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  The Pale Moors Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:39 PM - Forum: The Pale Moors - Replies (2)

The Pale Moors

If you dare take either of the gates from the Nexus or Camelot, you will soon find yourself in the town of Darkshire, so named for the perpetual clouds blotting out the sun’s gaze. Once the centerpiece of the Kingdom's colonial interests, it is now a place where everybody locks their doors and windows at night. As the frontline in the war against Diablo, Darkshire suffered terribly before the fighting concluded.  In the aftermath, it failed to recover when the Kingdom gradually withdrew from the verse, and the arrival of a foreboding castle on the horizon has only complicated matters.

Ever since Diablo, all manner of undead creatures have begun to wander the land, making day-to-day tasks like farming perilous. Attacks on Darkshire have become common.  Even so, citizens often disappear from their beds or their guard posts. Now only those very brave, foolhardy, or with no choice remain.

Outside of Darkshire, the landscape is one of rolling fields dotted with forests, wetlands, and varied bodies of water.  Travelers leaving Darkshire are advised not to eat or drink anything they find in the wildness and avoid any dense fog they may encounter, particularly around the abandoned city of Silent Hill in the mountains.


Darkshire has recently undergone a shift in government, although the situation has long-since stabilized, resulting in relative success for the town in recent months.  

Outside of Darkshire, the rest of the Moors has seen an increase in activity as new primes flock to Dracula. The interior of the Moors hasn't been this dangerous since the peak of the Blight.

What appears to have been a dormant volcano erupted in the interior of the Moors, near the site of the Primordial Scar, many months ago. Reports are still murky.



Darkshire was once a thriving colonial outpost of the Kingdom.  It was renowned for its beautiful architecture of brick, dark woods, and stone. Once the jewel of the Kingdom, Darkshire was a beautiful walled city, populated by the rich and successful who sought escape from the rigors of life in Camelot (think of Bowerstone in the earlier Fable series). While times have changed, this legacy can still be found throughout a city that came so very close to the precipice of destruction so many years ago. Although most blatant indicators of former Kingdom affiliation, including the earlier government, have been washed away, many buildings still match designs you might see in Minas Tirith's well-to-do neighborhoods, although quite a few of those one illustrious hotels and boarding homes have become little more than glorified tenements.

At its height, Darkshire was home to nearly ten thousand souls. The Terror War and the subsequent withdrawal of the Kingdom caused those numbers to plunge to what was almost a breaking point a few years back. The arrival of hardened primes and weary souls has helped Darkshire to recover, although it will be a long time and a lot of spilled blood deep in the Moors before the city regains any semblance of what it once had. Even so, Darkshire's people are a hardy, resolute bunch that do not waver in the face of adversity. Those that might have long-since left the Pale Moors, leaving behind a population of citizens with little more than laconic wit in lieu of the outside world.

With the souring of the Moors, Darkshire's existence has come under perpetual threat from all walks of horrors that stalk the rolling hills and scattered forests.  In recent months, Darkshire became embroiled in political bickering as its economic slumped and safety became even worse.  Reports surfaced that many in the town were consorting with drow, including the former mayor.  This led to a palace coup by Dobson Skendor (whose father had been murdered), Shang Tsung, Atelos, and a few other influential citizens.  A political-military council was created to govern the town, with Dobson as a ceremonial first-among-equals.

With the increased threats from the mindless beasts that roam the wilderness and those monsters organized under Count Dracula, Darkshire is not an overly happy place.  With the loss of the neighboring town of Silent Hill and the conflict between the Kingdom and the Empire, Darkshire must rely upon itself.  Visitors to this town will find a hardened, brooding people adapted to the gloom of the Moors.  

The following non-player characters are centered in Darkshire: Dobson Skender , Atelos

Dracula's Castle

No one is quite certain exactly when the castle appeared on the Pale Moors, only that it occurred sometime after the closure of the Underverse.  They only know that it's appearance is what started the Pale Moors gradual decline into a gray, hellish landscape populated by more beasts and monsters than humans.  Because no one has made it to the castle and lived to tell the tale, details of its interior are a mystery.  The most common parcel of knowledge is that it is run by Count Dracula, whose destruction seems to be the eventual aim of the doctor/hunter Abraham van Helsing  

The following non-player characters are centered at Dracula's Castle:  Count Dracula

Silent Hill

Silent Hill was started in the early days of the Omniverse, when the Pale Moors were known more for their beautiful scenary and wildlife, rather than the omnipresence of doom and disease. Primes like Henry Mason, Billy Coen, and Oswell E Spencer helped grow the place from a collection of lake-side huts to a full-fledged town. For years, its location--nestled between the beautiful Lake Teluca, the Arkelay Mountains, and Raccon Forest---made it a hotbed for all likes of Primes and secondaries. The town was not without its conspiracies--tales of experiments in the Spencer mansion and of a cult that worship the demonic lord of the Underverse. Even so, the community thrived even as the Pale Moors as a whole went into decline.

No one knows exactly what happened to the town, but roughly six months ago, a fog rolled in off the lake one morning. Fog was common due to the geography, but this fog never receded. Communication to and from the town became virtually impossible. Reports of grotesque, shambling creatures and the living dead began to flourish. Although these reports were common in the rest of the Moors, Silent Hill had long been a bastion. Anyone inside the town was soon considered to be dead or worse, and the few that entered the fog-soaked town after this incident rarely returned.

Those that did--a prime that committed suicide to escape--reported that the town was a realm of nightmares. Fog and rain shrouded horrifying creatures and crazed survivors. People still left in the town would often seem oblivious to the hellscape around them. The Prime also spoke of how the town would, from time to time, transform into a hellish, rusted reflection of itself. The change was heralded by an air-raid siren, and it always marked an increase in the presence of beasts and mental anguish. The Prime reported been tormented by dead friends and stalked by a man wearing a large, triangular helmet and dragging a massive cleaver.

