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  A Dame To Kill For: Marty's Tale
Posted by: Harley Quinn - 12-03-2018, 12:51 AM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (1)

Thick smoke consumed the air around me, causing my throat to clench as a painful and raspy cough erupted from it. My footing was slippery, and my surroundings were unfamiliar. Bloodcurdling wails filled my ears like a symphony of scraping cogs and gears. Metal screams alerted me to a car coming right for me and I felt something hit me square in the chest.

There's no up or down, and my body is weak; I don't weigh a thing. I don't remember a thing. I try my best to put together pieces of what had just happened, but I keep coming up short. This doesn't look good at all. Running my hand through my hair, I feel the familiar sticky wetness of blood. I've gone and done something stupid again, and I wish I could remember what.

I took a deep breath, reached into my trenchcoat pocket, and pulled out my lighter and smokes. Wherever I was, it smelt like shit, making everything worse. The sound of the flint was comforting, and the sweet sensation of nicotine was just what I needed to take the edge off.

I was in an alley for sure, and the buildings beside me were tall enough to block out most of the artificial moonlight, leaving only dark, eerie shadows to cover everything — a little ways ahead, under one of the few working street lights, I saw a crashed car and a group of fresh dead bodies all around.

It all didn't make sense, and I couldn't help asking aloud "How did I get here? What have I done?" No matter how I got in this situation, the most important thing I wonder is: why? The only explanation I could come up with is: I must've forgotten my medicine and someone rubbed me the wrong way.

I've got a condition. It's bad to forget your medicine when you've got a condition. Sharp pain in my chest reminded me that I needed to get to the doc right away.  Looking down, I see my white tank is soaked in blood; the fresh blood is mine. Caught myself a bullet and it's new, maybe an hour old. I can't remember how I got it.

For the life of me, I can't remember. My big and brooding presence has always seemed to draw a crowd wherever I go, but now was not the time to be the center of attention; I was vulnerable as a chicken in a foxhole. One thing is for sure, and that was that I somehow found myself in one of the scummiest projects in Coruscant, it was ugly as ever. What the hell am I doing here? Put the pieces together.

Come on, remember. It's Saturday, so I must have started the night at Big Daddy's joint. I needed to high-tail it out of the slums, and I found my motorcycle a few meters out from the alley I left the bodies in. The familiar vivacious pops the of the pistons firing put me in a therapeutic trance, and I started to piece the parts of the night together. While my mind struggled to come to terms with the hours that passed, I headed to the one person I knew I could trust.

Looking back, I remember it was just another Saturday night. Me and all the other losers like me were sucking back the sauce and drooling like fools over Scarlet. Scarlet was the leading attraction over at Big Daddy's Bar and Saloon. A place where you can drink, find drugs, and get other pleasures. Scarlet shook her ass to the beat of futuristic techno and cracked a neon whip on the bar table as she danced. I remember that something strange did happen, and I remember Scarlet stopping right in the middle of her set to run off to give some old guy some tongue. Strange.

I was in a mood and even watching Scarlet couldn't cheer me up. Kitty behind the bar must have noticed and felt sorry for me, because she slipped me a bottle on the house. I felt like a blue balloon with all the air forced out. Of course, it was not due to Scarlet, as she moved her hips with those red curves that drove everyone wild.

I get that way sometimes. It's like I am empty in the gut, hollow in that lonely place, and wishing I had an excuse to break somebody's face. What did I do to fill the void? Took shot of after shot of whiskey and followed it with brews until I couldn't feel my face anymore. The last thing I could remember was Scarlett's sexy ass.

What I remembered was that it was just another Saturday night. I was wondering what I was going to do with myself when I smelled something awful. It smelt like burning hair or burning flesh and meat. That is when I noticed a man in a corner booth being brutally burned in the face by a cigarette. Now that my drunk ass was paying attention, I could make out his screeches, and his cries.

The more I thought about it, I remembered that this scene made my ass itch. Like these poor old Bimms didn't have it bad enough already. Many Bimms traveled the galaxy working as merchants and artists; they were virtually harmless. The bloody Bimms still had dicks though, and they had a right to get a chubby, just like everybody else. To pick on a Bimm is cowardly and nothing’s worse than a spineless bitch.

Damn Coruscant upper Escalon frat boys. Damn rich, spoiled brats. I decided I couldn't take the cunts anymore and I walked over to their table. They were too distracted to notice me approach them, and it took me breaking a damn bottle over their table for them to realize. "Just leave him be." I ordered the punks.  

