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Beach Filler Episode (OPEN)

Quote:Here's a description of the beach from a previous post so we can stay consistant with each other. The description is at night so imagine it at daytime:

She was standing on a boardwalk that was suspended over a beach and some of the ocean dozens of feet in the air. To her left, extending out into the sea was an entire mini theme park, right there in the docks, complete with rollercoaster, ferris wheel, and tea cup ride.

To her right was where the boardwalk ends. There’s a couple of stairways leading down to the beach, but there was also a bridge that extends into the top of a nearby hill. From the looks of it, it lead to more of the city.

She looked down at the beach. Eventually, the sand gave way to a concrete road that separates the natural world and the city.

She noticed the road along the beach was much more lit, so she chose to go down the stairs.

Walking down the concrete path which was lit exclusively by street lights, she saw the long line of colorfully decorated shops that formed a row down the lane. While they were closed, she could imagine them selling t-shirts, ice cream, maybe some of them even sold food! She could swear some of them had a bar and stool for eating meals off of. That must of been the purpose.

For anyone wanting to join in, here's the OOC thread: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=8581

Everyone play nice with each other and have fun!

It was a clear blue day at the beach and scores of people came out to get some sun and fun. Men and women of many shapes, sizes, and species came in their bathing suits to enjoy a day in the sand. Some chose to make sand castles, some chose to surf the waves, which were really coming in this time of time of year.

Shops selling goods of all varieties line the road that parts the beach making a killing with the summer crowd. The mini-theme park was also doing well, all the effort of putting a damn rollercoaster on the boardwalk was work it!

Volley ball tournaments were being held, and so were armwrestling tournaments. There was an entire section of the beach devoted to work out equipment. Even jetski and motorboat rentals were availible!

Looked like it was the perfect time to be at the beach!
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"Uh, sir, do you need to go to a hospital?" 

"Yeah, probably." Cirrus Neon said, as he walked through the gates and took in the sight- it was a relief to be out of the Nexus. After tussling with that swordsman, he was all for some R & R. Luckily, it seemed he picked the right gate. The climate, the not-too-distant music, the smell of food on the air mixed with the salt of the sea... 

Hell yes. 

"Do you... need someone to take you to the hospital?" she was a shopkeeper from nearby, a good samaritan, plain and simple. 

"Nah. I'm supposedly immortal."

"Oh! You're a Prime then, you... should be able to heal that with some Omnilium, I think. It might take a few hours though. I'm not sure." 

"Hmm... well if that's the case, why not spend it in the sun?" Cirrus grinned wide at the girl, before creating some Omnilium chips in his hand. He dropped the small pile into her hands, and she stared at the not-so-small bit of wealth in her fingers. "You're selling bathing suits right?"

"Uh. Yeah."

"Hook me up then, and some sunglasses, then keep the change!"

"Uh, sure, sure!" she hurried off. 

"And make sure they're purple! I've got a style to uphold!"

Cirrus cackled with amusement as he dashed across the water, pumping his feet at his top speed. Said top speed was paltry, compared to the sound-breaking running he used to be capable of, but all the same he could keep above the surface of the waves indefinitely. 

Over his shoulder was a rope, and at the other end of that rope was a young, fit, slightly tanned shopkeeper on water skis. 

"Faster!" she screamed, and after giving her a thumbs-up, he kicked into overdrive, beginning to sweat as he pushed even harder against the waves. Sea wind blasted his face. 

Salt stung in his wounds. 

He had needed this. 

After some water-skiing, he and his new friend Rachel wound down and managed to find an open spot on the beach. They put down a bright-red towel, (courtesy of Rachel), found an umbrella, and laid down to take in the sun. 

"Okay then. Let's see about damping down on all this stinging, huh?" Cirrus said, putting a hand over the gash in his chest. Closing his eyes, he relaxed, and let flow the rainbow-colored energy inside him. As Cirrus began to glow, Rachel watched the light-show play on the underside of their shade umbrella. 

She watched it, until she herself grew tired. 

The two fell asleep on their beach towel, under the shade.

Isabelle and Rosie arrive at the beach, the cat pulling the dog along by the hand, giggling with glee.

She stopped a few feet into the sand. She let go of Izzy’s paw and raised her own paws into the air as she breathed in the sea breeze. She let down her paws as she let go of her breath.

“Isn’t it stunning, izzy? I love the beach!”

“It is quite amazing.” Said Isabelle shyly. She rubbed her arm and avert the cat’s gaze, she wasn’t used to being in a bathing suit in front of hundreds of people like this.

Rosie was wearing a pink polka dot bikini with a top that looked reminiscent of a heart. Isabelle wore a green plaid bikini with a normal tube top.

Rosie looked towards the crowd and back at Isabelle, and then she grinned mischievously.

“Oh I get it!” She said as she skipped around her and lightly pushed Izzy forward. “You’re too selfish to share that bod of yours with the rest of the beach!”

“Rosie!” She responding, blushing profusely while also giggling.

“Well I’m not going to let you evildoer!” She said, pointing her finger in the air like a superhero, “Izzy’s bod should be free to all to see!”

A brief silence followed by uproarious laughter. Their laughing fit would bring them to the ground as they sat down in the sand, Rosie going in for a hug while still giggling.

Isabelle looked down at at the cat, and returned the hug. She didn’t regret bringing Rosie along today, it was already ten times the fun she would have had alone.

“So what would you like to do first?” Asked Isabelle as they parted.
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Isabelle and Rosie were building a Sandcastle together. The blue cat wiped the sweat from her brow as she put in the final tower.

“Ah! My kingdom is finally complete!” She said with a smile. “Now I shall rule over all this land and we shall call it... ‘this land!’”

“I think it should be called your grave!” Said Isabelle in a nasally voice.

“Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

“Mine is an evil land, now die!”

Isabelle leapt forward and tackled Rosie, the two of them falling into the castle, toppling it down the middle. The pair laughed their asses off while holding each other for a moment. They finally got control of themselves as they climbed back up onto their feet.

“Hahahaha, so much for the hahaha kingdom!” Said Rosie, still chortling. “Haha I guess if it can’t withstand the weight of our bodies, it’s not protecting us from the Huns!”

The pair laughed for another two minutes until they light-headedly stumble out of the broken structure, brushing the sand out of their fur with their paws.

