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[M] Honeymoon In Hell

Ash fell through the ground level floor of the Casino but did not land in the basement where undoubtedly seedy games of chance or possibly coffins were stacked for those who operated at night and slept during the day. Instead, she tumbled into the Underverse unceremoniously and could be seen falling from the middle of the sky which was a storm of embers and coal black clouds.

At gravity’s mercy and the laws of wind, she rolled limply in the sky. It was hard to tell if she was even conscious, she couldn't’ rightfully tell you. Over and over, and over, her body spun lifelessly at terrifying speeds towards the City of Dis. With what little luck her life-force could call upon, she headed straight down a neatly lined alley between two black iron buildings whose gargoyle could be alive or merely stone and whose spires just begged for her blood.  Her souvenir, the Ultramarine’s sword that still impaled her, clipped the edge of one of these two buildings and a screech of metal on stone was heard while a burst of sparks flung in her wake.

This projected her to the next building where she managed to half roll until the handle of the blade caught a stray nick in the wall. The sound was muffled by her still warm body, but the blade reverberated like a tuning fork and sent pleasurable pain through her pierced guts. If she was not awake before, she was now as she moaned out. A second later she was knocked against the other wall in her continuous descent.

As she fell into the opposite wall again, she could feel her skin ripping at her legs and sides, her head slamming into the wall just the same, bruises being left on her body, and blood left on the walls as gravity roughed her up mercilessly while she slowed her down. Until at last, she had nothing left to crash into but what was at the bottom of this neatly lined-up alley. All who could hear it would hear the body crash into a cluster of metallic barrel-shaped cans.

The Storm Demon screamed out in gut-wrenching pain, landing face down on these and shoving the blade back inside of her once more. A slick sound of fresh blood splattering against cobblestones was heard next as she gasped with a mixture of pain and desperation. Ash moved her hand to pick herself up off the sword, only to the cotton arm-warmer to do nothing to save her hand from slipping out from under her and the whole demoness falling off the pile and onto her side in the compact alley.

Eyes wide open, but looking just as blind, as well as her mouth. Her chest heaved and her stomach clenched around the razor-sharp metal that stuck out from her back as she struggled to breathe. Her lungs expanded just fine, but every beat her heart made sent signals that even alarmed her. She imagined one of those machines in a hospital, a heart monitor, its blank black screen being interrupted by a bright green line to show you the shape of your heartbeat. She imagined the line’s sharp spikes looking vastly different to what they are supposed to be due to the bullet in her heart.

She couldn’t decide what she should take care of first as she choked on her own blood.

Ash thought about what she’d seen through the weakening blinding white walls that held her captive, more importantly, what a weakening isoverse had almost meant. She must have been so close to victory that the contraption was ready to even name her the winner. Or perhaps it saw her desperation as the final nail in her coffin and was giving her one more look at the man she had been aiming for this whole time. What little it mattered as she had plenty of videos stored in her Comm for anything she needed a visual for. Other than to mock her, which she didn’t think inanimate objects could do reasonably or well.

By this time she’s gotten off her good arm and was sitting up as straight as she could with a massive blade piercing her fragile body. It reached up to her chest, and her fingers slid into the bloody hole in her chest. Cobalt blue liquid spilled out freely as she dug around her own chest for the bullet, which constricted and convulsed around her invading fingers. The left her writhing and biting into her lip ring. Ash felt no reason to not keep digging though, either she died within her chest or she died pulling it out.

Finding it was the hardest part, at least the biggest part of what was left of the huge bullet. She slid it out with the most care she could manage with blood covered fingers. Only at the end did she almost lose it to the tensed muscles in her chest, managing to keep it from retreating with her nails. Free of her chest, she flung the twisted metallic cylinder into the streets beyond the mouth of the alley before coughing violently and leaving ink blue droplets on her fist.

Her good arm fell to her lap as she breathed a bit easier without a bullet disrupting her heart. She willed the spare Omnilium to work that part of her body if it actually did anything she couldn’t tell.

The sword remained.

As she stared at it, her vision blurred and then returned to normal. She shouldn’t be surprised, the twisted blade created almost a waterfall of her blood to spill from the upper abdomen down her back and belly, soak through her skirt’s waistband, and then form a puddle in the cracks of the cobblestone that was firmly pressed into her crotch as she sat with her legs spread apart for balance and stability.

She took a few more heavy breaths before grabbing the hilt of the blade and with all the strength she had for this kind of effort, she pushed. Every inch of the longsword was felt in her weakened state, but Ash hissed. With no one to tease, it was hard to get all worked up over pain.

It clattered to the ground, blood still staining the sides which had runes that spoke something important. Her fingers were stained with the ink that was her blood as she inspected them. She was shaking…

The Storm Demon decided that resting in the alley, no matter where in the Omniverse you were, was probably a bad idea and picked herself up on weak legs. Her blood deprived muscles shook under even her light weight so that she didn’t feel comfortable without a wall to hold… Good thing she had two. She heard the sword rattling against the cobblestones as she picked it up, then dragging it like a doll behind her she followed the wall. The handcuff bracelet remained on her left hand, blood has already poured down the creases of her arm and she left a blue handprint on the wall she used for support. Two, three... When she reached the mouth of the alley she was already out of breath but leaned poorly on the wall as she tried to take in her surroundings.

She had guessed they had just punched her into the next Tier of Coruscant, but this looked nothing like T6... It looked far more demonic and put together than anything a bunch of thugs and low-lives could piece together.

Her eyes dropped, strained to see beyond her tired view... She tried to steady herself, and before she knew it her eyes were closed and the whole world was spinning. Either the floor under her feet shifted, or she moved side to side on her own, but the loss of blood was gradually getting to her. She tried to say something, even she didn’t know what it was though. It came out as a grunting squeak, and then her mind went dark.

Ash falls into the streets of Dis, the sword clattering beside her but remained in her reach. The Storm Demon remains motionless, not even a flicker from her tail…

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[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

Desman wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, he had been to ‘hell’ and back multiple times before, each time was different, unique in it’s own way. Sometimes the place would be like the standard depiction, completely red with flames and lava everywhere, other times it was the complete opposite, and on rare occasions it was something straight out of the mind of a madman. But this? Well this was fairly… normal. Sure there was one or two oddly shaped buildings, but that’s bound to happen in any city.

“Seriously, you expect me to pay 500 credits for this!” The human heared as he got closer to the end of the alleyway, curious and cautious he backed himself up to the wall and peeked his head out the corner. There he saw two beings, the first was slightly facing away so he couldn’t see their face, but they were wearing a lime green cloak that went all the way down to the floor, next to him a man of cracked and hard lemon yellow skin, short orange spikes protruding from his head and an outfit like something out of a weird JPG and children's movie crossover.

“Look, Hāmez, buddy! Your one of my best customers.” The Cloaked figure said, it was weird how clear Desman could hear them. “This is the best deal I ever made you, you would be an idiot to refuse it.”

“That’s the problem Rick, you deals are always bad.” The voice of Hāmez was deep and gritty, a complete opposite to the happy-go-lucky attitude of this salesman ‘Rick’. “People like you are the reason the Gladiatorial Games are becoming a dying sport, and I’m here to fix that.”

“W-what are you gonna-” The Lime green robe couldn’t even finish his own sentence when the Yellow demon stabbed them in the chest, or, at least where the chest should’ve been, but there was no blood, no fleshly ends at the end of the blade, the cloak just, fell.

“And I’ll be taking your human with me as well, thank you for your business.” Desman’s eyes grew in shock as the demon said this; he knew he had to make sure nobody saw jim as human.

Backing away slowly, the red haired man made his way away a corner and then, once he knew he was alone, sat down to concentrate. It was actually quite easy with the pitch silence that seemed to follow him everywhere in this place, not even the sounds of birds or crickets. Grasping his hand tightly to a fist, he thought about what he wanted, it wasn’t much, but hopefully it would be would be enough to help evade detection. Opening his eyes, the man’s face soon turned into a frown. ‘Ash…’

Desman sighed as he looked at the bruise colored face paint and remembered the reason he came here in the first place, also realizing how unrealistic the mission was. This place was a gigantic maze and he hadn’t even left the alleyways yet, it would be impossible to find a siguler person in it. ‘No, you can’t think like that. She’s your friend, you will find her no matter what. You have to! Even if it is extremely improbable…’

Instead of continuing his depressing thoughts, the human decided to continue on with his, admittedly not so great, plan instead. Moving the brush in his hands up to his eyes and closing them, he made a long stroke across his face. Tieing his hair back, he also wrapped the scarf around his head, leaving only his amber eyes and now blue skin visible; It was time to find Ash.

...Which turned out to be as hard as Des originally thought. A week, or at what least felt like one, had passed and there was still no sign of his companion, the only thing the guy could seem to find where sharp objects and trouble in the form of people being a bit to curious about him, one even tried to grab his scarf off him. Luckily he was able to make it seem like it was part of his body, but not even he knew how he managed pulled that one off.

As Des turned another corner, sweat dripped down his face, smearing the latest coat of face paint that had been put on. He didn’t know whether it was forming because anxiety, heat, or exhaustion, but at this point it didn’t matter, he needed a rest, but more importantly he needed to find… *crunch*

Desman gave a slight jump as he heard and got startled by the noise. ‘What was that?’ he thought to himself as he mentally debated with himself wether to find out or leave it be, eventually deciding upon the former. ‘I hope I know what I’m doing.’

Moving closer up to where the alleyway split off next, the human could start making out voices, probably those of the same people that made the sound from earlier.

"What's this?" A masculine voice growled, which turned into a slight purr. It sounded almost kitten-like. "Ohhh... What do we have here." The inflictions of his voice, while demonic still in nature as almost everyone had down here it would seem, were just enough to get the hidden human curious to look over. From the corner he could just see higher on the hill he was apparently climbing - perhaps that was why he was sweating so terribly - a figure on the ground and creature hovering over it.

He had to wipe his eyes to see clearly, smearing the layers of bruised-color paint onto his hands for the uncountable time. When his fist came back to his side he could see a spin covered creature, his body lean and scrawny without being any less intimidating than his companion. He had long everything, long horns, long nails, long tail, long spines, long wings. He was the color of mold, dandelion yellow, moss green, and sometimes black.

His friend was almost all the opposites. He stood low to the ground, fleshy, dark purplish-black skin. Blank white eyes, a thick beard that looked like it's been caught on fire once at least. He was snarling at the man's lustful purr when he also saw the figure. He stopped himself to look the woman over. "A lass, dat is. One I'd like to-"

"Shh!" The spine demon stopped him. Then as if he heard Desman breathing looked in his direction.

If he saw the scarfed man peeking in he didn't show it, then the spines rattled as he looked the other way, moving a bit to look down another alley. Desman took this moment to check out what they were inspecting, his heart dropped as fast as his jaw did. Her near-naked¶ form - her naked form too actually - would forever be burned into his memory. He would recognize that woman anywhere. He could feel his heart begin to race and his breath turned ragged as he realized by some miracle he'd found her.

The spine demon came back. "Help me take her in there." He leaned down as he explained while nodding towards the alley behind his companion, already grabbing for Ash's upper body. "Do it quietly, and we can share the spoils." He hissed, but with a tone that implied enough for even Desman to understand their dark intentions.

If he was hoping the dark-skinned man would object for moral purposes, Desman would be reminded how little those meant anywhere and even less here. The gruff man grew a wicked grin and hooked the hammer he carried onto his side and reached down for Ash's legs.

Before they could get much further than that, the human in disguise was already running into action. He was without a plan, but he couldn't stand by and watch what was about to happen. He was a hero, dammit! And he was far too attached to that woman to allow her to be violated so casually by these heathens! Without thinking about it, the not-so-red-or-little man snatched up the sword that laid on the ground still and formed the Energy Cutlass in his free hand and attacked.

The stout man was easily surprised by this and released the woman's legs to quickly backpedal into the alley for safety, but the spine demon was more of a defender type. The real blade bounced off his spines, making the mold-colored face real back with a snarl of anger before the energy blade came across his twisted face. Smoke rose from the bridge of the demon's nose before he dropped Ash's body and grabbed his face, revealing back as he cried out in pain.

Desman was a hero, but he wasn't stupid. He dropped his cutlass and before it could turn back into pure light, he had Ash's bloody and limp body thrown messily over his shoulder and was booking it the opposite way that he came. She weighs about as much as the sword in his hand, but it was the crisp silver blade that felt the heaviest to him. Later it would be revealed as the thing that lead to her defeat, maybe that's why it was so heavy in his hand. Or maybe it was simply because he's been fighting with a superior energy weapon so long.


Ash's dreams have been but a blank darkness, at first even she thought she was dead. But slowly her conscious became conscious, still, she had no motivation to wake up just yet. She's been at this for a long while... And she hasn't had any sleep... Sure she's had a dirt nap or a nap in general. Not a stay in bed all night and morning because you've earned it sleep.

The sound of metal scraping against stone brought images of her descent to come back to her, the swirling black and red, and dark grey, the scorching pain, the humming in her chest as the sword clanged across the walls she bounced off. She thought strongly of taking the blade in her hand and faintly grabbed for the ultramarines sword that should be at her side, a weak twitch of her fingers.

The next thing Ash knew, she was being lifted into the air and onto something's strong shoulders. She felt a warm supportive hand run up the back of her shirt along her spine, it would quickly meet crusty dried demonic blood but find no hole through her body like there had been last time she was awake. It would find her warmth has returned to what has been a very cold body like some deity had spared her life after such a brutal beating. She could feel her body jerking with each step that the creature made, her stomach still tender from the large hole in it and her head pounded with each footstep.

There is a moment when you are aware, but not awake. Awake.. But unaware. Somewhere between there stood a woman with the wind in her hair.

Ash's tail was the first thing to move, it always was. It was the lightest part of her body and it moved effortlessly. It was her eyes that opened next, even if she looked blind she could see the ground whipping past her at an alarming but comforting speed. She could see a pair of long legs, however, they weren't her's. Not nearly as shapely or as revealing- first of all. She could see her long black hair bouncing in her vision that explained she was semi-upside down. That explained the headache.

All at once her strength returned to her, and she let the hands that hung from their sockets grab the man's - admittedly - impressive chest over his multiple layers, and lift herself up to face the person who was obviously kidnapping her. "Hey, there big guy~!" She purred, in about the same way the spine demon did. "Why don't you fuck off?" She suggested. Her voice drastically and very different from before. She then raised her hand into a fist and aimed an electric filled punch for his face.

Desman was shocked, both literally and figuratively, by the sudden pain that swept across his face. In the next instant, his hand left her body to cup his face where her fist had landed. “Seriously, what was that for!” He said from behind his fingers - and scarf - trying not to sound in pain but backing away from the woman he'd just saved. Like a cat, she had landed on her feet and looked as if she were about to pounce. Her sited on him. He felt cornered like he had no choice but to defend himself, so he lifted his hand, black lightning coursing across the smudgy hand.

Anyone could tell Ash was unimpressed by the look on her face alone. If that was his end goal, it wasn't translated very well. If he thought he could defeat her with her own moves, he was either so mad with his self-image, or this mystery man was so new to this he has copied her move without thinking. A wicked grin graced her mouth as she resummoned the quill, twirling it in her fingers like it was a switchblade trick. It landed in her hand, as ready as she was to kick his ass. She stared back into his amber eyes, but something inside her mind associated those golden irises with something else. Even if it is unclear what.

Desman watched her, trying to think of a way to explain the situation clearly. He waited until he thought she looked distracted to pounce, but apparently not distracted enough. His hand shot forward, but she was already reading his moves and brought the blade deep into his side. Unintentionally his hand found her breast. Both let out a cry - he was of pain, her's was of pleasure - before both were pushed away from each other. He stumbled back into yet another protruding spire from the wall, which immediately hooks into the shirt he was wearing, her dagger sticking out of his other side. The strangest sucking sensation could be felt, but he was distracted by his shirt being caught.

It wasn't Ash's style to just let a guy get away with man-handling her. Just ask her boss or multiple people who have tried, call up Detective Grayson he'll tell you. She could have walked away at that point, but there was a bit of a problem. Not only did this bastard have her dagger, but her souvenir as well. Rushing in she jumped off some discarded box and then off the wall to jump on his back, only to be caught off guard by the unusually blindingly white flesh of his chest as the shirt turned to shreds just as she jumps. Her force against the wall was more than she intended and needed, but her reflex was to cover her eyes and hope the blow lands. The man narrowing dodges this attack and grabs her by the ankle.

She ragdolls in Desman's grip, never hitting the ground because of his height but ends up swinging uselessly into place. Her skirt, already too short to hide anything, falls open to reveal her bright pink panties she'd put on without his knowledge. Desman had no intention of staring, but his bluish-purple smearing makes way for the bright red of his blushing face. She looked up at this, even as he strained to keep from dropping her with a blade in his side. She was prepared to kick him in the head now but stopped upon closer inspection of his well-defined body. Her hand reached 'down' to stroke the bloody ab her dagger was piercing, then something snapped in her and she reached between his legs and cupped his privates with confidence. He felt her groping his nether-region with the utmost care which lasted longer than a minute before she crossed her arms and twisted her body to face him more seriously. "Desman?"

She managed, just before they were interrupted by an implying that seemed was just resting until it noticed them. It looked on them with curiosity, noting the male had been staring a moment before. Ash glared at it and Desman stared at the thing until it became apparently uncomfortable with what was happening and nervously skittered off.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]

Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

With the watcher gone, Ash turned back to the man who was holding her aloft. “What are you doing here, Desman?” She asked, then spotted her dagger. She grabbed the handle firmly and placed her hand around the blade. Before he could stop her, she freed it.

“I sorta came here to-” He grunted as she yanked the dagger out. He would have cried out louder if he wasn’t aware of the dangers around them. He let out a pained sigh. “..To help you out.”

“Well, that was silly of you..” With the anchor point in his body released, she swings back into her dangling position, casually having a conversation while she was upside down made it clear she was comfortable in this position - about as comfortable as if she were standing upright and in front of him. Her tail wrapped around his wrist but didn’t really provide any support. She used her core muscles to adjust so she could look him in the face, using the surprisingly clean knife as a tool for the conversation now, waving it about as she would her hand. “I’m not in any danger that I can’t handle.”  She thought she proved that well with their little scrap.

Staring down at her skeptically, he raised a question: “Why do you think I was carrying your half-conscious body around for?”

The pierced brow on one side, the one with three rings, rose at his sass. She kind of liked it though. Outwardly, she was as neutral to him as ever. “Well given how we just respawn after death, I don’t really see what the big deal is about.” She retorted.

“They… They weren’t trying to kill you…”

Ash looked unafraid, unfazed. “Who? The Marine? I’m pretty sure he was. He shot and stabbed me after all.”

He became more aware of the dried blood all over her arm, back, stomach, and soaked through her skirt. “To be honest I didn’t even know who the fuck sent you down here. I was referring to the pair of demons that were trying to kidnap and..” Desman gulped as he didn’t really want to think about it. “R-Rape you.”

The demoness whose ankle he still held in his hand quirked her head at this. It was nothing what he expected, surely. Rape was a serious accusation, and the topic generally made females squeamish and nervous, disgusted even. However, if he knew anything about this woman right here, it was that she wasn’t like normal females. “Were they at least attractive?”

At that point, something clattered to the ground from on high. Or maybe it was just in his head as she didn’t even flinch.

“Did you hear that?” The taller man asked, more than willing to change the subject at this point.

Ash looked around as if trying to figure out if he was crazy or just didn’t want to talk about it. “I mean, we are- Correction. You are standing in the middle of a street, holding a demon by the toe. We probably are a sight to see on our own.” Was her impassiveness endearing or frustrating? “Maybe it’s the two demons you were talking about.” She didn’t sound like she believed his story.

“True... But in a place like this... “ Desman’s mind flashed back to the number of vile and disgusting creatures that he’s seen in the past week alone. “...It probably wouldn’t hurt to be careful.”

The ‘place’ hadn’t escaped her observation skills. It looked like a place of nightmares, or your stereotypical nightmare with the twisted dangerous buildings and the crimson sky. She kind of liked it actually. “I don’t even know where this place is. I thought I already saw the lowest tier in Coruscant.”

“We’re... We’re not in Coruscant. This is someplace called the Underverse, from what little pieces of information I could get from Jak and my own experiences, this place basically seems to be the Omniverse’s ‘hell’.”

Again, if he expected her to react in a specific way, it wasn’t the way she was going to react. She twisted to look at him, as if she would be shocked but brought instead a smile on her face. “You think we will get to see Diablo then?” She said cheerily. The Underverse had been something she was studying in that tiny dust filled library with Jaixe, and now that she remembered that it clicked what the marine had done to her. She’d been banished!

“Di-ablo?” Desman was starting to regret not getting more details before he banished himself here.

“Yeah. Master of chaos, reason why the underverse even exists?” Ash informed, badly. “They say he rules this land and waits until he can rise again to terrorize the rest of the verses.” She casually said, letting her core rest by dangling in his grip. “I did some digging in a library with a ‘colleague’. I’d have to find it all again.”

There was another sound, like wings beating above them. If he looked up, he wouldn’t see anything, but he’d get the strangest feeling of being watched. Desman was starting to get a real dislike for this place, it had been gnawing at the back of his mind for a while. All this stuff happening all at once has finally put this place on the ‘never return’ list. “Are you sure we shouldn’t be at least a little bit on guard?”

“Hm?” Ash looks back up at him, tightening her core to do so. “I mean.. It is hell. If we were in any real life-threatening danger I’d notice.” She released her core, feeling like she was doing upside down crunches which were actually exhausting with the pain in her stomach. She relented to the struggle. “That said... You are the one that’s standing in the middle of the road.”

It was at this point that they heard something large landing on a nearby gate, the iron groaning at its weight. Desman stiffened and looked down at his captive as if she’d be able to tell him how much shit they were in. “Here is where you’ve gone.” Hissed the spine demon from behind the human. “I was afraid we’d lost you…” He chuckled.

Before Desman could ask about the meaning of ‘we’ the stout man with charcoal skin walked into his view and carrying a set of chains. “Da slava’s will know what to do wit’ da two of 'em.” His voice was heavy and thick, and menacing. But also gleeful. The human male swallowed so hard all three demons could hear him. Luckily for him, Ash has yet to look her quickness in thoughts or how convincing her lies can be.

“Slavers!?” Ash sounded confused, and mildly outraged. She turned like it was the most natural thing to still be upside down. Her longer black hair almost touched the ground. She pointed her blade at the dwarf looking thing with chains. “I will have you know that this man is my bitch and I will not have you shit-stains karting him off like some mutt off the street.” It was about the nicest thing he might ever hear her say about him.

Desman, despite being shocked and a little annoyed, kept his mouth closed, hoping she knew what she was doing.

“Yours, you say?” The spine demon hissed in disbelief.

The hanging demoness turned to face the other one as best she could without her control. She puffed out her chest to look bigger than she was. “Mine!” She commanded. “Why else would he have the balls to hold me like this?”

“Seems a bit informal, says I.” The stout one adds, pointing out the obvious wrongness.

She swung towards him again. “Do I fucking tell you how to fucking handle your humans? Piss off!!”

The spine-covered creature comes closer, to talk to the storm demon. “If he really is your property, then prove it. Where is his mark of servitude?”

“Of for fuck’s sake!” She lifted herself with some support from his arm this time to grab the scarf and pull on it to show off his bluish-purple markings on his face, smeared in places and running in others because of the sweat. “Where, honestly! It’s right on his face!” She made a show that she was insulted. “What about you? Who do you fucking belong to? Can’t be anyone important or else you’d have more manners! I should march right to them and tell them to whip you for 40 nights straight!”

“Who did ya hear from dat we be slaves, lass?” The shorter one said, but it was a test, unbeknownst to Ash. Their mark was on their back. That didn’t stop her from bullshitting.

“If you aren’t a couple of undisciplined disrespectful pieces of dog shi-.”

“Tell us, lass. If yer so high up on da food chain, what were you doing face down in da gutter?” The thick accent accused her.

Ash hesitated but held his stare so it just seemed like she was really pissed off that he would imply anything negative. Her mind worked hard to come up with an excuse. She turned to her ‘slave’. “These the two fuck heads who were going to ‘rape’ me?” She asked, looking for extra time. She pointed her blade at the lankier of the two. “Whip it out big man, better have fucking spines, too.”

He was taken aback, looked over at his dark-skinned companion who didn't believe his ears either.

Ash looked over. “Then you are the alpha male? What of it? You just want to get laid, yeah? We can make this quick, I’ll take you both right in there.” She hiked her thumb towards a random alley. “In and out. My slave will watch for anyone coming.” She then paused when the stout man looked at Desman. “What? You want him to join?” She pointed the dagger at him this time. “I’m free but he’ll cost you. His goods are too good to waste on the likes of you.”

Desman turned as red as he used to be, only it's his face and not his whole body but.

They both looked at each other, at the same time the two demonic citizens of the Underverse nodded and said one word. “Succubus.”

Ash rolled her eyes. It's almost like no one knew how to just enjoy life. Like a woman who enjoyed sex was either a whore or a slut, and if she looked a little bit demonic she was automatically a mythical creature that fed on semen… She withheld the frustrated sigh. She felt as though the two were convinced she belonged here.

“How much for the boy.” The spine demon growled from his throat.

Ash had no way of knowing how people of the Underverse bartered, what their money looked like, or how much was just too much for them. As entertaining as it sounded, The Storm Demon did not actually want them to fuck Desman. “Fifteen,” she said, letting them fill in the blanks.

“Fifteen what?” The spine demon seemed curious.

But to her displeasure, they did not fill her in on with anything. She glanced at Desman who was at a loss for what to say. Perhaps he was shocked that she was negotiating a price. “Fifteen million Nuyen,” She said, the only money she knew. She was hoping it sounded exotic enough to impress them into asking her how much that was in their currency.

Instead, it damned them both.

The bony demon grabbed the adult human male with such force and swiftness that Desman barely had the opportunity to think. He dropped Ash without a chance to fix his mistake, as well as her blade. She fell into the arms of the shorter demons, her blade free of her hand. While he struggled against the thing behind him who has put him in a head and shoulder lock, Ash jams the heel of her hand into the bearded dwarven jaw. The short humanoid grunts before headbutting Ash with such force her ebony horns bend to the man’s will and add a sharp force to his attack. She cried out in pain, which did not end in its usual moan. Then she was dropped casually onto the cobblestones where his heavy foot kicked and kicked and kicked some more. Her ribs burned and her head spun.

“Ash!” Desman cried out, his fight getting desperate and looked more like a struggle to help her. The man who’d kicked the fight out of the demoness came over and gave Desman a solid punch in the gut. He felt himself try to hurl but managed to swallow it down before tears welled up in his face. He glanced over with amber eyes at the stone colored man, who just bunched him as hard as he could along the jaw. The crack of knuckles against jaw could be heard, and the spine demon let out an ‘oooo’. Desman’s felt dizzy and heard the high pitched ringing in his ears, but it did so little to keep him from blacking out.

“Should we finish what we started?” The spine demon nodded at the woman on the ground who was still conscious.

“Nah. I think she a bit too eager for my taste.” He said, setting the chains in place on the guy’s neck, wrists, ankles, and waist. “Have at da lass if you want. I’ll keep Jr. here on his leash.”

The mold colored figure eyed the demoness who was rolling weakly against the stone like he really wanted to. Feeling like he’d be judged otherwise he snarled. “Nah. I’ll pass. Pick her up, let’s see what Maffucci will give us.” He instructed, then lugged the man over his shoulders.

Maffucci was a man of length but no substance. He looked like a jelly bean on a pair of toothpicks sporting a top hat, high collared cape, spats, waving a polished top-brass cane that was far too small for him, and the tiniest glasses that covered his even tinier eyes. Horns poked out of his head and supported the pristine hat, tusks protruded from his large lower lip, and whose gender was defined simply by the bow tie that anchored the cape around his neck, and his very masculine voice. Other than the accessories of a gentleman, he was naked and covered in smooth green skin.

Ash was forced down on her knees in front of him, her head still spinning and ached horribly. She has been bound by the second pair of enslavement chains and a sickly yellow color could already be seen throughout her already bruised colored face. She glared up at him defiantly, her hair now a messy black halo around her face, strands even falling over the rim of her horns. She looked like a disheveled mess.

“Trashy..” Top Hat said, smugly. She spat a blue dyed luggie at his spats. “Does she bite, too?”

“Only if you are into that.” Ash sneered.

“Charming.” Top Hat replied, then brought his cane up under her jaw to take a quick look at her. “Are we returning a slave?” He asked, but it wasn’t for her.

“No sir found these two on the streets. Think they were freshly banished. Be a shame to not put them in their place.” The mold colored demon spoke, dropping Desman on the road next to Ash. The human grunted and looked past his lashes to see Ash, with her safety, confirmed he let himself slip back into the darkness. “Bet she’s a Prime, he may be her secondary.”

“Prime?” Top Hat sounded interested now, but if that was for show or the slip of the tongue it was hard to tell. He stared at her for what was a really long time, the two of them understood each other a bit more at that point. He removed his cane from her jaw to tuck it under his elbow and then he snapped his clawed fingers. A hulking beastly man with eight muscular arms stepped up, he was all muscles and white fur. He looked like he lacked a mouth, but his eyes were black and featureless.

He also lacked compassion and care as he picked her up with ease, stripped her of the chains and then put her in a gold set of cuffs on her that glowed when they closed. Ash - who was used to a constant flow of magic inside of her - felt the cuffs binding her spirit as well as body. She didn’t like the feeling. “Special cuffs for Primes?” She asked, curiously.

“Perceptive.” Top Hat said, then nodded for the big guy to grab her ‘secondary’. “Those only glow when they are on a Prime.” He explained, then clapped his hands for another servant of his to appear in front of the two demons. She was small and mousy, she didn’t look up as she presented a trey. It had on it enough gold to make them forget about everything. “Don’t spend it all in one place, boys.” He mocked them, they took it and left in a hurry. He then turned to his property. “Put her and the guy in the same box. Take these weapons too, in case we have a couple of fighters.”

And he did. In a cloth covered wagon, which was partially uncovered, stacked several cages of different sizes and shapes. One of the bigger ones was open and the unconscious man was tossed in first, then Ash was thrown like a child into it too. She landed on Desman with a grunt, but before she could do anything to retaliate, he almost shut the door on her tail. She glared at him, but the monster walked away without a word.

Ash stared until she couldn’t see him anymore, and then let her head roll back, exhausted and mentally drained. She felt Desman adjust, naturally or subconsciously he rolled to support her and lifted his heavy arm to wrap around her waist. She glanced over, but his eyes were closed. She sighed, rolled over to stay in his grip, but folded her arms onto his shoulders and laid her head down.

Just a moment for rest…

Hours later, Desman woke up to the rattling of wood and metal. He would reach up to rub his eyes, but something heavy and warm stopped him. The human male looked over to find Ash slumped over him with her sleeping face not much further than his shoulder. He found his arms hooked around her, holding her gently like a couple of lovers might do, like he didn’t want her to leave his side at all. This brought heat to his embarrassed face, but he could not unravel from her as easily as he presumed he could.

He instead tried to shake her gently awake, giving her a squeeze here and a nudge there. She must have been terribly tired because she did not stir until he applied a little more force. “Ash.” He urged quietly, “Ash, wake up.”

Ash could hear him but desperately wanted to sleep a little longer. Since it was Desman, she felt she could do just about anything. She let her weight slide across his topless body until they were mostly skin against skin from the lack of clothing, looping her cuffed hands over his head. If she didn’t have her eyes closed she might look like she was trying to dance with him. Her legs entangle themselves with his, keeping the space between them as non-existing as possible. She laid her head down on her own arm, but she was close enough to kiss.

“Ash..” He tried to argue, looking down at her slightly turned face, his own on fire as he looked down at her lips unintentionally. He thoughtlessly thought about kissing her before coming back to his senses. He reached up and touched his chained hand against her exposed rib-cage, his heartbeat racing a mile a minute even before he realized how intimate this could be seen. Giving her a little nudge he tried to rouse her again. “Ash... Wake up.”

She groaned, a little louder than maybe she intended, and tried to cling to sleep a while longer. Then she felt his hand and relented. “What..?” She asked, still with her eyes closed, unaware that he was staring at her darker blueish-purple lips.

“What’s happened?” He dove right into it, hoping to keep her awake with his questions. “Where are we?” Then he thought about the demons, and the deals she was trying to make. “They... They didn’t hurt you, did they?” Referring to the demons.

It took her a long time to reply, so long that Desman wondered if she’d fallen asleep again. “We’ve been sold into slavery..” She mumbled, cupping her hand across the back of his skull and petting his crimson-colored hair absentmindedly. “They know I am a prime, but they think you are a secondary of mine. At least the two that sold us to Top Hat did. Top Hat might have us figured out.” Her tail flicked lazily. “I don’t think I could imagine up someone that was so attractive but still such a dork.” She added but made no effort to apologize for being so blunt.

Honestly, he liked her style of talking most of the time, and the compliment did not go unnoticed. “Who is this ‘Top Hat’?”

“Some green guy wearing a top hat and twirling a cane, he doesn’t matter.” At this, she opened one lid to look at him with the mysterious eyeless blank whites in her skull. “He’s a businessman, the middle guy. He’ll sell us to whoever wants us.”

Desman smiled his sweet and innocent smile, the one that said he had a plan. “Unless we escape.” He said, then tried to untangle himself from her, starting by lifting her arms off his shoulders and finding them bound, she pulled away the rest of her, feeling a little chilly without his body heat to keep her warm. He stopped when he saw the gold glowing cuffs and began to examine them. “We’ll start with these, okay?” He suggested and then began to summon some lock picking tools.

A few moments later she was trying to convince herself to hold still for him. It would have been better if she had just about anything to keep her mind occupied she’d have been a better patient. If he’d just straddle her or something, that would work, too. As it was, she was just laying there with no strength to keep them raised for him to pick it.

When she heard him curse quietly to himself she finally let her arms fall out of her view of him and just gave him a look that made him want to explain himself. “It’s rather hard to do this all bound up myself.” He said sheepishly, then turned the instruments inwardly to try to unlock himself.

She looked as bored as she did while he was working on her’s, then glanced over when she noticed the silence around them. The ambiance of a carriage over cobblestones was still there, but the whispering of the rest of the slaves was cut clear out. She sat up from her sitting position to glance over at her right. Apparently, her mere appearance has startled many of the slaves, including a rose-colored harpy girl. This didn’t faze Ash because this was the reaction she was most used to when appearing to people outside her dance club.

The harpy girl looked pale, but that might have just been the shade her feathers were naturally. She fell back in her fight and hugged her chest with fear. Ash wondered what she would even be good for as a slave, and had they known that was her thoughts they might have been more afraid of her.

“Can you hold this one?” Desman requested, pointing with his nose which one he meant. She sighed and turned to help, doubting he could really accomplish what he’s claimed was possible since he hasn’t yet done it. “Just hold it still right there.” He instructed, then began to fiddle with his half.

Ash watched, painfully aware of his error but unable to decide if she’d rather him find it himself or to tell him. After the fifth try she finally grabbed his instrument and with def hands she had him unchained within moments. He was thankful but amazed, then she handed them to him. He dumbly offered to take care of her cuffs, but she declined. “Get the door, we can undo these later.”

