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  Ladies And Gentlemen
Posted by: Dust - 03-18-2020, 12:33 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - No Replies


While we appreciate all the support and continued community activities like voting, it is actually purposing a sever problem. The site is closing to the public and because of the slight increase of new members during this time, Staff has made the decision to shut down the voting thread. Allowing it to continue means that the site will be upvoted and people looking for RPs through the voting servers will be under the impression that the OV is thriving. To mitigate confusion among new members who join just to see that we are shutting this site off as per Greg's wishes, we are taking steps.

We have not come to a conclusion of how voting OM - if at all - will be received up to those who were participating since the announcements of a site change had been made on the 5th. Until Staff has come to a conclusion, we will not be able to say one way or the other.

Thank you for your understanding.

To anyone who is new here, and has the misfortune of being misled by these votes, or just do not know what is going on,

The creator of this site has unfortunately lost the drive and ability to maintain this RP as the main admin. He has graciously provided us with permission to use the hard work he has put into this place to create a new Omniverse. We are very sorry to hear that Greg's decision to leave, but understand fully that his life and his pet's health means more than an RP. Real-life matters. That said, Daniel and I have decided to take up the reins and are working on a new RP site. Because our attention was on the new project, we, unfortunately, were unaware of our new guests joining. Welcome! But sadly that does not change our earlier statements.

For more detailed information both Greg and Daniel have left a message in the discussion.

We invite you to join us on the new site once it is completed, and will provide a link when that is accomplished. For now, the only advice and choice we have for you is to join us in the Discord. We do understand if this is not something you are willing to do, or that the unknown wait time may pressure you to move on to another RP. With a little patience, we hope to be up well before next month(April), and would be happy if you joined us. If Discord is not an option for you, please check back every couple of days to remain informed.

Thank you to everyone,
Your friendly neighborhood Werewolf~

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Wink Anneliese Lemieux
Posted by: Anneliese Lemieux - 03-12-2020, 12:22 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (1)

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...280&h=1280]


Anneliese Lemieux


Fallen London (OC)


Hailing from a upper-mid class family of France, Lemieux was originally raised to be like a compliant, submissive woman who was to be dependent on her future husband like most other ladies during her time and class were. But she found more interest in actively getting out of the house-whether it be helping urchins on the street, spending time talking to explorers, reading about legends in the library, adventurous stuff that tends to be left to males, particularly. One day, she somehow got contact with a prominent and experienced explorer/monster huntress/activist/adventurer from England known as Arabella, and with some talk with Lemieux's parents, Arabella somehow managed to be able to have a normal relationship with them and help hone Anneliese's tomboyish interests via adventures and excursions they went on together (and probably with others in groups), teaching her about the outside world, politics of supernatural creatures, behaviors, the Tomb Colony combat style, swordplay, marksmanship, and a whole lot of other truths and things that Anneliese's parents would consider unladylike (for example, knot tying, practical stuff).

Anneliese aspires to be a professional monster huntress/explorer like Arabella and wants to earn financial independence through helping others in that position rather than being locked at home as a submissive housewife like her parents prefer.

She came down to the Neath to find freedom from the restrictive standards of the Surface, and escaped prison from there, went through a lot of monster hunting adventures in the Neath alone, went to Zee, got weapons of heartmetal that had devil killing Correspondence sigils on their offensive points, and met people who were more respectful than the 19th century Surface people.

Of all the people she met down there, there was one that stood out like a precious rose in her heart in a garden of flowers: her one and only crush in her life, a scholar and xylophonist who treated her graciously and politely unlike the other men in the 19th century she encountered and had a lot of class and a good sense of humor and was a good duelist and had a kind heart. She often helped him with wounds and nightmares, sparred with him at times, and made a promise to train him in ranged combat before they were going to investigate the Forbidden Quarter together.

Little did she know, she was unable to fulfill said promise, because while she was trying to think of good ideas of how to acquire heartmetal ethically in order to slay devils with Correspondence sigils inscribed on the bullets, and brainstorming them (it's made by harvesting the heartmetal out of the dead body of a person drinking the Heart Ease Tonic, a tonic that causes the sorrows in a person to solidify) and said that she wanted to be alive but not in the Neath, Omni invisibly appeared and took her to the Omniverse through portals..where her new journey begins..and where sunlight will not kill her anymore because of the verse transition.


ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 4


* Physical Strength Proficiency
* Ranged Proficiency 
* Homing Proficiency 

* Basic Enhanced Senses 
* Master Acrobat

* Fleur Purifiante (Anneliese's Rifle-Sabre Hybrid)

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us?: Google Search

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  Future plan and Moving forward
Posted by: Daniel - 03-05-2020, 02:44 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - No Replies

As you all know, Greg has made several posts on the site detailing his plan of moving forward. Unfortunately, this means we are losing the current form of the Omniverse.

This news is not new to the staff, we have known about this for several days.Greg has, graciously, made the content that he copyrighted open source. This means that the Staff and I have been able to workshop and discuss a plan to continue the Omniverse.

Before I get into our actual plan, I just want to take a minute to thank Greg.

He’s done an exceptional job at setting up the Omniverse and, while things may have become rocky or stressful during its time, I think the Omniverse has been a great place for people to gather and be a part of a great community. So thank you, Greg, for giving us this opportunity.

Now, on to the plan moving forward. 

For the better part of the last week, the staff have been discussing what we planned to do moving forward. Making a completely new site, using Greg’s content as a guide to create our own new world, while doable, wasn’t exactly our most feasible plan. It would have taken way too long, and we didn’t want to create a new world and make everyone start from complete Zero.

So then I proposed a sort of “Soft Reset”. This got everyone’s brains going and the more we thought about it, and discussed it, the more we liked it.

Now, before I move on, I acknowledge that not everyone is going to like this, and not everyone is going to want to stick around. I thank you for contributing to the Omniverse in the ways that you have (writing, world suggestions, rules suggestions, quests, etc.) and I understand your decisions. We are always willing to have you back if you want to return and write with us once more.

The omniverse has a lot of interesting History, and we thought we could use it. So here’s the plan.

The omniverse is going BACK IN TIME [cue back to the future music].

No seriously.

I always thought that the history of the Omniverse had a lot of interesting events that I had wanted to participate in. But we couldn’t. So the Staff and I looked through the history and decided on an appropriate place to reset the world state to.

Quote:Year 4:  A ‘second wave’ of primes appears over the course of two months, including: Baron Victor, Charles Xavier, Dredd, Masamune, and Kizaru, Andrew Ryan, Roland Deschain, Bruenor Battlehammer, Tsunade, Tyrande, Zul’jin, and Davy Jones.

Carrefore is established as the Empire begins wide-scaled mining and industrial operations in the Endless Dunes.  The Empire spreads and increasingly comes into conflict with Immortan Joe and his War Boys.

This is the start of year 4 of the Omniverse, we’ll be starting in between these two events. This is where the Omniverse will be resetting. Of course, there are a few things from the future that we want to keep, such as some factions and NPCs.

What does this mean for the world? Well, things are going to be a little different, We’re going back in time quite a bit. Some verses, that were turned into barren wastelands, will be full of life again. New site events will take place that push the Omniverse story ahead, events from the history will be turned into events that you can participate in. Ever wanted to participate in the Battle that sealed Diablo and the Underverse? Well, look forward to that at some point.

What does this mean for you and your characters? Well, mostly, some lost memories and a few fuzzy ones. We don’t want you to have to start over completely new, we’re not forcing everyone to start over from scratch, but we also don’t want people’s characters going;

“Hey, I’ve been here before, this is what’s going to happen. Suck it Nerds, I know the future!”

How are we handling the transition of characters, you ask?

Here’s the deal. We don’t want people to feel like they are being kicked in the teeth, but we also don’t want people to start off with a super massive head start. With that said, here’s what we’re moving forward with.

1 - You have the option to completely reset, if you’d like. Completely new character, starting at 5k OM, fresh start, blank slate.

2 - You can carry your character over, but with some memory problems. Your character will recognise the world, like they’ve been here before, but everything’s fuzzy and they can’t remember exact details or faces.

With this option, we will treat it like a character switch for all characters above 12KOM. However, if your OM would drop below the 12k mark because of a switch, you will just start with 12k OM instead. Characters that have OM counts under 12k OM can just be transferred over with no OM reductions at all.

