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  Settling In
Posted by: Samus Aran - 09-07-2013, 09:46 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (1)

For a while, they rode through the streets of Coruscant, CR-529 pointing out shops, landmarks and districts. It felt perfunctory. While Samus tried to pay attention, she felt like she was missing all the detail. Everything that laid beneath the surface. She didn’t want the visitor tour, she wanted to know what the city was like. She knew that would take time, that it wouldn’t come from a one-over by a robotic etiquette dispenser. But she felt impatient. Out-of-place.

“Very well,” she said after she’d had enough. “CR-529, take me to my accommodations.”

“As you say, Miss Aran. We have prepared an apartment in city block 78-56.”

They flew up through the lanes of airborne traffic, like lines of ants in the sky, and broke off towards a building that stood out no more or less than the others. There was an outlying wing on the floor they stopped at, and the taxi parked in one of the available spaces before opening. Samus stepped out.

“This way, Miss Aran.”

The floors were clean and carpeted – not what Samus had expected from this city, ostentatious in its embrace of the technological. She guessed they were self-cleaning or some other boastful attribute. Her apartment was good enough; slightly smaller than what she’d had back at home, but she’d rarely used it anyway. She was used to sleeping in her ship, which was small, cramped, but simultaneously as spacious as the known galaxy. She hadn’t thought about that. No outer space meant she’d be travelling everywhere by foot, or ground vehicle.

“You’ll find everything you need here,” said CR-529, and Samus found herself irritated by his interruption of her train of thought to reel off more meaningless niceties. “Here’s the bedroom, and the kitchen – very nice set of cookers, all the necessities -”

“That’s very good,” said the bounty hunter. “You don’t need to stay, I’ve got everything I need.”

“As you say, Miss Aran. Should you need anything, just press the buzzer.”

The door slid shut and she was left alone. She locked it out of habit, knowing as always that it would do little against a competent attacker, but always had the potential to make a difference.

She relaxed and dematerialised her power suit. In a moment it was gone, and she was back in the clothes she’d left in – skin fitting boots, shorts, and a high-necked tank top that cut off at the waist. She pulled the band out of her hair and it fell in a loose mess around her neck. Then she leapt onto the couch and let out a long breath.

For a while her mind just blanked. Involuntarily she ran over the events of the day. It had all started in the darkness, with that face. So brief, yet so important. All the rules, the words – they were etched into her memory as though into a rock with a laser beam. Then the fountain. The alien, the red-haired man, the blonde boy, the dark-haired woman, the blonde woman with kukris, the young sunglasses-clad boy, the other blonde woman, the girl with the staff, the madman, the swordsman, the armies, the bikes, the horses, the speeches, the factions, the murder, the decision, the ride, the city, the faces, the places, the feelings, the … pain. The exhaustion.

She fell asleep.

Samus awoke to sunlight filtering in through the tinted glass wall of the apartment, informing her that it was day. “Fuck,” she said aloud. Now she had to face the fact that the previous day had not been a dream, or at least was part of a longer, continuous dream that showed no signs of ending anytime soon. She spent another minute making herself comfortable on the sofa, rolling over and trying to get warm against the leather. It was fruitless. She also needed to piss really badly.

Staggering to what she assumed, hoped, was the bathroom, she turned on the light and took care of business. A shower later, she was feeling a little more fresh and able to face the day. She swore, realising that the only clothes she had were still dirty from the day before. Tossing the towel aside, she thought about another exact pair, and began to summon. Once she was fully clothed, she set to investigating the fridge. Not much. Some bread, eggs – she assumed chicken of some sort – and meat. Samus was a vegetarian for the most part, but didn’t like to waste food, and so retrieved it along with the bread. The machine did the cooking for her, so it was a simple matter of telling it what she wanted, then waiting.

She felt better after the food. Purely physically – her mind was still reeling. She stretched out of habit, wondering what she would do with the day. Did the Omniverse have an internet? Where could she get informed about the goings on?

The best way, she decided, would be to go out and about. Once she was finished with her morning exercises, she summoned her power suit and stepped out into the wing of the apartment block where the taxi had landed last night. It was gone, no surprise, but she was feeling up to a little more summoning now. It was time to get the Hunter back.

Her ship had taken many forms over the years – some larger than others, including the one that she’d been given by the Galactic Federation, only a day or two ago before all these events had transpired. She preferred her old ship, and somehow doubted that being smaller would make a difference to the ship’s capabilities in this ‘verse’ anyway. It was a classic, and its destruction due to a mistake of overconfidence was something she still hadn’t forgiven herself for. But she could rebuild it! Perhaps the Omniverse wasn’t so bad after all.