The two stand outside the now ruined castle and sigh cheerfully.

“It’s a shame, but it was fun building it!”

Suddenly, izzy had a flash of inspiration.

“Hold on!” She called out as she clasped her paws together.

Soon, that ball of rainbow colored light appeared in front of her which caused Rosie to wriggle in excitement. In a few minutes, it encompassed the sandcastle and fully repaired it. It even now had little touches, like little sand flags, more windows and doors, tapestries, little statues of Rosie, and a sign out in front that read “Rosie’s Castle.”

The cat inspected it thoroughly, her smile getting wider with each second. Eventually, she ran up to Isabelle and hugged her.

“I LOVE IT! Oh my god! Thank you Isabelle!” She yelled out. “It’s perfect!”

“Well, not like it took me much to make...” She said, averting her eyes, but still blushing and smiling from the appreciation.

Rosie pulled away from the hug to look her in the eyes.

“But even if Omni provided the magic, the thought was all you, and I much appreciate it!”

Isabelle thought on it for a moment, Rosie was right, she did need to give herself a little more credit.

She smiled back to her cat companion.

“Wanna to get some Ice cream?” She asked.

“Yes! Let’s!” She said gleefully as she grabbed Izzy’s paw and pulled her along to the ice cream shop.

Soon after, a little boy in swim shorts saw the sandcastle. He smiled mischievously at the sight of it. He took a running start and leapt into it at full speed.

His chest hit the top of one of the walls, but it refused to give, knocking the wind out of him. He slid down onto the sand at the foot, coughing up a lung.

After a second, of getting himself back together, he felt the surface of the castle. Hard, as if it were made of stone.

“Huh?” He exclaimed, puzzled.
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[Image: wkr7ABB.png]

The sun was shining bright and hot over the boardwalk. Another sunny, cheery day in the Vasty Deeps. The dry air blowing a cool breeze, Primes and citizens alike froliccing in the cool green ocean, palm trees swaying in the breeze, seabirds calling. As close as you can get to Paradise in the Omniverse.


"This damned heat! Doesn't it ever rain here?"

The Ferengi hung up a plastic squirt bottle in the spokes of a brightly colored umbrella that was centered above a large metal pushcart. The cart itself was painted in eye attracting colors, and a marquee proclaiming this as "Ice-zal's Frozen Delights", along with a cartoonish depiction of an alien enjoying an ice cream cone- the very same one pushing the cart.

He was short, with brownish orange skin. A bit weathered looking, but soft, almost mushroom like. A large straw hat barely covered his enormous earlobes, and the billowy shirt he was wearing was even more gaudy and colorful than the sides of his cart. His pants were simple white slacks, and he wore sandals on his stubby feet.

"Frozen delights, here! From the corners of the Vasty Seas!" He called out shrilly, ringing a small bell affixed to the underside of the umbrella that kept him in the shade. "We got flavors you've never seen, ices you've never heard about, and stuff cold enough to last you more than 20 minutes in the Dunes!" Then, almost as an afterthought, he added, "And we got regular flavors for you boring types."

This certainly wasn't as good as his own bar, but Ozal enjoyed selling things. Every item going out meant money coming in. Didn't mean you had to be chesp about it, either. Why not offer strange and exotic things? Who knew what the next fad might be? Which is why he had several vats of experimental treats inside the cart.

Affixed to the umbrella pole was a markerboard with all the flavors on it. As Ozal pulled his cart to a stop, spying some potential customers pulling up, he did a quick mental inventory and realigned the flavor list. "Mm...lemon ice, yep. Cherry Smoothie, Banana Split, Orange Explosion, Limey Sailor, Nexus Nilla and Steppescinnamon, all good. Wait, out of Ambrosian Cocoa." He wiped the flavor off the list.

Now the experimental ones. "Gaghtoberfest...Void Vanilla. Spumante's Abyss, Slug-o-Seltzer, Reverse-a-Cone...and Chumlump."

And that would be how any potential customers would find him, muttering flavors to himself.
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Rosie pulled her dog comrade along to Ozal’s ice cream booth who was still rattling off recipes to himself.

“Excuse me, sir?” Called out Isabelle as her partner looked through the list of flavors.

“Oh!” Called out Ozal as he looked up from his cart. “Customers, right! What can I get you?”

“I want an orange explosion!” Said Rosie, spreading her paws, simulating the words.

“A lemon ice for me.” Stated Isabelle. She reached into the front of her top and pulled out a few coins, put it on his booth.

The ferengi, gleeful to see a customer who was quick to pay out, scooped out their ice cream without hesitation, going for the lemon first because buying customer, than scooping out some orange for the strange blue cat thing.

Ice cream in hand, they both bow at him in unison.

“Arigato!” They both said at the same time, they looked at each other, laughed, and then ran off towards the benches.

“Thanks again Mr. Elephant!” Yelled out Isabelle as they ran off.

“Well, that was… interesting.” He said as he turned his attention to compile the small amount of money he just earned.

Before too long, two other women approached his booth, another cat with another woman, some sort of crocodile this time.

“Uh yeah, we’d like some Ice cream?”

“Some ice cream, yeah!”

The ferengi smiled, he was getting them at a good pace.

“What could I get you two?”

“Hmmmm, I would like….” Began the cat, scratching her chin.

“Hey, wait, Catty, I recognize this guy?”

“Huh? What do you mean, Bratty?” Catty responded.

“He was one of those guys that stuck us up in the oHarmony thing!”

Catty looked him up and down and tried to remember the photograph she saw.

“I think that is him!”

“Way to blow us off guy!”

“I cried for hours!”

“Catty! That was because of the onions!”

“Well, the glamburgers totally had that many onions on it, it was like, crazy!”
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[Image: wkr7ABB.png]

The sound of Blink coming through one of her classic green portals sounded mostly like a 'fwoosh.' At least, that was the sound the young boy behind the t-shirt stand heard while his vision was focused elsewhere (ogling some girl in a bikini). He turned his head to look at where the sound came from and was startled to see dark purple locks over a bright fuchsia-shaded face. "Ah!" he jumped back, surprised to see anyone standing there, much less a beautiful strangely-colored girl. "Where did you come from?"

"I was here the whole time," Blink lied. She wasn't focused too much on the boy, and instead looked at the stock he had next to his booth.