He nodded and then tried to get around her to the door. They unintentionally mirrored each other a few times before he politely excused himself and then tried to push past her. Had the demoness had anywhere else to go this would be all fine and dandy, but as it was his knee found her tail and she was struck with a pain she couldn’t describe. She jerked with so much force though that he lost his balance and fell onto her, between her legs like the first time he attempted to save her. Only this time it wasn’t a vibration against her crotch she felt, but his very nice hips and pelvic bone. She was distracted from that by his weight on top of her chest, and his hot breath directly on her exposed shoulder.

It was he that reacted firstly, realizing his mistake and his position, the red-faced male lifted himself up off her in a push-up and then stared down at her with a slight panic in his heart. She remained still for a moment, her skirt lifted and showing off where his jeans met her panties and her jacket creeping off her shoulders. Her hair was a bouquet of black roses around her head, and her position suggested he literally threw himself at her. It was embarrassing, yes, but it was far more arousing to the well-developed man and he found it impossible to move at the risk of making the situation firmly worse. She remained motionless as well, except the natural breath that heaved her chest and the silver whistle around her neck into the air.

Silence followed.

“I guess I can’t call you a vibrator anymore…” Ash said, gently breaking the silence with a soft voice that he could hear the moan on the edge of. “Can you reach it, or should we try a different position? I don’t have a karma-sutra on me but we can just use our imagination.”

Desman tensed up, knowing that ‘a karma-sutra’ had to be sexual based off context, but between the distraction of their compromising position and the importance of trying to escape he would have to put it on the list of questions to ask later. Meanwhile, he was having a hard time tearing his eyes away from her underwear in plain view, but he tried hard to act like he was not staring.

When he didn’t respond right away, Ash planted her feet on the floor of the cage to lift her hips up and into his. She knew full well what she was doing, grinning to herself while he suppressed his voice just enough that his surprised moan wouldn’t alert anyone to their actions. He looked helpless as he trained his eyes back on her and not her panty-clad hips. “If they aren’t to your liking, Desman, I can summon up a sexier pair later.” She teased, still rubbing up against him. “But for now, maybe you should focus on the door?” She added, knowing she was more distracting now.

His face could compete with his hair for the brightest color. He swallowed the lump that’s formed in his throat and pushes himself forward despite the position so that he could reach the outer lock with only a bit difficulty. Ash stopped grinding into him so that he could work, but her cuffed hands come up to his chest and feel him up shamelessly while he did.

Or attempted to.

The Harpy has been watching them like a … well, a hawk. The rose-colored feathers were a bit on end now, bristled to the point of looking part chicken instead of whatever pink bird she was. When he reached out she began to panic and started to squawk at him. Desman was confused and tried to hush her, but as much as he tried she wouldn’t relent. Ash spurred him to just get the door open before they were found, and he followed. At this, she began to claw at his hands with her taloned feet. She’d dig them in and flap her wings to try to inflict more damage. The next few minutes were a mixture of razor-sharp talons, a struggle to unlock the cage, squawking, fighting her off which jerked his whole body, and under him some short excited noises from the sex demon who was not complaining one bit about the other Prime molesting her in the form of them grinding against each other.

No one noticed the wagon coming to a complete stop, or the shadow of Top Hat coming closer, grabbing the cloth that covered it, and then ripping it open to reveal the three of them completely in their actions. In fact, the three didn’t outright see him at all for a few moments. Not until he grabbed the harpy with his claws and wrench her away from the bleeding human did Desman look up. He swallowed hard. The green fingers snatch the picking tools and then snap for his eight-armed slave to wrench out the large cage and toss it to the ground haphazardly. If there hadn’t been two layers of clothing stopping them, Ash would have enjoyed the rough treatment all the more.

As it were, the man dropped the cage and yanked her entertainment right out of the cage and then slammed it shut in her face. She watched as the human was spun around in the air and stripped of his tools, the scarf, the scraps of his shirt, and the jacket. When he was down to his pants, which he was probably lucky to keep, a pair of gold cuffs snap into place on his wrists so fast he couldn't even object. A second later, they began to glow.

By this time, Top Hat was done putting the frantic harpy back into her place. He came in close as Des was being shoved back into the cage, “Ah, so he is a Prime as well.” He shook his head and clicked his tongue, looking at Ash as he did. “And you didn’t say a word... Shame on you.”

“Bite me,” Ash responded, not having the energy or the sleep to come up with anything more creative.

Top Hat smirked, he ran the brass handle of his cane across the bars. “Such a pity an attractive thing like you had to be sold, you know if you are a good girl you can come work for me for the rest of eternity. Be a shame to have the gladiator guards break you into pieces.” He purposed, giving her a way out. Best deal she’d ever make.

She Desman had been practically pushed on top of her, but in a less desirable way from before. Now they were just a tangle of the two bodies. She didn’t mind that normally, but it made responding to things like this difficult. She responded by pulling her hands-free and flipping him off with both of them. He didn’t seem offended and it almost felt lazy, but you can only say ‘bite me’ and ‘fuck off’ so many times before it gets boring.

“Very well…” Top Hat sounded a little upset if only because he had hoped she wasn’t the stubborn type. But honestly, he’d prefer submissive and smark slaves. She would be a handful until her mind was mush. He snapped, and the man with the many arms threw them back on the wagon, and they were on their way once more.

In Central Hellscape

“Next.” Zdenka was mostly just one big eyeball. A bright yellow iris with a dark red pupil, a blinking lid, and some tendrils that wiggled under them as if giving their body the ability to hover while at the same time dripping a mystery yellow liquid into the solid oak stool that was below them. On the writing desk in front of Zdenka was a big binder of papers and floating about it were pens, pencils, charcoal, and a single green crayon. They all spun at different speeds, waiting to be used for the book-keeping.

Maffucci - Top Hat - approached and bowed respectfully before twirling his cane at the caged Primes. “I have two Primes I picked up in The City of Dis, they lack any formal training and I can only assume are new to the area, in need of a good home if you will.” He props himself on the writing desk. “They were apparently found with some weapons, and I will provide them, but it implies the two know how to at least fight with blades.” Then he stood up in a very showy manly type. “One adult male human, and one pubescent female… Demoness”

Ash rolled her eyes. “I’m 25, jackass.”

Top Hat sighed and corrected himself. “One adult female demoness.” He turned back to Zdenka. “Who - by the way - is a handful and I recommend sending her straight to the breaking-box.”

“Noted.” The voice sounded like a mixture of both male and female, and neither. It was slow but deliberate which hit the mind first, then the ears. “What kind of weapons?”

“A dagger and a longsword were presented to me with them, who fights with what I am not sure.” Top Hat is quick to reply, promptly and as informative as he can be.

The eyeball looks at the cage, then begins to glow an eerie yellow glow. “She appears to be the rogue type, lots of speed and talent, but hopelessly weak. She specializes in hiding and saving her own skin. Electricity.” The green crayon stopped in flight at random and lowered against the paper, taking notes. “He seems to be no better, but can fight in close range or further away if need be. His specialty is weaponized energy.” The eye’s glow fades. “I’ll give you 3,000 for him, and 300 for the girl.”

“WHAT!?” Came Desman’s voice, perhaps even before he knew what was transpiring. How in the Underverse did he rank so high in the so much higher than Ash? He tried to come up with a calculated reason why they would pay so little for a rogue type over him. He was ignored.

Maffucci paused, he knew better to argue with the demon though.. “If I may... I did have to use the special cuffs.”

“You will get them back, in fact, take them now. They will need the use of their powers where they are going.”

Top Hat frowned a bit but snapped at his pet who reached in and removed the cuffs of the two primes.

“Now.. See here.” Desman said, taking up the floor on his own, surprising several people. He allowed his cuffs to be removed but demanded the attention of the eyeball guy. “I’d like to know just why exactly you price me so much higher than my companion here when she is clearly the more skilled type.” His words were like pebbles in a river and were doing very little, if anything, to stop what was happening around them. Ash was a smidge insulted by this pricing as well but remained silent because it often was more fruitful. She was all about saying unexpecting things at unexpected times, so she felt no reason to stop Desman until both demons were giving him the death glare. She touched his shoulder. When he glanced her way she silently put her finger against her lips. This did very little to stop him. “Non-sense. I demand to kno-mph!”

Ash decided that if he was going to survive she would have to help him, pressing her mouth firmly onto his at a slight angle so that no breath could escape without some force but the sound of his words catching in his throat could be heard still. He had no idea how to react to her, other than kissing her back. His arms wrap around her, his hand supporting her head while he tilts her back just enough for her raven colored hair to fall off her shoulder. So naturally, did he forget what he was saying in the favor of realizing this would be their first kiss since his mysterious transformation - let alone the first physical one he could enjoy this much, the first of maybe many in the Underverse, or the omniverse in general. His other hand slipped past her lower back, touching the curve of her body without being aware of what he was doing.

Maffucci tried to take the opportunity to get a little extra for the demoness based on Desman’s comments, but Zdenka was hard pressed to stay where he was on the price. Before the two knew what was happening, or before they could go any further than the passionate kiss they shared, the two had been purchased proper. A sharp whistle sounded while the green crayon floated back up into place, and a large bird like entity snatched the cage from the ground and lifted it with two beats of its wings. The balance that Desman had while romanticizing the woman he was with faltered and they both fell against the back of the cage while their box rocked in the air. He held her protectively without a second thought as they traveled through a large dark tunnel system.

At the end of the ride they were dropped relatively roughly, but all in all, it left the two just a bit jarred. They had a split second of relief before a large figure rolled them into another room. This one looked like an old amphitheater, rounded and directed towards a stage. Currently, a scrawny satyr was being auctioned off. He bleated in protest, but the horror that stood at the center of the stage continued to ramble off numbers.

This demon stood clear over the majority of people, he was even taller than the tallest figure either Desman or Ash have seen recently - Dust. The horns were a series of small branches sprouting out of the figure’s head. He was mostly humanoid, except his face looked as if it was - at one point - put through a painful burning and melting process. This didn’t stop him from speaking faster than anything Ash could manage. Even with the most jagged and yellowed teeth that made up his misshapen jaw. His thick fingers that end in black crooked claws pointed to each bidder who flagged his or her desires for the satyr.


In the seats were only a handful of people, some even rose to leave thinking they’ve seen everything the new batch of slaves had to offer. A muscular male body with the skull of a goat proportioned for his body stood out the most, his blackened skinned and his height rivaled the speed talker, but he made no bid on the satyr.


In fact, the ones that fought the hardest for the little thing was female. A mostly human looking woman stood proudly and tall in the seats, her hand around her staff made of bones and wood, her outfit bones and leather, and a tail long with a hammer tip that was also spiked. From the stage, one could see her oddly shaped ‘dinosaur’ legs, with ancient, rough, grey, wrinkly ‘skin’. Her breast was modest while still on display, the cloak showing off her exposed cleavage. She cowl of the cloak came over her eyes, and it was implied she was blind but she continued to instruct a lesser figure to keep bidding on the satyr.


Another female looked closely like a cousin to Ash. Her dark black hair hung in a straight cut that reached past her shoulders. She had thick dragon-like horns that sprout straight up like tall rabbit ears, only with a slight curve in the middle of them. Her dark makeup and full lashes made it hard to miss her brilliant violet eyes that stare darkly at the goat man. She was dressing in something lolita and modern, her skin was pale white, only making her dark crimson lips seem darker.


The third female of note was one of pale green skin, moss-colored aura that visibly lingered around her. She wore a headpiece that resembled horns, but not as tall or sharp as the girl in black. She wore less clothing, just a chest piece that covered her tits, and a bikini bottom that matched, fabric creating a thick set of skirts to hide whatever legs she might have. On her arms, she wore gauntlets that resembled claws. If she were not oddly colored and had the same blind looking eyes as many have in this place, she might be seen as a poser.


Another figure of note but was not bidding, was a creature that looked like pure magma but magma that had a defined shape. And that shape was very bug-like.


Lastly was a bored-looking man in the corner where he could keep watching for something - if anything - interesting that came around. He carried a cigar between his thick fingers, smoke drifted up off the lit end while he stared out of dark eyes past the rim of his fedora. A main of curly black hair cascaded over his broad shoulders and tailored suit. His horns went straight up but were angled so his hat was not disturbed or broken. He was dark and attractive, and in the business for fresh slaves since his were blood splatters in the arena.


The satyr was finally won by the woman with the spiked tail and she left, satisfied with her victory. The other females left out of frustration, and all that was left were a handful of spectators. This didn’t stop the auction in the least. A moving shadow almost appeared out of thin air beside the cage that housed the two, he looked in with a giggle, and then reached through the bars and snagged Ash by the throat. His shadow tendrils seeped into her wounds and brought pain with them, which brought a barely suppressed moan and some color to her cheeks. “Come, come. Your turn.” He said, then pulled her out of the cage with some force.

When Desman tried to chase after her he was met with the iron gate against his chest instead. He reached out for her, but only barely grazed her tail before she was being lead on stage. He watched from the side of the stage as his friend was dragged to the center and then tossed down onto a circle that glowed brightly, the spell or whatever magic locking her in the circle. As if she were an actual demoness who was summoned by some wizard.

She stood up and approached the edge of the circle, putting her hand out and finding that there was a wall. It was magic. Old magic, she gave the circle a hefty slam with her fists and then a kick, but found no break in it. She decided to just sit down in the center and wait, no use in spending what she had on a wall.

The shadow handed the auctioneer a scrap of parchment, then skittered off. He was a child-sized shadow, so he escaped rather quickly. Meanwhile, the grotesque figure read the message before placing the piece down and pointing to the new slave. “Ladies and Gents, our next specimen for sale is a young adult female prime. Perfect for battle or personal entertainment, as you can see she is already dressed for either part. Zdenka has set her starting bid for 12,000 gold pieces and would like to inform you that she comes with accessories.” A few reacted to this with jaws dropping, including the man in the fedora who almost lost his cigar. No one expected as much, and no one could ask the questions they desperately wanted. With that, the Auctioneer hits his hammer against the podium and starts the bid.

At first, only one person lifted their hand, then as the time limit began to whittle down, another brushed the air if only to reset the timer. Several people were visibly stunned by the idea of a slave starting out so much, no one knew what to do with it. Eventually, people became hesitant to bid, and when it looked like it she would go to someone who wasn’t really sure they wanted her, [owner man] finally lifted his thick hand while in the shadows. No one but the speedy tongue demon saw him, and a bit of relief was felt through the whole place now that she was someone else’s responsibility.

“Sold!” He announced with another bang on his desk. “13,300 gold pieces.” Then he pointed to his merchandise and the circle flares up before ghostly chains wrap around Ash and bind her once more. When it was safe, another small demon figure comes to fetch her. She struggled with as much energy as she could spare, which wasn’t a lot thanks to the cuffs Top Hat had put her in. She vanished from Desman’s sight entirely. He felt panic rise in his throat once more before he felt the shadow’s hand around his thick neck.

Desman was next, he was dragged up the stage just the same, weakly fighting it before he was thrown into the circle all the same. The child giggled once more and passed the note.

“Next we have another Prime, young adult male. Suggested for Battle, or labor.” The antler demon said, looking up. “We’ll start the bid at 200 gold pieces.” He said, then hit his gavel on the podium. Again the crowd was a bit at a loss for what to do. The hands came up regularly until the bids reached 450 and then it became a waiting game. It was confusing in contrast to the girl before him, primes were excellent for fighting because if they die they just come back to life. You just have to go hunt them down. It would seem a lot of people liked the idea of a prime slave but weren’t dedicated to it. At the last minute, another bid by the hardly seen man was made, and Desman was snatched off the floor for a whole 500 gold pieces. “Sold.” He announced, then hit the hammer down again as if to make it final. Desman was treated the same way as Ash, spectral chains wrap around him as if the spell was binding him to his new master. He struggled as best he could, but under the same weakening effect as the cuffs he found himself.

With a foggy mind, feeling like what he’d assume being drugged would feel like, Desman rolled over and stared at the strobe ceiling he had found himself under. It took a long time for any processable thoughts to come to the human's mind but even that was just complaining. Too wet, too cold, too dusty, too quiet.

It was the last one that got his brain into gear! Why was there no sound? It was because there were no people. No people meant… Des shot up, an internal panic making his heart race as he looked around his imprisonment for any trace of Ash.

That’s when Ash’s stomach had had enough of this sickness feeling, she’d shared his assumed drugged feeling and it was not settling very well. There was some rustling of moldy hay as she rolled over and crawled away from her bed corner and towards the bars at random. She barely stuck her head into the bars before spewing the mostly liquefied contents of her stomach onto the dirty stain covered floors.

The noise in sudden silence alarmed the distressed man, but once he looked over to see the familiar woman curled up and head bent down as she threw up he felt both relief and sadness.

“Ash.” He came to the edge of his cage but even if he reached through the bars he wouldn’t be able to touch her. He wished he could at least hold her hair back for her, it was a mess and covered her face like a classic horror monster from a well. His body sank, physically weak from the relief he had of at least having her near. “Thank goodness, I thought I’d never see you again.”

She hurled again, making it hard to know if his words were even getting through - or if they were even meant for her ears. She gripped the bars gently and groaned the same way anyone would if they’d just hacked up a partially digested meal.

“Don’t worry about that kind of stuff, Des.” She said, reaching up and touching her sweaty forehead. She felt like the first time she’d drank, back when she was only 15 and new to alcohol. She couldn’t see any vomit in her hair, but couldn’t really care right now. She pushed the hair back to reveal the face he’d known for only a few days now. “I have an app that lets me find you.”

“That’s.. Kind of... Creepy.” He said plainly.

“It’s called ‘Vita Compass’. It stores your body’s signature so that I can use it to find you if you ever get lost.” She informed him, rubbing her chin free of the soup that was her vomit. “Or if you get separated from me in the pits of hell. I was using it when we were tracking Jak back in Coruscant. Remember when we had just met?” Has it really only been an about a week?

“Weeks? By my accord, it's only been a few days.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Has it? I haven’t really been paying attention. Someone kept me in his bed for most of it.” Ash smirked, despite the situation she was able to tease him - which he most certainly could tell that she was talking about him.

Desman turned away from her, but she got the sense that he wore the biggest smile in the Underverse at that moment. Optionally he was hiding his face from her to not let her know how red his face could get in this form.

Ash couldn’t help but enjoy his reaction, laughing at it quietly.

He cleared his throat a bit forcefully before turning back to her, apparently regained his composure. “Well, either way, I think it's lucky that we wound up in the same place.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it.” A voice interrupted their conversation, the waft of cigar smoke assaults their noses. Then came the calm and cool steps of a heavy set man. He was shorter than most males, slightly shorter than Desman’s full standing height. On his shoulder was the hilted sword of her Ultramarine boyfriend, in his free hand Red Devil’s Quil. “It’s called strategy, Zdenka knew what he was doing when he priced the girl. He put the cigar in his mouth and puffed at it for a moment, staring at the bruised colored demoness he bought. “Problem is, I don’t think he was trying to psych people out with that, I’m afraid I just spent a shit ton of money on a glorified sex doll.”

Ash had a split second to decide how to react to that. She could play the victim, or play up the sex. She wiped the vomit off the corner of her mouth with her arm and nodded at the blade, throwing the other options out the window. “Give me that dagger and I’ll show you my kind of glory hole.”

The stranger gave a smirk. “There it is, that’s what I paid for. Sass.” He informed, moving over towards her and looking her over. She could just make out the reds over his irises in the blackness that was the rest of his eyes. She felt them run over her briefly, then he did it again, but more slowly this time. “You were recently heavily wounded, he reached in with the hand he held the cigar in and grabbed the lapel of her jacket on the left side. His fat fingers grip it and pull it aside so he can look at her wounds. “Gunshot wounds?” He questioned, but she didn’t answer. “Look like slugs or bigger.” He said to himself thoughtfully, inspecting it a bit more.

He followed the line of her shirt down into her now visible cleavage. His eyes lingered on her chest a bit, then his hand followed. He waited for her to pull away in disgust, but she remained as still as a statue. Except the quick of her head when she realized what he was doing. He slipped his finger into her shirt and pulled it back to look inside her shirt, getting distracted from her modest chest size by the nasty wound right through her heart.

He let the tight shirt snap back into place before he brought the cigar back to his lips and huffed at it in though. “I’ll have to take a better look at you when you’re completely healed, but I guess since you're still kicked after a shot to the heart you will do.” He then turned to his other slave. Desman hadn’t had a clear view of what he’d been doing, but inspection captured the action pretty well. “Your file says you specialize in energy weapons.” He glanced the guy over, now that he’s shirtless his new master could see that he wasn’t damaged all that badly. “We’ll start with you.” He turned back around, the girl hasn’t moved an inch. He then starts to walk away. “See you in the morning, Human.”


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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

Desman couldn’t even remember the last time he had slept alone. It left him on edge, tossing and turning throughout the ‘night, well, at least the bits after Ash fell asleep, before that they were happily just talking like they were back at the hotel in their own private room. It went like any other conversation the two would have, Ash, teasing him, Des getting flustered, he even managed to find out what a kama-sutra was. One moment they were having a hushed conversation, the next he could hear only her breathing.

He laid there, just listening to her breath, wishing he could at least sleep beside her.

It didn’t take a genius to see the insomnia wasn’t of any help to him in the morning though. He’d had flopped around the ‘bed’ so much and so hard he was afraid he’d wake Ash and eventually fell silent while staring at the metal surface of the prison he was in. He made observations of his cage all night - like the claw marks on the ‘ceiling’ - but if it wasn’t for the guard coming in and literally dragging him out he probably would’ve stayed on the floor all day despite how disgusting, hard, and moldy it may be. “Ash…” he said weakly, reaching out as he was dragged away from the medium-sized cages slowly, all he could manage was a whisper in this state - his throat was tight from not talking while she slept. It was unlikely she, or anyone else for that matter, heard him.

They reached their destination in no time at all, or at least in Desman’s eyes it wasn’t, he had finally managed to take that quick nap before he woke up there. The sleep wasn’t much, but it was enough to help him at least a little bit… He lacked the focus that was required to catch what the instructor had to say, so he missed all of that… “You get all that because I’m not repeating it again.”

“Ah-uh” Des lied sleepily, he didn’t mean to, it's just he hadn’t fully comprehended what was happening.

“Good!” The big red and muscular demon responded, not bothering to acknowledge the sleepless tone in the human’s voice, the oblivious tone the human answered him with, or any other obvious signs that Desman had indeed not been listening. Personally, he didn’t care. “Now get out there and fight!”

Before Desman could do anything the guard from before was already roughly pushing him to the coliseum door, Des knew that a quick flick either way could easily have broken his arm so he didn’t argue, even after he was let go...

What he set his eyes upon when he was released, however, wasn’t very grand. It was relatively creepy, actually. About the height of Desman himself(human, not robot), the upside-down drop-like creature just stared unblinkingly at him, not moving, just staring. Desman assumed by the surrounding 9-foot walls that protected the potential bystanders that crowded around to see w he was meant to fight, but he wasn’t prepared to have to be the one to have to attack first.


Moving up to the creature hadn’t provoked any response either, it just stayed there, staring through the human’s very soul with its bloodshot eyes. Circling around the creature didn’t help either as it just rotated effortlessly like it wasn’t even attached to the ground.

Something nudged at the back of the no longer robot’s mind like something was watching him. Waiting. Eventually, that part of him snapped and just went ‘fuck it’, and had his charge at the creature with uncharacteristically bold action. Only then did this nightmarish creature finally respond to him, tentacles bursting out of the ground and raced to attack him slamming force.

Desman was quick to defend himself, blocking the tentacles by making his arms into an ‘X’ shape. The impact hurt Desman way more then he thought he would, it stung immensely as he wobbled back. It wasn’t a big stumble, just enough to indicate he was surprised, that is if this thing could recognize emotion. Unknownst to him, large bruises would form on the flesh he’d defended with.

“Hey!” Desman said, trying to build up some banter, maybe if this thing was intelligent he could distract it or find patterns in its attacks. Course he could do that anyway, it was just easier when they spoke. “So, what are you down here for?” He clearly was out of practice…

The only reaction this got was an attempted, instinctual, and completely angry bludgeoning to the face. Long tendrils of red and black flung towards him with impressive speeds. Luckily Desman managed to avoid it by bending backward in an epic dodge, not unlike the movies with their special effects. Unfortunately, though, this left him open for the next attack, a beam of light purple circles, sounding like a siren under water. It hits the ground at his legs, and if that wasn’t enough to throw him off balance, the force of the move threw the creatures competitor off his feet and flat on his back; His skull cracking against the hard floor of the fighting arena.

“Ow…” Desman said, with a hint of sarcasm to his complaint. The man's head was pounding horribly at this point, his eyes had blurry, double vision and his brain felt like it was going to puke, faint, or faint into its puke at any second. But of course it felt like that, what human wouldn’t be like that after hitting their head that hard.

Wait! That was it! The reason he was doing so poorly was that he was human now, no extrinsic shell. Desman still hadn’t the hang of this body. He felt the same though. It was a long shot by maybe…

Holding his arm up, Desman struggled to concentrate due to the aching in his mind but pushed through it and thought about whatever it is he would normally think while doing this. Concentrate and--- swoosh -- a ball of blackened light shot out from where Desman’s palm was. Course, being in the state he was in Desman didn’t end up hitting the underground tentacle thing like he had meant to at all, but he did see the crater it made on the wall of the coliseum through his spotty vision.

“What do you know… it works…” And with that the human fainted, blissful to the fact that he’d lost.


Neujmin wasn’t a hands-on kind of guy and left the two in the hands of the facility as he has done in the past. While he set the human up for his first mock fight and then signed him off for hard labor to help with the false advertisement his body had made up, he left instructions not to touch the female until her shoulder wound was healed up. Every day when they picked Desman up from his cage across from hers, someone would demand to see her shoulder.

Always it was a chore, too. Ash could have just pushed the jacket off to show them, but she refused. She would stare up at them defiantly and they would usually have to use force. Most times it was as simple as walking into her cage, slapping her across the face hard enough to push her back and then the attendant would wrench back the clothing and check. Sometimes it involved them yelling at her like she was deaf and then walking in and slapping her.

Once it was a higher up demon.

Raissa was covered in armor, head to toe, and was here to simply take the male slave to his appointed fight. He was of higher rank than most demons that would be down here in the shitty part of the imprisonment. To be told he had to check the girl’s shoulder before taking the male out was already too much to ask of the battle-ready demon, but he had to comply because the only lesser demons he had with him were broad-shouldered and barely smart enough to take orders and know that failure to do so would be death. They wouldn’t know what a wound would look like, much less a healing one.


With some disdain, he approached the female’s cage. She was laid about in the corner, apparently had summoned a blanket and pillows to support herself. He remembered at that point that he was dealing with primes. That did very little other than make him aware of their possible power. “I am to look at your h’art, present your chest that I may make the appropriate report.” He said, his old fashion way of talking and his thick tongue making it obvious he knew nothing of what went down here.

Ash did not move from her perch. She wasn’t doing anything in particular at that moment, but it was obvious that she was rather comfortable. Primes had the ability to summon whatever they liked so she’s been very well kept, bowls of her previous meals both summoned and served by the ‘cooks’ of this establishment were stacked near her. They could keep them from summoning with the cuffs from before, but the longer the prime is exposed to it, the better they resist it. The doors were locked with magic that only demons with ‘clearance’ could open, so they could summon freely in their dwellings without being much of a problem. Even weapons, there was a barrier built into the metal work that if the seal was not broken any weapons from the inside could not be used on anyone outside.

“Are you hard of hearing, wench? I said present your chest!” He raised his voice to an authoritative level. The two lessers he brought were intimidated by his show of force, but not her.

“If you are here to see my chest, big guy, you’re going to have to come in here and take it for yourself.” Ash taunted with a flick of her tail. Normally just staring blankly at them would work, but this guy was obviously someone more important. And what kind of girl would she be if she treated him like anyone who was obviously below his status? “Don’t be shy about it either~!”

Desman has seen Ash flirt before, he’s experienced it, but that was a bit stronger than he was used to hearing from her. He was preparing for the fight he’d been told about since a few days ago, but he stops to look over and watch.

Raissa’s reaction was hidden by the full-faced helm, but they could tell he wasn’t expecting to be flirted with. After a stunned moment, he sighed out. “I see they failed to inform me of your inability to follow simple commands.”

Ash’s tail curled tighter as she smirked at him. “I’ll follow your every command, baby, come join me~!” She made a point to roll over now, to show how willing she was and touched the measly blanket as if she could entice him to bed. It was a blanket over a haystack, it was hardly the most inviting bed. But she was still dressed like she had been when she left for Coruscant. Her legs practically bare, her skit hardly existed, her top compressed around her bra-less breast.

The demon behind the armor did not seem amused. “You will come-”

“Keep talking like that, and I will~!”

The armor-clad demon did not find this funny, and in reality, it flew past his head a bit. He now understood that he would have to go in there, but not for whatever sexual fantasy she’s grown fond of while waiting for him. He would have to get physical.

“Right.” His voice was calm, he touched the door and it submitted to his authority and opened. While she made no movement to escape, the two stood at the ready in case she did. He moved towards her, his armor clanking and his heavy looking tail waving behind him. “You have one more chance, present to me your chest for inspection.”

“Is that what you call it these days? ‘Inspection’? Let’s not be coy~! You wanna see my tits.” She toyed with him a bit more as she sat up on her knees and reached for her shirt. He thought he was finally getting somewhere. He was proven wrong when she stopped and just her breasts were hanging out. She scooted closer and tried to look appealing by pushing out her breast but tucking her chin down at a ‘cute’ angle.

He didn’t even examine the presented cleavage, he just silently judged her intelligence for a long moment. Then with silent impatience reached over and grabbed her roughly by the horn. She let out a loud moan at the same time. This made him pause to look down at her blushing face. It was definitely off-putting, but he pushed on, grabbing for her jacket. She was faster and grabbed it from him, hugging it close and acting offended that he’d play rough with her.

“Enough of your games, woman.” He said, anger starting to show in his voice, an orange light was visible in the cracks of his armor plating. “Show me the wound or I will break the arm.” He went to pull open the jacket, only for her to deny him again.

Well.. He did warn her.

Raisass grabbed the wrist she was using to stop him from doing such a simple and annoying task and while letting go of her horn he threw the girl from her bedding to the bare disgusting floor, twisting the arm in the process so that she landed on her belly with enough force to knock the breath out of her and possibly crack a rib. He shoved his boot into the middle of her back and with all the force of a battle demon, twisted and pulled at her arm until it came clean out of her socket but was still attached to her body.

A scream of pain pierced the silence of the underground shit hole that was her prison.

The demon then lets go of her arm, it fell uselessly at her side before he stepped off of her. He straightened his chest piece before turning back to her. She was breathing heavily and panting erotically. Ash was looking up at her with the same defiance as she did to anyone below him, but what stood out the most was her willingness to fight this even more.

He used his powerful tail to flip her onto her back in one motion without hesitation. Her arm followed uselessly and made her cross her chest with the other one to grab her dislocated shoulder; She didn’t hate the fact that she was covering her heart in the process... He didn’t notice this until he flipped the jacket’s flap over and saw that she was still defying him by gripping the pained limb. “I will break that one next.” He threatened, but she only glared up at him. “Very well.”

Raisass dropped to one knee, but so that that heavily armored knee crashed down into her stomach, knocking the wind - as well as some spittle - out of her in a harsh cough. She was transported back to Coruscant in memory, the blue armored man doing the same thing to her leg. She snapped back with the same attitude as she had then. She remained stubborn, responding with. “Do you leave every woman you talk to this breathless?” She wore a smirk.

He grabbed her arm and squeezed with such force that they both felt the bone snap! She cried out and jerked at the same time, making her agony sound short but still very real. He was tired of playing games. Coldly he then yanked her arm away and tore away her jacket, finally able to inspect the bullet wound has mostly healed by now, miraculously fast as most primes did. But the damage done to her body to get the answer was arguably not worth it.

He looked down at her, she hadn’t even shed a tear due to the destruction of her body, she just looked up with those same defiant eyes and a grin that made even him uneasy. He would briefly wonder if she had planned this all later, but for now, he lifted his weight off of her and began to leave. His footsteps and his record a bit heavier, a bit darker.

While Ash had not reacted much past the pain, Desman was clinging to the bars of his cage and wrestling with himself internally of what to do. Inside he’d been screaming for them to stop hurting her, but some part of him understood that he shouldn’t show how much Ash meant to him or else they would exploit it. After all, the last time he let it slip had only gone so well because of Ash. Still, his knuckles were bone white by the time he was done watching the display of unrestrained power this man had. His breath heavy and his jaw clenched, his amber colored eyes burning a hole in that armor of his.

“We can go now, get the man,” Raisass told his lackeies, and then began to leave the area.

Desman watched the man leave before his eyes turned to Ash once more. She laid motionless where she was, except her heavy breathing. He would have liked to call out to her but did not want to tip the others off. He would have liked to heal her the most, but found that he lacked the precious resource… He might have to change that if she was going to continue to be this stubborn.

His hands were extremely sore when he finally pried them off the bars, and it hurt to do anything with them. Thankfully he didn’t need to grab anything in preparation for his fight, he just had to be there. He allowed the lessers to pull him along, still staring into Ash’s cage and feeling his heart sink. Stupid woman… Why did the woman he cared for have to be so careless?

Raisass stopped to give his report while he waited for his lesser demons. “The wound upon the woman’s chest is no more, her master should be informed of the progress. He should also be informed that due to her behavior, I was forced to break one arm and dislocate the other. The dislocation should be an easy fix.”

“And the break?” The female he was speaking to at the front of the dungeons asked.

“It will heal, but if he wants her to be of any use he might want to get it attended to.” He looked over to make sure his orders were being taken care of and the male was being fetched. “Inform him that she should be held fully responsible for the situation and that I recommend sending her in for reconditioning. Even though I warned her, she refused to cooperate until I used force.”

“Yes, sir.”

At this point, Desman was coming into view, no one was the wiser of how much if any of that he heard. “Now, for you. Your master is waiting in the Colosseum to inspect your next performance, let your companion’s foolishness be a warning.” With that, he leads the way as he would normally do, unaware that man-handling Ash has brought the shaky wrath of Desman onto him.

When Desman returned, he found Ash was gone. During his fight, they gathered the proper permissions and collected The Storm Demon. He did not know any of this until the next time his master came to him. “Where’s Ash?” He asked, from between the bars, they framed his masculine face.

He was never without a cigar, Neujmin took a long drag of it as a demon began gathering the things that had been summoned by the woman. He noted quickly that Desman was upset that his apparent friend was gone. “The detention center for bad slaves.”

The humans amber colored eyes look behind his master as the demon picks up the blanket Ash had been using. He looked a little desperate. “Did you get rid of her?” His eyes turn to the bulky figure in front of him.

“No.” He said, turning back to see what the human had been staring at. He blew his smoke into the air. “I just came down here to tell you that you have another practice fight in a few days.”

Desman grabbed the cage and rammed his weight into it, frustrated by all of this. He glared at the humanoid before him, his amber colored eyes glaring daggers into his very soul. He wanted her back!

