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Dust, Gin Yatreg, Moon Knight, Retane, Taloc

Posted by: Retane - Today, 10:56 PM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies


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  Resurrection ~ The Butterfly Stirs
Posted by: Eternity Larva - Yesterday, 06:52 PM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

Quote:"I'll be waiting."

For a moment, there was black… then dazzling static erupted instantly, invading every fiber of her being. Whatever soul or substance remained of the fairy snapped back into existence.

The sound of water splashing could be heard, as a young girl emerged from the fountain, desperate for even a whiff of fresh air. Thankfully, the Nexus had a lot of it. Just not as fresh as one would expect for a realm of purity. Her mind was still racing, trying to process whatever she just saw. There were no holes where her chest was supposed to be, though. For that, she was glad.

So, is this what dying feels like here? How terrifying.
I think I’ll try to die a little less this time.

Dying here really did feel different. Fairies are accustomed to waking up after finding out they had messed with the local shrine maiden, but they don’t usually have nightmares or strange effects to go with it. They also don’t usually wake up in the middle of fountains. Larva picked herself up. Being drenched like this wasn’t doing her any favors, so she started sweeping away some clinging water using her hands. Her wings began flapping, in an effort to shake off the moisture.

After a while, the fairy got rid of as much as she could by effort. The rest is left to time. Anyways. Larva began to recollect, sitting on the rims of the cracked fountain covered in vines. What was it she was doing beforehand? She went through everything that she could remember. Waking up in this exact place, ending up in a forest, and then… she signed up for something? She knew that she was taken to some other place and joined someone…

That was the limit of her memories. The rest had been thoroughly ground into fine mental powder.

It was probably some three minutes of recalling before the fairy stood up again. She looked around and saw the faraway dots in the distance, gateways to other realms standing at the edges of the horizon.

Oh yeah, that guy said I might want to visit “Camelot”, too…

Not really knowing which dot leads to which, she picked one of the eight gates and began her journey towards it.

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  Frozen, Eternal Night
Posted by: Eternity Larva - Yesterday, 06:12 PM - Forum: The Astral Realm - No Replies

The soul of an unfortunate fairy is trapped here. Her vessel had been torn apart, ripped along with the fabric of reality she occupied in that moment.

The world was a gray sea. This discolored blankness stretched so the ground and sky were one and the same. The planet might as well be just pure gray. Except for the lone soul, who was left to ponder her being in this strange plane of existence. Hello? As the fairy journeyed through the sky-ground, she hoped to catch the attention of at least one person. Even just one person. Is anyone there?

Nobody came... however, she did come to something.

Like a moth to a flame, the spirit hovered towards a dark speck in the distance. It was rather easy to spot. The black color was blatant against the gray ground-skies, a sight she had been familiar with for… some time... How long she had been wandering for was beyond her. Time, perhaps, might have failed to exist in this dimension at all. As she recognized the speck as a little flame in the air, there was an odd feeling about it... a vague feeling that ‘it’ wasn’t a thing, but a person. She leaned forward, watching in silence.


Hey, you there? The dark flame recoiled in response to the fairy’s words. Do you know where I am?

“How odd,” the speck said, having the voice of a young woman. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

What do you mean by that?

Suddenly, the world was lit with striking radiance before returning to its meager, lifeless color. It was in fact a little darker now, with the presence of the speck’s true form, the dark silhouette of a lady, hovering before the spirit. The fairy could barely make out her form, the jewels ornamenting her dress, each strand of her long hair flying and flowing beautifully in the air. Too bad, for all her exquisite looks were painted a deep black, like a tear in reality.

“I am you, and you are me.”

The spirit tilted her head. ...I don’t really get it, but my name’s-

“Eternity Larva, correct?” the silhouette said. “The fake me.” Larva only stood in silence.

“You see, I created you. You are my instrument in the world that I cannot exist in. Not after what she did.”

The deep, dark aura around the two began to take color, twisting and mixing together, before stopping at the blurred scene of a burning room. The lady pointed behind the spirit, who looked to her back. There stood three figures. In the middle was someone tall, clad in orange. To the sides were two children(?) wearing green and pink. Their faces were too blurry to see.