She had appeared on the boardwalk street leading down towards a beautiful beach, which rests in the shade of an amusement park nearby. It was busy, which she didn't like, but the weather was excellent for a trip down onto the sand (as it usually was in this area, she had come to learn). For all of the excitement and crazyness she was used to getting to, she didn't have anything to do today aside from traveling back home to Coruscant. Thus, a split second decision was made and she decided to take a small break here. The problem was that she was not (and never was) dressed for beach-time. Her green cloak covered her other clothes, making it a little warmer then it needed to be. Thus, she needed some new gear.

"I want this," she told the t-shirt vendor, who was still trying to figure out who she was and why she was here. She was pointing a long finger towards a single blue t-shirt that said 'Costa Del Sol' on it, with a tacky picture of an island and a palm tree drawn into the letters. Her eyes shifted from left of the booth to the opposite side, where different sets of swimsuits rested. Her emerald eyes found a set of bottoms and top that had the appropriate colors she liked: green and white. "And those," she added. She tossed a bundle of whatever currency she had in her cloak's pocket and snatched the clothing.

"Uh, looks good..." the boy trailed on, looking at the money she had tossed. She didn't pay much attention to what exactly she had, but apparently it was enough. Just as quickly as she had appeared, she vanishied, new clothing in hand.

By the time she appeared out of another portal on the beach, she had already stopped in at the hotel room she had been staying in. Now, she was dressed in more comfortable (and beach appropriate) clothing. The tacky tourist shirt covered her torso, but she only had on the striped swimsuit bottoms to cover her mid-section. She deposited a red towel that was in her room on the beach, and then flopped down on it. She couldn't tan, per se, but she laid back anyway on the sand to absorb that wonderful sensation of the sun hitting her dark skin.

It was a good feeling, doing absolutely nothing productive with her time. She thought about ways to do it again as she covered her eyes with her own arm. "Mm." She sighed.
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As Daiyousei was busy working the nearby bar she could see the usual visitors. Primes and the such coming to the beach for some much needed relaxation from the busy chaos of the Omniverse. She was a fairly avid watcher of Dantes abyss since it was so close to Danmaku fights back home. God she missed the other fairy's, 'specially Cirno who she entered with Clownpiece. While she had never really spoken to the hell fairy; she had heard about her working with the three fairy's of light in there daily shenanigans.

She saw a alien creature walk up to the bar and smirked before sitting down. "I would like a Oververse flash please." She nodded as she went to work making a slightly modified Omniverse flash with Sake instead of the normal Vodka. She started to shake it up as she started to speak to the alien. "So what brings you round these parts sir? And did you enjoy this years Dante's abyss?"

The alien took a look at her green hair and shrugged. "It was interesting. A lot more interesting than the last few in my opinion due to brotherhood that a few people did." He pulled out a phone and was scrolling through a list and showed her his list on who was most likely to win. "I was completely surprised when that gra-whazs her name won. Though the fairy's were quite low on my list due to them being new comers. Never did expect the two of them to win against that masked man and the edgy one."

She nodded at the knowledge about how fairy's were extremely weak back home not standing a chance to most things. That was before Cirno went on a rampage against the three fairy's of light beating there asses and then doing what Yukari only knows about. She finished up the Oververse flash and placed it in a cup before collecting her payment and handing the cup over to the alien. "Enjoy your drink." She looked over at the nearby clock and saw that her shift was almost over.

She took off from the bar to a nearby bathroom and changed into a light green swimsuit; before walking to the beach to do some beach stuff. Darn it if she didn't get some good beach time before she had to go back to work she would be angry. Sure she bumped into a few people but that is what you get for being a fairy of smallish height. She sighed as she wished she could enjoy this world with Cirno but she had no freaking clue where the tomboyish ice fairy could be. She would wait for the fairy since there was little chance Omni would get bored of the energetic, powerful fairy.
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Ozal's breath caught in his throat as the two beastly ladies stared him down. The ice cream scoop nearly feel from his fingers, but he composed himself as his brain flipped into finesse mode. "Ladies, ladies!" He brought both hands up in a display of apology, his tone oily and assuaging. "I surely meant no harm to such wonderful fe-males as yourselves. But, the truth is...my entire livelihood was stolen from me!"

They leaned in together, still rather negatively disposed. But they were interested. "Stolen?" They said in unison.

Ozal jabbed with the ice cram scoop. "Yes! Stolen! My bar, my house, and my entire life! Repossessed by the Empire! I was cast out to sea in a small rowboat (that I had cleverly concealed from discovery), to float upon the waves at the mercy of the ocean." Arms waving, lips flapping, the Ferengi put his best storytelling skills to the test, theatrically removing his hat at several points during a long, interesting, and not-entirely-fabricated tale about his adventures on the high seas since his deposition from Windfall Island. 

He told them of the Great Green Gookamook of the Southern Archipeligo, and how he'd bravely put the beast to sleep with his cooking. He told them of the Dread Pirate Tenbones and his crew of demons that took the souls of lost sailors to hell, and how he'd had to feed them exiquisite meals made from tormented souls! Ozal's escape was both clever and profitable, making off with the demon vessel's enchanted spyglass and living to finally land his dinghy on the shores of Costa del Sol. "And that's how I funded my ice cream business!" He finished proudly, desperately hoping his magic tongue had swayed them.

They no longer had frowns on their faces, and he could tell they didn't completely buy it, but the cat and the alligator were now decidedly more positive. "So you see, ladies? I had no way of making it...and for that, I am truly sorry." He reached into his grass knit wallet, and produced a small fold of faded bills. "Here. As a token of apology, my last 30 Ozallars. Good at any Ozal-Porium establishment in Costa del Sol.

A winning smile and the paper money had put the lid on this particular social kerfuffle. The sly ferengi had navigated himself out of one of the most dangerous traps in the universe: the female heart.
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Quote:Hiro Protagonist, Bratty and Catty

The pair walked away satisfied.

"He was totally a fun guy!" Said Bratty.

"Shame we didn't get to date him." Said Catty.

"Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh." Said the both of them in unison, somewhat melancholy.

Just as Ozal was seeing them off, another man walked up to his cart; tall, bearded man in a red coat. His boots clanked hard against the pavement. Something in his pockets jangled together.

"Ah, would you like some ice cream. Sir?"

"No, I have some business here."

