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  Monty Pyth- I mean Monty Secondary...
Posted by: Feran - 01-22-2020, 02:43 PM - Forum: Camelot - Replies (2)

The first impression that one would get of the King's arms upon entry would most likely be 'Ordinary'. It was rather standard, as far as taverns in Camelot go. Nothing fancy, but the locals rather liked it and there was always the warm buzz of drunken conversation. The doors opened, and three rather ordinary men, in ordinary clothes, entered this completely ordinary tavern for ordinary people...who are ordinary, just so that we're clear about just how plain and average this entire situation is. These three ordinary men, named Stephan, Samuel, and Stanley, walked up to the bar, the barman greeted them with a friendly smile.  

"Usual lads?" 

"Yep, usual if you wouldn't mind Carl" 

Carl nodded and began to walk over to grab the men a few tankards of ale. He was getting on in term of age, and thus was a little slow, but, he was hardworking and most of the patrons respected him for working day in day out despite his age. A couple of minutes later he turned with three full tankards of ale and set them down in front of the three men with a thump. 

"You've got the room until closing tonight, decided to give ye a couple of hours on the house" He told them with a warm smile. 

"Really? Bloody hell, that's generous of you" Stephen remarked before taking a swig from his tankard. 

"You three come in every week and ye don't tend to cause a fuss. I'd be a shite owner if I didn't treat me most loyal customers every now and then" 

The three men smiled, before Samuel piped up. "Right, payment!" He said, before producing a small orb of Omnilium, his two companions doing the same. Carl accepted them with a thankful nod before the three men went on their way. They went upstairs into a small room, at the centre of which was a circular table, upon which sat a pack of cigars, playing cards, poker chips, and a couple of bottles of wine. The three men sat down at the table, and began to set up a game of poker. Samuel dealt out the chips, equal amounts for each player, as well as setting up the cards. 

"Usual rules lads" 

"Roger that" Stanley replied before lighting up his cigar and taking a few puffs. "So, been up to much this week?" 

The other two men shook their heads. 

"I haven't, no...but there has been a bit of drama" Stephen said before looking at his hand. "Starting bet" 

"Raise 10" Samuel replied, pushing a small token to the centre of the table. "What sort of drama?" 

"Family friend is going through some tough times, farm got absolutely trashed" 

There was a pause in the game, stephen was mid-way through placing a bet as he looked at Samuel, shock obvious in is eyes. 

"What do you mean by...trashed?" 

"Whole thing is fucking gone...some bastard prime came through and decided that it was the perfect place for a fight." 

"You're kidding me, right?" Stanley asked before pouring some wine into a tankard. 

Stephen shook his head.

"Are you...sure it was a prime, mate?"

"Yes Stephen I'm sure it was a fucking prime. What else can punch it's way through brickwork like it's fucking paper?" 

"Space marines" 

"Fuck off, they're in Coruscant" 


"No...it's fine, I'm just worked up. Let's keep on playing..." 

They carried on with the game, and, two hours, three bottles of wine and several bad decisions later, Samuel was close to being knocked out of the match. 

"Fuck this" he snapped, throwing down his hand of cards. All he had was a pair of threes, versus a flush and three of a kind. To say the least he was pissed, both in terms of alcohol and mood, and had become rather fed up with the repeated kicks in the teeth that life had been giving him and the people he cared about. 

"Hey, calm down man. Might want to hold off of the wine..." Stanley remarked before shuffling the deck.

"Fuck off. Y'know what, I'm done. This is all because of those damn primes!"

"You lost a game of poke because of Primes?" Stephen asked with a raised eyebrow. 

"No, they're the reason why bad things happen. Think about it, they all come from different worlds, who knows what sort of things are considered normal where they're from. A lot of them are bloody superhuman, other literally inhuman monsters! Not to mention the fact that they're immortal, they just come back...it's scary!" 

There was a tense silence as the other men digested what Samuel had just said, before Stanley nodded in agreement. 

