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Knight Night

The island was wrapped in eerie silence that even unnerved the terminator himself as the dead undead pirates laid bloody on the ground and Khonsu's knight was lying hurt on the ground, as Marcus felt his pulse. He was alive, just not responding as the man gritted his teeth. The cyborg picked his ally up off the ground easily due to his enhanced strength. The man fought well and that was more than enough to hold off their corrupted ally and several undead pirates.

He’d have to meet him after Blair and him got the Avenger patched up.

Marcus took care to hold Moon Knight so he didn’t get damaged along the way. As his boots clumped in the soft grass near the tower, Marcus took his job seriously. As the tower doors slid open, Mr Jarvis followed Marcus into the tower and nodded solemnly.

Marcus slid his card and the med wings door slid open where Blair was waiting in the background. The pilot had also trained in medical work and it could be her side job. She had only hoped Kate and the others had trained her enough to heal Moon Knight’s wounds.

The Terminator took care to lift the Avenger’s body onto the table while Kate prepped the necessary tools to take care of the man.

Blair nodded “Marcus, I’m going to need you to help out here. It might be a messy job so prepare for it.”

Marcus was quiet and slipped on a pair of rubber gloves as the pilot and medical woman had an IV set and a proper heartbeat reader.

The actual procedure took at least 2 to 3 hours but after it was done, Moon Knight laid there almost as good as new.

Blair wiped her forehead and threw away the bloody gloves. “I can only hope we did good, Marcus.”

Marcus nodded “We did good, Blair.”

“Let’s stay with the patient a little longer until he recovers a bit then you and him can talk some.”
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[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Being dragged through the recent battlefield that made up of the Avengers island's beach head, Marc's vision blurred in and out on the trip to the tower's med wing. Moon Knight could feel his life close to fading away or perhaps it was all the pain of being beaten senseless by the monstrosity that became Captain America. Quickly Marc was rushed onto the Med wing's operation table, the only thing the Silver Avenger could make out through the blurred vision was Marcus, Jarvis, and Blair shouting between themselves on what to do. Moon Knight's blurred vision soon faded into darkness as he drifted off from the pain and trauma. 

Regaining conscience Moon Knight found himself free-falling through an endless black void, within mere seconds the void turned from black to white. His normal appearance shifting from a white tee-shirt and blue jeans to completely the appearance of Moon Knight. The armor fading on to him was very different from the one he normally wore, this one's armor wasn't built in, instead it had plates and what was not what plates was colored black. 

Maneuvering his body in his seemingly endless free-fall Moon Knight positioned himself with his new suits bleach white cape to where he was gliding. Now being able to control his fall the Avatar of Khonshu peered his head up to see the white, his ebony mask's white eye squinting at what he saw. Floating above him a scarecrow-like formation starred down upon him, its very presence to symbolizes that Khonshu was always watching and that his power should be feared, for he protects those who travel the night. Looking to his right  an enormous crescent moon hung stationed in the endless white void. The moon standing as a testament to the what the Khonshu stood for, the old god was to all the master of vengeance and the lunarcy. The gliding stooped as Marc's feet unexpectedly connecting to the ground, the force of the impact causing him roll, before he was he was able to gain his footing. 

Taking a few steps the Silver Avenger's sight was blinded by an overwhelming flash of light. Recovering from the sudden flash, Moon Knight's mask's white eyes darting back and forth trying to process where he now was. The Ex-mercenary was no longer in the endless void nor was the scarecrow and moon to be insight, all was replaced by a dark room and a eerie soft-low  hum that faded in and out in the black background. The Fist of Khonshu's scanning eyes found a figure setting directly in front of him, stepping closer to the figure Moon Knight released who it was. 

The figure sitting before him was Khonshu himself, the Egyptian god's fingers and leg's crossed, not moving an inch starring into Spector's very soul, the very soul Khonshu owns. The large bird skulled being shifted in his wooden seat pointing at Marc with his gloved hand. 

"My Son your progress in helping the Avengers is most fortuitous, soon this new world will be given the vengeance that it needs and those who travel through the night will no longer be afraid of those who do them harm."     

Moon Knight pulled down his hood taking off his black mask, rough unshaven face sneering at the moon god. 

"No thanks to you I've done most of the work, it seem's you have forsaken me." 

furiously the moon god shoot up half way out of his chair, his bird skulled head tilted downwards a Marc. 

"Done most of the work! How ungrateful you are, have you forgotten that I only I am the one who brought you back from death? Have you forgotten the I am the one you the who gave you back a purpose in your life? Do you need a reminder of what I did for you Marc Spector!?"  

Marc's fist's clinched and bowed his head.  

"No. I Still struggle to understand this Omniverse, even though I have been here for several days I still need time to get used to all this." 

Khonshu lowered himself back into chair crossing his legs once more. 

"No, I have not forsaken you my son nor have I abandoned the help you need, this place to has given me trouble. My powers here are more limited then they were on your Earth. I am sorry my son I to understand the strain this Omniveres has." 

Stepping out of his wooden seat, Khonshu walked over to Marc placing his right hand on his shoulder, slowly Marc looked up to face him.

"How do I know you're real? How do I know you aren't a part of my mind? It seems to everyone around me that you do not exist." Spector said his face turning into a frown and closing his eyes. 

"My son you already know the answer to that, besides your friend Jarvis has already been frightened by my appearance."  

Taking his hand off of Marc's shoulder Khonshu sat back in his seat crossing his legs and fingers once more. 

"Now before you wake up, there is already a task for you to do. As you know that you are avatar, the protector of those who travel the night, it is you duty to punish the wicked that harm those that travel under my light. This evil being, must be brought onto him for the heinous acts they have committed." 

Opening his Marc gave a stern stare back at the moon god, knowing what must be done. This person would know the Vengeance of the Moon Knight. 

"I understand."

"Good. Now one more thing, please change your old suit, it's rather dated." 

The moon god gave a light chuckle and Marc's vision began to fade back into complete blindness. Just as his vision had gone black, it had restored. Moon Knight was no longer in his mind, he was now back in the reality of the real world. Taking a moment to process all that had happen, Marc shifted in the medical bed he's been put in. Like a wildfire his entire body ached in pain from the fight with that evil Captain America. Scratching his head Spector saw that Marcus was siting in chair beside his bed, waiting for him to wake up. 

"Morning."With his face folded into a serious look Marcus shifted forward in his chair. 

"How long have I been out?" Marc said putting his thumb and index finger on his bandaged nose.

"You've been out for a day," he said leaning back in his chair. "I hate to do this to you but the Imperial police have called us up asking for our help with a connected series of night time murders, we need your help on this one, we need the Moon Knight." 

Marc nodded in response gently but painfully pulling himself out of the medical bed. 

"Welp it just happens to be that I'm an expert on night time murders," he said giving a smirk. "Give me a few minutes to gather somethings and I'll be ready."

Marcus eyed Moon Knight and raised a eyebrow. : I’m not complaining. Blair turned to the Avenger who woke from a coma “So let me get this straight, Marcus you let Moon Knight who is possibly still recovering out on another mission so quickly? We don’t know how fast his recovery was.”

The terminator just was quiet for a second “We couldn’t wait, it was urgent. Besides he had a day to recover.”

Blair sighed, now cleaned up to drive the Quinjet “Fine, I’ll take Jarvis’s scorn if any of you get hurt during this mission. I’ll go prepare the Quinjet for you guys.”

Marcus turned to the armored Jarvis who was flying over to the pilot and terminator and raised a eyebrow “Vision said to protect the tower while he was away. The cyborg frowned “I can’t stay, you and Blair have to protect the tower during these darkling attacks. Moon Knight is coming with me.”

Blair side eyed Marcus “We can handle it. Right, Jarvis?”

Khonsu's knight went to prepare his supplies and Marcus was already prepared as the Quinjet was just about ready due to Blair’s quick preparedness. The terminator was hanging near the entrance of the Quinjet, waiting for the Moon Knight’s arrival.

Blair sat in the pilot’s seat as she looked out to make sure nothing would happen before they left.
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Shuffling through the pain of his injures at the hands of the abomination that had become of Captain America. Marc stumbled onto his door's frame, his right hand gripping hard onto the frame trying to keep himself from falling onto hardwood floor. Slowly opening the door he gave a low sigh stepping into the room his bare feet padding on the room's black hardwood flooring. He silently observed his room, it was a vacant chamber with white plane walls, and a large open space apart from his bed and a kitchen section on the far right corner of the room followed by a small wooden door leading to a large bathroom. 