"Oh, and who might you be?" He said, clasping his hands together and smiling.

"The Dread Pirate Tenbones."

"Ten... bones..."

The pirate swung an arm from his cape which was revealed to be a hook, and scratched the surface of his cart. The Ferengi immediately tried to do damage control

"Now hold on a minute, I was blufffing! I made up that name on the-"

"Calm down you filthy lilly lived sea slug." He said, menacingly as he towered over the salesman. "I know you were lying to impress some ladies, so I'll let you off the hook this time. But if I catch you sullying my name again."

He ran the point of his hook across his neck, Ozal gulped audibly.

"Am I clear?"


The man walked away, allowing Ozal a moment to breath.

The Dread Pirate Tenbones walked away to a secluded alleyway where he suddenly melted into an 80-year-old black woman with a giant afro.

"Hehehehehe, never gets old." She said before flying away.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

"Is Gildarts coming Piqui?" Molly asked to the exceed, a magical kitten with wings. Her fur of the cream and chocolate variety, making her appear reminiscent of a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies.

"I donno, but when we were watching underneath the covers we saw he at least survived the games," Piqui wagered with a small kittenish squeak.

"Maybe you should call him?" Piqui suggested after a long pregnant pause.

The young girl was a year older now, numerically, and she sighed as her nimble fingers tapped her phone. She could hack all the computers in the Dataverse but that didn't mean she'd get a reply from her favorite mage. "I don't know if he'd pick up. What if it's a bad time?"

"Do it anyway. You'll never know until you try, and if he's like, teleporting or whatever, at least he'll get your message," Piqui's reasoning was infallible.

Ring. Ring. Ring...

"Hi this is Gildarts!" The phone said.

"Gil! Wow I can't believe I got a hold-"

"Please leave a message, also did you know technology isn't waterproof? For that reason alone, magic is superior. I'm off doing another job for my guild, or wandering or something. Thanks for the call!" Gil's cheery voice cut out.

"Hi Gildarts! It's me Molly, your favorite Ambrosian! I'm off to the beach with some friends and just traveling to Vasty, would love to see you there but it's okay if you can't come because of you know, post traumatic stress or whatever. Text or tweet me Gildy!" Molly chirped and pressed end.

"Well, that's done. Invite out there. He usually comes when you do, but this time you didn't give him much notice. Didn't last time you invite him to your party he went off and tried to slay that dragon Volvagia?" Piqui asked.

"Haha yep, he's pretty great like that, never know what he will do next," Molly paused, seeing the spray of red and her smile folded into a frown, "He killed that one guy, thank the gods he was a prime. I'm not even sure Gil meant to. His power must be getting stronger."

"Stronger... Or just more back to normal than when he was initially summoned by the Smiling One?" Piqui bantered back as their small sets of legs strut along the cobblestone streets of Costa Del Sol.

"Hey look at that!" Molly pointed up to the dock along the horizon, it was a little carnival, "Adorable!" She exclaimed. "Everything you can imagine for the ultimate day of fun!"

"The party never ends," Piqui said with a smile, "So what'll we do first?"

"Truth?" Molly challenged.

"Of course," her bestie replied as her whiskers quivered and her arms crossed.

"I want to play matchmaker, wouldn't it be fun to hack some people's phones and... Well, ship those who would look like a cute couple, by telling them they like each other?" Molly said with a mischievous expression.

"Isn't that crossing a line?" The kitten asked.

"Well..." Molly contemplated, "If neither like each other then they won't end up kissing at the end."

"Who exactly is this scheme of yours going to be set on? And what is with you and kissing all of a sudden?" Piqui mewed. "You're sure you want to do this?"

"I... Want to see people who are in love hold hands, boys offer their girlfriends their jackets, the girls shove their boyfriends noses in cotton candy but affectionately. I want to see a perfect pair end their night on the Ferris wheel and seal their destiny with a kiss..." Molly explained her dream, it was cliche and sounded like a rom-com.

Piqui mentioned, "Lying is morally scandalous."

"Not if it brings together true love like the movies!" Molly defended her ideals.

"Do you really wanna spend a fun day at the beach doing that rather than halving real fun?" Piqui said but saw Molly's expression fall.

"It is... Real fun. Plus! We can do both. We'll pick a couple, or something, and make it happen. It'll be TOO cute," Molly said as though her meddling was heroic.

Piqui blinked, she'd hate to be on the other side of Molly's schemes, the sassy girl could be truly diabolical at times.

"Too cute..." Piqui said with a sigh, as her eyes wandered to a male alley cat, he couldn't compare to her for he was an animal and she was a magical being, but boy was this cat frisky.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

"Which one do you want to ride first?" The kitten asked.

"Hey wait, aren't you hungry after we traveled all the way here? It took hours!" the young girl said dramatically as she declared, "We arrived safe and sound, parked the vehicle in the lines and now we deserve to treat ourselves!"

Piqui blinked. Hadn't the girl just finished saying she was going to force some unsuspecting individuals into a couple? Well, the cat wasn't going to remind the girl. This could be the fun part of the arrangement. "What do you have in mind?"

"Hmm! While we scout for two potential prospects we should get some ice cream!" Molly said with a smiles

Piqui cut in, feeling the heft of the small bag she was carrying cut into her shoulder, "You mean after we set up our umbrella and you put on some sunscreen. Safety first, the sun can kill you, especially if you're a vampire!"

"No.. really?" Molly's nose wiggled as the sass delivered in the silence like thunder before the first rainfall of a storm.

"Let's set up camp! Then we can do anything we want! Gods... look at this one... huge... litter box!" The kitten explained, "This must be how Omni sees the world."

"Isn't the saying... The Omniverse is all just one big sandbox?" Molly remembered. "Or toy box?"

"No no, freedom to pee anywhere I like, I'd have to say that was Omni's divine plan all along!" The cat was certain.

Meanwhile Molly trudged through the sand, the weight of their packed snack foods and iced sodas weighed her down as much as the beach chairs mounted on her back. "Ugh, primes have it so easy, if Gil was here he wouldn't have to carry anything except me on his shoulders. Maybe Guu in his arms like a princess. He could just summon everything he needed in an instant!"

"He could even summon new friends," Piqui said bitterly.

"Don't say such things. I'm the only girl Gildarts needs!"  Molly said with a silly huff.