As the demon began to leave with the things they found in the cage, Neujmin grabbed him by the throat. Desman watched the brutality and the swiftness of the man who’s purchased him leave the other demon gasping for air. “The blanket.” He demanded, and the order was followed without much fight. He took it and ran it between his fingers, imagining something. Then the nicely dressed demon nodded, only to pause and glance over. “And the top pillow.” When it was offered, he took it and let go of the demon who scurried away. Immediately he tossed Desman her blanket but held the pillow under his arm while he pulled the cigar from his lips. The human caught it more out of reaction, but then became aware of how much it smelt like her. “You have one hell of a mate there, bud.” He mocked.

Desman’s face turned bright red at the accusation and then while holding the blanket tightly threw his hands down. “What are they doing to her!?” He tried to sound demanding, not worried.

“Just teaching her a lesson.” His voice calm.

“That bastard is the one at fault.” The used-to-be robot said hotly!

Neujmin looked at him with judgmental eyes. “We both know his report wasn’t falsified. She refused a simple request and he felt the only action would be to use force.” Desman tried to argue, Neujmin let him. When silence hit him, he just shook his head and began to leave. “Enjoy your blanket.”

Desman’s face became warmer. He watched the man start to leave, but called out after noticing the pillow. “W-What are you going to do with that?”

“None of your business.” He called back and then left Desman feeling confused. But after laying with Ash’s blanket, her scent at hand, he could almost feel her lying beside him. He finally relaxed enough to take a bit of a nap.

What felt like weeks on end passed, and she hadn’t returned...

However, rumors began to circulate among the guards, who spoke freely with each other, of a woman that was proving to be impossible to tame. Apparently, she would respond to every form of torture they could inflict with sexual satisfaction. They’ve burned her, shocked her, whipped her, and all other sorts of things but instead of pleas to stop and crying, they were met with screams of bliss and the most unusual comments they’ve ever heard.

No one could understand her...

“They brought a specialist of sorts to come in finally.” A bulky tall being said to a more slender one that was across from him at a makeshift table of dark black bricks, they were supposed to be watching the slaves.

“Specialist?” The slender one sounded a bit surprised as he picked up a card and placed it on the middle pike, his voice being comically higher pitched than most. “That’s gotta cost a pretty coin..”


“And they think this will finally work?”

“It has to. There’s nothing else.” The bigger reached up and scratched his jaw.

“What if this don’t?”

“I heard from someone else that they guarantee it, or her master don’t have to pay for all this that’s already been done.”

The taller one whistled out. “I bet that’s an even prettier coin.”

One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. That was the rhythm of rocks Desman had to mine. The instructor called it ‘Training” but Desman knew it was just free labor. He was smart enough to keep his mouth shut though, especially when it came to times like this.

Desman had been listening to everything the guards had said, and he didn’t like it, he had to find a way to get more info on where this place was.

By now the subject had moved away from Ash’s misadventures, mostly becurse the skinnier one started complaining about how hard the other guy had hit his hand. This was quickly forgotten about however when both of them were hit by their own separate rocks.

“Hey, you!” the brawly one said, turning around to face the labourer right next to Desman. “Why did you throw rocks at us?”

“I-I didn’t” they replied, obviously not wanting to be one to get on the guard's bad side.

“Then who did?”

“It was him.” The unnamed labourer pointed directly at Desman.

“Be careful.” The skinny one whispered to his companion. “They say that one got mind control powers.”

“Yes, it was me.” Desman monotonically added, probably trying to mimic Ash, unfortunately, it was a bit to monotone.”

“That sounds like mind control to me, come on.”

“B-but I didn't do anything.” replied the Labourer as he was dragged away by the bigger guard. “I swear.”

“As for the rest of you…” The skinnier man took control of the situation of everyone else. “It’s about time you head to your cells anyway. That includes you too red, move it!”

Desman did as he was told, and entered the back of the line heading out of the mine; He needed a new plan of attack. ‘I don’t care what it takes, I will find her…’

Two weeks later...

“Are you sure you want to do this? If they catch you in there, you aren't ever getting out of there.”

“I don’t care what it takes, I will find her.” The redhead responded to the shadow on the other side of the table, it was covered in a tuxedo, top hat, and monocle, Desman had already questioned why he wears such nice clothes while mining, he never got an answer.

“Okay then, here you go.” The black semi-opaque hand slid a red metal box across the table, it reminded Desman of himself. “But you didn’t get the contents from me, okay?”

Before Desman could respond one of the guards on duty shouted. “Alright! Breaks over! Back to work!” And then began to herd the crowd of slaves towards their daily duties as mining labour.

Both the shadow and Desman got up and went in opposite directions, but in a different type of shadow with glowing red eyes awaited the latter. A pair of hands grabbed the admittedly muscled arm of Des and pulled him into the shadows within the shadows, the red eyes soon disappearing and Desman casually strolling back out with shades on and flipping a coin the size of his palm.

Outside the mines, from the ‘town’s’ entrance (really it was just as much of the prison as the cage area and mine, just for the more popular of coliseum fighters) came a familiar patch of red hair, attached to the familiar face and body of Desman, he was likely that he could summon enough money to pay the shapeshifter for doing this. Course, most slaves were dumb enough to escape without one, or smart enough (common sense wise) to not try and escape in the first place.

Clinging to the wall, Desman used his enhanced senses to look around, checking to see if there was anyone behind the corner. He had finally figured out how to do it without his technology, or more accurately, he accidentally discovered that he could do things he was used to without the usual wires and computers.

The once robot knew if he could make it three or four blocks away that he would be safe, the hard part was just getting there. It was moments like this he wished he could leap across rooftops like the ninja he had summoned prior to this adventure, unfortunately, he would have to stick to the ground.

Somehow managing to not cross the path of a single person, Desman walked into his destination; A large broken down and abandoned building that didn’t hint at anything it was meant to be used for before it was forgotten. There were cobwebs everywhere and everything covered in a good half a centimeter of dust, but it would do for what he needed it for.

What was it’s purpose? To look at the contents of the box. It was fairly simple to open, just a few clips and a little force and voila, the contents were revealed.

Inside the Desman-colored box was a smaller less hollow silver box with a button on its side. Mister Black didn’t hesitate one bit in pulling the strange item out and seeing what the button does with a push, which turned out to be a holo-map.

That’s when he heard the beeping from outside.

Looking down he just managed to catch a handwritten message attached to the bottom of the box that said ‘Ps. The Map has a tracker that activates when on.’ before the door was blown in and two guards entered.

One of them grabbed Desman as fast as he could. The other, remembering him from Neujmin’s collection lifted his hand up and pressed the button to inform whoever was listening at the moment: “We have one runaway Slave.” He snatched up the contents of Desman’s package and added, “And he seems to have a map to the deformation center.” A pause was heard before a more sinister sounding reply came back from the grinning guard. “Give him what he wants? Okay.” What had Desman gotten himself into…

Desman was dragged through a pristine white and grey hallway, bright fluorescent lights buzzing above him and the strong scent of cleaning supplies made it feel like a different verse entirely. If he was not being half carried by the two guards that had found him in the dusty place he might think he was in some kind of dream. He still did. His heart pounded in sync with their dominate marching, equipment shaking in rhythm beside him.

They made a sharp turn into a set of doors that then lead through more doors where the atmosphere quickly changed once again.

The doors burst open and Ash watched a pair of big dudes carry Desman into the dark room. She watched hope hit him across the face as he recognized her and even called out her name. “Ash!”

With that their unspoken plan to remain distant to each other in public was shattered. Not that it mattered, some part of her was glad to see him and her broken fingers pressed into the chair ever slightly. As well, if he was being dragged here there was a reason and she could only guess it is being her...

The guards strapped him into his own chair, it was exactly the same as her’s. It had a tall back, an abnormally tall back - taller than her’s even. It was heavy when he attempted to shake it, it would take a much stronger being to tip it over. He watched the guards strap him in with metal bindings and heavy-duty locks, magic too. One strapped his chest into place, another at his waist, two for each arm, one across each shin. He tested them like a newly caged animal while the two approaches the third figure. Then they left.

“It seems we have ourselves a guest, miss.” The voice was dry, emotionless and professional. He had an accent but it was impossible to place. He approached Desman. Out of the darkness came a very tall figure with a bald misshapen head, his mouth, and nose area were pure tentacles, his eyes shrank at the dim light that blanketed the human in the chair. He was taken aback if only by the sudden and silent appearance of the creature. Thin gangly arms with only 4 digits on them reach up and begin to strap Desman's head into position, so he looked directly at Ash from across the room.

She was strapped in too, except for two differences, just the same as he. One was there was no strap binding her chest, it dangled freely off the side. The other difference was the comically large screw heads sticking out of her wrists. Large puddles of blue liquid sat at the feet of the chair, he found this by following the lines he could just see on the chair itself. Like dark blue candle wax that streamed down it. It was still fresh, glossy enough to catch the light. She didn't move. “Fun.” Was her only comment.

“I don't think he will be agreeing with you.” The man said, but Desman would quickly realize the voice was coming from him but was not spoken so much as it was projected out from his mind. “There. It would be assumed he came here to save you.”

“He does that…” Ash replied dryly, turning to look Desman in the eyes as the strange figure floated away.

“I can’t wait to see for myself.”

Ash didn’t look away, not even as the man moved back over and lifted a bloody scalpel. He inspected the midnight blue blood on it but made a point to let Desman see it specifically. He could fill in his own blanks as he put the utensil down.

“Well... One more chance to save yourself, and this Desman.” He said, but everyone in that room was prepared for her response.

“Bite me Squid-Face.”

“Very well.”

The man grabbed another tool from the table, this time it was just a remote. He dialed up the light around Ash and himself so no detail would be missed by their audience. He tossed it back over and positioned himself behind her. Her chair was not as tall as Desman’s.

The stranger in a lab coat reached around and took her by the shoulders, rubbing them as if attempting to make Ash relax. “Let’s start with your name.”

“Ash. Ash, The Storm Demon.”

“Your real name. Your full name. The one you were born with.” There was a long silence, the same kind of silence that would come before someone who is about to tell the truth but hesitant. “What’s wrong? Did you not want Desman to know? Well, there are no secrets here.”

Ash made an impulsive decision in that moment as she looked away from Desman finally. “Emma... Emma Shutter.”

“Ah… Is something wrong? Your brainwaves changed..”

“Fuck off.” Ash lashed out immediately. “What’s he even fucking doing here?”

“I already informed you.” His words slowed down while Ash’s picked up. He took her bait. “He is here to save you. He was captured with stolen equipment. Why? Does it bother you he’s here so suddenly? Did you not want him to know something? Are.. Are you hiding something from him? All this time?”

“Leave her alone you coward!” Desman had no idea where his voice came from, but it was loud, and it was angry. It echoed off even his own eardrums. The force behind it surprised him.

The man did not smile, but they felt it when Emma didn’t answer, he continued. “Tell me about your family, You didn’t have a great relationship with your mother, did you?”

Ash reacted on instinct but hoped he’d pick up on the changes of attitude. “Who does?”

“She abused you?”

Ash hesitated again. A long time went by, but even Desman could see she was thinking about it. As if no one asked her that before, and now she had to process what abuse was, what classified as abuse, and if any of her assumed eighteen years with her mother counted. “Huh... I guess she was a bit abusive in a technical kind of way.”

“It’s more accurate to claim she neglected you. For…” There was a long pause for dramatics probably before he finally continued: “Isabelle, your twin sister.”

In that moment Ash understood the point of the questions now. “I get it... You can only read surface thoughts.” She gave him a speculating look. eyes narrowed in at him.

“I can do much more than that, Emma. It is just easier if you cooperate. Other methods leave the slave… Limited in what they can do afterward. It gets... Well, it gets pretty messy.”

Ash responded by twisting her head in his direction, and then as if she’d planned to all this time, spits at his face.

Desman watching this whole time. That attitude would get her killed, again. The professional seemingly unamused by this produced a cloth and wiped it away. He moved to the side of the chair and flicked some kind of contraption that lifted the chair a bit higher and made the back smaller. When she was in prime position he turned it off and moved back.

“Your choice, my dear. I get paid for this whether you survive mentally or not.” The voice warned her one more time, taking handfuls of her hair and running his fingers through it so that the black strands fall across her shoulders. She didn’t respond.

The tentacles on the masculine figure fan out as he lowered its spread across the crown of her head. Some of them entangle themselves in her ebony colored hair, other’s gripped her by the horns. Of note, the moment the tendrils did grab her horns Ash let out a sound of pleasure.

The next moment was of awkward silence as she tried to pull away, by just leaning forward out of his reach but he just pulled her back and held her still while the external process became internal. She gasped somewhere between pain and bliss as she felt something slither into her Jack-In point. Of course, that would be the best way directly into her brain, and he could figure that out with surface thoughts, but it was a strange invasion of privacy that no one has ever committed and this surprise both distracted her and was plain in her facial features.

Ash tried to claw at the chair, Desman would note the swollen and pus-yellow discoloration of her otherwise usual slender fingers. They did not bend properly and it was unsettling to watch, even more so when even if she struggled her wrists were literally screwed into the chair so barbarically. Desman couldn’t make himself keep watching the grotesque image of her fingers desperate for whatever it was they seek.

He couldn’t take it anymore!

The grown man grabbed his own chair, digging his unkempt nails into the wood and trying to force himself out of the chair. The wood strained against his fight, he even thought he heard the sound of splintering, but fell back into it when it produced nothing of the sort. He next tried to Hulk his way out of the bindings, flexing the muscles in his upper arm and trying to break the bindings on his wrists. He didn’t even realize how tight his jaw had become until he was forced to relax and he felt the soreness spread throughout his arms and jaw.

“Stop it!” He screamed out of frustration, tears surfacing at the corners of his eyes as he tried not to think about the real problem here. Someone was hurting his friend right in front of him, and he could do nothing once more.

Ash let out a cry of pain, as he touched something inside of her. He could have sent demons to rape her for days and nights and she didn’t think she’d feel as violated as she did with this single stroke of his tendril. However, worse than that. It felt gross. A shiver raced through her spine and made her want to hurl. “You son-of-a-bitch. Fuck off.” She chose to fight back, throwing her head backward and trying to headbutt him. Her skull only found a soft impact before he pulled harder on her horns.

This confused and delighted her, which was awful given the situation.

“You had your chance..” He warned, and then dove deeper.

Ash remembered when she got the Jack-In point. She was only 16 at the time, ready for the ultimate rebellion of doing something horrible to her body that would surely make her mother ‘proud’. They couldn’t knock her out because you have to be aware enough for them to catch anything that goes wrong. So for three hours, she had been sitting in a similar position, her spine being drilled into and the ‘surgeon’ carefully inserting tool after tool into her soft squishy brain.

The difference here being is that that was consensual. Emma felt the same strange gliding sensation as he invaded her mind. It was not enough to turn her off from the horn pulling. Worse, she felt the mucus that he produced naturally slither across her horns and it was erotic from beyond her understanding. She noted she needed to explore that avenue with a partner she’d rather dance with.

The self-proclaimed storm demon tried to shake them off her by shimmying her whole body - that she could control - but felt a strange pain that didn’t feel good at all. Her jaw clenched in frustration. Not in the way her assailant would have liked, but in the way that she was upset she couldn’t properly punch his face in. Hands grabbed her again and pulled her into the back so that he did not have to strain his neck more than he had to.

“You are strong-willed, but you will break. Just submit.”

Ash took a brief moment to question the repetitiveness of her ‘fuck off’ phrases. “Go rape some high schooler you Hentai-themed bitch.” Admittedly that was a weak insult. She blamed the fact that there was something wiggling around her brain for any lack of coherence. He responded by stabbing into her again.

Whatever that was it bypassed the physical sense of the pleasure she got when she was subjected to pain and went straight to the broken arm level of misery. She hissed out and shoved herself back again, trying to distract herself from it. However, there was no getting around it...

Desman could sense her pain, later when- if he dared to think about this again - he would understand that she had the ability to sense emotions on a more instinctual level and he was just naturally mimicking it; it pleased him to know that that part of him still worked. It was the same in the cages with that demon in the armor. He could even almost feel the violated feeling that she experienced from having a tentacle or many in her spine.

Ash has always been the rock, the roots. That’s why he chased after her into this godforsaken place. Not just this clearly defined torture chamber, but to the Underverse itself. He couldn’t let this place take another person he loved away from him, especially not someone as precious to him as this woman. He couldn’t help but question what he wanted from her. Obedience? Was that even possible? Could Omni himself get that from the storm demon?

Meanwhile, the woman across from him continued to fight, trying to rip her head away, using her entire upper body to wrestle away. It was not impossible, but being literally screwed into her seat made it highly improbable. She was losing her patience very quickly though. That was the real problem here: For all the effort he was putting into it it was just pain. Anyone can cause her pain, and she’s proven already that she can fake her way through the unimaginable pain. He would have to try harder if he was going to get her to submit.

“Very well, then. I will.” The voice came, and then a stabbing pain in the center of her brain.

Ash screamed out, her voice filling every corner of the room, and filling Desman with dread as he watched her body arch. She felt him dig deeper, responding naturally with a moan. Her hands turn into fists. “Do your worse then, sucker.”

Without the lights changing, they felt the room get darker at her challenge. The red-haired human across from her couldn’t decide to call her stupid, or brave.

A psychic wave slammed into her so hard that her body felt like she imagined it would if she jumped off a building and didn’t have her hook. As she exhaled her gasp this time, navy blue liquid exploded out of her mouth, as if both lungs had been punctured by her ribs from the life-crushing fall that came to mind.

“You have a unique perspective, I’d hate to break you into pieces.”
She could not tell if the comparison image that washed through her imagination was her mind or his doing. She coughed up some more blood before stubbornly holding her ground. “If that was your worse, this is going to be easy.”

Another wave crashed through her, reaching deeper, hammering her nervous system harder. It was a mental pain, but Ash let out an ecstatic moan. As if she had it at the ready. It hit her again, at the same strength, over and over. It felt no different than someone taking hands full of her hair and just knocking her into a slab of concrete on the sidewalk repeatedly as hard as they could. She didn’t fear a concussion so much as she expected one.

“You have a vivid imagination… That or a rough life.”

“You are still going on about that?” Ash shot back, twisting her head to look at him despite knowing it wouldn’t work.

“It wouldn't be torture without some taunting, would it?” Desman’s seductress looked back towards him, he could see the tired expression despite her bravado. “I imagine it’s both.. Abused by your mother, with her insistent comparison to your twin sister. You were a troublesome kid, weren’t you? Of course, you were, just look at you. What did you do to look like this?”

Ash didn’t look like a victim, mostly because she smiled at his poor attempts to make her feel bad for herself, or worse - for her mother. “What’s wrong, can’t figure that out yourself?”

“No, but it's rude to keep your boyfriend in the dark… Maybe he’d like to know about your troubled past.”

“HAH!” Ash actually laughed at that, a genuine laugh for the monster in her mind. “You are a fucking moron who can only gather information. This is what my master is paying for? Mediocre bullshitting your way out of some professional trap? Desman doesn’t give two shits about what I’ve done in the past.” The human male across from her stopped looking at her like she was a puppy that was being beaten half to death before his eyes and started paying attention to her words.

This was Ash, of course, he wanted to know more about her. It just... Never crossed his mind. It has only been a month at most, after all. But hearing these little clips made him wonder who it was who had the really sad backstory. It only made him appreciate her more, appreciate what she’s done for him.

“He’s fucking smarter than that, far more than even I give him credit for, he knows that I am a Prime. He knows that our past doesn’t mean shit here except to flavor the conversation.”

“And you think personality will get you further?” The voice did not sound convinced, even as if it mocked her.

“If my charisma stat is high enough.” Ash lashed back quickly. She didn’t want to think that was dangerous of actually giving him something to use.

“How quaint.” He sounded bored.

The ‘doctor’ released another powerful wave of psychic damage straight into her. The problem with attacking the brain in this was was that her body reacted to it as if physical damage has been inflicted. With the element of surprise, Ash coughed up another alarming amount of blood from her insides. When she looked up again, Desman would note the blood trickling down from her nose. A sign that his attacks were getting strong enough to damage her mind. He found the strength to fight back against the chair again, but no matter how much adrenaline pumped into his body it was not enough.

“Doesn’t his feelings mean anything to you? Look at him, he’s driven by his love for you.”

“He’s pissed you are hurting me. Nothing more.”

“I don’t believe that. I don’t think you do either.”

“You are fishing again. Desman has a more troubled past than me, if you ever want to feel sorry for someone, go talk to him. Friends to him are more valuable than your primitive gold pieces down here. He’ll kill you if you release him.”

“I’m sure he will try.” The voice was under no duress. “Let’s stay focused on you.”

“Is that what gets you off?” Ash purred, only to be stabbed again with a hiss.

“Ah. I was beginning to disbelieve them.” The voice sounded again. Ash noted that it had an echo effect. She heard it inside her skull then outside of it. It was unpleasant. “When a girl is overly sexual in the way that you are, it points to some sign of sexual abuse.”

Ash’s lips curled back into a smirk. “Please... You think I can be broken by you bringing up my past? Is this for the sake of including Desman, or are you just hoping that I am so ashamed of my life that I have to hide it from him while still thinking about your questions? Pathetic.”

The man did not respond, but there was hesitation regardless.

“Even a half-limp dick would know what you are doing.” She said, perhaps unintentionally insulting Desman.

The creature at her back wasn’t amused. “I a-AHH!!”

As soon as she finally had his attention, Ash released a build up of energy that she’d been charging up for some time now. It had been so hard to keep it hidden.

Electricity shook him to the core before force magic slammed into him. As if she’d used Thunder Clap and Shocking Grasp at the same time. Without the blue sparks or the noise. Well, there was plenty of noise. The expert they hired to take care of her was forced back and into a wall of hanging instruments and cabinets full of things. He convulsed in his paralyzed state.

Next Desman heard a snap, crackle, and lots of pops as lightning began to dance across Ash. Instinct hit him at that point, so hard that he stopped breathing. He could practically see the storm clouds rolling across her face, and when he looked up he half expected to see her eyes have gone black and her skin had turned more violent. Instead, he was relieved to see her usual grin.

Moments later, however, the same two demons that had dragged him in, and a couple more in white coats, slammed through the doors and immediately went for her. He watched as she pinned herself back into the chair a moment before the two tackled her there. One wasted no time in slamming his fist into her face, navy blue blood jetting behind its wake as it pulled back to sock her across the jaw.

She spat another mouth full of blood onto the floor, along with a tooth, but powered down just the same. They took it favorably and one slipped away to aid with the doctor. But they pronounced him dead soon after. Electricity and mucus didn’t mix well, but she could have warned him had he bothered to ask, that you really didn’t want to stick anything in there that wasn’t meant to be put in her Jack-In point. They looked at the two that were strapped into the chair, and then the more guard looking one's size Desman up. “Get him out of here, call their master.” He shook his head. “Tell him he can have his bitch back.”

Consequences Of Action

Neujmin grabbed Desman by the hair and yanked him out of the grip of the guards, tossing the human around like a Raggedy Ann Doll and into the cage where he fell on his face. What surprised him the most was the strength of the man that had claimed him and Ash as his own. But maybe that’s why he was so patient because he was actually very capable of taming the two of them physically. He scrambles to his feet, pieces of moldy hay springing from the lifting of his feet as he ignored the pain in his crown to race to Ash’s side. Not in the physical kind of way, as she had not been brought with him to the dungeon


“Silence!” Neujmin’s voice roared without him having to raise it more than he normally had to. Desman went to argue, but the thick finger rose to his face. It was not the most intimidating thing he’d endured down here, but it left a lasting effect on him. The demon who had purchased them has never been so stern.

He watched helplessly while the gangster style turned his broad back to him and growled at the lessers who were still standing there. “I’ll be expecting a full report on this, and I want to know who decided it was a good idea to have them both present for the session.” He stomped on the ground, unintentionally it would seem but it instilled them with urgency and fear nonetheless. They fled for their lives.

When they were alone, the shadows grew darker as Neujmin slowly turned back around. His dark crimson irises were peaking out from the shadows of his wide-brimmed fedora.

The human in the cage, who clung to the bars, gulped. Still, he understood now that he had permission. “Well... I... “ He shut his eyes and gave his head a shake, the red hair shifting under the light. “It was my fault! All my fault. Ash had nothing to do with it.”

“Ash...” It was the first time he used her name. “..is most definitely at fault here. I will handle her later, what the fuck were you doing outside of the mines?” He asked, sternly, with more weight in his demands than he's ever carried.

“I-I...” Desman couldn’t find the voice to express himself, he was well and truly afraid at this moment, it probably would’ve helped if he had planned things out instead of recklessly trying to help the person he grew so attached to...

The demon before him growled from the throat but could tell he would be useless. As he has proven in the ring so far. The dark haired male just slowly pulled away at that. “You’re grounded.” Is all he said, leaving it at that and stomping away.

No further explanation was offered, but the implications were clear. More than that, he felt like he was being punished. Truly punished. He lowered to his knees, still clinging to the bars, his head bowing and his remorse could be seen. If it had anything directly to do with Neujmin’s reaction to this whole ordeal, it was hard to see. More likely that he was thinking about what would possibly happen to Ash.


Ash was in another cell, another part of the prison… She would swear she was in another place if she wasn’t seeing the same people and treated to the same ugly circumstances. They had been sternly instructed to bandage the wounds they’d inflicted on her, and toss her in the reserved cell. She had more than just bandages over her forearms where the screws had been firmly embedded, binding her to the chair itself. There was all kinds of gauze and stitching all over her body, she almost looked like a patchwork doll. Albeit a demonic one.

She heard someone approaching, but as someone who has gone through a great deal of trauma - just today - she couldn’t be bothered to even set up from her position on the only solid wall in the new cage. They had taken the liberty to enact bodily harm onto her as a punishment they saw fit after realizing her electricity was what had been to kill the doctor. Still, she somehow knew it was for her. The polished shoes that appeared before her and the bulking body that was her master only confirmed this.

She groaned from behind a swollen jaw and stared back from bruised eyes. Her whole face looked terrible, absolutely tired. She looked as good as you'd expect someone that just came back from the highest level of reconditioning would. Maybe worse.

“Well, you look like shit.” He said, gruffly.

He could see her trying to debate if talking back was worth the pain it would force upon her. “Your mother.” Apparently, it was worth it.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, entertained by the idea that her attitude was still so fully intact. “I see. Not even the specialist could break you..” He mocked.

“Bite me.” She said, not even concerned about the repetitiveness of her words. Then her head lulled back.

Neujmin became quiet. The kind of silence that comes just before the storm. It forced Ash to look back at him. “You are being put in the ring tomorrow.” He finally explained, then stood there as if he expected another smart-mouthed retort. When all he got was her glaring, he felt like he could continue anyway. “You’re boyfriend’s been grounded, and you bullet wound has been healed. I don’t see anything stopping me from throwing your prissy ass in there, so be prepared to go in the morning.” He added, pulling his large hands from the cage he’d been casually touching. He paused once more, expecting her to respond. She didn’t. He couldn’t tell if that was good news or a terrible omen. “I expect you to fare better than him since you cost the most.” It was the last comment he managed before pulling away completely and walking back the way he’d come.

Ash just blinked at the empty spot. At first, it was because it was the only thing she could do. Then it was because she was exhausted... Quickly, she was finally able to rest.
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Deals between Demons

Neujmin stepped in after a set of lesser demons who were dragging Ash off the field by the crooks of her elbows. Again. Her hair was a mess, matted with blood and dirt. Her body covered in dark ink-colored blood, and swollen behind deep bruising of mold yellow. Her body limp from being barely conscious.

He wondered again if he had made a mistake purchasing the two new primes for the millionth time. The two lessers dragged her lower half across the dirt covered floor, before dropping her upper half into a trough. Her head disappeared for a surprisingly long moment, then her hands come back to life, gripping the edges and she lifted up ‘the little mermaid’ style by throwing her wet hair back quickly leaving scattered puddles about in the stonework floor, gasping for air. The water washes off most of the blood that has collected on her face, it turns from a navy blue to a corn-blue as the water dilutes it to nearly nothing. He watched her with a grim look of a betting kind of man who has lost all the races.

"You and that human would probably be better off as labor or sex slaves." He said bluntly, moving over so they could face each other. It wasn't out of respect, mind you. No matter how similar they looked, he held the power despite her attitude about it all. She only stared at him breathing heavy breaths, which Neujmin thought was unusual because she was usually a talker. He kept going. "He's doing about as good as you are, you're both total shit at this fighting thing, no wonder your asses were banished."

She looked him dead in the eyes, though it was hard to see it wasn't hard to feel. She spat some stray water out on the ground, it was dyed the color blue like your stereotypical depiction of water... There was a long silence even after that, one that demanded he not say a single word before she did. "I could have fucking told you that." She said, then weakly leaned over the trough. The light was just enough to reflect off the surface and she could see the shadow of her image in the dancing waves of black. "In fact, I think I did."

As soon as she gets pinned, she was useless. One on ones in a limited area wasn't her forte. She liked to do circles around her opponents. If she remembered anything about Desman, he wasn't that mobile. But that staying power... She'd kill to have that for a match if she could kill anything of importance. Actually, come to think about it, he probably would fair better than her.

"He should be putting up more of a fight than that." She stated, looking up as if she caught him in a lie. Her face was covered in bruises from her beating still, her whole body looked like she’d gone toe-to-toe with 6 opponents in a row. She hadn’t.

Neujmin just adjusted his weight again. "He's not. As fighters, you'd probably be sold faster. You have a lot of interesting moves. He's pretty standard, sword and blaster. Thing is, I bet I can get more money if I sold you to a harem." His comments were dry of any emotion other than buyer's remorse, but he ran his greedy eyes over her body again.. "I don't know if he will even be good in a mine. He's not terrible looking, maybe some succubus bitch will buy him off me." He said absently, wondering how good of a deal he could get for the more mouthy slave.

Ash could find Desman again if they were ever really separated, but she didn't like that idea at all just the same. She didn't like this one on one shit either. She had to play this carefully. She started with a laugh. "Didn't take you to be a soft damned fool, Neujmin." She taunted, laughed again, then added: "Or that fucking desperate."

Neujmin gave her a dirty look, standing straight up now. "You know you got quite the attitude there. Someone oughta break that jaw of your's." Not like people haven’t tried.

Ash smirked. "If someone does that, I'll be useless as a whore, too.” She shifted her body, to look as appealing as a half-drowned woman with bruises all over her could. “Also, I won't be able to tell you how to make money off me and Desman the right way."

The demon wasn't amused with her first comment but stopped at her second. His eyes narrow down on her and she knew she had his attention. "You know an awful lot about him, do ya?" He said. Obviously, he didn’t trust her or her words, but he’d take any free advice he could get to deal with the losses he inherited since their purchase.

"More than you know.." She purred. "I'll tell you, for a deal."

His darkened eyes narrow onto her. There's the catch.  "What do you want?" He knew she was smarter, more cunning, and trickier than the other slaves. This dame didn’t just look like she belonged down here, she probably did. For fuck's sake, she looks like she belongs on the other side of the cage. But would she be so bold to ask for freedom? He would outright refuse that.

Ash could read his thoughts without being able to read his mind. She pouted. "Now don't be like that.” She whined, then her tone leveled to a gentle and honest one. “I'll tell you what I want if you think the information is worth a ’simple’ reward. See, Desman and I aren't that strong separately... But put us together and were pretty cool." She assured him.

Neujmin adjusted his weight to appear intimidating. "A lot of good that will do me... Rules-"

Ash cut him off, "Rules are meant to be broken, Neujmin. Don't play that game with me." She cooed with a smirk.

A smile grew on his face that showed off his fangs, then it fell back away. He liked her way of thinking, but that wasn’t going to pursue him one way or the other just yet. "We'll worry about that later, for now, I'm not convinced you two will be any better together."

"When we prove you wrong, you'll let me spend the night with him?"

Ash didn't look hopeful, but he could tell that's what she was hiding up her sleeve. She was smarter than the average slave. He took a long moment to mull it over, then he remembered the troll... "If you two can scratch the next opponent I have lined up for you, I'll make it a permanent thing that you two have a cell together." He leaned over the trough, picking her up by the chin. He watched her wince at the pain of being grabbed by her sore jaw. "But listen here sweetheart, the safety net's coming off for this fight. I'll let them kill you."

A smile bloomed onto Ash’s face. "If I die, you won't see me again." She promised.

Neujmin had to admit, he didn't mind that idea. At least he can claim ignorance in her whereabouts if she died, feint frustration about the ones that escaped. Dead or Alive, he thinks he's already lost a lot of money... "Get her out of here." He pulled his hand free and snapped at his lesser demons to take the girl back to her cage. They pulled her up to her feet, and she just grinned at him, going with them willingly this time.

He had the fight to set up...

Shots Fired

Neujmin purposely left the male slave in the dark of the whole dealings. He found it more entertaining to accuse him of not even trying and threatening to sell him off if he didn’t pick up the slack, as well as informing him that his girlfriend wasn’t promised to come with him either. It did a great deal to rile him up, but because there was no fight for him to take anything out, he had to stew in it. All the same, he thought the female had too much faith in the kid and did his best to test this.

When the day came to put them both in the ring they started out in separate gates, he didn’t want them planning anything out beforehand. Another reason to have kept them apart from each other after the whole breaking into the reforming labs. He was sure to ‘ground’ the man for a while after all that. As far as Desman was concerned this was just another mock-fight.

To his surprise, Ash entered one of the gates opposite of him. She was still covered with half-hearted bandages and bruises, her hair pulled back in a ponytail for once. Not to his surprise, a third person appeared as well - a masculine figure that looked like he was made of muscle and shadow. They could make out his face - or more accurately his mask. With 3 sets of glowing eyes, two sets of horns, and no mouth to speak with he was certainly a sight. He took the required steps he needed to enter the arena, but then he raised his hand to summon a gun and slowly began to load it.

Meanwhile, Desman felt the more pressing urge to make a straight line for Ash. The ground began to quake under his footfalls, but he thought it was merely the integrity of the earth. To his surprise though, Ash moved towards him, so when she was within reach of him he threw his arms around her desperately, only barely able to keep himself from throwing his new weight into her and possibly knocking her to the ground.

This made Ash stop, a bit surprised. Only for him to start sobbing and then break whatever illusion the hug might have induced. She lifted her hands up to hover over his muscular back which shook and jerked as he held back the tears but not the emotion. She knew what she was expected to do, to comfort him. She also knew they didn’t have time for this.

She was on the verge of action. "H-how are you doing?" Desman was surprisingly the first to break this sound of sobbing. It was worded exactly the same as a greeting someone would use on a buddy they hadn't seen in a couple of days, but the delivery, there was something there. Something deep, something sad, something specific.

Very little in this world could surprise Ash, but his attempts at normalcy left her a bit stunned. She expected him to whine and wail like a child who was scared without his security blanket. She never claimed to be a person who was right most of the time. Her hands made contact with his back, her soft hands caressed his scars and she realized that the demon who had bought them hadn’t gone easy on him.