"It's empty, just a bed no furnishings," he said fully stepping into the room spinning and turning around to take in the full size of his room. "I guess now that I'll be here for awhile then I should make myself at home." Marc said to himself but of course as always someone or something listening to everything he has ever said, Khonshu. 

An excellent Idea my son. We shall use this place this room as our sanctuary our base of operations. A place of solitude for the blade of vengeance. 

The god's voice booming inside his Moon Knight's already fractured mind. 

Stepping over to his new bed, exhaling Marc sat down resting his injured legs.  

"So how do we set up shop?" 

My son you may not remember this but the pleasant Omni character gave you a specific orb, a colorful orb. Such a generous celestial being, he gave you a gift you know, a most wondrous gift. 

"What dose it do?" Marc said cocking an eyebrow. 

My son, Marc, it is a tool a tool of creation. Whatever we wish it will create for us. The multicolored sphere rests in your pants pocket, take it out, focus your mind, use it. 

Jumping to his feet Marc fumbled through his pockets pulling out the colorful sphere. All the shapes and colors filled its being, it was a sheer interesting thing to set eye upon. Pointing to the bed, closing his eyes clearing and focusing his mind. Within only a mere moment appearing out of thin air a pure white formal suit and tie, a mask with gloves and shoes appeared on top of the bed. 

With a smirk Marc donned his new costume. Once again he was no longer Marc Spector the Ex-Mercenary but the protector of those who travel the night, an agent of Khonshu, a blade of vengeance, he was now Mr. Knight. 

Turning with the orb in hands, focusing Mr. Knight began to fill his empty room. Several large display cases of old costumes and ancient Egyptian artifacts sat beside and on the barren walls. On the other side of his bed stood a large statue of Khonshu himself. 

Glancing all around the chamber Mr. Knight gave a large smirk under his white mask content with his work. 

"Khonshu is this to your liking?" 

Chuckling only filled inside his head. 

It will suffice but you're forgetting something or someone shall I say. Your old friend-- What was his name? Oh! yes Frenchie, he's missing from the picture. In this line of work we need his expertise in piloting is much needed in our ongoing situations.  

With a large exhale Mr. Knight pointed the sphere at an empty spot on the hardwood floor. He really didn't want to bring his best friend into this mess of a world but arguing to Khonshu was like to every grain of sand from a beach. Putting aside his feelings and concentrating on just Frenchie, a moment passed before his friend was conjured in front of him. 

"Where? What? Toi! Marc wh-where am I?" The Frenchmen said frantically looking around the room surrounding him. Mr. Knight stepping over to him put his right hand on his shoulder. 

"It's alright my friend we're in the Avengers tower-- Or this worlds Avengers tower, this isn't world you and I know." He said taking his hand off of his confused friend's shoulder. "From what I've been told this place is called the Omniverse, this place can be confusing, Hell I'm still confused but you have to trust me Jean Paul. I brought you here because this world needs the Moon Knight and I need your help as a pilot." 

Duchamp took a few heavy breaths before looking into his friends masked eyes, responding. 

"Al-Alright Marc, Dieu me donne la force dialder à supporter ce fardeau, I'm in to help." 

Mr. Knight straightened his bleach white tie, his all white clothing almost glowing. 

"Great, then we have a job to do." 

That's my boy. 

A large gust of wind blew past Mr. Knight, his suits coat flapping in the wind. Stepping up a set of metal steps he was greeted by Marcus standing beside the Quinjet which was already primed up by his girlfriend Blair. 

"You about ready?" Marcus said stepping up on the quinjet's boarding ramp. 

The Silver Avenger griped both of his white coat's brim ends turning to a free helipad. 

"No, not just yet." 

Taking the glowing colorful sphere out of his white formal pants pockets pointing at the open helipad. Within several minuets a huge moon shaped helicopter formed upon the open helipad. With his new Mooncopter created the white and silver clad hero put his right finger on his built in communicator in his mask, activating it. 

"Frenchie can you hear me on this channel,"  a few second passed before there was a reply. 

"Oui Marc this comm channel is still in use, what is it you need?" 

"The Mooncopter is on the towers roof, keep this channel open if I need you." He retorted pressing on his masks communicator. 

"I copy Marc." 

Turning back to Marcus straightening his white gloves he followed Marcus up the ramp. 

"Well look's like it's time to stop a murderer."

The Quinjet and all its systems were online as Blair eyed the plane and its many controls as she started everything for liftoff.

“Hold on, men. This might be a bumpy trip up.” Blair explained to the Avengers in the plane

Marcus and Mr. Knight had already sat down in their seats and were discussing the murders happening and what their mission was.

The terminator stretched out his fist “Alright, Mr. Knight, how about giving me the specs on our mission this time..”

Mr. Knight sat in his seat and turned to face Marcus and nodded “There’s a murderer going around killing citizens. I'm not sure who it is yet, but he's leaving bloody bodies and laying them down of the beach."

Marcus eyed Marc and frowned, realizing he hadn’t studied up on all the Avenger books yet.

Blair thoughtfully answered "All too familiar in our world, and the Omniverse."

She drove and hit autopilot when she stepped up to talk to the guys. She leaned over on the seat and nodded

“So let me guess, I’m not fully prepared to go with you two this time?”

Marcus turned his eyes toward the pilot “No, I promised you’d watch the tower with Jarvis. The Vision went off to fight darklings in another area of the island.”

Blair bit her tongue and was fully prepared to call her boyfriend out but didn’t “Alright, you two fight off any intruders.”

Marcus looked at his fists as he wiped off the recent blood off them from the last protection of the tower mission.

Blair turned off Autopilot as she sat back down once taking control of the plane again.

The rainy scene only added to the drama of the whole mission. It made Marcus stare out the window, almost thinking of what was next.

It was quite strange that they were about to fight a serial killer. At one time, he himself was in that position. Being that lost villain instead of a hero. He eyed the summoned dogtags on him that said his name on it.
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[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Mr. Knight's fingers wrapped tightly around the edges of his seat. His body tensed as Blair landed the Quinjet with a rumble. A small smirk grew on Marc's face under his white mask. 

"Is there ever a day when it doesn't feel our lives are in danger?" Mr. Knight said looking up at Marcus who was sitting in another seat across from him.

Marcus cracked up at Marc's question. 

"In the line of work we do, I don't think we'll ever get a break," Marcus said, tilting himself forward in his seat. "To be honest, even if we're just looking at the bodies I got a feeling this situation is going to lead to something far more complicated than a contract or serial killer." 

The Night Protector gave a low sigh, his white gloves fingers fumbling over his bleach tie, tightening it. 

"Contract killer. A serial killer is a lot more sloppy in their work, from the information we got this morning." He paused to readjust his gloves and organized his thoughts. "The cause of death for all four of the men was a bullet to the head." 

Marcus shrugged. "But that could mean anything, don't some serial killers have-" 

"A signature." Marc finished off the Terminator's sentence. "Yes, many do, but these men were found washed up on the beach. A crazy serial killer would have never made the attempt to hide the bodies. So my theory is that we have a trained assassin on our hands." 

"Huh, guess my feelings were right," Marcus said, rubbing his hands together with an aggravated smile all across his face. 

Mr. Knight gave a slight nod crossing his legs. "My thoughts exactly. There's another thing. About what you said earlier. Our line of work... It's a 'go big or go home' lifestyle."

Mr. Knight gazed out the window contemplatively. 

Pressing a series of buttons and checking the jets system Blair lowered the steel boarding ramp. With a loud crash and air inside the Quinjet vacuuming out into the warm beach air. Blair spun around in her cockpit's seat and walked over to both of the men, still sitting in the aircraft's holding area. 

"Alright, boys look like this is your stop, once y'all are out in the field I'm heading back to the tower to help out Jarvis. If you both need anything just call us up on the communicator." 

"Will do," Marcus said jumping out of his seat stepping over to the large boarding ramp. 

Mr. Knight simply gave a nod and followed Marcus outside. Instantly he could feel the beach's heat assault him from which the moment he left the air conditioned jet. Marc hadn't seen Costa Del Sol's beaches on his first arrival in the city, he was to wrap up in trying to comprehend where he was and how out of place the Omniverse was, to begin with. Now that Khonshu is back in his head he felt a bit better about being in another universe. Fully he could see that this place was big on tourists and to be fairly honest it was quite a nice beach minus the fact the four dead bodies had washed up on the shore. The beach itself looked as if it were yanked straight from one of those Hawaii vacation resort photos. 