The folding chairs settled in the sun-warmed sand and Molly and her opposable thumbs began to use a mini shovel to dig a hole for the umbrella. Once it was stable and plunged in the sand, the young girl tested the breeze against her saliva slobbered finger. "I don't think it'll blow away," she concluded to the cat.

"So treat time?" Piqui's tail fluttered as she began to dig into the cooler.

"Oh no we didn't pack this treat. After all we have to scope out the prospects, what would you say about him?" Molly pointed across the way toward the ice cream man... Creature.

"Let's go over there and see him then, and get some ice cream while we are at it?" She said.

"You got it! Let's go!"

Off they went... Over to the ice cream man.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

Grizz and Panda were walking down the beach at a brisk pace. They didn't notice any differences at first. Ice Bear was not with them, electing to stay at home, fixing his fridge. They had decided to take a beachwalk.

Then, it happened, almost seamlessly.

Grizz was as energetic as ever, while Panda kept checking his phone, shying away from conversation. That much had not changed.

"Oh man! Sad that bro couldn't come with us, this is so invigorating!" Grizz said, happily. "So, wanna hit the shops after this?" He asked Panda.

"Uh... maybe..." Panda took out his phone to check his messages again. He noticed something was different about it. "Huh, a new software update for my phone came out."

"Huh. That's weird." Grizz said. "Oh! Look!"

"what?" Panda asked.

"There's talking animals over there at that food stand." Grizz pointed out. "We got so many cool people to talk to!"

Panda blushed. "Uh, I dunno..." He was preoccupied with his phone. "This phone isn't working quite right all of a sudden. That update broke my phone! I can't access Twitter or Everyone's Tube or anything... it's all different now."

Grizz decided to play it cool. "Don't worry, I'm sure bro back at home can fix it."

Grizz then noticed something. This was not a beach he was familiar with. The bay bridges were not in the area... in fact this beach wasn't the beach they had walked on.

"Uh... Panda... I think we're lost." Grizz said. "Don't worry! I'll ask for directions!"

Panda shrugged "not like I can figure out how to look up on maps or anything!":

Grizz and Panda ran up to a white fox in a bikini. "Excuse me ma'am, we're lost... this is the beach, right?"

The fox replied. "Oh yes! The beach of Costa Del Sol. Beautiful isn't it?"

Grizz blinked. "Costa Del Sol. That's no beach I've heard of around San Francisco."

"San Francisco? You guys aren't from around here then."

Grizz blinked again. "no no ma'am, we live here in San Francisco, California, These United States of America."

The fox giggled. "Oh no, this is Costa Del Sol, The Vastly Deep, Omniverse, silly."

It took Grizz a moment. And then Panda confirmed his worse fears.

"Grizz! I figured out how to use this phone... but it doesn't seem to recognize my Twitter handle on this... OmniTwitter. I need to create a new account! But I can't call anyone, it deleted all my contacts!"

"Ma'am, this... might sound strange, but I think we're not supposed to be here! Can you help us... we need to find our brother. He's tall... white... like you but a bear. He also talks in the third person."

The fox giggled again. "I wish I knew someone like that, sounds like a cool dude."

Grizz took pause at the pun. "Heh, cool."

Panda was done registering for OmniTwitter. "I'm gonna see if I can find out something here on this 'OmniTwitter'. Maybe someone else can shed light on what's going on."

Grizz then decided to explain a bit further. "Ma'am, there's alot more talking animals here than where we come from... maybe one of them knows something?"

The ice fox smiled. "What do you wanna know? I'm not that silly, silly."

Grizz blushed. "Well, we have no idea how we got here. We just... walked and we suddenly appeared here in this foreign beach. We don't even have passports!"

"... you guys really aren't from around here." She then folded her arms. "You said you were walking and then you appeared here... that's weird."

Grizz decided to shout in desparation. "Ice Bear! Charlie. Chloe? ANYONE OUT THERE?"

Panda decided on a hunch to use OmniTwitter to mention Ice Bear. Perhaps if Ice Bear was around on there for any reason he'd see it. It was worth a shot.

Grizz started getting confused. This was one beachwalk that got real confusing, real quick.

Quote:Grizz, Panda

“I don’t know about this, you sure Molly’s here?” Asked the confidant, sitting on her back.

“I’m never mistaken, Spike! I never let down Sylvia when Pinkie’s on the job!” Cried out the huntress, looking for a little lost runaway.

“She could be anywhere!” Cried Spike. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Of course I don’t, I’m Pinkie Pie!” She said enthusiastically. “Hey look! Bears!”

She galloped towards Grizz and Panda.

“Piiinkiie! Don’t trot towards the bears! Not all of them are like Fluttershy’s lot!”

Grizz’s panic was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Pink pony with a baby dragon riding on her back.

“Hey! You two look like a guy I know! Kind of?”

“Uh, hello, Pink thing! Yes, we’re looking for Chloe, or Charlie, or Ice Bear!”

“Ooh! Ooh!” She said as she hopped gleefully in place. “I know where Ice Bear is!”

“You do?” Grizz and Panda said in unison!

“Yeah, he’s in the great city of Ambrosia!”

“Can you tell us how to get there?” Asked Grizz, a mixture of stress and excitement at the sudden good fortune.

“I can do one better, Spike!” She called out.

“I’m right here, Pinkie.” He said, still sitting on her back, rolling his eyes.

“Oh! Hehehehe, silly me!” She said with a small giggle. “I have a mission for you!”

“Oh. Oh!” Spike leapt off her back and stood in front of her, standing in salute. “What can I do for you, Pinkie!”

“Make sure these two bears make it back to Ambrosia!”

“I can do that, but are you fine finding Molly on your own?”

“I’ll be good!” She said, enthusiastically.

“Well, in that case,” he turned around to the to bears, he suddenly pointed in a seeming random direction, “To the cake cart!”

He ran in that direction. Grizz and Panda looked at each other for a second of befuddlement and then followed suite.

At a nearby parking lot, was a small little three wheeled car that was painted with birthday decorations. The triangle shaped vehicle just barely fit the two brothers in back. Spike put on his caddy hat and goggles.

“Next stop, Ambrosia!” Called out Spike excitedly as he pulled out the car and took off down the road, leading towards the void gate. Grizz and Panda were in for a hell of a trip.