“All I wanted to do was help my followers prosper. I asked simply for faith. Prayers. Gifts. In return, I gave them greater things. Immortality. Prosperity. A promise that I would bring them to a world of eternal night, where their souls may rest in infinite joy and serenity. However, for her most inane reasons—reasons that I still cannot fathom to this day—she decided to appear and destroy everything.

“I’ve never really understood her. She calls herself a secret goddess, yet loves to introduce herself in the most extravagant, eye-catching way. All it takes for her is to come through the backdoor of a room, and then chaos and bloodshed could begin the next instant. She also has a terrifying ability to withdraw one’s energy at the snap of a finger. A power that lets her commit deicide at a whim, in short. I was lucky to save myself at the last second, but not before concealing my form from the world for eternity.”

A short pause. The world faded back into a dull gray.

“However, this new slice of reality doesn’t operate in the same way. I believe there may be a way for me to escape, and survive without hiding inside a vessel as limited as you.” The silhouette bent down to touch the spirit, but Larva flew backwards by reflex. I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but-

The lady laughed. “Of course you wouldn’t. You are a fairy, after all. Anyways, I would personally like to meet the master of this realm again. Until then...” Black tendrils began to grow out of the aura that she emanated. The fairy readied herself for a fight, but it took her a second to realize that the, fight was already over. Thick, sharp branches of the tendrils had already punched straight through her chest. Fibers of darkness crawled out, enveloping and devouring the spirit.

“I’ll be waiting.”

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  Back in the Saddle
Posted by: Taloc - 03-23-2019, 11:04 PM - Forum: Camelot - Replies (1)

As Taloc and Hayaidesu ride the horse through the clean arch of stone, an expansive realm opens up in front of them. For one moment, the scenery leaves Taloc in a state of shock as this realm had such a similar feel as his home. The moment passes quickly, however, and the differences begin standing out leaving him with a faint bout homesickness. With a quick shake of his head, Taloc dismisses the irrelevant feeling. Quickly looking around, he gets a feel of his surroundings. 

‘Temperate, mostly plains, no cloud cover. Footing is likely to be good. No easy ways to stalk targets though. Gonna have to take a different approach for any hunts. People, people, people. Generally a darker hair color with a variety of eye colors. Moderate height. Variety of clothing styles. Interesting dialect. Accent seems to fluctuate greatly…’

As the checklist runs through Taloc’s mind, groups of traders walk by happily discussing their profits from such and such resource from such and such duchy. The details didn’t matter to Taloc and were actively dismissed until a stray conversation draws in his attention. A small tidbit about a demon and some kind of castle attack was all he is able to gleam from it, but that was enough. Straining his senses, he closes his eyes and begins to reach out with his mind, following the words back to their source. With an ease that is almost surprising enough to knock him back out of his temporary trance, Taloc slides into the merchant’s mind.

A nameless fear revolving around a picture on a bulletin board stands predominately in their thoughts, and it's all they could seem to think about for some reason. Faint fragments of memory drifted in about growing up in a small town near the mentioned castle are dismissed as the location of the bulletin board sweeps them away. Pulling free from the merchant’s mind, Taloc turns the horse he and Hayaidesu were riding towards the board. 

“I’m not entirely sure how, but I just did something, Desu,” Taloc says softly, clearly meaning his words for the passenger on the horse and no one else. “It was almost like I entered into someone’s mind and pulled some information out.”

“Telepathy,” she says simply as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “What did you find out?”

Glancing over his shoulder at the brightly colored girl, Taloc raises an eyebrow at the apparent nonchalant attitude she displays over this new revelation he just had. Getting nothing out of the blank look she wears like a mask of her own, he merely shrugs and motions ahead of them, the bulletin board already coming into view. Even from this distance, it was obvious there were posters tacked up in a neat and official manner.

“There’s work to be had here,” Taloc says confidently. “Apparently, there’s a demon that attacked a castle the merchant grew up next to. I couldn’t get much more than that, so the location of the poster was a nice consolation prize.”

“You got directions then. To a place I was already taking you.” 

His shoulders droop half an inch, which is the only indication Desu would get that he even heard her. 

As they come up on the board, several posters with faces and descriptions were on display. It takes but a moment to find the poster in question. With a large WANTED plastered along the top of the page as well as a rough drawing of the person, demon, it was about as simple as it could be for a bounty poster. Taloc has seen a lot in his day, however, this one stands out as the most logical one the merchant had been worried about while walking away from it.