"Just like Hawaii." Mr. Knight said looking towards Marcus walking beside him, his white mask's forehead creasing upwards. 

Marcus gave out a short laugh, his face painting a small smirk. "If you say so the idea of us dealing with an assassin is keeping me on edge, how about you?"

Marc shrugged. "Eh, not really I've dealt with a good bit of well-trained adversaries over the years. I think you'll be fine besides they--whoever they are won't be able to take us down together." 

You better be right about that my son. 

Why do you say that? Do you know something that I don't?

Marc, Marc, Marc, I've always known more than you have what I'm getting here is there are completely two of us inside this head now. I'd be more than pleased if we don't die in the next hour.

...Duly noted.

You're damn right that better be!

Now snap back to attention, you're at the crime scene.

"Alright! out of the way people and clear the area! Who in charge of the crime scene!?" Marc said pushing through the oversized circling crowd. 

With Marcus right behind him, they made their way to the center of the commotion. A large stout man quickly paused his observation of the bodies and turned his attention to the two Avengers. Most likely mid-fifties wearing a brown trench coat with short messy graying hair and a large brown mustache, he had the look of what you would call an old detective. 

"Great, you two must be the Avengers as you can see the bodies are laying right there. Welcome to our crime scene we're more than thrilled that we have you two on the case." The detective said in an almost sarcastic tone. 

"Well from the information you gave us this morning I hate to say it but the murderer is not a serial killer we've got our selves a professional-- a contract killer." Mr. Knight said unzipping one of the body bags. It was definitely what they said it, a bullet to the head but the way the men were dressed they look like hitmen themselves. 


"What's interesting?" The detective said looming over Marc's shoulders.

"These men look like they're hitmen themselves." Mr. Knight said his white gloves rezipping the body bags. 

"That's because they are, we suspect these men are Jeremiah’s Cardona's personal hitmen. Look's like they angered him and he had the rest of his men kill them." The Detective said lighting a cigaret. 

"So you want us to come knocking on his door and take him out of the picture--and let me guess it's not in your jurisdiction to so by yourself." The Silver Avenger replied pulling himself out of his kneeling position.

"Right, You'll find Cardona and his men inside his casino which can be found in the downtown area, like you were saying purge him from the streets... and by the way, the Imperial police were not involved in it." The investigator said taking a huge puff from his cigaret his voice muffled.

Mr. Knight placed his gloved right hand under his chin. "Well then looks like our work has been moved else where."

"There you are!" All Might said, simply dropping from the tree, kite in tow. He passed off the toy to the young boy, who offered a nervous 'thank you' before disappearing off into the city. It was almost strange, how peaceful Costa Del Sol was compared with Tier Five. Better economy he supposed, more competent- he nodded to a stormtrooper as he passed -police force.

As he made his way downtown, walking fast, he noticed the always-unfortunate signs of yellow tape. Police and guards protected the cordoned off area, and as All Might came closer, their attention shifted to him. 

"Imperial Crime Scene. Move along."

"Ah, I'm a superhero-" he began.

"Move along-"

"Wait. You with the Avengers?" a grizzled detective asked, "Cause you just missed em'. We sent them on their way already."

All Might's smile grew another inch, the Avengers! This could be lucky for him, then. And joining them, getting to prove his worth on a real mission, that should make things go easier. He'd be able to avenge the poor souls in the body bags as well. "Where'd they go?" All Might asked. 

"We sent them off towards Cardona's casino. We think the man's been purging his own ranks of hitmen."

"Cardona Casino." All Might mumbled, pulling out his Communicator, "Thank you officers, I'll do my best to see we apprehend them!"

"Apprehend?" but it was too late, All Might had already taken off with a great leap further downtown, "I want you to kill em'."

He took a few flying leaps, but he caught up with his targets soon enough. Or at least, he thought he did. The two men were big, confident, and one was wearing a mask. They were also heading towards where Panda, via the Communicator, informed him that Jeremiah Cardona's personal gambling palace was located. 

"Greetings!" he roared down, before slamming into the street in front of them. Both men took a cautious step back, their bodies tensing, already preparing for a fight. "Are you the Avengers?"

The brunette narrowed his eyes, "Depends on who's asking."

"My name is All Might!" he said, "And I'm a superhero. I just heard about a series of killings. Cardona Casino is where our mastermind is hiding, correct?"

The two shared a look. 

"I'd like to join the Avengers." All Might said cheerfully, "It's been too long since I didn't have any kind of support. A superhero team is just what the Omniverse needs, and I want in. For now, let me prove myself in helping you to apprehend the murderers. More than anything, I want to see justice done."
[Image: Avengers.png][Image: 7ukWEQd.jpg][Image: westside.png]

Marcus had his gun strapped to the back of his leather jacket as he summoned more ammo for his gun and slipped it in his pockets.

He looked up and raised a eyebrow at the all too colorful man named All Might who wanted to join the Avengers more than anything. He’s seen many Avengers come and go and frowned “This is the perfect way to test your mettle. Hopefully you are up to the test.”

The ex- criminal nodded and slipped out his gun “Be on the alert for mobsters, All Might. Might want to go with something less stick out.”

The clicking outside was Marcus loading his gun.

Marcus couldn’t shake the feeling that he helped take down a corrupted old teammate of theirs named Captain America, even Hellboy’s eyes stared in his head, bothering him.

“No… not now..” Marcus held his head and frowned “Let’s get going.”

Mr Knight had held his hand up “Not yet, wait until I give the signal”.

Marcus felt himself pacing with his own gun and looked over at the always smiling All Might and couldn’t find a reason to smile at the time.

With All might around, things looked more reassuring.

All Might held out his hand to the Avengers for a reassuring shake and Marcus didn’t take the hand at first but then shook it.

He just hoped this member lasted longer than the others and he sighed for a second.

“Name’s… Marcus.”

All might nodded and shook his hand “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Marcus.”
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

The All Might figure was definitely a blessing, just the two men entering Cardona's casino had the outcome of being a very disastrous mission. Not only having the large lean man literally jump out the sky and ask to help the mission a complete lighten on the load but also the team itself was light of members that work on the field. In other words, Marc was utterly great for the man's offer though being too ecstatic about it could come off as awkward. 

Straightening his bleach white tie Mr. Knight gave out his gloved hand in an offer of a hand shake, All Might still grinning from ear to ear accepted. It almost seemed like he was over joyed to see the Avengers like he looked up to them in some way.

"The names Mister Knight but at other times you can call me Moon Knight," Marc said taking back his right hand readjusting the studded glove. "In all respect, I'm thrilled to have you helping us with this business, honestly-- this mission might turn to violence quickly. Are you up to the task of beating some mobsters."    

"With pleasure! Beating mobsters, in particular, is why I've been looking for the Avengers, to begin with, actually, but first thing's first: What's the plan?" All Might said his smile growing larger. 

Mr. Knight took a step back placing his left hand under his masked chin and took a few seconds ponder on what the best course action would be for dealing with the crime syndicate. 

"Hmm... The best I can think of is letting myself walk in first and have an audience with Cardona himself... You two, on the other hand, need to be inside as I'm having the audience but you two need to also keep attention off of the both of you, in better words the element of surprise would be the way to go."  

Readjusting his trench coat and taking his gun and concealing it inside his coat Marcus stepped beside All Might. 

"Sounds like a sound plan, I guess we're ready when you are," Marcus said cracking his knuckles.

"Does Khonshu ever stop talking when he's not needed... Don't answer that yeah I'm ready." 


His mouth shut tightly Marc silently marching into the casinos his thoughts focused on the mission at hand. His masked eyes observed his surroundings, illegal prostitution, rigged gambling tables, and bootlegged drinks. The casino reeked with the stench of unadulterated wicked crime, there was only one thing that could cleanse vile presence of crime that was the hand of blind justice wrecking her blade of vengeance upon it. It just happens to be that the three superheroes were that blade of vengeance and there was nothing that would stop them from their onslaught of justice.

Marc noted that both Marcus and All Might had taken their places in the establishment. Marcus took up a position at the bar coincidently the bar happened to close to where Cardona and his body guards were sitting. All Might had taken position sitting at a table that was a few feet away from Cardona as well. 

Mr. Knight took a slow deep breath making his way down towards Cardona's table, the entire area beside the bar was like a dining restaurant with gambling tables in every other section. To the average person even if the entire place was riddled with crime, this place would be a perfect spot to disappear from the world. 

