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Retane, Taloc

  Son of Chaos MK II
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 02-08-2019, 10:29 PM - Forum: The Nexus - Replies (1)

Awakening in a realm of pure black,  Cade saw an entity made out of blinding white. The entity spoke.  “My name is Omni.” At those words alone Cade knew the guy was going to be a headache to put up with. People rarely immobilized someone like he was now and had something good planned. Since every limb of his body was not responding Cade had no choice but to hear the guy out. Even though he wanted to slug him in the face for a reason that he didn’t know yet. The entity spoke that Omni had found interest in him, and that he was going to be stuck here. Great. It was the last thing Cade had wanted to deal with. There were rules that were being explained by Omni and would only be explained once. When an orb was handed over, Cade examined it. It appeared to be made out of a rainbow like substance.

Essentially the place was like a video game. The video game meant that he had to get stronger than he was in a rush. Due to there being other Primes there, Cade wasn’t sure if he could actually find his father in the place. The blackness gave way to pure white hitting him in the face. Closing his eyes in pain, Cade held out the orb and imagined a set of sunglasses. Growling about people abducting him without his permission, Cade made a plan. Step one was that he locate someone who understood this place more than he did. Sadly though he was not going to be able to do that any time. This was because he was about to meet an inhabitant of the Omniverse.

And yet even with the sunglasses the pure white of the Omniverse was like someone was stabbing him in the eyes with a heated knife. This made him grunt in pain as he started trekking out of the fountain.  Choosing a random direction he made his way towards what appeared to be one of the most popular areas. That area had men in what appeared to be white armor around it. Maybe there he could gather the resources that he needed in order to equip himself fully for the upcoming situation.

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  Omnilium Reset
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 02-08-2019, 10:12 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (5)

May I have my Omnilium reset to 5000 please?

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  Switch: Greed
Posted by: Greed - 02-08-2019, 09:43 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (7)


CHARACTER SOURCE: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

now this is a story all about how
my life got flipped turned upside down
now i’d like to take a minute, my name is ling
i’ll tell you how i became the best prince of xing

Hey, you guys watch this show called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? No? Well uh, Greed is this kind of thing called a Homunculus, who are sins given bodies from this other guy also called Homunculus, it’s pretty confusing actually but don’t worry about it, watch the anime or something if you want to understand it. Anyway Greed is probably the shittiest child of the bunch, basically the family disappointment, and no one likes him. So he like, left 100 years ago to go do his own thing and open a shitty bar somewhere and make a bunch of chimera friends. I mean, purportedly he was trying to take over the world, but he sucks so that was all he managed to do. His dad was extremely disappointed in him, so once they met up again dad killed him.

Don’t worry, he got better! Now he’s Chinese.

Well actually, he’s in the body of a Chinese guy named Ling Yao, the 12th prince of Xing. Ling wanted immortality, which was like, one of the stated powers of being a homunculus so that worked out, but he wasn’t too thrilled about having the demonic equivalent of the ugly stepchild in his brain. He learned to deal with it pretty quickly though, so they’re cool now. They have “nondescript screaming soul abyss brain room” talks sometimes, and they pass around the body like a slightly used rental car between them if need be.

However, during the 6 month time skip before the last arc of FMA, now they’re here suddenly! Wooooo, spooky!

[Image: DmwyqPwUYAEUbc3.jpg?width=430&height=600]

ATK: 2
DEF: 5
SPD: 2
TEC: 1

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength (1000), Area Defense (400)

STARTING POWERS: Advanced Regeneration (2200)


Ultimate Shield (900 OM)
Requires Area Defense, Physical Strength
Greed can rearrange the carbon atoms in his skin to form an extremely hard “barrier” over all or part of his body. His most common usage is to give himself claws on his fingertips which can be used for exactly what you would expect. He can also cover his whole body in the shield and it will be, uh, shielded. It looks like this. However, he cannot use his shield while he is regenerating. Also, the full shield is cripplingly fucking ugly, and he refuses to use it unless he’s showing off how strong he is. It takes about 10 seconds to cover his full body, and he typically starts at the extremities because unlike his face he can make those look cool.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us?
basically: my alt is a revolving door for whatever new asshole enters my heart

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  Reactivate Guu
Posted by: Guu - 02-08-2019, 03:38 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)

It's Guu'd to be back!