“Assault, murder, theft, release of prisoners. Pretty run of the mill. What do you think, Desu,” Taloc asks, not looking away from the bounty.

“Will it be a repeat of DA?”

“I don’t plan on letting this be a fair fight.”

“Then go for it.”

Reaching forward, Taloc takes the bounty from the board, staring at it a moment before speaking once more. “Tell me Desu, can you dance?”

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  Bounty hunt of Tyson Renegade
Posted by: Taloc - 03-22-2019, 11:36 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (1)

I am using this as an official declaration. The thread by the name of Back in the Saddle is going to be an attempt to claim the bounty placed on Tyson Renegade. Taloc Sa'Koro has the sensory powers Master Enhanced Senses, Foresight, and Telepathy as well as the movement powers Burst movement, Master Acrobat, and Advanced Super Jump.

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  Accolades: Fate
Posted by: Dust - 03-22-2019, 08:34 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (1)


Neighborhood Friendly Werewolf here! Just trying to get a read on everyone's opinions about the accolades. As it seems... Less and less people voting. So I thought I'd open it up to discussion. Is this still something people would like to participate in? If so, how do ya'll feel about an @everyone in discord at the main points in the discussion? Those would be the 1st - when nominations start, the 10th - when nominations close and votes are encouraged, and the 19th, the day before they are closed.

Let me know!


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  Book Club(Mar20th-April20th)
Posted by: Dust - 03-22-2019, 08:17 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - No Replies

Welcome to the Omniverse Book Club! Here, we put up the month's 'best' story up for review. By participating you'll earn a bonus 300 OM (subject to change). Aside from the helpful feedback, subjects of the book club will receive a Great, Excellent, or Exemplary bonus for their storyline if they qualify. Omni


OOC Rules of Conduct apply.

We encourage helpful, well-considered feedback with both positive and negative comments. Try to remember that not everyone is confident about their writing, and negative feedback can be highly discouraging.

Review Writing Guidelines

Reviews must be a minimum of 150 words and should include your opinion on whether the participating member(s) deserve a bonus or not, and if yes, then 'Great' or 'Exemplary', according to the Bonus Rewards Guidelines. Please don't consider this an arbitrary number to fill; this just filters out those reviews that were clearly made with no effort.

Topics may include writing from multiple members. Please try to give everyone included a decent review and individual grade.

Try to go into detail about what you liked and didn't like about an RP. Try to keep it objective and positive: it's absolutely not okay to just tear down someone else's work without saying anything good about it. The more detail the better, and the more effort you put into your reviews the more likely we are to choose one of your topics to review, as thanks for your help to other members.

Please do not skim. If we suspect people are skimming topics, we may have to be more stringent on requirements, which makes it harder on staff to enforce, and more difficult for you to write your review. If we suspect particular members are skimming, we may bar them from future participation in the book club. This is free OM, so it's in everyone's best interest to keep it that way.

As far as grading goes, please be non-partisan. If you think your friend's topic truly merits Exemplary, awesome. But if we notice people constantly doing this and we consistently disagree with the gradings, we'll weigh your opinion far less than those who tend to give accurate gradings consistent with the Bonus Rewards Guidelines.


Book Club rewards will be awarded on the 20th of the following month, although it might take a while to get updated. Until you see a post in this topic saying "It was updated", it's safe to say you weren't missed or forgotten; we just haven't gotten around to it yet. No need to remind us. :)

We will give the reward to the account you posted on unless you request otherwise.

Those trying to become judges should note that Book Club reviews do count towards your total.

UPDATE: Book Club will now be running the length of a month, starting and ending on the 20th of the month. This will be done because the Thread will be chosen by the public, AKA the 'Best' Story. A bonus thread may be added when the popularity of the Book Club increases. We also understand that not all voted for favorites are completed and just ask that you make a note of which post you stopped on during your review.


Febuary 20, 2018; Community Star Winner: Moon Knight
Thread: Bad Moon Rising

>.>; Bit late, sorry...