The finished product wasn’t quite the same. For one, it was significantly weaker – it had no weapons, and she felt like it wouldn’t hold up five seconds in a battle – but it looked the same and it felt the same to pilot. Samus spun the wheel, cartwheeling it over the bannister of the parking wing and into the sky. With a bit of thrust, she was off.

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  Who wants it!?
Posted by: Kenshin Himura - 09-07-2013, 01:31 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (18)

Well, now we're let loose upon the Omniverse! I'm in Curuscant, who wants to write together? ^_^ The world is our oyster.

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  Link's Birthday!?
Posted by: Ganondorf - 09-06-2013, 11:08 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (6)

What madness is this?

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  Meh... Something Serious... Just got to vent...
Posted by: Raze - 09-06-2013, 11:05 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (13)

Well I got good news and bad news.

I got a job. Just have to accept the offer. I'll be an overnight stocker at Walmart.

I would have accepted it today but when I got there, I checked my phone and they had called along with my dad. I called them before I entered the store. and was told the system was slow(took over an hour to load something) And was asked to come in tomorrow. At same time.

Its me going in to accept the Job offer.

It's good for me.

I called my dad and learned an officer was hunting for me. I had received a few calls from same number... Thought it was a diff job and didn't want to be an ass.

To be honest 2-3 weeks prior on a Thursday, My GF called and asked 'What I did' and I was lost. She said, Cops were at her moms to arrest me. They were there to serve me come to find out( Figured that out today).

Well the mother of my son, has lied once again. This time I think she really screwed up.

I supposedly called her on the 5th of August in the morning 4 times. Called her a 'bitch'. And called a 5th time and said, "I am going to kill you and take our son, Breydon W. Masten, and kill him too!"

She said I hung up and she called the county and the officer made a report.

This is her report of course.

My cell phone was off from the 3rd of August till the 10th. Alex can attest to that.

So I am going into HELL Monday and I will not waiver. I go to actually talk for myself, when I'm a nervous and shy guy.

If I wind up in jail... (I did over a year ago) Because of lies.. AGAIN... THen... you wont see me again...

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  Link's perpetual thread to ask about future powers
Posted by: Illidan Stormrage - 09-06-2013, 06:12 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (8)

Is there an ability for body split? I may plan to utilise the Four Swords down the line.

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  Hi! Question
Posted by: Eighteen - 09-06-2013, 04:39 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

So, I may have missed it, but could you lovely staffers explain how the OM number works on the side of our posts? I mean, I'm kind of working off the assumption it's like Chubbs. Does that stuff go down when you buy stuff? If that's the case, shouldn't 4000 OM be deducted from when we joined? Or does it just go up and up as we post and we have to keep a track of it in our roster/whatever.

I hope that makes sense.

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  Batman v 2.0
Posted by: Blackfire - 09-06-2013, 03:36 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (2)

OOC: History occurs during and after the Batman trilogy, by Christopher Nolan.

Character name:

Character source:
Batman Beyond

Character history:
Terry was born in Gotham City, on August 18th to Warren and Mary McGinnis. He had a pleasant childhood, which changed at the age of eight, when his parents divorced. His father moved out, leaving Terry emotionally distraught. He resented his mother, labelling her as the cause of his father’s departure. He became disobedient and disrespectful attitude towards her, pushing Mary to her breaking point, until she was left with no choice but to send him to live his father. The move caused a rift between Terry and his younger brother Matt, whom remained with their mother.

As the years went by, Terry grew older and wiser, and eventually understood why his mother had divorced his father – after having to endure the frustration of being introduced to the many women in his father’s life. By the age of twelve, Terry had had enough, and decided to move back into his mother’s home.

The changes in Warren and Mary’s lives, following their divorce, psychologically affected Terry. At thirteen, he had already gained a reputation as one of the most misbehaved students at his middle school, and had even been suspended on a number of occasions for his antics. He was even almost expelled on one occasion.

Contrary to his behaviour at school, Terry was academically gifted. This attribute was the glimmer of hope his parents had for him to make a success, academically. To their delight, he made it to high school, but it was a bittersweet achievement. Terry’s bad qualities attracted freshmen of the same nature, and eventually, he formed an alliance that consisted of the most notorious freshmen.