Even still, Primes and secondaries still find reasons to try and brave the fog. Rarely do they return, and when they do, they are usually never the same mentally or physically. The only Prime who seems to have endured in Silent Hill is the Viper, who many will state was never quite whole of mind to begin with. The ‘woman’ can been seen roaming the towns and the fog-soaked countryside. Some say she searches for the cause of the town’s hellish state, while others claim she is nothing more than one more twisted, tormented soul wandering Silent Hill until the Omniverse’s end.

The following non-player characters are centered in Silent Hill: The Viper


Although no one has yet found the underground city of the drow and lived to tell of it, a few capture drow have leaked details of the place.  Located in the more rugged and hilly areas in the outer reaches of the Pale Moors, the underground city is home to the growing drow city-state.  Its warriors and clerics, under the leadership of their Matron Mother Triel Baenre, have gradually started to become a greater nuisance and threat for Darkshire and the various farms and settlements that try to exist out in the wilds of the Pale Moors.

The following non-player characters are centered in Menzoberranzan: Triel Baenre

Poenari Castle

If one travels far into the Moors, they will eventually run across the Poe River, which rushes down from the Carpathian Mountains that serve as one of the frontiers of the Moors. Nestled near the widest point of this river is a dilapidated fortress. At one point, years ago, Poenari Castle was the front line in the defense of the Pale Moors. Built over the course of a few weeks by some of the best mages of Camelot, the castle served for a long time as a bottleneck against the evil spilling out into the Moors. King Aragorn, Victor von Magnus, and Dumbledore spent several months at Poenari Castle when the nefarious attacks in the Moors were only intermittent assaults and guerrilla conflicts.

When the armies of Diablo started to spew forth from the Black Gate, Poenari Castle, despite its thick walls and natural defenses, became impossible to hold onto. The defenders, led by the three aforementioned Kingdom primes, held out for several weeks before it became clear that the situation was impossible. They were forced to retreat before escape could be cut off, and after another month of sieges, the castle fell to the armies of Diablo. By that point, Poenari had been so thoroughly ravaged that it was left to rot away--a giant mausoleum that is now mostly forgotten to the ravages of time and the reality of the Moors. The only one to visit the place in recent history is Argento Camarinos, who spent a few weeks at the place as part of a bigger journey to the Black Gate. The paladin reported that the place, despite clearly losing the battle against time, remains an impressive sight, even if he also mentioned that he heard moans and lamentations in the dead of night.

Poenari Castle has recently, more or less, fallen under the control of Illidan, who seeks to turn its host of monsters and fel creatures against the Light.

The Primordial Scar

If you travel a few days from Darkshire into the interior of the Pale Moors, you may stumble across the site of a recent battle.  It is here that the Tarrasque was fought and defeated by a coalition of 7 primes.  What had once been the site of a somewhat prosperous farming village is now a massive ruin.  Explosions detonated by the primes caused the tunnels beneath the area to collapse, leading to the creation of widely uneven terrain and numerous sinkholes.  Along with the holes and fissures, the area is dotted with strange rock formations caused by the cooling of magma, said to have been the Tarrasque's blood.  

At the epicenter of the area is an enormous sinkhole wide enough to have consumed a city block.  If the primes are to be believed, the spot is where the Tarrasque collapsed into the ground upon its demise.  While everyone has celebrated the end of the creature's rampage, there are those who doubt the validity of its death and cite the old stories they've shared since the early days of the Pale Moors.

The Black Gate

A few weeks from Darkshire is the Black Gate, the massive gate which once served as the entrance into the Underverse.  It was from this demonic structure that Diablo's armies flooded out into the rest of the Omniverse, and it was here that the armies of Camelot finally defeated the monster and ended his threat.  What remains is a rolling field of uneven terrain that houses hundred of dead warriors and demonic creatures.  The gate itself still stands--two black stone pillars with an arch on top.

The gate draws little to no visitors, as it is a long march through hostile territory.  Most people fear they will run across the ghosts of the dead or something far worse.  The paladin Argento visited this landmark months before he disappeared in Silent Hill, and a group led by Proto Man came here to banish the source of the Blight.


Known by many of the Fallen and other monsters of the Moors as the Towers that Eclipse Darkshire, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry rose in a matter of minutes upon a high hill overlooking an equally deep lake. This location in particular places it three or four hours from Darkshire, making it an ideal fall back position should the worst happen and the village is invaded.

To all who see it, even at distance and to those lacking any particularly crafted sense, it practically thrums with an inviting magical energy. For those who accept that invitation, they will find themselves passing under a single high walled entrance and through a slowly populating village before reaching Hogwarts’ hallowed exterior. Bear it no ill will and you find yourself in a place will to teach you all the subtle intricacies of the arcane and occult.

Roaming NPCs

Abraham van Helsing - Professor Abraham van Helsing can be found wandering throughout the Pale Moors.  He makes stops at the small villages that exist in the decrepit wastes, offering his services as a doctor and a hunter before moving on.  His goals are unknown, although the stories go that he seeks the destruction of Dracula with the hopes that doing so will allow the Moors to heal.

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  The Endless Dunes Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:38 PM - Forum: The Endless Dunes - Replies (2)

The Endless Dunes

Accessible from the Nexus, Coruscant and the Ashen Steppes. The Endless Dunes a verse ruled by the laws of survival.  The Dunes were once a far more verdant area, but in the Empire’s efforts to fuel its war effort, the Dunes were drained of resources, leaving behind the nearly barren wasteland that exists today.  The Empire maintains a fleeting influence over the region from the city of Carrefore, and if one travels far enough (and survives, for that matter), they would stumble across the remains of old Imperial dig sites, refineries, and production plants.  Long abandoned by their former masters, these weathered shells are now hosts to beast and bandit alike.