Are you ready my son? 

I've always been ready. 

I don't think you understand what I mean by ready. These men have evaded justice for too long, it's time for vengeance to pay them a visit. Marc, I want you to make them squeal. 

Spector's fingers fumbled across the top edges the wooden seat he pulled up in front of Cardona and his two bodyguards. Sitting in front of him Cardona was a shady looking old man wearing a black suit, was about fair height, clean shaven, and almost no hair at all what was there was gray. His bodyguards were tall too wearing black suits themselves, both had short black hair and wearing ear pieces, perhaps both were twins. 

"Heh, a man dressed like you, must have business with me, right boys?" Cardona said folding his hands.

"Right mister Cardona." One of the bodyguards said in a surprisingly deep voice. 

"Now, what does a nut job like yourself think he's doing waltzin up at my table Uninvited might I add. I sure as Hell hope you ain't one of them vigilantly  prime pukes are you!?" The mob-boss said smashing his right hand on the wooden table. 

Unflinching from Mr. Knight adjusted his white tie and crossed his legs. 

"Now, Now mister Cardona name calling isn't necessary, is this how you treat your guests? I wonder how you treat your men with that temper?" 

"How I-" Cardona's eyes widened. "You know what happened to them! Tell what you know about them or I'll have my men splatter your brains across the floor." 

Spector's masked eye narrowed his legs uncrossing and placing both of his hands on the table. 

"If anyone's splattering brains across floors it won't be you." 



Just on the other side of the casino, All Might shot out of his chair flipping the table in front of him. 

"Plus Ultra!" He shouted his muscles flexing tearing the civilian clothes revealing his costume underneath. Coming in fast two of Cardona's men charged for him, swiftly taking a step back All Might grabbed both of them by the back of their heads and smashed them together. Marcus on the other hand still at the bar jumped out of his stool, his hands latching onto one of the gangsters sliding him across the bar table.

By the time Marc had shouted, it was too late Cardona had retreated upstairs to his office, honestly, the old man was pretty fast for his age. The mob-boss' bodyguards though were still at large a problem. Jabbing his gloved hand out Mr. Knight's fingers clutching onto one of the bodyguard's hair forcefully bashing his face on the table. The other guard with hast jumped over the table screaming at the top his lungs swinging for the Night Protector. Not even taking time to think the Silver Avenger's studded gloves gripped tightly around his assaulter's suit coat pulling him close. Instinctively both his right and left hand jabbed into the assailant's face before lifting him up and throwing him on top of the table forcing it to give way. 

With his luck out of nowhere, a large bald hulking man stomped his way towards Marc. 

"You causing trouble for boss now I break you." The hulking said in a heavy Russian accent. 

"Fat chance buddy." Reeling his right fist back Mr. Knight punched the inhumanly large man in the stomach, Knight's masked eyes widening with the sudden surprise. 

"Well shit." 

"Ha, Ha, Da my turn." 

The muscle bound gangsters fists felt like steel as both hooking punches made contact with Mr. Knight's face, knocking him back a few feet. 

Shaking his head Mr. Knight paced forward taking off his white suits coat and rolling up his sleeves, with sheer force his right leg smashed into the Russian's groan. The hulking man gave a soft low cry of pain as Mr. Knight threw his coat over his bald head. Forcing him into an headlock Mr. Knight began to beat the gangsters face in with his free hand until his oversized feet buckled inwards onto the floor. With the man still in his arm unconcise Marc took his free hand activating his communicator.  

"Alright, gentlemen knock them down, everything in this establishment is illegal so break anything you get your hands on. I'm going after the boss."                  




Break everything? Well, why not!

All Might slammed his hands together in a clap that left anyone within thirty feet wincing and reaching for their ears. "Attention! You may not be aware of this, but this Casino is illegal! Would everyone who isn't a mobster, murderer, or generally villainous sort please leave? Exits are in the front and rear of the building!" He closed one hand over his fist and audibly cracked the knuckles, "Cause' if any of you stay..."

People began to move. 

All Might darted across the room, delivering a knee to a bouncer that sent him crashing into the wall, and then kicking off the floor to leap to the next armed man in a suit. He pulled his gun, but All Might was moving before the man's finger even reached the trigger. He reached forward, enclosing pistol and hand within his large fingers, and squeezing. There was a scream, and a crunch, and All Might tossed him across the floor. A smushed pistol and equally smushed hand made the mobster a threat no more. 

"Kill him! Kill him!" Which Avenger in particular the next man to draw his eyes was implying didn't matter much to All Might. 

He started running, trying to line up as many hitmen and bouncers together as possible. He crossed his arms, and grit his teeth as power crackled along his hands, gathering at the tips of his fingers. 


He was shot across the floor like a harpoon, barreling over gangsters and sending men, tables, and chairs flying. His arms uncrossed with a definite flourish, and the edged shockwave rushed forward, catching, carrying, and cutting poker tables and mobsters alike. Gamblers and prostitutes screamed as they rushed for the exits, not wanting to get caught up in the newfound chaos. 

"You think you can come in here and mess with Cardona's property?!" A growling fishman in a suit accused, "Try someone your own size on for a change!" 

All Might smirked as the fishman bouncer came crashing forward. The man was nearly as broad as All Might, and had almost half a foot on the actual top of his head- antennae not included. This could be an actual fight. He pulled back both fists, gathering more crackling red energy around them. 

"Fishman Karate!" cried the bouncer, as he shot an outstretched palm towards All Might's chest. The superhero had seen it coming seconds in advance, however, and simply angled his body away, only catching a bit of the shockwave. It had bite, All Might acknowledged. But a 1-inch punch, no matter how impressive, didn't stand up to-


The fishman's eyes bulged and blood sprayed from his mouth as both fists rocketed into his gut. Time seemed to stop for the pair, before the energy behind the blows flowed out all at once. The fishman's entire body rumbled, before he careened through the air, spinning as he flew, into the wall behind him. He stopped against the wall, and groaned pitifully as his shaking hands reached hesitantly for the red-hot imprints of All Might's fists in his belly. 

Cracks spiderwebbed from the wall behind him, and the fishman fell into blissful unconsciousness as the wall collapsed, and the fishman on top of the debris. 

All Might reached into a pocket, pulling out a card and placing it into one of the fishman's pockets. "You're a strong one." All Might said, "When you wake me up, if it's not in a prison, look me up. Maybe I could make a Hero out of you!" 

Turning back to the rest of the casino, he shook both arms, dealing with the tingling that followed a use of One For All. 

"Now! Who's next?!"
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Marcus did his own thing as he stalked toward the baddies All Might didn't take out or was too busy to and smirked "You may be lucky with All Might, but not with me."
The terminator lifted two mobsters off the ground, almost choking them with his hands. But didn't finish as he threw them at the big boss. "You messed with the wrong group."
The innocent look in his eyes almost faded as he eyed the other mobsters as he threw them at the ground and growled. "I used to live your life but it didn't last."

The big boss tried to woo him "Then why are you destroying our lives for the sake of these heroes."
"Because I see myself not as a monster but something else now."

The Boss growled "Sure, but a monster's still a monster. No matter how you try to hide it."

Marcus's glare suddenly turned to the Boss "What the hell did you say?"
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[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Marc nonchalantly stepped over the three gangsters he had taken out, no doubt they all had concussions and minor bone fractures. Giving a large smirk under his mask his right hand sweeping past each table he passed by making his towards the upper stairs. All Might deserved some great credit the pure speed and power that he delivered to the criminals were pretty impressive. All Might himself reminded Mr. Knight a good bit of a more dialed down Sentry while Marcus, on the other hand, was like a more redeeming Punisher. 

Picking up his pace Mr. Knight heard screaming coming from behind him following a crash and splintering pain as one of the mobsters smashed a wooden chair on his back, almost knocking him to the carpet floor. Gritting his teeth and wincing as the pain echoed aching all across his back and head, blocking out most of the pain the Night Protector quickly turned laying a powerful left hook that nearly splintered almost all of the criminals teeth, instantly making him wish that he had never assaulted the Ex-mercenary. Crimson red blood splattered from the lawbreaker's mouth as he fell to the floor crying in pain. Mr. Knight shoot back around just in time to see that three other gangsters had stepped up on him ready to beat the vigilante to a pulp.  

Mr. Knight's masked eyes narrowed in anger. "Well, it looks like my walk in the park is over, now boys hold still so this can end quicker. I need to get to your boss." Mr. Knight said pulling out a truncheon from his under shirt. 

