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  Switching to Rakgat Sourtoof
Posted by: The Emperor of Mankind - 02-10-2020, 08:04 AM - Forum: Joining - Replies (2)

CHARACTER NAME: Rakgat Sourtoof


CHARACTER HISTORY: Rakgat Sourtoof was a loonboss serving under Skragrott the Loonking. Despite his loyal appearances, Rakgat always aspired to kill Skragrott and become the leader of the grots. Thinking that earning the favour of the Bad Moon could help him, Rakgat followed Skragrott to try and figure out how they always knew where the Bad Moon would be. Rakgat saw Skragrott enter a portal with his gobbapalooza and tried to follow, only to be smelled out and beaten to death by the Troggoths guarding it. It was at that point that he was taken to the Omniverse.

With the top of his head coming up at 5' 3" and the top of the moon helmet at 5' 7", Rakgat isn't too much of an intimidating figure to look at, although the rough craftsmanship of his armour attempts to make up for it.

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 1
TEC: 4

Melee prof (1000)
Debuff prof (1000)
Buff prof (400)
Ranged prof (1000)

Moon-slicer (300 OM, requires melee prof)
A wooden pole with a crescent-shaped blade totalling 5 and a half feet long, the Moon-slicer is a deceptively swift moving and easy to use weapon. Despite dealing medium damage with normal slices and heavy damage on a downswing, it is useless as a stabbing weapon because of its blunt edge. It takes 5 seconds of medium concentration to summon or unsummon.

Bag ov' Mushrooms (1200 OM, requires melee prof, buff prof, debuff prof, ranged prof)
Rakgat spends 10 seconds either reaching into a bag of mushrooms or snapping one off of his back. Depending on what the mushroom is, one of the following effects will happen:

Stinkcranny Fungus: A foul smelling violet fungus that will disrupt the concentration of anyone within 5 feet, making focusing on a move nearly impossible. This effect will last for 30 seconds.

Bitterspurts: After being introduced into the bloodstream, the enemy will begin to vomit profusely for 5 seconds, stopping their movement and any concentration moves they may be doing.

Twackweezer Puffshroom: After hitting a surface, it will let out a 5x5x5 foot cloud of sports that cause constant damage to anyone within the cloud, as well as disrupting vision. This will last for 15 seconds.

Stragglenekk Fungus: After being touched by an enemy, this fungus will wrap itself around their legs, slowing them down and dealing minor damage. The fungus lasts for only one minute, including the time when it is idle.

Rakgat can only get one fungus out every 45 seconds. For fungi like the bitturspurt to have an effect, it must first be rubbed against the edges of Rakgat's moon-slicer, which must then hit an enemy in order to transfer the effect. Alternatively, mushrooms can be thrown up to Rakgat's ATK x 12 feet away.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.
Where did you find us?

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  Transferring to new host - possible outages
Posted by: Omni - 02-06-2020, 12:39 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (7)

Heads up! At the request of the staff team, I am currently working on getting us moved over to a new host and (separately) a new domain name registrar. This should fix our SSL certificate-related errors and bring us into the new decade, free of random site outages and other weird stuff. The new host is Siteground - feel free to google them if you fancy checking out their credentials.

Due to all of this, there may be some outages or short-term loss of data (i.e., if you post after I take a backup of the database, and then I upload the database from said backup, your post will not appear after the site transfer). Rest assured that anything posted before this post is safe. However, if you wish to guarantee anything you're writing right now, be that roleplays or updates to your character roster, I recommend saving a local copy or using google drive.

Currently I'm planning on doing this over the next few days, possibly early next week. If everything goes smoothly, downtime will be minimal or unnoticeable - but I recommend "budgeting" for a couple of days of downtime while we get these things worked out. There may also be blips regarding your Rest Points and the like as these are dependent on time passed. The Discord will, of course, still be available for you to shitpost in and shelter from this world-shaking event.

Viva 2020!

