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  The Blight
Posted by: PepsiWhirda - 09-05-2013, 03:17 PM - Forum: The Tangled Green - Replies (24)

Whirda came to consciousness much the same way she always did, except someplace different. The trip through the portal was timeless, weightless, a brief flash of light, color, and definition. Like someone cranked up the cosmic contrast knob to test its efficacy. Then her feet were back on solid ground.

In contrast with the appearance of the gate—girdled with jungle vines, emitting that fetid, vegetal smell Whirda knew only from childhood stories of the jungles of Chult—, she stood now in an open field of hardscrabble soil, patched here and there with scraggles of grass. At her back, surrounding the portal, which on this end showed none of the vines, wind-worn stone, or island palm trees of the ones she had seen from the fountain, was a copse of trees, something like poplar or aspen. Across the field, spaced about fifty meters apart, were similar groves, but no other portals were in sight.

Far to the north, the trees grew closer together, thickening into a vast forest that continued as far toward the horizon as Whirda could see. The air was alive with the sound of wildlife, the distant forest breathing with the wind like a great beast. Whirda smiled. It reminded her of time spent with her mother, soon after the move to Luskan. Of hunting goblinkin, kobolds, trolls, sometimes even the drow and duergar who ventured out of the Underdark under cover of night.

The rebel in her blood was near to boiling. She felt again, for the first time since her mother's death, that unique shudder of wander- and battlelust, that indomitable feeling that had seen her through so many battles, the collection of so many bounties, the successful completion of innumerable missions in the names of the pirate lords of Luskan. She made for the thickening trees. A place where she could avoid notice, and perhaps find prey. With any luck, the same vile creatures who occupied Faerûn could be found in this land. She could do with a good slaughter.

Whirda walked, kicking clods of dirt and spinning her blades playfully. For the first time in years, she felt something approximating happy. Perhaps this universe—this Omniverse—wasn't so bad after all.

Then, above the trees a few miles distant, smoke. Great plumes belched into the sky, sooty black, as of a filthy fire. Large, indicating a band of no small number. Whirda smiled. Adventure had found her once more.

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  Elemental Powers
Posted by: Omni - 09-05-2013, 02:34 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (9)

So Elemental Powers. Elements are cool, super cool, we all know it, but right now all the Elemental Powers do is add flavor. I actually made a fair attempt to give them a 'use' in this system compared to AD (saying how fire is more offensive in nature, air is quicker, etc), but at the end of the day they don't let you do anything you can't without the powers, unless you outright want to say "this effect is caused by fire/lightning/wind." It's iffy, because some folks will just say "it's dark energy but appears in the shape of a flame" and it's essentially the same thing but without the requirements. We can debate what should and shouldn't count until the end of the day, or we can remove the powers and just let people decide whether their move is made of super-lowfat-genetically-engineered-mayonnaise or water.

What say ye's, o people of the Omniverse?

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  Prison Break?
Posted by: Thaal Sinestro - 09-05-2013, 08:18 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (48)

So I had an idea for after Scramble for Sinestro, Ganon and anyone else who joins the Legion Of Doom. We could go break Joker out of jail, in an attempt to recruit him. Obviously he wouldn't have to join.

I wanted to clear the idea with Omni first, obviously, and also obviously Joker. I know its supposed to be a big bad prison and all, but if we can't break in then what differentiates it from being banished?

C'mon dudes, it'll be fuuun

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  Nanoha: currpt nazi space girl
Posted by: Omni - 09-04-2013, 01:34 PM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (3)

Nanoha Takamachi Wrote:Writin' right now

He's lying, he's nerding out to me about buster buster divine shot energy cartridge systems on skype. Proof:

