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Marcus Wright, Marisa Kirisame, Shantae

  Looking for someone in particular.
Posted by: Marcus Wright - Today, 11:23 AM - Forum: Dataverse Messageboards - Replies (2)


Hey, can anybody read me?

I'm looking for someone in particular with some sort of Resistance band on?

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  Relationship between Avengers and the Empire
Posted by: Peter Smithson - Today, 06:06 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

So my character's in the Upper Tiers of Coruscant, and I'm planning on having him learn about the Avengers while he's there. Since his first impression of the Avengers will probably be from Coruscant's biased media, I think I should ask, what is The Empire's opinion on the Avengers? Do the Avengers have their permission to go around stopping bad guys?

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  Adapting To A New Environment
Posted by: Peter Smithson - Today, 05:27 AM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

Peter and Sinclair step out of the Nexus gate and see a heavily secured area before them. Stormtroopers are all over the place, and the only way forward takes them through a scanner. Peter isn't phased by the high security and the uniformity of the guards, and he doesn't draw any conclusions from this first impression. Most other people would think that these defenses are in place to protect Coruscant from a great danger, and many others would take it as a sign that Coruscant is under strict authoritarian rule. Peter has a different point of view. After being in so many universes, he knows better than to trust that his own logic would apply here, especially in this uniquely strange universe. Until he understands this place's culture and logic, he won't draw any conclusions about what he sees. One of the stormtroopers gestures towards the scanner and says, "This way. One at a time." His voice is dull and drained, as if he's said these words many times before.

First Sinclair steps through the scanner, then Peter. A stormtrooper checks the scans for a brief moment and decides they're good to go. "Thank you for your cooperation. Welcome to Coruscant." A different stormtrooper by the exit says to both of them. Sinclair nods at the guard as he and Peter start to leave, but then the guard continues to speak. "I see we've got a new Prime, huh?" He says with an enthusiasm that isn't normally seen in overworked guards. "It's Peter, right?"

"Yes." Peter says, slightly unnerved that this stranger already knows his name.

"You've made a right choice in coming to Coruscant. The Empire provides many opportunities for newcomers like you." He holds out a business card with white text on a dark background. "If you're looking for direction or just need a job, just give the Empire Peace Division a call or come on over to their recruitment headquarters."

Peter hesitates before taking the business card and slipping it into his pocket. "Thank you." He says without enthusiasm before leaving with Sinclair.

"Thank you. Have a wonderful day!" The stormtrooper replies.

Peter and Sinclair step out of the secure area. Before them is a beautifully grand city with sky-piercing buildings. The pathways are filled with pedestrians, and hundreds of hovercars are in the sky. Peter cranes his neck to look up at the buildings near him, observing the peculiar way the daylight shines on their smooth exteriors. He looks back at Sinclair, as if to ask 'Now what?'

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  Rottytops to Shantae "Snack Cakes"
Posted by: Shantae - Today, 12:42 AM - Forum: Dataverse Messageboards - No Replies

Rottytops said:
Hey Snack Cakes! I was wondering when you'd get a proper phone!

Shantae said:
Rotty! Is that really you?

Rottytops said:
Yep! Just spending time in the Pale Moors! I wrote a coffee shop review blog if you're interested!

Shantae said:
How did you wind up in the Omniverse? Did you wake up next to a fountain?

Rottytops said:
Nah, I'm your secondary! Been here for like, half a day or so, I think!

Shantae said:
My Secondary? What makes you think you're mine?

Rottytops said:
Who else would care enough to want me around? :)

Shantae said:
Oh... Maybe one of your brothers could be a prime?

Rottytops said:
Haha, Abner and Poe? I love those two, but even they know they'd never be selected by a god for anything! Hahaha!

Rottytops said:
Plus anyways, if it's anyone that would follow you into another world, it's me!


Rottytops said:
Don't give me so many dots, you know you love it, chimichanga! :3

Shantae said:
You said you were in the Pale Moors? I should head that direction instead. The Avengers could wait!

Rottytops said:
Avengers? That hero group? You're joining them?

Shantae said:
I might, but it's more important I go make sure you're alright!

Rottytops said:
Now hold on, meat  dumpling! I'm doing good for myself! I've found a way to make money and I've already got some coffee shops to frequent! I'm good, that Avengers thing is more important!

Shantae said:
...didn't you say you've been here half a day?