-Omniculus Maximillion Defecatorus

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  To Climb a Mountain
Posted by: Madeline - 02-05-2020, 09:03 AM - Forum: The Frozen Fields - Replies (2)

Crunch, crunch

The snow screamed under Madeline’s boots. The chill of cold reddened her cheeks the moment she stepped through the portal. She had made her way out of the white void, into another white void. At least this one had recognizable landmarks. Mountains, snow and trees, and she could even see a large settlement in the distance. It would probably be worth checking it out before moving on. One of these mountains could have the other side of the mirror that bridged her to Omni’s realm.

The redhead traveled down the path leading to the settlement. It was made out of steel and ice, frosted over so much it was starting to resemble an igloo. People must be crazy to live this far out in the frozen wasteland, but still, it reminded Madeline of home somewhat.

The gate guards stood watch over the massive gate standing between the outside of the city and the inside. They looked freezing, to say the least, even though they were wearing armor lined with a lot of fur and leather.

“Halt, what business do you have in Atlas, traveler?” The guard asked Madeline in a tone that he likely has used for many other people passing by. It was possible he said that to everyone who walked through the gate. “You don’t look like any other merchant we’ve seen coming through here.”

“Merchants actually travel to this desolate place? It doesn’t seem that good for business if you ask me.” Madeline stated, “But, no, I’m not a merchant. I’m just a… traveler sort of stuck right now. I’m pretty lost and my journey has taken me here so far. I only wanted to check in town for information on the area, is all.”

“Hm, very well, but please do try to mind yourself once inside. We have had to evict some rabble from the city before and we aren’t afraid to do it again.” The man said before pounding the intercom button on the outside of the gate. It buzzed loudly. “Open the gates, we have a traveler coming through.” He said into the speaker. A few seconds passed by quietly before the pressurized door loudly creaked itself open through the power of mechanical genius. “Should anyone cause you trouble, however, please don’t hesitate to come to the guard for help.”

Madeline nodded and made her way through the giant steel gate. Houses made of wood and concrete stood tall within the walls. Fires burned in pits and braziers around the entire city to help keep everyone warm. The wind was also much tamer within the walls since they stood so tall. Madeline pulled her scarf off her neck and walked through the dirt streets.

People did give her some weird looks, probably because she didn’t seem one with this world. Thankfully there were no confrontations between her and any of the locals. After wandering for an hour or so, looking for anywhere that might have information for her, she found herself inside of a burrow in the ground. It looked like the ground had been carved out by the city to house most of its residents. It made sense, it was much warmer underground than it was above ground. She was beginning to see how people lived through this horribly cold winter and survived. 

A short walk down the hall there was a lot of noise coming from one of the sectioned off rooms. A sign hung from outside the door that read, ‘The Burrow’. It was a tavern for warriors and explorers of high caliber. Wouldn’t expect any less, after all, who else would risk their lives out here. Well, besides herself that is, but she was something of an exception. She walked through the crowd of people towards the bar.

“What brings a small little lady like yourself to such a dangerous place like the Frozen Fields?” One of the men asked her. The humongous axe on his back unnerved Madeline to no end. She sunk into her coat and stammered a bit before their conversation was interrupted by the woman, who was even younger than Madeline herself.

“Leave her alone.” The blonde slammed her hand on the counter. The man took his leave and Bianca ushered the mountain climber to take a seat at the bar. She set a glass on the counter for her and poured some water in it. “What brings you way out here?” She asked, leaning against the counter. ”This is a pretty dangerous place to be ‘just a traveler’”

“How did you know I was just a traveler?” Madeline asked looking down at the water, wondering if she could even pay for it.

“I’m one of the four people in charge of keeping this place running smoothly. We all know when someone walks through our gate, and what for. The Fields are harsh and we can’t expect to have our guard down.”

“I see,” the redhead whimpered. “However, that is all I am. A traveler, just looking for...something.”

“Something? Not much of ’something’ in the frozen wastelands.” Bianca continued her prodding.

