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  Feran Log
Posted by: Taloc - 11-16-2019, 12:58 AM - Forum: Purchases and Deductions Log - No Replies

Purchases and Deductions for Feran ap Maddyn go here!

Current post count: (your current post count, viewable below your avatar)
Current Earned OM: (your current Earned OM, viewable next to your posts)
Current Spent OM: (total, viewable on your roster)
Buying: (whatever it is you want to buy. If purchasing a move you MUST link to the approval). Cost: (the cost) OM
New Spent OM in category: (your new total spent on Moves, Powers or whatever it was you bought)
New Overall Spent OM: (your total Spent OM after the purchase)

All moves must be approved here before purchase.

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  Trees to Meet You
Posted by: Jams Bolero - 11-14-2019, 07:57 PM - Forum: The Tangled Green - No Replies


“Ow, my head…”

Jams went to pick himself up from the ground.  As he got up on all fours, he felt the soft grass cradling his fingers, a gentle autumnal breeze flowing by.  Trees encircled him from every direction.  Trees to the left.  Trees to the right.  Clouds above, floating in an ocean of sky blue air, obscured by bright green leaves.  It was nice.

“So, where do I go from here?  Hmm…”  This world was probably pretty big.  After all, there’s an entire forest here!  And there were other dots on the horizon, probably also portals.  It’d be a bit silly for Jams to be the only person in the world, right?  There are probably other people, or even other civilizations!  There was a dirt path leading into the woods, which he had just noticed as he was contemplating.  Jams was getting excited just thinking about it!

Oh… but wait, this place is pretty big.  I might get lost!  Forests are twisty and turney after all.  Getting lost is a real possibility, and then what would he do?  He might starve, or meet a grisly death.

Jams then laughed for a bit, looking up to the sky.  “Oh wait, I can just create whatever food I want!  And it’s not like standing around will make me any more safe, I’m still just in the forest.  Better just go, see what I find, and hope it’s good!”

His bicycle was a bit dusty from the fall, he had fallen off it when he rode into the forest.  Thankfully, it was largely unharmed, excluding some negligible scratches in the paint job.  He hopped on and followed the trail, unsure of his future, but optimistic nonetheless.

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  Omniverse Official Discord
Posted by: Daniel - 11-14-2019, 03:12 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - No Replies

Here is the link to the Omniverse Discord server.


Please remember to change your nickname on there so that people know who you are.

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  Feran Ap Maddyn
Posted by: Feran - 11-12-2019, 05:40 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (1)

CHARACTER NAME: Feran ap Maddyn


Feran comes from Edreja, a world which exists entirely on the surface of a planet-sized dragon’s egg floating through the void. The world of Edreja has a roughly medieval tech level, although within this world magic and many varieties of fantasy creatures exist. 

Born in the wastes, a frozen tundra in the northernmost regions of Erdreja, the son of Maddyn, a dead hero of the dragons nation, and a Norscan she-wolf his father met while on campaign, it took Feran about three years of his short life to find his way back to his family in Cymerija and Erin, the land of the Dragons.

During his time in the Dragons Feran gained a reputation as an eager and furious warrior, quick to anger and filled with a bloody rage which he struggled to keep in check. A young, naïve, battle-hound.

Feran’s story came to an end during a mission in Erin, the land his father called home. He was struck down while holding the front line against the forces of a powerful plant demon called the Queen of thorns.  Feran and six others gave their lives that day so that other members of the warband may live, holding the line and fighting until their last breaths.

After his death Feran found himself at the bridge of swords, the bridge that all Dragons must cross before they may enter Annwn, and be sent to their ancestor (God). However, as he took his first few steps across it he suddenly found himself before Omni, ripped away from his promised afterlife.

Age: 5
Height: 5 Foot 6 Inches
Eye Colour: Green
Appearance: Feran is a Humanoid wolfhound with Dark grey, almost black fur flecked with small streaks of white, notably on his cheeks. Feran, unlike many other beastkin is missing his tail, possessing only a small stump. He has a thick mane of blue tinted hair which reaches about halfway down his back.
His build could best be described as lean, possessing obvious muscles if one were to inspect closely, but not bulky or broad. He wears baggy brown trousers, and a black short sleeved shirt underneath a knee-length beige tunic. All of this is underneath his armour, which is a sleeveless jacket with tassets attached with plates of thick leather attached to it, along with a pair of blue vambraces, both of which have an engraving of a wolf upon them. Around his waist he wears a belt, which has attached to it a number of weapon holders and a myriad of sashes with various different markings and symbols on them. 