[19:03:19] Ben White (Anzekay): The furthest Nanoha has gone now is having a set of flying shield barriers with plasma cannons in them, some of which are set into her barrier jacket, called 'Fortress' and the Strike Cannon which is a massive Railgun powered by magic
[19:04:04] Ben White (Anzekay): for use against mage killers
[19:04:54] Ben White (Anzekay): magic doesn't affect them? shoot projectiles at the speed of light then
[19:05:06] Greg Harris: what would that be called?
[19:05:28] Greg Harris: the super kawaii magical nanoha S dreams and love railgun of magic destruction cartridge mode?
[19:05:39] Ben White (Anzekay): The Strike Cannon
[19:05:43] Ben White (Anzekay): I said that you foo'
[19:05:45] Greg Harris: I prefer my name
[19:05:55] Greg Harris: *crosses arms*
[19:06:42] Ben White (Anzekay): yeah well Samus' grapple beam is now the super fruity groping beam of major pedantry super top molestation
[19:07:04] Greg Harris: no, that'd be the beam whip
[19:07:14] Greg Harris: beam whip is the codename
[19:07:15] Ben White (Anzekay): and her block beam is the I like lego bricks but I'm too pussy to make them beam
[19:07:28] Greg Harris: that doesn't even make sense
[19:07:32] Greg Harris: if they're lego bricks
[19:07:34] Greg Harris: and she's making them
[19:07:35] Greg Harris: I
[19:07:46] Ben White (Anzekay): but they're not
[19:07:48] Ben White (Anzekay): they're blocks
[19:07:49] Ben White (Anzekay): not bricks
[19:07:55] Ben White (Anzekay): you hack
[19:07:59] Greg Harris: *throws block at you*
[19:08:04] Greg Harris: hack that
[19:08:07] Ben White (Anzekay): Divine.... BUSTER
[19:08:22] Greg Harris: you miss because the block blocked your vision
[19:08:29] Greg Harris: now I'm behind you and I use charge beam
[19:08:30] Greg Harris: your dead
[19:08:35] Ben White (Anzekay): the block didn't block my vision of the block
[19:08:38] Ben White (Anzekay): the block is gone
[19:08:43] Ben White (Anzekay): victory is mine
[19:08:52] Greg Harris: you just hit the block you didnt hit me
[19:08:56] Ben White (Anzekay): you had mind melded with the block
[19:08:59] Ben White (Anzekay): so you die
[19:09:05] Ben White (Anzekay): you fool
[19:09:10] Ben White (Anzekay): was the extra 1 hp worth it?
[19:09:18] Ben White (Anzekay): even though you only had half cover?
[19:09:21] Greg Harris: I cancel mind meld because my best friend is a telepath and he just happened to be around to help out at the last second
[19:09:30] Ben White (Anzekay): no that's not him
[19:09:32] Ben White (Anzekay): that's yuuno
[19:09:34] Greg Harris: I cut you in half with beam sword

Update: over the next week we will be converting to a chat-based format. All of the current rules and forums will be deleted, and replaced with embedded midis, guestbooks and inspirational text formatted as animated font gifs. Let's all have fun and enjoy the Omniverse!!

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Posted by: Omni - 09-04-2013, 08:03 AM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (3)

Make Majora's Mask-inspired moves. Zora/Goron/Deku scrub moves. They could also (and should also) be alternate forms. Do it. Do it. Do it do it do it do it

Then I can say "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" and smile in this super creepy way, and we'll all laugh

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  To whom it may concern:
Posted by: Ganondorf - 09-04-2013, 02:13 AM - Forum: The Whateververse, Man - Replies (20)

Seems like these twin boys of mine are on the way. Updates to follow.

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  Ganon's Path to Greatness
Posted by: Ganondorf - 09-03-2013, 05:19 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (157)

So, after the Scramble, I plan on taking Ganondorf to the most lawless portion of the 'Verse, The Endless Dunes. Once there, I plan to start creating my own kingdom, obviously gonna be very slow going with lots of subversion, alliances, etc.

Basically, I'm wondering who would like to join me in my quest? Eventually (as in sooner than the kingdom), I'd like to gather up all the villainous characters (and any hapless mooks) and make a sort of "alliance" with them. A Legion of Doom, you could call it.

Who's interested?