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  Toshizu Garreaux (Bloodborne)
Posted by: Toshizu Garreaux - 03-21-2019, 05:36 PM - Forum: Roster - No Replies

Name: Toshizu Garreaux
Spent OM: 4500
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Debuff (1000)
Powers (700/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Basic Super Jumping (300)
Moves (1200): Vitola (600), Modified Chikage Trick Weapon (600), 
Super Moves (600): Tier 1 Visceral attack (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:

CHARACTER HISTORY: Toshizu or Toshi as his more familiar associates call him was an orphan from the Eastern Lands.  He grew up in the slums of Kagure before getting a job at a local distillery.  After a rash of fainting spells he was taken to the doctor where at 19  years of age he found out he was dying from a defective heart condition.  When seeking advice from the master distiller who had taken him in, the old mentor began to tell a tale from his younger years. A few decades ago there was another young man named Yamamura who also suffered from a terminal condition.  This young man had mentioned that in the West there was a mysterious town called Yharnam that offered a mysterious type of healing practice that used blood of some kind to cure even the most severe of ailments and had left in search of this mysterious source of healing.  With no other option Toshi left his village to embark on the same pilgrimage in hopes of not dying within the next 3 years (at the most). After searching far and wide inquiring about this seemingly unknown place he had followed enough clues that he arrived at Yharnam’s gate.  The town was cold and unwelcoming but eventually while wandering a strange woman stopped him off the street simply asked “Do you want to live?” When he said yes, the young looking woman with piercing green eyes led him to a run down cathedral and began to set up some kind of blood transfusion procedure. While she did this Toshi inquired about the amount of payment to which she responded with he would pay with a pact of service.  She then told him that the terms would be detailed after the procedure due to her examination of his condition revealing he in fact would die today if not treated.  Willing to try anything he consented to the procedure only to have hallucinations of eldritch horrors and sanguine beasts during it’s length causing him to pass out.   

When he awoke he found that the “old blood” they had used in the transfusion had actually given him some of the beast properties such as speed, ferocity, and strenght.  He was told that in exchange for saving his life he would use his new gifts to train to fight a returning infestation and scourge of beast that was ravaging the city like a plague.  He was paired with the green eyed woman who had carried out his procedure.  Her name was Yvonne and one of the Hunter’s Guild ranking members. He was assigned as her apprentice who he served under for almost a year protecting the town and surrounding territories from attacks and the infected denizens.  But the types of monsters they encountered became more and more fearsome and plentiful.  He began to doubt the effectiveness of their work.

One night the Guild Hall and his home was ambushed and sieged by one of the largest beasts he had ever seen followed by a swarm of tendril bearing eldritch monstrosities.  When it had finally broken through there was chaos, comrades were dying left and right.  He and Yvonne had been busy trying to bring down the hulking horror that had broken the Hall’s doors.  The beast was resilient but eventually began to weaken under their attacks, in a last surge of strength it swiped at Yvonne with the intent of impaling her and taking her down with it.  Toshi tried to stop it but instead caught the claw in his abdomen. He  lay there bleeding with wounds too great to heal with simple blood vials.  Content to have his last moments being held by his teacher and friend he closed his eyes to the sound of her voice before waking up in a new world.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Toshi is a slender 5’10” 160 lbs black haired  25 year old. His training plus the physiological changes from his blood transfusion have left him with tone dense muscles that although did not alter his overall lithe figure could accomplish great feats.  He wears his hair long on the top to give him layered bangs that he parts to the side or slicked back.  The sides and back are skin faded for practical reasons. His eyes are typically a dark amber brown but in moments of adrenaline or intense emotion they turn to a wolf like gold as a side effect of the “old blood.” He wears black trousers, a white linen shirt, a leather vest, topped with a leather split back hunter’s coat.  All black to blend into the shadows during a hunt.  Common hunter garb as plate did very little against larger beasts and slowed down the hunter’s mobility which was their most valued tool for survival. When hunting he don’s the rest of hunter equipment with his customized tool/weapon belt,a leather hunter’s lower face mask for keeping the intoxicating blood out of his nose and mouth, in addition the iconic hunter’s satchel and pack. All of their belongings are often near them due to the precarious nature of the city and their work. They need to be ready to evacuate or deploy as needed thus they usually don’t own much only what they can carry and still be light on their feet.  He does possess formal clothes for down time with his comrades and Guild celebrations but is just as at home wearing casual street clothes with boots. 
[Image: 49913248_538830999963943_903054597520823...tagram.com]