3 - Option 3 is option 2, but you are actually switching characters.

It is up to the player to choose which option they would like to take.

Any questions can be asked in the discussion channel on discord, or in discord DM's.

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  Caro Ru Lushe
Posted by: Caro Ru Lushe - 03-04-2020, 02:50 PM - Forum: Joining - No Replies


CHARACTER SOURCE: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 

CHARACTER HISTORY: Taken from first appereance in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force


[Image: UPJJaJt.jpg]

Caro's height is that of about 4'9 feet tall. 

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Ranged Proficience (1000) ; Area Defense Proficience (400)



Wing Shooter (300) - Requires Ranged Proficience 

Caro first forms a Mid-Childan Circle underneath her, then generates a sphere of pink mana around one of her hands, each taking a few seconds to happen. She must remain stationary in order to maintain the spell. By saying either the spell name or simply the command "Shoot!", up to five rays of energy can be fired, each measuring up to one foot in diameter. She has remain stationary in order to maintain the spell. They are shot in a burst-fire manner, each in quick sucession of the other, aimed indepedently in a straight line in any direction. Each projectice travels through the air with the speed of a bullet and capable of inflcting minor damage 

Boosted Protection (600) - Requires Area Defense Proficience 

Caro forms a Mid-Childan Circle underneath her, then generates a pink hued spherical barrier, covering her entire body, the whole process taking only a few seconds to occur. She must remain stationary in order to maintain the spell. As the barrier requires low output of energy to sustain and covers a wide area, it will break after a few weak hits or just a single strong one. By taking ten more seconds to charge and requiring more strain to maintain, while covering the same area, it is instead able to block more damage.   

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us? On toprpsites.com

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  Closing down omniverse-rpg.com
Posted by: Omni - 03-04-2020, 08:22 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (2)


It's come to my attention that post-server transfer, we're dealing with a number of unfixable database issues. I have no idea what's causing these or how to fix them, as I'm not a coder. After I handed over control previously, a great deal of updating and modification was done to the site and due to the nature of our site relying on modifications (such as the points mod, and rested xp), I can't really undo this stuff easily or untangle it without a massive amount of work.

I already had to do work to make previously-incompatible mods such as NewPoints work on the MyBB version we were running, so making updates to the base system software carelessly is kinda like upsetting a careful ecosystem or pulling a brick out of a jenga tower. Things can have knock-on effects and since I'm not a coder, I never changed anything without backups. Now, I have backups from before these changes - I have backups running back years - but that would lose all the posts that have been made since. Every choice is a gigantic headache, especially for a site I no longer use. I have kept the site running because it felt like the right thing to do for the community, and because wonderful people were willing to keep busting their ass to keep it alive. But ultimately it's not feasible for me, and it's not feasible for you, anymore.

As I don't really use the site anymore myself, the option of paying out money for modders to make updates and the like (which is entirely feasible) is not really something I'm wanting to do. And honestly, dealing with database things, site drama, and things of that nature is not something I want to do anymore. I put my years into the site. When I made the site I hoped to carry the story for about 6 years. It’s been an amazing journey through the formative years of my life. But I’ve moved on.

Now, I could simply leave the site up and let it continue running. Which works up until things like this happen - updates and internet changes, require SSL certificates and the like. Or up until the site really takes off again, and I need to organise a larger staff team to keep things going.

I proposed, some time ago, bringing the story to a more natural close and suggesting that people find different sites to run. But the Omniverse is popular and people want to stay here. People have investment.

I would love to delete the whole Omniverse, let it sit for a few years, then use the rules pages to build my next site over the next few years, which I plan to be fully automated. But it feels like a bit of a dick move. I've tried to come up with a compromise that keeps everybody happy but it seems like, ultimately, I do have to make a hard decision. I want to keep this as fair as possible, so here's what I'm doing.

Any current Omniverse member is free to use the site pages and rules pages verbatim to make their own "copy". This will not be the official Omniverse RPG nor supported by me, but you have my blessing to use the rules for this purpose, or to make your own spin-off based on these rules. Please do give me credit for my work, but otherwise go hog wild. The Omniverse was always about making your own thing, about members making up their own stories and filling out the world as they go.