"Yeah...it's spooky...fuckin' scary"

"How come they get all of that? The immortality, the power, they even have the bloody highest positions in society! It's unfair, we're the majority, we're the people who belong here! What have the primes ever done for us, eh?" 

"Primes killed volvagia y'know" Stephen replied before taking a few puffs of his cigar. 

"And they defeated the Terrasque" Stanley interjected. 

"Alright, I'll give you that. But, other than killing volvagia and defeating the Terrasque, what have the primes ever done for us?" 

"We've got primes serving in the king's army and working as guards" Stephen added

 Of course after that Stanley had to chime in with "In Coruscant they've got plenty of 'em working as law enforcement. protecting the people" 

Stephen, not wanting to be outdone, responded by adding "Y'know in Darkshire some primes are helping to defend 'em from the monsters!"

"Alright alright!" Samuel interjected, waving his glass of wine around. "So other than Killing volvagia, defeating the Terrasque, serving in Camelot's army, policing the streets of coruscant AND defending Darkshire, WHAT HAVE THE PRIMES EVER DONE FOR US!?"

Samuel looked at the other two smugly, thinking that he had finally gotten through to them. This smug satisfaction lasted all of three seconds before Stanley decided to pipe up. 

"Oh, can't forget that they banished Diablo" 

"RIGHT! Other than Killing Volvagia, defeating the Terrasque, serving in Camelot's army, policing the streets of Coruscant, defending Darkshire, AND BANISHING DIABLO, WHAT HAVE THE PRIMES EVER DONE FOR US!?" Samuel asked, a little out of breath by the end of his drunken tirade. The other two were shocked, and didn't know how to react initially. 

Stanley broke the silence. "Think that's 'bout it..." 

"EXACTLY. They don't deserve all of this power! They don't deserve to step on us secondaries like we're ants!" 

"Yeah, exactly!" The other two replied, starting to get caught up in Samuel's enthusiastic ramblings. 

"So WE need to rise up, and tell those fuckers that this is OUR home, not theirs, and that we will NOT be oppressed like this any more!" 

"HELL YEAH!" stephen replied and raised a glass. "We'll need a name!" 

"How about S.S.S, Stanley, Stephen, Samuel?"

"You're onto something there Stanley!" Samuel replied, before his eyes lit up.  "How about, to make it sound more official, we're the Secondary Separatist Society?" 

His two companions nodded in agreement, and they all raised their glasses, toasting to the creation of the S.S.S

What could possibly go wrong?

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  The Battle for Nippur
Posted by: Marisa Kirisame - 01-22-2020, 12:13 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (1)

As per the base assault rules I have sent Gilgamesh a PM warning him of my assault of Nippur. Due to circumstances I will not be initially assaulting the base.

Rules on assaulting bases applies as always. Once i'm in a situation to begin the week countdown it'll begin.

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Posted by: Eternity Larva - 01-19-2020, 01:05 PM - Forum: Roster - Replies (2)

Name: AK-12

Spent OM: 6800
Consumed OM (0):

Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000) 
Powers (3500/8000): Survival (2000), Foresight (1500)

Moves (300): Digital Hijacking (0), Izhmash AK-12 (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (1000): T1 PU: The Snow Wolf's Gaze (1000)
Assists (0):

Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Bases (0):
Unlocks (0):

Base Stats // Gaze  
ATK: 3  //  4 
DEF: 2  //  2 
SPD: 2  //  4 
TEC: 3  //  5

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Posted by: Sora - 01-19-2020, 09:58 AM - Forum: Roster - Replies (2)

Name: Sora
Spent OM: 6600
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3600): Physical Strength Proficiency(1000), Ranged Proficiency(1000), Area Attack Proficiency(600), Area Defense Proficiency(400), Homing Proficiency(600)
Powers (2100/8000): Super Jumping Basic(300), Master Acrobat(400), Shapeshifting(1400)
Moves (900): Kingdom Key(600), Fire(300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

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  Switching Characters [ Eternity Larva → AK-12 ]
Posted by: Eternity Larva - 01-18-2020, 09:01 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (1)


CHARACTER SOURCE:  Girls' Frontline

The year is 2064, in an alternate timeline where alien technology was discovered and the Soviet Union did not collapse. 30 years ago, huge swathes of the equator were rendered inhabitable after a world-altering disaster known as the Beilan Island incident. Modern civilization has since migrated closer to the poles and created a mostly robot workforce. Of particular note is the replacement of human soldiers in warfare, which is now usually conducted with remote-controlled military robots and Tactical Dolls. Due to the remarkable autonomy and sapience of the T-Dolls, regulations limit their weapons to out-of-date projectile firearms due to fears that they would go rogue.