Vitola (requires physical proficiency, debuff) – 600 OM

A large, heavy (1.2Kg) black revolver with ivory grips the detailed scrollwork engravings are inlayed with silver and several Hunter runes.  The cylinder is capable of containing six large caliber quicksilver bullets.  Due to the nature of this weapon and the weight of its ammo firing at a distance is ineffective. It’s true purpose is to stun and stagger enemies at close range to allow for precise and deadly melee attacks.  It can be used as a weapon in and of itself within it’s effective range but the recoil is considerable only allowing for the mutated hunters to wield it effectively.  As a single action revolver it can roughly fire a bullet per second but to resight a target after the hefty recoil an additional 2 seconds must be used to fire accurately.  The shots hit with great force however they rather wild due to the huge amount of mass each round has and the necessary amount of gunpowder.  In order to place a stunning shot Toshi must pause for an additional second and lock his muscles in that arm in place to get the utmost precision, this muscle tension makes him unable to shoot for an addition 6 seconds while he unpacks his muscles to get full mobility in that limb again.  It is worn in a black beasthide holster worn on the thigh as part of a gun belt with more ammunition and a pouch for bullets on the opposite side of the hip.  At the lumbar part of the belt is a pouch for more Hunter’s tools, vials, and bullets. Effective range is about 6' with a maximum of 10'

Modified Chikage Trick Weapon (requires physical proficiency, debuff) - 600 OM

A 37" overall katana with a hidden channel beneath it’s ebony ciderite blade that can widen itself by deploying notched serrations extending past the blade’s natural edge.  The bo-hi (fuller or bloodgroove) is not visible but actually hidden beneath the surface it acts as a container for blood either the user’s or collected from the enemy. There are micro pores along the blade that allow for both absorption of blood or allowing some to weep and coat the weapon.  The controls to trigger the flow of blood and the deployment serrations are controlled by switches in the menuki (handle decoration in the middle) that is in the shape of a kitsune.  The metal of the blade actually poisons the blood when the two elements come in contact and agitated within the weapon.  In order to trigger this, the weapon must first be filled and then utilized in order to mix the poison before weeping it onto the weapon’s surface.  Between the potential poisonous capabilities and the bleeding effects (added via debuff).  The poison made from the blood mixed with the blade is neurotoxic and initially does not seem to do much, but the effects will compound the more is introduced into the system of an enemy following subsequent attacks (effects include delayed reflexes leading up to muscle failure, and finally organ failure due to corrupt blood coursing through them if enough is introduced into the body). Blood is absorbed through the same pores while cutting deep into either Genji's own or enemy bodies, It takes roughly 4 attacks to completely fill the blade on an enemy, or 1 being driven into his own body.  The technique may be reduced to 2 attacks on an enemy if the serrations are activated leaving more openings in the metal to absorb blood (This only works on unarmored targets or if the armor (or tough hide) has been shredded by the serrations already.

-Note, the length does not change between forms, it widens the blade by 1 inch when the serrated "teeth" are deployed. 

-Modified Chikage (I called this modified because with his existing initial power caps it would make sense if he couldn't quite weaponize blood in more than the basic poison, left room to upgrade with the blood form later.  The secondary mode is the poison, and serrations applying bleed and rapid compounding toxicity.  I hope this is more clear now.) 

Tier 1 Visceral attack (physical proficiency)  600 OM
[i]-Toshizu allows the mutated blood inside him to partially transform his hand into that of a beast and drives it through the body of an enemy before ripping out whatever he can grab inside.  Opponents have to be in a vulnerable state such as out positioned (like their back facing him) or stunned for this action to become available.[/i]

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  Moving House
Posted by: Omni - 03-21-2019, 04:02 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (3)

Y'all have probably heard that I've been trying to move house for a while and was making headway. Well I picked up the keys to the new place yesterday! It's a solo flat so I have my own space. Gonna be doing a lot of moving and installation shit over the next week (place is brand new so needs an oven, fridge, furniture and I'm getting all that shit second-hand), internet etc. I probably won't be living there until next weekend, maybe, but I certainly have a shitton of stuff to do. But good news!