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 2


Physical Strength (1000)


Survival (2000) 

Burst movement (800)


Flaming longsword- (Requires Physical strength) (300)
A two-handed sword, 55 inches in length and a few inches across. A swing with this sword takes about half a second to complete, when the sword makes contact with a target it bursts into flames until the contact is stopped. Because of this wounds caused by this weapon tend to bleed less due to the burst of heat partially cauterizing the wound.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.
I confirm that I have. 

Where did you find us? 
A friend of mine mentioned the site a while back and I recently decided to have another look.

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  Warrior of 3 Armies
Posted by: Miranda Frost - 11-10-2019, 09:53 PM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

Miranda let loose a labored sigh, her crimson gaze fixating on the slim suit of armor following her.

 “For something with impressive programming, you weren’t smart enough to read the fine print of my contract.”  Her words were cold and bold, but there was no way for her to know the extent and complexity the AI dwelling within her armor. Still, she couldn’t fault that logic. The easiest thing to do in her situation was to simply leave, but like the many layers of Coruscant, there was more to the dilemma than what was on the surface. Many of the chains that held her here was simply below the surface. “The Empire still owns you. Considering you are a valuable military asset bound to me, to leave is to commit theft on a grand scale.”
Miranda placed a gloved hand on her hip as she looked out of the elevator window. Buildings of incomprehensible scale sprawled in every direction. It was amazing how a single government could control such an expanse to the extent that it does. This was what she was banking on. Theoretically, just descending a few levels might provide a little security from the prying eyes of the Imperials, but keep herself enough within arm’s reach to not trip their alarms.

 As the elevator reached the 4th level, she could already see the difference. The doors opened, and the two exited onto the durasteel walkway branching off into every direction. The pristine nature of the upper level had already began to degrade, however slightly, just a few levels down. 

 “Commentary: Military presence here is noticeable”, rang the suit of armor as they walked along their path, weaving through the occasional crowds of civilians gathering outside shops and commercial establishments. Her eye weaved to and fro, looking for something, anything that would pop out to her. Despite its curiosity, her armor understood this much and helped her search. Its hand would grasp her shoulder, halting her. “Report: Look to your left, to the far walkway.”

 Sure enough. There it was, a strangely out of place mansion with the letter A plastered over it's gate to designate the Avengers organization, a particular group Miranda had only heard of a couple times prior. Curiously, she felt drawn to the building. “Well. I’ve nothing else better to do. We could check it out.” The two made their way over. Like most buildings in Coruscant, the mansion itself appeared much bigger in scale the closer she approached than from a distance. To compliment the clean exterior of the architecture, statues of what appeared to be members of the organization lined the walkway to the mansion. As Miranda and her armor walked through the gate, she was better able to observe the statues: A man in peak condition bravely brandishing only a shield, a smaller, human-like rabbit creature, an even smaller child with a peaceful demeanor about it, and a demon-like figure with a gauntlet that alluded to its immense strength.

 "Commentary: They do not appear to be of Imperial Origin", Her Armor chimed curiously, its glowing red gaze scanning the figures.

 "Primes. Maybe. Those of us are often drawn to one another.", She answered mildly, approaching the giant doors to the mansion. Memories synchronized and validated her statement. She remembered Zack and Luigi, the first two she met in the land of fire. She remembered Drake and Desmond. She remember the gathering of primes that sought out to conquer the dragon tyrant, Volvagia, spearheaded by the godlike figure of Nealaphh and then the Blades. They were all gone now, or so she thought. The cyborg woman hadn't seen any of them for sometime. Perhaps they moved on. Whatever the case may be, the one thing they all had in common was that they all left her behind. Frost sighed and entered the mansion.

 "Welcome visitor to the home of the Avengers! Our members are currently in a meeting, but if you are willing to wait, please remain here in the foyer until such a time can be allowed for a meeting to be arranged. If anything is needed, please use the kiosk on the eastern side of the foyer, and I will do my best to accommodate. Thank you, and have a wonderful day", announced a voice over the PA system the moment she walked in, halting the duo in their tracks. Miranda bit her lip in mild annoyance and turned the suit of armor that had followed her all this way. "We'll wait here for now. Hopefully they don't take too long."

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  Destined to Die, Meant to Live for something more
Posted by: Marcus Wright - 11-10-2019, 07:05 PM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

“Some wounds never heal. They just stop bleeding.”
― Nitya Prakash

I’ve been having the same occuring dreams like a movie set playing in my head. I used to believe that doing the same things over and over would lead to insanity, yet here I am staring out the window set, once again, the cold sense of dread washing over my false skin Skynet had somehow cleverly thought up for me.