Quote:Molly, Pique

As Molly and Pinkie traversed the beach, a pink pony in a trenchcoat was disappearing and reappearing behind random objects, many of them she shouldn’t realistically able to hide behind.

“You're on a mission Pinkie Pie, you’re on a mission to make sure she’s safe. You’re doing this for Sylvia! The Second in command of Ambrosia! The head honchess! The big cheese! The-why am I hiding?”

She threw off her trench coat and sunglasses with Groucho Marx nose and mustache, and hopped gleefully towards the preteen girl.

“Molly!” She cried out happily.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Tearen walked along the boardwalk, watching the blue waves come crashing against the white sand of Costa Del Sol's most pristine beach. The elder Prime was dressed in a white tshirt, red, weathered swim trunks, flipflops, and a khaki boonie cap. As tempting as it had been to stride onto the beach clad only in a glistening black speedo, his days of shameless heart-meddling were long past him. Besides, it was probably better for him to keep a low profile, especially since Dante's Abyss had just ended. He adjusted his grip on the umbrella, beach chair and duffel bag and stepped onto the powdery sand.

It was still somewhat early in the day, and the nascent sun glistened happily on the countless ripples just off the shoreline. The light was pure, clean, and intensely gentle; like a mother's embrace. Shore birds yapped and crooned dreamily as they floated on the breeze, and dune grass rustled inside its weathered fencing. The laughter and hum of mortal kind was muted by the constant susurrus of the tide. Tearen breathed in the air that was moist with sea spray and a heady cocktail of sunscreen and sweat. It was good to be among common people, a vacation amongst the beautiful vulgarity of sandy bodies and melty ice cream. The doleful toot of a lifeguard's whistle brought him back to the present, and the increasing burden of nylon straps biting into his shoulder.

Finding a vacant spot, the eldritch human took a few minutes to set up his camp, boring the hole for his umbrella and digging the tarnished aluminum runners of his beach chair into the sand. The rustle and clank of thick fabric on hollow metal evoke a time long past for the ex-enigma, and he found himself breathing a compulsive sigh. Content that his personal foothold on the shore was complete, Tearen flicked a pair of thick sunglasses over his luminescent irises and extended a net of calm awareness over the beachgoers. There were only two Primes within his perception, but they seemed content to just enjoy a day on the water. There did seem to be quite a few thoughts whirling around the short ice-cream vendor. Tearen glanced over at the Ferengi businessman and cracked a wry smile. Perhaps he could do with a treat before properly settling into his beach-bum itinerary...
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

Tearen walked slowly up to Ozal as the diminutive alien finished serving a small girl in a cape and her pet cat. Something about the girl's mind sparked a whiff of familiarity in the elder Prime's mind, but he decided to let it go for now. There was no need to go digging around the thoughts of young women to satiate a passing curiosity. As the juveniles walked away with their frozen confections, Tearen took a step closer to the Ferengi sweets peddler. His scalloped forehead was abuzz with thoughts of profit, money, greed, but not outright malevolence. A ruthless businessman, to be sure, but also fair. At least, as fair as anyone in sales could be. The Shadow let his sun-glassed eyes browse over the selection available in the small, chilled cart, and found himself smirking. Just because he was out of the circle of outer godhood didn't mean he couldn't mess with people on occasion.

"What's this one? Cumlump?"

The alien jumped slightly and glanced at a few passersby before clearing his throat politely.

"Ehm no. Chumlump."

Tearen nodded.

"Ah, I see. Chumphump."



"How many scoops would you like, dear sir?" Ozal asked, his slurred words becoming even more desiccated as they passed over combination between a grin and a snarl.

"Just one, please. In a pretzel cone." Tearen said, beginning to dab a few mounds of Omnilium into his hands. The Ferengi's smile grew slightly more strained.

"I'm sorry, I'm not carrying pretzel cones currently."

Tearen feigned a small frown.

"Oh, well, can you check?"

Ozal blinked at the man. Was this human just incredibly thick, or was he earnestly trying to get on the businessman's nerves? If it was the latter, he was having an easy time of it. Still, if a game was afoot, the ferengi wouldn't allow his fluster to sate whatever bullying streak the dark-skinned human possessed. With a polite nod, Ozal slide open the door to the innards of his icecream stand, and was nearly driven to shouting when he spotted an unopened box of pretzel cones stored within. He knew that he had not stocked those; he kept meticulous track of all of his inventory! Ozal glanced up at the beaming, white-haired human and sighed as he scooped a dollop of chumlump into one of the salted cones. Tearen gripped the proffered tread and slapped a heavy wad of pure omnilium down on the counter in exchange. Ozal could not estimate how big the cannonball of raw power was worth, but it was enough to make him feel slightly feint.

"Primes..." he muttered, hastily shoving the priceless orb into his register.

Meanwhile, Tearen was enjoying the alien nature of his icecream. At first glance, it had a pleasant pink color, reminiscent of a strawberry or cherry base. It may very well have passed off as one of these staples, if not for the ragged chunks of offal half-buried in the frozen sweet. It was actually quite good, at least by the elder Prime's reckoning. He had a palate for the bizarre.

With slow decadence, the legendary prime eased himself back into his beach chair and took a passing lick of the chumlump. With his other hand, he flapped a newsprint sheet of crosswords and sudoke onto his other knee, and began to scratch in the tiny boxes while he did his real work within the depths of his mind...

Quote:Tearen is just kinda chilling and won't interact unless someone engages with him.
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

"So mister man... You come here often?" The kitten began.

"I'll have you know I am not a man, I am a Ferengi!" He mused, subtly correcting them though they could've called him a crab and he would've agreed if it meant taking their money.

"Sure, sure," Molly agreed from the suave expression hidden behind her sunglasses. "Whatcha got to offer?"

Molly had meant in the dating game, but next the Ferengi was listing off flavors endlessly.

"Sir what is your favorite flavor?" Molly said. "And what would you want your ideal mate's favorite flavor be?"

Ozal blinked, "My favorite flavor is your favorite flavor." It was a good sales pitch, but the young human wasn't budging. Kids.

"Hey! I just realized, you're cool!" Molly said batting her young pale eyes at the ice cream man. "What's your name anyway?"

The Ferengi smiled, flattered, but these kids were up to something, he had half a mind to warn them against trying to get anything for free. "My name's Ozal."