Shouting all three of the criminals rushed for the Silver Avenger, with out even a second thought Mr. Knight raised his right arm smashing his baton across the face of the closest assailant, an all to familiar snap of bone followed the hit the man's cheek bones were most likely in fractured into pieces. The next two attackers came at Marc at the same time, both in unison swung for Spector's masked face. Marc swiftly lifted his left arm upwards blows and with speed and force brought his truncheon up then crashing down on both of the gangster's arms snapping them in directions that they shouldn't be in. Both men screeched in pain falling to the floor before fainting from sheer pain.

"Now with you losers out of my way, off to the boss." Mr. Knight said once again proceeding for the stairs this time with haste. 

"Up we go." He said quickly stepping up into the dim lit stair case. 

 three more gangsters came charging down after the Night Protector. Spector effortlessly landed his left elbow into the closest ones face, then shifting his right arm upper cutting the second closest gangster knocking him back into the hand rail behind him. Rushing up several stair cases Mr. Knight met the last mobster face to face. The assaulting criminal reached for the hero in an effort to push him down the stair case. Mr. Knight swiftly blocked and pushed the man's hands back, curling his gloved hand's Marc forcefully brought his balled hands up smacking the mobster in the face causing his head to whip back before tripping and sliding down the entire stairs. 

Reaching up to the top exciting and entering a narrow hallway, out of nowhere a gangster jumped out of the corner lashing out for the Silver Avenger. Shooting up his right fight foot Mr. Knight kicked the mobster stopping him in mid charge, the force of the kick making him vomit. Mr. Knight quickly proceeded through the hallway another mobster came darting from all the way across the hall locking with Mr. Knight in a struggle, a door slammed open beside Marc another criminal came running out, this one was carrying a gun. With out a whole lot of time to react raising his left foot Mr. Knight connected his white shoe with gangster he was stuck struggling with's gut knocking him back a few feet crashing to the hard wood floor. Only seconds to react before he would get shot Marc grabbed three crescent dart from his belt throwing them at the armed gangster. The silver darts flung through the air digging deep into the lawbreaker's chest, the man in so much pain could find much breath to scream as he dropped to the ground. Spector quickly sidestepped towards the other mobster planting his white dress shoe into his face instantly breaking his nose. With no more time to waste Mr. Knight raced his way down the hallway in search of Cardona's office. 

Slamming the door behind him panting heavily Cardona quickly opened his office safe pulling out a revolver and checked its ammo. Silently a figure stepped out of the shadow of his dark office pulling out his silenced pistol putting it to the back of the mob-bosses head. 

"Your men were first to go and now it is your turn, soon there will be no others to stop us from gaining power. Soon our leader will rule with an iron fist." The silent assassin said pressing his gun harder on the back of Cardona's skull. 

"Who do you work for?" 

Mr. Knight kicked in Cardona's office door and readjusted his now blood covered gloves. 

"Mr. Cardon-Shit," Marc said His mask's eye narrowing to as he observed what he saw. Cardona clearly slumped over his desk, dead by a bullet to the head. Standing beside the body stood was what Marc had suspected all along, there was an assassin. The assassin dressed in a full body armor and sporting what looked like a skull helmet turned to face Mr. Knight pointing his gun towards him. The one thing that clearly surprised Marc was the pendant that was imprinted the assassin's body armor's shoulder, the image was an all to familiar sight. With out even making a sound the assassin fired several shots at Mr. Knight. Marc just barely rolled out of the door frame taking cover by the cover of the door. Raising his left arm the black armored assassin shot his built in grappling hook and launched out of the room. 

Taking a chance to strike Mr. Knight jumped at the assassin only to be caught by the momentum of the grappling hook sending Mr. Knight crashing into the wall behind him. The assassin not taking any chances with the vigilante raced off down the hall. Mr. Knight shifted pulling himself out of the wall, brushing in debris off of him. Quickly turning Spector chased after the professional killer, hot in pursuit the contract killer grabbed a champagne cart rolling it at Mr. Knight in an effort to slow him down. Mr. Knight vaulted over the cart keeping his pace after the murderer. 

"You aren't getting away from me!" 

Flipping in mid air the Assassin landed near the casino's many exciting stair cases, kicking open the exit's double doors the killer shot his grappling hook, the hook connecting with roofs existing door. Mr. Knight hot on his trail leaped after the contract killer latching on his legs as his grappling hook launched him upwards. Mr. Knight struggled to hold on to the assassin's legs as they rose up the roof, making a split second decision the murderer pulled out an SMG from his belt firing at Mr. Knight. 

"Why can't I hit you?" 

"Cause I'm not real." 

"bullshit!" The assassin shouted planting his right boot in Marc's masked face, the force of the boot forced him to let go sending him reeling back crashing into one of the stair cases rail guards. Ignoring the pain Spector pulled out his truncheon activating its grapnel gun function and sending him up after the bastard. jumping over the exits guard rail and kicking open the door Mr. Knight swung hard at the assassin. The assassin easily dodged the first two swings as they went left and right. Raising his right hand coming down for another hard swing with his baton, the Assassin blocked it by crossing the both of his arms. Swiftly the black armored killer whipped out a large knife from the back of his boot and came after Marc with a series of slashes. Spector ducked and jumped out the way of most of the slashes but one made its mark. The knife tore through the Silver Avenger's suit cutting at his abs, in a matter of seconds crimson blood began to repaint his white suit. 

"Hail Hydra!" The Assassin shouted quickly throwing out a smoke bomb and disappearing from Mr. Knight's sight. Marc's eyes widened from what the killer had said, the situation they were dealing with was far worse than any of them had suspected. 

"FUCK!" Marc shouted kicking at the roofs balcony. 

"Marc, Marc, can you read me?" 

Raising his right hand Mr. Knight activated his communicator. 


"Marc, this is Jarvie's, if you finished with work at Cardona's casino, then I'll have you know that the local Imperial prison is requesting the Avengers aid." 

Marc made his way towards the roof's exit door, clutching at his wound with his free hand. 

"Alright, I think we're done here, send Frenchie with Mooncopter. I'm in need of a costume change." He replied stepping down the steps.

"As you wish sir." 

Pressing his communicator in his mask once more Mr. Knight switched comm channels. 

"Gentlemen, round them up we're off to prison, I'll brief you once we're up in the air."

Several armored hovering vehicles and walking machines, followed closely by footmen, made their way down the street outside. All of the civilians' crafts were forced to the side of the road in the hustle. Ratione observed this, halfway through taking another bite out of his gyro, already halfway down. His eyes were wide and so was his mouth. Janna stood up in her seat, before immediately slouching back down. "Shit!"

Ratione's head snapped to his friend, "Shit?"

"I'm not exactly the most law-abiding citizen. I dunno how many of these guys would recognize my face."

"But they wouldn't send an army to just get you, right?"

Janna raised an eyebrow, but then her expression turned worrisome. "God damn, maybe something big's going down..."

"Something big?"

"Could be an invasion or a big battle. Maybe the Kingdom or some guild. Which means there's about to be a big team fight we want to avoi- HEY!"

Before she could finish her sentence, the soldier was out the door, greatsword in hand.

"Whu-what the hell guy?!" The yordle stood there, arms out, aghast. The waitress came over.

"Uhhh you guys are gonna, pay, right?"

Janna sprinted out the door, the waitress cussing at her.


The little blue pirate finally caught up to the Novan, who paused for her to catch her breath. "Wha... what the hell are you doing!"

"Going to the battle."

"Why numbnuts?!"

"Because people could get hurt. I could help." Ratione's gaze at his companion was even, and intense. The pirate had to take a step back.

"What! No! Listen-" She raised a finger at the old man, "Rule number one of stayin' alive here: Don't be a hero."

"I'm not trying to be."

"Then what are you?"

"I'm a soldier, Janna." Ratione repositioned his right hand all the way up on his greatsword's grip, resting it on the same shoulder. "I kill people that need to be killed." With that, he sprinted off through the crowds.

The pirate stood there, mouth agape, eyes as wide as dinner plates. Her cheeks just barely flushed.

"Ahhhhh fuckin- you're gonna get yourself killed bringing a knife to a gun fight!" The little blue-furred girl ran off after her friend.
"Our fear is our weapon."

The people who had worked under Cardona were easy enough to capture. Most of them were unconscious, and the ones who weren't were terrified. 