I would ask that any spinoff changes the name. Even if it's just Omniverse Next or Omniverse Plus. This is a condition of using my rules.

Want to continue this story straight-up with the same rules and same characters with the same Earned OM? Go ahead. Want to do a totally different setting with rules based off this? Go ahead. As long as you recognise that the rules are copyrighted content created and owned by Greg Harris, go ahead.

If you speak to me via Discord or email (gregorz@gmail.com), I may be willing to help you out with story content (i.e.: what the fuck is Omni’s motivation, the truth behind the Omniverse etc) or send you the basic html for the rules pages, other things. I’ve decided against just handing out the current database and files because:

A) Any continuation really needs new forum software anyway, and if you aren’t at least willing to put in the time and effort to make your own site and go through the pain in the ass of setting things up, then your site is doomed to fail anyway. Running the site will ultimately be more work than you’ll think.

B) I don’t really want to give out the ability to trawl through the database, have access to everyone’s emails etc to just random people.

But people I trust (i.e. current staff) will have full access to the files and database, and I’m willing to consider others if they are serious and not just like “sure, I’ll take the database”.

We were set up for another year on the new host, but now we’re back on the old host and so if folks want to use this place to plan and check out the rules past March 11, the servers will need to be paid. I’ve been paying out for the last two years-ish without any help on donations, and especially after paying for the new host I’m not great on money, so I’m putting my foot down now and saying that I’m not going to keep paying for that solo. If you guys want the servers to stay up, please help out. I think that’s a fair ask.

I would encourage the community to have a discussion about where they want to go, who they want to follow. Ideally, everybody goes to one person but I'm not going to give any "official" successor because that is not my job. If somebody does a bad job - anyone else can make their own version and try to do better. That's the way communities have always been run.

For me, this is the healthiest way of ending my Omniverse while still allowing people to use the rules and make their own thing if they want. And nobody can complain about the successor I’ve chosen because ...  there is no official successor beyond what you, as a community, decide you want to do or who you want to follow.

This site will stay up for as long as people are willing to pay the site fees, but no longer than a year. I will not be supporting the site other than to keep it up for that length of time.

Best of luck to everyone, I hope to still talk to some of you on Steam, Discord Facebook or wherever. :) And best of luck to those who wish to take on the gargantuan duty of running the next Omniverse.

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  Onward to adventure
Posted by: Sora - 03-04-2020, 05:43 AM - Forum: Camelot - No Replies

Sora wasn’t sure what to expect when he went through the archway he eventually found in the white void, but the green fields blue skies and pleasant breeze was… Well pleasant. He stood there for a moment, taking the scene in with a “huh.” before continuing to explore further inwards. Was he still in the same world as that white void? It didn’t look like it, but again he didn’t know much about it or if this was even like the worlds he visited before… Though, that wasn’t saying much for him, he just sorta rushes headfirst into danger without thinking.

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Posted by: Celaphine - 03-03-2020, 02:15 AM - Forum: Joining - No Replies

CHARACTER NAME: Celaphine Pyromantique 

CHARACTER SOURCE: OC from Kisin’s Institution of the Newly Possessed


- Origin: -
Celaphine was born late 2001 Eastbourne UK, into a small nuclear family who owned a decent amount of land, that included a small part of a forest and beach access. She spent her childhood gazing out from their cottage up the hill from the beach, gazing out over the English Channel. Her parents ended up getting divorced when she was 7 years old, so she spent every moment since then being brought up by her stay at home mom, both of them living off of the money that her dad left them when he had gotten a divorce. This was a fair amount of money, but this just meant that they had to be careful with their spending and their lifestyle, making sure that they never ran out of money. She was homeschooled after she turned 4, and her mom taught her pretty much everything she knew. Her mom, incredibly smart and a graduate from Oxford, was fit to fill this position in her life. She got all of her smarts from her mom, and her artistic ability from her dad, which she repressed of course out of spite for her dad leaving her and her mom.

Fast forward through elementary school and making friends, at the age of 17, she enjoyed taking long walks around their property on the coast, and building small forts with her toolkit around the beach and in their small section of forest. She often spent afternoons in her treehouse she had spent a few months building, spending her time listening to podcasts on her phone, or reading books. One peculiar night where fog that came from London set over the coast, an owl came and landed in the window sill of Celaphine’s treehouse. 