"Piss off you old cocksucker!" the boy retorted as he took out his gun and took out a chunk of my shoulder.

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  [Game] Writer's Rules
Posted by: Sasuke Uchiha - 12-02-2018, 11:53 PM - Forum: The Creative Corner - Replies (2)

The game is simple. You post one thing, and only one thing, that you know about the technical aspect of writing to be true. The person beneath you, likewise posts one Writer's Rule and that's it. No rule may be posted twice (we'll remove it), no person may post rules back to back, and the goal is to see how many pages we can get too!

That's it! I'll start us off:

You must use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence!

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  November Monthly Accolades
Posted by: Dust - 12-02-2018, 06:39 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (11)

Back due to popular demand!!

For those of you who are unaware, the Accolades involve nominating (and later, voting for) those who have outdone themselves in a particular area each month. For variety's sake, the categories for each month may be different.

I may be replacing the Purple Ribbon category with a different bonus category every Month. Let me know what you think about that.

You have until December 10th to nominate your choices. After that, we will proceed to the voting phase where members will vote among the two individuals with the most nominations for each category. An exception to this is if someone manages to get 5+ more nominations than the runner-up, in which case that person becomes the winner by default.

If you wish to participate, think of who stood out the most in a particular category this month and post your choice, along with a 2-3 sentence long explanation, in this thread. You are not barred from nominating your own characters/threads, nor do you have to fill out all the categories.

The winners will become this month's "Community Stars". And what benefits does this bring? Here is an explanation, courtesy of Alex:

(Tuesday, July 26th, 2016, 12:34 pm)Alex Wrote: Wrote:As part of being voted as a Community Star/User of the Month (I use the terms interchangeable mainly because Community Star is less formal-sounding than User of the Month), these members gain a color (you must select this in your User CP) and access to the Omni-World R&D forum.  In the past this was my pseudo-private forum, but it's now a place for myself and others to discuss the Omniverse.  This is also the meeting place/brainstorming area for the Storyteller Department, as well as the rest of the staff, so you can feel free to participate or share your thoughts. If the forum doesn't appear for you, you'll have to send Alex a PM.

Forum access is for the month following a member's selection as a Community Star, and this is irregardless of which 'accolade' you were selected for.

And the categories are:

‘Best’ Character – Which character has you engaged the most?

‘Best’ Writer – Which writer wowed you the most?

Most Helpful – A staffer or a member who gave you amazing feedback on a story or was simply there to help you sort out some of your problems.

Rising Star – Which up-and-coming member stands at the crème of the crop? (must have joined within the last month and a half OR have less than 8000 OM; alts do not count)

'Best' Story – What story did you find most riveting/entertaining? DA does not apply.

'Best' NPC – What non-player character (can be a site, personal, or story NPC) entertained you the most (for whatever reason). Please note who the 'owner' of said NPC is, just in case I am not familiar with them.

Purple Ribbon - Consider this a bonus category for nominating someone who, while they may not be the best and have all the twitter followers, you believe deserves to be recognized for what they bring to the Omniverse. (The winner must be a DIFFERENT person than the last winner)

”Best” Pumpkin Spice Life - In America they celebrate Thanksgiving, but you don't have to be American to be thankful this month. Let's 'Spice' it up, who in the community are you most thankful for? The flavor to your coffee? Maybe the sweetest? Or just the one who makes you smile?

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  You get a Birthday, you get a Birthday, and you get a Birthday!
Posted by: Sasuke Uchiha - 12-02-2018, 01:00 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (2)

Happy B-day Desco(Schwi Dola)! ^_^

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  Artifact redistribution?
Posted by: Chara - 12-02-2018, 10:51 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

So since I'm pretty sure some of the members who had left had a artifact or two. What's going to happen to them? are they just going to get shuffled back into the world or what?

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  Vote For Us! (December)
Posted by: Sasuke Uchiha - 12-01-2018, 02:37 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (74)

You like having more people to play with, right? That was a rhetorical question, because having more people to write with is awesome. Do you also like OM? If the answer is 'yes', which OBVIOUSLY it is, then please vote for us on the following sites!

RPGfix (every 12 hours. If you register, your votes count as x2. Worth the couple of minutes to make an account if you're going to be voting every day)
Top RP Sites (Daily)
Top Site List Planet (Daily.)

Vote on all sites, then post here with "Vote 1". When you vote on all sites again, post "Vote 2". You are allowed to vote again 12 hours after your previous vote, and we're okay if that only affects RPGfix. However, you should be trying to vote on all sites, as the reset times vary.