Though I've been back as Shantae for a while. xDDD

Anyways, reactivate Guu please!

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  Guu's Camelot Incarceration
Posted by: Guu - 02-08-2019, 11:24 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (6)

I've been thinking of returning to Guu's incarceration thread so I can get her out of prison: https://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10421

The next part is the interrogation, and I still have the Humble Sage's notes on the characters, so I don't need help with that part. I guess this'll be more or less a flashback post to last June?

Anyways, I remember I was requesting a quest line to clear Guu's name, but I don't really care about that all that much now. I know how busy the staff is now-a-days, so I wouldn't mind doing like... a requisite amount of words of Guu in jail or something, or whatever you guys decide as long as she can be released in the end.

Thank you for your time! <3

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  A New Change
Posted by: Tyson Renegade - 02-08-2019, 03:55 AM - Forum: Camelot - Replies (2)

Tyson Renegade the former human of the African American race known as Tyrone James Williams an honest man trying to better himself. To this day after becoming this prime leaving Hell, Tyrone thought maybe something happened. The former gang banger had a deadly life because of his father raised within the cruel streets but had a mean attitude over the whole situation among his family. Every day was a struggle just to survive even the old man got drunk taking his anger on Tyrone's mother beating her turning to pure rage but never acting on it. Even when his last drug dealings went sour his anger when towards his family, Tyrone had fueled with rage inside to the point where the child was set to explode. One day it got worse when his father's drinking took its toll threatening the children if the kid didn't act good chances that he'll be killed. 

The mother begged Tyson's father to stop as he smacked her to the ground turning his attention upon the children. Fear started to set in but then the young kid sees the brass knuckles on the floor picking it up and placing on his fist getting ready to defend himself. The sonuvabitch had the nerve to attack his sister, Tyrone thought enough was enough waiting for the right moment punching the bastard right in the face a few times. 

Then pushing him down the stairs as the fall broke his father's leg. The mother was irate over what happened but Tyrone was just trying to protect his brothers and sisters and his mom felt sorry for the bastard who hit her. "How long mother? How long are you going to allow him his way on you? When you finally decided enough is enough? If you allow this sorry excuse of a father to rule you it will just continue until he finds someone else to hurt." She was angry over what happened but thinking about it some more her son was right what if this monster brought a gun into this house. "I'm so sorry for what he did but please son you have to understand without his money. We'll all be living the streets this man is providing a roof over our heads and took us in when we have nothing. He's cruel and your right but please...I still love him" Tyrone was disgusted overhearing that but she was right after all also the kid was oldest of his siblings they looked up to him. He kept his rage in check but his father's leg was broken all because of his rage to get into the way but his brothers thanked him for saving their sister. The police were called for the domestic dispute which Tyrone's dad was taken to the hospital maybe things shouldn't have happened but the child was trying to be the better person.

Where did it go so wrong in the beginning? The demon as trying to figure out what happened within his past one final time before burying it within the past forever. These vampires allowed him to within their temple and two daughters loved him as well which is a major benefit also the vampire family accepted him for saving them or waking them up. Ashara and Akasha were sleeping on the bed while Tyson was sitting in the chair reflecting upon his past "One final time, I will remember it once more before putting the poor soul away forever. He's been through enough and so have I. Tyrone is dead but his memory will live on one more time to remember the good and the bad. Most important for me Tyson Renegade to evolve to become strong also a protector again. I must let Tyrone rest but please allow this demon to remember the human one final time" Tyson took a deep breath remembering his human past but one memory emerged from the massive sea of memories that one day. Tyrone managed to take Alice upon a road trip through the countryside but they managed to stop seeing a beautiful sunset. She loved those things because it meant something which the demon had troubled but the sunset symbolizes a love which couldn't be broken. An eternal bond set between a man and a woman to love and respect one another to hold that passion forever which when the sun dies down. It never breaks the feelings one feels for one another it almost like the demon could see that cherish memory within his mind. Alice was gone those monsters raped her even after Tyrone died the details of what happened to her was just horrible. After Tyrone's death, He found out what happened to Alice in Hell, He was beyond devastated those fuckers got her pregnant and something bad happened with Alice's pregnancy. The baby survived but because the miscarriage the pain and blood of the baby's delivery were too much. What was worse? The father the man who killed Alice's boyfriend told her to get an abortion everything she lost the will to live. 