It is unknown exactly when AK-12 and AN-94 were made. The two Tactical Doll models were designed to meet modern military standards (late 2050s to early 2060s), and they were employed in the Soviet Union's Federal Security Bureau, or FSB. It was there that Commander Angelica would later use her connections with the FSB to create Task Force DEFY, acquiring the two elite T-Dolls as initial members of the group.

In 2061, an incident in the Eastern European military manufacturer “Sangvis Ferri” caused their military units to become hostile and begin attacking humans, resulting in widespread destruction. Two parties were mainly involved in stopping the rogue AI units: private military company “Griffin & Kryuger”, and the state military organization “KCCO”. DEFY intervened behind the scenes, gaining new recruits along the way. This conflict built up to a massive battle in 2064 with the involvement of all parties; the events around this battle are referred to as "Singularity".

It was some time after the events of Singularity, during preparations for another major operation, that an unknown incident occurred regarding the members of Task Force DEFY, resulting in AK-12 being brought to the Omniverse.


[Image: J6Ft8av.png?1]
T-Dolls, despite being robots, are designed to look very human. AK-12's outward appearance is that of a Russian woman in her early 20s, who keeps part of her long silver hair in a ponytail. She stands at 5'7" or 170cm tall, with a healthy and athletic physique. Many recognize her by her constantly closed eyes. She only opens them in a few situations like a difficult battle, revealing her glowing purple irises. Her regular outfit has a black and white palette, and includes a utility belt and a coat. She also has an armored mask around her neck, which she wears during combat to cover her mouth and nose.

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3

  • Physical Strength (1000)
  • Ranged Proficiency (1000)
  • Survival (2000)
  • Foresight (1500)
Digital Hijacking (0 | fodder)
AK-12 can use her electronic warfare equipment to take over machines and access their info. Machines within a 50-meter radius of her are vulnerable, with the effect amplifying the closer she is to her target. This fodder move cannot be used in combat for any benefit, but may be expanded upon later.

Izhmash AK-12 (300 | Ranged)
Function: Moderate damage over time. Very far maximum range (600 meters). Cyclic fire rate of 700 rounds per minute. Two second reload for a 30-round magazine, with eight mags carried on person. Takes little physical effort to operate but needs two hands and a good amount of focus to aim well.

Fluff: AK-12's namesake, and her weapon of choice. The Izhmash AK-12 is an assault rifle designed by the Russia-based Izhmash/Kalashnikov Concern, and is chambered in 5.45x39mm.

T1 PU: The Snow Wolf’s Gaze (1000)
AK-12 opens her eyes, allowing her military-grade optical sensors to run at full capacity. To counteract this flood of information, she diverts energy away from simulating emotion towards logical processing and other combat capabilities. As a result, AK-12 turns into a ruthless and efficient killing machine, incapable of showing emotion.

ATK: 3 → 4 (+1)
DEF: 2 → 2 (0)
SPD: 2 → 4 (+2)
TEC: 3 → 5 (+2)

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.  Eeyup.

Where did you find us?  It's me, Eternity Larva. The one who discovered the OV while looking for images of Clownpiece.

(9052.37 - 5000) / 2 = 2026.185
5000 + 2026.185 = 7026.185

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Information Rain's Writing Seminar
Posted by: Jaixe Furiael - 01-18-2020, 04:14 PM - Forum: The Creative Corner - Replies (1)

Often I have been asked to critique and offer advice from friends and peers on their writing. So often, in fact, that I decided to go through the incredible, truly mindblowingly immense effort to start this thread. My hope is that by providing both my own personal advice as well as laying out all of the ground rules there are to writing in areas that I feel that people are most often weak in, not only would people strive to improve themselves in a more constructive and focused manner, but I can then slap them with this passion project whenever the next person asks me to look at their threads.