She had fallen asleep but was suddenly woken by the large hooting from this strange owl. It was strange because it had a faint glow to it, and had odd color patterns that were unlike any owl she had ever seen before. She had gotten up and slowly walked over to it, and it didn’t move a muscle other than turning its head and looking at her, the glowing eyes of the owl making Celaphine inclined to go closer to the owl. Once she finally became within arms reach, she extended her arm to gently feel the owl’s feathers, and then to pet it. After that night, the owl kept coming back at the same time every night, occasionally eating food that she brought for the owl, or just sitting there and hooting while she pets it. They had become friends, and ever since then, she had felt that something about her was different or changed within her.

- At Kisin’s: -
She entered the institution as a curious yet confused teenager. Quickly making friends as she arrived, she got along with most people yet didn’t get close to many of them. She partook in a tournament amongst the students that turned her against her fellow classmates in the competition, which consisted of students battling each other with magical artifacts with unknown powers. This introduced Celaphine to her prized teleporting shield, which she lost to an opponent during the tournament.

Months passed until she took a trip outside the school to go shopping, which didn’t end positively. Her fiend appeared out of nowhere and granted her the curse of vampirism, which left her incapacitated and the most disoriented she had ever been. She woke to an immense hunger, driving her into the nearest forest to find a cabin of a peaceful family. Uncontrollably, she murdered the father of this family and escaped just as his family came to the sight of his ravaged and gruesome corpse pooled with blood. After a few days of surviving off of that regretful attack, she made her way back to the school to rejoin her friends. Her personality changed after those traumatic events, but she still persisted socially to retain friendships. 

Celaphine caught feelings for an older girl, who had a similar traumatizing experience of vampirism. After a falling out, the two fell apart while Celaphine took on a quest to reclaim the teleporting shield from the tournament months before. The Goatman made a deal with her that if she was to collect two eyes of particular value, he would bestow the shield upon her. Not having much else to do while simultaneously needing a distraction from her toxic relationship, she followed through with the quest. One student,  Luck Wilson, a 14-year-old boy, had one of his eyes gouged out in the science lab.

Shortly after this while she planned the rest of the quest, her a girl arrived at the institution: Catherine Plume. This girl, though a stranger to Celaphine at first, connected with her over the fact that they shared the same fiend. Celaphine hadn’t ever heard of two students sharing the same fiend, though, after a few deep conversations, she and Catherine practically became sisters. In the midst of a family reunion of sorts, Celaphine returned back to her main focus. 

To finish the quest, Celaphine became close to the renowned Jiko Owari. One day during a conversation about people they liked, it came to the topic of Celaphine’s girlfriend, Asagora. Jiko, with hesitation, broke the news to the young vampire that she was now single. In the moment, since she had gotten her newfound “friend” to let her guard down, her anger overcame her and gave her the strength to rip one of the young albino’s eyes directly out of the socket. The young vampire, still in a fit of rage, rushed with the eye to the Goatman. The Goatman was impressed with Celaphine’s determination and commitment to the quest, and Celaphine was finally reunited with the shield that won her first and only fights at the school. 