“I was sucked into some kind of mirror on a mountain in my world and brought her. A giant, faceless figure gave me a speech and I walked into this white abyss of nothing. And now I’m-”

“Prime. Yeah.” The barkeep interrupted once again. “Omni thought you were an interesting person, so you brought you to his world.”

“What does that even mean?” She asked.

“You’re just like Atlas’s founder. Something like a chosen person to that god, or whatever. Amber was morphed into this absolutely powerful being that could summon anything her heart desired from the little colorful orb.”

“Like this?” She said putting her orb on the counter to show Bianca.

“Exactly, these things work a lot like dust, in my own opinion. Amber disagrees, but they all have this amazing function to change the world around us, whether it be for good or worse.” 

“Well, that’s good to know at least, but what do I have that someone like yourself doesn’t? Why would Omni choose me to become prime when there are other people who are much more interesting capable of handling such power?” She asked, slipping the orb back into her pocket.

“As far as I know Omni, he just wanted to. He doesn’t really go through any special process to pick primes, he just grabs who he likes and throws them in here.” 

“Well, I intend to find my way back to Celeste. I’m going up the mountains to find a mirror that can take me back to my own, sane world.”

“Good for you, that’s more than Amber has done. She’s really taken to the Omniverse and the Frozen Fields. She said it really reminded her of home, which isn’t far off. Who knows maybe you’ll take to it the same way she did.”

“I don’t know about that. I would rather just find my way back to my own world.” She said standing up, ready to leave.

“Wait, why don’t you stay for a while and get something to eat. Primes might not get hungry or tired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food or sleep.” 

“I don’t have any money, though. Or at least, I don’t think you guys accept Canadian money here.” The disappointment could be heard in her tone.

“Don’t worry about it. We don’t usually charge primes, that would kind of ruin the economy since primes could essentially create all the money they desired out of Omnilium.”

“How kind of you!” Madeline said, sitting back down at the bar. “Then please, I’ll take something to eat.”

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  Through the Mirror
Posted by: Madeline - 02-03-2020, 11:01 AM - Forum: The Nexus - Replies (1)

The giant white figure disappeared like a ghost vanishing through a wall. Madeline feared she would float in this endless abyss for the rest of her life, but luckily a window of hope appeared before her. Well, to be more clear, a window of white. She walked toward the bright light that was just a few yards from her and slowly her vision became muddled by the blinding contrast. Her arm sufficed enough to ensure her eyeballs didn’t melt out of her skull and she stepped into the Nexus.

Sooner or later, she was able to see through the blinding light and into the central hub of the Omniverse. Many of the world’s denizens traveled through the large blank landscape. The empty, seemingly endless hub, was rather unsettling. The mountain climber sank into her coat.

What happened to Celeste Mountain? The mirror that sucked in Theo sucked her in as well. What sort of magic enchanted that mirror? Theo seems to have disappeared entirely but there is hope that he is somewhere in this empty world. Perhaps someone in this world could tell her what is going on, but people seemed to avoid the central area where Madeline had found herself. It was only then that she realized the enormous mirror that she walked out of just moments ago.

A whisper of a ‘whoa’ escaped her breath as she gazed upon its size. She was unable to escape her own thoughts until a passerby finally walked by.

“Afternoon, Ma’am,” Said a woman dressed in black and red clothing. “Admiring the Fountain of Infinity on your stroll through the Nexus today?”

Madeline, eyes finally torn from the mirror, looked towards the stranger. The woman was alone with some luggage strolling behind her in a case with an extended handle and wheels. Her glasses reflected the amazing brightness of the Nexus towards the redhead.

“I’m sorry,” Madeline said. “I didn’t see anyone walking by. What is the Fountain of Infinity? I don’t see any kind of fountain.

“The thing you’ve been staring at so adoringly.” She pointed to the mirror.

“That’s not a fountain, it’s a mirror.” She said plainly.

“If you don’t have any idea what the Fountain is, that must mean you’re a fresh prime. Welcome to The Omniverse. Omni, the faceless white being you saw brought you into this world - his world - because he thought you were an interesting person.” The explanation went right through her like a sword to the gut. 

