100101
01111001 01101111 01110101
01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011

Moon Knight took  a few seconds to catch his breath and calm down. The simulation and the black out had put on edge and someone like Marc is not a person you would mess with while sketchy situations were at hand. Taking a deep breath and a moment to cool down his anger, the Silver Avenger ran out the vault door and into  the small hallway corridor, everything was submerged into darkness the only illumination  was the glass windows he passed by on his way to the stair case, there was no need to to take left seeing as the power was out. Speeding through the narrow corridors Moon Knight pressed a button on his cowl, his eye started to glow and his pathway was lit up by night vision.  

"Looks like I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way, the long routes."

Pushing through the steel doors to the towers stair case the Ex-mercenary pulling out his grapnel gun shooting its hook into the stair cases guard rail and flipped over it slowly descending down until he came across a door that read out generator room. Using his weight the Silver Avenger swung his way into the stainless steel double doors bashing them open with his silver boots. 

Flipping onto his feet Moon Knight flailed his with cape up making it give the impression that he had covered the entire doorway. Eyeing at the intruder Moon Knight pulled out his concealable quarterstaff, its long shaft coming into full size. 

"Whoever you are you must not be very bright, do you know where you've broken into?" 

The large figure standing over the command console for the tower arc reactor turned giving a stern look towards Marc and stepped a few inches closer to Moon Knight. 

Moon Knight couldn't believe his eyes, of course this Omniverse was very much a place for the awkward and weird. The Silver Avenger was sort of glad to see a familiar face. 

"Luke Cage?" Marc's black mask under his cowl turning into confused expression. 

"Ya damn right who else would else would it be." 

Luke Cage took a few more steps closer to the agent of Khonshu. Moon Knight jumped into a defensive stance from large man's sudden  sudden approach. 

"Yeah but why would you be in here? cutting off the power?" 

Cage gave a huge smirk and gave a light chuckle. 

"Always were a curious man Marc. I turned off the power because a Skrull has infiltrated the tower and this was the only way to get y'all attention without alerting the alien." 

Moon Knight took a few minutes to process what the large vigilante had said. Before the Fist of Khonshu could reply back Jarvis and another person rushed into the room. 

"Moon Knight sir, is everyth- Oh! Luke Cage?" 

Luke Cage gave a nod and pointed at the women.  

"Jarvis, Moon Knight that women is a Skrull." 

Moon Knight turned to Jarvis with a confused and angered expression. 

"Jarvis is she a Skrull! How do I know your not one ether." 

Jarvis stared into the protector of night's blue glowing eyes and then studied Luke Cage. 

"Because sir, Luke Cage hasn't been to the tower yet and if we were Skrulls we would already attacked you." 

Luke Cage took a few more steps, Jarvis jumped and aimed his arc blasters at the power man, Moon Knight responded by raising his staff at the butler. Marc's breathing was heavy with anger he knew he was being played but who? 

"Marc I know you trust me, remember what they planned to do when you went after Dr. Doom?" 

Moon Knight looked back and forth at Jarvis and the women who had now pulled a gun on him and Luke Cage who was already in a fighting stance. 

"Jarvis use that suit and show me who's really a Skrull. Scan Dammit now!

Mr. Jarvis frowned. Who was this Luke Cage? How had he been here for so long? If anyone was a Skrull, it had to be "Mr. Cage," though it certainly was very possible that Moon Knight was also a Skrull. Perhaps, if the invasion was more planned-out, it could indeed be Ms. Williams, but the Avengers were not influential enough to be a suitable target for a large-scale covert invasion.

"Ms. Jocasta, please-"

"No time!" Mr. Cage bellowed. He jumped forward, lunging at Ms. Williams.

Quick as a whip, Mr. Jarvis blasted the bulletproof man back with his repulsors. Mr. Cage collapsed on the ground and sat up. His face did not turn green.

"Please do not preemptively strike my friend, Mr. Cage," Mr. Jarvis said. His scanners were working as fast as they could for Skrull DNA.

