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  I'm outta here!
Posted by: Ben Tennyson - 05-10-2019, 04:58 PM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

Those Avengers guys were pretty cool and all but Ben felt that all the rules and restrictions of how to be a hero kind of threw him off his usual loop. It was sad really he really had started to like them at first but Ben left at a good time if anything. He passed by a girl with long purple hair on his way out before smiling and waving goodbye to the Avengers. Ben never did like playing with others anyway but if he was to become a professional hero like that again it would be with the Avengers once he made a name for himself. To be fair he was already equipped to solve any kind of problem using the Omnitrix. But of course his power had to regrow after coming here to the Omniverse. Most of the alien forms he had were gone and all that was left was Heatblast.

Ben would pace out of the mansion without saying so much as a word to the Avengers. He needed it this way though as he needed his full power back or at the very least his original 10 aliens back in his arsenal before he could properly help people to his fullest. As he paced out of the mansion and into the city some people took notice of him but paid him no mind. Others whispered about him being part of the Avengers but another confirmed that was not true. He was just a start up recruit they were willing to take in. The rumors of course spread about the boy with the strange powers eventually that he was either kicked out of the Avengers or the like.

Ben would not care about this turn of events as he approached the gate of the city and would make his way back to the nexus. This was of course where he first met Casshern and begun his journey in the first place. "I need to be strong on my own before I can call myself a hero for real!" Ben would state as he exited Coruscant.

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  Chapter 2: Gear of Xanatos Part 1
Posted by: Xanatos S. - 05-10-2019, 02:26 PM - Forum: Coruscant - No Replies

As he entered the gate that led to Coruscant,  Xanatos was dazzled. The cities stretched into the sky, and had hover cars. The noise levels alone required that he make a set of earplugs for himself and put them in so he didn't go deaf. Why wasn't there rules against racket this loud? It was ridiculous and irresponsible that someone had not made rules to prevent the noise from being this bad. Why didn't this city enact a noise policy and do something about the racket? It's what Xanatos would do if he owned the city, mainly so he could hear himself think. Think. Think. He needed to find somewhere quiet where he could make a plan of what he would do in order to survive here.

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  Switching Lucas Kellan to Sergeant Michael "Psycho" Sykes
Posted by: Lucas Kellan - 05-08-2019, 01:56 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (4)

CHARACTER NAME:Sargent Michael "Psycho" Skyes



Sergeant Michael "Psycho" Sykes is a former British Special Air Services (SAS) operative. He has since joined the U.S. Army Delta Force and is the third-ranking member of Raptor Team, behind Laurence Barnes, and Jake Dunn.

Before joining the Raptor Team, Psycho was in the SAS for a couple of years and was selected to join the Raptor Team based on his history as a SAS operative.

At the start of the game, he comes along with the Raptor Team, makes his jump out of the plane and presumably lands close to Prophet. He is seen in-game during the investigation of a frozen boat along with the rest of the team and helps Nomad until the mission at the harbor is over. After that he's ordered to follow another marine company (Alpha Company).

At the end of the game, he pilots a VTOL carrying Nomad and Helena Rosenthal on a course back to the Lingshan Islands in response to a transmission from Prophet.

Crysis Warhead
Psycho is the protagonist and main character in Crysis Warhead. His journey starts when the cruiser in Hongzoo Harbor is destroyed by US air strikes. He joins the Alpha Company, jumps into a convoy and defends it until it is destroyed. Afterwards he and the rest of the company enter a VTOL and fly out to another part of the island. The VTOL is shot down, forcing Alpha Company and Psycho to find a safe checkpoint. Psycho encounters a helicopter with a container after an EMP explosion that knocks him out. After awakening, Psycho fights his way through a beach, hotel and helps his friend Sean O'Neill and some marines in his path. Later he attacks another harbor controlled by the KPA, but is captured and tortured by a high-ranking KPA commander, Colonel Lee, who's also wearing a Nanosuit. The submarine they are on board freezes later, inside the Ice Sphere, and Psycho pursues Lee (and the container) with a hovercraft. After a long pursuit, Psycho loses Lee. He moves on to find Eagle Team and they fight their way against the Ceph to the Pacific Shore Mine. When they reach the mine, Psycho departs from the team and fights his way through the mine. When he finally reaches the exit, he catches a train that is carrying the container. After a short ride on the train, he reaches a bridge of Ang River and tries to call O'Neill to extract the container at the bridge where it is blocked, but O'Neill does not respond and Psycho is interrupted by Colonel Lee and his men. Lee commands his men to drop the engineer, but Psycho is able to grab the engineer. However, the engineer begs Psycho to drop him so he can detonate the bridge and stop Lee, which Psycho follows. But Psycho fails and has to invade the airfield to capture the container. Psycho fights against both KPA, Ceph aliens, and a modified Hunter until he secures the airfield and extracts the container along with O'Neill back to the USS Constitution.