After the reclamation of the shield, she became distant from everyone except Catherine. They tended to keep a low profile around the school and specifically stayed out of the way of Jiko’s friends to avoid conflict, but none of this mattered once the angels arrived. An attack set the student population off, with casualties on both sides, Celaphine and Catherine joined together with other students to protect their home and resulted in success for the moment. Once repairs to the school were done and Celaphine had finished the majority of her education, she returned back to the Goatman for more work. This time, rather than sending her on some quest to harm her friends in pursuit of an artifact, he offered her a position as his assistant in all of his mischievous dealings. Years later after more attacks from angels and working for the Goatman, she went to sleep one night and mysteriously found herself in the Nexus, not having a clue in the world where she was. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Celaphine, the 22-year-old female vampire, stands at a height of 5’8, weighs 137 lbs, with a lean/ ectomorph body type. Her normal attire on a daily basis is simple black shoes or no shoes at all, any sort of black or gray leggings, and then her top varies from any sort of solid color t-shirt/ long sleeve shirt or a band shirt from a concert she went to as an underlayer with her younger sister’s hooded poncho made of what seemed like strung together owl feathers, fulfilling the uses of: poncho, cape, scarf, and coat; the ultimate item to wear over clothes to create an intriguing appearance. Her face shape is slim and oval-shaped, and her skin is a deathlike white with no acne whatsoever. Her natural hair color is a dark brown/ black color; she’s a brunette, but the top of her hair is usually dyed a bright pink-- though this changes regularly due to her powers. The style of her hair is a short cut with the sides and back shaved to where the hair just barely covers the scalp, and then there is a big floofy section of hair on the top that is dyed the portion (this floof goes down just barely over the top of the ears). The eyes fitted in the sockets of Celaphine’s face have a somber crimson color originally, similar to a ruby, though they change due to her color changeability on occasion to reflect her mood. Her ears are small and round, yet to add complexity, filled with varieties of silver piercings in the lobes, industrials, and helix sections of her ears. Her nose is small and flat, her jawline doesn’t have much prominence, and her lips are extremely soft-looking. Her overall apparel gives off generalizations such as: “she must work out, she has a nice style choice, and she must pay a lot to get her hair done like that”.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Basic Enhanced Senses (1400 OM)


I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us? Through cool RP friends! 

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  Vote For Us! (March)
Posted by: Dust - 03-03-2020, 12:33 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (40)

You like having more people to play with, right? That was a rhetorical question, because having more people to write with is awesome. Do you also like OM? If the answer is 'yes', which OBVIOUSLY it is, then please vote for us on the following sites!

RPGfix (every 12 hours. If you register, your votes count as x2. Worth the couple of minutes to make an account if you're going to be voting every day)
Top RP Sites (Daily)
Top Site List Planet (Daily.)

Vote on all sites, then post here with "Vote 1". When you vote on all sites again, post "Vote 2". You are allowed to vote again 12 hours after your previous vote, and we're okay if that only affects RPGfix. However, you should be trying to vote on all sites, as the reset times vary.

Tl;dr: Vote for all the sites, put "1". Next day, do the same and put "2". If you're really hardcore, you can vote every 12 hours, but it's not necessary.

If we find out your votes aren't being counted (and yes, we take the times you voted into account) we will give you the benefit of the doubt the first time as a mistake. However, if it happens again, or if we think you're not bothering or simply haven't read this, we will remove your voting privileges and you will no longer be eligible for this monthly bonus.

At the end of the month, if you posted ...

5-10 times: You get 100 OM.
11-16 times: You get 200 OM.
17-22 times: You get 300 OM.
23-28 times: You get 400 OM.
29+ times: 500 OM, and a fistbump from me for being so damn diligent.

If you have an alternate character and wish to claim your reward on that account as opposed to your main one, please let us know in the topic before the month ends. If you don't, we'll assume you want the OM on the account you posted with.

Thanks for voting everyone!

((I know some people are already voting, I have a screenshot to validate votes before this.))

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  Back to Jack Darby
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 03-02-2020, 09:52 AM - Forum: Joining - No Replies



CHARACTER HISTORY: Jack's menial after-school job at the drive-thru at KO Burger getting him down, with rude customers who took food without paying. As he knocked off and reported in to his mom by phone, he spotted a sweet motorcycle in the parking lot. While he was admiring it and promising one day he'd have enough money to buy a motorcycle just like it, he was caught talking to it by Sierra and her friend causing him to trip over his words somewhat. He was saved from further embarrassment when the motorcycle—in reality Arcee—took off with him still on board as she was being chased by two Decepticon cars. After a short chase, she warned him not to tell anyone and let him go, only for one of the Decepticons to start following him, forcing her to pick him up again. The chase ended up in a drainage canal, where Jack encountered Raf for the first time, and the pair watched Arcee and Bumblebee duke it out, before hastily making an escape when one of the Decepticons started chasing them. After many adventures with the Autobots Jack would eventually visit the world of Cybertron. When on the world of Cybertron, Jack Darby downloaded the memories of Optimus Prime with the Key of Vector Sigma. Using the Key he was able to restore the memories of Optimus Prime but was entrusted with the key for safe keeping after that, on a permanent basis.