Rottytops said:
I'm flexible! ^_~

Rottytops said:
Listen, I believe you were brought to the Omniverse for a reason. If the Avengers could be your calling, then you should waste no time in finding that out!

Rottytops said:
Besides, now we could talk to each other anytime thanks to this Dataverse thing! We can actually arrange hang outs instead of just running into each other!

Shantae said:
Well, okay! As long as your fine with it! Please take care of yourself out there!

Rottytops said:
Hehehe, you know I will, flesh pop! :3

Shantae said:
...okay, stop with the food based nicknames already?

Rottytops said:
You got it, steamed bun!

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  Silky Split Ends of Justice!
Posted by: Shantae - Yesterday, 08:17 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (1)

Shantae made it through security again. Thankfully the screening went by quicker this time now that she's already on file.

As she stepped through the gate, she found herself in a long dark canyon that spans for miles, little shops cut into the rock. Many of the humans and aliens seen before were serving as their patrons. It was certainly a lot more crowded that Costa Del Sol and a lot more bigger, but she didn't expect it to be some sort of cave city.

"Well, that's kind of cool, I guess." She said, a little bit crestfallen. She was expecting some sort of technical marvel of science and technology.

Of course, she's not going to look that closely at anything. She had important things to do rather than rightfully take in her surroundings. Quite a shame, it's certain such a reaction would have fit in 700 words or less. If only that tale existed somewhere in another universe out there, a universe that was lacking in error messages and neglectful writers too eager to share their content before making back-ups. Probably for the best, that reaction might have dragged a bit anyways.

Following the directions from her pause screen, she flagged down a cab and hopped in.

"Where to?" The gravelly voice of the driver rang in Shantae's ears. He was some sort of bunny man, she couldn't quite make him out from behind the seat. A plaque identified him as "Harvey."

"Uh, the Avengers Mansion in Tier 4?" Requested Shantae.

"Dangerous neighborhood, going to cost you extra." He stated, peering at her from his rearview mirror.

"That's fine!" She responded.

The car took off to the sky. Shantae immediately goes into her pause screen set up, averting any chance of accidentally seeing the city and having a more extensive reaction to it.

She re-checked the directions specified, she did everything correctly according to this "Newbie's guide to the Omniverse" website. It was just a matter of waiting to arrive at her destination.

However, she wanted to do something about this pause screen. Having what was basically a hologram floating less than a foot away from her face was kind of cumbersome. She can't even use the Dataverse and walk at the same time! She remembered those tiny screens that the people of Costa Del Sol were using, and she remembered what the Bartender told her about summoning. He mentioned it could transform and upgrade objects...

She focused, just as she was taught to do. It was very much like what she did during her dancing to summon her animal forms, she just visualized what she wanted to happen in her mind's eye. A ball of rainbow light appeared in front of her. The shine caused the cab driver to grunt with displeasure. She wasn't sure if it was from the light getting into his eyes, or some sort of Prime prejudice.

She watched as the pause screen got sucked into and absorbed by the rainbow ball as the shape of one of those tiny screens started to form in front of her. Then, in a large explosion of light, the object appeared before her, which floated down gently into her awaiting palm.

Awkwardly prodding it with an index finger, she checked if everything survived the transfer. Her inventory was still there, she wasn't sure how the phone dispensed those items, but she didn't care about that right now. It looked like everything from the pause screen carried over!

She tried the Dataverse app. She saw she had a notification.

"What could this be?" She said as she tapped the notice.

Her jaw dropped.

"Friend request: Rottytops."

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  Question: Coruscant Gates
Posted by: Shantae - Yesterday, 09:04 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (1)

Quote:The gates to the Vasty Deep and Endless Dunes both reside on Tier One.

So the gate linking from the Vasty to Coruscant, is that ground level Tier One as seen in this pic? Or could you see the skyline from where you enter in from?

The view from the gate would dramatically effect my next post is the reason I'm asking...

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  Shantae to Moon Knight "Joining Avengers"
Posted by: Shantae - 01-16-2019, 03:07 AM - Forum: Dataverse Messageboards - No Replies

To: MoonKnight@Avengers.net
From: shantae@tempemails.com
Subject: Joining Avengers

Just a heads up, I'm joining the Avengers! I'll be heading towards Croissant from the Vasty Deep gate soon! May take me a while, this pause screen is a nightmare! But I thought I'd let you know I was coming!

