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  This isn't no place for no Hero to call home
Posted by: Marcus Wright - 10-08-2018, 02:56 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (6)

The Avengers Mansion. A place once full of life, once worth coming back to every so often. When you were the often the hero, you played your role and Marcus often stepped up and tried to play a criminal turned hero. One mission after another, he found himself staying more and more in touch and finding a reason to stay in the Omniverse.

But tension was pushing Marcus away from the Avengers and Moon Knight. He thought he was part of something bigger than himself, useful for something else than killing.

But the terminator saw small cracks forming.

It happened when Blair disappeared.

He never knew what had happened to her. Had she had enough? Had she decided she was useless here? Was she kidnapped?"

Marcus started to hum a song almost thinking to himself.

"I can't see where you are coming from. But I know just what you are running from and what matters isn't who's baddest brother. The ones who stop you from falling from your ladders, brother.

And you feel like your feeling now.."

and doing things just to please your crowd.

When I love you the way I love you and I suffer but i ain't going to cut you because

This ain't no place for no hero!

This ain't no place for no better man!

This ain't no place for no hero to call homeeee

It left Marcus shocked to be starting at step one all over again, forced to figure things out for himself.

Was it a blow to his confidence?


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Posted by: Omni - 10-08-2018, 06:02 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (23)

Just as a heads up, while I did say I would not be coming back (partly for personal reasons, partly because a lot of people made clear they would rather I did not) Alex has expressed that he will be scaling back a lot and so I feel it would be best if I, at the very least, came back to oversee the direction of the site. I'm not sure whether people would be happy with this ... but, well, I ran the site for some six years and it was pretty okay, regardless of anyone's feelings towards me.

I'm going to be blunt: I'm in a big transition stage in my life. I'll finally be moving to my own place at the end of this year. I don't talk about this because it's humiliating, but I've been in temp. accommodation for the better part of a year and I took the time to focus on my own health mostly; weight loss and lifting and the like. It's been extremely beneficial.

As far as systems go, a lot of people have expressed that the move system is too complicated. So at the very least, I'd like to look into making it more user friendly, maybe overhauling it completely. I don't know if it's 100% possible to please everybody, but I like a challenge.

For the moment though I would like to just open a discussion.

I proposed quietly to Alex when I left, an alternative option: the end of the Omniverse story arc. I'd like to bring this up though I'm not committed to the idea. The idea is that we would flash forward a decade or so into the future of the Omniverse. Everyone would get a massive power-up. Players would be allowed to discuss and help shape what happened during those years. We would take a number of months to tie up the story threads that have been planted through the Omniverse, and answer many of the lingering unanswered questions. Basically, I would be bringing the story to an end.

I decided against it because Alex wanted to keep running the site, but I will propose it again now since things are limping.

This would not be the end of the Omniverse. The story would be left open for future roleplaying. I won't say more than that, because it would spoil the ending.

Another option I have proposed is to let the current active staff members continue to run the site, and I'll try to oversee things in the capacity I did before I quit. Things worked pretty well then. Maybe I'd even feel capable of working on things in the time being without feeling wretched. But I wouldn't be returning to full activity until the things in my life are sorted out. No major changes.

We could also pause things for a while. Leave the site open, maybe open forums for "open roleplaying" of non-Omniverse stuff (actually, I kind of wanted to do that anyway). Give everybody including the staff some time to relax.

I've spoken to the staff already and plenty of folks have come forward to say they'd like to staff, so I guess this place is sticking around for the time being. I'll leave the site open as long as people want; the server costs are a pittance so it's not an issue.

Ideas, proposals and general thoughts/feelings are welcome here. I'm not going to be checking this thread even daily because it stresses me out. You're also welcome to DM me on Discord though I'm not a particularly good responder and prefer to do that kind of thing once a day (close friends stress me out less).