“You mean I was abducted through a mirror into a different universe?” The stranger nodded with a light smile. “What about climbing Celeste Mountain?” She asked, mostly to herself. The traveler had no idea what she was talking about obviously.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is, however, if you’re looking for desolate mountains, you can find them in the Frozen Fields. I believe the gate that leads there is in that direction. The swirling chromatic pools of light.” Her thin fingers pointed toward a direction that was hard to identify cardinally. “Now, I apologize for cutting this short and leaving you in the dark but I must go. I’m meeting family in Camelot and don’t want to waste too much time. It’s a really long walk.” She said before strolling past Madeline off in another direction. The Mountain Climber thought about yelling at her to stop and give her a better explanation, but somehow she believed that was all she was going to get from her.

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Posted by: Madeline - 02-03-2020, 10:48 AM - Forum: Roster - Replies (1)

Name: Madeline
Spent OM: 11000
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength(1000), Ranged(1000), Ranged Materialize(600)
Powers (7400/8000): Super Jump(Advanced)(500), Burst Movement(800), Master Acrobat(400), Foresight(1500), Enhanced Sense(Master)(2000), Suppression(1000), Stealth(1200)
Moves (0): Directional Dashing(300), Reset Crystal(300), Double Dash(300), Wall Cling(0),
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (1000): Power-Up - Determined(1000)
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

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  Life Has Changed
Posted by: Lune - 02-02-2020, 04:56 AM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

It's quiet in the beginning. A voice, a promise, and then nothing again. It seems these life-altering events always tended to come in the same way. Igor, Omni... two sides of the same coin, perhaps. One benign, one chaotic. Despite her predicament, she was... rather calm, moreso than she'd really anticipated. Maybe it was the mask covering her face, maybe it was the sheer shock of waking up in an entirely new world again, but it was always this.

A quiet observation, a cautious rising up.

She gave a quiet sigh as she awoke to the world of nothingness around her, the only oasis in the form of a small circle she awoke in the center of. Just behind was a mess of metal, spiraling into the empty sky as a gravelly ground spread out beneath her. It was a deep crimson, before slowly fading back into white nothing. Interesting. Adjusting her mask slightly, she looked out into the nothingness and saw...

...well, nothing, what did you expect me to say? A Takashimaya? Well, no, it was just a blank slate.

Even besides that, though, there were strange arches in the distance, each slightly different. She couldn't exactly tell how different, though, which was unfortunate because now she was really curious. Eight arches, from the looks of things. Were they portals of some kind? Just decorative? They certainly seemed to be distinct. One was sleek, shining, while another on the other side was simple yet elegant. Like a stone sculpture. So perhaps they all had different meanings? 

And speaking of meaning, what the hell was she doing here in the first place? So many questions, so little time to answer them all. So she simply shook her head, moving onto the next important note in her mind. The powerful... humanoid creature? Had mentioned something to her, besides the whole "this is not the world you know" spiel.

It was Omnilium, that strange glowing orb she was handed. Apparently, with it, she could create anything she desired. Even though, y'know, creating matter should be impossible. Actually, scratch that, she was in a white limbo, with a superghost that was made of her rage against the machine in her head. Impossible wasn't something she particularly cared about right now. But that raises the question... was a way home possible with that?

It was worth a shot. With a moment to adjust herself, she closed her eyes and imagined... something. A portal home of some kind, like those arches she saw before. Maybe it'd work.

Well, given the sudden aching emptiness inside her, no. There's a wince as it hits her, and she comes to a revelation. She didn't have the power to. It wasn't something she was told, she just... knew. It wasn't going to work. Damn. She curses quietly under her breath, instead turning her gaze out to the world ahead. So, her only choice now was to investigate the arches. Which spoke to her the most? That certainly was the question.

A moment passes in silence. "Fuck," she murmurs after it comes and goes.

This could take her a while.