She hugged him tightly if only to reaffirm his beliefs that she was his friend. Reconnect with him, if only briefly. She buried her face into his mess of hair, breathing him in deeply if only to steel herself for what she had to do. Then she grabbed him by the shoulders firmly and pushed him away so she could look him in the eyes. “Desman.” She felt the adrenaline began to course through her, she took on a serious look herself. “Desman, fuse with me.”

“What?” Desman asked, confused between sniffling.

“We have to fuse. We have to-”

“Why?” Desman’s face twisted in suspicion.

“Why!?” Ash said, then glanced away, something rumbling under her foot. She got the sense that there’s a lot more to this than just the guy loading his gun. “Desman, just do it.” She said, turning to face him, her tone serious and different than her usual way of talking.

The fact that he didn’t know how to in this form was a secondary thought to the human. He was starting to become very concerned about this person. While he was used to Ash dodging questions, he was having a hard time believing she wouldn’t just come out and tell him why they had to fuse. “No.” He finally said. A firm, harsh ‘no’.

Ash contained her frustration with him well. “Why not?”

“How do I know you aren’t just some mimic?” He asked, trying to buy time and trying to decide if he could trust her.

“Seriously?” Ash asked, pushing him off her. “What do you have to do to prove it to you?” But that was a rhetorical question, she suddenly wanted to punch him. Something made her stop, and change gears. “You like when I hack you, then fine.”

She begins to summon her Cyberdeck, but he grabs her arm and pushes it down out of her vision. “That’s not going to work.” He said getting a bit closer to her face than he intended. “Besides, you are the one who’s always avoiding the conversation. You never want to talk! Not about your feelings, not about your plans! I get it, you want action, but if you’d just asked me to go to Coruscant with you we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

A flash of recognition crossed her face, and she realized what was going on. She ripped her arm free of him, and she was about lay into him - though it wasn’t yet clear if it would be her words or her fists - their opponent was finished loading his gun.”You motherfu-!”

The sound of a small explosion echoed through the entire arena as the gun was shot. There was less than a second between it firing and it hitting its target, but it all slowed down for Desman as he watched the bullet slam into the side of Ash’s head. He watched her get picked up off her feet and launched away from him. He watched as midnight-blue liquid left a lingering trail in the air.

Then time became relevant again and she was on the ground in a crumpled mess, the cobalt liquid just a splatter against the dusty ground. And the assassin slowly approaching him while aiming the gun.

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Guns and (con)Troll

“Ash!” Desman heard himself yell as he reached his hand out for her by sheer instinct. He saw her body, bloody, lifeless. His fist soon closed in anger, his heart began beating faster and faster. Dark hurt her, the space marine hurt her, the guards hurt her, the squid-face doctor hurt her, and now the arena has hurt her. Each time, Desman somehow trapped, unable to do a thing to stop it, but not this time! He was free, he had no cage, and the attackers?

They were going to pay the price for it.

The feelings of enraged anger grew as the area surrounding Des grew hotter and hotter until suddenly, the air surrounding Desman shot up in flames. This caused even the sniper to take a step back in surprise, a sense of dread washing across them. As he saw the flames separate to reveal his opponent, unmoved and unflinching, the gunman felt intimidated. Desman couldn't feel the heat of the flames surrounding him, he barely could see them past the red. Whether that was because there was no burning, or he didn’t give enough shits at the moment to care about the pain was a question that could not make it into Desman’s mind at that moment, for at that moment, his mind was only filled with one thought: Revenge.

The human valiantly rushed at the sniper, his new cape made of flaming cotton flapping behind him like he was some anime protagonist. And like an anime protagonist, you knew he was gonna hit hard. He summoned pirate sword was in his hands, it’s black energy blade also alight with ebony flames.

As impressive as this was, the gunman didn’t flinch. He squeezed and held the trigger. Desman dodged to the left at the last minute, the bullet barely grazing his face. His toes tore through the sand just before another bullet struck it. Then with a flourish of acrobatics, he did not remember possessing, the protagonist of this story jumped through the demon’s horns while twirling in the air. His blade cut clean through the barrel of the gun as it was squeezed once more. A small explosion of fire ruptured in the demon’s hand, damaging the appendage beyond use, the blooming flames casting Des’ shadow across the now closed off wall.

Unlike the laws of karma, his anger would not be satisfied with just disarming this fool. When the light at his back faded, the human turned around to slice through his back, only to be met face to face with another gun. Crimson blood oozed onto the ground, the previously used hand turned to a jagged stump, the liquid already turning into a small puddle in the sand. Amber eyes narrowed in on him, he was not afraid.

All at once, the trigger was squeezed and the cutlass moved. The normally docile human flicks his wrists and the flaming energy blade cuts the arm in two. Not before the demon shot the gun, but just as he did so that the arm moved up while his head ducked down. The bullet left a crater in the wall behind him, but the limb fell to the ground with a soft thud, the gun clattering against the stone.

The demon just took a step back, closer towards the center of his soon to be deathbed.

“You think that you can beat me?!” Desman’s voice was rough and coarse as he approached the demon, but clear and loud; Demanding attention. “You think that after all you and this place have done to me, - ...to her? - that I’m going to let you walk out of here in a condition that’s better than the one you put my friend in!?”

Desman’s opponent didn’t say a word but even as he silently backed away from the human, he did not carry a sense of fear. It bothered Des, but not because he was worried. He guessed there had to be something else, it had been too easy. The sniper’s stumps press against his chest, and without making a noise himself his body began to change. There was a snapping noise, something like bones breaking, and a sick noise shell being ripped off soft flesh. Suddenly two limbs unfold from his back, and as they did, two guns aimed straight for the human slave, the mask’s jaw coming unhinged and the skull tilting to leave an unsettling impression on anyone else who was watching. It appeared to be an intimidation tactic or an attempt.

Desman just took a step forward and used a roundhouse kick to disarm the creature that was not afraid of him, but it should've been. Grabbing his opponent and lifting him up with one hand, Desman finished his monologuing. “You see, I don’t do justice. Just not really my thing, see, it’s inconvenient to be the hero all the time, especially with assholes like you making things difficult for me. No, I do something much more satisfying, something with excellent results. I do vengeance; Do you wanna know why?” The human thrust his cutlass into the demon's chest, before bringing the body in close to whisper the last words they would ever hear. “Cause I’m the bad guy.”

The demon didn’t exhibit fear, or remorse. It barely moved as it was pierced and engulfed in licorice colored flames. Where Desman might have wished, or just expected, to hear cries of pain and anguish he would be only slightly disappointed. The shadow demon he pierced made a noise, it was a grunt of pain that echoed out because of the demon’s speech pattern. It sounded more like a growling.

Strangely it sounded as if it wasn’t coming from him at all, but from under the ground. It sounded like gravel scraping along the rock, but deep and earth as well as like pebbles clinking against pebbled. Then he could feel the ground moving under his feet, sand shifting under his soles. A shadow ran across him, something in front of them towered over the two and created a darkening that stretched out to the stone barrier. When he looked up, unamused by any cheap trick he thought the wounded demon was pulling, only to see a mountain rising from behind, his jaw slackened and he was paying very close attention to it now.

Beady glowing eyes looked back at him from the giant figure that now loomed over them both. The human’s eyes glared back before looking him up and down or would have. When Desman looked down at the Troll’s feet, his heart stopped upon seeing the limp body of Ash still rag-dolled there in the sands. Suddenly nothing mattered more to him than getting her out of danger’s way. He lifted his bare foot and pushed the skull-headed demon off his blade, before leaping over the fallen body and trying to make a straight line for his friend.

Before this, however, one of the newly grown arms lunged out and grabbed him by the ankle, making our not-so-much-a hero face plant into the sand, kicking up a small cloud as he does.

They felt the ground tremble as the Troll lifted and dropped his foot into the earth. Panic erupted in Desman’s heart and he threw up his head to check Ash’s body. He missed her by a few feet. But he had no time to calm down, the other demonic hand reached up and clawed at his leg. The human rolled over and with his free foot began curve-stomping his face repeatedly. And kept doing so even as he felt the mask-like face breaking under his barefoot, only until he was let go did he stop and scramble back to his feet.

By then the gigantic creature had loomed a bit closer, shaking the arena with each step. It was like thunder shaking the whole place, sand shifted and fell from the fixtures above. Its body blocked a set of lights, casting a looming shadow over the players.

At this time Desman was on his feet and ready to rescue Ash once more, the Troll was staring him down. He froze, not wanting to really be caught by the giant. To his surprise, the demon from behind him has retrieved one of the still workable guns and began to unload the clips into the creature’s stony hide. As you would imagine, this didn’t end well. The troll passed Desman up to turn to the demon who had not been aware of the additional fighter and stepped closer to threaten it. Meanwhile, Desman slipped past the behemoth and sought the woman who he’d risked his life already several times to help.

Behind him, as he scrambled away from the scene, both enemies were fighting one another. It was unimpressive, a creature that towered over a wounded one was a one-sided fight all day. However, it was enough of a distraction for Desman to ever want. He glanced back just in time to watch the sniper manage some trick with his guns that locked the troll up. Unfortunately, this meant that massive creature was easy to topple over. And it did.

The fight only happened 50 feet away, at most, so when the troll fell due to uneven terrain Desman could already tell there was going to be a big event. Instinct, something he hasn’t had to experience for a time, told him to flee the area. Like when animals knew a storm was about to hit. He doubled his efforts to reach Ash in time, but already cause and reaction was happening. The same as when he feels himself but on a larger scale, sand picked up from the piles and began to ripple through the air. He just reached her side when they were both swallowed up by the storm.

When the dust cleared, Desman was clutching his princess in distress in one arm and was dangling from one section of the continuously wrapping wall that was there to protect those who have come to watch by the other. He made a mental note that not even his master was present in the stands, which was unusual since he was always watching. Or at least claimed to be. Only there was a time and a place, and he had to keep the creature among the sands in sight. Or as close to that as he could.

He heard Ash whimper in her pained state, this created both panic and revenge to cease… At that point, he only cared to know if Ash would pull out of this. “Ash?” His hushed voice caught in his throat.Then he seized the moment and forced himself up and over the edge of the wall. When he landed on his ass, he propped his back against the momentary shield and hugged her with both arms.

Ash groaned as she was crushed against his chest. Though it was hard to understand if it was out of pain or pleasure.

He didn’t know if gratitude was what drove him to do so, or fear. He ran his hands along her back as he squeezed her tighter to him. Finally, all the pent-up emotions burst like a common beaver dam. He broke down in tears and began to sob uncontrollably as he cried, his face against her shoulder.

She groaned, half whining. “Des…” She pushed weakly against his chest. He could have held her if he wanted, but he let her pull away. He stared down at her past blurry vision and reddened eyes. “Why do you cry so much…?” Her question sounded rhetorical, mostly because it was. Except she was generally curious right after asking the question. She frowned and reached up. Her fingers were cold, and dirty, leaving sand colored smudges as she wiped the tears from his cheek.

Fresh tears fell from his eyes, undoing the little work she’d done to clean him up. He grabbed her by the head, ready to kiss her passionately; Until she let out a pained noise and pulled back. He felt something slick on his hand and glanced down to see the smearing of blue across his palm... He was reminded of the blood that he’d seen when she’d been shot, realizing that it hadn’t been just a nightmare...

He reached up to help her stop the bleeding, but she just pushed it back, away from her gently but quickly. He watched sensitivity swirl in her eyes and could sense distrust forming. He had no idea how to react to that look in her eyes but had to help her. “What’s wrong?” He begged…

“My horn..” She whispered as if she was afraid to say it out loud…

He looked up, wondering how sensitive they were that that hurt… Then he saw the damage. There was was a decidedly big chip missing, and a large crack in the side. He imagined it could just be snapped off with enough force at this point. He reached up gently, shushing her when she tried to pull back. “Hold still.” He asked gently, combing his fingers through her hair and pulling it up. Quickly finding where the bullet had ricocheted off the horn and grazed her skull. He immediately understood that if she had not had them curving the way they did, she would have been dead.

He stared, then opened his mouth to say more, only for the angry cry of animalistic frustration to shake the wall that his back was against. They both heard the Troll as it lifted itself up from the ground with sounds of rage. They didn’t see or hear it but guessed the noises they had heard was it grabbing a large boulder from the ground. As it came barreling at the stone seats of the Colosseum. A full section was now a crater, the rock still wedged in its place. He decided that it wasn’t time to worry about her horn.

Ash looked back into his face, making eye contact. He couldn’t see it, he could feel it. “Desman, you gotta fuse with me. It will make this fight easier.” She said, looking pathetic. Either on purpose or by chance.

The human looked back at the humanoid with regret, shaking his head as the monster roared out behind them. “I… I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t?” Ash asked in a hushed and desperate tone, even grabbing his shoulder. “Please… Please, Desman.”

The man’s red hair fell in his face as he lowered his head. “I can’t, Ash. I don’t know how. I… I just can’t. It’s not the same as before, where you could just plug into me.” He shook his head, the red curtain in front of his eyes shifting across his closed lids. “I wouldn’t even know how to achieve that in this body.”

Ash stopped, to look him over. She recognized him instantly because she’s seen him before but evidently began to process what he meant finally. He felt her body sink into his arms until finally, even her head laid on his shoulders. He dared not to look up, but she wouldn’t be looking his way anyways. The silence was filled with another boulder being tossed into the stands, apparently on the other side of the arena. The human squeezed her tighter to him protectively. The creature was seeking out its prey, blindly. The Storm Demon let out a heavy breath.

One of the few animes she’d sat down long enough to watch had a fusion mechanic as well. She let out a sarcastic laugh as she reimagined the goofy dance, sure it was merely for comical relief. “We could always dance together…” She said with only a hint of sarcasm. But when she thought about it, sex was like a dance. They even called it ‘the mattress mambo’. Should she suggest they fuck each other, too? He might take it literally.

“Dance? Can you… can you even do it with your injuries?” It was obvious that Des was more concerned about Ash then whether her plan would work or not. It was sort of cute how he was so willing to go along with her, like a lost puppy.

Ash seemed tired and out of it until she scoffed at him very blatantly. “If I can dance on a pole with a headache all night, I think I can deal with this.” She said, making light of her injury. It sure as hell hurt, but only if you touched her horn… Then she raised her head and gave him a confused look. “Why?” Her voice taking on a very different tone. Did he really think that was going to work? She was going to have to do some of that stupid fru-fru ballet, wasn’t she?

“I mean you seemed pretty confident in the idea so…” Desman was always one to be carried away by enthusiasm, whether it was his own or someone else's, and this time seemed to be no exception.

Ash groaned at the realization. “Fine… But I’m not leading.” Said, basically telling him he better know what he was doing. And he should. “And we better hurry before the big guy back there destroys our stage.”

“Oh come on, we both know you can move around angelically on no matter how unstable the surface.” Desman said cockily as she pulled he to her feet, soon pulling her with his arm wrapped around her back as the other held her hand, in truth he was hoping to distract her enough to remember the steps, he hadn’t danced in ages.

Ash knew he was just flattering her, but she couldn't help but enjoy it in the midsts of danger. She allowed him to pull her up, especially since she was a little shaky on her legs. She took his hand and draped her arm over his shoulder, her body reacting like a bad habit. “I was worried about you, not me.” She teased, pulling her hair across her crown before taking the position again. “Ready?” As if she knew he needed a minute.

“Y-Yeah.” Desman gulped as he started moving his feet, around the floor. “One, two, three. One, two, three…” He muttered under his breath as he focused on his feet, anyone could tell he wasn’t very good at this.

Ash let out a soft laugh when she realized what he was doing, which Desman could hear with a strange clarity as another boulder was flung at another part of the audience stands. She took her hand off his shoulder to lift his head up by the chin, which sported a full beard at this point. “Relax.” She addressed gently, then put her body much closer to his if only to keep herself steady on her feet. If they thought about it, that would be for the best. Staying close would ensure the best results to a fusion, logically anyways. “One, two, three…” She said softly, just loud enough for him to hear. “One, two, three.”

The human managed to slowly lift his head up for his eyes to meet up with hers, as they did so, the fears and worries slowly slipped away from Desman, the surroundings almost completely vanishing from his mind and vision. She was in his arms, safe, protected... He would never let her go. Never again.

The only thing that pulled him out of his trance was the light coming out of his chest, and the darkness coming out of hers. “D-does that mean it’s working.” The question was rhetorical of course, there was no way either of them could have the answer. The light and darkness grew larger, eventually pushing into each other as they covered their respective owners, neither of them doing anything to stop it; It felt right, it felt natural.

Desman felt himself being pulled into her, like she was his new center of gravity, eventually becoming indistinguishable from where their bodies met. The merging of their physical bodies was something they’d both experienced before, their only true sign that it was correct - which was a bit of a surprise to both the Morality Mirrored Humanoid and the Once-Before-Robot. An illumination formed between the two, casting light outward that consumed the two until they were just silhouettes. The light became so intense it was like trying to see into the sun, anyone who was watching would have to look away; anyone who was not paying attention was instantly drawn to the source of beaming light.

A rainbow of colors streams out of the center like the rays of the sun, reaching each corner of the Colosseum and banishing any shadow it caressed. When it all faded, or more so the rays receded, orbs of all shades and hues danced around the entire area. Finally, a single figure stood where two once had. He was a tall and handsome figure with a cheeky grin and a surprisingly amount of hair which faded from bright red roots to black tips in an ombre effect. His black horns - one which had a small scuff where Ash’s would have been cracked - held a proud triangular captains’ hat, which he picked up politely as a greeting to his new audience. Apparently Ash’s showmanship and Desman’s hint of cockiness merging for his hello.
The hat appeared more fitting for a female, broad black front with an elaborate skull and crossbones with tribal accents. Fore metal studs on either corner to connect with the next flap, and in the right side a beautiful silk red rose pin pierced the hat and pinned a teal ribbon bow with five folds in total - 3 on one side, 2 on the other - and the last bit of ribbon hanging in a tattered mess down to his shoulder.

Black Ash placed it back on his head, the hair magically floated in mid-air, like a slow moving fire. Heat radiated from his body, but this was more felt than seen. He wore form-fitting cloth that was both dashing and cosmetically new, which covered most of his burnt red skin. It started with a  powder blue silk shirt, pulled open to reveal his flawless chest. Over that, a low cut teal blue vest with gold trim, elastic bands on the inside held it closed and tight against his body. A pristine black and gold admiral’s jacket with a high collar and rope-like accents on the shoulders. This look was completed with skin-tight trousers, knee-high cuff and buckle boots which had a thin steel heels, and several other decorative accessories including dozens of rings, necklaces, and even gold accents to his horns.

Colorless eyes stared back at the troll, eager to get back into the swing of things, and with a snap, his cutlass appeared once more in his right hand. “That’s almost as good as sex.” He said, swishing against the air, but it was pretty clear he was not talking about the sword. Exactly what he was comparing to sex was lost.

It was also interrupted by a very impatient and giant creature screaming something he could not understand his direction and picking up a house-sized boulder.

“Well, that’s not good.” He said, in something that mimicked cocky sarcasm, before also summoning The Red Devil’s Claw, swinging it expertly with his left hand. “Alright big guy, let’s get this party started.” He grinned, and before the chunk of a mountain was thrown, the hook was tossed to wrap around the Troll’s arm.


“Well, well, well. If I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it.” His shifting eyes turned to one of the people that had witnessed their accomplishment and was still bewildered. The demon had a good head on his shoulders, as he didn’t run off to tell everyone. He would have to be taken care of. Neujmin turned back to his star players. He lit his cigar with a magical flame, puffing at it for a moment before letting the flames go out.

Their master had a large meaty hand, one reaches up and grabs a lock of her ebony hair and pulls it close enough to rub his thumb and index finger together, spreading it and seeing how bad it actually was. He imagined she could summon up a way to fix that. “Well, congratulations you two.” He said, but looked like he was just talking to Ash. Especially being so focused on her as he was. “As agreed upon, you will be rewarded for your success.” He took a drag, all but ignoring Desman at this point.

Ash, however, visibly perked up from her exhausted and wounded state at this news. If she noticed Desman’s confusion she didn’t show it. She took on a pleased look, even her tail coiled in anticipation. It all left a bad taste in Des’ mouth.

“But how about I get you some clean water to wash up first.” He flicked her hair back over her shoulder. “You're filthy.” He growled, and then turned away from them, walking away as he waved. “Take him to his cage, bring her with me.”

Desman’s jaw dropped. When he saw his logic flashing over Ash showing signs of agreeing with him - particularly picking up her hair and sniffing it then looking away because it apparently did smell - jealousy hit him like a bag of bricks. Although it was hard to say he knew he was feeling envious or if it was just a blind rage towards a man who seemed to have her attention. He didn’t even have time to respond before his guard yanked him back towards the dank and moldy basement while Ash looked eager to do whatever they had agreed on.

Ash’s Prize, Desman’s Pride.

If he were a lion, bear, or tiger, he would be prowling his cage. As it were now, he paced. Desman’s mind raced with uncomfortable visions of Ash with Neujmin, bouncing up and down on his lap while her black hair fanned across her back. He seethed, it sickened him to think about Ash with the man that bought them, but the idea of Ash’s naked form turned him on. Imagining her in his lap was a lot easier to do, and more enjoyable - but it fed his troublesome hardon, which was ridiculously uncomfortable, probably due to the fact he spent nearly half a decade without one.

He was so consumed with what could be this reward that Neujmin was talking about that he didn’t notice how much time has passed, and was barely aware that he was not alone. Somewhere among the halls and halls of this place, there were other slaves like himself, but the guard duty barely showed their face in his area. So when he heard the signs of guards, while distracted he was curious.

He watched as Ash was escorted down the hall. He momentarily forgot all his problems, just happy to see her. However, quickly he noticed the bounce in her hair and the shine on her horns. Yet, despite the images, he couldn’t shake of her and that… That demon, he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she could be.

Ash’s body was swallowed up in a black satin robe that tied tightly around her waist with a red bow. He could just make out red garter straps that held up her nylon stockings, and among the normal metal clanking, there was a tapping of plastic against the floor by her dangerous looking heels. They approached his cage, and she looked away at her old cage as if she was waiting to be let in after a romp with the master - showing off the red satin bow in her curled locks, only for the key to slide into his locked door and twist. He still didn’t quite understand what was going on, even as it creaked open and she was let inside.

He felt insulted she’d be returned to him after her playtime with Neujmin, but damn it was hard to be mad when she hid behind her soft raven-colored hair. She was obviously posing for him, hugging her body in a subtly shy sort of way, until the guards left them alone, only standing far enough away to give them some privacy. The sex demon brushed her hair past her shoulders as she looked up at the taller human, then touching herself through the robe she found the knot at her waist. He watched as she untied it, his face growing hotter by the moment and a confusion and bitterness that slowly faded.

When she was done, she opened the robe wide to reveal her full outfit; A lacey red babydoll nightie with a split down the front center to show off a heart-shaped ruby navel ring, and a low riding red thong that was layered with frilly lace, across it was a fishnet garter belt, red straps reaching down her thighs and holding onto the nylon stockings for dear life. She stood on red and black snakeskin stilettos with impossibly high metal heels. She looked up at him, flashing a small smirk with snake-bitten red painted lips and waited for his reaction while she slid the robe off her naked shoulders. “Well?” She teased, running her hands along his chest as she stepped closer, stopping at his shoulders.

“You look… you look…” Desman was legitimately unsure of what to say to her. She had obviously dressed up for him judging by her question, but the clothes didn’t matter to him all that much. They did manage to distract him from his anger at her though, at least for a little bit.


Desman woke up with Ash in his arms, only half aware of how this happened. He remembered being frustrated with her, he remembered being angry for a while before finally just giving in to her encouraging urges. His hand traced her spine lazily while he tried to sort it all out, and he came to the truth of things. She had used him... His blood began to boil again, to the point that he almost had the mind to grab her by the horns - again - and shake her.

His intentions must have been filled with enough of his ill intent that she woke up out of pure instinct. Her tail whipped back to life, her body wound tightly around his and she let out a sultry groan as he felt her naked body move against his. He looked away from her. "What's wrong this time?" She said sleepily, her persona either slipping more or crumbled away entirely for all that mattered to him. Her words burned his ego.

"I can't believe it." He spat his whole body tense. She would notice quickly, but he didn't care to give her the chance. His jaw was tight and tears burned his eyes. "I've been told all my life to be careful who I trust, and I've been taught that lesson several times over, but even so I never thought I would be used by you like this." His tone was that of anger threatening to breach the edge of the glass, his words held the feeling of confrontation and tasted like bitter poison to his tongue. He grew tired of this game, whatever game it was she was playing. He liked to think he knew what rules she was playing at by now but who really knew?

Despite his trembling, he wasn't afraid, not at that moment; not even as she slid from his grip and wore the face of someone else who was about to, or has already snapped. However... Despite her demonic features, there was much human behind those horns and piercings, and he was not aware of the heartbreak he was about to endure.

"Use you?" She tossed back at him, with an even tone, any drowsiness within her has long left her with his accusations.

Accusations that were his right to make, dammit!

He sat up quickly, not willing to fight her physically, but determined to fight her verbally. With dignity of course! His temper held firm though, he was beyond angry at her now. She had used him, and probably not the first time! "Yes!" He raised his voice, enough to alert everyone and everything in the room that they were awake.

He watched as his level of new frustration even shook the unshakable Storm Demon. She was a wall, a stone grey wall that he watched buckle. At first, he was satisfied that he finally got a reaction out of her that wasn't sarcasm or sexual, but then as her face of ice fractured and he saw what looked like honest pain coming through he felt nothing of the sort.

Her breathing intensified like she could break apart entirely at any moment, finally, an action was decided. "Use you how Des? Like a coping mechanism? Like a big fucking anchor?" Each question had a little extra hurt to it, ounces of emotion that weren’t there prior.

She had always seemed honest with him, but never this vulnerable. He looked up to see one of the recognized guards approach the cage and begin to open it, but he couldn't concentrate on anything else but her words and her face... She stared him down, the flames of his newly acquired fire doused by the pureness of her vulnerability.

He realized he'd reacted a bit harshly, a bit hastily... All a bit too late. Her analogy struck him the hardest, especially because it felt like he'd gotten what he wanted from her. This whole time he just wanted to help her deal with what they did to her. He knew she was tough, but he didn't realize how much just being with him must have meant to her until that moment. Distracted, he watched as the guard grabbed her, expecting her to fight like she always did.

To everyone's surprise, she didn't.

She allowed herself to be pulled to her feet so easily that the guard didn't even know how to handle it, pausing to see if it was real. Giving her enough time to stare Desman down. "I'm so fucking sorry." She finally lashed out, but then turned away and half lead the way out herself.

He was left there holding his shattered pride, soaked to the bone with guilt. She didn't even look back.

Completed Deals

Cigar smoke trailed behind the nicely dressed demon that was Neujmin, he wore a wickedly pleased smile that cut his face from ear to ear. The troll he’d pit them against had been a rough plan to kill them off and clean his hands off the two. Never would he imagine the two scratching it, let alone that they would be defeat it. Defeating it was unheard of, for the most part. It required power, a power he did not normally hold onto for very long but clearly he had a pair of trump cards.

And to make matters better? He killed off the only two who could spread the rumors.

Now to reward the fighters. He had let the woman sleep with her mate like she wanted, with instructions for the guards to take her back to her cage across the property when they were done. He’d been waiting for her, ready to deal with a prideful and satisfied woman who has on more than one occasion given him too much lip. (Honestly, the problem with her was that you couldn’t punish her. Or so he strongly believed.) To his surprise, even though she smelt like she’d enjoyed herself, she looked more defeated than she had ever appeared to be in the short time he knew her. It was almost alarming... After all, he was in no mood to let them go now.

With some half-cocked threats and lewd remarks, she’d perked up enough to snap at him and return to her usual uppity self. He left her that morning with a warning to be packed and ready to move in two days. She scoffed back at him and told him to just come and get her. Whatever bothered her wasn’t bad enough to erase her sense of self. She was aware that he could smell blood in the water and chose to pretend she wasn’t injured. He liked that.

Now he leads her towards her new home, a few floors up from the gutters, where the cages looked more like prison cells. Nicely lined up, outer cells having 3 solid walls, inner cells having two. There were hallways and armed guards that walked the same paths each day. One passed them nodding to Neujmin as they did. He slowly nodded and tipped his hat with the cigar holding hand. It wasn’t a big show, but enough to be noticed.

“Demons showing demons respect,” Ash commented coldly, looking away from the hall at the cells she passed. Most of them were empty. “Don’t see that a lot.”

“You aren’t really a demon, from what I’ve been told,” Neujmin said, his voice purring and honestly turning her on a bit.

He threatens to throw her to the sex-hungry wolves, but the worse he’s done is check her body out while she was half - or more - naked. Despite how willing she would be. “I meant in general.”

“Sure you did.” He said, turning to face her. His eyes were hard to see in the shade of his hat, but she held them. “Maybe one day you can get your hands in this business, that is if you can ever pay for your freedom, then we can talk as equals.” He said to her before taking a drag off his cigar and flicking the ashes at a cell. “For now, I hope you enjoy your new living quarters. And if anyone asks about any special treatment, I have faith that you will tell them to properly fuck off.”

It was at this that they rounded a corner and approached a cell that was already wide open and bare of any personality other than the lone human who stood in the middle being un-cuffed by one of the guards his master sent to retrieve him. Neujmin waited for them to leave the cell before waving her in. Ash had no bindings, but she hesitated after locking eyes with Desman. She had to be nodded in before she stepped past the gate and laid her pillow down on the bed that was held off the wall by chains. “I’ll be back after you two have settled in.” He said, then the guards closed the gate, locked it, and they were left alone once more.

Desman seemed to have cleaned up a bit since the last time they saw each other. He wore a spotless white shirt now, new jeans, and red hoodie. Not because he was cold, but because crisp white shirts tended to need something added or else it was a blinding scene.

Ash remained with her back to him, she was not as destroyed by the event from the other night as people might think, but Desman would notice with clear insight that she had been affected. At some point he might notice he has a lot more empathy when he was present around her, his only guess was she had the ability to read people in her reservoir of secrets.

Desman rubbed the back of his neck roughly, wondering what to say if anything.

Desman finally built up enough courage to talk. “L-look Ash, I don’t expect you to forgive me but… I overreacted yesterday and I’m sorry. That’s… that’s all I wanted to say so… I’ll go over there and leave you alone forever now.”

Her eyes roll at him, her body slowly turned. It looks like effort had to be put into this turn, but Ash did it. She grabbed his wrist to stop him, but stubbornly remained silent, confusion crossed the man’s face and mind, but he didn't pull away. He couldn't despite her barely holding on.

He opened his mouth to say something, “A-”

“I did use you, Desman.” She said, striking him with the inability to respond. “But I thought it was what you wanted.” She let his hand slide into her’s, squeezing it gently. “I thought if I gave Neujmin a reason to keep us together…”

“Oh, so that’s why you were so pushy about fusion in that fight with the troll…” Desman used his free hand to rub the back of his head as he tried to figure out the appropriate response. “Just one thing: the part where you were hurt wasn’t part of the plan, was it?”

She finally looked up at his face, but with a look that said she didn't understand. “Oh.” The demoness touched her horn, she could remember the pain… It wasn't something she had enjoyed. “No. That was real. My Entropy magic must have kicked in.”

“Good.” He said, letting a small sigh of relief escape his lips. “Cause then I would’ve slapped you. How is your horn doing anyway?”

Ash would have scoffed at his threats, had she not been involved with her own mind. “It was healed by the time I got to you.” She said honestly, pulling him with her so she could sit on their plank style bed. She hoped it would hold him and her if they wanted to sleep with each other. “It feels like a bad bruise. But in your bone.”

Desman just continued to rub his head as he thought if what to say next. “Well, I wouldn’t know what that feels like, I have no bones.” He let out a small chuckle, it didn't help the mood at all. “...well, at least I didn’t. And the only thing I have bruised is my pride… and my ego… and my self… you know what, that’s not important right now. What is important right now is you.”

The Storm Demon softly smirked at him. She continued as if she hadn't heard him. “That and… He said I could see you again if we won that fight. And I was tired of sleeping alone…” She said softly, gently.

The once-robot just blushed for the first few seconds after being told this, he clearly knew what she was implying. “I must admit, the ground is a whole lot more uncomfortable than I remember it.”

Ash squeezed his hand a bit. “It wasn’t a fancy bed in the penthouse suite… But I enjoyed the company.” She said, giving him one last piece of unhinged honesty. He could ask her anything, and at worse, she’d stretch the truth. However, she was being truthful from her core… If he had any burning questions, now might be the best time to get an answer. While she was in the mood to answer.

Truth was, Desman really didn’t care about most of Ash’s past, she would reveal that as she felt comfortable with it, he had enough turmoil of his own to know not to push people about it, he was far more interested in her present. “There is something that’s been on my mind since… well, y’know.  Where did your name come from?”

Ash didn't really know what to expect from him, she just has decided that telling him what he wanted to know would be the best way to proceed with him. A little honesty, a little guarding of her ‘heart’, and a lot of letting him lead the conversation. But it struck her as odd that he ask her about her name. “I think my mom got it from her side of the family. Same with my sister’s. I always thought they were pretty formal.”

“No, not that one.” Desman responded, realizing he should have been clearer, to begin with. “Your real name, the one you chose.”

Desman would become very aware of the silence that took over momentarily. He could understand by her silence that she wasn't sure how to proceed with this. Then slowly she did.

Stunned by his ‘real name’ remark, she picked up her jaw first. “You mean, Ash? The Storm Demon?” He could hear a hint of surprise but nodded. Ash then adjusted in her seat, rather their bed. All without taking her hand from his. “Well… Do you want the full story, or the TL;DR version?” She asked her tone still low, her words still slow.

“Whichever you're willing to tell me.” Desman responded, his soft smile trying to be a show of comfort. “If it’s long I can even brush or braid your hair,” he added half-jokingly.

Ash was thankful for his offer but not because of his offered service. She flashed him a gentle smile back before letting go of his hand to pat the seat next to her, telling him to sit next to her if he’d like. Implying this might be a long story. He lowered himself into the seat beside him, she took his hand once more.

“I…” She tried to start, a stray thought coming to mind before she starts again. “A long time ago, there was this Pirate named Osa. Osa the Red Devil. His magic came from items more than him, but he did know how to channel and manipulate fire, though never in a big way.”

‘Eventually, he got the idea to make his own magical items. So he made a grappling hook, and dagger. Which later were considered hopelessly lost. Then I found them, or rather they found me.”

She paused to let him think about the weapons she now carried. “After I researched Osa a bit more, I decided a change of name would be appropriate considering I was throwing away my old life. I picked Ash because it sounded cool. ‘Red Devil’s Ashes’? The lingering evidence that something was there before.” She let out a soft chuckle, she didn't care so much if he thought it was cool or not. She did. And she was the only person who mattered to her.

“It fits thematically with my own abilities over electricity. But I wanted my own title like Osa. So I started calling myself Storm Demon.” Ash finished up, looking back at him and shrugging gently at it. Not much more to add.

“Makes sense.” the redhead responded nonchalantly, before adding in his own history with names. “Y’know, when I ran away from home I thought about changing my name too. Cause, now it’s the only thing that keeps me connected to my old life, so I’m sort of glad I didn’t.” The man laid down on the bed, his hands beneath his head as he stared at a nothingness behind the ceiling.

