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Retane, Taloc

  Some Changes if Possible?
Posted by: Tyson Renegade - 02-10-2019, 01:28 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (6)

Some things have been catching my attention your implemented system needs some changes done to it, just a few ideas. That could improve the site for the better really I've tried to post my concerns on Discord about it but it was shot down. Because I'm seeing people leaving the site wondering if the site could work on new ideas to improve itself.

For example the Rest Points: I was wondering if the points could be reset every day back to the full amount of 300. It a struggle to wait for 20 points every day. But really I was thinking around midnight the rest points should be reset back to 300.

Your Multiplication System: This is what pisses me off. It only designs for Rping with others when it could so much better. I'm suggesting for it to be changed differently. I did have some ideas on this if you should take them into consideration.
Rping with others: Shouldn't the multiplier be bigger like 300% to 600%. Considering how many people join that thread putting their hard work. Their bonuses should be a whole lot better. The person who created the fine thread should get a greater bonus for creating the thread. Showing we respect their work.
Rping alone: The same thing but lower than that. This is kinda my thing because I've been ridiculed for working with others by staff before. What I was looking you raising the update system a little better. 

You should also have another OM system in place instead of a book club and Votes.
Voting the OM should be doubled just once every six months.
The same thing for the Book Club too

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  The Precursor's Salvation
Posted by: Jak Mar - 02-09-2019, 09:55 PM - Forum: The Tangled Green - No Replies

Ashelin couldn’t help but look around when she felt the warm air blowing from the Tangled greens. Leaves jutted from trees which had a beautiful shades of gold, red and purple blowing around.  The smell of flowers jutted from the ground.

The former governess brushed the grasses from the side as Sig pushed the bushes aside as well as Damas helped lift Para over the wild grass, Daxter using the grasses to keep hidden.

The adventurers pushed on as they stared very cautiously at which way to move from here. They needed a plan. But who knew who was watching.

Ashelin dug through her pack and threw a small gun to each of the party. “Hope Para knows how to use a weapon.”

Damas frowned “Of course he does. Just don’t give it to him right away.”

Para raised an eyebrow “You had to learn to use one back in the Endless dunes, it was the only way we survived otherwise. It's a long story on how I was able to get to Damas. I'll explain later."

Damas nodded and was staring out into the forest area. He seemed to be looking for something in particular. The ottsel in question was using his speed and quickness to search the grasses for anything interesting.

Quote: 280 words

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Posted by: Jak Mar - 02-09-2019, 09:45 PM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

Sig pointed to the gate where the “Tangled Greens” randomly and nodded “I can guess this is the place we want to be.”

Damas looked at the piece of paper with the map of the Nexus drawn out and an circle was drawn on the “Tangled Greens” gate.

Sig nodded “My liege, we should keep going.”

Damas carried Para on his shoulder “Come on, Para. We should keep moving.”

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  Boll Weevil
Posted by: Spike Spiegel - 02-09-2019, 05:01 PM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - Replies (1)

Quote:Well the farmer took the boll weevil
And he put him on the red hot sand
Well the weevil said this is a-mighty hot
But I take it like a man
This will be my home, this will be my home.

- Lead Belly

Buzzing in every cell, a feeling of moving-without-moving, the familiar creep of nausea. The world flashed with color, and felt far smaller: grass underfoot, a true horizon on all sides. Shrubs, trees, scattered pits of water, a haze around it all. There were people here, and they acknowledged him with the universal nod of "I see you and your eye contact, but am not much interested in talking, please stop looking at me."

Spike felt instinctively for a cigarette, but before his hand met his pocket he remembered he'd chewed it and dropped it back in the white. Times like these are why he'd started.

This wasn't a dream. Things were too detailed, consistent, and real. He was too self-aware. It was too unpleasantly hot. His soul shuddered at the thought: this wasn't a dream. His instincts kicked in and filed it away. It was too complicated a puzzle to solve right now.

This wasn't a dream. This wasn't a theme park for his id and eros. His stomach felt hollow; he was hungry. His palette was dry; he was thirsty. He needed to urinate. The sun was midway between overhead and the horizon, but who knows if that meant it was morning or evening. It could be noon. The ground was mostly sand, held together by water, memories of water, and ambitious roots. His shoes were meant for a dry sidewalk.