Before the results finished, Mr. Cage threw something large and metallic at the butler. Mr. Jarvis barely caught it, recognizing it as one of the computer screens that helped monitor the arc reactor. He slid back a few feet, leaving scratches on his chestplate. He dropped the screen and raised his left hand, but Mr. Cage was too fast. Mr. Jarvis couldn't stop the next punch, the helmet denting slightly as the butler flew back. The suit's supine jets activated, righting the suit onto its feet and scratching the steel floor, to the butler's despair. The butler raised both palms and blasted Mr. Cage once more, knocking the bulletproof man back again. This time, Mr. Jarvis activated his boot jets to push himself forward, while reeling his fist back to punch Mr. Cage.

A white staff appeared from behind the man, jamming Mr. Jarvis in the shoulder and keeping him back from Mr. Cage.

Moon Knight stared at the butler from under his ebony mask. Mr. Jarvis grunted, trying to shake off the admittedly cushioned but still painful blow. Luke Cage punched him, sending him flying

"If I may ask, sir," Mr. Jarvis grunted, "what do you think you are doing?"

Moon Knight gripped his staff, spiked knuckles gleaming in the dimly lit hallway.

"He didn't turn green," Moon Knight replied, "You know that Skrulls can't keep up the illusion when they get hit."

"He has also attacked before he has made sure that-"

"Confirm THIS!" Mr. Cage roared, reaching for the butler with both hands. He was once again too fast for Mr. Jarvis to dodge, sending the armored butler flying back again. This time, Mr. Cage grabbed him and spun around him, throwing him at the end of the spin. The attack sent Mr. Jarvis much farther, hurling him fully down the hallway.

Ms. Williams watched the action wide-eyed, then fired two shots at Mr. Cage, fully convinced that this man was a life-threatening hostile. Moon Knight, sensing the woman take her aim, rolled and took cover behind his ally as Ms. Williams just as quickly found out that Mr. Cage was bulletproof. As powerful as her Desert Eagle was, the only thing its bullets did was leave two smoldering holes in Mr. Cage's yellow shirt and damage the arc reactor's protective shell.

Mr. Jarvis received a warning explaining this damage from Jocasta. Terrified, the butler engaged all of his thrusters, shooting forward as hard as he could and tackled Mr. Cage, pinning him to the opposite wall of the arc reactor's chamber. He threw a few ineffective punches, two quick left jabs and one right roundhouse, but Mr. Cage quickly recovered and caught the left uppercut. The Hero for Hire headbutted the butler's helmet, leaving a much larger dent in the armor. He then kicked Mr. Jarvis back, sending him skidding across the floor yet again.

Ms. Williams joined Mr. Jarvis as Moon Knight lined himself up with Mr. Cage.

"Mr. Spector," the butler said, "Mr. Cage. Please, sirs, let us be reasonable about this."

"Done with reason," Moon Knight snarled, "We're taking you out."
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Blair was shocked that her weapons were useless against the intruder. Not only did the threat actually BELIEVE she was some sort of Skrull, he believed that Jarvis was one too. What Avenger did that to another?

“Ok, Let’s get one thing straight. I have no fucking idea what a Skrull ACTUALLY is, but I know what is going to attack me is ACTUALLY a threat. “

She growled at Moon Knight who was staring down Jarvis like he was actually a threat.

“You as well believe this “man?!” “Ugh, I can’t believe the hypocrisy here.”

“You two are JUST as bad as Skynet and I’ve had it up to here with the shit today. ALL I wanted was to relax but NO I can’t even do that.”

“Drop Mr. Jarvis and you might walk out of here with slightly than a beaten body.”

Jarvis stared at Blair “Be careful, these two mean business.”

She aimed her Desert Eagle again, instead focused it on Luke’s leg bone.

Luke held his shot at leg like it was hurting and it gave a few moments for Blair to dive on the Skrull “Luke Cage”.

“I don’t fuckin’ care, machine or not. This is for attacking MY FRIENDS!” She slammed hard on the Skrull.