Why did Misa stop him? Tyrone did try to live a normal life, Alice was his second chance something he didn't want to screw it up. He tried to give up his evil ways following through with what his mother taught him in life. Being the better person that the community wanted him to be but Alice the moral compass was gone. He shouldn't dwell upon this anymore it was fun to remember the past now it was time to move on. "This is finally it. Goodbye, Tyrone...I'm terribly sorry for lost and your life. Alice didn't deserve any of that which is really horrible nobody deserves such a fate like that. I'm sorry...But for me to move on to be free. I must say goodbye to you forever because of my new mission. I have something I want to protect again. I swear to you when finally rest your soul is avenged.  Rest Tyrone...Allow me to move on from your past human. It was an honor to avenge you"

Tyrone could finally rest and what remains is the demon known as Tyson Renegade. It felt like an emotional roller coaster of pain was finally lifted from him now the demon could finally be free of it. No one can ever use this against him the guilt everything human of him was gone finally but the demon did have something worth protecting two vampires who loved him.

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  Innocent When You Dream
Posted by: Spike Spiegel - 02-07-2019, 09:39 PM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

Quote:Once upon a time there was a lady. She had no children, and no happiness either. And at first she cried for a long time, but then she became wicked . . .

Spike squinted into an oil spill and saw himself. Silhoutte, no features. Snapping foot against the floor, killing the silence. No more voice: omnilium, rainbows, welcome. Garbled words, don’t make sense. White bright brightness everywhere, and eight equidistant gates and perfect symmetry. Nothing to hear, nothing to do.

Checked pockets, cigarette but no lighter. Stuck it in his mouth and chewed. Dumb idea, thirsty now. Consistent and stable for a dream.

BORED. Nothing happening. Waiting and whistling. How far away are these gates anyway? Hard to tell. Everything’s white and flat. No bearings.

That gate will do. Let’s see what’s over there.

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  Want to win a giftcard for writing a short story?
Posted by: Gildarts - 02-07-2019, 01:29 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - No Replies

Please seek permission before advertising, thank you.

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  Undead Permission
Posted by: Tyson Renegade - 02-07-2019, 04:07 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (13)

Well, I need permission about this, I want to write something big but from staff. I would need permision into writing a story of how demon faced off against a whole undead army of zombies. It would my story against the undead. Because I need OM and earning it seems to be my only option right now. Beacuse I do need a whole lot of stuff. Facing off against larger groups seemed to be my only option. Again...I would need permission first so. I'm tryng to do things solo here also following the rules.

Can I have permission for fighting zombies and the undead please?

Ya see my guy in Camelot. I wanted to make a story of him fighting zombies. No one has to get to involved and I would end the zombie problem and kill them all. I just want to chance of doing something alone.

For reasons:
Grammar: Yes people have chewed me on this for months because my grammar sucks. I'll admit it does. I can't be fixed you people said it can when IT REALLY CAN'T BE.
Getting into people stories: No one approach me on this but...People writing their own stuff. I don't want bother with their stuff it there business.
Om: This is important one....I want to earn it... Dante's Verse isn't something I like. I want to this alone yeah it will take a long damn time. But I will do it.

I do want to face undead in Camelot because I want to bother with anyone right now.
I want to do this right and ask staff permission firstt

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  Topic Delete
Posted by: Cade Zimmer - 02-07-2019, 01:34 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)

Please delete: https://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10723 as the owner will never play the character again.

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