Crysis (comics)
En route to rescuing Prophet, Psycho's VTOL was shot down by the Ceph and blown up as they were getting out, knocking over everyone and severely injuring Nomad. Prophet came to their rescue and defeated the giant bipedal Ceph. When they got to safety, Prophet explained what the mission's purpose really was.

Psycho feels sympathetic towards Prophet, but is exasperated at the fact that the aliens are "squid" and "calamari". He then takes a shortcut through the alien ship with the rest of the survivors in order to reach Hargreave's private vessel for extraction. Unfortunately they are discovered by the Ceph inside and forced to step through a portal.

When they step back out, they find that they've traveled 18 hours back in time. Psycho has difficulty comprehending this fact, but they continue to the rendezvous point anyways. There, they are betrayed by the boat's crew, who shoot them and disable their suits with a powerful EMP.

Once on board, the immobilized Psycho is beaten up by their captor, Norman West, who had been tracking Prophet ever since he was beaten up at Panama. When the EMP blast from Admiral Morrison's nuke frees them, they proceed to kill the crew and look for Nomad. When they are shot at with a rocket launcher, however, Nomad appears and takes the hit, sacrificing himself. Psycho stays back to check on Nomad while Prophet leaves to execute West. After mourning Nomad's loss, they decide to take their data to Hargreave, who may be able to help them.

While his team was away, Psycho finds his way into the Omniverse, watched by some strange white man who wants to be entertained.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:[Image: 134?cb=20170607030815][Image: psycho.jpg]


Attack: 4
Def: 2
Spd: 2
Tech: 2

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Physical Proficiency (1000)

STARTING POWERS: (Insight) (1600) Basic Regeneration (1800)

Psycho's Nanosuit-[Image: 1388858535_crysis-psih_.jpg]

Psycho's Nanosuit contains nanites that go through his bloodstream to increase in four modes: (Inside he has a mini supercomputer inside of his Nanosuit)

Visor AI Processor (Fluff)
The Nanosuit features an onboard supercomputer which allows it to remotely interface with and hack most electronic devices either military and civilian, even alien. Its transceiver can also be programmed to interfere and disrupt Ceph communications.- (Fluff) Psycho's Nanosuit contains a Supercomputer that feeds him details about various locations. As it learns more about the Omniverse, it will show more details on Psycho's visor. Insight gives him upcoming insight of characters and locations ahead of him.

Total OM Spent: 4400/ 5000

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct. Yes

Where did you find us?It's me dark!

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  A magus returns
Posted by: Shantotto - 05-08-2019, 08:36 AM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - Replies (1)

Howling winds, the sound of sands blowing over itself tumbling in a constant pitter patter. It reminded the short woman of rain more so than anything else with the constant feel of pressure on the back of her robes. Nippur was a mere hours walk away, the sandstone colored walls were barely visible in the distance, the shiny lapiz colored stones embedded into the sturdy walls like mosaic tiles had been partially stripped away, taken as spoils of battle perhaps?

Regardless of where the shiny stones had gone, the mighty walls surrounding the king's city stood strong, Imposing and powerful.

*waddle waddle waddle* it was a sight, even now having come in sixteenth place overall in her first appearance in Dante's abyss there were many who were still going to mock her for her iconic walk, of course now she could find no reason not to incinerate those that mocked her. Her's was a mission on the behest of the king himself. None had seen him since he was killed by the one clad in red pajamas called Deadpool.