He kept handcuffs on his person as a matter of sense, and when he ran out, he made more. Soon, nearly two dozen-odd men were in chains, the three would-be heroes directing them to the authorities that had gathered outside.

While All Might hadn't been especially involved, he understood that while the casino had been shut down, and murderers were being brought behind bars, they had technically failed their mission. Cardona was dead, and his murderer had gotten away. But apparently life never calmed down for the Avengers, because Mister Knight already had a new mission lined up for them. 

 After Frenchie explained that unfortunately, because Omniphysics, the Mooncopter wasn't working properly, Blair had taken the Quinjet along with Frenchie to meet them nearby the now dilapidated Casino. 

All Might whistled as he took in the jet. It wasn't a proper plane- apparently only in Camelot and Coruscant could vehicles actually fly, but the thing was a capable hovercraft capable of moving over the surface of water or land at high speed. 

Climbing inside, he and the other two found their positions. Mister Knight took a moment to change in the bathroom, before coming out in a new costume. "From now on, refer to me as Moon Knight."

"Earlier today, the inmates of the Costa Del Sol Imperial Prison began a riot that is going on even as we speak." Mister, or rather Moon Knight began, "We've been called in to suppress the fighting as best we can, rescue the Imperial staff, and contain the situation. These people are hardened criminals, and reportedly armed."

All Might raised an eyebrow, "Do we know anything about why they're rioting?" In All Might's experience the Empire wasn't exactly a 'just' authority. After what the fallen hero who killed him implied the Empire had done to him, and his own experience with the overbearing security and monitoring, he didn't quite trust them. If the prisoners were being mistreated- Well. That's still not a reason to let them go berserk on the city. 

"Not as of yet." Moon Knight answered, "But it's been decided this is a job for the avengers. We'll arrive in a few minutes, so everyone prepare yourselves as much as you can. We'll be going in hot."

All Might didn't have much to prepare, in any case, and set about making more handcuffs from OM to pass the time.
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Marcus smirked "Hardened criminals? We can take them on, besides I used to be one." He frowned, annoyed they failed another mission but the prison break riot was the next one lined up on the plate. "So what kind of criminals are we taking on, Marc? Human or otherwise? Doesn't matter.” He cracks his knuckles.

Blair said from the cockpit "don't be cocky Marcus. Focus on the mission at hand.”

Marcus cleared his throat “Fine, fine.”
Frenchie had joined Blair in the pilot area as they communicated between each other as they talked about pilot experience and all that.

Marcus eyed All Might, “What’s your story? I heard you fought mobs in Coruscant.”

“I was kind of curious considering we’ll be working together for a while.”
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This post's theme

"Contacts my 3 o'clock!" A stormtrooper with marks on their helmet where bullets had barely scraped by waved a hand to his squadmates to a band of orange jumpsuits attempting to flank around a row of abandoned vehicles. Some were burnt, most had all their glass windows shot out, a few had a body or two slumped over inside or halfway out the door.

The squad immediately laid down heavy suppressing fire with their blaster rifles, pinning the enemy down.

A female stormtrooper went up to the apparent squad lead, ducking under returning fire. "Sir! We've got tangos flanking left! They're gonna try and surround us!"

"Fuckers!" The man peaked for a moment above her head, confirming the information when he saw heads threading themselves through the rubble of a blown out storefront. "Where the hell is that back up I ordered?!"


Three consecutive reports from a high-powered slug thrower sounded off behind the squad's position, the leader's head whipping around just in time to see a flash of movement as something tall, with odd legs and a sword leapt across the car roofs. He turned again to the positiong of the first group of prisoners, barely able to make out the figure behind the wrecks. From his perspective, there was only blood being thrown all over and screaming. Even a few bones cracking. Then, the entity leapt up again, hopping across the vehicles like some kind of raptor, and the trooper finally got a good look.

It was tall, wearing some kind of jumpsuit, had bent-backwards legs, and a really, really big sword.


Suddenly, the rifle was going off way too close, and the squad leader turned to his rear again to see a tiny blue-furred yordle hopping around in a similar fashion. Except she would fire off a few rounds with every long jump, picking off one rioter with each shot.

"Who the fuck are these guys?!"

"Doesn't matter! Just help them help us stay alive!"


Ratione landed at the second squad with their backs turned to him, all lined up and tight against each other. He leapt forward, holding his greatsword's blade halfway down past the lugs. With the combined momentum of his dash, twitching his hips, and using his left hand to throw it forward a bit more, the length of the blade sunk itself through two of them, the tip burying itself into a third's spine. The fourth man turned around to see one of his friends going down, screaming and clutching their back, the other two silent, wide eyed, and with their internal organs out on display. Blood painted the street and all of them in a thin shade of maroon.

The fourth man screamed, and before he could bring up a boomstick Ratione wheeled around with his guard, bashing it into the man's teeth and then kneeing him in the jaw as they fell down. The back of their skull smacked against the door of one of the "cars" (as Janna had put it), and he stopped moving.

The yordle hopped on top of the metal box, inspecting her friend's handiwork for a split second, before shouting at Ratione to keep moving. So he did, sprinting down the street and deeper into the fight.

The next objective was a squad of about ten or more prisoners clustered inside some kind of shop, taking potshots out of the windows at stormtroopers with a mounted boomstick set up. This version seemed to be similarily powerful to Janna's, but was significantly faster at getting booms off.

"Move in, I'll cover you!" Janna slid underneath a car with a lot of ground clearance, settling and almost instantly picking off a few enemies. Ratione swung around to the side, sprinting down the sidewalk and out of their view. In the alleyway next to the store was a door riddled with holes.


"Keep 'em off us boys!" A burly man with a toothpick in his mouth, an orang jumpsuit, and AKM, and a body full of tattos barked at the other prisoners as he reloaded. A thick, well-developed arm slapped in another magazine and peaking above the window sill.

BANG The door which another prisoner had been monitoring flew forward with speed and force. It crashed into the rear guard, who fired off a few rounds in a panic. The thing that came through the doorway made everyone else panic.

The prisoners at the front line had to keep firing to keep the troopers off them, and could only watch as one by one their comrades that lacked firearms were executed one by one. The first to go down had a sword pommel whipped into their temple, hemmorhaging their cranial cavity. The second and third men were skewered with a long-ass blade, the fourth was kicked out the window and shot. Each one screamed and begged for mercy, that they were only dragged along. Not one plea was requitted.

The burly man with tattoos looked to his left and right to see who was left, but only soup bowls of blood remained where his partners in crime once stood. A shadow cast itself over him, and a steel guard dug itself into his skull.


Janna watched as Ratione flung himself out of the store through a shattered window, covered in blood, bits of bone, and some entrails.

This guy is a fucking psycho... She turned to see the firefight raging ahead of them. Just what we need right now.


Five more came charging at Ratione, all of them lacking a boomstick. They spread out into a bit of open space, attempting to surround the Novan.

A quick dash to the left and he caught the one at the very end of the line, knocking away the over-head swing of their crowbar with the his blade and then driving the guard into his stomach before pulling back and taking out their eye in the same manner. The next one down the line he made sure to step around, putting the rioter between himself and the rest of the squad. Ratione swung up and around to bait the man into putting up his own makeshift sword into an overhead guard. The Novan feinted right, then left, then whipped the tip of his blade downward against the neck. A deep gash formed where he landed the blow, blood spraying out and spattering Ratione's face.

Now at least two of them had managed to come at him from two different angles. The Furtumin gripped halfway down the blade and on his actual grip, first stepping quickly to the right while parrying an upward strike from a billy club and then using the lug grip to catch a side-swipe from another makeshift blade. His feet fluttered like a tiny insect's wings, succesfully getting out of the reach of the man with the club. Taking a few seconds to focus on the second swordman, he whipped his left leg back and a forward thrust barely scraped his jumpsuit. The Novan hooked his free right arm to hook around the weapon, then tossing his own greatsword up and into an icepick grip at the lugs before burrying the tip of it with a one-handed thrust into his face. The body fell backward, carrying the sword with it. Ratione felt himself being tugged forward just as the billy club guy followed up, whipping the Novan on the back of the head.

Ratione's vision tripled, and the world around him spun. The old man stumbled backwards a bit, and two booms sounded off. The last two men dropped, and he felt tiny hands batting at his thighs from below.

"Get your shit together Ratty!" The Novan's vision turned to doubles, then singles, and coming at him and his only friend in this new world from two ends were even more rioters. All of them carried with them melee weapons, either improvised or legitimate.