Ash would eventually crawl in beside him, she had climbed on top of him to fit in the bed with him, but she didn't mind at all being so close to his body. She was actively trying not to start anything, but she enjoyed the closeness. “Why are you glad?”

“Because I liked my old life, I miss it, I miss him…”

Ash didn't understand the idea of missing life as it was, probably because she has managed to always keep back against the world. Nothing else generally mattered to her. Yet, as he mentioned his brother - which she assumed who Desman meant by vaguely mentioning as ‘him’ - Ash instantly recalled her own flesh and blood. She laid her head against his chest, his heartbeat gently drumming against her eardrum. For the first time in her life, she said the most sincere apology. “I’m sorry, Des…”

“It’s okay…” The man said softly, putting his arm around her. “I know I need to accept it will never be that way again…”

They had but a moment of silence before they heard the rattling of their cage. Or more accurately the bars of their new cell rattle under the weight of someone large leaning on them. Ash turned over to look back, and sure enough, their master stood there, signature cigar in hand. He blew his smoke towards them before grinning a wide toothy grin. “I see you’ve settled in just fine.” He teased the two. “Enjoy it. You two have earned it.” Neujmin put his weight back on his feet, dragging his arms across the bars. “But be warned, if your performance slacks in any way, I’m taking you away from each other again.”

His threats made Desman squeeze Ash closer, but she knew better. Neujmin was more intelligent than that.


Death and Black Ash

Neujmin’s hand slapped the wall as the elevator doors were just starting to close. Inside were his new pride and wealth. The human and the humanoid, Desman and Ash. Individually they were almost worthless, but together they were priceless. It has been weeks since he discovered his gold mind, and since he had to silence those who he believed would give away the secret. He lurked a bit closer, casting his shadow into the elevator while his crimson eyes burned holes into the two.

He had caught them in the beginning embrace of one classical dance or another. He was more than aware of the reason and didn’t bother asking, but he watched as the sheepish male pull the female closer, and of course, the female glared up at him with straight defiance. Good to see she was back to normal.

His shoulders almost took up the entire width of the elevator door as he stared back at them. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I have a job to do too, ya know. Just a friendly reminder of our deal. You keep doing good, and I keep you two a thing.” He only felt the need to bring it up because of the opponent the two were facing. Specifically, the guy who’s stolen his gladiators before. Now that his fighter was getting a reputation of the highest kind and they were fighting higher tier fighters, more importantly winning those fights, he guessed this wasn’t just another fight.

Ash rolled her eyes.

She was the one he was worried about the most, she has on more than one occasion proven that she can think outside the box to get what she desires. His problem was that so far his only incentive was keeping her in contact with the male. What she saw in him was beyond Neujimin, but that didn’t really matter. If anyone put the idea in her head that she could have more than he was giving her, he was sure she’d take it.

He glared at her. “Got it?”

“Take the knot out of your panties and either get in here or let us go, we have to win this fight for you. Remember?” Ash dominated the back talk.

They stare each other down for a long dragged out minute before her master slowly slid his hand away from the sensor for the elevator, relenting to her logic. She was too smart for her own good...

Ash could hear him growling in displeasure at her statement, yet it was impossible to argue with her. That was the best part of all this surprised threatening. She grinned smugly before turning back to Desman, letting him relax before starting. “One, two, three…” She started, repeating the numbers as the human took the lead. Neujmin watched until the doors closed around them.


Black Ash stood with his hand on his cocked hip and a charismatic grin splitting his red face, it had a sense of smugness to it, but that was a part of his charm. He wore another elaborate outfit, as he tended to for fights which are generally dictated by Ash’s desire to dress up for any occasion that she could. Starting with the stiletto thigh high boots, tan in color which zip up from the back but a red ribbon crisscrossed through hidden loops to appear more complicated than they really were. Dark brown stockings reached up to about an inch from the hem of the body tight one-piece that started from the torso and ended in tight shorts around his thighs. This was barely seen as he wore a gold, brown, and red silk kimono over top of it, the sash around his waist at least 6 inches wide and tied off by a gold string. Around each forearm were cold and brown arm warmers, with red ribbons also elaborately crossing over each other to tie off at the elbows. Long red ends of the ribbons hung from his elbow to his knees. Around his neck was a scarf of red lightweight fabric with a thin gold chain entangled in the folds. This scarf tied off in the back, but seven tails of red hung down so far that it barely missed the floor by a millimeter. Gigantic gold hoops hung from his ears, thin and troublesomely big.

As always, his fiery hair drifted in an invisible wind. The only thing on top of his head today was a gold band, keeping the top half of his hair out of his face, and some gold rings along his horns. Gold and rubies adorned his fingers, multiple rings on each hand.

He stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the arena. On either side of him group of girls formed and several held notebooks against his chest. He knew what they were for, and he happily summoned Red Devil’s Quil with a snap of his finger. With crimson colored ink, Black Ash’s hand-scrawled over the paper elegantly and leaving a large B and A across it. Enjoying the fact that it was obviously the name he's taken up, but also stood for Badass.

He knew his master was waiting and watching, but he couldn’t disappoint his fans. Without fans, Neujmin wouldn’t be getting this big of a crowd. Desman’s desire to be accepted overshadows Ash’s cool composed state, neither was fully aware as they were merged completely now that Desman had a body to bond properly too. So to excuse himself, he shaped his hands into guns and shot a crowd, then one his way out he kissed his fingers and sent it to the last girl with a wink.

Poor thing fainted.

Black Ash slipped through the gates and into the arena. Most people cheered the red devil on while he kissed his hands and then spread them out in a ‘thank you’ motion to his adoring fans. He could hear some people trying to heckle him, but he was fortunate enough to have Ash’s thick skin in these situations. He just blew them kisses and waved in a pageant kind of way.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arena entered his opponent. A creature of greens and blues, both deep like the forest, and light like the sea. It was both beautiful and horrific; Ghastly but gorgeous. The creature took up a large amount of space and had three grotesquely fused heads that resembled deer skulls with smoky flesh and fur. Bobbles hung from its multitude of antlers via silver and gold chains, and white yarn. Two of the three heads were more fused together than the one on the right.

It approached with the grace of the dead, lumbering in through the gate with slow and stiff movement, towering over Black Ash. Where many have buckled under the pressure of this being, he smirked confidently and chuckled. “Hey, there big guy.” He addressed his opponent with a flirtatious tone and a wink. But the monstrous creature only grumbled in response, unintelligently. “Sure, fight now; talk later. Just feel free to call me~!” Ash shining through a bit but with Desman’s showmanship.

The creature started by trying to crush the fused warrior, slamming a thin club down where they were, but Black Ash was too quick for that. A cloud of sand erupted from the floor, a curtain of sand colored dust billowing out of the surface to properly portray how hard the creature hit. It shook the whole arena and Black Ash was reminded of his debut fight. In a snap of the fingers, he was already climbing the mossy smoke fur of the creature’s back.

Which felt like just as it looked. Black Ash could feel it moving unnaturally under the palm of his hands as the bobbles upon its horns jingle like wind-chimes. Slowly the three skulls look about for its prey, unaware of the demonic man that piggybacked upon it. Black Ash considered the creature being unintelligent and stupid, even undead in how it reacted. Slowly he climbed, careful of whatever was slithering under the veil of fur. When he reached the crook of the two heads which were mostly fused together, he was sure he was going to get away with it.

Only for the green glow of the worse of the six eyes to flare up and the ghostly looking pupil to narrow down on him. There was a moment of charge before a teal colored beam pierces the distance as well as Black Ash’s shoulder, nearly knocking the figure off and arousing the man into a moan before the blade in his hand is slammed into the neck bones.

The Red Devil’s Quill, however, only plinked off its hide the inertia of his stab forcing the blade to not only bounce back but fall from his hand. Black Ash watched as the feather-shaped blade bounced down the back of this creature. Quickly he was forced to follow as the creature shot more eye beams at him. Black Ash tumbled along the spine of the creature before slamming into the ground below, Ash’s inherited weapon inches away from his rib cage.

He took a moment to rethink his strategy while he quickly summoned his other inherited weapon, a grappling hook pixelates onto his right arm, loaded and ready. By this time, however, the creature has turned around slowly in a zombie-like shuffle and as the two face off, Black Ash is quickly taken care of by that same club slamming down against his ribs.

The fused fighter screams out in bliss as his ribs pierce his lungs, hot crimson blood explodes from his mouth and onto the club, his chest, and the sand. And so the countdown began. Before the creature could clumsily defeat him, Black Ash aimed the hook for its shoulder. Moving at top speeds the hook buries itself into whatever flesh this creature had covered its body.

The creature reeled back in pain, which picked Black Ash off the ground far enough for him to swing out of the way. Quickly, hand over hand, the demon figure raced up the chest of the skull-faced creature, grin firmly planted on his face even with the blood in the corner... It got its barring once more, his whole world shaking once it leaned back onto its feet and it almost knocked him off once more. Our hero grips the creature's body under its mossy smoke, holding on successfully, but under his hands and knees, something slithered. Black Ash’s nose wrinkled up in disgust, but he didn’t have time to be picky. The creature may look slow and stupid on the outside, but for a big guy, it was fast.

It reached up for him at first, trying to crush him against its body. Black Ash dodged by swinging off with the braided hair rope of his the Claw. Summoning the energy blade as he did and upon landing, he dug it into the creature’s side. For a moment it split the smokey fur open so that he could see the wiggling flesh underneath a moment before grazing the slithering root looking flesh that caused this creature. He watched the energy blade streak through a portion of it, the black colored blade leaving a thin, fiery-red line about 4 inches deep. But what damage was permanent or not was covered by the smoke once more.

A moment later, before his second attempt to slice through the creature the three-headed demon grabbed the thread that attached its opponent to it and pulled hard enough to free the hook from its chest. Gravity took over from there, forcing Black Ash to swing across its gut once more. True to Ash’s nature he took the opportunity and dug his blade even deeper this time. The black cutlass dug hilt deep this time and sliced a smile’s curve into the belly of the beast.

Immediately the flesh split open, a gap opening up in its lower torso as the roots were cut through. The fur parted with the body and revealed two things. The first noticeable feature was the horrid and overwhelming smell of death and decay that these roots had apparently been suppressing up until now. Secondly was the wet wiggling noises. He was apparently hollow on the inside, other than more of those roots. Neon green fluid began to spill out of the gaping maw in its stomach before the flesh came back to life, and ‘threads shot from one end of the hole before pulling it tightly back into place.

The creature itself through this whole time has dropped the hook out of reaction to the attempt at disembowelment, freeing Black Ash to quickly yank it back and swing it higher onto the creature’s body, aiming for the entanglement among its antlers. The grappling hook successfully trapped itself in the ‘limbs’ but not before sending several of the bobbles lose. What appeared to be mere decorations fell towards the earth. However, when a couple collided with the creature, even the softest bounce, the thin glass shattered and hellish fires erupted across the mossy smoke, engulfing it in flames.

Shadows played across the faces of the crowd as people pulled their faces away and shielded their eyes. The creatures pain echoed through the arena. And a moment later the process repeated as each bobble detonated upon impact. The backward stumbling of the creature pulled Black Ash through the air. The hawt flames made Black Ash nervous despite a deeper knowledge of his weapon currently being protected against this kind of treatment specifically. The shattering of glass made the creature play out a sort of dance towards the edge of the arena before the current wave of attacks were over.

Black Ash’s momentum carried him past the arena and above the spectators. As they gasped in horror and awe, he blew his adoring fan - the skulled demon from the auction - a kiss and a wink. He could almost hear the frustrated fight owner growling and plotting to kill them, but he had to keep focused, especially when he heard the purring of a chainsaw as Neujimin directed a lesser to toss the special weapon to Black Ash. The fuzed fighter grinned happily and released their light blade before catching the more solid melee weapon. He then twisted his body to better direct him back into the fight. Specifically up and around the shoulder so that the new weight dragged him down onto the collarbone.

Feet planted firmly, chainsaw sword raised and revving, Black Ash aimed for the head that seemed separated from the other two.

The rotating teeth of the blade made contact with the skull, the weight of seeming enough to crack the bone ‘mask’ but something had to be done about the possible brain on the inside. It’s hollowed voice echoed out in a gurgle of pain as the blade sank into the soft insides. The neon green slime, apparently its life blood, splattered across it and him. However, he was not foolish enough to stand in place for too long.

After a moment Black Ash pried the blade free of the skull which has gone limp, and from the outside in towards the other heads, he swept the stolen weapon cutting off most of all three by taking a few strides. It got stuck on the final neck, but the first two head tumbled off the three-story sized creature and crashed into the stone benches below, only one or two spectators unfortunate enough to gawk at the marvel of the decapitation instead of getting out of a bad situation. They became a blood smear under the incredible weight of the heads. The destruction of the arena’s audience was not spared, and with Black Ash’s record why would it be?

Two figures stood still as the leftover bobbles detach from the undead creature’s heads, among the explosions the fighter’s master’s stared each other down from a safe distance. Neujmin’s red eyes glowing in the flames while he continued to drag off the cigar in his meaty paws.

Meanwhile, the last head’s eyes rotated quickly to Black Ash who was still partly through its neck, the stench of death assaulting him as the two heads fall off. He ripped the blade away, ready to go the other way and preparing a typical line for the fall, ‘Timber!’ of course. However, before he could achieve this quick victory, the creature’s eyes glowed for a mere second this time before shooting the lasers at him once more. Each one impacted the crimson-colored demon, shooting through him as easily as his blade had been for them.

Shock was not the word that described Black Ash’s silence, his mind was not numb to his surrounding so much as it was distracted by them analyzing what just happened. It had needed a moment to charge those things before, but because it was a different head did that matter? Before the crimson demon could calculate any other possibility, his danger sense flared. A fraction of a moment later he was being clutched tightly by one hand, snatched out of the air.

The hand squeezed and reminded Black Ash of his internal injuries as another mouthful of blood escapes him and covers the top finger of the 30-foot monstrosity that held him. His blank eye, one was closed, looked up at the creature that was now - surprisingly - more animated in its facial features. It grinned at him with dead humor as the eyes roll around its head. It looked like it was laughing at him.

Black Ash just grinned back and revved the chainsaw up once more, cutting through its fingers before he jumped forward to finish it off, the giant digits fall twenty or so feet to the floor, green slime trailing behind each one. Invictus is raised over his head then was brought down towards the still grinning skull. However, mid-air, he was snagged by some other entity, his grip on the weapon is quickly lost and the buzzing blue sword fell along the creature’s side, nicking him on the way down at worse. Ombre hair tumbles into his face as he watches this.

Frustration boiled into his blood, he didn’t even realize at first that he was being lifted even higher than that, just that the fleshy roots the creature was seemingly made up of coiled around him. Black Ash reached into the entanglement trying to kick free, only then did he hear the beating of leather wings and see his rise into the air. Upon looking back for further investigation, his face turned to surprise upon seeing the first head he cut off, specifically the broken skull face smirking wickedly at him while bat wings carried them ever higher. The mouth on the creature opens up, the same neon green looking energy of the laser flashed into existence in the form of a rotating ball.

The same color reflected off his blank eyes as he began to understand what was transpiring. Later, later he could consider the hows and whats of this situation, but now he needed to get out. In his wrist form the same dark cutlas as before, and began to desperately hack away at the bindings that aroused more than just his inner desire for bondage. He could feel the energy ball’s heat radiating against the back of his neck, singeing his hair and making a loud humming noise straight into his ears.

His eyes were set on the area below, where the tower of a figure still stood, gawking up at them in a similar stupid way as he did before. If he could manage to fall towards that thing, the landing would be rough, but he’d survive. At this height, he would die. Not that death meant anything to Ash, but Desman’s sense of survival made him fear the end.

He slashed and hacked as fast and recklessly as a man could while being continuously carried higher and higher. At that some point he yelled, “HOW HIGH DOES THIS FUCKING PLACE GO!?” If it reached anyone’s ears at this point he couldn’t tell, but it was rhetorical. The humming was higher pitched now as it whined to be free, begging that the creature that carried Black Ash let it do the damage before he escaped. With a final stroke of his blade, however, the red demonic male began to plunge towards the gawking creature, wishing he hadn’t let The Red Devil’s Claw get lost on the battlefield. He bit back the regrets though and tucked himself tight to speed up this process.

The thought to summon his cape occurred to him, but it made no sense to do so just for the added visual effect of coming in hot. What he neglected to consider was that thought might have been his instincts telling him to watch out for another trick. As it happened, shortly before he would have connected his readied headbutt, another challenge surfaced. His trajectory was quickly changed by a shadow leaping off the figure’s back, and the second head he’d cut off has transformed into a quadruped figure, its teeth sinking into his body as it also snatched him from the air.

They arched high back into the air before he was released, the four-legged skull demon, an extremely large canine-esk creature turning around in the air to back kick him even higher before following its own descent towards the upper walls in the arena. Black Ash was in pain and now free falling towards the unknown surface, but saw no reasoning behind this blind attack. Until - that is - he looked up and saw the energy ball from before that now took up most of the creature’s mouth at this point. It clicked suddenly that these three weren’t some stupid zombie-like creature he could just push around...

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Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

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When the screaming neon green ball impacted Black Ash the most important thing to note was that it did not kill him. It exploded into something between acid and flames. It surrounded his body completely and threatened to erase him entirely. It was probably the fact that he was two primes that saved him from death, or maybe it wasn’t mercy at all. Because as soon as the flames were out and he dared to look, he was face to face with the quadruped once more, the mouth closing around his head and attempting to crush it.

He could feel the bottom teeth taking a bite out of his Adam’s apple, but his horns have caught the upper jaw from biting through entirely. If this was also mercy via his prime status or just more blind luck delaying the inevitable it was unclear as that was not the end just yet.

They plunged towards the earth, Black Ash trapped in the jaws of his enemy and his sleeves depleted of all tricks… He could no longer deny his fate, but he sure as hell would not sit idly by and wait for death to come. Resistance was futile for certain, but Ash would not allow him to roll over.

Neon green slime drooled across his face, forcing Black Ash to close his eyes. A second later, which felt like several, the undead creature let go of his head but continued to ride his body a moment more until they’ve met solid ground. There were a series of breaks that he was very conscious of, all of them happening at once and yet he could sense they happened separately. Then a moment later whiplash happened, his horns protecting his skull in the most minimalistic way as they snapped clear in half before the red demon’s skull collapsed under the grave weight of gravity. In hindsight, this was likely to happen at least once given Ash’s main mode of transportation.

Multiple breaks caused internal damage so great that it did not surprise anyone that the fallen demon had turned into a bloody mess with broken bones spearing through the flesh and fabric. Hot crimson liquid dyed the gold and tan silk of his kimono as well as the sands beneath him. The fused warrior had lost, and was no more…


Neujmin was a wall of steel despite his shock of what actually happened.. He forced himself to stare coldly at the remains of his fighter as the largest of the opponents picked Black Ash’s corpse up by a leg, which dangled for a moment before the muscles snapped free and the body face planted into the earth once more. Or what was left of the face… He inhaled sharply and let the air escape his nose, his mane of black hair being blown back…

He could see out of the corner of his peripheral that the chainsaw, hook, and dagger turned to omnilium before vanishing completely in a rainbow of lights. Their master gone for a week’s time, but the weapons would be ready to serve once they two have resurrected... None of that mattered currently, however, as he heard the weighted steps of this fight’s winner approaching from behind.

“Don’t be too broken up about this, Neujmin.” A voice of darkness hissed from behind. Like the words themselves were shadows.. “By now… This same song and dance shouldn’t surprise you.” There was a cocky chuckle. “After all, I always win.” He taunted, before leaving the broken ring leader to his pieceless chessboard. “Good luck scraping the barrel again.” He continued, finally leaving Neujmin to himself.

Perhaps to grieve the loss of his prized worrier…

Back to the drawing board indeed...b

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Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

Return to Sender

As the light faded from Desman’s vision, being slowly replaced by the darkness of his eyelids, he could finally feel the pounding in his head, what caused it he couldn’t remember, but at least the ground was soft, ish. The next thing that came to his senses was the taste of salt.

Desman rolled over, his cough shook him to the core and echoed through the emptiness. He pushed himself up off the ground, choking on the salt and minerals he had managed to suck up into his mouth while he was sleeping. “One of the disadvantages of having a mouth…” He muttered to himself.

Looking around the white and glistening landscape, a dark blue shadow stood out in the distance. All at once something slammed back into his pained head: “Ash!” Quickly Desman smacked his hands and feet upon the sands in a hurry, fist his knee fell to the ground and right out from under him, then the sands slipped through his fingers as he tried to gather traction once more; It effectively made him look like some kind of cartoon character.

The Salt Flats

After gaining his footing, Desman managed to run across the unstable landscape to his pornstar princess. He kneeled down next to her and grabbed her shoulders, softly shaking her and calling her name in a way someone would wake up a sick child. “Ash..”

Ash’s mind was as foggy and dark as the world around her, but she was awakened by his voice. If only barely. She rolled over in his arms, towards him where she tucked herself against his body before having her own coughing fit which shook her body violently.

Desman held Ash as close as physically possible, his mind racing with all his thoughts; Thoughts about how they got here, thoughts about the sand in his mouth and covering the clothes of both people, but most importantly whether Ash was alright or not.

He’d feel her arm wrap around his back and grip the cloth on his back, squeezing him to her as her coughing fit subsided. Then he’d feel her clinging tighter. She didn’t remember anything immediately, but instinct told her she was safe in his arms. His scent reminded her of someone... She hardly knew, but she would not let him go until she was okay.

Slowly her body started working as well, her tail slid across the salts lazily, her legs trailing behind it while she let him set her up on her knees, supported still by him. Since she was so light, he wouldn’t be strained at all. Eventually, her mind began to turn and her memory gently came back to her in waves. It took some time, but Ash finally looked up at him with a neutral face and knew who he was.

Something compelled her to readjust her weight to her knees, let go of his shirt, lift herself higher in his arms, as she cupped his jaw with her hands. The Storm demon gently pulled him down into a kiss, which started as something simple but quickly grew to something passionate as she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

Desman’s body naturally followed hers as he realized what she wanted; he even completely forgot he was out in the open. All that mattered to him was that he was with Ash, and he was making her feel better, however that may be.

Ash moaned deeply into the kiss as his hands run across her mostly exposed back. His hands sent shivers along her spine and made her stomach flip. She pushed down on her hips to grind across his crotch, which sends familiar pleasure through her.

Shortly after that, however, she felt her chest tense up and her stomach flinch. It's admittedly been a long time since she felt the tell-tale signs of a sick stomach. Where it had simply been nausea and discomfort the first time she died, it was now full of sickness. As much as she wanted to stay in his arms, her stomach lurching was impossible to ignore. Lightning fast The Storm Demon shoved him off of her and rolled over, untangling from his body entirely. Just in time as well, the moment she was turned over she tasted acid.

The slick sound of vomit hitting the ground could be recognized only by the subtle sounds of gagging and coughing. Hacking up chunks of whatever wasn’t pleasant at all, and Ash was thankful it's been so long since the impulse has graced her. If it were anyone else she’d consider the possibility of it being morning sickness, but she knew that wasn’t the case. Mostly because her wits were about her now.

As she emptied her stomach of contents she doesn’t remember putting in it, she realized she had died. They had died. It was that last night and even though she wasn’t a hundred percent aware in this new fusion like the last one, she could piece together some events. Perhaps that was why she momentarily forgot who Desman was entire. She imagined it was like waking up a sleepwalker who’s made it into a dangerous place.

When she was done, she backed away from it and into Desman’s lap where she found comfort that she hasn’t felt in a long time. Using the back of her arm to wipe her mouth she went limp against him with a groan. “There goes that idea.” She addressed, her mood could probably be recovered but not so soon after that. “I guess that means we better get going.”

“Sure…” He replied. getting his hands in position to help both of them up. “Just don’t push yourself, okay?”

“I’ll be fine,” Ash said, returning to her independent attitude, but this time with a little less attitude. She stood with his help and let him lead her past the pile before she summoned her commlink and began opening up the app. He’d see the familiar visor appear on her face, a light blue screen across her eyes. What she saw was impossible for him to guess. But she was bringing up the Vita Compass app and locking in on her target. It took a fraction of a minute to load. “There he is.”

“Huh?” If it wasn’t lowkey pounding of his head, Desman probably could’ve been able to figure out what she was referring to, of course at the moment that was not the case. “Where who is?”

“Neujmin,” Ash replied simply like that was all the explanation he needed. “That way.” She added, pointing in the direction she intended to go, taking his hand to lead him better with.

“And why are we going back there for?” Desman questioned, perhaps coming off a bit more obnoxious than he intended.

The Morality Mirrored Humanoid lead the way, already decided on her task. “What do you mean why?” Ash asked, looking back at him, letting the visor fade away so she could make eye contact with him. “Master will want his property back where it belongs.”

“‘Master’? ‘Property’?” Desman questioned, unable to understand what had gotten into her. “Have you been stuck in that cage so long you’ve developed Stockholm syndrome.”

Ash’s smile cracked her face open before she laughed. “Please... You think I would honestly develop some kind of attachment to him when I have you to keep me sane?” She asked, then looked back towards the horizon. “No. You are more than welcome to suggest a better idea if you have one.”

“I mean the plan of not going back sounds better.” The human of the two responded. “Probably find our own way out of here…”

Ash smirked, but the sour feeling in her stomach made it hard to enjoy the moment. She fully understood why he might think she was crazy at this point, especially with comments like that. “Trust me, Desman. This will benefit us more in the end.” She was forced to keep him in the dark, the things she knew wasn’t something you explained easily. He was patient and would happily wait she was sure of it. Still, she lacked the words to accurately explain. “Think about it.” She tried. “What sounds better? Someone had to hunt us down, or that we returned on our own? Loyalty is probably not something you see very often down here.”

“I guess you have a point…” Desman looked at the direction they would have to go to get back to their imprisonment. “But who said they would be able to catch us in the first place?”

“I don’t even know if he will send people out to look for us in the first place. He seemed pretty okay with washing his hands of us if we died during the fight with that troll thing.” She explained casually. “Yet, just before the fight, he seemed pretty desperate to remind us how good we had it. Why do you think that is?”

“Because he’s scared of losing us.” Desman seemed so sure of himself. “Trust me, I know those types of guys.”
Ash smiled. “Exactly.”

“What? And you think that because we go back to him he is going to be so grateful that when we do find a way out he will happily let us skip out of there?” Desman asked before giving the answer. “No, he won’t. He will keep us for as long as possible.”

Ash let out a laugh, one that threatened to call Desman stupid for not seeing the obvious. “Of course not. He already told me that the only way we were getting away is if we pay for our freedom.” She added, but if she thought that would convince him on its own, she’d be mistaken. Good thing this was Ash. “He won’t be grateful, he will be impressed. He just lost his star player, he’s going to want us back and who knows what he’s willing to do to get us back.” She lifted her finger, on the other hand, the one that wasn’t holding his. “I would even bet that he’s never had anyone as good as us, he’s probably freaking out that his only chance at success is now scattered to the wind.”

Desman just looked back at her, the ‘who knows what he’s willing to do’ comment playing over and over in his head, it creating an image of Ash he wouldn’t want coming true. “Let’s go…” He responded, his head sinking low in defeat.

Ash lead the way towards their master, not really caring that Desman didn’t agree or like the idea, but that he was going with it. It was very business-like in terms of why this was what they were doing. Like an honor system, or a tab at the bar. You expected it to be done because it was the proper thing. “Don’t look so down, Desman. If it makes it better, we don’t have to go straight back to it. We can enjoy a little freedom. What do you want to do?”

“I dunno…” Desman just turned his head and stared off into the horizon. “I mean, as long as I’m with you…”

He might not understand the value of her next action due to the lack of knowing her more personally. Either way, Ash took his hand gently and smiled his way. “I won’t let us get separated again, Desman.” She assured him, gently.


“Are you feeling better?” Desman said, cutting through the silence of their wordless traveling with concern for her well being. He himself felt sick still, but she had actually thrown up. He couldn’t tell you how long ago that was…

“No,” Ash said honestly, feeling her stomach sloshing about. “But it is just summoning sickness, so I will be fine.” She explained, still holding his hand.

Desman felt himself flush a bit as he thought about how if anyone saw them they might assume the two are a couple. He tried to focus on something else, which was hard considering there hasn’t been much at all in the time they’ve been walking to focus on. In the end, he goes back to staring at her, concerned about her well being.

Eventually, even The Storm Demon could feel his puppy-dog face on her back. She looked back at him. “Yes?”

Deman felt the warmth spread through his face as he was caught. He tried to stutter acceptable out of his mouth but found it impossible to say anything else.

The ever observant creature that she is, Ash decided he needed something to occupy himself with. She was at a loss for what that would be, though, and tried to think of something quickly. She couldn’t form a picture of what to do in her mind no matter how hard she thought about it, and then it came to her. Ash smiled wickedly to herself before picking up the Commlink in her hand and stopping abruptly.

Abruptly enough for the attractive humanoid in her hand to collide gently with her. She let go of his hand in that instant to wrap her arm around him and lifted the commlink to the level of obvious selfie-taking height. “Say cheese!” She suggested with a grin and then attempted to capture him on film with that confused look on his face.

Sadly she was too short to get him in the shot.

“Give that here…” Desman couldn’t help but smile at her attempt to surprise him, grabbing the commlink gently from her now lowered hand. “Say cheese!” the male said, mimicking the demon and pulling them in closer as he wrapped his own hand around her. “There, much better photo.”

Ash grinned harder at his picture, grabbing his hand other than the communication device, and moves it to see it better. She scoffed at it, but it was much better than her’s. She pushed his hand up again. “Another one, please?” She asked, and he couldn’t help but do as she asked. He got close and lifted the device up. Just as he was hitting the button though, she turned her head and planted a kiss on his cheek. Leaving a very couple-esk picture on her screen.

Desman’s cheeks turned a bright red at the photo. “C-come on. That’s n-not fair.” Once Desman realized he was stuttering he face grew even hotter. “How come it’s always you kissing me.” In all honesty, he really didn’t mind, but he thought he needs an explanation to his first statement.

“Because I take initiative.” She teased. “You are the only one stopping yourself from kissing me first.” She told him, smirking with a hint of cockiness. “I’ve never told you that you couldn’t kiss me first.”

“W-well then…” He started, before remembering that he didn’t have a retort and just suddenly kissed her. Well, it was more like a punch to the face with his lips, the force surprising both of them as they fell to the ground, him tripping over her feet. “I’msorry, Ididn’tmeanto, yournothurtareyou…” Desman’s voice rumbled in a string of mindless and unrecognizable apologies, luckily she knew a way to shut him up. The kiss took him by surprise at first, but it didn’t take long for him to be fully invested in it.

The duo was interrupted by a flash of light, soon followed by a voice. “Well well, don’t we have the most sickening couple here. Out on your honeymoon are we?” When they looked to see what it was, they saw a woman, she looked vaguely familiar, the black headdress covering her eyes and her long scaly tail ending in a spiked oval shape. “You two are adorable, really..” She shifted so that her collection of skulls clattered together dryly.

Desman winced at it, scraps of memories from their death.

Ash took the lead on this one, stepping away from him to face her. The two appeared blind in their own way, but the woman with the blindfold looking headdress was anything but blind. “Oh, please, sweetheart. Don’t test me. If you leave now I will let you live.” The woman threatened, boredly.

Desman was all for doing such a thing, even taking Ash by the crook of the arm and trying to pull her along. “Right. Let’s go Ash..” He said sheepishly.

They were interrupted however by the dry wood staff hitting the sandy earth under the woman. “Wait... You’re auras... Why are they so familiar?” This made the human tense up, and no doubt alarming the woman, while Ash remained a wall of boldness that was unconcerned about the dangers of life. “Your defiant nature… It feels... “

There was a chirping noise as electricity pulsed to life into her hand, Ash was ready for the fight and didn’t waste any time. Her horns began to glow, so did her eyes. The electricity swirled like an angry storm around her, her hair lifting into the air. The transformation ended with her grin sliding into place.

The earth shuddered the woman moved her dinosaur-like feet to face the demoness. “Ah, how fortunate that I get to fight Neujmin’s little pet… We were looking for you. Damien wants to recruit you, why don’t you stand down and think logically here.”

“Bite. Me.” Ash said.

The mood dropped like a rock. All politeness washed away with the wind. “Very well, you can answer us again in a week.” The woman's staff hits the ground and three tendrils of san shoot forth at them both.

Ash dodged them, twisting so that one appeared to spear her shoulder but just missed her, another was dodged by spinning on her toes as her leg came up. Desman watched her combine ballet and electricity to avoid the attacks with admiration. Then she leaped into the air and landed on her hands on one of the spikes of sand which disintegrate under her touch, a moment too late as she was already flipping over and thrusting her boot into the woman’s blinded face. The momentum dropped her backward and left Ash standing on her face. Or what appeared…

Sand had moved to block her attack and now pushed Ash away with a sense of desperation. The sex demoness flung herself into danger to attack again, this time almost vanishing with how fast she moved. Energy collecting in her feet make her appear to leap through walls but she was just able to stay one step ahead of the slower caster’s sand.

It was a matter of who landed a hit on who. Eventually, Desman understood that there was no way to avoid trouble with his girlfriend being who she was,  and chased in after her. While one distracted, the other attempted an attack. The pair working just as good without their fusion.

A heaping mess of charred flesh and broken spires lay at Ash’s back. The staff had been easy to break upon capturing, but they had had one hell of a time procuring it. Desman touched his ribs, big bruises left in the wake of the attacks he’d endured to give Ash a better chance. The demoness herself walked with a scowl and a small limp. She’s decided she hated the desert...

“Ash?” Desman said after a thought came to him, her mood had lowered some during the fight.

“Yes?” If she felt anger it was impossible to hear.

“Who’s Damien?” The human asked, turning to face Ash. She just shrugged at him and began to move a bit quicker. Desman, however, thought he’d heard the name before now. He swore it was important...

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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

The Magma Chamber

Ash limped through the changing landscape. There was a point when sand became glass and glass became onyx rock, pools of lava swirling in craters around them, leaving deep impressions of the waves as it cooled. The land became rocky and hard, and hot. Her bare feet burned after only a few meters in. She summoned thick boots with undone strings and walked beside Desman who’s also summoned protection for his feet.

She felt the acid in her stomach mimic the surroundings. The land was harsh and barren, and in the center, just slightly to the right, an enormous volcano. Why did they decide to head towards that landmark specifically Ash would never know because she didn’t ask those kinds of questions.

The heat began to build the closer they got, the pools of magma shifting more angrily, and the sicker she began to feel. Not only her, Desman too. Twice they had to stop and rest, summoning water just for it to burn their tongues and throats before quenching thirsts. Ash briefly wondered if Primes could die of heatstroke and extreme dehydration as she wipes her arm across her forehead again, the horns tearing into her drenched flesh.

“Why... Are... We... Going... Back... Again?” Desman panted, trying to keep his footing on the sloping landscape.

“Because it will build rapport with our master, and make him understand that we choose this position, that we had a chance to escape and instead of taking it we chose to come find him for our collars. On our terms. He does not own us… He owes us.” Ash explained in plainer English this time. She was too sweat covered and exhausted to give a shit about being coy at the moment.