It's a win-win for you and me!

I will be covering a wide array of topics, both of my own choosing and by other writer's requests. From grammar to plotting, pacing to character design, and all the little stuff in-between, I hope to address all the most important questions that go into writing a story. That is not to say that I am an expert on every topic I will be covering. Far from it, I will instead strive to provide information that is factually accurate and separate of my opinions, derived from research I will conduct myself. The goal is to both teach and provoke thought, not for me to boast about me being a better writer. Most likely, I am not. In truth, I am doing this not only for your benefit, but also for my own, as what knowledge I uncover and provide to you is knowledge I also can use to improve myself. In helping others, I seek to also help myself.

So take that into consideration as you continue onward and if you find any inconsistency or have questions pertaining to the information I provide, feel free to PM me or DM me on Discord.

Also, seeing as this is an informal seminar on writing rules, no, I will not be performing citations or providing a list of sources. If you need to know then Google is your friend. Most likely any information I provide comes from places like Perdue Owl, which are well-known for their comprehensive explanations of grammar rules.

Lastly, I will eventually add in a table of contents to this page when I am finished with it, to facilitate easier browsing.

Table of Contents:

Grammar Instruction
  • On the subject of Periods
  • On the subject of Commas
  • On the subject of Semicolons
  • On the subject of Parentheses and Dashes
  • On the subject of Paragraphs
  • On the subject of Quotations
  • Final Thoughts on Grammar

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  Switching to Sora
Posted by: Sora - 01-16-2020, 08:37 AM - Forum: Joining - Replies (3)



CHARACTER HISTORY: Between Kingdom Hearts III’s ending and epilogue

[Image: latest?cb=20170720150326]

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

Physical Strength Proficiency – 1000 OM
Ranged Proficiency – 1000 OM
Area Attack Proficiency – 600 OM
Area Defense Proficiency – 400 OM
Homing Proficiency – 600 OM

Super Jumping Basic- 300 OM
Master Acrobat – 400 OM
Shapeshifting – 1400 OM

Kingdom Key (600 OM) (requires, Physical Strength Proficiency)
A giant skeleton key shaped object that acts like a sword by using concentrated light along its 2ft spine it ‘cut through’ opponents. Fairly light, and easy to use, it doesn’t do much damage in a single hit, which takes a second to perform, but can be used for basic combos of up to 4 side swipes before Sora needs to take 3 secs to reposition his hands, leaving him fairly open. Although it can be stolen, Sora can instantly recall it by materializing it into his hands and therefore unmaterializing it from wherever it was. Appearance spoiled below.

[Image: 250px-Kingdom_Key_KHIII.png]

Fire (300 OM)  (requires: Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency)
Taking 2 secs to cast, Sora shoots a blazing fireball with a diameter of a human hand out of the end of his keyblade that homes in on the nearest enemy in front of him, leaving minimal burns and completely evaporating immediately after the hit. He can only cast it 20 times per fight.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us?

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  Valerie Kol'ath
Posted by: Valerie Kol'ath - 01-14-2020, 01:11 AM - Forum: Joining - Replies (5)

Valerie "Val" Kol'ath



Valerie comes from an alternate version of Earth, which is mostly the same to the modern world, save for the fact that it is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, rather than humans, and has a higher tech level (Think cyberpunk esque).

 Born to a Vixen and a male fox with more than a bit of demonic heritage (see: a lot) in England, Valerie's upbringing was, for the most part, rather standard, and unremarkable. However, during her teenage years (14) some of the abilities related to her demonic heritage began to manifest, she found that she could read the thoughts of others, and even use this ability to manipulate her peers. This is where her descent into the darker side of society began. She became involved in small time crime, drug use, and had her own little clique protecting her, many of them victims of her telepathic meddling. 

