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Lord Zedd

  The Nexus Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:23 PM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

The Nexus is roughly 25KM in diameter and circular (roughly 400 square KM). The gates are spaced at each of the eight compass points, close to the edge of the circle. It takes roughly two hours walk to get from the fountain to any gate, or about twelve minutes at top speed on a mount (~80mph). This means it would take about four hours to walk from one side of the Nexus to the other, or ~25 minutes at top speed on a mount.

For reference:

[Image: Nexus.png]

[Image: Nexus_Dist.png]

The Nexus, by default, looks like a blank canvas. The ground, the sky, are all a bright, clear white, to the point where it is hard to distinguish the horizon and sometimes feels like you will fall through the world. There is no sun, but everything is somehow illuminated. The Nexus stands as the best example of Omni's power to simply make his own rules of how things work. Unlike most other verses, summoning permanent structures is impossible - perhaps a reflection of the impermanent nature of this verse.

In the center of the Nexus is the Fountain of Infinity. This is where all Primes incarnate, whether when arriving to the Omniverse for the first time or reincarnating after death. The fountain itself rarely looks the same - sometimes it will take the form of a tower, other times a great elevator from the sky, or an hourglass filled with sand, or a deep pool. The landscape immediately around the fountain also changes, though it quickly gives way to the endless flat whiteness.

On the horizon from the Fountain, the eight gates can be seen, housing portals to the eight main verses. Each is about two hours walk from the Fountain. To the west is the gate to Coruscant, a giant archway of smooth connected steel. It is always guarded by stormtroopers on either side of the gate, who usually only stop Primes if they are wanted criminals (and even then, are smart enough to call it in rather than to fight). To the northwest is the gate to the Endless Dunes, an archway of stone that looks worn and eroded. To the north is the perpetually smoking gate to the Ashen Steppes, hot to the touch. To the northeast, the gate to the Tangled Green, an archway covered in bark and vines. To the far east, the gate to Camelot, an archway of clean hewn stone. Scouts can often be seen coming in and out of it, who try not to come into contact with unknown Primes. To the southeast the gate to the Pale Moors, of grey stone and dark moss. To the south is the gate to the Frozen Fields, being of snowy ice. To the southwest, the Vasty Deeps, in the image of two palm trees bending to meet each other. Each gate is about 12 foot tall, and almost as wide.

The Nexus is perhaps the most important location in the Omniverse. Control of the Fountain means being able to capture any Primes who incarnate here, although generally they prefer them to come willingly – all Primes have the potential to become powerful allies. Occasionally elite squadrons from the Empire or Kingdom will wait at the Fountain for a dangerous Prime from the opposite side to reincarnate, so that they can banish them to the Underverse.

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  Emperor Palpatine
Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 11:04 PM - Forum: Empire NPCs - No Replies

[Image: SidiousOffice.jpg]
Location/Role: Emperor Palpatine is the ruler of the Empire. This places him in charge of Coruscant, Costa del Sol, and Carrefore, making him the only individual to claim dominion over pieces of three verses.

As time has worn on, the Emperor has made less physical appearances in the city. His likeness, however, can still be found on everything from hologram advertising boards to statues to children’s toys. The increasingly reclusive nature of the Emperor has had the effect of making many start to worship him, expanding a precedent originally set by his elite guard of space marines, who refer to him only as their ‘God-Emperor.’ Palpatine has made no such efforts to quell such activities.

It would be a rare ‘treat’ for anyone, even a prime, to have a one-on-one audience with Emperor Palpatine.

Story: (taken from Imperial records) Sheev Palpatine was born on the planet of Naboo into an aristocratic family. He had everything a young boy might want growing up, but his home life was tainted by a terrible relationship with his father. He was able to attend all of the most prestigious academies and universities, but he was always kicked out for petty crimes and misdemeanors. Each and every time he would be expelled, his father would make the accusations vanish with influence and money. This taught the young Sheev that money and influence could make anything possible, which was a lesson he would never forget.

