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[Open] Welcome To The Nexus

It was one thing to believe in things like other universes or beings that one would label "gods" but it was a completely different matter to have said beliefs proven to be right.  After all, such matters tended to remain in the realm of the video games and comic books Alan had partaked in back in his home dimension, so one could imagine his shock when he was basically ripped out of said home and brought before an entity made of pure white light.

Omni was right about one thing, Alan did have questions and while the supposed god did answer a few of them, said answers only created more questions. Why him specifically? Was it really just on a whim, or was there more to it than that? What was the deal with this "Omnilium" and why was he being trusted with what sounded like the key to ultimate power?

However, he would never get those answers as the darkness soon receded to reveal a realm of what looked a blank canvas. Sitting up from where he'd been lying on the "ground", Alan rubbed his head, "Oww...what the?" Glancing off to his side, he saw what looked like a fountain of sorts with a series of statues set up in the middle to appear like an image of the solar system.

He then looked down at his hand where the orb of Omnilium lied and let out a sigh, "Well, Alan, guess it's safe to say you're officially not in Kansas anymore," The young man sat with his back against the fountain as he peered down at the orb curiously, "I don't suppose you can poof up a portal back home, can you?" The orb didn't respond though for some reason, he got the feeling that something like that required a crazy amount of power, far more than whatever this small orb could give him, "..Should've known it wouldn't be that easy, I guess."

Alan sat there just trying to take it all in. He had so many mixed feelings running through him, it was causing his stomach to turn a bit. On one hand, a part of him was elated at the thought of being able to travel to other universes, to explore and learn new things, to boldly go where no man has gone before...but at the same time, he wasn't too fond of dying, regardless of what the guy in white assured him of.  That and he was also worried about making a good first impression.  What if he messed things up and got himself shot in the face? What if this place was like Warhammer 40K where everyone was, at best, a total douchebag? On top of that, what if-

He suddenly smacked his cheeks with both hands at the same time, "Alright, Alan, enough is enough! You sitting around here sulking isn't gonna make this situation any better! Gotta do what you've always been good at...making the best of a bad situation." At that moment, the image of his father walking out the door on him as a kid flashed through his mind but he quickly shook that thought away and pocketed the orb in his coat before walking off.

He had more important things to think about right now then...well, that. Namely, finding some place he could get a good, hot meal since when in doubt, some food would give his brain the energy it needed to think clearly.

As Alan turned to get bearings on potential places to get a warm meal, he noticed a lone figure leering at him from the far side of the fountain. A multitude of sickly, yellow eyes gleamed out from under a hooded black cloak, before the figure abruptly turned his gaze elsewhere.

The lone entity did not move from that spot, as though he were waiting for something.

The dark figure paused for a moment before flipping a small silver disc out onto his palm. The image of a ghostly, blue hologram buzzed to life on top of the disc for a moment before the cloaked stranger tucked it away, turned, and headed off to the east...

Alan looked up to where he swore he heard someone but then shook his head and went on his way. Not too far off there was some sort of gate. Maybe he'd find some answers if he headed in that direction...

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