When one emerges from the gates, they find themselves in a savanna, with sparse trees and grasslands.  The climate here borders on bearable, with a rainy season not present in the interior.  There is one settlement here, the city of Carrefore, nestled around an oasis.  A little over half a day's travel from here will take you to the Town With No Name, the last bastion of civilization in the Bowl.  

The surrounding mountains and valleys are the home of many tribes of psychotic, cannibalistic bandits who have succumbed to the life-or-death nature of the verse. Many other bandits have fled Coruscant with Empire tech, only to find that life here is no better than gang life in the lower tiers of Coruscant. Here, you are as likely to die to a bullet as you are to wild beasts.

Beyond the valleys, the land becomes more arid and so does the danger of death by dehydration or starvation. The further you go, the less there is, until there is only sand in every direction. Even Primes have been driven to the brink of their sanity after becoming lost and following mirages for days before dying and reincarnating at the Nexus. It is said that past a certain point, the passage of time becomes even more distorted than the rest of the Omniverse. It can seem as though weeks pass in a single day. But should you make it to the end of the end of the dunes, something amazing awaits.


The collapse of Nippur (stemming from the banishing of Gilgamesh), the banishing of Ganondorf, and the disappearance of Sinestro has returned to Dunes to what it was in the aftermath of the Imperial withdrawal -- chaos and little more.  The Town with No Name endures, and Carreforre has continued to develop its own, unique identity.


Carrefore - The region where Carrefore is located is all that remains of the original Endless Dunes.  Even still, this savanna-like region is still populated by various walks of life that would sooner kill a traveler than look at him or her twice.  The city of Carrefore, nestled on an oasis, provides an important waystation for travel between Coruscant, the interior of the Dunes, and the Ashen Steppes.  With a gate to Coruscant further in the Dunes, Carrefore keeps an eye on the nearby Nexus gate.  This allows Coruscant to further track traffic from the heart of the Omniverse, as well as control the flow of resources through a region they once utterly dominated.  The town looks and feels much like one might expect an early 20th century town in North Africa, albeit with an infusion of technology.  Although initially little more than a waystation, the area has developed its own cultural identity over the years, much like Costa del Sol in the Vasty Deep.

At the cultural heart of Carrefore is Rick's Cafe Americain.  Always a site for drinks, music, and gambling, Rick's provides the closest thing to a nightlife in Carrefore, and the place is never dull or quiet.

A railway connects Carrefore to the Town With No Name.

The Town With No Name - At the peak of the war between the Kingdom and the Empire, the Endless Dunes became pivotal due to its wealth of resources.  The people sent here to extract precious materials and OM centered in the area that would become the Town with No Name. The Town with No Name is as close as you can get to civilization in the interior of the Endless Dunes.  Yet, to use the term ‘civilization’ would be a stretch.  When the region became a wasteland, the Empire pulled out its military and the Town and the Dunes themselves became a bastion of crime and madness.  It is only the presence of Roland Deschain that prevents the town from descending into complete and utter chaos.  

A railway connects The Town With No Name to Carrefore.

The following non-player characters are centered in the Town with No Name: Roland Deschain


Once entering throug h either of the Gates, anyone who desires to travel to the broken city must undertake a half a day's journey via vehicle or many days of walking. The city seems to be another half-day's journey from that of the Town With No Name. Formerly a mining settlement abandoned by the empire, the town was founded by King Gilgamesh and his loyal followers. Nippur grew quickly after its founding and attracted settlers from the more remote parts of the Dunes seeking refuge beneath the leadership of a man deemed a 'controversial' individual due to his penchant for violence and strong-armed responses to opposition. Nippur resembles an ancient Middle Eastern town, with sandstone walls, temples, and other various structures. Like many locations in the Omniverse, its culture is not homogenous, and there are plenty of more 'modern' structures, utilities, and services.

A monarchy led by a charismatic man with a deeply developed cult of personality, Nippur was thrown into permanent disarray when it suffered a string of attacks. Two solitary acts of violence against Nippur was followed by a full-scale assault by a force of primes under the loose leadership of Sinestro, the Deputy of the Town with No Name. Breaching the walls of the city, the primes besieged the streets of the city. Various skirmishes broke out throughout Nippur's districts. The Siege of Nippur was not as lop-sided as many journalists and historians account, but during the battle, King Gilgamesh was defeated and banished. Without their leader and with many of his lieutenants abroad, the city fell into chaos.
With no one to fill the power vacuum, Nippur's people fractured as some clung to the old regime and others sought something new. Alongside this internal strife, the city also became the target of various raids from nomadic warlords and psychopaths, namely the Deathchew Clan, led by Baron Deathchew. 

The Golden Cross, an organization set up by several inter-verse companies, has sought to provide the city with humanitarian aid and although successes were originally limited due to the Dunes' chaotic nature, with Gilgamesh’s recent return, they have become a big help to the citizens of Nippur. Enabled by Gilgamesh’s building of Nippur’s first hospital, Golden Cross Hospital, named to honor the organization, morale within the city has begun to increase for the first time in years. In fact, with Gilgamesh's return to the city, comes proclamations of a rebirth to grandeur, a set of new laws to uphold, and an ensemble of primes tasked to enacting the betterment of Nippur's state. More can be found about New Babylon here.

The Forgotten Fortress & the Ghost Village - For few years now, this imposing structure has stood out in the wilderness of the Endless Dunes.  A large black fortress above a cooled obsidian threaded with veins of lava, the fortress has stood without an owner for years.  Vagrants and travelers have taken to using the decaying fortress as a waypoint for their travels further into the Endless Dunes.  Efforts to modify the fortress have met with failure, resulting in its gradual decay and its usage as a staging point for all sorts of travelers.

Across from the fortress used to be a village.  A few adobe brick structures remain, although most of the structures have long since been cannabalized by travelers, nomads, and/or vagrants.  The village was once inhabited by a tribe of 'gerudos,' but any record of those peoples has since vanished.