I’d often been asked what I think about while laying on a hard, cold slab I call a bed at certain hours of the night next to artifacts of value of the team leader. “Do Terminators actually dream of something more than what’s going on in the Omniverse, or being the next tin man?

I never was that little red haired girl named Dorothy travelling along in her red sparkling boots, excited to be with Kyle, the courage of the group and Star, the brains of the group.

That’s all in the past, all I know are these four walls.

Those four walls often felt like they were going to collapse on me.

I still can’t believe it. I refuse to believe it.

So they said I could do good for the world. Maybe I did.

Maybe I didn’t.

Only real men have emotions. My emotions died with my real body years ago.

Am I actually myself or am I collectively dead inside?

I stepped outside of the mansion, letting the rain drip on my head as I remembered the night before.

Was there hope for me someday?

The only way to fight back was to go inside my own head and fight back in the Hellscape I called my head.

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  Psycho Sykes to Starry "Songbird" Skies
Posted by: "Psycho" Sykes - 11-10-2019, 05:51 PM - Forum: Joining - No Replies

[Image: latest]

Starry Starbird Skies

Starry starts out at a EDM festival enjoying herself, dancing up a storm. As she finds out one day, she couldn't spend most of her life doing what she loved. Reality soon kicked in when she found herself of much needed cash for more kicks of drugs. She found herself a hop and skip in the wrong neighborhood and ended up in the Omniverse.


Physical strength (1000), Master Acrobat (400)= 1400 OM

Flight (1800)= 3100 OM

LSD Trip- (Flight)

When LSD Trip is activated, it allows Starry Skies to control her own hallucinated world to her advantage. She can fly in her own made up world along with controlling how her world reacts to the enemy in question.

The world is a hallucination created by LSD.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.
Where did you find us?
I'm Jak and Marcus

With final math counts, I should have 2000 OM left.

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  Keiki Haniyasushin [switching character]
Posted by: Keiki Haniyasushin - 11-09-2019, 02:12 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (3)

Keiki Haniyasushin
Touhou Project 17 Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Keiki Haniyasushin is a goddess who was created by human spirits in Animal Hell to help bring them back from the brink of destruction. When she was created the faith and need for a protector against the Animal Spirits who forced the Humans into a dire situation got her to start creating something to help counteract the impending forces. This thing was a Haniwa a clay soldier if you will. This in turn made the Human Spirits gain a unadvoidable edge over the Spirits due to the lack of a spirit meaning for a lack of a better word they couldn't lay a finger on the statues. Keiki took over the Primate garden and began to expand outwards at the request of the human spirits. It was then when the Animal Spirits concocted a plan to bring a living human of their own to defeat this new threat.

Once the Incident was over and Keiki's forces were dealt with she was pulled into the Omniverse by Omni but some would say she was called by the wayward souls in the Underverse who needed her help in the emerald nightmare.

[Image: Haniyasushin.Keiki.600.2675931.jpg]

Physical strength (1000), Ranged (1000)
Other purchases:
Base: (1000) Underverse in the Emerald Nightmare, Tier 2 base defenses (3000)
Banishment Circle: (250) (so I may get into the Underverse)

Tier 1 assist: (1000) Haniwa Soldier
Atk: 1
Def: 2
Spd: 1
Tec: 1
Keiki can call for one of her Haniwa from the Haniwa Army Corps to come and assist her in fighting, while not a powerful soldier they still can harrass and act as a shield for the goddess.
I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.
Where did you find us?
I'm Marisa.

If I have done my math correctly I should have just enough om to make the payments work.

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  As The Emperor Commands
Posted by: Moon Knight - 11-09-2019, 02:43 AM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

Quote:Storyteller Post from yours truley the Moon Knight.

The Imperial Palace, it was the quietest thing within the many tiers of Coruscant. If one were born and raised only inside the walls of the palace they would never know of the constant buzzing metropolis streets, the toil of day to day work, and the marching drums of the ever-growing Imperial war machine. Though he had been in the Emperor’s service for nearly six years, the silence alone within the confined walls of the Palace never set the esteemed Imperial Sovereign Protector Salvrick Faunyer at ease. If at best the null void of noise left the Guard on edge. There was no telling if or when an attack on the majesty would happen or the thought that in every room a black-cloaked assassin waiting to strike.

Faunyer set aside his thoughts and focused on the now. Emperor Palpatine himself had requested that he make an appearance before the throne. If there was to be an attack, no assassin would be to get past him and his two best men, the red-clad Royal Guards under his rank, and the two Custodes that were also present in the room. Each protector of the Emperor would give their lives to protect the throne.      