"Two uh.. What is it? Void vanilla?" Molly said procuring gold that shimmered in the sun. The penny pincher smelt if from a mile away, his patience was being rewarded.

"Anything for you little 'uns! Cup or bowl?" He asked joyously as they left him a decent tip. Whether it was because the girl has miscounted, well, he wasn't going to correct the kid for likely having dropped out of school. That was on her.

"One of each please, and we'll be back, I'll need you to fill out this survey for me by two o'clock. That's when I'll be back," Molly informed and gave the man a piece of paper. The handwriting was pretty good, considering the survey was written in multi colored crayon. Well, the Ferengi wasn't saying no to that tip, and it was scoop time.

The lasses strut away happily as the cream melted in their mouths. "How yummy!" Piqui purred.

"Mhm, this would please any woman from here to outer space! We've gotta find him a girlfriend!" Molly giggled and was cut short, whispering into the cat's ear, "Hey isn't that the guy who fought against Gildarts?"

"Hmm. I think so," the kitten said and then was hit with a surprise attack from a pink pony!

"Pinkie Pie! Oh goodness how did you find us?" The cat said while Molly cursed under her breath. She had taken all the right precautions, but it was just that hard to outsmart a prime eldritch goddess who was also a princess.

"Hehe, I, detective Pinkie Pie am triumphant once more! It was perhaps my hardest case, but I got to the bottom of it faster than you could finish your ice cream cones..." then her expression sulked, and she squeaked, "Hey, don't I get one?"

Being excluded from the party was not cool did the party-planning pony.

"You can go get yours, we're going back to finish setting up," Molly said, still sad her plans were foiled. She was in a load of trouble when she got back to Princess Guu. The only thing that made it bearable was her hope that Gildarts could make it.

Pinkie Pie strut off, kicking sand behind her hooves, narrating, "I'll be back! But I won't be taking my eyes off you guys! So don't even think of running from copper Pinkie!"

"Do you think she'd want to help us find Ozal a match?" Molly asked her kitten companion.

"What if... She is his perfect match. Think of it, party planner with party caterer. Am I right?" The kitten purred in delight.

"Oh my GOSH Qui, you're a genius!" Molly said overjoyed. She had just shipped an alien with a horse. Things could only get better from there.

"Still, that Tearen guy from Dante's Abyss looks pretty dangerous," Piqui said cautiously.

"Hmph, he doesn't look so tough." Molly said.

"Gildarts lost to him. The guy sneezes EARTHQUAKES!" Piqui said.

"Shh! Not so loud. Anyway he's likely just here to have a good time like us. See, I think he's smiling over there. Don't judge a book by its cover, you wouldn't want people thinking you're just a cat. People are so much more than who they seem to be." Molly spoke her opinion in a polite, matter-of-fact manner that brought things into perspective for the little cat who nodded starting with her widdle triangle shaped nose.

"Lick it quickly! Your ice cream is melting too fast from the sun!" Molly said pointing to a steaming cream overflow. The cat lapped up the spill swiftly with great aim from her tongue.

Having an ice cream mustache staining just below her whiskers, she murmured through another bite, "If we ever had to run, I think I could fly us away from both Tearen AND Pinkie Pie."

"Won't be necessary," Molly appraised, "I promise."

"What makes you so sure?" The kitten tilted her ears.

"I have a superpower too," she said in a whisper and dangled her phone with a flaunting triumph, "And I'm getting better."

Piqui sat down in her chair as Molly finished her ice cream and relaxed on twitter. Suddenly, the little girl's expression twisted to one of fear, as though she'd just stumbled on some distressing news.

"Something wrong?" The kitten didn't miss a beat.

"Uh.. no." Molly hesitated.

"I'm your best friend I can tell when you're lying. It only works on Gildarts because he looks at you like you're his daughter, us girls aren't fooled so easily," the cat winked.

Molly sighed, she didn't like to lie to her best friend but also didn't want to ruin their fun time, "I was hacking this signal... And stumbled on a transcribed distress call.... And I recognize her name."

Piqui asked, her attention dangling over a cliff, her cat eyes wide with intrigue, "Who?"

As if on cue, Pinkie Pie came back, "So! What'd I miss?"

"Uh... We have s'mores supplies for dinner," Molly said trying to cover up her own distress.

"Enough to feed this WHOLE beach!" Piqui added, "Won't melt either cause we got ice an' stuff, and we got sparklers too!"

"Hmm... You two are up to something..." the pink pony fret, "Because even I didn't think of that! What a great treat that'll make for later! We are going to have SO much fun today!"
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

The endless white faded away from Clownpiece’s vision as she stepped through the portal, immediately after pushing Cirno in. At last, the boring neutrality of the Nexus was behind them, and they were in for something entirely new. Oppressive heat and light immediately bombarded the clownish fairy as she emerged from the other side of the gate. Her eyes stung, assaulted by the summer sun’s brilliance, and she grimaced, raising her right arm up, torch and all, to cover her eyes.

“Ugh....” Cirno groaned from just off to her side, “Why did I choose here....”

“I don’t know.” Clownpiece answered cheerfully, slowly sweeping her vision over the horizon. Rolling waves lapped against the sandy beach, stretching as far as the eye could see, and into the city far in the distance. Glorious heat suffused the lunatic fairy’s body, an earthly reminder of the hellish world she once called home. “But thanks!” she exclaimed, turning to face her friend. “This place rocks!”

“You’re welcome....” her friend panted, already succumbing to the heat. The humidity wasn’t doing her any favors either. Less than a minute in and the chilly fairy was already drenched with condensation. Her blue hair ribbon drooped mournfully, and her dress clung to her small frame, all weighed down by the water slowly seeping into it. Combined with her exhausted demeanor, Cirno sort of reminded her of a scolded puppy.

“Wow, you sure you’re gonna be fine here?” Clownpiece asked, dropping her hand away from her eyes and simply staring at her friend.

“I’ll be fine...” she sighed, doing her best to put on a brave face. “Besides, look over there!” Her right hand shot out, pointing down nearish the city in the distance. “See all those people?”

“Hm...” The blonde fairy squinted and leaned in. Sure enough, there was a large gathering on the beach right next to it. “Yup. Wow, you know a lot about here.”