At a young age, Sheev became fascinated with collecting ‘Sith’ artifacts. These were old relics and histories of an extinct order of Jedi who had been outcast for their unorthodox beliefs. His fondness for these relics would lead him to idealize the sacrifices of the long-dead freedom fighters, who were ostracized for having beliefs outside the accepted canon of the Jedi Order. Outside of his collecting,, Palpatine and his father shared only their love for podracing. Palpatine would use his father’s money and influence to compete in races and get access to the fastest, most advanced racers.

As a teenager, Palpatine studied at Theed University and was part of its Legislative Youth Program. Because of his father’s status, Palpatine made a lot of high-profile contacts, but he secretly opposed the conservative views of his father and Naboo’s isolationist government. In the process of undermining the current administration, Palpatine sold dirty secrets of the current rich houses (including his own). This covert work he did drew the attention of Hego Damask, a Muun businessman and a financier for some of the galaxies largest business conglomerates. Damask supported a pro-Republic monarchy on Naboo and had visited the planet to support his candidate.

The two met one day outside Theed University, and after much discussion, Palpatine joined Damask’s political and business endeavors. When Palpatine’s father learned, he immediately set out to undermine his son’s future. The family ventured out on a yacht, where Sheev’s father stated he planned to send his son away to an isolated part of the planet to finish his schooling. Seeing that his father planned to neuter his career, Palpatine objected, and the argument became heated. It was then that the father revealed to his son that he had wanted him killed from birth.

Sensing that he was in danger, Palpatine was forced to retaliate. In the process, he tapped into the Force and used its awesome might to destroy his family. It was only in the aftermath of this incident that Damask revealed that he was a member of a Jedi order that was long considered extinct, the Sith. After covering up the evidence of his family’s death, Damask offered Palpatine entry into the Sith Order, which the young man wholeheartedly accepted.

Palpatine was taken the desolate world of Mygeeto, where he valiantly endured trials of hunger, mind games, and exposure to harsh environments without any chance for sleep. Palpatine passed all trials and was accepted as a student under Damask, giving the young man access to centuries of lost history and information. In the public sphere, Palpatine went through the mandated public service and proceeded to stay in public service beyond the normally accepted age. He entered local politics and worked his way from the bottom upward.

After a five-year stint in the Apprentice Legislator program, he was appointed Ambassador in the retinue of the Naboo Senator (Palpatine’s earlier efforts had led to Naboo electing a monarch who motioned to join the Galactic Republic). Palpatine lost more elections than he won in his early political career, missing out on a string of political appointments. He elected to keep a low profile so as to not undermine his teacher, and to allow him to discreetly disappear from the radar in order to focus on his Sith training on harsh worlds and to meet with Damask on remote planets where they did not have to risk being seen together by beings from the political sphere.

Around the time of his thirtieth birthday, Palpatine and his teacher were beginning to note how the galaxy was changing. There was growing discontent with the Republic in the fringe worlds, and even many citizens of Republican core worlds were beginning to show their unrest and lack of happiness with the current government. Palpatine and Damask saw that these people yearned for a more centralized government led by a noble autocrat, and to that end, the pair sought to save the galaxy.

Following the heart-breaking assassination of Naboo’s Senator, Palpatine stood for election and won. The young man went to Coruscant, the center of the Galactic Republic. By the time Palpatine stepped onto the Senate floor for the first time, he already knew that the prominent power-brokers in the Senate looked down their noses at the more provincial delegates, expecting little to nothing of importance from them. He knew that he, too, was lumped in with the other hopefuls from Rimward worlds, those who, having never ventured far from their homeworlds before, would in short order be overwhelmed by Coruscanti politics.

Rather than do anything to prove the elites wrong, Palpatine encouraged them to keep thinking this way. Again, he failed to take advantage of opportunities that could have landed him on important advisory boards and powerful committees, and unless pressed, he never shared his observations with his colleagues. Instead, he purposely sought to keep his advancement slow, knowing that the more he did so, the more harmless he seemed to potential rivals. The performance evidently worked; the powerful Senators, wrapped up in their own petty power struggles, initially laughed at the small and quiet provincial, and otherwise paid him no mind.