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Posted by: Moon Knight - 03-21-2019, 01:12 PM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

Though it was an exhausting effort like climbing a mountain, Marc’s eyelids opened, his brown eyes darting frantically back and forth. He could clearly understand that he was in the Mansion’s medical wing but death was so close that a glossy film kept him from seeing a better picture of where and what was happening to him. That was until he spotted a tall figure standing close to him though he could tell that the person was wearing some sort of dark coat, the blurriness in his eyes could only tell him that the figure was tall and leaving a silhouette of black.

Marcus was the only thing that filtered through his broken mind. Marcus, it was a familiar name to him. Marcus, it was the name of a friend, a team member of the Avengers, one of the last original members of the starting Omniverse rendition.       

With a painful grunt, Marc latched his hands around Marcus’ trench coat pulling on his shoulders. Spector brought him close to his beaten face. For a solid moment, both sets eyes locked into a stare and it felt like it must have lasted for an eternity. Tears of pain and sorrow began to roll down the bloody cheeks of Marc’s face, his mouth trying to utter at least a single word but for a moment all he could do was struggle and cough thick blood.

“I- I’m sorry bro-ther.” He finally muttered blood dripping down from his chin, mixing with his stubble.  


“Well.” Steven gave a long sigh. “This is it, the entrance and God do I not want to be here again. The bird guy already creeped me out but seriously we have no idea what he’s done to the place since he’s kicked us out and I mean it’s dark and cold for even being near the area.”

All three of the men stood in front of the gaping entrance to the temple. Being near it the sky no longer had its sickly green tent but was replaced by a pitch black that compared to the dead of midnight where the twilight was its darkest. Being close to the temple it was obvious and almost expected that it had a resemblance to an ancient ruin, one closely related to Egyptian structure to note.  

To Marc, the brown rock and ruble that made up the place were familiar as almost as if he should know the place. However even as hard as he tried, memories were not coming back to him and it was getting harder to even think.   

“Quit your yappin’ Steven and grow a backbone. So what if Koko bird made changes to the place, ain’t nothin gonna scare or stop us.” Jake replied turning to his left facing Steven. “Besides Marc and I can handle whatever's thrown at us. Am I right or what Marc? ...Marc?” He asked turning around to the man, a concerned expression written over his face.

Taking only a few steps he placed a right hand on Spector’s shoulder. 

“You alright pal?” He asked.

Marc shook his head snapping back to attention as if he had been day-dreaming during the whole conversation. 

“I’m sorry Jake I- I missed what you said I think- I think we should… Move on into the temple and do what needs to be done quickly. I’m not sure but something doesn’t feel right.” His head and body felt light like he was sick and coming down with some sort of flu. His skin even turned pale. Jake face turned from confused to a stern serious expression. Taking a step he placed his other hand on Marc’s shoulder.   

“You need to stay with me Marc, you need to hold on, just hold on.”


“Just hold on Marc, Just- Just hold on. The others are coming to help I promise, just don't die on me, please… Please!” Marcus pleaded, both hands holding Spector’s right with a firm grip. Once again his eyelids reopened as if listening to the Terminator’s earnest begging.

“You are an Avenger.” His voice rung out hoarse in tone. “You are a man, not a machine.” And like a light switch his conscience went out.

Marcus tightened his grip harder, tears running down his cheeks.


“Marc, come on pal stay with me, Marc!” Jake said shaking him.

With a deep breath filling his lungs, Marc’s skin turned from pale back to a more flushed and lively skin tone and his eyes locked with Jake’s.

“We need to move… Now.” He finally answered giving a somewhat shocked but blackface back at Jake.

“A-alright,” Jake sighed in relief. 

Slowly his fingers unlatched from Marc’s white suit coat and he took a step back. 

He can feel it already,  this was going to be a long journey and it's going two take all three of them together to make it to Khonshu. Steven was also right. They absolutely had no clue what the god had done to the place, minus the changes outside the temple. For all, they know the temple could easily become their tomb. And Marc’s space-outs weren’t a good sign either. Whatever Khonshu was doing in the physical plane, it surely didn’t spell anything good especially for it being enough to cause at least one of them to blank out. The God Vengeance has to be stopped and whatever he's done physical or mental must be fixed. And besides just Khonshu there's also the pressing matter that in fact, the Avengers as a whole team needs help. They needed a silver lining, a call back to the good fight of truth and justice.  

Clinching his gloved fists tight Marc marched past the two others fading into the darkness of the temple's entrance. Quickly Jake and Steven scurred behind him, keeping a good following pace.          

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