"Gang up on them all at once! We ain't gettin' outta here unless we take down these two!" A voice barked out from the mass.

"Joker's to left of me-" Janna slid back her bolt, slapping in a fresh magazine. "-Jokers to the right-" Ratione took his stance, holding his greatsword out in a low guard, "-And here I am-" The Novan looked at Janna, who gave him a sly grin, "-stuck in the middle with you~!" She gave him a quick wink.

"Good thing the rest of them didn't bring boomsticks."

The first two to come at them from either end was one with a tire iron at the Furtumin and one with a prison shank at Janna. 

Janna fired off a single round, which went through the next three other guys on her end, where Ratione planted his feet and threw out his sword while gripping the pommel and putting his weight into it. Again, he skewered just about three men, immediately pulling out and gripping his blade halfway down to first pommel bash the next man then slice them across the chest and neck with an upward swing.

Janna kept firing as the came, bolting her rifle faster than they could reach her. With every report of her rifle, another body slumped to the ground, a whole in their skull or their heart. Eventually, however, she pushed down on a small button and her magazine slid out. "Ratty! Switch with me!"

The yordle moved, and so did the Novan. Time slowed.

Janna kicked off with her right foot, left sole sliding over the asphalt. The magazine clattered to the ground, her blue-furred hand slipping out another one from a pouch. At the same time Ratione swung his left leg around, turning about as the sniper ducked underneath his groin. He brought his blade around, gripping it inversely as he came out of his previous strike, taking advantage of his body's momentum to whip the pommel and guard around and connecting them with the next two coming from Janna's end. The lugs connected with one man's neck, the next got a pommel to the ear.

By the time Janna had slid under and around to the other end, she was locked and loaded. One shot and the next three men were skewered by lead. While she continued to fire, Ratione put in work by recovering his weapon and re-gripped it properly. Two men came at him at once, shoulder-to-shoulder, with scavenged riot shields. Ratione grinned. They were too tight, with their shield edges touching rather than keeping a healthy gap.

The Furtumin gave the man on his right a solid thwack with his blade, knocking him into his friend. Their stance was not nearly solid enough, and the right man attempted to raise his weapon only to accidentally drive it into his friend's elbow. This elicited a yell of pain and cursing the right man's mother. All Ratione had to do was step around their meager shield wall and bury his blade in the backs of their skulls.

"Ratty!" Again the two danced around each other, again Janna reloaded, and again they eliminated ten more enemies. Then another ten. Then another ten.

Then another ten.


Ratione had forgotten what a battlefield looked like. He had forgotten how the blood would pool up, and the bodies would create a wall. Even now, he sat on top three slumped on top of each other, great sword resting on his right shoulder. His shoulders and chest heaved up and down, mouth agape as hot breath rolled in and out. Janna sat cross legged, staring at her hands. Her fur was caked in red, and they were shaking like leaves on a tree.

"Did you feel it?" The Furtumin spoke up, and the young pirate's head whipped around. Her eyes were wide, eye lids stretched out so far her eyes appeared to bulge from their sockets.

"That's fear. Real fear. Us Novans, we dominated an entire galaxy... because we use our fear. We don't try to suppress it.

Our fear is our weapon."
"Our fear is our weapon."

Like clockwork, Moon Knight checked his belt, counting all of his crescent darts, then moving to his black and white clad gauntlets. Done. Stepping past Marcus and their new teammate All Might, he stopped in front of the Quinjet's drop-off ramp. Marcus and All Might followed close behind. Silently Marc mentally prepared himself for the coming battle that he and the Avengers were about to face. He had lost count of the many times he stood in the very same position, make it jet or helicopter, leaping out to stop some lunatic slasher or a Black Specter. Like the breaking of ice, every inch of muscle tensed ready for what he had done all his life: fight. 

Blair and Frenchie set in the cockpit as the Quinjet swooped over several buildings before coming to a complete stop hovering over to the nearest drop zone. Whipping the jet throttle back Blair released the ramp. A large gust of air came rushing inside, causing Moon Knight's cape to flare up and down. Peering down below, Marc could see that the riot situation had definitely gotten out of hand. Cars, stores, several blocks of buildings had taken the toll of the prisoners running rampant with freedom. What really caught his attention though was a small position that a small group of Stormtroopers and two others had dug in from the chaos. The two beings fought side by side, one tall in some type of jumpsuit and armor carrying an oversized great sword, chopping and slashing any inmates that dared to get close. The other was a small, blue-furred creature supporting her companion with a sniper. It was picking off the criminals that the other missed.

Now or never people, take positions beside the large figure and his smaller companion. They look like they could need the support," Marc shouted, pointing towards the ones below them, "Team, assemble!" 

As if it were instinct, all three of them leaped off the jets ramp, their speed picking up as they made their descent. Flipping in mid-air, Moon Knight reached for his belt and threw three crescent darts that instantly cut into three unsuspecting inmates. All of them without any resistance whined in pain as they dropped to the hard concrete ground. 

With pinpoint accuracy, all three Avengers landed to the ground smashing on top of criminals in their way. In the near few seconds that passed, the tall figure and his friend still pressed on shooting and carving their way through the inmates as if they were butter. All Might and Marcus split off from Moon Knight, bashing and smashing each and every inmate that crossed both of their paths. Moon Knight charged and landed a hard right hook to the jaw of an incoming rioter, the force of the punch instantly cracking his lower jaw. With haste, the Night Protector pulled out both of his truncheons arching both of them into the guts of two other oncoming inmates. Then, Moon Knight quickly raised both batons upwards cracking both criminals on the chin. They fell to the ground in an unconscious pile. 

Taking several quick glances back and forth to analyze his surroundings, Moon Knight rushed through the onslaught of Stormtroopers and prisoners, swatting and striking any and all rioters that got in his way. 

 Hahaha! Bash them! Beat them all! They all deserve the wrath of Khonshu!

Ignoring Khonshu's words, Moon Knight's masked eyes widened then narrowed as he noticed an inmate wielding a large knife coming for the tall figure. The figure was too busy dealing with other criminals to notice. Marc swiftly rushed for the prisoner, dropping to the concrete ground and sliding into the rioter, instantly flipping him off his feet and crashing to the ground. Picking himself up, Moon Knight narrowly dodged the tall figure's greatsword as he turned to face what was behind him. 

"Hold up," Moon Knight said dodging another swing and pulling out his quarterstaff. "We're on the same side, duck, duck!" 

The words quickly registered and the large being ducked under as Moon Knight swiped his staff knocking another criminal to the side. The tall being then stabbed his greatsword into an inmate that had come up behind Moon Knight.

"You got a name?" Moon Knight said his quarterstaff making contact with a bull rushing rioter's nose. 

The tall figure turned to the Silver Avenger bringing a heavy uppercutting swing slicing another charging prisoner.

"I am homin-Ratione." 

"Homin eh?" Marc said kneeing an inmate in the gut. 

"NO, just call me Ratione." He said swinging his blade left to right cutting into three criminals, blood slashed all over him. 

"Ratty! These guys are starting to be a little too much! " Ratione's blue furred friend shouted firing her sniper rifle, the bullet darting out of the gun's barrel piercing clean through a rioter's bald head. 

Ratione slashed down into another inmate and then brought his left hand over his friend pulling her to the side. 

"Give me a moment Janna, I'll come up with something." He said kicking an inmate knocking him back. 

Janna turned to Moon Knight pointing at him with one of her blue furry fingers. 

"You and your guys came flying in, do you guys got sort of plan?"

Moon Knight looked up to her, his arm's tightly holding a rioter's right hand close to his abs then brought his left elbow down breaking the prisoner's arm instantly.

"I do."  

Pressing his communicator Moon Knight radioed in on All Might.  

"All Might I'm going to make it towards you. Do you think you could throw me up in the air?" 

On the other side of the Battlefield, All Might landed several hits to faces of three inmates. He raised a single eyebrow, "How high do you want to go?" 

"High enough to throw a good bit of crescent darts into these goofs," Marc said drop kicking a Rioter and rushing for hulking man. Both of hands gloved fingers reaching into his belt's pouch pulling out as many crescent darts as he could. 

   "Hm... let's say ten feet then." All Might bent low and holding out both hands, "You know... I've always wanted to do this! It's a shame you're not a brawler! I haven't found anyone strong  enough to throw me yet, though, so I'll make do!" 

Moon Knight with blinding speed leaped onto All Mights's hand. 