Palpatine surprised everyone as he became increasingly popular. He wrote extensively, his notes on power became popular texts among political and military science students. Soon, his theories became well known enough for them to be taught at leading universities throughout the galaxy. Despite this growing influence, Palpatine remained unassuming, and would spend many hours alone reflecting in his modest, yet well-appointed quarters. People remarked on how he remained a private man, rarely attending social functions, devoting all his time to his work.

For some twenty years, Sheev Palpatine served as a noble follower of the Senate and the Galactic Republic. Unfortunately, a crisis emerged when his home planet of Naboo was blockaded by the Trade Federation. The Senate, under the leadership of Chancellor Valorum, did nothing but debate politics and ethics while the people of Naboo starved. When the situation worsened into an invasion of Naboo, Palpatine orchestrated the rescue of the planet’s young and beautiful queen. With her help, he initiated a vote of no confidence to remove Chancellor Valorum from power.

The removal of the inept chancellor and his government led to a new election, and Senator Palpatine was put forward as a compromise candidate. He won in a landslide following the sudden death of a small number of senators who had previously vowed to oppose elections. His first acts were to send the queen and some noble jedi warriors back to Naboo to liberate the planet.

Unfortunately it was during this exciting month that tragedy struck. Just like his father before him, Chancellor-Elect Palpatine had learned that his teacher intended to use him for his own ends. Gathering up his courage, Palpatine confronted his former teacher, and after being attacked, Sheev struck back and slew his teacher. Despite his sadness, Palpatine had to press on, especially as new threats plagued the galaxy.

[Image: sidious-8-copy-1.jpg]
For nearly ten years, Chancellor Palpatine strove to make the Galactic Republic a better place to live, but despite his best efforts, strife continued to fester in the outer rims. Several worlds joined together to form the Confederation of Independent Systems, and while they were initially just political rivals, it soon became clear that they were building an army of clones designed for war. Seizing these clone facilities, Palpatine also accepted emergency powers that granted him greater control over the army and the state. He accepted this new authority with a heavy heart.

For two years, the Clone Wars ravaged the Republic, and all the while, the Jedi Order remained a thorn in Palpatine’s side. Try as they could to cover up the facts, it soon became clear that they were plotting to overthrow the Senate. Before he could save the Republic from the treachery of the Jedi, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was brought to the Omniverse.

It is said that Sheev Palpatine weeped for seven days upon waking up in the Fountain of Infinity. So strong was his love for his Republic that he couldn’t bear the thought of what must have become of it with his disappearance. By the time Palpatine’s sadness abated, he was joined by a younger man named Aragorn. A ruler in his home world, the two bonded over their loses and traveled out into the Omniverse, somewhat eager to unravel the secrets of this new world. They would journey together for a period of time that is lost to history before an unknown event caused them to go their separate ways. Palpatine claims that he drove out Aragorn because the younger man had designs on ultimate power.

In the aftermath of Aragorn’s departure, Sheev Palpatine ruled over a city that he redubbed ‘Coruscant’ after the homeworld of his beloved Republic. Over a span of two years, Coruscant grew into a futuristic city that spread out across the entire verse. With nowhere to expand, the city grew down, resulting in the creation of the second tier of Coruscant. Having seen before the threats faced by a Republic in a state of perpetual war, Palpatine assumed the mantle of 'Emperor' to ensure that there was a powerful ruler to guide the city through the chaotic daily life of the Omniverse. The council that had existed before remained, but all of the true power was vested in Palpatine.

It was around this time that the demon Diablo first began to send out raiding parties from the Underverse. The first several of these guerilla attacks resulted in horrendous losses for Coruscant, leading Emperor Palpatine to petition for the creation of a defense force for Coruscant, the stormtroopers. Around the same time, new primes started to arrive in the Omniverse, and Palpatine made personal visits to the Fountain of Infinity to recruit these individuals.

Just like Minas Tirith, Coruscant experienced even more prosperity with the arrival of additional primes. A third and fourth tier were established, and outposts were established in the Vasty Deep and the Endless Dunes. The Dunes in particular became quite popular due to the enormous supply of raw materials that lie beneath the savanna, leading to an increasing degree of industrialization in a short span.