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  Quick NPCs question
Posted by: Nanoha Takamachi - 09-03-2013, 12:18 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

Okay so, the rules on NPC submission/suggestion implies they have to be original characters, yes?

Are we allowed to submit a suggestion for an existing character to be an NPC, provided we get clearance for that? I have three NPCs in mind who are either very, very, obscure, from a novel and inherently wouldn't work as a person-written Prime, or just unlikely to get chosen as a person-written Prime.

If that is kosher, in theory, then I'll do actual write ups for them and see what Omni/Ganon think. Just checking ahead so I don't spend time on something I couldn't do anyway.

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Posted by: Blink - 09-03-2013, 02:09 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (6)

This is a continuation of a conversation in the Scramble OOC thread.

So, while I appreciate all of the information in the 'About the World' thread, I hope that it can be understood that everything is explained very vaguely. So, with that said, can I get some clarification on summoning and Omnilium and all that?

If I want to summon goons, how do I do that? How long does it take?

Do I need Omnilium to create things, like let's say (just completely hypathetical)...a shack. If so, how do I obtain Omnilium? If not, what's the point of finding Omnilium?

I apologize that I require a 'for-dummies' guide.


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  Feedback Suggestion
Posted by: Thaal Sinestro - 09-02-2013, 07:21 PM - Forum: Omniverse Discussion - Replies (4)

Instead of a general "Feedback" thread, you could have two. One is a general" lulz Mark Hamill Joker lul" thread, and the other being a formal feedback form forum. The formal feedback form would be worth OM and have to follow a strict-ish and give pretty objectively useful information to improve with.

I made that form a bit back. Notice how it was written for a different system, so some minor wording tweaks will need ot be done.


Review Form

Description and Clarity:
This section covers how effectively the writer created the world around the reader. Making sure that the reader can understand what is being described, using vivid or appropriate descriptions of items, events and people in the story and having good word choice all go into this section of the review. Note that using “purple prose” is not always effective, nor is consistently using flat, dry description. A writer that gets a good score in this section draws the reader into the world and allows them to see through the eyes of the character/narrator.

No two writers write in the same style, nor should they. Even individual stories call for individual writing styles, a mood that creates a tinted lens through which the story is viewed. This is traditionally called the “voice” of the writer and it is a very important part of writing. A writer with a high score in this considers tone, pacing and including/disincluding detail throughout the entire story.

Character development, the actions and motivation of characters and dialogue are all important in this section. The goal is to create “round” characters as opposed to “flat” ones. Making the people in your writing seem real, not just archetypes following a plot progression is the goal here. The writer should consider who the people they are writing as are as individuals, why they take certain actions, their personal problems and boon, how they interact with the world around themselves and how they approach problems are all considerations for a writer in this section. Note that not all GOOD characters are LIKABLE characters. If you really hate a character who’s well written, this section deserves a high score!

Every body of creative writing, no matter how short or long, follows a storyline. How well the themes, events, messages and twists grab the reader is what makes the difference between a decent story and a great story. The writer must capture the reader’s attention hold it with the actions of characters and the world around them. This isn’t to say that a writing must be packed with action or intrigue, even something as simple as eating breakfast can be made into a great story. The presentation of events and how those events tie into the writer’s voice is what makes it good reading.

Grammar and Spelling:
This is the clerical work of the body of work. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and anything else that can be considered technical goes into this section. If a reviewer does not feel comfortable judging this section, they may simply like a “-“ sign instead of a grade and the average will be adjusted. Generally every major grammatical error per 500 words moves this section down one grade.

This section is devoted to how well you, as the reader, liked the story overall. If there is anything that made you love or hate a story that isn’t listed above, or can be expanded upon, it goes here. A writer knowing and catering to their audience can be just as important as anything else when it comes to writing (eg: Twilight).

(Each of these sections should have at least 1 paragraph of review! )

Description and Clarity:




Grammar and Spelling:
SPECIFIC Examples of Errors and Corrected Versions:


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