The Lost Civilization - The Endless Dunes is dotted with a variety of landmarks.  Old Imperial mineral stations, oil refineries, and shanty towns.  There are also the relics of before the Imperials arrived.  Pyramids, obelisks, and temples of various shapes and sizes can be found.  Some have been plundered, while others are waiting to be found... buried beneath hills of sand or collapsed mountains.

The 'lost civilization' isn't so much a full civilization as a cluster of such landmarks.  Sandstone and blackstone, the structures are adorned with hieroglyphs that seem to span a few languages, based on limited scholarly study.  Due to its remoteness and the dangers of the outer Dunes, there aren't many (sane) individuals that frequent the area.  The Lonely Ziggarut, a monolithic piece of architecture, is roughly twenty miles out from this fragment of a lost society.  

The Dark Tower - Far out in the vast wastes of the Dunes lies the Dark Tower.  A monolithic tower that blends human architecture and natural geology, the landmark is said to house an entrance into the Void, for those who can find it.  Beware, the region is known to be the home of Jhen Mohran (read the quest for more details), a monstrous beast that reigns supreme in the rarely visited area of the Dunes.

Roaming NPCs

None currently

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  The Tangled Green Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:37 PM - Forum: The Tangled Green - Replies (2)

The Tangled Green

Through gates from the Nexus and Kingdom lies the Tangled Green, a massive forest filled with mystery. While some areas are drier and cooler, others are hotter and more humid. Similarly, some areas are dark, with almost no sunlight seeping through, whereas in other areas it can be bright even despite the trees, particularly around Yggdrassil, the World Tree, where magical wisps light up the air. Unlike many of the other more desolate verses, the Tangled Green is home to innumerable plant and animal species.  Unfortunately, many of these are predators who survive by being the greater hunter.

The Green is home to the elves and the ninjas, who serve as its most civilized denizens.  These two, both neutral in the conflict between Kingdom and Empire, only work together when it comes to combating the more barbaric denizens of the Verse.  Various tribes of orcs and goblins inhabit the Tangled Green.  The population is estimated around ten thousand, and despite constant warfare, the numbers continue to grow. Should all the tribes of orcs and goblins unite, it would be an end to both the elves and ninjas.  While they will sometimes band together temporarily for greater plunder, petty squabbles and arguments tend to shatter these alliances almost as quickly as they form.

There are some tribes of peaceful, intelligent orcs and goblins, but they are few and far between. The vast majority are a warlike people, taken to fighting whoever for whatever reason. Their shamans have been known to summon creatures to the forest, with a particular fondness for dinosaurs. Unfortunately, they are less skilled at keeping the creatures captive. As a result, the wildlife in the Tangled Green can be somewhat … unpredictable.

The further you go from the gates, the denser and darker the forest becomes, to the point where passage becomes almost impossible, not least because of the things that lurk in the shadows.  As one approaches the fringes of the Tangled Green, the forests and jungles give way to a dark, foreboding morass. It is said that these swamps will sap even your will to live. But should you progress beyond this point, it may well be worth your while.


Although the Blight has stopped to spread, its effects are still felt in the extremes of the Tangled Green.

Efforts to heal the Scorched Grove have gone slowly, with Camelot's Mage Guild started to become preoccupied with issues back home.

Even so, the settlements of the Tangled Green continue to boom, with the gradual development of Ambrosia, a settlement for wayward individuals.  Led by Guu, of Dataverse and Dante's Abyss fame, Ambrosia's influence is on the rise.


Yggdrasil - “The World Tree.”  This gigantic tree, rising high above the rest of the forest, is filled with mazes of passageways and large enough to house the hundreds of elves that make it their home. Led by the high priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, they have officially remained neutral in the war between the Kingdom and the Empire, but unofficially support Aragorn in his struggles. While secular by nature, they have been forced to accept assistance from the outside world due to the sheer impracticality of maintaining the safety of their home.

The following non-player characters are centered at Yggdrasil: Tyrande Whisperwind

Mokugakure - Somewhere in the forest lies the ninja city of Mokugakure (literally meaning Hidden Village in the Forest). They are led by the great ninja Tsunade (officially titled the Morikage, meaning Forest Shadow). Mokugakure is officially neutral in the war and has been hired by both sides. Incredibly, ninjas from the village have even faced each other in the war. Assassinations even happen with regularity in the town, proving that even within Mokugakure there are many factions secretly at war with one another.

The following non-player characters are centered at Mokugakure: Tsunade

Ambrosia - Just a twenty minute mount ride due south from the Nexus gate, you’ll find the city of Ambrosia. Formerly a colony of Camelot, the architecture of main part of the city has the rustic feel reminiscent of an American settlement from the 1800s, but due to the current populace, the buildings become more modern and off-the-wall as you near the outer reaches of the city limits. In the direct center of town is Pokute Palace, a large pink mansion with hundreds of rooms and a jungle sanctuary that forms a ring around the palace. Surrounding the city is a number of orchards, a chocobo ranch, and farms where exotic fruits are grown. Due east is a haunted forest full of spirits of varying alignments.

The city itself serves as a safe haven for unusual people and creatures. Because of this, the population is full of oddities like animal humanoids, fairy-type Pokemon, and Moogles that live peacefully amongst the human populace. The city is currently ruled by Princess Guu, who has proven to be mostly benevolent towards her people.  Parties interested in helping Ambrosia should reach out to the princess.

The Hidden Temple - No one is quite sure when the Hidden Temple was erected, but most would place it near the creation of the Tangled Green.  The style seems to come from historical jungle kingdoms, although the temple was empty on discovery so one can only guess both its origin and inspiration.  Littered with effigies of strange gods, the temple has become host to a cult of orcs who consider the place the crypt of some sleeping god.  The Cult of Tlaloc is as cultured as orcs can get, and while they are more than happy to welcome travelers and discuss their beliefs, their religious practices nevertheless include live sacrifices and a zealous dedication to warfare.

