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[Quest] The Tower

Asriel's feet felt cold as he walked on the tile of the first floor of the council tower.

The first floor was an enormous lobby where many beings, many of them not human, sat in various chairs, waiting to talk to the council or some other important mage types who lived here. It was surprisingly modern and reminded him of Mettaton's hotel. He supposed all the rooms in the tower were likely lit with the same device that lit this room, which looked like a lightbulb, although it was probably magitech. It fit into slots in various torch-like devices that lined the room as well as holes in the ceiling. Oddly, there were no stairs or elevators here.

He saw a human man sitting at a wooden desk. He was wearing a red business suit and looked exceedingly normal compared to the rest of the citizens he'd seen.

"Oh, hey, kid. So, why'd you come here?" the secretary drawled with a light Southern accent.

"W-well, I'm a new arrival in this Omniverse place." Asriel quietly explained. "Some wizards told me that this city was a place in Camelot for magical beings to live and that there might be a master who will teach me magic here."

"So, you want to join our apprentice system? Well, come with me to the council, kid. They'll decide if you're worthy."

Someone sitting in the lobby sat up and yelled, "When can I see the council?"

"Shut up." the man in the red suit said. "You'll be able to talk to them soon."

Then, he took out a wand from his pocket and muttered something Asriel couldn't distinguish. The secretary turned to a wall and created a portal to the top floor where the Council meets to discuss various topics.

So that's how they get around in this tower. the child thought.

The man explained that the Council only gathers once per week to talk to people who wanted to see them.

"Go on." the secretary said with a kind tone and a smile. "Step through."

Asriel walked through the portal, which closed as soon as he arrived in the room.

The council's room had its walls, ceiling and floor made out of stones. It had 14 chairs where the councilmen (and women), as well as one other, could sit that surrounded a large wooden desk.
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]

There was an electric sensation in the air that made Asriel get goosebumps on both of his arms.

"H-hello? Is anyone here?"
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]

The councilroom was a dark place, but there were candles to light the place, dim as they were. Asriel saw no one in this room and therefore, wondered where they were. Then, Asriel saw the darkness began to wane and ebb and flow as the candleflames dramatically grew. And lights began to appear on the chairs as the councilmen and women teleported inside.

“And...who are you, young one?” a councilwoman inquired.
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]

"My name is Asriel Dreemurr. Omni brought me here. A wizard told me that it was possible for me to learn magic by becoming an apprentice. I would like to learn magic so I can get stronger and meet Omni so I can go home."

"All right. Though I must warn you, I've not heard of anyone leaving this place. You may learn magic after we choose a master for you." the councilwoman said.

Asriel bowed in respect.

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Now, I will open a portal to your new living accommodations."

After Asriel stepped through the portal, one of the wizards asked the councilwoman something.

"Are you sure that child's apprentice material?"

"Oh, trust me, I'm sure of it." she said.
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]

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