“Of course!” she said, her energy starting to return. “Now come on! We’ve got a party to crash!” With that said, the ice fairy took off, in much higher spirits than before, and the hell fairy followed.
[Image: testclown.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Reimu comes back to make another pass at Meira and she just has an idiot neck child.
Credit to Yuuka for the sig

Molly whispered, "So what do you think happened to her?"

Piqui, also enjoying the gossip, shrugged her feline shoulders, "I don't know, it sounds like she's in big trouble... Should we tell Gildarts or Guu?"

Molly calculated, "She could already be dead. Or worse, she could've been evil and deserved what she got. It's so hard to tell. If we got Gildarts or Guu on it then they could be in danger too. I would hate to see Gildarts forced down to meet Diablo for any point in time. The idiot might think he'd be able to take the demon king on!"

"Haha since when did Gil become a demon king?" Piqui joked.

"Not funny, I'm serious! This girl... Christa. What if her call never gets answered? What if she never gets saved. And... While she could've caused this to happen on some level... I think everyone deserves to be saved." Molly continued putting her intelligent youthful mind to work.

"How do we know if her call gets answered ?" Piqui asked.

"That's the thing, we never will. Or it could've already been answered. Can we let that sit on our consciousnesses for the rest of our lives when it could cost someone their life?" Molly spoke gravely.

"Sooooo whatcha talking about?!" Pinkie Pie squeaked intrusively as she strode obliviously toward them noting their hushed voices and huddled together body language.

Pinkie had just changed into some sporting pony swimwear, of the white polka dot and teal variety. "Say, you guys aren't talking about escaping my chaperponying, are you?"

Molly smiled, chaperone pony. How cute. "No, that's not what we were talking about," the little girl sighed, "Piqui has a crush."

The cat's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped, "HEY! Why would you say that! N-no I don't!!"

"It's worse if you deny it and she still has her detective pony outfit, she'd find out sooner or later," Molly said, nudging the kitten to play along. "Plus, I saw how you looked at that alleycat bad-boy type on the boardwalk."

Piqui flushed and her fur rose with embarrassment. Molly had noticed that?! Has Piqui been that obvious? In Molly's case, lying was always best sold with half truths and this was one of them.

"Hmm I think I remember that..." Pinkie said slowly. "Well if you like this boy just make sure he treats you right."

Solid advice. Too bad their minds were far from boys, well, at least Molly's. The only man she was thinking about was Gildarts. And that Christa girl.

"So who wants to go swimming? Goodness it's getting toasty!" The cat and the little girl just stared at her.

"I'll be there soon, I want to call Gildarts again, why don't you go with her Piqui?" A BRUTAL SACRIFICE. Piqui was martyred and dragged along with Pinkie to go splash around in the Vasty waves.

Molly held the phone in her hands. Deliberating her choice. Call Gil or Guu, or try and call back the signal, or... Forget about the entire thing and enjoy her day at the beach.

The choice was made for her, however, for when Molly lifted the phone to call Gildarts and tell him, a sudden cast of dark, illusionist's magic clouded over the young girl.

The adolescent let out a loud high-pitched shriek. Anyone across half of the beach would've heard it. The spell's source was unknown, but if one were to seek, they would find it came from a pocket from a pocket plain in the Astral Realm.

Molly's mind went blank, swept of all memory from the transmission. Forgetting she'd screamed. Forgetting what she was doing for the last five minutes, it was the opposite of deja vu. She had no memory of the last few moments, it was a clean cut from her memory though. No gaps, other than Christa's voice stolen. Molly simply had no recollection, of even her own scream.

"Hm? What was I doing with this?" She stared at her phone, the screen showed Gildarts' main contact page and the dopey expression of his face when she'd snapped his picture while he slept.

The girl's pigtails tilted as she looked at her two friends, tossed her phone aside and said, "Hey! Wait for me!" As she chased them down through the sand and finally rendezvoused with the Vasty Deeps waves.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

The three gals splashed around, Pinkie Pie had gotten a surfboard and began to ride the waves, Piqui and Molly watched, uber impressed.

Piqui whispered, "Hey, did you call Gil?"

Molly blinked, "Yeah, I did a while ago, why?"

"I noticed you scream on the beach, is he okay? I didn't want to, you know, raise the alarm with Pinkie," Piqui mentioned with a quiet meow.

"Scream? Huh, must've been someone else..." Molly trailed off. Flummoxed.

Piqui shrugged, she continued to hover above the water, as cats don't like to swim. The waves were a few inches from her feet, and her little bird like wings sprawled out, extending with magic instead of slapping against the air with force.

"Are we still going to try and get Pinkie and Ozal together?" Piqui asked.

"Ozel?" Molly parroted imperfectly.

"Uh... the ice cream guy. We got void vanilla or whatever just a few minutes ago. I couldn't tell what flavor pinkie Pie got, probably caramel cockroach crunch," Piqui said remembering the solid bits.

"Cockroach?!" Molly exclaimed. "Gross, not even funny Qui."

"I... thought that was the name of the flavor..." that cat said awkwardly. Worse, she was most likely correct.

"Sooo, Ozal and Pinkie? Or do you wanna keep scoping out new prospects... Or do you want to wait and see what Ozal's results are on that survey sheet we gave him?" Piqui weighed the options and waited for her commander to make a decision.

Molly's mind was still a little foggy, she did remember something to do with ice cream and an alien and matchmaking, but it was... Vague. Like memories from when she was a toddler.

"I... Don't know..."  the little girl furrowed her salt-sprayed brow.

"Well, that's okay, we can just hang out on the beach and boardwalk. I don't think I've ever had cotton candy before and I hear it is soooo good!" Piqui mused with a quiver of her whiskers.

"Yeah..." Molly tried to sound enthusiastic, but her heart was torn. She was perplexed. A fragment of her immediate life was missing and stolen. She wanted to know why but every time she reached with her mind there was a void there. Emptiness. While her reach shot back at her as though rebounding off of a large brick wall with a defense like a castle. "You'll love cotton candy Qui."

Had something fallen from the sky and hit her head? She didn't see many seagulls and even the Omniverse wasn't likely to imitate Hitchcock's the Birds.

"Hmm...." she allowed herself a moment to think about it as Pinkie did some sick ripping. Striking poses and balancing along the swirl of waves like a pro pony.
[Image: -Gildarts-fairy-tail-35651033-300-180.gif]
"I have never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

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