The Animus River - The Animus river and its tributaries run throughout the entire Tangled Green, forming the sole water basin for the giant forest verse. It is from the Animus that all life in the Tangled Green sprung, and more often than not, much life returns to the river due to its violent currents and the host of ferocious wildlife that call its depths home.  The headwaters of the Animus are unknown, although most travelers believe they are somewhere beyond the current boundary of the verse.  The river itself snakes through almost every part of the Green, with the night elves, ninjas, orcs, and every other settlement usually located somewhere close to the river or one of her tributaries.  At its widest, the banks of the river are miles apart, and even at its shallowest, the river presents a challenge to travelers.  During rainier seasons, the river swells uncontrollably, and while this can lead to destruction and death, the receding banks leave behind nutrient-rich soil, allowing for life to renew itself.

Sierra Silme - Non-elves call this long stretch the mountains the 'starlight peaks.' A long mountain range that snakes its way through the three different biomes of the Tangled Green, these peaks never rival those that one can find in the other verses. At no point are they tall enough to accumulate snow, even in the more moderate regions of the verse. Even so, the Sierra Silme is beautiful and picturesque, with its rolling green mountains and waterfalls. The headwaters of the Animus are located in these mountains, as well as a variety of ruins that may have been left behind by long-lost civilizations (or perhaps they were just created by long-vanished prime, who knows). At a few points along their range, the Sierras break above the canopy that otherwise covers the majority of the Tangled Green, providing some of the only 'aerial' views of the Green outside of Yggdrasil.

The Blighted Dell - Some of the furthest reaches of the Tangled Green have been ravaged by 'the Blight,' a corrupting and mutating disease that causes most trees to waste away and turns most living creatures into monsters.  The Blighted Dell is a dangerous and forlorn place, and most ill-equipped travels would do well to avoid traveling through the area.  Darkspawn, both intelligent and otherwise, are known to prowl the area, particularly once the sun sets and the region is bathed in starless night.

The Scorched Grove - A few miles from the Nexus gate lays about a half square mile of forest burned down as a part of large fire from earlier in the year.  The cause of the fire is unknown, although accounts link it with a small group of travelers attempting to combat the effects of the Blight.  While efforts to restore the forest have been launched, they are slow and not many parties outside the Green are willing to exhaust the resources.

Roaming NPCs

Whompt - The orc mercenary known as Whompt has been spotted hanging out in the Tangled Green as of late, enjoying himself and casually looking for profitable work.

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  The Vasty Deep Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:36 PM - Forum: The Vasty Deep - Replies (1)

Vasty Deep

By taking a gate from either the Nexus or Coruscant, you will come here to Costa del Sol, a large island that serves as the Empire’s outpost in this verse. Past here, the islands are as varied as they are many, mostly empty but often inhabited.

Generally, the western parts of the verse are hotter, while the eastern parts are colder - it is on one snowy island that the gate to the Frozen Fields can be found.  Many other islands exist, from those with small cities reminiscent of year-2000-era humanity to ones inhabited by giants and monsters.  Someone could spend an eternity sailing the seas of the Vasty Deep and still discover new islands and new underwater treasures.

At the far end of the verse, the islands become more and more sparsely inhabited until the emptiness of the ocean takes over. It is said that at the verse's southernmost point, there is a small island on which sits a gate to the Void .... but somewhere in the depths is a monster who preys on those hoping to reach it.


Nebula's forces ravaged the Deeps for months without a force to check them. The Empire, with its Imperial Navy, offered little more than containment measures to prevent the darklings from reaching the 'interior' region of the Deep, leaving those settlements in the periphery and vast hinterland to fend for themselves. The pirates, who once had a center of power on Blue Flame Island, are decentralized following the destruction of the island and the city-state of Bilgewater. Sabaody Archipelago has likewise been abandoned in the wake of its nearly complete desolation by Nebula. Rapture, the underwater city-state run by the capitalist Andrew Ryan, has officially closed its doors to all outsiders. No new news has flowed from the city.


Costa del Sol - Costa del Sol – Located just on the other side of the Nexus gate, Costa del Sol is the heart of Imperial activity in the Vasty Deep. Situated on a large island, the city showcases a fusion of advanced technology and historical materials and architectural styles. This almost perfect fusion of old and new makes Costa del Sol a truly fascinating city, despite the fact that it serves as the keystone for the Empire’s control in the interior part of the verse. While nowhere near the size and scale of any Tier of Coruscant, Costa is a large city with a thriving economy and a diverse population. Legislation is dictated from an elected council of local leaders and businessmen, but the real authority lays with Vi, the brash, raw, and fearless woman with the giant mechanical fists.

While Costa del Sol serves as the focal point for trade for the Empire, it is also the home to a flourishing tourist industry. Much like the city of Silent Hill in the Pale Moors used to do before ‘the fog’, Costa del Sol attracts people from across the Omniverse with its rich and raucous ‘party district’. Designed to evoke the feel of 19th century parties in far-away tropical places, there are parades and grand parties almost every other day. It’s said that it is impossible to go to Costa del Sol’s party district and not leave happy. For the younger or less inclined toward hedonism, there are various gardens, theaters, zoos, and even an amusement and water park in Costa del Sol’s tourism quarter.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the large influxes of foreigners and visitors, there is a heavy police presence in Costa del Sol to ensure peace and stability in such a giant melting pot.

Costa del Sol serves as the home port for the Imperial Navy, an autonomous branch of the Empire’s military that ensures Coruscant controls most of the trade that flows through this enormous verse. Under the orders of Admiral Kizaru, the Imperial Navy operates around the clock, patrolling the waters around Costa del Sol and occasionally sending individual ships or small flotillas further into the Deep to combat piracy, runaway rebels, or merely to remind independent settlements of the Empire’s influence over the area.  Given the nature of the verse, the Imperial Navy can be seen as a composite force, made up of several various types of vessels.  Many, particularly Admiral Kizaru's fleet, have the appearance of 'golden age of sail' vessels, although there are some smaller pieces that many would consider 'more modern.'  The Imperial Navy also administrate Impel Down, an underwater prison for criminals (many of which tend to be primes) who have crossed the Empire in one way or another.

