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  Those Who Wander
Posted by: Venom - 12-09-2018, 07:46 PM - Forum: The Nexus - Replies (1)

Everything around Eddie Brock was cold and dark. There was an emptiness in his chest, even emptier than the absolute nothing he saw around him. His mind was muddled, but something kept prodding at him, knocking at the door of his consciousness. It was strangely familiar, but he couldn’t think clear enough to respond to. Then the darkness was less empty and Eddie was joined by a form. It was almost childlike, lanky and thin. A massive grin was plastered on its blank white face. Eddie couldn’t speak, not that he wanted to.

Eddie? Eddie, where are you?

 The voice was dark, guttural, and vile. However, its grating growl was familiar and comforting. Then the being spoke, its expression still. Its voice was softer, more ambient, yet it elicited dread from the man.

Quote:“My name is Omni. This is not the world you know. This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it. The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.”

 The being’s hands extended. A pulsating cavalcade of color assaulted Brock’s vision. The light chased back the darkness as the glittering orb grew closer. By the light of the orb, Eddie saw something hovering just beyond his skin. It was dark, almost black, and tiny tendrils reached out for his skin. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t touch him. Even with his brain addled, Eddie felt a sudden and massive drive to connect with the substance. It was a sudden onset of withdrawal, brought on by the sight of it, and he had never felt anything that severe before.

Quote:“This is Omnilium,” The creature names Omni continued, drawing Eddie back. “It’s what ties the Omniverse together. Without it, you are nothing. With it, anything you desire can be yours. But you will need more than this. If you desire it enough, you will find it. You will find that using it comes naturally. Just think of what you desire most.”

 The orb drifted into Eddie’s hands without transition. He stared down at the kaleidoscope of colors in his palms with wonder. That dark voice kept clawing at the back of his mind, but he still felt a membrane of darkness between it and him.

Quote:“You will not be alone in the Omniverse. There are others. Of course, they, too desire Omnilium. Do not fear death. For as long as you interest me, you will be reborn.”

 Alone. That word struck Eddie like a meteor. That cold emptiness welled up once more, never gone but almost forgotten. The pulling at his mind grew stronger.

Quote:“That’s all you need to know right now. You’ll figure out the rest soon enough. I’ll be watching … and waiting.”

 The emptiness in Eddie’s chest was joined by a sudden falling sensation. There was no wind and no motion, but his body felt the sudden shift in elevation. In an instant, Omni and the darkness disappeared and was replaced with a vast white expanse. It was blindingly white, forcing Eddie to squint. He groped for some sort of handhold, unable to distinguish between what was up or down. His hand clamped down on a stone lip and he dragged himself to his knees. He blinked away the dazzling whiteness of his environment and looked up at the fountain he was holding onto. It was Gothic in nature. It seemed like the kind of fountain that he would see outside a church or at a cemetery. He couldn’t exactly tell which one seemed more appropriate. Finally regaining his awareness, Brock stood up and looked around. In his attempt to get his bearings he almost lost them again. The whiteness was infinite, with absolutely no distinguishing between the earth and the sky. No horizon was visible, with no landmarks save the fountain and tiny specks too far away to identify. He was struck suddenly by sickness.

 Eddie’s stomach seized and he doubled over in pain. He felt like throwing up through his eyes, a sensation he could never truly explain. His brain was on fire and his organs felt like they were melting. He glanced around on instinct, searching for something he couldn’t quite remember. Then the voice came again, weak and distant, but dark and inviting.


 Brock turned back to the fountain and saw a black goo seeping down the sides. It marred the cross that adorned the top then arched over the water. It seemed to reach for him, tiny tendrils like fingers desperate for his skin. Eddie felt no fear, instead reaching out to it. Even being in its presence was enough to allay his symptoms. He felt less empty, less alone. The goo made contact and in a moment Eddie’s body was overwhelmed with stimulation. His nerves screamed with light and his brain drowned in darkness. Memories assaulted him, both his own and another’s. A rush of strength and power replaced the illness and terror. The goo wrapped itself around his arm as Eddie reeled back and spread up to his shoulder. In seconds it had encased his body in blackness. It was squirming and still, hot and cold, all at once. It burrowed into his body, latching onto his nerves and his heart and his brain.

 As Eddie stumbled back he looked down at his body. The creature, for he knew it was alive, was layering itself and developing more mass from seemingly nowhere. Thick muscles formed underneath what seemed like a thin hide. The creature flexed in tandem with Eddie’s body. Every movement he made, it seemed to mimic immediately after. The minute delay grew imperceptibly smaller until it seemed that they were moving together. With the symbiosis nearly complete, Eddie’s mind gathered his memories. This was his only companion, his salvation. He was lost without it, without him. His Other. Venom. It was Venom. He was Venom. They were Venom.