Tl;dr: Vote for all the sites, put "1". Next day, do the same and put "2". If you're really hardcore, you can vote every 12 hours, but it's not necessary.

If we find out your votes aren't being counted (and yes, we take the times you voted into account) we will give you the benefit of the doubt the first time as a mistake. However, if it happens again, or if we think you're not bothering or simply haven't read this, we will remove your voting privileges and you will no longer be eligible for this monthly bonus.

At the end of the month, if you posted ...

5-10 times: You get 100 OM.
11-16 times: You get 200 OM.
17-22 times: You get 300 OM.
23-28 times: You get 400 OM.
29+ times: 500 OM, and a fistbump from me for being so damn diligent.

If you have an alternate character and wish to claim your reward on that account as opposed to your main one, please let us know in the topic before the month ends. If you don't, we'll assume you want the OM on the account you posted with.

Thanks for voting everyone!

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  Mira (M1R4)
Posted by: M1R4 - 11-30-2018, 02:28 PM - Forum: Roster - Replies (1)

Name: Mira (M1R4)
Level: 1
Spent OM: 4,900
Proficiencies(2600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Ranged Control (600)
Powers(1400/8000): Malleability (1000), Hive Mind (400)
Moves(900): Magnetized Grappling-Hook Claw (300), Incomplete H0RN3T RC weapons pod protocols: (600), 
Super Moves: 
Base stats: 
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

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  Celebrating 31 years with the Eco warrior, Marcus and Lucas!!
Posted by: Jak Mar - 11-30-2018, 01:02 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (8)

cheers to another one!!!

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  Keeping the peace
Posted by: Chara - 11-29-2018, 09:39 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (1)

As Chara entered the portal they saw the sprawling skyscrapers and flying cars zooming past. The sight both amazed and terrified Chara on multiple levels as she was much younger when she last saw a city close to the size as this. Walking forward she came to a booth that had a sign that rolled the electronic phrase. "Welcome to Coruscant, heart of the empire and city of the future." Upon closer inspection the person she was facing was wearing the same white armor she saw on those soldiers.

"Welcome to Coruscant, what is your name?" The Trooper spoke bored as they pulled out a sheet and grabbed a pen as they looked at the Princess expectantly waiting for her answer.

"Oh, um my name is Chara, Chara Dreemurr." Chara replied swiftly and concisely. The trooper nodded as they wrote the name down before looking at her again.

"Prime or secondary? Height, Weight, Age, any weapons, items, contraband?" The trooper spoke bluntly as they waited for the answer's.

"Prime, five foot, six inches, nineteen years old, and for weapons, items, and contraband all I have is this Arming sword on my person." Chara replied as she crossed her arms waiting to be released into the city.

"That is all; now please head out through the sliding doors." The person said as they stamped the paper with a seal of approval from the government, the demon smiled before thanking them and heading out into the great city. The first thing they headed too was a restaurant to grab a snack to munch on before deciding their next course of actions. As they sat down in a seat they could see the worried expressions of the various other patrons of the area at the sight of the sheathed weapon out in broad daylight.

Over the next few minutes as she waited it slowly got worse, and worse until one of the waitresses a human walked up to her and spoke her voice clearly showing fear of the prime. "Ummm, ma'am you can't h-have that here. I'll have to ask you to either hand the weapon over till you are done, or you will have to leave." The woman spoke quietly as she waited for the girl's choice.

Chara sighed as she stood up before untying the leather strap keeping the hilt from falling from her waist and handing it over to the waitress and grabbing one of the menus to take a look at what the café has to offer. In the end she chose a simple sandwich and a cup of tea and started to wait for her food and passed the time by taking a look at what else the city had to offer.

A few minutes passed and her food and drink finally came and she nodded to them as she grabbed the sandwich and took a bite out of it, chewing slowly as she continued to watch the city from her seat as she planned her next few moves.

Quote:Word count 501/10,000 for the Hand of the Empire quest

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  M1R4 Log
Posted by: Sasuke Uchiha - 11-29-2018, 09:16 PM - Forum: Purchases and Deductions Log - No Replies

Purchases and Deductions for M1R4 go here!

Current Post Count: (your current post count, viewable below your avatar)
Current Earned OM: (your current Earned OM, viewable next to your posts)
Current Spent OM: (total, viewable on your roster)
Buying: (whatever it is you want to buy. If purchasing a move you MUST link to the approval). Cost: (the cost) OM
New Spent OM in category: (your new total spent on Moves, Powers or whatever it was you bought)
New Overall Spent OM: (your total Spent OM after the purchase)

All moves must be approved here before purchase.

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