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  Ambush in the Forest!
Posted by: Haseo - 10-06-2018, 09:44 PM - Forum: Camelot - Replies (1)

As Haseo found himself in the middle of a wooded area he had noticed something very quickly as he tread into the woods the area known as Camelot, he was real and this was what disturbed him the most since he was inside his character Haseo from 'The World' but this was not 'The World' anymore was it? 

This was The Omniverse and it felt different being Haseo again. His surroundings were tall trees with noticeable flora and fauna around him. "Ugh! Just like me to run into the wrong portal!" he would exclaim out loud before hearing something in the bushes, it was a small rustle but it was there. Even though he was wrong about going in the wrong portal he was right about one thing. that he was not alone. 

A light magic of sorts made his twin daggers appear from his sides as he drew them from seemingly nowhere and into his hands. His crimson red eyes scanned the area for any sort of disturbance to see and hear multiple rustles in the bushes surrounding him. Suddenly an arrow shot out from one of the bushes which caught Haseo's trained eye before he evaded it by moving his head to the side effortlessly as it just missed his head from by several inches. Soon multiple arrows with out warning shot at him from all directions toward multiple parts of his body.

"I don't have time for this." Haseo said annoyed before deflecting arrows using his quick twin daggers in response to each arrow. He did get most of them but some of them did hit him or rather they hit his black demon like armor which protected him from the arrows seemingly made from crude stone so they just bounced right off of his armor. 

The bandits who were hiding in the bushes soon noticed this and charged out of the bushes wielding a variety of weaponry but all crudely made to ambush caravans and traders on the road. They would soon find out that they picked the wrong person to try to rob. His crimson red eyes glared right at them almost like a demon would as he teeth came to a light grin revealing his canines that almost looked like fangs to most. 

"Now die you pathetic worms!" Haseo was getting in that mood again, the one where he was 'The Terror Of Death' in the heat of battle. Haseo put away his twin daggers with that magical light effect and drew from his side using the same magic a giant black scythe that he drew with both hands then swung it in a full circle as the bandits did not expect to be hit all at once even though they had surrounded him completely.  His Scythe did not cut very deep but it was enough to make them bleed out quite a bit. "It's a Demon! Run!" one of the bandits cried out from the bushes who did not get hit but saw as this lone boy took on 10 bandits all at once with a single strike of his scythe. 

Of course Haseo knew this was just him play-acting and he was doing his best not to kill these bandits because for all he knew they might not be primes so they don't get to re-spawn. So because of that fact that he was pretty sure was the case Haseo held back in his attacks and simply glared at them all like a true Demon would, with blood-lust in his eyes that would scare them all off. "Retreat! Get out of here before it kills all of us!" the bandits cried out as they ran away in all directions in panic. As they ran away in fear Haseo put his scythe away with that magical light effect and smiled a bit. 

"Jeez you guys wouldn't last a few minutes in 'The Forest of Pain' would you?" he chuckled as his mood changed back to that of a normal teenage boy. "Man those guys were wimps but I guess they were hoping for someone who couldn't defend themselves to rob or kill? Serves them right I guess." Haseo said before heading farther into the forest hoping for a nearby town or something.

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  Activity Check!
Posted by: Sasuke Uchiha - 10-04-2018, 01:05 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (16)

Post here if you are active or plan on being active on the site. I feel it would do us some good to get a headcount to check against our records. Let us know if you are still writing, still loving the Omniverse!


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  Vote for us October
Posted by: Retane - 10-02-2018, 12:13 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (60)

You like having more people to play with, right? That was a rhetorical question, because having more people to write with is awesome. Do you also like OM? If the answer is 'yes', which OBVIOUSLY it is, then please vote for us on the following sites!

RPGfix (every 12 hours. If you register, your votes count as x2. Worth the couple of minutes to make an account if you're going to be voting every day)
Top RP Sites (Daily)
Top Site List Planet (Daily.)

Vote on all sites, then post here with "Vote 1". When you vote on all sites again, post "Vote 2". You are allowed to vote again 12 hours after your previous vote, and we're okay if that only affects RPGfix. However, you should be trying to vote on all sites, as the reset times vary.