As the demon raids gradually became armies, Emperor Palpatine was forced into a precarious situation. Debates with the council were becoming increasingly wasteful, as the individuals could not come to a consensus on anything, even as demons attacked Coruscant itself. This resulted in Coruscant being savagely assaulted by the forces of Diablo. It would be days before all of the demons and undead were purged from the city. In the aftermath, Palpatine blamed traitors, and from that day forth, there would be strict limitations on freedom of expression in Coruscnt.

Despite the set back, Palpatine resumed the steady militarization of Coruscant. The city went on to flourish in the wake of the disaster, with the seventh tier being almost wholly dedicated to the manufacture of war machines. In the process, however, the Endless Dunes were almost entirely deprived of natural resources, and even before the banishing of Diablo, the Empire was withdrawing from almost the entire verse. Military service became compulsory for citizens of Coruscant, and an elite guard of space marines was created for the protection of the Emperor.

Even with Diablo sealed in the Underverse, Emperor Palpatine maintained all the laws about censorship. He has continued a campaign against the Kingdom, although there have been no large-scale battles between the two powers. Despite his best efforts to be a fair and impartial ruler, many citizens of Coruscant are ignorant of the cost for safety and security. Fortunately for the Empire, Judge Dredd played a key role in forcing these vile terrorists and villains into the lower tiers, where they tend to attack one another and bicker like urban gangs.

Even so, the lower tiers remain a constant hotbed of disloyal and foolhardy terrorists who fail to see the importance of a strong central government. Despite their protests, Emperor Palpatine, as the strongest prime in the Omniverse, has made no overtures to indicate that he will give into their vile demands for democracy or unregulated freedom of speech.

[Image: 13950606921369.jpg]

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Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 10:38 PM - Forum: Underverse NPCs - No Replies

Location/Role: Diablo, the Scourge of the Omniverse, is imprisoned in his home, the Underverse.

...Aside from this fact, no other details are known. Only four men ventured into the Underverse and returned, and of the primes to have been banished there, none have returned. It can only be surmised that Diablo reigns supreme.

Story: Nothing is known of Diablo’s origins. It is still hotly debated as to whether or not he was an original prime or if he falls into the category of ‘force of nature.’ All that is understood is that, one cold and dreary day, raids consisting of demons, undead, and other nightmarish creatures started to become a part of daily life in the Pale Moors. Within a few weeks, Coruscant and Camelot were both being raided frequently by these creatures. When sentient/intelligent prisoners were taken, they would only state that they served Diablo.

The raids would continue for nearly two years and take an increasingly larger toll on Camelot. The arrival of new primes to the Omniverse provided a much-needed boon for the Kingdom, which would enter a small age of prosperity before the war took a turn. The raids stopped for a week, which was just long enough for many to believe they had finally ended. Then, on another somber morning in Minas Tirith, a missive arrived that an army had been spotted in the Pale Moors: An army of monsters and demons.

King Aragorn rushed with his army to the Pale Moors, and while he succeeded in saving Darkshire, the rest of the Moors fell under Diablo’s control. Most of the Moors withered and died over the comings years, turning one of the most beautiful verses into a ghastly shell of its former self. From the Black Gate, the armies of Diablo would march out into the rest of the Omniverse, assaulting Coruscant and decimating much of Camelot.

It was at the peak of desperation that the wanderer Tyrael returned to Minas Tirith to inform King Aragorn that he had discovered the means to sever the Underverse from the Omniverse. In order to do so, he would have to enter the Underverse itself, a terrifying feat from which no one had returned. Wholly believing Tyrael, King Aragorn called in all of his favors and marched the Grand Army to the Black Gate.

The Battle at the Black Gate is documented in various sources. In the aftermath, the forces of Diablo stranded in the Pale Moors either fled or were struck down in their lethargy. Despite being separated from the Underverse, many of the demons survive today, either alone or by falling in with Count Dracula.

In the aftermath of the Battle at the Black Gate, ‘banishment’ became the worst punishment in the Omniverse. Through this technology/magic, primes can be sent to the Underverse, from which none have returned. During the conflict with Diablo and even in the aftermath, there are those who worship the ‘Lord of Terror’ as a god. They view him as the savior of the Omniverse rather than its defiler. The founding families of Silent Hill maintained such a cult until the town was overtaken by fog and transformed into its current state. Sects that worship Diablo still exist in Coruscant’s lower tiers and in Camelot.