‘The Notorious Outlaws’, (they called themselves) occasionally skipped classes at high school, to roam the streets of Gotham City and cause all types of trouble, such as shoplifting, stealing women’s purses, and vandalizing properties.
Within the space of six months, Terry built himself a reputation on the streets, gaining the interest of one of Gotham City’s most notorious criminals, Charles ‘Big Time’ Bigelow, who eventually recruited him into his gang of thugs. Terry’s involvement with the group led him into trouble with Gotham’s police on several occasions. He also spent three months in a juvenile hall.

Spending time in a juvenile hall had no positive effect on the youth, who continued his criminal activities under Big Time. As the reputation of the gang increased, they formed rivalries with other criminal factions. Their biggest altercation transpired against the Royal Flush Gang, the most powerful criminal organization in Gotham City – founded by the most notorious criminal in Gotham City, the Joker. A fight broke out after the Big Time Boys refused to give them a cut of their earnings. Bigelow’s gang was easily overwhelmed by the more experienced criminal unit. Bigelow and a few others were fortunate enough to escape the onslaught; however, Terry was not one of them. He tried his best to defend himself, but the numbers against him were too great to counteract. He was beaten badly. As one of them was on the verge of stabbing him with a stainless steel, dagger, a caped crusader came to his rescue – remarkably fighting off all of the assailants. His name was Batman.

Terry recovered, finding himself inside the underground of a mansion, owned by a rich, businessman named Bruce Wayne. He was introduced to the mansions butler, Alfred, and Batman, for the second time. Batman advised the teenager to stay out of trouble.

Terry began to feel remorse for his past crimes, after constantly envisioning Batman saving his life. After a few more days of reflecting upon the event, he reached an epiphany, and returned to Batman’s mansion – confessing the desire to turn his life around. He requested for Batman to train him in combat. Batman was reluctant to do so at first, due to doubting the teen’s sincerity, but is eventually swayed by Terry’s persistence.

Several years later, a war ensues between Batman and the Joker. Terry offered his assistance, but the superhero ensured that he did not need the aid of his apprentice to bring down the villain. Batman eventually defeated the joker, leading to the supervillains incarceration.

Contrary to being glorified as Gotham’s greatest hero once again, Batman is framed for a chain of murders, including a police officer. The condemned saviour of Gotham is left with no choice but to flee from the city, leading to a police hunt, to track him down.

Batman’s departure leaves Terry distraught, and bitter towards the law, who he believed betrayed his mentor. Alfred took on the role as Terry’s mentor, helping the teen keep his emotions in check. Under Alfred’s supervision, he continued his training in the underground compartment of Bruce Wayne’s mansion.

One day, after training session at mansion, Terry returned to his home to find his father murdered in his living room. He later discovers that Derek Powers, a businessman who had taken over Wayne Enterprises, is responsible. Powers had developed a mutagenic nerve gas and intended to sell it as a weapon; however, his employee Warren discovered this and threatened to expose him. Derek ordered his henchman, Mr. Fixx to take care of Warren to prevent this.

Following Bruce Wayne’s absence, Terry returned to the mansion in search of the legendary Batsuit worn by his mentor, however, Alfred presented him with a new design that Bruce had made, built with advanced technology. Bruce had created it as a precaution. He felt, in the event that anything disastrous was to happen to him – it would be given to Terry to wear as his predecessor, as the new Batman.

Terry’s first target as the new Batman is Derek’s henchman, Mr. Fixx, the associate who had been ordered to kill his father. The masked combatant managed to track down the murderer at a warehouse. He was busy supervising the shipment of the nerve gas canisters. The cunning, incarnation of Batman, used stealth to take down the workers one by one, until only his target remained. Mr. Fixx, who had discovered what had transpired, took off with the cargo, but was pursued by the relentless teen. He broke into the hovercraft, causing the driver, Mr. Fixx, to activated auto pilot mode. The mercenary snuck up on Batman, blindsiding him. He manhandled the masked opponent, enjoying every moment as he toyed with him. Being overlooked worked to Terry’s advantage, as he took advantage of an opportune moment, punching Mr. Fixx in the face with all of his might, causing the brute to collide with the crafts controls. The ship swerved out of control. Batman managed to vacate the ship before it crashed into Gotham’s bay, drowning Mr. Fixx, along with the nerve gas canisters.

After haven taken care of Mr. Fixx, Batman went after Derek Powers, who he managed to track down at his secret science lab. After taking down security, he snuck into the laboratory, where he encountered the businessman. The young fighter handled Derek with ease. When the villain questioned the assailant’s motives, Batman removed his mask, revealing himself as Terry McGinnis, the son of Warren. This led Derek to abuse his father in his presence. A riled up Terry, responds by booting Derek on his chest, causing him to crash into a pile of nerve gas canisters, which break and release green chemicals. Terry escapes, avoiding being exposed to radiation.