Her survival in the war against the machines had to mean something that she survived and she would prove to Marcus she could hold her own in a fight.
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Mr. Jarvis raised both eyebrows, staring at the bullet wound in Luke Cage's thigh. It took him some time to realize why it had happened.

"You are the Skr-"

Moon Knight, not listening, pounded Blair in the head with his staff. The Skrull's thigh quickly patched itself, to the butler's shock. Wasting no time, Mr. Jarvis grabbed onto Moon Knight's shoulders and threw him to the side.

"Did you not see Mr. Cage's leg, Mr. Spec-"

Mr. Jarvis was interrupted once more, this time by Moon Knight's fist. With a kick from both of the ex-merc's legs, Iron Butler was boosted into the air. The weight of the armor made him fall hard.

The butler tackled Mr. Spector while flying, grabbing onto the vigilante. He then boosted himself towards Luke Cage, still holding Moon Knight.

"Release coolant!" Mr. Jarvis shouted.

"Doing it," Jocasta replied inside his helmet.

A cool, light blue gas hissed from within the suit, billowing around the armor like a cloud. Luke Cage and Moon Knight felt their arms and legs become harder and harder to move.

"Freeze," Mr. Jarvis mumbled.
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The agent of Khonshu shouted in anger and pain at the top of his lungs, as Jarvis' Iron man suit froze him and Luke Cage into the very spot they stood upon. Frozen in place Moon Knight's anger boiled to red hot fire, he was done playing games. It was not Jarvis's place to judge their own team members or even friends. This time Jarvis won't find the the protector of night but the agent of vengeance. 

With both Moon Knight and Luke Cage frozen Jarvis aim leveled his repulsors at the both of them ignoring their muffuled cries of pain and anger. 

"Now Mr. Spector that Luke Cage is not the Mr. Cage you know, he is a Skrull." The Iron Butler urgently stated trying to reason with the Silver Avenger. 

Moon Knight's glowing blue eyes turned into an very angry and violent look over his ebony mask. In pure rage The Silver Avenger started to try and move his iced over body. With in a matter of seconds the ice stated to chip and crack until Moon Knight's hooded face was free. 

"LIAR!" He shouted with venom at the top of lunges, his voice echoing across the generator room. 

Shaking and resisting the ice over his body, The Fist of Khonshu burst out of his frozen prison. Shivering and numb from the bone chilling ice, Moon Knight rushed for Jarvis. Jumping into the air forming into a near perfect judo kick, Jarvis didn't have time to fully react from the Silver Avengers sudden  attack. Moon Knight's silver and white boot made its mark on Jarvis metal helmet, sending the butler a few inches back. Still enraged Moon Knight ran for the Iron butler once more, this time beating at Jarvis' ab plate, The agent of Vengeance's spiked cestus gauntlets cutting into the armor.

"You aren't going to be able to keep up with Spector's fight styles!" Jarvis' armor's AI shouted scanning the armor's power level status.   

"Then scan him!" The Iron Butler shouted trying to keep up with Moon Knight blow for blow.

"Already have." 

A scanning bar filled from zero to one-hundred percent in the Iron Butler's helmet's HUD display. The HUD then started to highlight Moon Knight's limbs and photograph his heavy attacks. As if Jarvis was only letting the Silver Avenger beat him black and blue, the Butler was now able to keep up with Moon Knight's attack and even lay hits him self. Pushing Marc off of him for a bit Jarvis took a quick glance only to see the Blair was trying keep her distance for the now free Luke Cage, taking shots at him that only bounce off of the Power Man. 

Needing to give Blair support Jarvis charged up his armors thrusters, grabbing a hold of the Ex-mercenary. Jarvis forced the Moon Knight to crash hard into the generator rooms hard floor. Moon Knight was completely winded and was to exhausted to pick himself up and fight anymore. So the Silver Avenger laid on the cold concret floor, not moving an inch, the Fist of Khonshu had been beaten. 

With Moon Knight out of his way Jarvis turned his attention to Luke Cage, firing both of his repulsors into the hero for hire's back. Cage shouted in pain dropping to one knee. Blair took the advantage of Luke Cage being hit and shot for the hero, her Desert Eagle's bullets bouncing off the Power Man yellow tee shirt, only leaving smoldering holes.      