The voice was louder, far louder than Eddie had expected. It filled his mind completely.

“Venom… W-what happened?”

We nearly lost you, Eddie. Don’t worry. We are safe now.

“I can’t… W-we… I can’t remember anything. Where’s Spider-Man?”

Gone. We are somewhere else, somewhere unknown. The voice was liquidy, yet grating. Its constant paradoxical states didn’t seem to bother Eddie.

“That thing, in the darkness… Are we dead?”

No. Venom started creeping up Eddie’s shoulders and neck, completing its bonding process. I would never let that happen.

“I feel really sick.”

I know, Eddie. Let me fix that for you.

 The Symbiote finished bonding as it wrapped around Eddie’s face. He never lost vision, even when the obsidian goo completely swaddled his eyes. Eddie blinked and he felt the Symbiote accommodate him, its large white eyes forming to imitate his expression. Eddie flexed his jaw, opening and closing his mouth. The blank face of Venom split in half. Its mouth mimicked Eddie’s jaw wide and teeth sharp. Its tongue lolled hungrily. Once Eddie Brock and Venom were one, the former felt no more pain. He felt cradled, protected, and alive.

“Now then,” Venom growled. “We’re hungry. Let’s find something to snack on before we starve.”

"Then we can find out what’s going on.” Eddie’s voice was inside Venom’s head now, or at least as much as it could be as they had become a single entity.

“Yes… But first, let’s eat.” Venom licked his chops then closed his mouth. His lips disappeared and he stalked away from the fountain. “I smell something nearby.”

Venom tilted his head towards the empty whiteness and kept walking.

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  Reactivation Please
Posted by: Ricter - 12-09-2018, 03:30 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (1)

I didn't even notice my app was moved to archives, can I have it not there please? =3

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  Chaotic Return
Posted by: Shantotto - 12-09-2018, 02:54 PM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - No Replies

Shantotto had experienced death, the cold dark grasp of emptiness. Closing her amber eyes she carefully went over the experiance again and again in her head. The illusion of floating in a pool of eldrich ichor was the best description the diminutive magi could muster.

Waking up in the nexus once again had been little more than a bother. Still the pint size ball of magical fury had taken little time making her way to the somewhat familiar sands of the endless dunes

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  Chaotic Return
Posted by: Shantotto - 12-09-2018, 02:54 PM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - Replies (2)

Shantotto had experienced death, the cold dark grasp of emptiness. Closing her amber eyes she carefully went over the experiance again and again in her head. The illusion of floating in a pool of eldrich ichor was the best description the diminutive magi could muster.

Waking up in the nexus once again had been little more than a bother. Still the pint size ball of magical fury had taken little time making her way to the somewhat familiar sands of the endless dunes

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Posted by: Sasuke Uchiha - 12-08-2018, 01:27 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (4)

Happy Birthday. I don't know where you are, but have a good one on us!

Your Omni Twitter and Dataverse shenanigans are poorly missed!

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  King K. Rool (Ash/Jacket's Third Character Application)
Posted by: King K. Rool - 12-07-2018, 12:01 AM - Forum: Joining - Replies (3)

Character Name:
King K. Rool

Character Source:
Donkey Kong Country Series

Character History:
For a long time now, the kremlings from Crocodile Isle were ruled under an iron fist of one major ruler, King K. Rool. He's the biggest and worst kremling ever that came to existence. Donkey Kong Island wasn't far away from Crocodile Isle, in fact, helped King K. Rool hatched a plan for his army to dominant DK Island and steal a legendary banana hoard of the great strong ape of the Kong family that owned the island in their name. That famous ape's name was Donkey Kong and he wasn't alone with his little nephew who was fast and nimble, Diddy Kong. On a stormy night, DK slept well inside his tree house while Diddy was on guard to protect his precious bananas. The kremlings had no hesitation to attempt to steal the DK's most prize passion.

Diddey defended against a good number of kremlings until Krusha and Klump showed up on the scene and defeated the only single guard. After knocking out Diddey, they put him inside a barrel to cause no more trouble. The kremlings successfully stole the banana hoard and made DK go on a journey across the island along with his nephew to stop King K Rool's operations. They eventually made it to the main boss of the kremlings on his ship known as the gangplank galleon. Donkey Kong and his sidekick Diddy defeated King K Rool. They successfully won back the banana hoard and banished the kremlings from Donkey Kong Island.