The following non-player characters are centered in Costa del Sol - Vi

Impel Down - The Empire's largely-undersea prison, Impel Down, is located just a few miles away from the city.  The prison is famed for its tiers of increasing severity. In previous days it would hold all manner of Primes and was guarded by Admiral Kizaru. Nowadays the admiral tends to leave Impel Down to his subordinates, preferring to sail the high seas enforcing the Empire's law.

Cinnabar Island - Nearer to the centre of the verse, Cinnabar Island houses a large community of monsters and outcasts who have removed themselves – to the best of their ability – from the outside world. Their reluctant leader, the genetically-enhanced creature Mewtwo, tends not to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the islanders unless his psychic powers are needed to keep the peace. As a result, it has become a mecca for those spurned from the Kingdom or Empire. While the Empire has made attempts to 'establish diplomatic relations' with Cinnabar Island, Mewtwo has made it entirely clear that the residents are independent, and will remain so. Many of the citizens are wary of outsiders, but are ferociously loyal to those who have proved themselves friends.

The following non-player characters are centered on Cinnabar Island: Mewtwo

Isla Nublar - A small, teardrop-shaped island with a jungle shrouded in clouds, Isla Nublar seems like a dreamy paradise from boats off shore.  That illusion was quickly lost when the first travelers ventured over the mountains that ring its perimeter.  Every member of that party died, slain by the natives of the island--dinosaurs.  Although small, Isla Nublar’s unique ecology allows various niches to thrive.  Only those foolhardy enough to seek glory would dare visit the island.

Fishman Island - The name is a slight misnomer, as Fishman Island is an underground kingdom.  Inhabited by merpeople, zoras and all other types of fishmen, it has a strange atmosphere where, depending on who you speak to, foreigners can either be treated as celebrities or dirt. Due to its location, visitors from the surface are rare. The denizens are often at odds with Rapture, whose proximity forces Fishman Island to remain constantly aware of its surroundings. Fishman Island is currently off-limits following a week-long radio silence. Anyone wanting to approach this location needs to contact the Storyteller department first.

Rapture - Deep beneath the rolling waves of the Vasty Deep inside a massive dome lies Rapture, an underwater city.  Rapture is perhaps the most amazing, terrifying thing in the entire verse. Run by the Coruscant refugee, Andrew Ryan, Rapture is a place where free enterprise and science run wild, free of regulations and other silly things like morality.  A very small island with a lighthouse marks the only access to Rapture, via a bathysphere, but entrance is often highly restricted.  A gorgeous, Art Deco-inspired city, Rapture was founded on the notion of excluding institutions like government and religion from everyday life.  The city is a capitalist’s haven, with no social programs and restrictions on business.  The wealthy are very well off, while the city’s less fortunate bristle with anger at Ryan.  Rapture is now on "lock-down", and a bounty will be placed on any outsiders.

The following non-player characters are centered on Rapture: Andrew Ryan

Roaming NPCs

Wartortle - A highly-intelligent and malicious creature, Wartortle leads a terror group called the ‘Liberation Front.’  Cells operate in most population centers in the important verses, and it is rumored that the leader himself resides somewhere in the Vasty Deep.

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  Coruscant Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:36 PM - Forum: Coruscant - Replies (2)


Home of the Empire, this sprawling city covers an entire Verse, constantly growing in all directions. Currently, there are seven tiers from top to bottom. After arriving from the Nexus gate on Tier One, you can take a sky-taxi through the always-clear sky to view the skyscrapers, parks, and imperial palace. Public Dataverse terminals are easy to find and use, although strictly monitored. For those with Omnilium in excess, you can buy a house or headquarters here – all construction is done by government-approved bodies, to be in keeping with the city’s image. The gates to the Vasty Deep and Endless Dunes both reside on Tier One.

Emperor Palpatine resides and governs from his central tower, the tallest in the city. He leaves this tower rarely, and is always accompanied by his personal guard. Nearby is the imperial palace, where the imperial council acts. They are somewhat perfunctory however, as any decisions of importance are made by the emperor. The official face of the council is King Bradley, a title bestowed of respect rather than an official one - he is known as Wrath only to his very, very close friends or enemies.

Stormtroopers patrolling the streets are one of the most endearing images of Coruscant. Law enforcement in the city is led by Judge Dredd, who endows all enforcers to act as both judge and executioner. Judge Dredd has countless other Judges who work beneath him and oversee various parts of the city but that doesn't stop him from being seen 'in the field' or responding to high-profile crimes.

The first and third tier are accessible by hundreds of elevators/lifts, each watched by cameras. There are also hatches large enough to allow transport vehicles to traverse between the tiers.  Past the third tier, there are elevators but also many other passages; enormous stairwells and even secret ducts that are able to lead to various floors, even the surface. There are thousands of meters between the upper tiers, though the lower tiers are somewhat more cramped.

Reminders: Coruscant is a military police state.  All of the Gates that lead to and from the verse are militarized and secured.  Anyone going through will be scanned.  Trying to not comply with this can result in a bounty, or at least getting put on the 'watch list' by the Empire.  Anyone attempting to go through the scanners disguised will set them off and have to answer yet more questions.  Please remember that the Empire, particularly Tier 1, is almost Orwellian when it comes to Big Brother stuff.  They will be watching you.


Although the lower levels are constantly plagued by crime and organized state- and anti-state-terror acts, Coruscant recently destroyed the Copper Eye.  A terror organization operating out of the Dataverse and Tiers 5 and 6, the remnants of the group fled to those tiers and the Endless Dunes to escape complete extinction.