By the time the Vixen was 16 she managed to accidentally kill her partner at the time, something she later learned was thanks to the cursed genes she inherited from her father. This was a turning point in her life, as after this event she only fell even further. What had started as small time crime, the sort of stuff one could expect from stupid teenagers, became something far more sinister. Valerie descended into a world of excess, sex, drugs, violent crime and disturbing sadism. England's criminal underworld treated her well; she had money, pleasure on-demand, and a fair amount of power, more than a teenager really should have. If anyone threatened her, then they would mysteriously be found dead in their bedroom after a party, or they would throw themselves off of buildings for seemingly no reason. 

This all seemingly came crashing down when, during her 20th birthday party, the police raided the building, and Valerie was taken into custody along with pretty much everyone present at the party. It was shortly after this, during an escape attempt that she was whisked away by Omni. 

Age: 20 
Height: 5"10'
Appearance: Valerie's body is covered in mostly stark white fur. She has a collection of scattered red stripes across her abdomen, and a series of black markings along her body. These include lines going from her eyes and down her arms to her middle finger on each hand, and a line of crossed zig-zag markings which go from her eyes, up along her head, down her back and then along the back of her long, bushy tail. Her back sports a pair of rather large wings similar to that of a dragon (or your stereotypical winged demon), and upon her forehead, if one were to inspect closely, she sports a pair of filed-down horns. 

SPD: 3
TEC: 5

Ranged prof (1000 OM) 
Debuff prof (1000 OM) 

Telepathy (1500 OM) 

 T1 Super utility: Sinful Whispers (Requires Telepathy, Debuff prof) (600 OM)

Using her telepathic abilities Val manipulates the target of this move into becoming completely infatuated with her, making them believe that they love her more than anything. Individuals affected by this move are much easier to target with Val’s other debilitating abilities. This effect diminishes the smaller the difference in TEC between Val and her target, becoming mostly ineffective if her TEC is lower. This move requires a degree of concentration to maintain, and can only effectively be used on one person at a time. In terms of stats, the target suffers a -2 to TEC for one round. 

Succubus’ kiss (Requires ranged prof) (300)

In order to activate this move, Valerie blows a kiss at her target, which then sends a small magical projectile shaped like a lipstick mark at her target, which travels roughly at the speed of an arrow. If the mark hits, it allows her to deal constant - but light - necrotic damage to the marked target, and is maintained so long as Valerie is aware of their location. This projectile has no max range as it were, but can only be fired if Valerie can see her target or is otherwise aware of their location. The damaging component of this move can be maintained so long as Valerie is aware of the location of the target (this can be sight, or through powers such as enhanced senses etc.)

While the mark is visible to Valerie, the effects of this attack are virtually invisible and leave the victim feeling drained of energy, and if afflicted for long periods of time due to the internal damage of their organs they will be left with a bloody cough.

This move requires minor concentration to maintain, as Valerie has to keep tabs on the location of her opponent to keep up the damaging component of this move. 

Boxing shadows (Requires Telepathy) (300 OM) 

Through use of her Telepathic abilities, Val is actually able to defend herself from attacks to a degree. She achieves this through misdirection, using telepathy to make her opponent believe that she is in a different place than she actually is.  For example, someone may thrust at the air a foot to the right of her, but as far as they are concerned they've managed to sink their blade straight into Valerie. This move, as with all telepathy based moves, becomes less effective if her opponent has high TEC. This move cannot be used to physically block attacks, it just makes them easier to dodge or parry. Because of the difficulties inherent to telepathy, this move requires concentration to use and fatigues Valerie greatly if used for long periods of time. Because of this, she can only use this move for short bursts of time, a maximum of 10 seconds before a break of equal length must be taken (while this move can be used for longer in a pinch, it's effectiveness is reduced the longer it's used past the 10 second limit).  If Valerie's opponent has suppression, then the effectiveness of this move is greatly reduced. 

I confirm that I have read the rules of conduct etc. 

Oh, and it's ya boi, Feran. 