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  Scouting the Green
Posted by: Mika Mardara - 05-08-2019, 12:54 AM - Forum: The Tangled Green - Replies (4)

Emerging from the portal, Mika looked around at the area she emerged into, the place was relatively cleared, so the ether it was kept clear, or something about the portal kept the area clear, ether way she knew she needed to find things for survival, shelter, food, water, so she started out into the jungle.

Another thing she would need would be information, that alone would work to help her out to get everything else, though it meant she would need to spend most of her first day gathering that information and hopefully a sustainable source of water, and food, thankfully water would be the easier one to find, food...that would be trickier.

As she got into the trees, she managed to get up to the higher branches to get a better view and as she did that she also took out some parchment and started to make her own map, using her Clans codes, and as she traveled she tried to stay hidden though as she was trying to make a fairly accurate map and staying hidden it called for some compromise on her speed but as she didn't know what kind of dangers might be here staying hidden was the best thing to do speed while needed, she had rations that would last for a while.

As she traveled she was also looking for good trees to make a small shelter in, and noting down the position of each one as well as the location of any resources in the area that she could do "seems the place has a lot of resources, that's a good thing...I have a few possible sites I could use for shelters....just have to find a good source of water and I can narrow down which one to use..." she said to herself as she continued going branch to branch.

"Also have to get to work on retraining my body...not being able to fly...and I can't seem to focus enough chakra to open a portal..." she muttered as she started to look for a good source of water, a river preferably so that the water would be clean water, it would also allow for cleaning her body, clothing, tools, etc if she had to make a more permanent shelter in this place.

"So glad that I got all that Survival training, if it wasn't for all that I wouldn't be doing to well out her" she added more notes as she continued her search, and thankfully she started to hear the sound of rushing water.

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  NB's standing with nippur.
Posted by: Marisa Kirisame - 05-06-2019, 10:29 AM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies

Would I be correct in thinking that nippur at the very least dislikes NB for a multitude of reasons? Some of which include working on radio before a farm, failing to deal with the bandits, disappearing again when the city needed them the most. Seriously thinking about it shouldn't tensions between nb's loyalists and factions that want a new regime in charge be growing?

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  Name Change
Posted by: Xanatos S. - 05-05-2019, 06:52 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (4)

Can someone please change my name to Xanatos S. ?

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  The Son of Xana
Posted by: Xanatos S. - 05-04-2019, 04:24 PM - Forum: The Nexus - Replies (3)

Originally, Xanatos had been a clone of William that had been created by Jeremy. The clone had been made in order to pass as the real William while the original was being used as little more than a puppet by the malicious AI known as Xana. However, before the "heroes" of the story could delete him Xana saved a copy of the code of the clone. This code was then recycled by the AI in order to create his current iteration as the son of Xana, the son of the AI who had tried numerous times to cause massive amounts of damage to humanity. The damage had included attacks via animals, satellites, nuclear power plants and many many other attacks that had been attempted. Every single attack Xana had attempted had been thwarted by the Lyoko Warriors, or as Xanatos would dub them, the 'Lyoko Losers'. They had continually ruined the attempts of his father at getting free from the world of Lyoko and conquering that pathetic planet the flesh sacks had called home. 

Yet now, something entirely different had happened to Xanatos. Unlike he had expected, he was floating in a pure black void. And then he heard a voice out of nowhere begin to speak. 

"My name is Omni." 

Okay he was most certainly not in the world of Lyoko. Of course this realization may have come when he attempted to move his right arm. It was completely non responsive. Had he been hacked? Was he somehow frozen in place? Where was he even? This place wasn't Lyoko, it wasn't Kadic... just where was he in the grand scheme of things? This question buzzed around in his head like an angry hive of bees. It seemed he'd have some investigation to do. At the mere words,  "My name is Omni"  Xanatos knew he was in for a whole world of hurt when he got strong enough. Omni was most certainly going to learn the hard way what happened when you abducted someone against their will. 

" This is not the world you know. This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it. The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.” 