Shortly after that, he ended up experimented on by Mech and turned into a Cybertronian. Shortly after that a Green Lantern Power Ring found Jack, and chose him. However he did not survive the trip to Oa. As such he ended up in the Omniverse, and has now had to adjust to both being Cybertronian, though appearing to be human, and having to cope with wielding a mostly non functional Green Lantern Ring.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: [Image: JackDarby_stockimage.jpg]

DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Physical Proficiency
Ranged Proficiency



I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us? This is a swap from Cade to Jack.

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  What does a girl have to do to get some drugs around here?
Posted by: Valerie Kol'ath - 02-12-2020, 11:43 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (1)

When Valerie emerged on the other side of the shimmering gate she was greeted by a sight that was surprisingly familiar; gleaming metallic buildings stretching into the skies, the cacophony of life in a crowded modern metropolis. She felt strangely at home, despite the fact that she was in a different world entirely. Of course, back home things would have been a fair bit…darker, for lack of a better word. Where Coruscant could be described as a utopia, England was an oppressive dystopian nightmare.

She took a few steps forwards, and noticed that she stood in a device not too dissimilar to the metal detectors in airports. It was pretty obvious that she was being scanned for something, as a stormtrooper checked a small screen attached to one side of the machine once she had passed through.

“Fuckin’ rude…” Val muttered under her breath before continuing to walk away from the gate. Before long she had disappeared into the crowd of citizens going about their day. Well, disappeared is a relative term. She stuck out like a sore thumb; it was sort of difficult to be subtle, given the fact that she was a humanoid fox with rather large wings. She got more than her fair share of glances, some of them curious; others seemed to be disgusted by her presence. One thing that bothered her even more than the disapproving looks was the noise. Not the physical noise that one would be exposed to in a busy city. No, the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of voices in her mind was deafening. The succubus held her head as she walked through the busy crowd, groaning due to having a particularly painful headache. She couldn’t turn it off, she couldn’t block out the thoughts. Before long, she couldn’t tell if all of the noise was in her head or was actually being said. It wasn’t just noise either; it was images, the fantasies and daydreams of the innumerable citizens of Coruscant.

“Shut up shut up SHUT UP!” She cried out in a vain attempt to make the noise stop. This, of course, didn’t help. If anything it made things worse, there was now a circle of confused and somewhat annoyed people gazing straight at her. She froze for a moment, like a deer caught in the proverbial headlights. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing sped up. She was entering a state of panic. So she ran, out of the crowd and into an alleyway which mercifully didn’t have that many people in it. The succubus slumped against the wall and shakily took a cigarette out of her pocket, lighting it up. The nicotine rush helped, it was bliss after what she had just experienced.

“F-fuck this place. Fuck it fuck it fuck it so much man.”

She spat, her voice a little shaky due to the fact that she was still calming down.

“Drugs. I need some drugs. How the hell to I even find a dealer here? Do they even have the same sorta shit here?” She muttered under her breath before taking a few more long drags. Suffice to say that cigarette didn’t last long, and immediately after she lit up another. Her dependence was starting to rear its ugly head again. There was a reason why she had spent as much time as she could high or drunk; it helped her deal with the noise.  She could have simply created some, but she was in too much of a state to think of a solution as simple and easy as that. No, she went back to how she had always gone about things in her own world.

The succubus stood up, cigarette held between her lips, and started to walk around again. It didn’t take long for her to find a dataverse access point, and started to look at it. The tech wasn’t too hard for her to get the hang of, it was actually pretty similar to what she was used to. It gave her some basic information about the tiers, along with far too many ads for god knows how many useless products and services.

“Right, so there are other tiers. Four, four looks like home. Right, so go to tier four, hope that the same kind of lowlifes live there that live back home, and fuckin’ sort this out.”

Val was also able to access a map of the local area, which gave her the location of nearby elevators that could be used to access the other tiers of Coruscant. The walk wasn’t too long, thankfully, only about ten minutes. She could hold out for ten minutes, or at least she hoped she could.

The walk wasn’t pleasant, far from it in fact. But to her credit, Val had managed to keep herself together during it, and she finally found herself before the elevators which were used to travel between tiers. She entered, packed in with god knows how many other people, like sardines in a can.

“Please, please be a quick trip…” she muttered under her breath as the doors closed, like the bars of a prison cell.

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