Tier One


[Image: 8808a3cc9dc1a3512f22500f5ed0d0ec.jpg]
[Image: ebc2cfc90b2bc5e5680a6ef5edd84594.jpg?wid...height=677]

Tier One is the envy of the Omniverse--opulent and beautiful. Sparkling skyscrapers dot the horizon as far as the eyes can see. Hover cars race around on invisible floating highways, and gorgeous parks abound. As mentioned above, Tier One contains the bureaucracy of Coruscant, and it is also where the commercial and industrial sectors have their headquarters. While there are plenty of places for people to live, most of Tier 1 seems designed for tourists--there are countless parks, restaurants, and extravagant hotels. Unfortunately, the beauty is only skin deep, for anyone who bothers to pay attention to their surroundings would see the sad truth. The imperial presence here is suffocating--storm troopers patrol the sky highways and sidewalks, always fully armed. Cameras and other bugging equipment are present everywhere, and all commercial activity is heavily monitored. The reaction to crime is swift and final, with most criminals dead or behind bars before they have had a chance to blink. Even still, Tier 1’s outward beauty always attracts visitors and tourists from both other verses and the lower tiers, who usually never linger long enough to see the rotten truth.

The Imperial Palace
At the very heart of Coruscant stands the Imperial Palace, a symbolic watchtower that stretches into the sky. Made of adamantium and Omni-knows-what other materials, it is invulnerable to outside attack and can only be accessed from an elevator at the very bottom. This elevator is guarded directly by a group of twelve marines with special power suits that remove the need for either sleep, rest, or outside influence. They guard the tower every hour, every minute, every day. If one should ever die, they will be replaced by a new guard, usually summoned or modified by the Emperor himself to be exactly alike in every way, unless they die of their own failing, in which case the new marine shall contain no traces of the old.

Accessing the elevator requires the DNA of the two Shieldbearers, who are unmarked and known only to the twelve marines themselves. This is the only known way to access the elevator and ascend to the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor resides. Few enter, few leave.

Library of Coruscant

The Great Library of Coruscant, created and presided over by Rex Libris, is a towering spiral-shaped building of glass and steel nestled within the great city at its highest tier. Over sixty floors high, it holds a collection of thousands upon thousands of books on every topic that the rich citizens of Coruscant could ever desire. Aside from the physical books, the library itself holds enormous databases, all linked to the dataverse, able to perform complex mathematical and scientific tests and calculations. Row upon row of digital interface stations allows users to connect directly to the dataverse, enjoying a wide range of educational, research focused or entertaining software and virtual experiences. The entire six bottom floors of the complex are one gigantic, cavernous dome of colored glass, serving as the hub and general meeting place of the library’s countless visitors. It is, in essence, an intellectual’s paradise.

The contents of the library are carefully screened to only contain information or fictional stories that are sanctioned by the empire as ‘safe’ or ‘productive’. While Rex is less than pleased with this, he accepts this one rule that is forced upon his library in exchange for total control over the inner workings of the library itself.

The following non-player characters are centered on Tier One: Emperor Palpatine, King Bradley, Rex Libris

Tier Two

Tier 2 Stock Photo (w/ fake ass, synthetic sky)
[Image: 1433453653835907.jpg]

The second tier of the city is still considered a very nice place to live, despite the lack of a real sky. A synthetic sky is present to give a feeling of night and day. While not as large as Tier 1, Tier 2 is still vast, stretching down a few thousand meters, giving it enough space to stimulate Tier 1’s appearance of a floating city. It might even be considered arguably a nicer place than Tier 1; many individuals prefer Tier 2 due to the less suffocating imperial presence, although monitoring is still very common. Like Tier 1, the architecture here is beautiful, with lots of shining steel and curved skyscrapers that add to the mystique. Many businesses keep main offices here, due in no small part to the fact that most of Coruscant’s upper-middle class live on Tier 2 and commute to jobs on Tier 1.

Tier Three

Tier 3 Stock Image
[Image: fifthelement4.png]

This is where much of the active development has been in recent years. Tier Three contains many of the amenities of the upper floors, but the presence of soldiers is more uncommon than on Tier Two. This keeps crime down without resulting in the stifling of liberties present on the upper tiers. This is based mostly on their vanity, as the beautiful, futuristic city would still shock and awe most travelers. Tier 3 is still tall enough that most people opt for flying cars, even if you can also find people using actual streets as well. Because of recent development, there is a lot of money to be made on Tier 3 through land speculation, real estate, and construction. People with legitimate blue-collar jobs on Tier 1 and 2 (such as bartenders and construction) often live here. It's affordable and relatively crime-free, though the rich residents of Tier 1 might balk at the thought of entering somewhere so unprotected.

Tier Four

Tier 4 Stock Photos
[Image: 9571836_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1d58ce84814beff1d9935f22ea7b4e47.jpg]

This is where the balance between law and chaos starts to tip in the favor of the latter. Even so, Tier 4 is not as violent as the lower tiers. This is where you'll see the rich and seedy gather to take part in illegal gambling and other "attractions". Neon lights illuminate the entire tier, and one can’t go more than a block without seeing a massive neon billboard trying to convince them to buy products. Organized crime has a foothold here, with mercenaries and ‘protection’ rackets being common. While stormtroopers are present, the ones in Tier 4 are often on gang payroll, willing to turn a blind eye to illegal activities. Corruption is common enough that the weather is privatized, so it is often nighttime (to best highlight the vibrance). The most famous attraction here is the F-Zero Series, where racers compete in high-stakes races in both anti-gravity and gravity vehicles. Betting on these competitions is very common, and victors often become instant celebrities. Viewers should be cautious, as vehicles can occasionally lose control and enter the crowds (although for some, this is part of the thrill). For a price, you can get almost anything you want here, including but not limited to: sex, slaves, drugs, mechanical implants, genetic augmentation and alteration, and banned species' eggs.