Desman was silent during this time now, as he now had something more to chew over.

Eventually, they reached the mountain with smoke pouring out of the top, creating a darkened sky that chased away most of the light. Ash and Desman convinced themselves that it was best to climb it after finding most ways around it were useless… There was a lovely beaten patch, smoothed by wear and tear, none the wiser of what those who would wear and tear the path down to usable...

That said, a noise of something you’d imagine more in a place of water than fire cried out across the sky. Something massive moved above them, beyond their reach. Out of the clouds, something that could be simply called a whale of rock and fire swam through and over them. Sand crumbled off him, landing in the pools and making them boil over, spilling out across the area, both Ash and Desman ducked and tried to avoid the spillage.

They wordlessly decided that worse than that was capable of lurking in the skies and decided to hurry up over this thing already.

What felt like hours later they were on the top, staring down at the back of the mountain. Pockets of brightly lit liquid boiled across it, like pus-filled pimples erupting naturally. The gross analogy continues as large rocks of hot iron are tossed randomly by the force of the volcano’s insides churning. And worse… Ash would have to climb all the way down, wouldn’t she?

“Fuck this shit.” She said, pissed off enough to kick a pebble across the sky. It flew into a nicely rounded bowl and turned before leaping out and vanishing into the chaos that was the mountain. But then Ash’s jaw raised, stiffened in thought. “Desman?”

“Y-Yes?” He answered timidly, too tired for this as well.

“What metals resist magma?” Ash asked, without looking at him.

“Uh… I um.. Titanium. That’s the biggest one. Um... Iron’s actually pretty good. Cobalt.” He finished, surely there was another one…”Nickel.” He added, with some enthusiasm, clearly excited about remembering it.

“I thought so,” Ash said, then turned around and began to concentrate, lifting her arms to do so.

Desman was curious but distracted. Before he could focus on her, he saw in the corner of his eye something approaching. It was larger than any reptile he had ever seen, but it was scaley, green and part fire. It crawled out of a nearby pool of lava, shaking the liquid off of it like a dog. It seemed to not notice them for a bit of time, but then the glowing gem green eyes found him and his companion. With some disdain, Desman lifted his hand, summoning the blade and choosing the only thing he thought would hurt the fire creature. Icey fog fell off the sword, he was sure it would have melted if it wasn’t magic.

While the demoness continued her summon, the human male stood to defend her. He hoped it was the smart move, pain shooting through his body from his bruised ribs. He was sure one of them was even broken. He had to push through the pain and discomfort to keep Ash safe. She was the only important thing to him at that moment.

The lizard opened its mouth, rows of razor sharp teeth glared at him, surely it would rip him apart. He just had to avoid them. He slashed at the air in front of it, trying to scare the beast. He slashed again, but the lizard snatched the blade in its mouth and tried to break through it. This was a mistake on the beast’s behalf, the ice shot forward and froze even the hottest saliva that tried to burn through his weapon. Crystals grew out and stabbed at its taste buds.

The lizard ripped away and growled angrily, but rose to its hind legs instead of submitting to the large two-legged creature. Indeed, the lizard seemed to morph to take on his own two-legged position, even pulling a club out of nowhere.

Desman was admittedly surprised by this and let out a soft ‘huh’ before slashing again.

While he parried and countered as best as a man could on a fiery mountain with a cutlass against a strange lizard man while his demoness girlfriend summoned something crucial enough to do so while the dangers of the land still lurked beside her, Desman couldn't help but enjoy himself. Sure this was dangerous and stranger, but it would be one hell of a story for later.

Ash managed her solid, slightly curved, a board of nickel, forged by her imagination. Ash used it to waylay the lizard from behind and then gave Desman a wink when his enemy was taken down by a solid hit. “Race you.” She challenged, then ran and leaped off the top peak.

The metal screeched loudly as it landed against the hard stone. Sparks flew as the board was graded down little by little. It bounced with her on it, the stance she took was amateurish but mocked a surfer just enough to make it happen. It bounced one more time before landing straight into a stream of magma.

The demoness was a creature of balance and grinned as she slid down the path created by the hot white liquid. Her hips swayed as she steered the board along. Lizards appeared on the edge of one turn, she leaned into it just enough to spray them with the melted rock harmlessly, too quick to feel their wrath.

“I’m not racing you down!” Desman shouted back at Ash, who at this point could have been too far away at this point to even hear him. He then turned back to the creature, he stood there looking at it unconsciously, now that he looked, it seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place a finger on it. Maybe if he got close enough…

The creature snapped back to life as Desman got too close, an ear-splitting screech, erupting as it tried to overpower Des from the top. In shock, Desman swung his sword up, and then, nothing, it had stopped. Opening his eyes he found his sword in the creature’s heart, the area surrounding it had frozen over, he, he had… Desman let go of the sword, letting the body drop, the weapon digging deeper into it, and the body hit the ground. He, he really just…

’No… he thought to himself. ’It attacked me, I just reacted in self-defense… yeah, defense. Looking around Desman realized that he still needed to get back down. Summoning a glider he drifted down slowly, reflecting on his actions...

Ash, however, felt no remorse, no guilt for her actions. The only pain she felt was the pain in her leg where she’d been damaged in the fight. Be it because of the time that has passed or because she damaged it beyond repair enough not to feel it, she didn’t feel as much pain as she did before. Making the ride down the side of the mountain much smoother. Looking like she belonged on the opposite of winter Olympics, riding her nickel board, she pivoted and swayed her hips to glide smoothly along.

Desman found himself admiring her, which took his mind off the death a little more. This woman was so talented, so full of spirit and attitude. She was strong-willed and just odd enough to survive the most interesting circumstances. Not to mention she was drop-dead gorgeous. He had a hard time deciding if he liked her hair long like that or short in a mohawk like before...

But these thoughts were, of course, interrupted when something lifted up from the flowing pools of lava. The creature looked like a hunch back with insect-like features. It was much bigger than before, but Desman recognized this one from the auction. He could see it clearly, but he also noticed fairly fast that Ash hadn’t. Or at the very least didn’t seem like she did.

“ASH!” He called out. His voice erupting from his throat and then echoing off into nowhere. This struck Desman as a bad idea, and he was quick to attempt to silence himself. However, the damage was done.

The demoness glared up at him. A moment later a ball of flaming liquid nearly knocked into her. Luckily it was dangerous enough to pick up. Ash barely dodged it in time, and it threatened to knock her off balance. Des’ heart leaped into his throat at the idea of her falling into the pits of lava...

His bride-to-be managed a trick of rocking the board back and forth, leaving ripples in the bright orange magma as she regained her footing. The board remained in motion, but now under her control, She set her eyes on the creature that folded back, charging another lava ball for her.

It soared high and fast, and she had to do another on the fly trick to avoid being burned terribly. Her board rotated as she did a roll, the attack almost grazing her already scorch marked cheek and singed her hair some as it curled in the direction of her momentum...

She landed hard, splashing the dangerously hot liquid away from her. “Fuck me. Can’t we just enjoy some fun without something trying to kill us?” She said to herself, looking for an escape route. She whistled a high pitched sound to get Desman’s attention and pointed in what seemed like a random direction because she began to drift in the opposite.

If there was one thing Desman’s learned through all of his heartbreak and rage. It was to trust Ash and her intuition. Despite that, he still didn’t feel she was always right. He just knew that when he didn’t listen to her before, he almost lost her indefinitely. With some elegance, the human adjusted his flight, dancing gently into the air towards the place he’d been directed to.

Ash flung her board one way, then another, gaining some height each time she followed the bowl shape created by the constant erosion of hot magma. Glittering red globs gather in the air at every flick of her surf. Glowing along each part of her body, like one of those novelty lamps with the heating wax that floated among the water. Suspended just for a moment before dropping back into the puddles.

Desman noted this, his decent has slowed to almost a crawl as he was in awe of her. Once, she even managed to reach high up to him. The next, however, he was over top of him, flipping over and touching the glider, careful not to let the lava on the board fall onto it. Or perhaps she did want to. It all felt like an acrobatic dance between glider and boarder. And then it hit him, and he welcomed the fusion.

So by the third time of her feats reaching heights only a skilled master like herself could. This time she touched the glider on the way up, rotating him over so she could grab the bar he clung to. Their hands touched and she pulled him around again. The board remained with the rider, but for how long? A fire was set to the fabric around them, but the fusion initiated just the same.

The glider began to crash, nose-diving towards the dedicated spot. The creature that had been watching them with glares of an old man about his property, only to have his eyes widen at the colorful light radiating from them. It had to shield itself for a moment before the glider crashed with some force into a rock. And when it looked up, expecting two broken bodies and screaming for merciful death, he instead found the worrier he’d been seeking out. Black Ash. The pompous man stood in sports gear, minus the helmet but with all the padding and other safety gear, a professional would be wearing. He held the board like a surfer, his ombre hair floating in a magical wind. He grinned. “Much better.”

Black Ash, with the same bravado but more eagerness, leaped into action. Gliding, leaping, jumping with tricks, hovering, and spraying the outside area with the board, he dodged the flying molten hot orbs expertly as he rushed the demon that slowly began to deflate. Desperation drove the fire demon to mistakes that he would not live long enough to regret.

One final jump left the board of nickel to impale the creature wholly in the chest, its driver, grinning and already summoning a familiar sword. Two of them, one of fire, one of ice. Using the metal board as a point of launch, Black Ash leaped over the creature and sliced off his mandible like limbs. Twisting in the air, he sliced a painful X across its back, landing in lava with a solid hiss of smoke and pain. He launches himself forward just the same, bringing the blades up like scissors and like cutting through butter, sliced through the creatures head.

The head lops into a pool of lava, a moment later the pool explodes and launches the head clear across the verse. The body fell next, lifeless, boiling blood spilling out of the neck and taking over the board quickly. He sucked his teeth, unable to enjoy the brutality of his kill before leaping to the next solid rock. And the next. “Time to move..” He grumbled, leaping from safe place to safe place.

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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

And this continued...

The Emerald Nightmare

Desman Log: 010
The landscape was… Easy to get lost in. The noises were… Atmospheric if not a bit- Creepy. Even if I could get to sleep, I don’t think it would be very enjoyable. The whole time we were there I felt as if I was being watched from a distance. I felt eyes on my soul…

I also became strangely poetic in that pitch blackness.

Ash complained, but she let me carry her on my back. She’s done so much for me, I hope a piggyback ride was a good start at paying her back.

Hold on, something’s happening...

Desman Log: 015
Well, that turned to shit real fast…

We were fighting off… Well, the best way to describe the creature we were fighting off is ‘a fucking hentai porn star attached to some leopard's fucking face’ as my companion put it so delicately as she applied more and more strength to her arm. The wound she’d taken from narrowly missing that demon’s attack was covered in blisters now. Like it was… Well, it shows characteristics of being some sort of acidic decaying substance. I was too busy with the undead creatures that were trying to overwhelm us in the dark to see what happened, but Ash showed me a picture of her kill.

It is a picture of a woman with horns and a gorgeous face, though I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that in front of Ash. Her eyes are already rolled back in her death and that strange dagger Ash carries was hilt deep into the woman’s forehead.

How in the omniverse did Ash even see this woman is beyond me, but she seems to possess magical abilities to see through at least some of the darkness. She didn’t share many details other than the photo, I am glad to say I didn’t ask.

I do remember choking on something in the already thick air, and Ash moaning and crying out as she tended to when she was in a fight. I wonder if I should be concerned about this…

Desman Log 018
I finally was able to remember where I’d seen that face. The hauntingly beautiful green face, the one with Ash’s dagger in it? She was at the auction for us. She almost bought me.

That is all.

The Despoiled Dreamscape

Desman Log 024
The black foreground on black background finally gave way to something that resembled light.

Ash sounds increasingly tired. I can’t even remember how long we’ve been traveling…

Desman Log 037
I swear to Omni... Can’t a guy get his girl some sleep in peace!? The ground is always… Moving. It’s disturbing.

Desman Log 038
Were in the air one minute, and the next I’m falling on my ass.

At least Ash is getting some sleep…

Desman Log 040
I also got a nap, or attempted to.

Desman Log 041
I once upon a time saw a lava lamp. It looked just like this.

Desman Log 043
We found the local fauna.

It tried to eat us.

Desman Log 045
I found the local flora.

It also tried to eat us.

Desman Log 047
Being here is like a living nightmare. I thought this place, in general, was bad, but this area was in? It somehow is even worse. The ground is always shifting, everything wants to eat us. I could put a line in the local pond and when I feel it in it would three out of five times have something with some form of tentacles attached to it, and the other two out of five times would have an alarming number of eyes on it.

Desman Log 059
I tried to be brave and cool in front of Ash today,  she summons her food. I picked up something from the bush and took a big bite.

I’ve been throwing up every half hour.

Desman Log 062
I think I am feeling better today.

Desman Log 063
I was wrong…

Desman Log 074
It’s been a day since I’ve thrown up. I am sure I am better. We also heard a lot of noises coming from outside the makeshift shelter. Ash did, I didn’t. I was trying to get sleep.

She said something with murderous intent had been watching us all night.

I don’t think she got any sleep.

Desman Log 082
Ash’s compass lead us through the… What is this called, a verse? It more merges than just stops at a gate. Sure. We can go with that. It leads us through the verse, but before we could leave someone stopped us.

I remembered her pretty quickly, she looks kind of like Ash. Humanoid, but demonic. Tail. Horns. I won’t say they could be sisters, but maybe cousins. She said we could pass if we answered her riddle.

I was like… Super sure the answer was going to be bluebonnets.

I was wrong.

Desman Log 085
Whoever she was, she turned into like... Some kind of creature. In short, she went from pretty to pretty big in a hurry. Maybe she was always a he, maybe it just was my own mistake. But when that demoness got mad she became a demon with teeth that went straight down into her chest and gaped open meanly. A tongue had slithered out…

It reminded me of a horrible nightmare that I don’t remember having.

Ash insisted we fuse.

I don’t remember what happened after that.

The Black Morass

Desman Log 089
Were on the edge of things, though maybe that is a poor choice of words at the moment. It’s so dark, but I can make out something moving in the distance. When I asked Ash what it was, I wished she hadn’t told me, or at least lied about it. I don’t know if I am seeing phantoms among the shadows, or actual dead bodies swinging from the limbs of these dead trees like Christmas ornaments…

I think I need to stop internalizing my thoughts.

Desman Log 094
What’s more traumatic than seeing bodies swing from weeping willow like treetops?

Having them fall on you as you pass by.

Ash seemed to be amused.

Desman Log 098
I convinced Ash that we needed to stop for sleep. She summoned a mountain of food and a blanket for us to share. Neither of us gotten a lot of sleep.

I had nightmares the whole time, something about time slipping away and the pendulums being faceless bodies…

I really wish I hadn’t asked.

Desman Log 099
We saw a figure that looked like death ferrying a long boat through the murk that morning. A pile of something on his raft.

Desman Log 102
While we were searching away across the deeper pools of this swamp, I heard a woman speaking. When I went to investigate further I saw something glowing in the distance. She was singing, or… Rapping.

It almost sounded like the swamp was beatboxing for her with the bubbles and the woodpecker on the tree. It sounded like one anyways.

I approached, but she didn’t stop until I almost tripped over a tree trunk and splashed a lot of the shallow water around. When she turned around, her golden colored hair moved and I saw her naked form before I tried to look away.

I would have liked to look longer, but she let out a fearful scream.

I wanted to prove I was a good guy, which sounds really funny now that I remember where I am…

Desman Log 103
Everything turned to chaos as soon as Ash joined. I remember trying to convince her that it wasn’t what it looked like, but I can’t remember why. Ash didn’t seem very upset to find the woman’s head in my lap either, my fingers in her golden curls.

I remember the woman’s screams the most and watching waves in the muk carry he body off as Ash dragged me away.

Later she told me I was cuddling a corpse. I can’t believe that, yet I can’t get the smell of death off my hands.

City Of Dis

Neujmin’s polished black shoes tap against the cobblestone streets of the city. He just arrived in the central area less than an hour ago. He casually walked around the area he’d been informed was where his prized fighter had been picked up. He’s been all around the underverse this past week and a half, searching for hide or hair of the two but was long convinced that if they have been resurrected then they were long gone trying to find a way out of this hell…

At least they would have if they were smart. Knowing those two they could be scattered to separate corners, looking for one another and thinking nothing of him. In one fist was his familiar cigar, in the other a red hair ribbon.

He took a long drag off the cigar and decided to make his way to some hole in the wall club, if only for the sake of having somewhere to sit and plenty of distractions to take his mind off of things. Personally, he thought himself insane to wander around aimlessly looking for two people who didn’t want to be found. He would laugh at himself if he’d come to the bar sprouting that bullshit.

Neujmin just shook his dark curls off his shoulders in shame and went on his way.


He had no idea how long he’d been there, and didn’t personally care either. The ringleader demon was in a corner booth with a bottle of hard whiskey and an ashtray. He watched as countless demons of shapes and sizes - but mostly humanoid in nature - jump around to the beat of whatever the DJ played.

Neujmin thought himself old fashion, that he would be foolish to go out and attempt any resemblance of ‘moves’. He liked the corner, he could think and watch.

How, though, did not see Ash until the moment that she picked up the shot glass in front of him and took the shot? His blackened eyes swivel from the empty shot glass and up her slender arm. Following that straight up to her attractive piercing filled face. She gave him a cocky grin, mysterious eyes looking straight into mysterious eyes, the club’s neon lights flash across her nearly naked body.

“Where’s Desman?” He asked, leaning a bit closer so she could hear him, usual clubbing etiquette. He hoped she wouldn’t make a crack about familiarizing himself with their names.

Ash leaned in, closer to his pointed ear. He could smell the alcohol fresh on her breath, her hot words sang crisply in his field of hearing. “On the dance floor, he’s learning new moves for our fusion.” She joked, then pulled back so she could scoot dangerously close. Arm jewelry, she was a pretty girl at the side of a man of power. She flashed him a smile before pouring another shot. “So how’s this going to end? With blood, or respect?” She asked, leaning on him like a pet, picking up the shot and then looking at him seriously with a playful smile curling her lips.

The Underverse Native looked her over, a lot more closely. Paying close attention to every curve in her body and noting the dark spots on her skin and the other various scars that were still in the process of healing. He should have taken advantage of her when he had the chance, maybe he still could. “Respect.” He growled out, making eye contact with her again to do so.

The Storm Demon grinned back and brought the shot to her lips. She tossed it down her throat, then slammed it on the table before moving, even more, closer to the man. “If you keep looking at me like that, Master, you better nut up and kiss me before Desman pulls free of the crowd or you might not get the chance to again.”

He felt a chill run down his spine, a good kind. He turned his head after blowing smoke into the air. “If I wanted to fuck you, I’d have done it a long time ago.” He said firmly. But while she wasn’t looking he licked his lips and entertained the idea of doing it anyway.

At that moment, Desman slammed into the table, shaking it and gasping. He looks straight at the two, suspicion igniting already in his eyes, but he tried to look his usual pathetic. “Ash, why did you leave me behind?” He whined, loud enough to sound like a whimper with the music thundering behind him.

Ash smirked up at him, as casual as ever, then waved him closer so she didn’t have to scream. “That girl was really into you, I didn’t want to interrupt.” This made Desman think about what that meant, turning deep red. This made Ash laugh over the music before folding her limbs over him and kiss his cheek. This eased his soul, but he was too nervous about wrapping his arms around her like he wanted to. “Master’s happy to see us.” She finally shared the news.

The human looked over. Neujmin didn’t seem like he was jumping for joy. But the demon gave him a respectful nod before taking a shot. He was still worried what the two had been discussing when he walked up, but he trusted Ash. So he just gave them a forced smile and turned back to celebrate with Ash however she wanted to.

Quest - Trust

“No,” Ash said boredly from her bed. Neujmin upgraded them again, a little bonus for coming back like loyal pets.

Desman was in the corner, keeping his distance from the man who paced their cell like a caged lion, his black mane ruffling as if he was part wildcat. “And no one followed you here?”

“If they did, they were at a healthy distance,” Ash replied dryly. “Why are you so suddenly paranoid?” She was brave enough to ask.

“I’ve always been this paranoid. Look I have a history with these people, I used to be on the top and now I’m on accepting scraps at any penny-pinching cost I can bare to drop. Whatever fighter that I get that’s worth their shit in the arena is snatched up by Damien and his attack dogs.” Neujmin said, but Ash didn’t seem particularly impressed. Not like their master was looking to impress them.

“I’ve told you this a million times. One woman told us we should join Damien or we can answer in a week. So she obviously knew something, but we left her in the desert, extra crispy.” Ash replied, waving her arms so he could get the gest of her story’s importance.

“How do you know you took care of her, she might have lived,” Neujmin asked, stopping to raise his voice a bit.

“Oh come on! Would you just fucking trust me for once!” Ash cried out, hitting the wall to emphasize the situation.

Desman was already trying to approach to coddle her, but Neujmin stood between them. “I do trust you, I just don’t trust them!” He barked back.

“Then let’s eliminate the problem.” The demoness said sternly.

“How do you p-” The dark haired man stopped to think about what he was saying. A plan formed in the dark colors of his eyes, and he looked in Desman’s direction. There’s a long pause before he turns back to the woman of the hour. “I trust you to, more than I am willing to admit. Do this for me, and I’ll have the price of payment for your freedom.” He said, pulling out an envelope with a broken wax seal from his crisp and clean suit. He then handed it over to Ash after approaching the relaxed demoness.

She took it, and glanced over the contents. “You want us to go to a party?”

“No. I want you to be the only ones that leave a party..” He said darkly, then slowly turned his back to them and walked out. The gates automatically closed behind him, but the two inside could open it at will.

Ash understood the instance he explained, but she glanced over to Desman. She smiled sweetly at him. “Looks like I’m going to need a new dress.” She said cheerily, obviously trying to make light of something that was morbid and dark for his sake

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Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

Trust; [Personal]Quest Pt 1 - Preparations.

Ash sported a spiked collar, and Desman a plain red one. Neujmin told them he picked something that would best represent their personalities but wouldn’t tell them what they were meant to represent. Ash decided to dub them as they were, explaining to Desman that he thought that the only defining feature to the human was his bright red hair and otherwise he was pretty plain in their demon master’s eyes. She also explained, loudly, that her’s was spiked because clearly, Neujmin thought she was a prick.

When she asked if she was close, he just smiled a wicked grin that let them both know she was pretty spot on. Or at least he faked it good enough before waving his arm and them off on their own.

If anyone asked, they were to show their tags. She was examining her’s at the moment in the reflection of a random store’s window. ‘Cunt/Bitch.’ was written in her name’s line, which only furthered her theory about this whole thing. It also had Neujmin’s name in the owner’s line and then a series of pictographs that probably was some special code for the citizens of Dis. It was as good as greek to her. A glance at Desman’s just had his name.

“Is this the shop you want to go into?” Desman asked from behind her, after admiring her butt for a bit. She had stuck it out innocently enough… Ash was in normal clothing today, tight booty shorts, long socks under converse brand shoes, and a very loose tee shirt that fell over her shoulder and showed off the lack of bra. By now this human knew she rarely wore such a thing.

“No. Just looking at my tag.” She said honestly, she rotated the collar for comfort despite it unable to be loosened at all.

“What’s it say?” He asked curiously, began to look now at his own. He barely got to read his name before someone from the other side ripped open the curtains that were the background to the display and gave Desman the meanest look before shooing him away like he was some punk ass who was loitering. This made him pull back abruptly and Ash laugh.

He was glad she was enjoying his embarrassment…

“Let’s go.” He said as he ushered her along.


Ash stopped in front of several shops, all of them with a display of at least three dresses that ranged from Renaissance fair to prom night. Evening gowns, mermaid, princess cut, ballroom gowns. To make it worse, she couldn’t decide on anything. She was afraid she’d use all their time up just trying to get an idea of what she wanted.

The morality mirrored humanoid turned to her very human companion. “How about you go find something to wear on your own, we can meet up later?” She offered.

Desman hesitated but could see this would take a long while. “Sure.. but I was waiting to see what you picked to pick mine out.”

Ash bit her lip at his explanation, it had been completely logical and an acceptable ‘but’. She had just been trying to save time. Though in reality, they had tons of it. The masquerade party wasn’t until late in the evening. “Then... Maybe we can start with our masks. Should we go find a shop that sells those?”

Desman smiled and nodded happily, then began to lead the way.


After browsing yet another dozen stores and vendors with carts, they found a little place with a sign that advertised masks specifically. It was a hanging wooden plaque with the most simple handwriting, and when it swung in the wind it got everyone’s attention. Just past the hidden entrance were purple satin curtains, and a very small room lit with candles. An old woman sat at the only available place, stroking a black and orange cat. It meowed at their arrival and then was patient as its owner watched them look at the many masks on display.

Ash and Desman eventually made their way over to the woman to ask if she had any recommendation, but before they could get a word out a crooked old finger came up and pointed to the more demonic of the two. “If you have no one to share the fruits of your labor at the end of all this, you can not claim to win. Your ambitions are titanic, but I can tell you tie no bows around the company you keep. Prepare for a lonely life where there is no trust for you…”

When she was done, there was a very long pause, full of awkward silence. She almost expected her to point Desman out and give him the same treatment, but she never did. The demon’s eyes shift to the human before they come back to her. By then the old woman’s eyes peeled back to reveal slitted eyes fit for a snake or a cat. It was lime green and it stared deep into her.

Desman decided to clear his throat to break the silence. In a flash, the bright green eyes were on him. “Yes, kind sir? Would you like to purchase a mask from I?”

“Y-Yes Please Ma’am” The way she spoke to Ash had put the poor guy on edge, and those eyes, the way they stared, he definitely wouldn’t want to be here if she had been the one to approach him.

“Of course you do, why else would you be in my shop?” He watched as she attempted a warm smile, her teeth sharp and jagged like a steak knife. “You… You are a good man.” She said, then began to stroke her cat once more. “Truffles here will pick you out the perfect mask.” She promised, then gave the cat a pat on the butt. Surely enough the black and orange cat pulled free of his owner’s arms and began to seek out a single mask for him out of however many hung on the walls and were displayed in the cases.

First, the feline went up, rising higher and higher on the shelves; Truffles even glanced back at Desman specifically every couple of minutes to keep a link with the ideal mask owner. He rose, and then the kitty decided he was too high. The mask for Desman had to be lower. So low that in fact, the cat escaped the sight of everyone in the store for a few moments as they ticked along. A while later the cat carried a mask in its mouth to its owner.

The shopkeeper took it, petting Truffles and praising him with ‘good boys’ and ‘who’s my baby?’ as she did. When the caretaker pulled the mask up she had to clean off the dust, but there was a jester-like pattern one cheek was bright red, the other gold, and clear stones traced the edges of the mask.

It was clearly male, it had a high forehead which can be covered by his hair or Desman’s hair could be pulled back out of his face. “Yes.. yes. Truffles is best judge.” She said, offering it to him with another attempt at a nice smile.

“So… How much is it?” He asked, slowing taking the mask out of her hand before holding it up to his ace.face. As he looked into the mask he’d note a shimmer against the gold lining that was attached to the inside of the bone hard material.

“Nothing. That is your mask.” She said, nodding. The human was amazed by the idea of getting something for free, she had just the words to put his mind at ease though. “Good people get good things.” She hummed and went back to petting the cat which has already climbed back into the weak curl of her arms. “You go now, have great night.”

Desman smiled and nodded, but then turned over to Ash. “But... What about my friend?”

The lime green eyes with slits flick over to the demoness. “No. I have no mask for her. She has plenty of her own.” She warned, cryptically.

Ash did not look amused by all this before she turned to Desman. “Let’s just go, I can just make my own.” She said softly, then began to push him towards the door. Desman tried to argue but had nothing to say so he allowed her to push him out of the odd shop.


There was a cafe they’d passed while window shopping, Ash decided to set up shop there. “I guess red and gold is our colors then.” She mentioned, looking at the mask. She can work with that. She could wear pink and gold, which would be fine because one of those colors was her favorite. “If we separate now we can get our clothes in order. Wanna meet back here in about two hours?”

“I guess there really isn’t much time left to do the shopping together… so I guess that’s the plan.” He smiled sheepishly at her, the truth was he wanted to stay with her, but if he couldn’t really disagree with her either.

Ash nodded and then stood which made Desman stand in concern. She made sure the mask was tucked under his arm and then for his sake, she pulled the taller man down so she could kiss him on the cheek. “See you in a couple of hours.” She promised him before leaving him to go off on her own.

Trust; [Personal]Quest Pt 2 - Setting of the Stage.

Desman waited at the door, apparently told to do so by Ash. He tried to argue, especially since he wasn’t able to see her for nearly the whole afternoon. He impatiently stood in his suit and mask, his long red coat picking up the stray puffs of wind, a gold line running along about half a cm away from the trim. The rest of his outfit consisted of equally red pants, a gold button up shirt, and, of course, his mask. The only thing that didn’t fit was his shoes, but he assumed no one would be staring at them, and if they were they wouldn’t look up as they would be to busy staring at their own feet. His choice of outfit probably wasn’t the most formal, but anyone who saw him in it probably wouldn’t have forgotten it in a hurry, not that matters anyway…

’Try not to get any blood on it, maybe we could use it later…’

A sudden chill ran up his spine as he tried to look for who spoke, but when he couldn’t find anyone he just continued waiting...

As guest after guest passed his form distantly, not yet ignoring him but not yet acknowledging him either. They laughed and entertained themselves with closed off conversations while they waited to enter the gate to their last party. Various creatures with horns, not horns, eyes, not eyes, spikes, not spikes, fins, not fins, scales, and not scales walked past him. But he was looking for a unique pair of horns, a gorgeous set of onyx black horns that curved perfectly close to the skull, allowing just enough room for silver rings. Five of them. Split unevenly between two brows.

He wondered for a moment if he should look for the typical wave of black raven feather soft hair that fell perfectly around her head as well, but then guessed she would also be wearing that in a unique way.

It wasn’t the men gawking at the incoming woman of appealing features that caught the male’s attention, as they were silent. But the jealous scoffs and bitter spite that passed through painted lips in whispers caught his attention right away. How did he know who would be on the end of that hate?

Desman looked past his mask’s eye holes and joined the young men to look surprised, his jaw coming down to express his surprise.

Ash’s gown was of pink silk, folded and stitched to perfectly mimic roses bundled together around her legs, or at least the convincing illusion that it did before a smooth layer nearly covered it completely. An eighth of the top layer missing to show of the detailed skirt. What actually was under the princess style skirt no one would know. Except maybe him. There was a beading line that connected the skirt to the sweetheart top. Also babydoll pink in color but shiny silk which folded and clung to her tomboyish form, giving her more defined curves than ever. Around her throat was the collar, but decorated with a string of pink pearls that nearly choked her. The second necklace of intricate gold, ruby, and pink crystal. The pendant looked like pieces of a broken glass heart put together to make a pair of wings. It sat on her bare skin just above the neckline of the corset style top.

As a sailor of the seas Desman was very aware of what this change of winds meant. Something big was blowing into town. Each step the Storm Demon made towards him only instilled the confirmation that it was her. She applied an amount of pressure upon his heart naturally, but in her wake, she pulled along the jealous looks of women and the envious glares of men towards his direction. She smiled behind the half mask that fit between the space of her horns and her brows. “What do you think?” She asked, but it was written all over his face.

‘Y-you look amazing…’ he thought his eyes darting over her attractive features in awe, taking it all in before he realized how dumb and simple that sounded. He could do better than that.

Desman cleared his throat. “You look extravagant as always my lady.” His tone was one of mock-poshness as looped his arm around her tightly. “Shall we go inside?”


Ash stood in the arm of the man she came to the party with, next to the blood fountain and the various comical looking cookies and cakes at the snack bar. It looked like your typical homemade party refreshments that your mom torture you with to make for a party that you are pretty sure no one cares what the food looks like. But it's Halloween and a great deal of effort has to be poured into these amateur looking treats. It was anyone’s guess as to what ingredients went into these, or if the fingers were human or demon.

The demoness was contemplating on cannibalism from behind her baby pink fan if only to say she’s tried it while Desman stood watching the people mingle. It would seem the color scheme of his mask worked well into the favored one among the guests. In fact, his companion stood out in her pink than he did in his bright red. There were black dresses, red dresses, and a gathering of many other shades of darkness and blood. He didn’t know why he was so surprised though, considering the thematics of hell falling under the same color wheel.

The styles of the dresses faired between pretty petal-like texture that reminded him of lilies, gorgeous gowns that made him think of old fashion balls, prom dress levels of skirts and tops that gave him unpleasant glimpses back into school, and skimpy little things that made him wonder for another time why Ash chose to wear something that actually covered everything but her back and her arms.

He turned to her, his eyes falling upon the near air-bound raven that was painted into her skin with surgical hands and impossible to wash off ink. He wondered what the story behind it was a thousand times, but has yet to ask. Which he will most likely go on for a long time still without knowing as now was not really the time to talk about body art. It has crossed his mind a time or two to ask about the piercings as well and a multitude of other things about the woman he’s fallen deeply in love with.


Did he really just think that?

He immediately looked away, his cheeks as red as his mask..

Ash was about to slide her fingers from his hand to partake in the pleasantries of food when a shadow washed over her and the food. She looked over her shoulder at a tall dead looking figure with red eyes set straight on her, his horns pulled out to the side and raised to the sky where they made a peak over his dull red hair that hung to his knees. She found him unappealing and hid her disdain behind a smile that was hidden behind her fan. “Yes?”

“You have an interesting taste in body art.” He said, his voice long and drawn out.

“You mean the bird?”


“Do you know what they call a group of crows?”

“No.” His dead eyes look at her like she was a cupcake. Accurately covered in pink fluffy frosting.

“Murder.” She said, with a giggle.

His smile turned creepy as he let out a very insane chuckle. “That is humorous.”

“I thought you’d like that.”

“Is it a gang sign then?”


“Then why?”

“Because black sheep cannot fly.”

The same creepy chuckle barked from his twisted lips. “Do you have wings?”

“No. Not the traditional kind.”

“Traditional is such a dull word…”

“Isn’t it?”

Desman watched from the corner of her arm, amazed by how quickly she seemed to fit in.

“Indeed.” The man’s eyes turned to the actual food. “What is your favorite?”

“I haven’t tried any, yet. What do you recommend?”

“What I want to take a bite out of is unfortunately not on that table.” He said, a warmth to his voice as his eyes trail across her skin.

“There is a blood fountain, does that not satisfy your needs?” She asked, starting to lazily fan off his gaze.

“It is not blood that I want, no.” His eyes come back to her’s. Or what he could look at as eyes. “Something more.”

“How much more,  what about the desired meal is so exciting for you?”

“I want to sink my teeth into a beautiful young woman’s flesh. The supple, firm, yet soft flesh on her breasts are always the most satisfying.”

“Maybe later you can itch that scratch. But tonight I have a date.” She said, motioning the fan to Desman. “He has already laid claim to my breast. Perhaps another night?”

“I’d be delighted..” He said, licking his lips before picking up one of the fingers and heading away.