Rise my son for your time is nowhere near, get up off your lazy self and continue fighting. The one you think is Luke Cage is not the one you believe he is. Rise, Rise, Rise, my avatar as I once did for you as you sat at my statue taking your last breath. Get up Marc for you have yet to return the favor now step up and beat back those who follow darkness. Make those fear the name Khonshu, make them fear you my avatar the Moon Knight. Bring me my VENGEANCE! 

The voice sounded as if it were far away but still close. It was a familiar voice to Marc a voice that felt as if it had been with him a along, whispering and guiding him at every corner. 


Clinching his fists tight and gasping, Moon Knight awoke form his unconsciousness. Slowing he picked himself off the concrete floor and retrieved his staff. With a shout of new found anger, the Silver Avenger darted for the Skrull, swinging his staff hard at him. The staff's shaft connected hard into the fake Luke Cages head, making a loud cracking nose. Cage stumbled back a few feet away from them, his massive hand griping at his skull. Cage then turned back to the three of them revealing his true form, a Skrull. The Skrull gave a slow and deep laugh before pointing a Jarvis with its over sized alien hands.   

"You are fools standing in the way of a greater plan, now you must all die for the Empress!" The Skrull's voice booming through out the entire generator room. 

Moon Knight gripped his staff tight with both hands, his glowing blue eye's showing violent intentions. 

"Then Lets make this more violent."   


The Resistance and Avengers pilot muttered under her breath as Moon Knight had finally chosen the right side for once.

Blair let Moon Knight smash the Skrull and raises a eyebrow "What took you so long?"

As Jarvis lifted himself up, he flew over near Blair "You alright, Ms. Williams?"

Blair could only sigh "I'm alright, except for the huge lump Mr. Moon knight gave me during the fight. That is going to smart for a while."
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[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

The recall station was a bumpy path and Marcus mentally cursed he couldn't take his mudbike with him.

He eyed the Avenger tower and began to run as fast as his legs could carry him until he reached the door.

He opened the door and eyed the stranger he'd never met before tearing the Skrull to pieces.

"Jarvis, Blair..."

He eyed Jarvis and frowned "You alright?"

He also eyed Blair's condition and noticed the lump on her head "Blair, who did this?"

Blair was happy and turned "Over there, that Skrull is trying to beat up Moon Knight."

Marcus raised a eyebrow "Moon Knight...?!"

"We'll explain later." Jarvis turned back to the fight at hand.

"Well, I'm helping now."

Marcus moved toward Moon Knight and growled at the Skrull "You coward, trying to attack our home."

"Who sent you?!"
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[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Mr. Jarvis then reached down and grabbed the imposter Mr. Cage's shirt. The armor helped lift the burly frame of the Skrull.

"Please answer the question, sir," the butler said.

The Skrull sneered at him. "Iron Man, so uncharacteristically polite. But I know you won't hurt me."

"You mistake me for Mr. Stark," the butler grunted, throwing the Skrull into a nearby wall, "I am not. You are surrounded by three Primes, none of whom dislike killing. Now."

Mr. Jarvis picked him up again, pressing one palm against the Skrull's cheek.

"Who sent you?"

The Skrull flinched, feeling the repulsor pressed against his cheek.

"I don't know his name," the alien muttered, "Never even saw his face. He said something about avenging his town."

Mr. Jarvis raised his eyebrows. Marcus stormed forward, intimidatingly close to the alien.

"Rando?" the Terminator snarled.

"I don't know," the Skrull growled in response, "FOR THE EMPIRE!"

The Skrull moved his tongue inside his mouth, then suddenly bit down, hard. Mr. Jarvis realized almost immediately what had happened. He tried to eject the pill from the Skrull's mouth, but it was too late. He was foaming st the mouth already.

Mr. Jarvis dropped the dead alien and turned to his allies.

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
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As the Skrull fell on the ground, Jarvis threw it to the ground as it began to foam at the mouth and died there.

