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[Yesterday 10:04 PM] Marisa Kirisame : You clearly mean AYAYAYA > Hatatater
[Yesterday 10:05 PM] Clownpiece : The Bunbunmaru is literally fake news. Try all you want Aya, you'll never come close to the integrity of the Kakashi Spirit News
[Yesterday 10:06 PM] Marisa Kirisame : And?
[Yesterday 10:06 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Fake news smake news
[Yesterday 10:07 PM] Clownpiece : I shouldn't have to explain why a tabloid is inferior to honest journalism FrogGonk
[Yesterday 10:08 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Now i would like to hear how the Spirit news is not fake itself?
[Yesterday 10:09 PM] Clownpiece : Because I actually take the time to research stories and interview people (not in a pushy way like you), before writing a fair and balanced article
[Yesterday 10:10 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Hey i dont always push for an article sometimes it just shows up in my hands
[Yesterday 10:10 PM] Clownpiece : Reimu literally has a spell card made just to deal with you. If that's not a sign of pushiness I don't know what is
[Yesterday 10:11 PM] Marisa Kirisame : And that is one more than you
[Yesterday 10:11 PM] Clownpiece : ...that's not a good thing, you know?
[Yesterday 10:13 PM] Marisa Kirisame : I mean hey at least i get the interviews with the more important people *shows the would be article on Okina to Hatate before putting it away*
[Yesterday 10:14 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Whats the matter Rumia got your tongue?
[Yesterday 10:15 PM] Clownpiece : ...You mean the article that you're literally avoiding publishing because the truth of it is inconvenient to you?
[Yesterday 10:15 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Hey you would get hit also might i add
[Yesterday 10:16 PM] Eternity Larva : [Rumia:] I haven't gotten anything, why would I get my tongue... T_T
[Yesterday 10:17 PM] Clownpiece : Yeah but even still I'd publish it! You can't just hold off the truth because it doesn't fit your agenda
[Yesterday 10:17 PM] Eternity Larva : (She just overheard and is being dumb.)
[Yesterday 10:17 PM] Clownpiece : lol
[Yesterday 10:17 PM] Eternity Larva : Also, let's not even talk about the Hecatia interview.
[Yesterday 10:17 PM] Clownpiece : that interview is my fuckin fave lol
[Yesterday 10:18 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Well at least i didn't change cirno's interview to make it seem better
[Yesterday 10:18 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Even i Aya shameimaru have morals, though that is what i would say if i was a bad reporter
[Yesterday 10:19 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Which i clearly am not
[Yesterday 10:20 PM] Clownpiece : Skeptic
[Yesterday 10:20 PM] Eternity Larva : Who knew Hecatia was so strong, she could verbally destroy someone
[Yesterday 10:21 PM] Marisa Kirisame : It seems we have a pest in our general vicinity so let me deal with them. *would absolutly curb stomp eternity before going back to hatate and continue to talk* now where was i?
[Yesterday 10:23 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Oh right its how i only search for the pure and utter truth
[Yesterday 10:23 PM] Marisa Kirisame : Though not without thinking about ones own reputation
*Eternity Larva revives*
[Yesterday 10:27 PM] Eternity Larva : That's so mean! Wasn't beating me up last year enough? ;-;
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*Eternity Larva flutters away*
[Yesterday 10:28 PM] Marisa Kirisame : You were interupting my conversation bug
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[Yesterday 10:34 PM] Marisa Kirisame : and i must be off
[Yesterday 10:52 PM] The Emperor of Mankind : bye
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*Dane Regan has posted in Dane Regan Log*
*Dane Regan has posted in Dane Regan Log*
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[Yesterday 10:58 PM] The Emperor of Mankind : Frog
[Yesterday 11:28 PM] Amber Veritz : boi
[Yesterday 11:29 PM] Amber Veritz : boi boi boi boi boi boi boi
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[Yesterday 11:40 PM] The Emperor of Mankind : iob
*Amber Veritz dabs*
[Today 12:04 AM] Kuroji Setsu : I'm trying to kick it with the Dwarves, Norag. I saw you were looking for storylines.
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