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  Feran vs Marisa mock fight.
Posted by: Marisa Kirisame - 01-14-2020, 01:02 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - No Replies

This will be a simple Marisa vs Feran fight.
1000 words, 72 hours, location will be tier 1 in courscant. no outside help. is this fine feran.

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  The Snow Storm Demon
Posted by: Ash - 01-03-2020, 11:57 AM - Forum: The Frozen Fields - Replies (4)

Toga lazed about in the provided bed of hay. 

Miles - the groundskeeper - typically meant to take care of the horses in the stalls, was initially confused by the presence of a dire wolf in his stables. It was only when he came to his employers with the concern that the beast might have devoured someone’s mount that he was informed that it belonged to a prime. 

This surprised Miles more than anything, what in the Omniverse was a prime doing out here? A question he dared not ask… Not least he feels the wrath of whatever warlord summoned this fine beast…

Horses were reliable, they’ve always been. But if you were smart, you got yourself a mount that would take to the tundra of the Frozen Fields like a fish to the Vasty Deeps. This could be any number of creatures commonly found in the fields, Hell, Miles knew the In’s and Out’s of taking care of things like caribou, reindeer, moose, and all manner of game that regularly pulled sleighs. Of which he also had a hand in taking care of as a complimentary service.

But what kind of person does this Prime have to be to have a dire wolf as a mount?

Miles guess was this person had to be big. If not in size, in personality. The wolf’s saddle and equipment were of high quality. He’d been prepared to use the good polish on the leather and metal, but this riding gear was new. At the very least this must have been summoned, but Miles wagered the wolf might have been, too. Thought it was hard to gauge that especially, given the wolf looked scarred.

Whoever this person was… He had to be a special kind of ‘extra’.

He’d wager they had to be powerful… Or experienced. No one just imagined up a dire wolf as a mount without knowing you can ride something like this. And a wolf was not easily ridden! If he was indeed a physically large man, he impressed Miles more.

Miles could spend all night imagining what kind of person it was that owned the wolf, and he did. By morning, he had a picture in his head that he was eager to confirm with the actual appearance of the prime due to pick up his wolf.

The Prime ought to be large in his own right, but not giant. Miles was sure he was at least six feet tall with an extremely impressive core. He had to have strong legs, too. However, overall body mass wise, he couldn’t be too big. Instead, he wore armor. The more complicated the better, with spikes jutting out from all over the place. And a helmet. Probably white, trimmed in gold. If he was smart it was white. It was hard to tell if the Prime was smart though, since his wolf was covered in the brightest blue leather Miles has ever seen. That said… The wolf was grey. Bright colors against muted background weren’t easily seen far away, but if a snowstorm hit and he got separated from the wolf…

So the Prime most likely also had a weapon… Miles wagered it was something large as well. Not heavy. The wolf could only support so much weight, and the ego on this guy had to be the biggest burden for this beast by far. Probably a spear, something he could use from a distance but also feel important carrying around.

He hasn’t decided if the Prime had long hair that stuck out from his helm or if he’d have one of those ribbons that poked out the top. But he promised you, whoever this person was, he needed something to flow dramatically in the wind at all times. So he probably also had a cape. If he had a cape, he couldn’t have a quiver and bow. It would hinder the flow.

Miles decided that Mr. Prime had to be heavy enough not to fall off from the beast, but not too big or he would need to re-summon his mount more than once a trip. If he was much bigger than Miles imagined, the groundskeeper decided he would suggest a sleigh. 

The sandy-haired man was in his early 20’s and was as fit as you can be while lazily imagining what primes look like during his night of caring for animals. He was decently attractive as well if you liked the rugged kind of guy, the type with choppy layers and a scruffy beard. He liked to think his green eyes and smile gave him some hope with the ladies, but it's all wasted on the fact that he works pretty much every day and always at night.

He finished his morning work as quickly as possible as he wanted to be around when the Prime came to collect his mount. Miles hung back where he could watch the wolf's stall while appearing to still be as busy as his employers needed him to. Pretending to take stock and clean something, he waited. But all the time in the world would not prepare Miles for the person he saw come to collect the mysterious dire wolf.

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