 "Fastball Special!" He shouted launching Marc ten feet in the air. 

With a mid air flip, Moon Knight crossed his arms before throwing all of the darts. Each and every dart flew spreading out giving the look an eclipse. Every single crescent shaped Dart made its mark cutting into every rioter that surrounded them. Angling his cape Spector softly landed back on the group panting heavily. The battle was over or that's what they all thought, another wave of rioters came rushing out the corner of the street chanting as they charged for them. Moon Knight and the others braced for the next. As they made their prayers knowing that they might not make it out,  a convoy of stormtroopers drove in, gunner turrets mowed down the incoming wave of criminals, the Avenger and everyone else was saved.

Everyone gathered together trying to get as much rest as they could before continuing on. A single trooper, his armor different from the others walked over to the Avengers with Ratione and friend. 

"You Avengers are just in time, we're taking back the prison, we could use you all to protect the convoy as we make it there." The commander side pointing at each and every one of them. 

Ratione shook his head. "Avengers? I am no Avengers." 

"Suuure?" The trooper replied. 









All Might advanced with the others, until he passed by the body of one of the escaped criminals. The corpse, rather. Turning towards the group of stormtroopers he glared, "I don't suppose any of you have weapons with stunning capabilities? Isn't the whole point of taking someone prisoner so you don't have to kill them!" 

The group of storm troopers tensed, even amongst the fighting. "Well?!"

"We were authorized for use of deadly force-"

"Switch to stun, if you have them." All Might ordered. He didn't have any real authority over them, but with the way he bowled over escaped convicts like so many dominoes, they weren't about to piss him off, "And if not- keep to nonlethal shots. You're soldiers! You should have better aim than this!"

"I shot that one." Janna said, the blue furry creature looking a bit annoyed. 

"Then it goes double for you." All Might growled back. 

Moon Knight stepped up and put a hand on All Might's chest. "Look," the tentative leader of the group said, "We don't have time for this. These people are dangerous and need to go down fast."

"We can do that without murdering them." All Might said, "I thought we were professionals here?"

Moon Knight glared up for a moment, before sighing, "...We don't kill if we can avoid it, got it?" he said, turning towards the others. 

"Who put you in charge?" Ratione asked, "I'm not part of your team."

"But we're working together to solve this crisis." Moon Knight said in return, "Which means we actually work together. If that means not going to kill shots, that's what it'll have to mean." his eyes narrowed, "Otherwise, you're just in the way."

Ratione leveled a glare back, before relenting. He had taken orders before, he could do it again.
[Image: Avengers.png][Image: 7ukWEQd.jpg][Image: westside.png]

Marcus sighed a breath of annoyance, grunting “Why did everyone always have to make everything so hard? “ Maybe the “man” was just being too harsh.

He stared at the white stormtroopers and then back at the team and then Moon Knight and muttered a brief “Ok, fine. I can handle no killing.”

He had never seen the being named Ratione though, before.

It lead to a small argument “Do I have to bash some heads together to have people get along?”

He just wanted to get the job done without this happening all the time.

Ratione muttered “Who does this guy think he is?”

Marcus grunted, turning his head a “My name is Marcus, get it right.”

He turned back to the prisoners.as he focused himself on actually forming a path. The prisoners who weren’t already killed kept trying to attack the Avengers but it actually seemed like they kept coming.

This is when Marcus began to clear a path through the prisoners to get everyone to the heart of the problem.

Men in orange jumpsuits, along with various other creatures in all shapes and sizes came out to attack the Avengers.

The terminator already had his gun out and ready to do some damage.

He nodded at moon Knight as he began to bash criminals left and right and knock them out lightly without trouble.

He moved his head down as a prisoner’s fist aimed at the cyborg’s head as Marcus caught it, efficiently knocking the prisoner out. He occasionally used the gun to knock out various species he’d never seen before.
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Don't kill any of them?! Ratione whipped the back hand of his fist around an inmate's guard after shoving the end of their boomstick, which roared with a ferocity that sent chills down his spine. His knuckles collided with their temple, causing the assailant reel back and grab at fresh new pain in their skull. It was not enough to kill the human, but the Novan figured that if their physiology was at all similar to his own, the skull would be where to hit if you wanted to suppress them.

These humans look professional, however. At least as skilled as myself. It wouldn't be the greatest idea to oppose them...

Ratione feigned a forward thrust into another orange-jumpsuit wearing man who threw up his guard with a piece of concrete rubble. Leveraging the greatsword back around, the flat of the blade was whipped around into their skull. The prisoner collapsed, writhing and scratching at their boo-boo.

"I said no killing!" The white-clad warrior shouted at the Furtumin as they leapt into the air, rotating and sending their heels into two other enemies.

"I am not!" Ratione smirked. Doesn't mean I can't beat the everloving shit out of these guys.


Janna was at a loss. She had a rifle, she wanted to use it, but she was not about to pick a fight with the motherfucking Avengers.

The pirate had heard rumors of the vigilante group now officially supported by the Imperial garrision, going around doing hero stuff. She also knew that wherever they went, they left a trail of destruction. Most of the time, it was lower-class desperates like her that had to deal with the mess.

The sniper was not about to let herself be completely useless, however, and turned to the first man to communicate with Ratione, "Yo! Moon guy! How can I help!" She shouted above the cacophony of blasters, firearms, and fists.

The white-caped-crusader turned to ackowledge her position for a second, before motioning at a squad of troopers using a ring of cars as a makeshift foxhole. "Get in there and suppress the inmates! No killing!"

Janna nodded and cursed the Avenger under her breath. Fine, I guess I'll just improvise. The little blue-furred girl slung her rifle, and fist-bumped Ratione's shoulder as he was taking a knee to catch his breath. "I need you to cover me! I'm moving over there!" She pointed a finger at her target.

"I-hooff-will get you there-" Ratione picked over a concrete barrier, scoping out the empty stretch between them and the nest. "-but that entire area is much too open. We will easily get picked off by these ranged weapons you people have."

"That's called no-man's land, Ratty." Janna slapped a fresh magazine into her rifle, bolting the next round. "But I ain't a man, and neither are you."

"But I am male."

The yordle rolled her eyes, and hopped the barrier. The Novan followed, holding his sword upside-down, something that continued to befuddle her.

The second their feet hit the asphalt on the other side, the duo launched themselves forward. Ratione, being taller, got ahead quickly of his friend, and the one inmate that contested them had a pommel shoved into their teeth.

The entire time, Janna had to keep shouting at the Novan to keep his damned head down. Apparently, the idea of having to crouch while sprinting across a battlefield was a foriegn concept.

Above and around them, energy projectiles, lasers, and led whizzed past their faces, their arms, their legs. By some miracle of the Omniverse, none of them connected with their bodies. The yordle figured everyone was concentrated on something other than them.

Leaping over the hood of a mini-van, Janna found herself amongst white-plated legs. Two blaster rifle barrels were shoved into her face, and she threw her hands up, "Whoa whoa whoa!"

"Identify yourself! Are you with the Avengers-ack!" The man on her right choked a little the sword tip now barely poking into his throat. Ratione was sitting on the hood, left leg also extended out into the trooper's rifle on his left. His boot had shoved it up to the sky, away from her. The yordle paused, eyes stuck on him for the briefest of moments, before shaking her head and growling.

"Back off, Ratty! Ya want 'em to kill us?!" The old man held an even glare with the trooper he had gagged, then lowered his blade and drew his leg back. He pushed off the hood, sliding down into the nest. A spark ricocheted where his ass had been a second earlier.

Janna turned back to the troopers, "Do you guys have any spare rifles!"

"Don't you have one?" A female voice came out of the helmet on her left.

"It doesn't have any non-lethal solutions! I'll blow a leg off if I fuckin' graze it softer than a fly's fart!"

"Here!" A third trooper at the other end of the circle tossed a blood covered blaster at her, which she had to catch with both her arms. "My buddy doesn't need it anymore."

Janna paused, and looked down to a motionless suit of white-armor laying at the third trooper's feet. "T-thanks..." The pirate shook her head and straightened her back, "Ratty! Get me up!"

Ratione took a knee, allowing her to scramble up on sit on his shoulders again. "Aight, lemme go tah town on these fools!"

The second the Furtumin stood up straight, Janna flicked on the stun mode and got a bead on some asshole charging their nest with a shotgun. She squeezed the trigger, and the shotgun went off in his hands as he collapsed.
"Our fear is our weapon."

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