This wasn't a dream. Spike felt inside himself and found a warm glow. Omnilium. Rainbow matter that lives in your soul. Magical money? He wandered to one side, off the vague road, and sat in the sand. He felt back to the Omnilium. A curious feeling, a new sensation. He felt a spread of enlightenment: what it was, how to use it. He hadn't bothered much with religion beyond his own body, and he suspected he was being moved by a god. He filed this away too.

He needed boots, a gun, and food. He got to his feet, went back to the road and started following it away from the gate, keeping his footsteps to the peaks pushed up by other people's footfalls. Pointless, as his shoes were already half-full of sand, but he did it anyway.

Buildings rose in the distance, flickering in the haze. An outpost. The closest structures came into view, and a neon sign on one read 'BAR.' Perfect.

Three wooden stairs rose out of the sand onto a landing. If there was a foundation under it all, it was completely obscured. Spike stepped up, sat, and emptied his shoes, making two similarly sized peaks. Someone clambered up past him and opened the doors. Balding, bearded, short but hard. Spike knew this kind of place. A bar for those coming or going. No one would bother him, but the bartender should know quite a bit. If others were brought to this world in the sudden, contextless way that he was, they probably wouldn't think twice about questions that would be otherwise suspicious. He hated not to be armed, but that's how it was.

He slipped his shoes back on, laced them, and opened the doors. Tables to the left, a bar to the right, light barely sufficient to find your footing. He knew exactly this kind of place. He walked the length of the bar, toward a stool on the far end, offering an opportunity to sit with his back to the wall. He felt a couple sets of eyes, but no real venom.

A bartender wandered over, black hair, receding, mustached, tall, drooping eyes.

"Old fashioned."

The bartender looked upset, and Spike realized his mistake.

"Just gimme whiskey."

The bartender nodded, grabbed a glass, and poured out a meager portion from a label-less bottle.


Wherever this was, they didn't know about old fashioned's. But they spoke English and they had whiskey. He could work with that.

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  My disabled son - ‘the nobleman, the philanderer, the detective’
Posted by: Spike Spiegel - 02-09-2019, 02:18 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - No Replies


An article about a disabled man's experience in World of Warcraft, and his impact on other people. Well worth reading.

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  Name change request
Posted by: The Emperor of Mankind - 02-09-2019, 01:26 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

Can this account's name be changed to 15 in preperation of when I turn 15.

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  Looks like this is it chief
Posted by: The Emperor of Mankind - 02-09-2019, 01:26 AM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - No Replies

The Emperor left New Babylon and hovered into the sunset, looking for new frontiers. Along the way into the sunset he fell into a pit trap with a creature that tortured him enough to stop escaping but not enough to kill him, but that was neither here nor there.

Quote:retiring emps

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  Official Move Approval VI Idea
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 02-08-2019, 11:42 PM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies

Since the thread is getting overwhelmed, and at 75+ pages, perhaps it is time that it be switched to an Official Move Approval VI. What do you all think of the idea?

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  Ambrosia Community Center Idea Discussion
Posted by: Guu - 02-08-2019, 11:25 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - No Replies

I don't plan to implement this until Guu is back home, so it'll be a while. However, I learned my lesson after the train incident, so I'm being transparent about game changing ideas to figure out if the staff (or more importantly Omni) might have a problem with it.

One of the far corners of the Pokute Palace grounds will be cordoned off and converted into the Ambrosia Community Center. It'll have a gym, a library, a food court, ect.

But the biggest, and the probably most important feature is this: The recall station, the dataverse uplink, the medical center, and a bunch of teleporters I will purchase will be publicly available. As in, any Player or NPC could go in and use those facilities, everyone will generally have permission to use them. Of course you'll need to be there once to use the recall station, but that's a given.

Obviously, there will be security measures in place. In order to use the teleporters or to enter the dataverse, you'll have to register your name and where you're going in case you're a criminal on the run and you need to pursued. If you're wanted in Ambrosia you could be arrested here. People coming in from the Dataverse or the Recall Station will be greeted with a security check point where they'll need to go through a strict screening process if they are new to the city. Of course, wanted people will be arrested here, and people with a high reputation for violence and discourse might be deported through a Nexus teleporter out of a need to protect the city.

Of course, the vault will remain in the palace proper and can only be accessed by Guu and Gildarts. In fact, the palace itself will be a lot less loose about letting anyone just waltz in like before.

So what do you guys think? Any comments or complaints?