Tl;dr: Vote for all the sites, put "1". Next day, do the same and put "2". If you're really hardcore, you can vote every 12 hours, but it's not necessary.

If we find out your votes aren't being counted (and yes, we take the times you voted into account) we will give you the benefit of the doubt the first time as a mistake. However, if it happens again, or if we think you're not bothering or simply haven't read this, we will remove your voting privileges and you will no longer be eligible for this monthly bonus.

At the end of the month, if you posted ...

5-10 times: You get 100 OM.
11-16 times: You get 200 OM.
17-22 times: You get 300 OM.
23-28 times: You get 400 OM.
29+ times: 500 OM, and a fistbump from me for being so damn diligent.

If you have an alternate character and wish to claim your reward on that account as opposed to your main one, please let us know in the topic before the month ends. If you don't, we'll assume you want the OM on the account you posted with.

Thanks for voting everyone!

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  Character Swap - Cade Zimmer
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 09-30-2018, 09:23 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (4)

OM Left: 6684 (I believe.) 
Cade Zimmer 



Born in another Omniverse much like the one the Primes of this one call home,  there were a few key differences. One of them was that Omni had gates to other worlds open. This led Cade who was the son of the Warren Zimmer there to wish to explore, and examine the other worlds. As he explored, Cade learned of the existence of a parallel Omniverse. Equipping himself for the journey even though he knew it would be a one way trip, he was eventually brought here by Omni. Now he seeks to explore this new Omniverse and learn more about it. In addition he seeks to do what Warren couldn't, and that is to put Omni down. 


[Image: commission_again_purple.png]

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Physical Strength (1000) 
Ranged Proficiency (1000) 

Basic Superjumping (300) 
Master Acrobat (400) 
Mimic (2800) 



I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us?  I'm a member. 

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  Fight: Retane vs Ari
Posted by: Retane - 09-25-2018, 10:22 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (1)


3 posts each. 600-1k words 

Tamsin will be the judge.

Tamsin will flip a coin and says who goes first.

Elements allowed but everyone around will avoid conflict and not interfere.

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  Zombie Outbreak???
Posted by: Tyson Renegade - 09-24-2018, 01:41 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

The whole point of the outbreak was fighting a one demon war against a universal horde of zombies.
No one was going to suffer well maybe some civilians...Of course.
But I heard arguments about other nations getting involved...I don't want that. It was just a story of my guy against a great ass number of zombies. If deaths get involved well it happens. The only problem was using NPC canons without permission.

But An army?
Really I don't want anybody else getting hurt in the thread. Plus...He's a demon trying to regain his abilities back. 
Fighting armies and hordes seemed to be the best way right now.

I do want to start a new thread. Without any NPC canons getting involved.

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  Question/Suggestion: Fight Judges
Posted by: Retane - 09-19-2018, 11:30 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (1)

Do people that Judge fights get OM? If not, maybe it should be used as an incentive?

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  Partner Praise
Posted by: Deadpool - 09-15-2018, 06:34 PM - Forum: Dante's Abyss Junkyard - Replies (4)

Just thought that there deserved to be a thread where we voice our appreciation for our partners

Erik, I’m not sure I coulda got a better partner. Though our communication hasn’t always been consistent, you’ve always been there to answer any questions I may have or just to make casual talk. you’ve never faltered or missed a post during this entire event. You’ve taken all my antics in stride without as much as a hiccup and have accepted my mistakes without ever complaining too loudly.

Before this event I knew of you, but never had the opportunity to really get to know you or your character. And even though I wish we could of had some more meaningful interactions while writing together, I value the uniqueness of your character and the relationship we carved out.

It’s been a pleasure to write alongside you and read your work; you became more comfortable and confident with every round of this competition, and proved that you’re a solid writer and someone worth giving notice to.

Much respect bro. I hope we have more chances to write together in the future.

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