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  [OMNIPAD] The Weakest Link: Envy
Posted by: Ash - 02-01-2020, 11:44 PM - Forum: Dataverse Messageboards - Replies (2)

Link One: Joy

To whomsoever, it may concern,

I HATE everything and everyone hates me. I despise my best friend... She has everything I could ever ask for; endless potential, love, friends, and a promising future.

She is the sweetest thing on the planet; endearing, pure, selfless. It's easy to love her, anyone who has ever met her would feel protective of her. I am, least of all, any exception to this and for the longest time was even furious that anyone would try to take her attention from me even the littlest bit. She is my best friend after all, why should I share her with anyone?

And yet, she refuses to understand that it seems. She just lets whoever touch her; the affection is infinite. It's not like she doesn't deserve every bit of it, it bothers me that she gives anyone else the time of her day.

See, the thing is... Were basically the same person. I'm cute, but she's completely adorable. I'm smart, but she's intelligent. She lacks confidence in everything she does, and I am insecure. She's highly positive, kind, and encouraging; I wish people would stop being so disturbingly negative. She likes me and I love her. She will change the world.

Whenever she enters a room her fans and admirers perk up, and instantly the room comes alive.

I included.

I fall into the crowd with everyone else, trying to fight for her attention and becoming increasingly disappointed when I am not the center of her attention. Moreso than normal when it comes to me and the spotlight. I am typically hanging out on the edge of her bright world, in her shadow and waiting to be noticed. Not only by her but by the people that surround her. If I said something to her, of course, she will reply. Were friends, she'd never dream of hurting me.

For all our similarities though, were very different as well.

She has love... Even when I am surrounded by people I feel like a burden to them all. Probably because no one actively seeks me out unless they have something that only I can help with. Very few people have talked to me at all...

Joy did though...



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Posted by: Kamon - 02-01-2020, 11:18 PM - Forum: Roster - No Replies

Name: Kamon

Spent OM: 4700

Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength(1000)

Powers (3700/8000): Enhanced Senses(Advanced)(1700), Survival(2000)

Moves (0):

Super Moves (0):

Transformations (0):

Assists (0):




Unlocks (0):

Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 3

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Posted by: Dust - 02-01-2020, 08:31 PM - Forum: Site NPCs - No Replies

[Image: 492707ea6a71ac79c393125e36f7e367.jpg]
Location/Role: Ayla is the chieftain of the Ioka tribe and, by extension, the head of Omnitown. Taking a 'hands-on' approach, she often leads hunting and scouting parties into the nearby jungle. But the constant jeopardy that her tribe faces usually ensures that she doesn't stray too far from the settlement.

As the chief, Ayla also acts as the tribe's diplomat and any strangers who seek to enter Omnitown are brought before her. Fortunately for outsiders, she is the most open-minded of the group, having encountered a variety of cultures and technologies during her journeys through time. However, the need for vigilance precludes her from being hospitable towards everyone. Thus, any visitors will have to prove themselves with acts of strength and courage (or a sense of humour) before they can be treated as honourable guests.

Story: Born in the prehistoric era of her native world, Ayla exhibited immense physical strength, extreme resilience and great courage from an early age. These qualities enabled her to quickly rise to the position of chief. But her abilities, both as a warrior and leader, were put to the test from the get-go. In addition to facing dinosaurs and other massive predators, the Ioka was locked in a mortal struggle with a race of sentient and intelligent reptiles called Reptites. Little did they realize that the outcome of their conflict would shape the future of their world for many eons thereafter.

During this time, Ayla encountered a group of young adventurers from the future. Seeking to avert a cataclysmic event that would one day spell the end of human civilization, they traveled through time and space, gathering materials and allies that would help further their quest. Through shows of courage and strength of character, they proved themselves in the eyes of the young chief. Welcoming them with open arms, she offered them hospitality and aid. In return, the would-be warriors helped the Ioka in their defense as they and the other human tribes were assaulted by the Reptites. Overcoming great odds, they managed to turn the tide and bring the fight to the very lair where the reptiles dwelled.

