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Omniverse Signature/Roster Badges

(a bit busy this morning -- when I have more time, I'll go through this and edit in names and easy access to img codes (in the interim... just click 'view image')

Faction Badges

[Image: blades.png]

[Image: camelot.png]

[Image: darkshire.png]

[Image: Diablo.png]

[Image: dracula.png]

[Image: Imperial.png]

[Image: Avengers.png]

[Image: Institute.png]

[Image: mokugakure.png]

[Image: newbab.png]

[Image: rebels.png]

[Image: TWNN.png]

[Image: westside.png]

Saga Badges

[Image: Darkdata.png]

[Image: DkshAtk.png]

[Image: DeathMountain.png]

[Image: HeroesGraveyard.png]

[Image: SecondSaga.png]

[Image: Nippur.png]

Syntech Badges
[Image: 17Champ.png]

[Image: 17Partic.png]

[Image: DA16.png]

[Image: DA16G.png]

[Image: DA2place.png]

[Image: DA3place.png]

[Image: DAFinale.png]

[Image: DAHost.png]

[Image: DAPart.png]

[Image: DATop10.png]

[Image: DAWinnerBadge.png]

Where's the Defender of Darkshire badge that was for the Darkshire invasion of 2017? I only see the attacker one.
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[Image: 34hatf8.jpg]
[Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: Darkdata.png][Image: darkshire.png]

Still gotta add that Defender icon.

So I am bumping this thread simply for visibility. These things are real fun.

I also want to say that if anyone (not just Tearen, folks) has little things like this that they want to upload/have hosted here, you can feel free to post them here or PM me. If it makes sense (ie -- it's a faction, celebrates an event, etc) I'll host it through the site. If you just wanna make a sick badge for yourself, you can go talk to Trixie about hosting it =p


Here is a thing I did for our DA Celebrities. Can we get these added? 

[Image: DA18Host.png]

[Image: DA18-Champion.png]

[Image: DA18-Finalist.png]
Dante's Abyss 2015
[Image: Sasuke_DA_zpsb4vizgxd.png]       
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