This wouldn't be the last of King K. Rool, he kept showing up again and again to get vengeance on the Kong Family. After being defeated once more before trying to destroy Donkey Kong Island, he was taken into the Omniverse with bizarre reasoning.

Physical Description:
[Image: DkQ6NEOUwAAXJ7W.jpg]

ATK: 4
DEF: 3
TEC: 1
SPD: 2

Starting Proficiencies:
Physical Strength (1000)

Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Debuff Proficiency (1000)

Starting Powers:
Advanced Super Jumping (500)

Starting Moves:

Crownerang (300) -
A signature move made by King K. Rool with his little crown on top of his head. The crown is being used to get an advantage on his foe by flinging the crown as if its a boomerang which will allow his crown come back to himself after the move is completed. For the range, it doesn't go for long distance and the attack's role is only useful for short or medium range. When being hit by this Kremling-made crown of unscratchable gold, a moderate blunt force will be dealt with.

King Krusha K. Rool's Champion Boxing gloves (300) -
The Kremling ruler will dawn a pair of boxing gloves to use in close combat and brutal force. One of King K. Rool's personas is a boxing champion in the competitive ring. He has the ability to focus and charge his punches for powerful strikes to hit the opponent with. This will make the Kremling king take five seconds out of his time to make this charge attack extremely effective. Although doing charged up jabs can wear out the Kremling king due to his health not being in top shape.

Kaptain K. Rool's Blunderbuss (300) -
Another persona King K. Rool had while in charge with his pirate Kremling crew. No other items would fit a captain's role greatly rather than his blunderbuss and captain pirate hat. An antique gun that is made big enough for the captain Kremling to handle with. The main ammunition of the blunderbuss is giant kannonballs. Only one kannonball can be fired out of the gun and a three-second cooldown to fire the next new kannonball. It takes two seconds for K. Rool to load another Kannonball into the blunderbuss. Getting hit by these kannonballs can be serious business due to them causing intense damage and heavy blowbacks such as knocking the target back four yards away.

Tier 1 Super Defense Move: Gut Check (600) -
King K. Rool's greatest counterattack to any attacks made against him. His gold-platted armor stomach plays a role in this super counterattack. The big pot belly of this Kremling ruler will puff out and reflect any damage against his opponent. This can counter any tier 1 super moves aimed towards the king himself and uses against his foes.

confirm that I have read and agreed to the rules of conduct

Where Did You Find Us?
Everyone should know me now lol, I been here since 2016 and this has been the best RPG experience I've ever had.

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  Happy Birthday Jacket!
Posted by: Harley Quinn - 12-04-2018, 09:16 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (4)

Happy Birthday, Cock Head ;)

Get it... because of your a chicken head 

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  A Omniverse Xmas!
Posted by: Jak Mar - 12-04-2018, 01:47 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (2)

Have fun here.

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  Free Roleplaying Guidelines
Posted by: Omni - 12-04-2018, 10:33 AM - Forum: Free Roleplaying - No Replies

This is a forum for non-Omniverse roleplaying of anything you want. First thing - there is no OM gain here. You can organise roleplays via the Discord, or the Whateververse - or even put up a separate discussion topic for your roleplay in this forum, if you wish. There are no limitations here besides the usual rules on content, so feel free to organise mini-RPGs, roleplays for you and your friends, or anything else. If the question begins "Can I ..." the answer is probably "Sure, why not." We recommend using the labels "Open", "Closed", or "Request to Join" in your topic title, but you can also just write the rules for joining in your original post.

Wanna run a Digimon RPG where everyone gets a random starter Digimon? Go for it. Vampires? Sure. Just wanna write solo with the option of opening it up later? Brethren, it's your life.

If you need moderator assistance, such as locking topics, or requests (if something gets sufficiently big for example, we could consider giving it its own forum, or at least sticky its rule topic) use the Help Desk as usual.

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  Questing Questions
Posted by: Ari - 12-04-2018, 04:04 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

I was scrolling through the available quests, and there's maybe two that aren't definitively either a faction quest, a void gate quest, or a star piece/chaos emerald. I'm not entirely sure if all these are updated though, but what are the exact limits on creating our own quest-like threads? 

I know that personal story-lines are always an option but I don't want to contradict established lore, while also wanting to have the opportunity to influence the verses in ways that would genuinely imply gaining reputation/recognition. Would that be something that had to be passed by staff? Would it require a Storyteller to keep things balanced? Am I allowed to simply create a small problem in one of the verses and solve it myself or have someone else do it for me?

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