The human at this point looked over at her, jealousy rising in his chest. “Ash-”

“Desman. By the end of the night, he will be dead.” She said, in the most deadpan voice possible. “And even if that weren’t true, I have no interest in him.” She glanced up at him, her serious face cementing it to be true. He found it impossible at that moment to doubt her. “Now guard me again while I try this food.”

“Do you really think that’s blood?”

“I know it is.” She said, stuffing the fan into her cleavage and grabbing what looked like a cookie. She examined it and sniffed at it but could not figure out what was inside. She decided the best way to get into the middle of it was to take a big bite.

It snapped in her mouth like a normal cookie, and from the instant, it touched her pierce tongue she could have sworn it was nothing but a simple gingersnap cookie. When she looked at the cross-section though she noticed a very obvious fat baked grub in it. As well as half an almond. “Huh.” She said, before finishing it off.

Desman flinched, but she just grabbed another treat, this time what looked like a brownie. When she bit into it she found it to be very moist. In fact, it was filled. Or it so it felt. When she pulled it back to examine the insides an eye stared back at her. Unblinking. It was partially bitten into and it threatened to fall out of the soft dough and onto her dress. What exactly kind of eye it was, they’d never know and she didn’t care. She took another bite of it and after a second one, it was down. Desman could have been sick…

“Please don’t eat the finger..” He begged, his stomach turning.

“Fine.” She promised, then pulled him along to a more savory looking plate. It looked like pieces of chicken or some other bird. She imagined it to be that stupid harpy and immediately snatched up a piece to pop the horderve into her mouth and eat it as madly as she could. For good measure, she asserted herself as the top of the food chain by taking another one. “We should probably take care of business sooner than later.” She said before popping what looked like cheese into her mouth. Instantly she knew it not to be cheese. She swallowed regardless.

“How soon? The party just started.” Desman asked, trying to ignore what it could be that Ash was eating.Trying not to imagine anything but regular chicken and crackers.

“We need to lock the doors. Cut off all exits.” Ash said, popping something that resembled fruit into her mouth.

“That seems a bit excessive.”

“Neujimin wants us to be the only people that walk out of here.”

“What about the cooks? The maids? They didn’t do anything wrong.”

“It doesn’t matter. We are here to make a statement. Not friends.”

Desman was silence as he watched her take another fruit piece. He admitted in his utter silence that he was hungry now, too. But he dared not partake in the snacks. “I’m not sure I can do this..” He said, turning his eyes back on her.

For a moment he saw two Ash’s. One that smiled, and one that glared at him. They spoke at the same time and with the same words, but with different tones and faces. “Desman, don’t you want to be a hero? Even in hell? You heard our Master, these people ruined his life and many others’. You’re going to let them keep doing that?”

Desman was so confused by what he was hearing and seeing that he wasn’t sure what to say. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, and Ash was back to normal. She looked back at him, concerned. “What? Yes... But.”

“But nothing, Desman. This is how we get out of the Underverse. Or do you want to stay here forever?”

He blinked but looked away. “No... I want to get you out of here.” There was a bit of silence before Ash slid her arms around his back, up his shoulders and pulled herself to his level with a gentle smile. He looked down with hot cheeks once more.

“Desman..” She whispered sleepily, leaning in and touching her lips against his. He felt her cold ring and kissed back but she pulled away at any sign of deepening the kiss. He looked disappointed. She laughed cruelly at him but spoke to soothe his pride’s burn. “I just ate, we can finish this later..” She said it without saying it, that she understood he didn’t want to subject himself to what she’d eaten. She then lowered herself back onto the heels she wore. “I’ll take care of set up, just meet me on the dance floor in less than an hour.”

“Okay..” The human said, watching as she slipped out of his grasp once more before vanishing in the sea of crimson and coal.

Desman began to circle the dance floor after only thirty minutes, nothing out of the ordinary appeared to be happening. At least nothing beyond what he imagined was normal for a party full of unsuspecting demons. He watched as couples pulled away and began to make out against the walls. He felt himself swaying with the music and he wondered if Ash would dance with him before the carnage began.

While he wasn't particularly watching, where he was going in his rhythmic ways, Desman ran right into someone. His reflexes reacted without his knowledge as he grabbed both her and the trey she was carrying and most of the hors-d'oeuvres that were planted perfectly spaced on the silver serving instrument.

In his arms, he held a tiny woman stood. In fact, it all looked like a setup for a dance scene the two practiced over and over. She was clearly albino, porcelain skin, ruby red eyes with powder pink sclera. Her frosty white hair pushed back to expose the small horns which curve back behind her ears. He looked deep into the gems of her eyes before she flinched back, expecting something worse than just curiosity from the human.

“Are you okay?” Desman asked, he couldn't’ help himself. His heart was good.

She was still half cowering under his gaze. “Yes, sir.” She stared at the ground and squeezed the edges of her fully frilled maid’s outfit. He noted the grey stockings that crawled up into the skirt.

He laughed nervously. “Sir?” He then lowered the tray to hand to her.

“Yes, sir. You are a guest in master’s festivities.” She said, still looking down. She had no idea he was offering her tray.

“That’s a bit formal for just a guest, isn’t it?” He chuckled, lifting her chin up to look into her eyes again. She hesitated but returned the notion. He smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Esmeralda.” She said, as politely as she could be. “It’s my pleasure.” She said, lifting her skirt, dipping her head, and bowing to him in a curtsy. “Sir.”

Desman smiled back, then gave a very exaggerated bow, bringing the tray back behind him quickly as he did. “De-”

He felt the weight of the serving platter leave his hand before he heard the low tons of it plate hitting the ground repeatedly. The food, all of it, sounded wet as it hit the polished stone floor. Of course, it was none other than the master of the house that was hit by the platter, and now wore half of it on her face.

Desman quickly tried to shield Esmeralda from her wrath by stepping between them. “I’m sorry, Madam, I-”

The portly woman crossed the small space very quickly and snatched the albino’s horn and yanked her closer. “You!” She jerked her around, the human trying to step between them but finding no purchase. “You’ve been nothing but trouble since our master has purchased you! How dare you lollygag about when you’ve been tasked with work!”

“Ma’am, please. It was I who-” He tried to interrupt, holding his hands up defensively for her sake.

The eyes on this woman when she glared at him could turn just about anyone he knew into stone. “What’s this? The mongrel here’s found a friend?” She sounded snotty as she shoved the girl away. “And who are you? I don’t remember inviting a human.”

“Well..” He gulped. ‘Good job Desman, Ash will kill you…’

“Madam Lasuraa, pl-”

The sound of skin against skin echoed into every corner of the house. Silence followed, and Desman could hear the tension hanging in the air after the slap. The demons in the area smelt blood, they wanted to watch Esmeralda's crucifixion. He had to do something…

Before he could act, the younger female rolled into the position of a maid, bowing her head to the older woman. “My most sincere apologies, mistress. I was mingling with the guest instead of doing what was expected of me. Please, I beg for forgiveness, even if I do not deserve it.”

This somehow worked. As the white hair fell toward the floor and curtained her sad eyes, the wealthy demon’s anger melted away. Desman felt the urge to defend her once more but slowly understood there were steps that were necessary. He didn’t like it, but he stayed silent.

“You don’t deserve it.” Lasuraa cried out with the dramatics of a snob. Her purple fat rippling as she smiled and turned to her guest. Then she turned back to the girl. “Now pick up this mess!” The girl flinched under her words. “AND GET BACK TO WORK!” She yelled, a tendril of liquid shadow ripped through reality and grabbed the girl by the throat, choking her Lasuraa willed it to yank her to the ground, face into the fancy creepy snacks. A roar of laughter erupted at Esmeralda’s expense, but she politely took it for a long moment before the tentacle released her and her master’s main pet walked away.

It took another moment longer before Desman could even think about rushing to the girl’s side, the laughter didn’t stop and they grinned down at the poor albino demon as she slowly scooped up the food to pile on her tray. When they were finally bored with her humiliation he was on his knees reaching for the furthest away scraps of food.

Esmeralda gasped, glancing around and then grabbing his wrist. “Sir. You have to stop.” She whispered, making eye contact with him.

“I can’t. It feels like this is my fault.”

“Sir, you are a guest.”

“You got hurt because of me. Please just let me help.” He looked away.

The demoness looked around and then nodded. “Quickly.”

In the next moment, they were walking to the kitchen. He was not allowed in, but he waited patiently at the door. He could hear some clanging, yelling, and finally some whimpering. He wanted nothing but to go in and see what it was, but when she slipped out, he noticed right away. She clutched her hand with a rag, it was already soaking through with violet liquid. Which matched the small bit on her white cheek that spilled out from a small cut.

She couldn’t look at him, but he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed at the wound, ignoring the common sense that explained there were worse things. As soon as he began, she let out a sob, bit her lip, and then hissed as tears rolled down her cheek and into her fresh wound.

Esmeralda turned her back to the party and softly cried in the corner, trying to bear what she could. Whispering to herself. “Soon… Soon I can be rid of this and go home…” Desman approached again. “Stop…” She turned to look at him with her wounded cheek. “Please… I appreciate your concern, but I have to get back to work.”

“S-Sure…” Desman whispered, then pulled his hand back, trying to ignore now the sound of a baby crying in the back of his mind. He wasn’t sure where it was coming from, he just knew it had something to do with the end of tonight. In a daze, he returns to his patrol.

Quest; [Personal]Trust - Part 3 - Ballad of Blood: The Massacre Ball

The most recent song was coming to a slow end, and he glanced around once more. Desman spotted the pink before her bruised colored skin, but then as she entered the dance floor he was immediately drawn to her. Her fan brushed stray hairs away from her smiling masked face.

The human approached the dressed up Storm Demon, walking in a daze this night has put him in. He reached her as a hauntingly dramatic waltz began, the big band in the corner twisting the atmosphere to perfection. Though even Desman had no idea what the woman that was about to be in his arms had done. She dipped politely while lifting her skirt, he acknowledged it with a small bow. Their bodies came forward, her hand over his shoulder and his around her back. The other hands wind together elegantly.

Desman noticed the weight of something in his hand immediately, but she smiled back. “Shh.” She warned him before properly backing up and forcing him to start the dance.

After the forced start, Desman lead. In the back of his mind, he wondered what was in his hand, but every glance towards the intertwined palms showed nothing. Slowly he let it go, that’s when it became most relevant though. In a flash of movement, Ash forced his hands towards the back of a young woman. A second later her pale orange blood arched in the air as they twirled, she gasped.

They were already onto the next victim, a man of regal stance, he dipped her and Ash slashed across his lower back, deep and fast and cutting into the bone. Hot vibrant green blood spilled across the dance floor but Desman was already picking her up and leading her to the next victim of her silent blade. She was tossed out at his arm’s length and her’s additionally. The swirling magic of the fusion already threading them together. He watched as her hand flung into a random man’s chest. The demon stumbled back into the crowd while Desman yanked his date back into his arms. Bringing the unseen blade out of the unsuspecting chest, slathering his bright yellow blood across the crowd as she flicked it perfectly while they came into each other again.

“What is the meaning of this?” He asked sharply as he squeezed her by the wrist this time. She gasped naturally as he handled her roughly but then smirked up at him. “Just doing a job, Des.” She teased, licking her lips. He felt his face fire up once more and tried to continue with the dance. He heard screams begin to erupt from around them, and he watched another arc of brightly colored fluid fly through the air, another girl. Another victim.

He looked up at the last second, twisting his head to try to see her work, but she brought it back to face her and grinned. “Don’t look at anyone but me, Desman.” She said, then began to pull him in closer for another kiss. Before their lips touched, the light exploded from their chest. Filling the room with a rainbow worth of rays.

It caught everyone’s attention. Those who have abandoned the dance floor and were seeking exit but found bolted doors that wouldn’t budge no matter how hard they tugged. Those who clung to their companions in fear of what mystery was going on. And even those who fanned the fainted and tried to stop the bleeding.

All party going guests and hosts looked up towards the center of the room where two lights swirl together before bursting apart, glittering orbs of color falling around one figure. Black Ash stood where two had, smiling a bright grin of delight. “Darlings…” He purred, his outfit a dress much like Ash’s but with Desman’s high collared jacket. “It’s time to die.”  In his hand delicately hung the Quil as he waved it around like an orchestra master when he realized the music had some to a holting stop. “Don’t stop the music on my account.” He said, instructing the band to keep playing as he closed the distance. When he was sure they would continue, he turned around, pushing the blade out of sight. “Now… where were we?”

Around him, faces were full of disgust and fear. Above him came voices, frantic and panicked. “There’s no way out!” Echoed several men, upstairs came voluminous bangs as if someone was trying to open a door or window with all their might. It sounded like thunder, it smelt like desperation, fear, and victory...

Black Ash just smiled harder. “Ah yes…” He said, reaching under the full princess ball gown and revved the engine of something dangerous. From his pillow like folds of the dress, he freed the Ultramarine’s Chainsword, Invictus, and cocked a cynical grin. “I was blowing off a bit of steam.” He taunted, then began to laugh in dark humor.

The first swing caught the body of a young an beautiful girl with full lips and small horns in a maids outfit. She stood up and turned around at the last moment, forcing his aim to hit her side instead of her neck. There was a fraction of a moment when recognition of Esmeralda made the fusion hesitate, her desires and hopes for an easy night before being able to return home echoed in the darkness of a faded, fuzzy and distance memory. Her tears and humiliation the only headstone she’d recieve. She would received no mercy from the stronger personality, and a small inner voice choked on his tears as the teeth in the blade bit away fiber after fiber in her tiny body. With her last breath she screamed her enthralling agony before death snatched her away.

Violet blood soared across the dance floor, across the faces of those who watched in horror, just as unable to take their eyes off of her as they had before. No one was laughing.

When the broken body fell, there was a moment of pure white silence. Then all at once, it hit everyone and they screamed with all their lungs before trying to escape the madman in the baby-doll pink dress. He grinned a devil’s smile while the chainsaw laughed in his place. He took a steady step towards a maid who’s been paralyzed by fear, in one swoop her head came off and danced as high as the chandelier.

Scattering like animals wouldn’t save them, with a glance the demonic fusion captured what he needed. He raced the opposite way of the crowd at a twisted gargoyle statue, did a front flip onto the face of the statue, then used especially toned legs launched himself into the crowd, swinging wildly and cutting down several delicate-featured girls, and one lanky man.

He twisted in the air to land on a pillar to do it again, aiming a little higher. He cut off three heads that time and aimed his momentum and ambitions even higher. Up into the open air staircase where he frightened a plumper demon into fainting. A man came between him and her, but the blade on Invictus was too fine. Black Ash did an over the top twirl as he swung the chainsword, the motion taking the torn off torso with him and tossing it over the banister into the crowds below. It was more than big enough to crush one of the guests’ heads into the floor while he soared into the sky past the chandelier and higher into the castle.


The crystal chandelier spun slowly on the chain, tilted by the weight of the man on its outer rim. Red Devil’s Quil in his hand yet again, Invictus buried in a pile of bodies. Black Ash was looking at every corner of the place one more time, daring something to move. Shadows rocked across the cotton candy-colored blood coated walls, looking more like a game of paintball exploded in the middle of the gorgeous house. The tagger in Ash made Black Ash proud of the vivid colors that ran down the walls and pooled across the floor.

He leaped from the chandelier and onto the second floor. He walked through each room, collecting his things. He’d lost his Claw in the bathroom, his chainsaw in the hall, his earrings in the eyes of a man, his necklace in the throat of a woman, and his glass slipper in the skull of a prince.

In the silence of death you could hear a pin drop, so when he heard something metal clatter against the floor in a serving room he politely walked over and pushed open the door casually to see the dry red-haired man from before, desperately holding a woman Black Ash didn’t recognize so much as he knew was the owner of the house. Lasuraa whimpered as he choked the life out of her, her eyes bulging from her skull. She was apparently trying to fight for her life, but he held her aloft from the floor in a way that her feet couldn’t find purchase. She flopped heavily against the floor trying to break whatever was cutting off the air supply.

“Come now..” Black Ash’s voice hit a lower octave, full of pity. This scared the man shirtless as he dropped the woman and flung himself to the wall. She gasped and begged for air. “What do you even mean to accomplish by killing her? Last minute revenge?”

“I thought she might be who you are after! If she is dead, you will leave me alone!”

Black Ash had to restrain himself, pulling the fan from his coat pocket and flicking it open to hide his smile at the creep’s misunderstanding. “Darling! You slay me!” He giggled. “Why on earth would I have slaughtered hundreds of people if I was after but one…?”

“YOU ARE AN ASSASSIN SENT HERE TO KILL HER AREN’T YOU?” He screamed, eyes wide, his panic driving him mad.

“If you honestly believe that, you are worse at figuring things out as you are flirting.” He snarked.

“I would nev-” He stopped, looked at the body of the dress and then back into Black Ash’s eyes. “Who are you?”

“I am the champion of destiny... But you can call me Death.” He taunted from behind his fan, before flicking the blade deep into the man’s Adam’s Apple. As the undead colored demon fought vainly against death, feeling the most uncomfortable pulling sensation from the blade in his throat,  he watched the man snap the fan back to closed position and walk over to the woman. He looked unamused by her out of breath pleading but waited until she looked up at him. “No thanks, I already have all the power and wealth I could want.” Before he struck her with his remaining glass slipper into the front of her mouth.

Black Ash eventually strung her up using the Claw’s braid and waiting until they were both dead from asphyxiation. When she stopped kicking he dropped her on the floor. Collecting the rope again and tying it to the hip of the dress, he yanked the blade from the man’s dried out throat so that he landed on top of her. He grinned to himself and headed back downstairs.

Defusion was less dramatic as Fusion was, but by the time Black Ash reached the last stair he was back to Desman Black and Ash; The Storm Demon. The human looked around at the confetti colors that stained the walls like an artist’s paint collection exploded due to pressure and heat, he felt an enormous weight of dread and pity settle in his heart. He glanced over at Ash, but she was already in the middle of a wardrobe change. The pink rose themed outfit fell away in shreds of light.

She wore a tight pink floral shirt that only went 3/4ths down her body. Over that a plain grey zip-up hoodie, a black pair of booty shorts, and plain pink sneakers. Her hair come undone and fell around her shoulders. She straightened the jacket and stuffed her hands in its pockets. She glanced over at Desman who just stared for a long time. “Are you going to be alright?” She asked a sense of professionalism in her voice. Maybe if he was paying attention he would have noticed how comfortable with this she was.

“Y-Yeah...” He forced out of his mouth.

“Master probably didn’t expect it to go so fast.. If you want to... We can go out and do something together.” Ash offered.

“N-No… I just… I need a moment to myself.” He said, not even looking up at her.

There was a long silence that hung in the room. It lasted for hours in Desman’s mind, Ash was just contemplating on the consequences of leaving him alone. He could snap.. He could crack… Or he could come out of it just fine. “I’ll hang around town then, we can go back to master in the morning.” She said, sure he’d tell her if he needed her.

The Regrets of a Robot

Desman sat in the darkroom, alone except for the bodies that littered the floor. Desman obviously felt bad for them, but he made his decision before he got here, all he could do now was pay his respects, and so he did.

For what would have seemed like an eternity to an outside watcher, the man just stayed there, back against the wall, silent and unmoving; one could almost mistake him for being one of the newly dead. But eventually he got up, a blank stare covering his face as he moved through the ocean of bodies to the back wall, the silent of the night only amplifying the mood.

He stared at his destination for a few good minutes, summoning a black spray can to write one final message.

~Desman Black~”

And with that he walked solemnly out of the building, locking the door behind him.

The air outside was nippy. It wasn’t an unreasonable amount to manage, but bothersome all the same. It would probably be warmer in a bar, the place he wanted to go that way he could drink himself away unless there was some complication. There was always a complication with him…

But on he walked, Eventually coming to a busier part of the city. Despite the fact he had just murdered a room full of people, nobody bat an eye at him, it was somehow both terrifying and calming. It scared him how easy it was to get away with something like that, but it also meant no one had found out about it, yet.

His eyes were then drawn to a sign; ‘Alexandra’s Bar & Bistro’. That seems like the place he wanted to go, and so inside he went. There was only one thing that Desman could tell was immediately off about this place, well, except for the demons but you got used to them. The biggest thing off about the place was that nobody was sitting at the bar, only the bistro section. Desman thought nothing of it as he approached and planted his bum on a stool, it didn’t take long for the bartender to notice.

“What type of Drink do you want.” He expression was cold and monotone, it made Desman will a little nervous.

“Sc-Screwdriver please.”

“Sure, coming right up.” The man pace was slow and methodical, like he no emotion, though in this place maybe he didn’t.

“Care to buy a lady a drink too?” A stranger’s sweet voice came from behind, prompting Desman to look up.

The mysterious female was tall and pretty, her blond hair covering one of her amber eyes and going all the way down to her calf on her back, and to just under her breasts at the foundation. Her pale white skin was covered in reds pinks and black that had the same color scheme as her fairy-like wings.


“S-Sure.” He said, staring at her for probably a little more than appropriate. “MAKE THAT TWO PLEASE!” The human shouted across the bar, only a minute or two had passed before the bartender came back to give both of them their drinks, Desman didn’t notice how little time had passed through as the two of them were already in conversation.

“So, what are you doing here?” Desman asked, not expecting to see anyone like her in a bar.

“What’s sweet little ol’ me doing in a place like this? Well, the ones that use the whole ‘Underworld’ gimmick are not actually that good with their drinks.” She said bluntly.

“I meant what are you doing in a bar at all…”

“Well you look like never had a single drink in your life, would you tell me why you're at a bar?”

“P-point taken…” he said, glancing in the completely opposite direction to where her eyes were.

The girl was the one who decided to cut through the awkward silence. “Hey, I know the best spot in this building, want to check it out?”

“S-Sure…” Before Desman could even say his second word the fairy was already pulling him, and his drink, away from the bar. It wasn’t till they got halfway up a flight of stairs that he started to question the girl. “Where are we going? Are you sure we’re allowed up here?”

“Of course we are, I’m Alex, the owner of this of this place.” She said pulling him closer to her. “There’s only one thing you need to know when you're in here with me, I’m not so sweet.” She quickly turned around and pushed him into the wall, the surprise making Desman drop the glass, a loud crash echoing throughout the building.

“What was that?” A newbie to the bar asked as he got his drink.

“Probably a rat.” The barkeep said nonchalantly, knowing full well what was happening.

“Now shut up and let me kiss you.” The fairy said, back upstairs and getting her face closer to his. “You're less cute when your talking”.

Storm Demon’s Playground

Ash wandered about for an hour before she settled on a place. A building that had flashing lights announcing it was a pub. A modern beautiful shit hole with blaring music, and a posse of whores trying to get past the bouncer. She slid in while he was too busy staring down at their begging body language.

Ash headed straight to the bar, flopping on a rounded seat next to another humanoid demon. The bartender was a combination of squid and snail, and when he asked her what she wanted she called for coke and rum. She got it, heavy on the rum despite her feelings of it. She liked it and took a long drink before holding her fingers up for two more.

“Slow down there little lady.” A voice came from the man beside her, a grin as charming as her’s. “It’s not wise to drink like that alone.”

She rolled her eyes towards him but tipped the glass back just the same before pushing the empty thing over to the bartender. “What makes you think I am alone?”

“Because if you were my girl I wouldn’t let you walk around without me.” He responded quickly, his eyes moving over her like he was examining a fine art piece.

Ash had just wanted to relax, and it crossed her mind to throw the drink in his face. Instead, however, she realized he was hitting on her. She slowly brought the drink to her lips, freshly made and cold against her mouth. She hesitated for a moment before twisting in her seat and crossing her leg so the upper one was within touching distance. “Alright, you have my attention. Now how do you plan to keep it?” She flashed a grin and took another slow drink.

The incubus raised an eyebrow at her question, but he took advantage of the fact that she seemed interested.  Slowly, casually deliberate, he moved his hand to her chin before turning her head so he could stare into her eyes. He seemed to be thinking about her question, the cocky grin on his face making it seem like he was searching for the perfect words to hook her. In reality, eye contact was all he needed to read her heart, perusing through it like an open book. Seeing what she wanted, both casual interests and her deepest desires. Time seemed to freeze for a moment as he invaded her soul, but in reality, only a moment went by before he was finished. A sudden sharp chill radiated through her body, remnants of his icy touch the only evidence of his crime. He released her and leaned back, his smile widening as he finally spoke.

“I think it’s you that should be trying to interest me,” he said confidently, hinting that there was something that he now knew.

Dark and smooth, like her drink. He invaded not only her physical space but her soul. She felt as though something very unique happened indeed but was only unconsciously aware of what he did. Her mind raced as fast as her heart, and a calm smile grew across her blue lips. “Is that so?” Her voice came out confident, her tail flicking behind her anxiously.

“Very much so.” The incubus responded, withdrawing some currency from a pouch and setting it onto the bar. More than enough to pay for both of them. “Just when I thought things weren’t going my way, fate has to step in and show me otherwise.”

He stood up, taking a step so that he was behind her, and then place a hand on each of her shoulders. He squeezed them tight, painfully so, and then leaned into her ear.

“I’ve been having a terrible fucking day,” He started, and despite his voice being barely above a whisper there was an aura of malice clearly heard within it, “Come with me and I’ll take it out on you.”

Ash was casual still, she watched him with caution as he lifted himself from the stool and inched out of her field of vision. She could have twisted her head to follow him even then, but she didn’t think she had to. She waited for less than a nanosecond before she felt his hands’ weight against her shoulders, caressing them painfully - fingers digging into her collarbone and making her tense out of reaction, and bite her lip out of pleasure.

She hadn’t planned on going out and finding a friend with benefits today, but it would be rude not to enjoy her time alone. Especially when he was pushing all the right buttons that haven’t even been teased for some time. He felt her relax in his rough touch before she picked up the last of her drinks, downed it as fast as she could, and then slid out of his grip to twist out of her own seat. Her twirl continued in one smooth motion, landing Ash with her hands on his chest as if she was already begging him to take her home. A small smirk on her face betrayed her feelings about this. “What kind of girl do you think I am?” She teased, toying with his chest.

“You’re a caged raven who longs for release as much as I do right now.” The Incubus spoke with confidence, his hand moving up her body and catching the tag on her collar. It glinted in the dim light of the bar, but he didn’t even glance down at it. “Depending on your actions, we may discuss this release as well,” he said, grinning down at her for a moment before suddenly grabbing the collar in his fist. He gave it a cruel twist and yanked her closer.

“Every day is a roll of the dice, we all take chances. Sometimes they turn out good, other times we get… punished.” he said. He held her like that, choking her and not giving a shit, trying to decide what to do with her. As much as he wanted to just drag her into the alley out back and have his way with her, he felt like their relationship deserved a much better first impression. That just wasn’t possible with trash cans and concrete. With that thought, he pulled a business card out of his pocket and stuffed it into her cleavage before shoving her back onto the stool.

“One hour. If you’re late, I’ll assume you’re not interested.” He said, turning and heading for the exit.


Ash’s steps stopped in front of what could be considered an address. She had changed her outfit once more to a more simpler oversized shirt that hung off her shoulder, a pink lacy bra strap exposed and announcing her underwear choice. The shirt itself was a storm grey, her hot pants that cupped her ass so tightly that it was like she wasn't wearing anything at all were black and barely showed her shorts. Her sneakers were simple, her socks long and thick and grey.

She pulled the card out again to compare the reality with her expectations. Then she tossed it behind her with abandonment she was best known for and approached the Incubus’ place of dwelling, her tail high with anticipation.


Neujmin looked up from some paperwork in his hands as the door opened, what walked through the door was a sight he expected several hours ago, although with a lot less smugness in her walk. Ash was in torn clothes, bruises in the form of disturbingly bright yellow marks branded her body. The most notable ones were around her throat. There were also breaks in her flesh, caused by any number of things that could be found lying around here in the Underverse. His eyes linger a great deal on her exposed skin as he watched her waltz right in. “Yes?”

“Nothing.” She sang, apparently having a good night despite the shape she was in. She swung her ruined collar on her finger as she moved about the desk. She was very aware that she had his attention. “Just thought you’d like to know at least one of your pets are back.” She announced as she slipped behind his desk and leaned against it with her hip on the hard wooden stack of drawers. She tried to pretend that she didn’t just slam her bruise into a hard surface.

“Where’s Desman?” He asked, running his eyes over her still. She was his to oogle after all. He was very aware of the idea that she’d slept with someone, maybe at the party - maybe afterward - maybe during. He has never reached out to her and taken her bait, but now they were alone in his office. She looked very tempting, broken and weakened, even if he doubts she’d fight him.

The Storm Demon noticed how much of a liking he took to her, but continued as if she didn’t. “Somewhere on the other side of town, doing whatever he pleases. We decided to reward ourselves, knowing you wouldn’t be able to properly do it.”

“Is that why you smell like you were the main course in a brothel.” He snapped lazily, his ruby-colored eyes dancing back up to her’s.

“Are you jealous you weren’t invited?” Ash asked as she slides closer, into his personal space and almost into his lap. Her hands ran up his shoulders, and one leg slid beside his thigh before he stopped her. “I thought you just weren’t interested.” She cooed innocently.

Neujmin stared at her long enough that if it were anyone else they might crumble in fear if it were someone like her precious human. There was a war raging inside of him between power and lust. They had horns locked and were just waiting for the balance to tip. “If you are just checking in, then you may go back to your cell. Unless there was something else that brought you to my chambers?”

A grin snapped to life on her face as he called her out on it. “You can see right through me, can you?” She said, then leaned in, past his face and towards the elongated ear that gave off the illusion that it held up his hat most of the time. Her hands twisted on themselves and she wrinkled up his shirt as she sternly whispered. “I want more on Diablo.”

There was a long bit of silence, but they both understood the heaviness of mentioning that name. “What about him?”

“I want to meet him.” She said without hesitation, without much emotion at all. As he expected from her by this point.

“You going to try to seduce him as well?” His voice growing colder.

She giggled, and pulled back, stroking his sharp jaw. “No, that would be stupid.” She said with a smile. “Besides, I’d much rather take your cock.” Then she smiled harder and lowered her jaw so her eyes were in shadow, there was a faint glow where her eyes were. “How about a trade?”

The balance began to shift, Neujmin swallowed dryly. There was a long silence as he debated on how to proceed. His cold eyes looked back with the same solid look of a statue.

Without warning, he reached up into her ebony hair and grabbed locks of it and yanked her off of him. She cried out in pleasure, he ignored this to stand, turn her around, and then with as much force as he wanted to slam her chest down on his desk. He twisted his thick wrist and got a better grip in her hair before tearing away what was left of her lower layers. As expected she didn’t even bother to wash up after taking the last man’s punishment. He didn’t know why, but it turned him on even more. She began to fight back, both knew it was as much of a lie as her words earlier. He smacked her hard across her bruised cheek. Ash let out a soft moan as his hand quickly fished out his hard-on. “I clearly haven’t been disciplining you properly, now I have to show you who is your ‘daddy’.”

From behind the door, a voice could be heard screaming blissfully, along with several nicknacks falling off the desk and crashing into shattered pieces of passion.


When he was done, Neujmin left her on the desk to fall back into the chair. He had peeled away layers for the sake of comfort, now his hairy chest was exposed to the elements, his skin glistening with sweat. His breaths came out in heavy pants, his body feeling weak, and his mind 100% clear. He reached past her as if there wasn’t a body bent over his hellwood desk and pulled open small box that hadn’t been allowed to fall off during their activities. He pulls out one of his cigars and leans back finally, inspecting his work while he preps and lights it.

Neujmin turns so he is facing the wall behind them instead of the heavily breathing woman with her ass still sticking up. He let out a deep breath of smoke. “I’ll let you two work off your debt to me. No tricks. No hidden fees. As long as you do favors for me you will get your freedom. If you can pay it off, I’ll get you in.”

He heard her horns scraping against his desk, he imagined her body pulling free of the position he left her in, papers sticking to her sweat covered and bloody chest since the silence was followed up the rustling of papers. “Is this where you ask me to sign a contract with my blood?”

“That’s wholly unnecessary. For one, it's pretty primitive and you have nothing to lose. Secondly, I have plenty of your blood on my desk to forge a signature, Emma.” He said, twisting just far enough to check on her. She was now sitting on his desk, evidence of their coupling probably spreading across the top of his workspace as they spoke. “But let it be known, you can’t just magic up money and pay it off. Actions are worth more than gold down here.”

“What about sex?” Ash asked bluntly.

“As good as it was, I won’t accept sexual favors as a means of payment. Besides, Desman might get a bit upset.” Neujmin took another drag. “Speaking of which. If he doesn’t show up within a few hours I’ll be forced to send out the dog-catchers.” He tapped the tip of the cigar on the ashtray. “In the meantime, go get cleaned up.”

The bruised colored girl smirks. “Of course, master…” She sang, sliding off his desk and making her way out the door.

“Oh, wait.” He said, rummaging through his desk, pulling out a parchment. “Take this to the nearest guard, your stuff should have already been moved.” He said, scribbling something on paper before handing it to her. “I pulled some strings to get you a better cell.”

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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

Go Big or Go Home

Desman looked down at Ash as their arms were entangled, he found reassurance in her eyes and he was ready ’One two three, one two three…’

The crowd immediately went wild as the center of the area rose up to reveal Black Ash, his electricity making a display that made dirt and dust particles go flying everywhere, he was showing off and they loved it.

Black Ash’s outfit starts with the pointed tips of his gold shoes, from the ankles his pants bell out and rise to his lower hips. Perfectly defined abs exposed to the public, smooth broad pecs half exposed, cloth around his neck and shoulders hiding his collarbone and nearly all of his face. He grinned behind layers, completed with a puffy hat. He looked like a man of the sands, wearing The Red Devil’s quill at his side like an Arabian prince. His red hair mingled with the gold and white fabric, in the sheets of crimson hairs were gold and black beads. On his fingers, gold rings, his arm sported a red Egyptian themed band.

He greeted all his fans with kisses in return for their anticipation, his coat flattering majestically against the wind as he stood in the middle. “So, where is my challenger?” That’s when he heard the gate screech to life. The fusion could sense the opponent, but it was fuzzy, like something was blocking them, forcing them to turn around to see whatever monstrosity had been pulled out of the deepest depths of the underverse to deal with the new champion in the making.

The red skinned man’s sword sprung to life as he pointed at the gate, and he waited with new ambitions. He just needed to kill anything they could throw at him, if he could do that, they could leave; They could be free. Yet, freedom was always paid with a piece of you in addition to the cost of despair created by the lump sums stated by the gatekeepers, and this would be no different.

The world went blank around them, and the most unusual sensation washed over the fused worrier.

Desman stood there, alone, in a space as blank and featureless as The Nexus he’s traveled through several times. Except there was nothing, no gates, no horizon, no fountain, no hope. He turned around several times until he was dizzy with desperation, falling on his face in the sand under his feet. The human groaned and rubbed his head, beginning to pull himself back together. When he finally braved getting back to his feet, he looked up casually and found a hand.

Instantly his mind went to Ash, and he grinned up hoping to see her face. Only for his eyes to meet a similar set to his…

“Hello, brother… It’s been a long time.” Nexus said, smiling down at him.