Presently there are efforts in both major verses to suppress discussion of Diablo outside of a historical context. It is said that those in power all fear the day that the Black Gate reopens and the seemingly endless army of Diablo makes its return.

[Image: Diablo_in_hells_garden_by_NAstyJ.jpg]

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  Forum Rules
Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 09:33 PM - Forum: Roster - No Replies

Most importantly, and hopefully most obviously, don't add things to your roster if you haven't posted the purchase in the Purchases forum. I don't think anyone is stupid enough to try this and get away with it, but just to be absolutely clear, you will be found out and banned.

Keep to the template. Don't make up your own. If you're confused about where to put something, ask a staff member.

Keep a total of all spent OM. You should keep a total for each category, and for the sum of all spent OM. See 'Samus Aran' (the administrator's character) for an example of how to do this correctly.

Don't post in other player's rosters.

You are allowed to add more than one reply to your roster if it makes it easier to separate up the information, but don't get ridiculous.

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  Roster Template (last updated: 15/5/17)
Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 09:24 PM - Forum: Roster - Replies (1)

Spent OM: (this is your total spent OM, and should be updated with every transaction)
Consumed OM: 0 (for OM spent on items items, or OM permanently lost from respecs or refunding purchases)
Proficiencies (0): (list your proficiencies and their prices)
Powers (0/8000): (list your powers and their prices)
Moves (0): (just the names and prices. You should list the full descriptions on other pages)
Super Moves (0): (like above, but also include the tiers)
Transformations (0): (just the names and prices. You should give full details of each transformation below your base character stats, or on other pages)
Assists (0): (just the names and prices, same rules as transformations)
Items: (list your current items)
Artefacts: (just your currently held artefacts, if any. If stored in a base, indicate as such here)
Bases: (enter locations of bases you own here)
Unlocks (0); (for stat upgrades, etc)
Base stats:

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Rainbow HOW TO JOIN! (Read me first!)
Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 09:03 PM - Forum: Joining - Replies (3)

Welcome to the Omniverse! We're a roleplaying forum where you can choose to play as any character from any fictional world, or even a character of your own.

Before considering joining, please read the Rules pages. The Omniverse is an RPG comparable in depth to a Tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but with little overlap with most other RPGs, so you'll want to spend some time absorbing the information. We don't mind answering questions, but most of what you need to know can be found in the rules. The rules pages also include important details about the setting.

The best way to get up to speed is to take a look at other joining forms, both the successful and unsuccessful ones.

Selecting a character
While you can choose to write about almost any subject matter on the Omniverse, bear in mind that it's built to feature combat and powers, and most groups will feature combat. Therefore, we advise against taking non-combat characters unless you plan to change them drastically from their source material (which is fine). Characters will start out relatively weak, and get stronger over time, making videogame and manga characters generally more suitable "out of the box" than comic book characters, but any character can be adjusted to fit. Original characters are also a great choice.

I've seen hundreds of characters join and get switched out, so let me give some advice on what tends to stick. The new, popular thing that came out in the last year won't be nearly as exciting in a year - ditch it. For your first character, pick something or someone you've always been a fan of, or else make an original character with powers you love (love Iron Man, but hate Tony Stark? Make a new character but give them their own Iron Man-like suit/powers). Have a character you loved on an RPG that sunk? Feel free to revive them here! Omni summons them to this new world as their old story putters out. Bam.

Just remember that whoever you pick, they'll be bound by the Omniverse's rules and physics. There are no exceptions. We have to build a balanced system, which means that some characters' powers simply won't fly as they exist in your own fiction. As an example, Wolverine(X-Men)'s regeneration power will be considerably weakened to match our version of Regeneration, and if your character transforms, they'll need to unlock and purchase Transformations (and they'll match those - Goku can't be multiplying his power by 50). Superman will just have to accept that he's lost most of his power.