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  Eve's Log
Posted by: Dust - 01-16-2019, 01:53 AM - Forum: Purchases and Deductions Log - No Replies

Purchases and deductions for Eve go here.

Current post count: (your current post count, viewable on your profile)
Current Earned OM: (your current Earned OM, viewable next to your posts)
Current Spent OM: (total, viewable on your roster)
Buying: (whatever it is you want to buy). Cost: (the cost) OM.
New Spent OM: (your total Spent OM after the purchase)

All moves must be approved here before purchase.

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  The great bell is tolled.
Posted by: 13-Jzall - 01-15-2019, 11:58 PM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - No Replies

13 entered the dunes, the only thing drawing him to it being the stark similarity to Mars. He immediately set out to find the most remote area possible, he had put personal glory and other needs of the flesh in front of his primary objective for too long. Not too long had passed before 13 had found a junkyard with what seemed to look like an ironstrider engine hanging by chains in the middle of it. He took out his arquebus and scoped into the scrap filled yard. 

++Hostile count?++
12, 4 are armed with ranged weapons
++Ways of entry?++
A single gap in the gate, no cover above the walls.
++Enact Gundrill Symbiosis (beta) followed by Mindstate Secutor (gamma)++
Understood, The Omnissiah protects.
++The Omnissiah protects++

13 felt a surge of energy into his arms as he scoped back in and viewed the profile of each hostile. The rifle let out a sharp DAK three times before he ran out of ammo and by the time he reloaded the 9 remaining people had already scattered. Gundrill Symbiosis was still in place and so he walked down, flachette blaster in hand with his axe being carried behind him by his mechadendrites. As soon as he entered the complex a hostile carrying a pipe hit him over the head, nearly knocking him out. As the flachette blaster fell out of his hands 14's mechadendrites swooped down to pick it up and shoot the attacker, knocking his body to the floor. 13 slowly got up, just trying to look at anyone coming too close to him so the mechadendrites' machine spirit could target them. By the time his head cleared 4 more corpses joined the others. Quickly, he switched to Mindstate Secutor and picked up his axe, cutting down two of the remaining attackers running towards him as his mechadendrites fired at the one holding a gun just as they had lined up a shot. 13 looked around him, trying to search for the final hostile. They hit him over the head with another piece of scavanged metal and this time, he went down with a sound of metal striking metal nearly as loud as his opening shots.

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  Rotty's FRESH Coffee Shop Blog
Posted by: Shantae - 01-15-2019, 03:56 AM - Forum: Dataverse Messageboards - No Replies

Hey! Rottytops here! Chewing my way through the Dataverse to bring the final word on the Omniverse's finest cups of Joe! Are they fresh, or are they rotten like my brains! Strap yourselves in, I've got some words to throw at ya!


Quote:[Image: Uve34qq.png]
Including this image was important!

So far as I could understand, I was in this city called the "Pale Moors." That is the best name for a city I've ever heard!

I found this coffee shop called "Chocolique!" It was the first place that didn't run me out with pitchforks! Hehehe, just kidding! They didn't have pitchforks.

Anyways, I stumble into this place and the first thing that caught my eye was the decor!
Well, actually, the first thing that caught my eye was the menu. Brain craving was setting in, I needed my cup FAST! But the decor was the first thing I noticed after getting my fix!

Well, okay, that's a lie! The first thing after was how hot the staff was! The waitress couldn't give Shantae a run for her money, but she was pretty dang close! And don't get me started on the guy that handles the cream, oh my god! I hit on them both obviously. My pick up lines must be out of date, the waitress was almost disgusted when I told her what type of beans I'd have with her kidneys. Did she think I was serious? If it wasn't a joke, I wouldn't be getting coffee! Then again, some people are sadly not woke.

You heard that word I used a second ago? ''Woke?" I just learned that just now! In fact, I just learned about the Dataverse and the Omniverse like an hour ago. This... thing, this Dataverse, it's like I was born to use it...

BTW, the cream guy was more receptive to my come ons. After blowing it with the waitress, I just simplified things by saying I'd eat him, followed by a knowing wink. He really liked that, even gave me his number! Victory! I'll have to add that to my collection of numbers I never call!

Oh right, the decor! Yes, I did notice that! It was very woody! Yeah, woody is the right word for it! So much stuff made of wood.

There were also bigger dataverse devices that I think were showing youtube videos, but they didn't seem to show anything important.

Anyways, I got my coffee, so Chocolique gets 4 out of 5 stars from me!

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