But just as they managed to grasp victory, they witnessed a glimmer in the sky that became progressively larger — a massive object from beyond their world descended upon the lair on a collision course. Fleeing for their lives, the Ioka and their allies barely managed to avoid the resulting colossal impact. Imprinting itself within the planet's crust, the aftermath of the object's landing was devastating — flames consumed the land and ash blanketed the sky, eradicating the Reptites and condemning the surviving humanity to a long and bitter ice age. It was then that the travelers recognized the extraterrestrial body as a living being — an alien entity whose awakening eons later would bring about the end of the world. It was Ayla which gave this harbinger of doom the name by which it became known thereafter — Lavos or 'big fire'.

Learning of the fate that would befall her descendants, the young chief left her village and joined the adventurers in their quest to avert that destiny. Together, they journeyed across the ages, encountering many wondrous people and places — as well as enduring countless trials and tragedies. But these challenges only served to strengthen their abilities and resolve. After many travels and extensive preparations, the party crossed the spacetime continuum and arrived on the fateful day of Lavos' awakening. Challenging the alien behemoth, the adventurers found themselves in the fight of their lives. In spite of the odds, in spite of how uphill the titanic struggle was, they managed to achieve the impossible — they vanquished Lavos and changed the future.

However, their triumph had the side-effect of causing the gaps in time to gradually weaken and close. Whether they wanted to or not, their time-traveling days came to an end and the stalwart companions had to go their separate ways. Bidding her friends from the future farewell, Ayla departed back to her time, intent on resuming her role as chieftain and creating her progeny, who's descendants would eventually come to rule the kingdom of Guardia. But instead of reaching her intended destination, she was transported to a different time and place entirely, greeted upon arrival by a grinning white entity — she found herself in the Omniverse.

Exploring this strange and unfamiliar universe extensively, the prehistoric woman eventually traversed the vast expanses of Tangled Green. It was there that she came upon a startling discovery — some of her fellow tribe members. Having wound up in the Omniverse like Ayla, they banded together with others — some like them and others not — in order to survive the many dangers of the land. In addition to predators, the tribals were constantly pursued and harassed by orcish raiders. Wasting no time, Ayla took charge of the tribe, making no distinction between the old and new members — as far as she was concerned, they were all Ioka.

Life in the Omniverse was, in some ways, even more difficult than their prior existence. The 'greenskins' and 'blackskins', as they called them, were just as ruthless and fearsome as the Reptites, and pursued their targets with almost supernatural zeal. Under Ayla's leadership, the orcish warriors did not find the Ioka to be easy prey, and the prehistoric humans consistently managed to fend off or evade their assaults. But in spite of their best efforts, the relentless hunt forced them into a perpetual semi-nomadic lifestyle, never able to settle in one place for very long.

The tribe was in a particularly difficult position when it inadvertently found itself trapped between two groups: vicious black orc raiders who went by the name of Bonecrushas, and a colourful collection of outsider who, thanks to the orcs being preoccupied with fighting the Ioka and amongst themselves, were able to establish a fortified position on a hilltop. But just as they were bracing themselves for the worst, fortune smiled upon them; for reasons unknown to them, the Bonecrushas decided to assault the outpost of the unknown group, allowing the Ioka some much-needed respite. Ayla later learned the stunning outcome of this battle via her scouts: the black orcs were utterly annihilated at the hands of the unusual outlanders.

Awestruck and thoroughly impressed by this display of tenacity and strength, the young chief had some of her men keep an eye on the strangers while the tribe rested and recuperated. She strongly considered trying to befriend the group and joining forces with them in defense against the orcs and other hazards. But before she could think of a proper offering of friendship, her observers came back with even more startling news: the newcomers had left, leaving the camp entirely abandoned.

This gave even the normally bold and daring Ayla pause, causing her to observe the area for some time in case it was a trap. But as it became increasingly clear that the original inhabitants were not coming back, she and her tribe decided to move in and claim the settlement as their own. In honour and recognition of their valour and might, Ayla preserved the name the original founders gave to the village and carved into the monument they left behind — Omnitown.