We'll do our best to help you adapt them to our rules and setting, but for your first character, you might want to keep it simple. The more "out there" your character concept, the longer and more frustrating the approval process will be as a first-timer with little knowledge of the system. Ditch the gimmicky stuff like "my character is a symbiotic weapon that has to fuse with other characters in order to fight" unless you're confident you know what you're doing. Otherwise, your joining form is going to be an exercise in frustration for both of us. Certain gimmicks will be outright rejected (like "my character only fights by cooking") because while creativity is cool, making everything all about YOUR gimmick, and making other characters in a group/fight pander to your character's special snowflake-ness, is annoying, difficult to balance and unfair on the writers who have to deal with it.

Size Notes - Your character must not be taller or wider than twelve feet, nor may they be shorter or narrower than one foot. You may disregard these limits when using Transformations or certain powers (Growth, Shrink, Malleability), but your base form needs to be normal-ish.

People from real-life and religious figures are not allowed. Overly-cartoony and fourth wall-breaking characters that don't suit the setting such as Peter Griffin may not be allowed. Characters deemed too close to being a duplicate to another will not be allowed. For example, we'd allow an incarnation of 'Link' from 'The Legend of Zelda', and maybe a single 'Dark Link' as well, but not Links from other timelines or 'Shadow Link', even though we know they're technically different characters. Essentially, we don't want to see a million Links and Spider-Man clones.

Your character can't have been hanging around in the Omniverse for years - when you join, you'll need to write their introduction. Original characters are still summoned from another world, which can be an existing setting or your own creation.

Your character's account should be your character's name. Feel free to register another account for OOC posting (you can link this to your characters' accounts for easy switching through the forum), but this is optional. Once you've registered, make a new topic with the following form:









[b]I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.[/b]

[b]Where did you find us?[/b]

Please check the Roster to make sure your character isn’t taken first (assuming they're not inactive, see the bottom of this page for criteria)

This is the game, anime, comic, book, film, TV series or whatever your character comes from. For example, if you’re joining as Luke Skywalker you would need to put ‘Star Wars’. If you’re making your own character, just put ‘original’.

A history doesn't have to be in-depth, but you should at least tell us these things:

(If a pre-existing character)
What version of the character are you using (if applicable) and from where in the timeline do they diverge to join the Omniverse? Original takes are fine, but again, must be specified.

For example, if I was joining as Batman, I might say "I'm using the Nolan film continuity, from immediately after the ending of The Dark Knight". If you're not altering the canon, you don't need to give any more detail, though if you want to write up a detailed history we won't stop you.

(If an original character)
From where do they hail? This can be the real world, an original setting, or a pre-existing setting.

You can (and probably should) put a more detailed history on your roster once you've been approved. These details are for the benefit of other writers.

For original characters, please include a detailed physical description (including, minimum, things like height, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, etcetera if applicable) and picture to give us a rough idea of what they look like. For pre-existing characters, please include a picture and a rough height. It's okay if some of these details get changed or better-ironed out later, but other players will use these as a basis for comparison when meeting.

You get 10 stat points to distribute, and the maximum points you can have in any one stat to start with is 5. You should have read the descriptions of all the Stats in the relevant topic in the rules forum - this'll give you an idea of what the numbers mean. Try to avoid "gamey" stat setups like putting a 0 in DEF, unless they genuinely apply - these numbers are meant as a roleplaying reference first and foremost, and 0s in most stats represent "elderly or infirm". 1s represent average humans, and 2s represent trained humans.


You'll start with 5000 OM total to distribute on Proficiencies, Powers and Moves. You don't have to spend this all, and it might be a good idea to store some for later. Don't worry if you can't buy all the stuff you want right away - once you get roleplaying and earn some OM, your options will quickly start to open up. We won't reveal the exact formula here, but it's about 100 OM for every 1000 words. Pretty soon you'll have more OM than you know what to do with, so for now, just focus on the essentials. If you're having trouble picking powers and proficiencies, a staff member can help you out.