Everyone took a big sigh of relief as Marcus stepped to the side and looked at Moon Knight and held a hand out to shake Marc's hand. Name’s Marcus, Glad to meet on the right side this time.”

Blair dusted herself off and held her head “Name is Blair Williams. Marcus's girlfriend and the omniverse best pilot also the restistance
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

The Silver Avenger accepted Marcus' hand shake giving him a firm grip and a slight nod. The bruises he gained from his fight with the Skrull and Jarvis was starting creep up on him. Marc felt ashamed that he had let his anger get the best of him, he knew that what he did, siding with someone who the others hadn't seen in the tower before was a bad decision. In defense he didn't want the others to fight each other in accusations.    

"It's... It's nice to meet new members of the Avengers, I apologize for my quick jump to action." His glowing blue eyes drooped downwards on his ebony mask, giving a long sigh he continued "My anger and judgment got the better of me, but that will never happen again I assure that." 

Moon Knight glanced off to the side, taking in a full account of the damage he did to Jarvis Iron Man suit. The suit itself was tore up with scratch marks and puncture holes patterned the rest. Of course Jarvis was slightly fine, due to the suits armor but had Moon Knight been pushed further in the fight, he would have crippled the man. 

"I.. I'm sorry, I need sometime alone. I need to think about what happened here, to think more on this team and if when stuff like this comes again, can we work together or will we turn against each other? Most of all I need think about my well-being."       

Marc sidestepped Marcus slowly walking towards the door out of the generator room. Stepping into the door frame he glanced back at the rest of the team, these extraordinary Avengers. Are these people going to be the ones that world, this Omniverse will need when the darkness of evil grips its throat? The real question is will this team need Moon Knight at that hour, and will Marc Spector the Moon Knight answer the call? That is an answer that needs more thought then ever. 

With the quick glance Marc saw that Jarvis was trying to restart the towers generator and Marcus was helping his girlfriend Blair nurse her wounds. Moon Knight's blue eyes cringed in anger, anger for himself, how could he have made such a poor judgment?

"Never again." He whispered under his breath, venom dripping in the sound his words. 

Moon Knight paced out of the door frame and made his way up the towers many stairs until he made it onto the balcony of the building. The weather had completely changed from the clam foggy sky, when had first arrived, to now large black clouds hovering up above warned of a coming storm. 

Stepping over to the edge of the balcony, heavy rain poor furiously down on the protector of Night. He stood Over the edge like a statue, testing the course of time. He peered down at intently at the waves crashing into the sea stacks that dotted the island. Marc's anger was still at a boiling point, he needed answers and now there was someone who give them to him. His white armored gloves reaching for his  face, he ripped the ebony mask that covered his face and drew back his hood. Marc held the mask out in front of him sneering at it. 

"KHONSHU! Am I truly your avatar, the protector of those who travel the night!" He shouted out in red hot anger, thunder in the distance swallowed it. "Are you even real." His voice trembled at the thought of his mind making Khonshu up, proving more that he is insane. 

More thunder boomed boomed in the distance, lightning blots were now visible. 

"I am as real as you are my son." A voice rung out into Marc's ears. The voice gave off the feeling it did earlier, it was like a voice calling out from a far distance but also felt close, closer then ever. The voice was a familiar sound a sound Spector had heard before, this time he knew who talking. Khonshu.  

"You are my fist, my blade, my will of vengeance." Khonshu said his voice booming even closer to Moon Knight. 

Marc looked into the black clouded sky, rain pelting his face, trying to see if he could find the Moon god. 

"Then if I am, then why do I attack people who are on my side, why is my judgment so clouded?" 

A small gust of smoke blew beside Moon Knight, Khonshu appearing as the storms wind the smoke away. Khonshu stepped into Marc's view, placing his glowed hand on his shoulder, the god's bird skull head peering down at him. 

"My son you are under a lot of stress, your judgment and actions are just. This Omniverse is a new world for the both of us, the confusion of this new world and your anger are making your rash judgments but you should not blame yourself for being tricked, hurting your friends. If another person was put into your sorry position they would have done the same." The god's voice still boomed but this time it felt as if it was only in Spector's head.