Feeling a sense of justice instilled the youth with a new mindset. He felt it was his duty to stop people like Derek Powers, to prevent anyone from having to deal with the pain of losing a loved one, as he endured. As a result, Terry takes on the permanent role as Batman.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 4
TEC: 2

Starting Proficiencies:
Physical Strength – 1000 OM, Ranged Proficiency – 1000 OM, Wide Proficiency – 1000 OM

Starting Powers:
Master Acrobat – 400 OM, Super Jumping (Basic) – 300 OM

Starting Moves:
Retractable claws – 300 OM
Two retractable claws built into the batsuit, under the wearers forearm. They can be used to slice opponents, or to aid climbing.

Writing example:
Terry slowly opened to his eyes, capturing dim surroundings. There were a few lights in the corners of (what appeared to be) a cave’s ceiling, that prevented him from being surrounded in complete darkness. He could hear the sounds of water dripping. They were slow yet consistent, and each drip occurred one and a half seconds after the former. The atmosphere was so tranquil that each drop echoed around the dark room. The rhythm was disrupted by a squeak. The youth, who discovered he was resting on a single, sized bed that happened to provide good comfort, listened attentively. He was intrigued by the sound he had just heard, and hoped to hear it again. He got his wish as another squeak occurred, this time it came from another area of the cave. The fluttering of wings was the final clue he needed to recognize the species of animal that surrounded him. He flinched, as a creature quickly sailed over him. The involuntary reflex was followed by a groan of pain. Two things suddenly dawned on him. The first confirmed his suspicions; he was surrounded by bats. The second caused him to retrigger the event that had transpired earlier. He and the other members of the Big Time Boys, had gotten themselves into a brawl with the Royal Flush Gang. The Big Time Boys had come up short; now here he was, after reaping a beatdown at the hands of the Joker’s goons.

“So, you have awakened.”

Terry turned his head to the right, to find a butler in his presence. He fitted the butler stereotype immaculately, as he was dressed in a black suit, with a white shirt. He was also an old man too.

“Who the hell are you? Where am I?”

“Firstly, my name is Alfred. Secondly, you are currently residing inside a batcave.”

Batman, Terry remembered. Batman had saved his life. The criminal owed his life to a defender of justice, and not just any defender of justice, the greatest. The irony caused the youth to grimace.

“Fuck. Fuck, fucking fuck.”

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  Month of the 25th through the 21st
Posted by: Ganondorf - 09-06-2013, 12:21 PM - Forum: Bookkeeping Archive - Replies (71)

A short week, but one which I'll pay you for anyway! Link em, bitches!

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  Telekinesis as Other Stuff
Posted by: Thaal Sinestro - 09-06-2013, 09:00 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

Hard-Light Construct: Works as Telekinesis, but creates a required hard-light object that must physically manipulate the subject of the Telekinesis. This construct can be attacked and damaged through physical means just like any other object. Additionally, if Sinestro's concentration is broken, the construct will collapse.

Note: I see this as Telekinesis, but actually weaker. Having the costruct present doesn't provide any benefit, and has the downside that it can attacked directly to stop the effect. Telekinesis is an invisible, unstoppable force and the only way to stop it is attacking the user. See where I'm coming from?

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  The Scramble Rewards!
Posted by: Ganondorf - 09-05-2013, 10:37 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (6)

Here's what you've all been waiting for! The bonus OM that will be added to your character now that you've finished The Scramble storyline! Good job to everyone involved!

You'll notice as you look that the values on the left may or may not match up with what's on your profile. That's because that's the amount of OM you SHOULD have made, had the board been acting right at the time. The next column is the bonus you received for your participation in the event, a flat 25% bonus of your earned OM within that thread. The last column will be your new total, once I update everyone.

Samus: 4216.50+54.13=4270.63
Garona: 4715.34+178.84=4894.18
Ganondorf: 4554.38+138.6=4692.98
Link: 4127.42+31.86=4159.28
Nyx: 4249.9+62.48=4312.38
Whirda: 4234.84+58.71=4293.55
Proto Man: 4243.78+60.95=4304.73
Eighteen: 4146.66+36.67=4183.33
Nanoha: 4685.12+171.28=4856.4
Thall: 4436.46+109.12=4545.58
Kenshin: 4097.16+24.29=4121.45
Joker: 4211.98+53=4264.98

Let me know if I forgot anyone, though I doubt I did. I'll update everyone's totals either tonight, or tomorrow. In the mean time, feel free to use these totals as if they're your current OM, if you wish to purchase anything.

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