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  Chaotic Redux
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 02-08-2019, 10:42 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (4)

The pure white of the Nexus gave way to a more fitting environment that Cade was going to call home after he had jumped through the portal. Here there were gleaming buildings that had been professionally made. Hover cars transported through the air, and he could see men in white armor. Or were there women in that white armor that he was seeing? Either way the white armor looked to be advanced and was probably powered armor that had been researched and created extensively. If his dad had been here,  Cade had to research. Thus he had a lot of work on his hands that he needed accomplished. Step one was acquiring housing. According to the manual that Warren had drilled into him before he had disappeared, Cade knew that having a base of operation was key to one's survival. Really he wanted to wrap his hands around the neck of Omni and throttle him. Abduction was not pleasant in the slightest and that was what had been done to him. 

There was the first step on a long road of taking the individual he despised, Omni and delivering upon him a righteous indignation that had been inside him for a long time. Okay, so maybe wanting to strip Omni of everything was a bit petty. But hey, brought to a world against his will. Yeah, Cade wasn't exactly amused with the whole 'kidnap others and make them play your game' thing that Omni had in mind for people really. Step Two was going to be more difficult than step one had any right of being, or really any step should have been. The second step was preparing himself in order to challenge the... individual. 

To do so he was going to require a base of operations that he could use. Such was going to require that he learn more about the Omniverse because he knew he needed the information. As he was clueless about the place, Cade groaned. The manuals hadn't provided him anything that he could use to navigate the place. A tablet was suddenly near Cade. It had the following message recorded on it. 

Quote:I had to go it alone, and so do you Cade. I will provide you no instruction nor aid with the journey you're beginning except for the recorded files on my adventures that are on here. 

So his dad was still stuck in the Omniverse somewhere. This Cade knew to be a fact. But where was he? How was Cade going to locate him? All these questions and more buzzed in the head of the reserve Quarterback of Chaos. Yet, to get answers was going to be a difficult mission, and he knew it. The mission was going to lead him to challenges he had never even had before in his life. It was a brand new world. As weak as he was now, Cade knew his dad would be disgusted with him. Strength was needed in order to promote the ideals one possessed. His current ideals were that he was going to figure out why he was trapped in this nightmare of a new reality. Equipment was in order since he didn't possess the skills he had back home. 

Perhaps he could recreate his dad's NFL-R, or maybe an Anticorian Cuff. Either were capable of serving the purposes he needed in terms of providing him the access to whatever passed as the internet here. In addition with the right modifications either device could provide him the lasers, shields, and other capabilities he would need to survive. 

The noise of the place was a definite hint that it had advanced technology. Only cars, and buses could make as much noise as the place had. Since it had cars and buses, and hover cars likely the place also possessed another commodity... a library. A library held all sorts of information that he could use to aid him in learning how Omnilium worked. Once he mastered the science behind the substance he could in theory use it to make his plans succeed. 

Yet, another question came to mind. What was his dad like? Who was he in this place? Dad had been kind and nice to him back home. The questions still bothered Cade as to who his dad actually was in the Omniverse. One thing was certain, Cade was not going to lose track of his goals in the Omniverse. A mental checklist was created by Cade: 
  • Find a base of operations that he could call "home" in the place. 
  • Find out what his dad was like. 
  • Gather resources for himself. 
  • Gain allies. 
  • Build a support network of like minded individuals. 
  • Strike down Omni.
The check list was going to be a hard to obtain set of goals. Especially the latter. How was one even going to obtain such a goal for themselves? It didn't... add up. What could possibly be used against Omni? Was turning the strength Omni had given every person trapped in what this place was possible? Could he use Omnilium to turn the tide? He'd have no choice, Cade noted. This was because he didn't have anything he could use on his own anymore. When Omni had brought him here, he'd as Cade had stated before taken everything Cade had known away from him. Somehow it made Cade feel like his innards were on fire when he thought about what Omni had done. It certainly was not going to be a walk in the park here. Of course, few things in life were meant to be easy or easily done. Even then through perseverance most things could be overcome. Overcoming the obstacles in his way was the only way Cade could succeed. Success was measured by some people by the price of a man's suit. Of course, Cade wasn't a man at present. Still he was only a youth. And he didn't own a suit. What should he measure success on his goals by? Completing them? Some of them, especially the latter were going to be nearly impossible. 

Especially given he didn't have a map or anything of the place. How was he supposed to 'entertain' Omni whatever that meant, if he didn't know where he was going? 

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