The assaults of local orc tribes did not cease. But the wooden walls and iron men proved far too insurmountable even for the mighty raiders and they were repulsed repeatedly, allowing the Ioka to settle into their new home. Since then, the community has been able to survive — even thrive — in the face of many challenges and continues to eke out an existence in the far fringes of Tangled Green. But even as she continues to lead her people into what she hopes is a better future, there are times that Ayla cannot help but ponder about her previous world — about the friends she left behind.

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  Dawn > Madeline
Posted by: Madeline - 02-01-2020, 11:50 AM - Forum: Joining - Replies (1)




Madeline is a young Canadian girl, presumably 20-22 years old, who has struggled with anxiety and depression for years. Having a hard time coping with stress and going through existential crisis, she makes the decision to climb Mt. Celeste. The mountain is said to make people face their true self. Madeline had hardly made it off the foot of the mountain before discovering a random mirror. It was some sort of magical object beyond her understanding. The mirror sucked her in and transported her into the Omniverse.


Madeline is a short youth around 5’3 in height with brown eyes and long auburn-colored hair. She is primarily seen wearing a blue snow jacket, black pants and carrying a heavy travel bag on her back.
[Image: EL49hO-U4AAFtiI.jpg]

Starting OM: 24,318-5000= 19,318/2= 9,659+5,000= 14,659.01

ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength(1000), Ranged(1000), Ranged Materialize(600)

STARTING POWERS: Super Jump(Advanced)(500), Burst Movement(800), Master Acrobat(400), Foresight(1500), Enhanced Sense(Master)(2000), Suppression(1000), Stealth(1200)


Directional Dashing(300); requires Physical Strength, Burst Movement

This ability allows Madeline to move as sonic speed in any direction she chooses, including up and down. Although she isn’t known to be much of a fighter, she can use this hypersonic dash to damage enemies who seek to cause her harm. If Madeline uses this ability for mobility, which is it’s primary purpose, she can only use it a single time before having to touch the ground again. This can be seen easily as her hair changes colours(Auburn to teal, then back to auburn when she reaches solid ground). The single use can be bypassed, however, if a reset crystal appears around her. She can dash as much as she wants on the ground as long as she retains contact with it, however, overuse can be tiring on her body.

Reset Crystal(300); requires Ranged Materialize.

Crystals can form within a 5 meter radius of Madeline at anytime, sometimes she can control their appearance and other times they form of their own will. If Madeline makes contact with a Reset Crystal, it ‘resets’ the cooldown of her directional dash by the maximum level(Which is one in her base form). Using multiple Reset crystals can be as taxing as using Dash, but summoning them does take a second of effort, whether she summons them or they will themselves.

Double Dash(300) Requires Physical Strength, Determined(Power-up)

Madeline's improved vigor allows her to use a second dash after her first while the power-up is active without touching the ground to recharge her dash. Reset crystals only allow her to regain a single dash, but cannot give her more than two at a time. The mechanics of this move work exactly the same as Directional Dash otherwise.

Wall Cling(Flavor); requires Master Acrobat

Madeline is extremely dexterous. She can cling to walls and scale them in any direction for some time before she loses energy and begins to fall. If Madeline dashes to a wall and clings to it, her Dash *does not* reset until she finds more welcoming footing. If she clings to a wall before dashing, she can use her dash as she wishes, but it cannot reset until reset conditions are met(Gaining footing or acquiring a reset crystal.)


Power-Up - Determined

Madeline's determination to reach the summit of Celeste Mountain envigorated her resolve. The power-up improves her ability to climb and run at maximum speeds. The power comes from Madeline's other part of being, whom she calls Kathris. By the two of them combining their strength, they can perform many different feats, including but not limited to Double Dashing.

Def: +1
Spd: +2
Tec: +2

Example of a combination of all the moves at work:

[Image: ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif]

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