At those words, Xanatos knew he had his work truly cut out for him. Every techNique he knew was likely to not work in the Omniverse to put it mildly. It was like Omni had reset him to the beginner level in a video game with an empty inventory.  Okay, he was most certainly going to stuff Omni into a meat grinder styled death trap when he got his full potential back at his disposal. When a rainbow colored orb of what was deemed by the smiling white Biped "Omnilium" was handed to him, Xanatos wanted to rip into him for even believing he was a play thing. 

All things considered, Xanatos had a lot to learn about this place. When the black faded, anb he fell from 20 feet into a fountain with a hard splash, Xanatos felt one of his arms break. There was something entirely unpleasant. It was like someone had taken a sledge hammer and applied it to his right arm. If he were to be honest, now he wanted to run Omni over with a monster truck. Abduction was one thing, but when you added assault and depowering to the mix, Xanatos wasn't amused. 

"... In a new universe with little if any information about the place. Not even a map has been provided. All my powers have been taken... argh.... away.... ouch...."  Xanatos started climbing out of the fountain, though his arm felt like someone had stabbed a million superheated needles of pain into it, at present. "Have to find out where I am, have a lot to learn.... a lot to do."

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  Xanatos Stones
Posted by: Xanatos S. - 05-04-2019, 03:58 PM - Forum: Roster - No Replies

Name: Xanatos Stones
Spent OM: 2000
Proficiencies (2000): Ranged Proficiency (1000) , Physical Proficiency (1000),
Powers (0/8000):
Moves (0): 
Super Moves (0): 
Transformations (0): 
Assists (0):
Items (0): 
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (0):
Unlocks (0): 
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

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  Book Club(May-2019)
Posted by: Dust - 05-01-2019, 11:54 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (3)

As you can tell were trying another method here. Unfortunately the community is a tad small for monthly accolades  to continue, so we are focusing on the Book Club - at least for another month.

Welcome to the Omniverse Book Club! Here, we put up the month's 'best' story up for review. By participating you'll earn a bonus 300 OM (subject to change). Aside from the helpful feedback, subjects of the book club will receive a Great, Excellent, or Exemplary bonus for their storyline if they qualify. Omni


OOC Rules of Conduct apply.

We encourage helpful, well-considered feedback with both positive and negative comments. Try to remember that not everyone is confident about their writing, and negative feedback can be highly discouraging.

Review Writing Guidelines

Reviews must be a minimum of 150 words and should include your opinion on whether the participating member(s) deserve a bonus or not, and if yes, then 'Great' or 'Exemplary', according to the Bonus Rewards Guidelines. Please don't consider this an arbitrary number to fill; this just filters out those reviews that were clearly made with no effort.

Topics may include writing from multiple members. Please try to give everyone included a decent review and individual grade.

Try to go into detail about what you liked and didn't like about an RP. Try to keep it objective and positive: it's absolutely not okay to just tear down someone else's work without saying anything good about it. The more detail the better, and the more effort you put into your reviews the more likely we are to choose one of your topics to review, as thanks for your help to other members.

Please do not skim. If we suspect people are skimming topics, we may have to be more stringent on requirements, which makes it harder on staff to enforce, and more difficult for you to write your review. If we suspect particular members are skimming, we may bar them from future participation in the book club. This is free OM, so it's in everyone's best interest to keep it that way.

As far as grading goes, please be non-partisan. If you think your friend's topic truly merits Exemplary, awesome. But if we notice people constantly doing this and we consistently disagree with the gradings, we'll weigh your opinion far less than those who tend to give accurate gradings consistent with the Bonus Rewards Guidelines.


Book Club rewards will be awarded at the end of the month, although it might take a while to get updated. Until you see a post in this topic saying "It was updated", it's safe to say you weren't missed or forgotten; we just haven't gotten around to it yet. No need to remind us. :)

We will give the reward to the account you posted on unless you request otherwise.

Those trying to become judges should note that Book Club reviews do count towards your total.

UPDATE: Book Club will now be running the length of a month. This will be the last story that was voted by the public in the accolades until further notices. We will hand pick or randomly pick a story for next month, but only if this performs well. We also understand that not all voted for favorites are completed and just ask that you make a note of which post you stopped on during your review.


April 20, 2018; Community Star Winner: Koal and Dust; Guest Star: Moon Knight
Thread: Lines Blur Between Beast and Men

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