Ash found herself floating in darkness once more. She normally didn’t dream when fused with Desman. She was aware that this combination, for whatever reason, was more complete. Before she had individuality, control, and a voice. In this combination their thoughts were faster than instant, her voice has been reduced to reactional thoughts in the brain of their singular body. She didn’t even know what she looked like, she just understood that it was far beyond the other one.

Firstly it was more intimate, lot less separate. They weren’t two minds sharing a body, they were one mind, one body. It was poetic, it was serenity, it was peace…

It was suffocating.

That had been her first red flag. The very idea that she had comprehending thoughts about circumstances meant they were no longer joined in unity. Desman has abandoned her… So why was she not herself? What was this strange floating feeling? Had she bitten off more than she could chew when she demanded Neujimin give them something a lot more satisfying in prize?

‘Am I dead?’ She asked herself mentally, closing her eyes and trying to recall anything else.

As soon as she began though, she felt something step up to her as if she could feel the breath of another person on her chin. The storm demon opened her eyes to see a mirror before her. She knew it was a mirror because it was a direct reflection of her. Staring boredly back at her own face.

Only for the for her reflection to take on a life of its own in the next minute. Her blank eyes shifted into dread, sadness swirling into them. Tears began to fall on her cheek, washing away the bruised color of her skin as they slid down her face. It got so much that the reflection couldn’t hold back, and a wail cried out, the medium which Ash was floating on rippled out violently. She wondered for a moment if this was her mother’s doing…

“Damn it, Emma! Why are you always blaming mom!?” Isabelle’s voice pierced through the darkness, and when the reflection looked up it still wore Ash’s face but with nearly marble white skin, pure and untouched by scars. Streams of tears still pouring as she looked at her sister with desperation. She wiped more at her face, clearing away the drawn on rings as if a makeup artist had been hired just for this illusion. Even now the horns that had looked so real before were two-dimensional in appearance.

Ash - who had never shown an ounce of real emotion since this moment - chipped at her sister’s pain. Instead of looking past the image and dribbling out something to make this go faster, she stared at the pain raining down on her sister’s face. Emma herself felt pain.

Isabelle’s hands slapped against the mirror. “Emma! Please! Stop this foolishness. Please come home!” She begged, already starting to smack her fists against the window that separated her from her twin sister. “Emma! Please! Mother’s heart is breaking because you’re gone. Dad is sick with worry. I need you! We’re falling apart Emma, please!!”

Ash did not hurt because of the face her sister was making, nor the pain she appeared to be in for unrelated reasons. The fracture that lingered in her icy heart was for the real twin.

Shock washed over Isabelle’s face. “You… Don’t think I really miss you?”

“Isabelle, yes,” Ash said, her eyes turning dark. “You? No. You don’t even know me.”


“Please… You already look rather stupid. Don’t make it worse for yourself.” Ash said, bluntly.

The fear and sadness melted away from the girl’s face, replaced with a smirk. “You’re much quicker than your boyfriend… Did I do something too cliche, then?”

“Not really.”

“What gave me away?” The eyes that looked up at her were now gold but still blank.

“Isabelle is far too boring to be here,” Ash said truthfully but with a matching grin.

Her twin coughed up a laugh, then raised her fist once more. The glass shattered dramatically before a brand new figure stood before Ash. Their elongated green arm seizing the storm demon by the throat and squeezing. The figure grinned wickedly as they looked back into her eyes. “And what about this, any last words? You are already so blue in the face…”

“That’s because… It's my fetish!” Ash moaned before stabbing the figure between the ribs with her Red Devil’s Quill.

The was a earth shattering screech from the creature then everything went black.


“N-Nexus?” Desman couldn’t believe his eyes, his brother was staying there, safe and sound, tears filled up his eyelids as he threw himself around the person he cared about most. “*sniff* How are you alive? How did you get here? How did you even know where to find me? …you know what. I don’t care. I’ve missed you.” The tears of Desman streamed down the younger brothers back, his head weighing heavy on the young man’s shoulder.

Nexus’ voice was calmer, more gentler, a voice that could make anything seem like it was alright. “I missed you Desman… BUT THEN YOU ABANDONED ME!

Desman was suddenly pushed back onto the ground, forced to bear witness to his brothers hurt and anger filled face. “I was so happy when I realized that I’d finally get to see my brother again, of his own choosing too. But then you left me… continuing to live your life… YOU CHOOSE SOME PIECE OF HARDWARE OVER YOUR OWN BROTHER!!!

“She wasn’t just some bit of hardware!” The words came out of Desman’s mouth without him thinking about it.

“Even now you still do it!” The tone of Nexus’ voice had been completely taken over by Anger, the feeling of hurt he showed at the beginning now hidden away. “Even when I’m right here in front of you and she’s nowhere to be found. And I'm not just talking to you, I’m talking to all of you. You all had chances to bring me back, yet you didn’t! I bet your new play toy is no different… you would happily sacrifice me for her happiness.”

Desman just stared at his brother, had he really inadvertently caused this much pain? It hurt Desman knowing this now.

“In fact, let’s prove this, you can either kill yourself and be with me, but leaving Ash in this ‘Underverse’. Or, you can kill me, allowing your precious Demon to escape hell.”



So far the audience that watched the fight from the seats in the stands were sorely disappointed by the lack of action going on. In the center of the stage was a cluster of green sacks. When the bright light flashed, it blinded the whole stadium, so when everyone could see again they were welcomed by the aftermath of what was going on. They saw their champion, a green demonic figure with spins like a cactus. He kneeled in the center of the crystallized goop in a pose he looked like he was pushing the two pods he’d created apart.

As to why there were even two was beyond everyone but Neujimin, he sat a little lower in his seat, a bit defeated. Damien had challenged him again after congratulating his successful retrieving of his fighter - this was after passive-aggressively commenting on how nice it must be to have a prime as a fighter. The dark haired demon knew he shouldn’t have taken the challenge, but that same day Ash had demanded to be able to fight something that would at least make a chip into their debt. He sighed to himself, his hardened shoulders dipping a little lower as he realized his mistake. Of course, she couldn’t handle these guys… Damien took the best for himself.

That’s when he, and the rest of the crowd, heard shattering noise as someone broke through the barrier of one of the pods. He hardly had the strength to look up, sure that it was Nathis - the champion - that was breaking free to throw his arms out in victory. His dread filled eyes lifted just long enough to confirm.

To everyone’s surprise, evident in thousands of gasps in chorus with each other including one cigar addicted demon, a very slender woman slid out of the pod, pulling her hips through and setting her legs on the edges like she would pounce whoever dared to put her in the bath of green liquid that fell off her nearly naked body.

He watched The Storm Demon twist her body over itself, slowly like a gymnast going for the gold - pointed toes and everything - so that when she released her grip on the pod she dropped to her feet in a stand. She did not stick the landing however and would lose a lot of points for it. Instead, Ash moved about the frozen scene, wiping off as much of the goo as possible while bringing her eyes on the pod that most likely held Desman in it. She didn’t seem all that interested as she only glanced. She looked far more interested in the statue that was her opponent.

Ash looked closely at the figure as if she were inspecting a piece of abstract art and trying to find a meaning to it. She stepped back from him and then concentrated on something she wanted, something that required a few moments of her concentration. Neujimin had by then gripped the wood of his seat and threatened to break it. While she was fucking around Desman was still fighting; Evidently loosing if Ash was capable of escaping faster than him. If she didn’t hurry, she was going to lose all opportunity to end this now…

‘Would you please just hurry the fuck up woman…’ He thought to himself.

The crowd around him let out a fearful gasp as she pulled out and revved her big blue chainsword up. Before anyone could react, she brought the rotating blade down on the creatures shoulder. It was an inch into the body of the creature and the thing didn’t even move. Ash noticed this as well, she had to of, she was a lot quicker than most people he knew. She hesitated to look at Nathis’ face but not even a brow had raised. He watched her shrug and then push the blade though. She seemed really disappointed that in the end that there wasn’t even enough reaction to make this fun.

The world sat there and watched her chainsword spray his dark green blood across the stage and herself, listened as it clicked across several hard layers of bone, and their nightmares would be haunted by the image of their champion’s loss where he could do nothing to defend himself. Defeated by a woman who knew nothing of fear and everything of brutality.


Nexus had Desman backed up against the corner, tears flowing down his cheeks like waterfalls, his brown hoodie draped over him like a blanket. “I can’t do this, please don’t make me have to choose.”

“It didn’t take you so long to choose back then…” Nexus was still on Desman’s chase, saying how every choice he made had hurt him.

“That’s cause I didn’t know seeing you was an option, I thought there was nothing after if I had stuck to my first choice.”

“You could’ve made that your wish,” Nexus retorted, “BUT INSTEAD YOU JUST WISHED FOR SOMEONE TO REPLACE ME!!”

“That’s not what happened!”

“THEN TELL ME WHAT D-” At that moment an arrow shot the boy's heart, cutting him off in mid-sentence. The boy who was his brother slowed in his steps, then stumbled to his knees. His image shifting like a programmed hologram being corrupted. It was all too familiar to Desman.

“No! Nexus, not again.” Desman scurried over to his brother. Feeling for a heartbeat, breathing, anything. “Please, not again…”


When Ash was done, she held up the frozen head and single arm up to the crowd. Showing them how easily their champion has changed. She grinned with wicked excitement as she walked it over to its master. Damien.

She finally had a face to the name. Well… More like a skull. He was the last and finally large figure in the crowd. He’d been the largest actually, without her knowing it her mind had been drawn to him that day. He showed no emotion as she tossed the corpse of his fallen fighter his way. Her throw was weak and it landed on a few people just in front of him, which scatter and scream in disgust. Their feeble normal minds breaking under just the idea of death being so close…

Damien didn’t flinch, he just stared straight at her. They met eye to eye while the rest of the crowd grew nervous and distracted by other things going on around them.

Specifically, the pods melting away until most of a body and a whole body lay in a puddle of green, both male. One was, of course, the fallen Nathis and the second a human with bright red hair, tears streaming down his face even now. A voice from overhead announces Damien the looser, if only because he couldn't name the winning fighter.

This, and only this is when Damien looked away as he turned to leave. Stone silence among the chaos that was between fans of the old champion and the new champion.

When Desman finally wakes up, he was in their bed, a full sized bed in a hotel sized room. In fact, it was almost just that. A large living space with a full sized bed and a table. There were two chairs for them to share a meal at or could be used as a makeshift desk. An angled wall cut off the bathroom that had a functional toilet, sink, and shower - all with limited water use via a timer which was reset by hitting the nob. Demons apparently were eco-friendly here in the underverse.

He was very much alone as well, he couldn’t hear any noises that indicated Ash was in the room. Not even her tapping on her cyberdeck. He moved to confirm this with his eyes and found the room empty, but also that he was covered in something that was green and sticky. It’s gotten all over the bed…

Ash would be fine, he had much more on his mind than his demoness.

Maybe a shower would help.

Go Bigger to Go Home

The official judgment room was full of people. Damien and Neujimin were among the biggest personalities that managed to fit inside of a relatively small room. Ash stood towards the center, in chains. Not that anyone thought they’d do any good against her if she really wished to escape. They were mostly for show, and almost everyone in that room knew that, yet no one said anything.

A man sat at the desk, a small creature that barely came to Ash’s knees. He had a flaming skull for a head, a dark almost featureless body, and a glorious bone white mustache. He stared at some papers and then looked up at her. Then at her master, and then at Damien. He did this for some time before bringing the papers together and setting them aside.

“In the case of Nathis vs Black Ash - Black Ash apparently being a fusion between two of Neujimin’s fighters which included Ash here, I proclaim that Ash the Storm Demon the winner and the New Champion. I had been there in the fight and have read the records left by the official judge. She not only escaped the pod that Nathis commonly used to immobilize his prey, but also was the one to cut his head off.”

“I was nice enough to deliver the trophy back to his master, too,” Ash explained, giving Damien a sweetened smile.

The short man cleared his throat. “I can’t say I am not entertained by that move, but it generally isn’t nice to throw things at your master’s competition.”

Neujimin stifled a laugh as best he could.

“So, officially, Ash, you are the champion. Your master may reward you with whatever prize he seems fit. However, this Desman does not share the victory and you are more than welcome to rechallenge him, Damien. So unless there is any further need for me, I ask that you leave my office immediately.”

“Of course, sir.” Damien’s voice was dark and smooth, like demonic chocolate. It surprised Ash.

Neujimin grabbed her by the chains and pulled her closer. “Thank you, sir.” He said, bowing to the shorter demon and they exited. Before she could even begin what Neujimin expected would be some sexual taunting to remind him of his promises of great rewards, Damien interrupted.

“Neujimin.” He said, as his followers closed the doors respectfully to the judge’s room. “Congratulations.” He said, his eyes turning to the female. “How much for her?”

“Sorry, Damien. She just bought her freedom.” He said, pulling on the lock and releasing the chains which turn to light and vanish. “Thank you for that. Now I only have one stubborn Prime to deal with.” He said, turning his back to Ash and facing his rival, pulling at the cigar in his mouth to talk more freely. “If you ask nicely though, I bet she will bend over for you before she leaves.”

“I’ll do that even if you don’t ask nicely,” Ash answered, slipping her arms around Neujimin’s, winking at Damien.

The skull made no attempt to share his emotional turmoil. If it could indeed at all. “Tempting.” He sounded just as bored as he looked. “But I have a fight I have to prepare for.” He said, reaching out a hand to the girl. When Ash offered hers he took it gently and leaned down to kiss it. As best as a skull can kiss a hand. “Maybe when we have a free night, Champion.”

With that, he changed directions and left the two where they were.

To break the silence, she turned to her master. “You might want to at least put the collar on me, or people might believe that I am a citizen. Might respect me or something.”

“I meant it, Ash.” He said, flexing his arm and putting his hand over her folded hands on his arm. “Welcome to the Underverse.” He took her by the chin and kissed her. “Never let me find you in his bed.” He demanded after pulling away.

She smiled that same grin as usual. “What about yours?”

“I’d tell you to be there tonight… But I need to set up a meeting with Diablo.”


Neujimin walked into their cell, Ash had insisted that she stay there with Desman and had made a point not to tell him of her freedom or her championship. Meanwhile, Damien has officially challenged the demon and his last standing fighter. “Desman, you have a challenge. You go in by yourself.”

“By myself…?”

“Yeah.” His master said, tossing the invitation onto the bed where he was curled up while Ash played with her cyberdeck.

“Desman doesn't really stand a chance by himself,” Ash said, getting up and snatching the paper from the bed.

“That’s probably why he’s picking his words carefully and singling Desman out. Now that he knows you are two different people he will try what he can to avenge his champion.” He looked up to see Ash grinning. “What?”

Ash begins to fan herself with the card. “It says ‘I challenge you and your fighter, Desman, to a brawl.’”

“Yeah… So?” Neujimin asked, knowing a good idea on her face when he sees one.

“The only reason me and Desman can fuse together is because he has a unique source of power to do it. How does finally punching Damien in the face for what he’s done to you sound?”

Both demons grinned before looking Desman up and down like a piece of meat.

Desman, Damien, and a date with Diablo

Ash knocked against the door’s frame, but she was already passing through with Neujimin looked up. “Close the door.” He commanded, with a softer tone than if it were Desman. He made no motion to leave his desk or the work that was scattered across the table top. She did as she was told and moved in closer, leaning against the desk on his side and waiting to be acknowledged. She noted how easily he glanced at her, grinning to herself as he went back to work.

“You were the one that summoned me, Neujimin.” She purred, reaching over and stroking his thick bicep through the paper thin silk shirt.

“I’m finishing up your letter of recommendation at this moment.” He taunted, a pen flicking like a paintbrush across the paper.

“Does that mean I should be a good girl and keep my hands to myself until then?”

“Do I really turn you on that much?” Nuejimin asked, not even looking up.

“Strong men with power and a thick cock tend to.” Ash cooed, then giggled to herself before she got to her feet. His office was about as boring as you’d think an office would be. Shelves of some hardwood that was sturdy enough to hold important books and such. In his case, old first place trophies that probably weren’t in style anymore.

To her surprise, however, as she was looking at the polished achievements she came across her own image in a clear stone propped up for anyone to see. She stood there, holding the head of the last champion by the back of the neck while it gave the viewer a thumbs up. Before she could stop it, a laugh burst past her fangs.

“I see you’ve found your monument of glory.” He said, turning around in the chair to face her.

“Did you do this?” She asked as she pulled it out and pointed to the arm raised.

“I thought it was only fitting for you.” He said dryly, though smiled afterward. He then presented her a folded and wax sealed piece of paper. “Here. Your meeting with him is later tonight.”

“How much later?” Ash asked, taking her attention off the appropriately not very serious trophy and coming closer to accept the letter.

“About the time our fight is. You’ll have just enough time to present a sense of moral support before you can slink off.” Neujimin let her take the note, then leaned back. “I imagine you won’t be back unless someone is waiting for you with a banishing circle. So it would be best to get any other business out of the way now.”

She smiled down at him, moving to place the letter aside while she climbs into his chair, straddling him. “You mean, if I have any other strong men with power I want to fuck, I better get to it?” She teases, letting her hands glide up his chest and then get entangled into his soft black hair.

Neujimin’s hands came over her body instantly, welcoming the storm demon into his lap and even encouraging her actions by rubbing her butt. “Among many other plans.” He whispered before presenting his mouth to her’s. She took it without hesitation.


When they were done she was naked in a different chair, legs over the arm of one side. She was in thought while he was back to work. She kind of liked the idea that he spent his fifteen-minute break just to fuck her. She was too busy thinking about what else she could possibly do in the Underverse. “Neujimin.”


“If I do get banished again, should I just come back to you?”

“My bed will be here, sure.”

Ash laughed at that. He knew her a bit too well, didn’t he? “What about my bed? My place?”

“I can’t hold a top-tier cell for you,” Neujimin said, looking up. “Who did you piss off?”

“The Empire.” Ash said with an equal neutral tone.

“How did you manage that?”

“Prison break.”

It was Neujimin’s turn to laugh. “You know where my office is, sweetheart. Just come find me. I’ll put you to work.” He teased.

“As long as I get to sleep in something more comfortable than this chair when you are done with me.” She teased back, twisting in the chair and getting to her feet.

“I do have a place of my own, I’ve rarely used it since I purchased you.”

“Because you went broke on a good investment?” Ash baited.

“Because you are always getting into some trouble.” Neujimin batted her away. “I’ll send you the information later.”


Damien. He is easily as tall as Dust, in Ash’s opinion. He had large horns pointed out of his skull and his eyes bored down on the two before him. Ash stood in the mostly empty audience section. This was an official fight, but not officially public. Damien wanted to prove something, not parade another one of his collection about. He was going to be fighting Desman. He planned to destroy the human.

Desman gulped down his fear and looked over at Ash for that support she promised. She waved at him happily, and he felt a little braver.

“Come to pat him on the back, Neujimin. That’s sweet.” Damien mocked, but his voice lacked humor. Just darkness and a hint of anger.

“Actually. I am here to fight.” Neujimin said, offering the judge the letter of the challenge with a highlighted portion.

“I challenged you to a one on one,” Damien said, baring his glare on the human who seemed to buckle under the stress.

“Yes, but you challenged me and my fighter. And who would I be if I did not honor that request? As it just so happens, we can do both. See Desman here can fuse with almost anyone.”

Damien who has been hard to read since then has turned an obvious glare onto the human-like he misjudged who was the more powerful. The judge that would make the calls was interrupted. “I’ll allow it, but then I want to wager a warrior on the result.”

“Deal,” Nuejimin said, offering his hand to shake before Desman could argue. Not that he could to begin with.

“Deal,” Damien replied before giving Neujimin’s hand a hardy shake.

“The deal has been acknowledged by the official rule makers and will be enforced in the even either party attempts to dishonor it. Fighters have 3 minute to prepare themselves. Damien vs Neujimin and Desman will start in 4.” The smaller pumpkin creature announced.

Both sides split.

Desman came up to Ash. “Your planned worked. Now what?” He whispered in a hurry.

“Now you just have to win.” Ash smiled down at him. “Good luck.” She said uncharacteristically cheerfully. It went without notice.

“Okay Desman. Follow my lead.” His master called after him before taking up the masculine position for a tango. Desman pouted, but headed over regardless. He hoped Neujimin is at least half as tough as he acted…

Meanwhile, Ash slipped into the mysterious halls that surrounded the Colosseum, hanging a right as instructed by Neujimin. Heading to her audience with Diablo.

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   Ash is leaving Desman behind to go see Diablo herself, Making the request to leave.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

The two combatants stood there, each waiting for the other to make the first move, readying a counter attack for whatever the other could have thrown at them.

If Damian were to focus on how the fusion looked compared to the other one, this one seemed a lot less uniform, where the other had uniform red skin, this was more like a patchwork, Neuman's skin easily could be mistaken as burns on the man’s body is seen from far enough away. His outfit was a lot more uniform though, his body covered in a nice black suit while most of his dark red hair was covered by a fedora hat, tilted by the singular upright horn on his head, ironically on the human part of his face.

Of course, the mummified beast wasn’t so much focused on what the fusion looked like so much as the fusion itself, it would be an interesting technique to add to his monopoly, of course with how worthless the human was on his own that’s the only way he could send him on, at least it would be worth it to steal all of Neujimin’s fighter again, sweet sweet victory.

“So, are we going to start it, or what?” The fusions words were monotone in nature, his voice deep and bellowing.

Damien raised his spear in response.

“Good answer.” It was like someone had written what Desman had said down and then got a totally different person to say them.

The fusion rushed forward, summoning his cutlass mid-stride, only for it to be deflected by Damien’s spear before it went to hit its target in the face. This weapon being blocked by a last minute thought, a knee to the stomach sending Mr.Goat Helmet back a couple of steps.

“You got dirt on my suit, pity.” It was clear that neither fighter was taking the fight very seriously. “It’s not like I expected it to last past the fight anyway.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing... About you.” With a flick of Damien’s wrist, a wave of sand washed over the fused creature, catching them off guard as they were dragged under surface.

After a few seconds, when the sand covered combatant didn’t surface the crowd was rightly disappointed, some even starting to get up like the match had just been called. That was until the ground sucked in Damien as well with a black aura. While it was exciting enough for them to stay, it sucked that they could no longer see the fighters.

Not that either of them cared, they were to busy exchanging kicks, punches, and blocks. Any blow that did manage to hit was repaid by the other side a few exchanges later, this was not going to go anywhere anytime soon, unless…

When the fusion’s next punch was trapped, instead of going in for another hit, they instead let out a multitude of elemental shots, using the recoil to dig themselves out of the ground again.

Their opponent was not far behind as he arises on a platform of sand, spear now back in his possession.

Both looked tired as the match turned into a staring contest, Neujimin Black hated how long this was taking, not that it showed on his features.

Damian threw the spear right at the abomination’s heart to try and catch it off guard, it didn’t work.

As the fusion broke the newly caught spear in half, a fire gathered around them, a sheet of glass being thrown out of it and dispersing the fire to reveal some sort of flaming cape, a pile of what could only assume to be the suit’s ashes scattered around on the floor.

Before Damian could finish recovering from the attack of glass, the fusion was already on top of him, thrusting his sword to the mummified chest. As it was caught by Damien's hand it would have drawn blood if he had any still flowing.

“I would have thought you’d have more than just superficial moves that were all just for show. This fight would have been more worth it.” That was the last thing the fusion said before trapping his opponent's other hand with his foot, and putting an energy spear right through the bandage man’s heart.

The crowd cheered at the victorious challenger as he looked up from his opponent, in return all that was given was a half-assed salute in acknowledgment as he walked out.


As soon as the two were unfused Desman trotted towards the last place he’d seen the storm demon, immediately looking for Ash to tell her the news, but she was already gone. “Where is she..?”

“Hm?” The other male hummed as he looked over. “Oh. The girl. Yes, I thought she told you. She had an appointment with Diablo today.” Neujimin said, he could hear the other man's concern but could care less.

Desman tensed up as soon as the words hit his ear. “Who did you send with her.”

There was a brief silence. “No one.. I sent her alone. She’s a big gi-”

Suddenly Desman turned around and hit the demon square in the jaw. With enough force and surprise, even the boss demon could be knocked on his ass by a human. “That’s for letting her meet Diablo alone!” Turning back around the redhead added. “I’m gonna go there right now.”

Before the man could even think about taking another step, Neujimin interrupted. “You won’t get far at all without help, and no one’s going to help some pet human.” Monotonically as ever. He stood up and began to brush his pants off.

“Then make it happen!” Desman demanded, every part of him burning with hatred.

“Big man, now?” Neujimin mocked him, searching his pockets. “Unlike Ash, you haven’t really performed outstandingly enough for immediate attention.”

“Just freaking do it!” Desman yelled, still facing away from him.

Neujimin paused, staring at his fighter coldly. Being attached to Desman for a mere fight he understood the kid a lot more than he’d like to. Mostly because he didn’t give a shit. He imagines that some part of Desman knew about this as well, or maybe the walls the boss demon had were enough. What surprised him was how much this human actually loved Ash, while she was willing to toss him aside for convenience.

“You’re still mine, Desman. Or did y-”

“Fuck you.” Desman said, tears coming to his eyes. He hated everything that Neujimin was and represented at that moment. “Let’s not bullshit around this. If she didn’t stand up for me you would have sold me to the first buyer. Come find me when you’ve done what I’ve told you!” He finalized this by leaving.

Desman was 100% sure Neujimin could have stopped him if he wanted, or could come find him at any point, but for now, he didn’t want to even look at that bastard. He let her go off on her own… Omni, he hoped she was okay...

“Hey Sleepyhead, I have a new board game!” The voice was familiar to Desman tried to place it as he picked himself up off the bed. “It’s called ‘The Life Game’, want to play?” Before him stood a fairy, her beautiful red wings and long blond hair recognizable in an instant.

“Please tell me it’s not about controlling the fate of someone else’s life…” The male said, still groggy.

“Please, you’ve been living here a month now and you’re still accusing me of having cosmic powers over the fate of others. If I had that ability I would have already had you between my legs by now.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right… It’s just that I keep expecting this place to be something else? It’s surprisingly calm down her but until I had a chance to actually slow down for a bit and live ‘normally’ here I would have never guessed.”

“What you mean is you thought it would be more like hell.” Alexandria was blunt and to the point. “So are we gonna play this game or what?” He asked with a huff and a pout.

“Yeah, I guess…” Desman finally stood up from the bed, his fairy companion already setting up for the board game with pieces on a nearby coffee table. Then the bell rang.

“Seriously?” She sounded annoyed. “Fine, you finish setting up the pieces I’ll see who’s there.”

As Alex left Desman noticed something, the board was completely set up already except for which pieces each player was going to use, she would obviously want the red one because that’s the one she always chose, so then he will take the orange one as he tended to for her sake.

“Desman!” The fairy said, barging back into the room and throwing an envelope made out of seemingly incredibly old paper. “I think you might want to read this.”

“Neujimin…” Opening it up and skimming through it revealed what the two both knew would eventually come, he demanded his old boss to set up a meeting with Diablo. Attached with some tape of all things was a small key.

“I guess this means you leaving then…” Her voice sounded defeated.

“You could always come with me.” He said, half joking, half serious.

“Please, I’m not the one that managed to land a meeting with Diablo. Not that I could. The only way I could get out of here is if I became a pirate and managed to find an undiscovered portal in the open sea.”

“Pirates aren't that bad.”

“Says you.”

Silence. “Look, I promise if…”

“No,” The woman interrupted. “Don’t promise that or I’ll wish it for you.” Before the man could argue she gave him a soft kiss on the lips and held it tenderly. So impactful was this kiss that he second-guessed his decisions for the hundred millionth time. She left his lips. “Now go, and just remember me.”

“Sure,” And with that the man walked off, a single tear dripping down the hell fairy’s face as her lover left.

Sure it was slightly painful to leave his friend behind here, but from what he could gather she had lived here all her life, so she could handle it. And besides, he had more important things to worry about; He had to make sure Ash had gotten out okay. He could only guess at what trouble she was in without him holding her hand… Never once in this month did he think about that until now.

Desman fiddled with the key and his collar, sure enough, it popped right off. He meant to throw them both away as he reached the ground floor, but as a last minute decision, he left both at the corner of the bar. Something for Alex to remember him by…

The red-haired human left the bar in a full sprint, heading towards his destiny.

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Desman is looking to talk to Diablo.
[Image: Darkdata.png]

Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

Ash stood before the massive iron doors, easily double her height, and wondered how she was supposed to knock. A massive demonic visage stared back at her, ornately scored into the metal blocks. Did you just knock on that? there was no knob or door handle, it seemed impractical to her, maybe even a tad gaudy? Ash smirked I’m about to meet THE underverse ruler and I’m critiquing his décor… still Ash felt it was weird as she rapped her knuckles on the face’s eyeball.
There was a clanking of gears and grating squeal of metal as the doorway parted and the darkness of the great hall beyond swept out, the torches in the hallway snuffing in an instant. Ash’s storm demon eyes adapted well enough to the sudden shift of lighting, but as near as she could tell, the only source of it was a fire burning behind the throne at the far end of the hallway. Diablo was nowhere to be seen. Ash stepped into the hallway, her bare feet slapping the stone with a tone of finality as she drew slightly nearer.
“Hello?” she called her voice echoing out into the darkness. The only response was a sharp metal snap, as the doors closed shut behind her.
“Hey! I’m looking for the Lord of all demons? Is this the right place?” she asked, nerves starting to mount just slightly despite herself. Of course Diablo would play games like this, she would too if she had this much power. Hmm, now there was a thought…
“Why are you here, Succubus?” came a deep rumble of a voice. It played off of the walls and pervaded the room such that Ash was unsure of just where it had originated.
“Like… in the philosophical sense?’ she asked, ignoring the insult. There was no reply to her question, but the ever-oppressive heat of the Underverse seemed only to intensify the longer she spent in this room. The voice she assumed was Diablo’s seemed not to be answering, so Ash decided to speak up again. A guy with that much power, he might appreciate a show of her own confidence.
“You know why.” She announced to the darkness, “I proved myself in the pits! I defeated…”
“Neujimin’s letter is not the answer I want.” The voice bowled straight over her words, silencing her without so much as a raised tone.
“Why are you HERE? You have made your way to where you belong. Here with demons.” As he spoke the lights of a hundred flaming braziers burst forth, Diablo’s hulking form lounged upon his throne, as unconcerned as if he had been there the whole time.
“The Omniverse has a way of… guiding us to where we are set to belong. Yet here a demon has come to her master, crying for escape from her true home.” The Lord of Terror seemed almost bemused by the prospect.
Ash faltered slightly, but she knew that hesitating would only decrease her chances of getting out of this place. Risks had gotten her into this place, risks had gotten her through this place. Now a risk would get her back out.
“You need agents like me out there.” She said with as much arrogance as she could muster.
In an instant Diablo was in front of her, massive corded claw around her throat as he lifted her from the ground. On instinct her hands reached up, but she could only scrabble uselessly at his scaled talons. He held her aloft seemingly without effort, her tail dangling helplessly unable to touch the ground.
“I need NOTHING. I have ALL.” Ash’s hands could do nothing to pry loose his fingers, but she steeled her will, refusing him the fear he wanted.
“I will send you back to the surface, but you will do so as MY servant. You have earned nothing from your time here, no matter what lauding Neujmin might heap, you are no champion in my eyes. You are nothing more than another pawn of the Underverse, doing her expected duty to her sovereign home.”
Ash shuddered in pain as Diablo’s brand was seared upon her chest. She was losing consciousness, she needed air, she attempted to speak but could not force words from her mouth. the searing heat of Diablo’s presence was neigh unbearable. The inferno that swirled in his gaze held hers, studying her with an inscrutable case.
“Remember that you serve the Underverse now. Remember that you serve Diablo now. Now and Always. To forget this oath you are swearing would be the pinnacle of your folly.”
Diablo’s second massive claw closed around her head, obscuring her sight and overwhelming her senses with a miasma of heat and pain. His talons closed, the pressure mounting on the outside of her skull. Ash distinctly heard the sound of something snap, before losing all sense of herself to the great conflaguration.
Quote:Ash has received +1 Brand of Diablo.
Ash is expelled to the void. Please make sure you understand the information in the void info thread.
Sorry for the delay folks, Desman’s meeting should hopefully be up some time later this week or early next.

Desman opened the door to Diablo’s chamber with hesitance. The great hallway roared with countless fires, and The lord of Terror sat resplendent upon his throne, talons clacking on the stone as Desman mustered the courage to begin crossing the room.

The Red-haired youth proceeded forward with as close to a stride as he could muster, jaw clenched in defiance of his own desire to flee. Diablo stared at him from the distance, face unmoving and emotion imperceptible behind his demonic visage. The bale-fire eyes bored into his soul as he drew nearer, yet Diablo said nothing. Desman reached halfway across the hall, then with the slightest hesitance, proceeded further. Diablo’s nostrils flared and a multitude of deathly arms burst from around Desman, grabbing him. The clawed hands pulled at Desman, tearing his skin and hair, pulling him into a bowing position.

“Presumptuous.” Diablo pronounced, “Do not forget yourself in my presence again. Your existence here speaks to Neujimin’s cowardice more than your own strength, flamehair.”

Diablo glanced away from Desman, and for the moment his voice grew almost distant, though its intensity was hardly diminished.

“It may be time for me to… review his status amidst my armada.” The Lord of the Underverse mused.

“What happened to… where’s Ash?” Desman demanded as best he could, frustrated at his own voice for breaking. The young man strained against the clawed hands, raising his head to look at Diablo.

“The Demoness has chosen to engage a space marine. An almost poetic choice given her history with them.” Diablo chuckled to himself, a sound that grated against Desman’s ears. The young man licked his lips before speaking.

“Send me after her.”

A simple request, a foolish one. Desman knew this deep down, but even so he couldn’t help himself from uttering the words. Diablo’s aura of heat flared outwards, the arms that restrained Desman burning to cinders as Diablo stormed forward. Desman started to get to his feet when the Lord of Terror closed the distance, his barbed tail darting forward, tearing through Desman’s stomach and crunching out the other side. Diablo flexed the ridged tail, forcing Desman onto his back, staring up at the Demon lord as he struggled for breath.

“You do not make any demands. You do not make any requests. You do not make any suggestions. You do as you are told, and you will obey. When the time is upon us, you WILL do as I bid you, or you shall find a fate worthy for so foolish a betrayal.”

Desman’s voice was lost in his shuddered gasps, and he could barely scream as Diablo’s Brand etched into his chest. The barbed tail lifted Desman off the ground, his shaking form held aloft before the Ruler of the Underverse. Diablo spoke as if directly into Desman’s mind, so inescapable his voice felt.

“You serve the Lord of Terror now. Go and seek your amusement with the succubus, but know that I will collect upon this boon I am bestowing. And you will obey my commands.”
A massive taloned claw swept across Desman’s face with the casual finality only a backhand slap can give, sending the crumpled body to slam against unrelenting metal. Desman’s vision spotted and blurred, fading into darkness as he gasped for air.

“That time draws nearer than you would believe.”

Quote:Desman receives +1 Brand of Diablo.
Desman is expelled to the void, please read the void information thread to understand what that entails.

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