Khonshu took his hand off of Marc's shoulders and crossed his fingers.

"Now quit feeling sorry for yourself and take your ass back in there with those Avengers, it's about time we kicked some ass with a team again."  

As soon as the god of vengeance finished he faded into dust right before Moon Knight's eyes. The Silver Avenger turned his back at the balcony door, making his way back inside the tower.

"Ms. Williams, might I mention there is no more Resistance here. Doff armor," the butler said, stepping out of his Iron Butler suit.

Blair shrugged. "Old habits die hard."

Mr. Jarvis removed a handkerchief and dabbed at the sweat forming on his forehead.

"Yes, I suppose they do. Would you two kindly place Mr. Cage's impostor in the medical wing? Mr. Wright, we should debrief in ten minutes, sir."

"Fine. You know, the medical wing just has bandages and Tylenol?" Marcus noted.

"Yes, sir, I'm quite aware," Mr. Jarvis nodded, "Before you go, allow me to turn the power on again."

Mr. Jarvis sighed as the power rebooted. The Vision clearly foresaw an event like this, for the process to turn the generator back on was fairly intuitive and required no electricity. Each switch was uniquely shaped and sized so that Mr. Jarvis would always know which to press. He was back in his formal butler tuxedo, which was somehow still not the least bit disheveled after the fight. Regardless, he was now sporting a bruise on his bald spot from one of Moon Knight's savage blows.

As the lights flickered back to life, he looked back at the maid bots who were scrubbing the Skrull blood on the floor. One of them collected a small sample. Mr. Jarvis nodded in approval. You never knew when it would be useful later.

The clean-up was surprisingly straightforward. There was no structural damage, unlike the last time the Tower was attacked. Just scratches from the armor clashing against the steel - many, many scratches - and a few stray bullets. Vision's conflict with Skynet had melted the lab. This was much, much better.

Now, Moon Knight. The Vision had asked him to keep an eye on the vigilante. Despite the fact that Moon Knight had attacked him during a sensitive time, he was sure Mr. Spector could control that given time to practice. And it could not be denied his membership would be beneficial. He recalled how he held off both Mr. Jarvis in his technologically advanced tank-like armor and a trained soldier with two guns.

Perhaps Mr. Jarvis could help him.

At that moment, he turned the corner, almost bumping into the man in question.

"Ah, yes, Mr. Spec- Apologies, sir. Am I speaking to Moon Knight at the moment?"

The vigilante squinted at him from under the mask.

"You are."

"Ah, very good, sir. I was just looking for you."

Moon Knight looked at the hallway. His costume was drenched from the rain. Mr. Jarvis raised an eyebrow.

"I see you were outside, sir," the butler remarked, "Anyhow, I believe you will be needing this."

Mr. Jarvis held up the envelope. Moon Knight scowled.

"What is that?"

"This, sir, is your Avengers ID card. I believe the West Coast Avengers utilized a similar feature."

Moon Knight took the envelope and used his white glove to spread the opening wide. A plastic card fell onto his palm. He smiled under the mask. It already had a profile of Moon Knight's mask, listing his ID number and various other numbers Moon Knight didn't quite understand yet.

"It functions as a communicator, recall device, and keycard to most of the Tower's floors. Welcome to the team, sir."

"Yeah, alright," Moon Knight muttered.


"Not you," Moon Knight said, "Talking to Khonshu."

"And what does he have to say on the matter?"

"That he told me so."

Mr. Jarvis smiled, hiding the slight discomfort he felt. Part of him, a naive part, wanted to believe that there really was an ancient Egyptian god of vengeance in the man's head. That would justify many things. But Mr. Jarvis was a man of reason. Even here, he couldn't believe that Moon Knight was the avatar of a god. Yet perhaps, one day, Mr. Jarvis hoped, Khonshu would reveal himself and Mr. Jarvis would be able to understand Marc Spector.

"Send him my regards, sir," Mr. Jarvis concluded. He bowed and started walking back to his office.
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