Some characters are great at fighting in melee, whereas others specialise in shooting bullets, beams, or throwing weapons. Other characters like to use both. When you start, you'll need to choose between either the Physical Strength or Ranged Proficiency, or both. If you start with either the Physical Strength or Ranged Proficiency, you'll have 4000 OM left to spend on Powers and Moves. If you start with both, you'll have 3000 OM left to spend on Powers and Moves. Characters who start with only the Ranged Proficiency MUST buy at least one move or they'll be unable to defend themselves! You may also wish to spend some of your OM on other, advanced proficiencies such as Debuff Proficiency, but we recommend waiting until you're ready to buy more advanced moves. Buying proficiencies you won't be using right away is pointless, and may as well be saved until you're ready, as you might change your mind about what you want.

Most characters will want to start with a power or two, chosen from the Powers Page. Bear in mind that some powers like Healing or Flight are very expensive, and if you choose to start with one you'll have less OM for Moves. It's your choice, though!

We recommend starting out with one or two simple moves, such as a gun (for those with Ranged Proficiency), or an extra-powerful attack (such as a punch which needs to be charged up), or a grappling hook, sword or other weapon/item. Characters starting with Ranged Proficiency will need to buy at least one move, such as a gun or beam attack, so that you can defend yourself against superpowered foes.

Be sure to check out the Moves Rules as this details what proficiencies you'll need for moves and the pricing system. This also explains the level of detail we like to see in moves. For example, regardless of the move, you'll always need to list its speed. Fast moves will be less powerful, slow moves will be more powerful. We ask for a lot of detail on moves, so we recommend keeping it fairly straightforward and simple to start. Use these examples as guidelines. See the moves page for the full list of things to consider, and see other joining topics for ideas and common mistakes, as this is usually where the most mistakes are made.

You can also get Moves approved after joining by using the Move Approval Thread if you prefer. We recommend you keep it simple for your first moves - the staples are what you'll use the most often. Please limit your starting moves to five simple moves, or 1500 OM maximum on moves to keep things expedient before you join.

Moves sometimes take a few renditions to get right. We appreciate it if you leave the old, un-approved versions rather than editing them out, that way other new joiners can see the difference in what made them approvable. :)

Anything else!

You don't have to spend all your OM. If there's anything besides Proficiencies, Powers or Moves you want to buy right away (such as a particular item like a base, or an additional stat point) just save the OM and you can purchase it once you're joined up. It's wise to plan ahead if there's anything you know you want to buy in the near future.

Not enough OM?

After joining, you'll continue to gain OM at around 10 OM per hundred words (double that if you're currently 'rested') so don't worry too much about the strict initial budget. Just write, and you'll quickly get the OM to build your character how you want. Part of the fun of RPGs is developing your character.

Finally ...
Please confirm that you have read the Rules of Conduct. You may also want to like our Facebook page to get our updates or, if you prefer, follow us on Twitter - this is completely optional. Some folks also include a writing sample, but this is also optional.

Remember that multi-accounting without permission is treated as a serious rulebreak. If you are posting from the same IP as someone else and don't announce it, we may have to assume you are trying to multi-account.

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. It's a good idea to search, as most common questions have been answered in the FAQ and rules pages. We're happy to help clarify things, but it gets a little annoying when people ask the same questions we've answered a billion times before.

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Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 08:56 PM - Forum: Site NPCs - No Replies

[Image: 6TFg1Wv.jpg]
Little is known about Omni besides what he tells all Primes when they enter the Omniverse. It is generally assumed that he is the creator of the Omniverse. He seems to have complete and undisputed power, but his only motivation seems to be to watch the goings of the Omniverse. It is known that he lives in the Oververse, and that it is possible to find him there. Many have sought him out for answers as to the nature of the Omniverse. Only a handful have reached him.

Omni has a number of 'angels' who work directly for him, and who share a fraction of his power. They follow the same rules of non-interference as Omni, though they have been known to step out of line occasionally.

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  Story Requests
Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 07:19 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (126)

You can be as specific or unspecific as you like, though you should include where your current location is or where you want the story to take place. For example, you might say “give me a story anywhere” or “give me a story for five people in the Vasty Deeps” or “give me a mystery story in Camelot” or “give me a story for the Endless Dunes where I get to beat up robots”. A staffer might respond, or a regular member might. If you don’t like the story you’re given, you’re free to request another, just remember that nobody is obliged to come up with story ideas for you!

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