Following along a narrow black tiled platform, steam hissed and rose above into the air from both seemingly bottomless pits that followed beside the platform’s walkway. The throne room itself was dimly lit, with the only light centering upon the Emperor’s throne itself. Followed by the low visibility was ominous silence that filled the room, almost like a dark presence lurking inside. Faunyer being the Emperor’s guard, he knew of the great secret Palpatine held but deep inside he did believe it. An old man such as he couldn't be so powerful though one would that looks can be deceiving. It was not something Faunyer would put to the test.

Marching in perfect formation all three guards stepped past the golden power armor of the Custodes. Their still bodies never moving an inch as they made it past them, their gaze like a silent sentinel ready to pounce at whatever dared to challenge the Emperor. Making it towards the throne Palpatine sat up straight in his set, both hand’s fingers clasped on top of one another. A sickly smile grew on the old man’s face.

Stopping just in front of the Emperor like second nature Faunyer dropped to one knee. The other two Royal Guard’s followed their armored knee plates making a slight clank against the deep black tile underneath them.

“Leave us.” The Emperor commanded with a quick wave of his weathered right hand.

Without uttering a single word the Custodes lifted their guardian spears from their shoulders and held them out firmly within their grasp. With unified movement, both custodians spun on their heels and proudly marched toward the throne room’s exit. With each step, their feet boomed with such intensity that the very walls felt that they would give way at any moment.

“You requested to see us, my lord?” Faunyer asked soon after the Custodian’s left.

“Yes… The Director of Imperial Intelligence: Madam Isard has arrived with her full report on the mind control project. I want you to be present and listening during her presentation. Afterward, you are to study her, the other governing officials within around her, and the test subjects within the project.” The Emperor spoke before rising out of his chair. Pacing only a few steps, Palpatine rested his right hand on top of Sovernege Protector’s shoulder.  

“You are my spy among spies, remove those who are conspiring against me and the project. Complete this task well and you will be rewarded greatly.”

Lifting his head to face the great Dark Lord, Faunyer veered into his Emperor’s sunken yellow eyes, his red and black helmet not faltering one single bit. “As you wish my liege.”


Stepping into Emperor’s view Madam Isard dropped to her right knee, her red uniform folding over as she bent over for crisp kneel. It was a kneel that meant either two things, absolute loyalty or the hunger for power. 

“My Emperor.” She called out in a softer tone than one outside would hear from her. 

“Rise,” Palpatine called in return, a slight smirk began to grow from the Sith Lord’s lips. He enjoyed Isard the authority and power she commanded onto others had always impressed him. It was not enough for him to trust her, however, she was indeed the Director of Imperial Intelligence and that meant she had as much information on him as he did on her. She had her uses though and rightfully earned her position among The Council of Moffs.

“My lord the first set of tests went accordingly.” She said rising from her knee though she still kept at attention. “The subject known as Dust passed the strength, endurance, and pain tests with successful results. If he were not Prime or… Werewolf but a normal man, I am sure he would have most certainly died during the first test. With the aid of both scientists Yoi and Allen we were able to study Dust and determine whether what allows him to turn into the beast and how long he can stay within the form.” 

“Goood, I am aware during these same tests General Mohc’s Dark Troopers made their first successful live test, this news pleases me. Who else was present during the project’s tests?” Sheev asked. 

“Captain Keller, my lord,” Isard answered accordingly.     

“Ahh yes, I groomed him to his current position as a captain. There will be a time when we must test the young boy’s loyalty but for you Sovereign Protector Faunyer.” At the very mention of his name, the Guard stepped from the throne’s left side and bowed. “And you Madam Isard are to watch him closely. Any sign of disloyalty is to be reported back to me immediately, where I myself will deal with him accordingly.” Finishing the sentence the Emperor let out a spine chilling cackle that echoed from across the entire throne room. 

“Go now the two of you, take one of my shuttles and complete your work.” 

Both gave a bow before making their way to the exit, the other two Royal Guards followed in behind both the Director and the Sovereign Protector. Once they were completely gone both custodians reentered the throne room and took their previous positions. 

“Do you believe that their efforts will be successful, my lord?” The one towards the left of the Emperor asked. The Emperor himself gave a menacing grin.

“Yes my old friend, for their sake.” The Dark Lord of The Sith cackled.

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  New here.
Posted by: Feran - 11-07-2019, 10:18 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)

Heyo, new member here and I'm eager to get involved. Quick question, anyone know how to get to the discord? The weird link-thing on the side of the page just redirects me to the web version (or gives me an option to download discord) without adding me to the server. 

Any chance I could get some help?

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