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  [Finale] The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
Posted by: Karl Jak - 09-13-2018, 06:30 AM - Forum: The Dante Verse - Replies (13)

Quote:Word Limit: 2000
Posts: 1
Time Limit: "Call System"
Random Elements: On
Damage Meter: Off

Time limit starts at 8 AM CDT on September 13th, 2018. All contestants must post two posts before Sunday, September 23rd, 2018.


The six consolation teams find themselves teleported back to the pre-show facility.

However, it quickly becomes clear that the situation is fucked beyond all measures. People are panicking, stuff is falling apart, and there seems to be no escape due to faulty teleporters. A message on the PA system calmly requests people to report to the hanger bay and the 'life shuttles' that await them. The same calm message reports decreased functionality of life shuttles (so you figure out the rest).

The six must overcome the chaos of the crowds and the crumbing facility to reach the shuttle/hanger bay, where they will find Zedd and Violet have secured the area already and are prepping to leave with the pair of remaining shuttles.

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  Quick question
Posted by: Tyson Renegade - 09-10-2018, 01:57 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (9)

Why was my thread closed? I was waiting for my rest points to build back up
The thread was One Demon vs the Crossed
Link: https://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10657
Why was this closed...

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  A Tale of a Crimson and Emerald Heart
Posted by: Audric Incommodun - 09-08-2018, 11:52 PM - Forum: Camelot - Replies (1)

Looking at the new environment, Audric feels almost at peace, the weather is perfect and the area looks beautiful. He momentarily forgot about being executed and arriving in this strange land. Snapping back to reality, Audric begins walking for what feels like hours. Coming to a forest he decides to take a short break before continuing his way. He stops by a nice shady tree in the forest to rest for a while. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you my brother's, I hope you find peace in the divines realm and that you can forgive my shortcomings." He says as he reflects on the few moments he had time to relax with the other warden knights. All the ruckus they would create only to be punished afterwards for wasting time on something as worthless as fun instead of taking their bodies or minds. "You never know what you'll miss until you don't have it anymore, I never knew how much I'd miss those fleeting moments of camaraderie." Audric looks down at the ground "I doubt you all can hear me but I promise I'll get out of here alive and get justice for your wrongful deaths." He looks to the forest after catching the sound of water. "Has really been that long since I've drank anything?" Audric asks himself realizing how thirsty he is. He stands up and walks towards the water. "I fear that I'll be here for a while brothers, please be patient with me." Audric eventually comes to the source of the water, almost out of breath and badly dehydrated. He looks upon the entrance to a cave, pulling out his sword in case of an animal or even bandit attack he makes his way into the cave.

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  Giving up Naruto
Posted by: Gin Yatreg - 09-07-2018, 02:36 AM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies


He's in limbo currently (literally in between verses and story arcs), whoever picks him up is free to continue where I left off or can reboot him.

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  Suggestion: A List Closets
Posted by: Retane - 09-06-2018, 12:30 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (8)

I think the policy needs to be changed when it comes to certain characters. Specifically  A- List characters.

Example: Gin/Naruto hasn't wrote as Naruto in a year. He pretty much said he dont want to but isnt gonna give it up unless someone is special or new.

In my opinion, if he ain't gonna write as him, he should give it up.

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  Da bonus?
Posted by: Jak Mar - 09-05-2018, 02:13 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

Do i get my da bonus?

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  Switching Character/ Reactivate
Posted by: Hiro Protagonist - 09-05-2018, 02:01 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (12)

Hey friends!

I can't post my switch form in the Joining board. Can someone reactivate me please?

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  Ain't that kick in the head part 2: Omniversal Boogaloo
Posted by: Courier Six - 09-02-2018, 02:45 PM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

Courier was not happy. Despite the fact that he had just woken up and his mind was still very much foggy, the mailman who survived could clearly feel one emotion that has been building up in him since that Omni character pulled him out of the wastes of Arizona, anger. He was angry that he was kidnaped again, he was angry because he would need to find a way to get to find a way to his kidnaper and along the way it is a sure thing that he will meet many people and monsters that will try to stop him, he was angry because reason as to why he was kidnaped was asinine, he was angry because bastard would not let him die which was somewhat of plus but still and finally he was angry because he almost smashed his head into a fountain after he had woken up under it.
"Great fucking idea to place me here, jackass" were his first thoughts after geting up from under the fountain. Though thoughts of anger were soon replaced with thoughts of confusion....... and anger.

- Where the fuck.....- Courier muttered to himself as he observed his surroundings, pure whiteness was everywhere he could look and it realy started to hurt his eyes and mind since it looked like he was standing on nothing. Six found that his only solution to this problem was to buzz himself up a little bit, so he reached under his dusterm to a pocket where he usually stores a bottler of Whisky especialy for moments like this but..... he couldn't find it. Confusion quickly turned into annoyance and annoyance turned into anger
- Oh that Motherfucking bastard stole me fuckin' booze. SON OF A- Before Courier could finish what he was saying it came to him that he felt somewhat lighter than usual, this led him to a truly frightening discovery, most of his weapons were gone. Only one he could count to was That gun on his left hip, Anti-Material Rifle that hung fron his shoulder, Blood-Nap in his boot and few grenades in pockets of his duster. At first Courier was scared, many of his guns, HIS precious guns many of which wereone in a kind.......they were gone..... but fear quickly gave way to emotion he felt ever since he  was brought here, Anger.

Courier Six was very very Angry.

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  Courier 6
Posted by: Courier Six - 09-02-2018, 09:22 AM - Forum: Roster - Replies (1)

Name: Courier Six
Spent OM: 4300
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack (600)
Powers (800/8000): Burst Movement (800)
Moves (900): That Gun (300), Anti-Material Rifle (300), Frag Grenade (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Consumed OM (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 2
SPD: 1
TEC: 2

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  Vote for Us (September)
Posted by: Karl Jak - 09-02-2018, 06:32 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (98)

You like having more people to play with, right? That was a rhetorical question, because having more people to write with is awesome. Do you also like OM? If the answer is 'yes', which OBVIOUSLY it is, then please vote for us on the following sites!

RPGfix (every 12 hours. If you register, your votes count as x2. Worth the couple of minutes to make an account if you're going to be voting every day)
Top RP Sites (Daily)
Top Site List Planet (Daily.)

Vote on all sites, then post here with "Vote 1". When you vote on all sites again, post "Vote 2". You are allowed to vote again 12 hours after your previous vote, and we're okay if that only affects RPGfix. However, you should be trying to vote on all sites, as the reset times vary.

Tl;dr: Vote for all the sites, put "1". Next day, do the same and put "2". If you're really hardcore, you can vote every 12 hours, but it's not necessary.

If we find out your votes aren't being counted (and yes, we take the times you voted into account) we will give you the benefit of the doubt the first time as a mistake. However, if it happens again, or if we think you're not bothering or simply haven't read this, we will remove your voting privileges and you will no longer be eligible for this monthly bonus.

At the end of the month, if you posted ...

5-10 times: You get 100 OM.
11-16 times: You get 200 OM.
17-22 times: You get 300 OM.
23-28 times: You get 400 OM.
29+ times: 500 OM, and a fistbump from me for being so damn diligent.

If you have an alternate character and wish to claim your reward on that account as opposed to your main one, please let us know in the topic before the month ends. If you don't, we'll assume you want the OM on the account you posted with.

Thanks for voting everyone!

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