Tier Five

Tier 5 Stock Photos
[Image: the-welcome-blog-sightseeing-new-york-new-york-1980s]
[Image: the-welcome-blog-sightseeing-new-york-ch...ormat=750w]

Tier Five is where Coruscant starts to dip into depression and decay. In many ways, this tier has all the appearances of a large city from a pre-digital age. Architecture ranges from mute and mundane to some art deco skyscrapers. The tier contains a small upper class, mostly individuals rich through seedy businesses. Tier 5 is largely run by gangs, with very few true Imperials ever setting foot there. Graffiti and trash litter the streets, which are usually congested with cars. A subway system is a quicker way to get around, but it is essentially 'owned' by gangs and violence on the subway is extremely common. Most of the advanced technology on Tier 5 is from the black market, brought up from Tier 6 to fuel the vices of apathetic upper class businessmen and street urchins alike.

Archives of Ultan

Not happy to settle for being denied the existence of books he considers invaluable treasures, Libris Rex created a smaller, yet sprawling, archival building in the fifth tier of the Shining City- the Archives of Ultan. Rex’s only secondary, a caretaker and archivist by the name of Ultan (for whom the archives are named) watches over the archives and serves as a librarian for the few researches brave enough to venture deep into the bowels of the city.

The archives feel like a rat’s nest, musky and filthy all throughout the long twisting shelves and corridors, even with some rats breeding amongst the books themselves. Here is contained thousands of books not considered fit for the shining library above. Some appear to be older than civilization itself- little more than carved stone tablets, and some are glittering books that would fit in more at the glorious library above. The archives, though mostly devoid of more common literary pieces, are open to the many poor folk of the lower levels, though they may never borrow books. Occasionally an incident has occurred, typically desperate urchins trying to steal priceless books to sell in the underground, but each time Rex himself has mysteriously appeared to quell the problem by force.

Tier Six

Tier 6 Stock Phoots

[Image: gallery-ruins.jpg][Image: world-war-2-for-kids.jpg]

The bottommost bastion of society is Tier Six, and even then, this is limited to the Community Center and a few lifts under surveillance. A ghetto the size of a full-fledged city, Tier 6 is where most exiles (political or otherwise) go to lay low or vanish from the world. The only people who might consider living there are those who've been forced to run from debts, the Empire, or those who wish to use it as a base of operations. The streets are frequently the scene of violence between rival gang and smugglers, who often use Tier 6 to store their inventories. Because of its non-existent Imperial presence and the porousness of transit, there is no better place to stash hoards of drugs, weapons, tech, and money than Tier 6. The Community Center, a collection of numerous buildings fused together, is a veritable fortress the size of a city block, guarded by a solitary ultra marine. Those outside of the Community Center face a life worse than that of many refugees in war-torn nations. Motorball, a vicious fusion of gladiatorial combat and speed skating, is a common way for people to forget the woes of their everyday life. Competitions are held in small, cramped stadiums that often lack proper protection for spectators.

The following non-player characters are centered in Tier 6 - Private Hiberius

Tier Seven

Just picture like, a bunch of smog- and waste-belching factories, scrap yards, waste fields, etc.  It's hell.  The fuck are you here for?

Tier Seven is more akin to a sewer than a city. The cramped, smelly, and sweltering ‘basement’ of Coruscant is filled with industrial parks, landfills, sewage and massive junkyards littered with wreckage. Even hardcore gang-bangers have very little reason to go as far down as Tier 7, and many would be traumatised by the things they see down here. Most of its denizens are insane or mutants, wandering the dead cityscape lit only by what filters down from Tier 6. Sometimes unfortunates addicted to chems and tech implants are forced to go down here at the behest of gangs, in order to scavenge.

Some of the factories are still in operation, pumping out smog and industrial waste. The massive junkyards are littered with old remnants of wars, and the stories go that many robots--sentient and mindless--wander the twisted graveyards. There are a few xenomorph hives down here, which only add to the splendor of Tier 7. This doesn't mean that the Imperial facilities here are not defended but most people assigned to Tier 7 are being punished in some way or another.

Roaming NPCs

Judge Dredd - The head of Imperial Security can often be found working the streets where the imperial presence is heaviest, but he is also known to make occasional visits to the more lawless parts of the verse.

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  Camelot Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:24 PM - Forum: Camelot - Replies (2)


Founded in the Omniverse's first year by King Aragorn, the Kingdom of Camelot had a difficult start. However, despite many setbacks, the Kingdom has stayed strong and is second in power only to the Empire. The gate from the Nexus is located at the westernmost point of the verse, and is surrounded by standing stones to make it easily visible from a distance. East from here towards the centre of the verse is the capital of Camelot, Minas Tirith. It is a walled, tiered castle from where the King and his advisors lead, and is surrounded by many other smaller towns and farmsteads. While many citizens are still distrustful of magic, travel by pegasus has become common and accepted in the capital. By pegasus, you can fly from Minas Tirith to any other part of the kingdom, including the flying city Dalaran where the Mages Guild is seated.

Many other towns and villages dot the Kingdom. Unfortunately, there is still a strong prejudice against non-humans in many of the outlying areas. This resulted in a lot of victimization in the aftermath of the War with Diablo. Those victims formed their own settlements and raided human towns in retaliation, which only served to escalate the cycle of hatred. While the central government has been proactive with stopping the violence, tensions remain high. The orcish prime Thrall has been an ambassador of sorts for non-humans, and has made great strides against intolerance in the verse by being a respected and useful member of the Kingdom. Another strong proponent of this diversity is Charles Xavier, a previous inhabitant of the Empire who, over time, has become a valued member of the king's advisors along with Thrall and Albus Dumbledore.

Even among human villages there has been some tension. Many cultures have founded their own 'fiefdoms' to maintain their cultural identity, such as those led by Date Masamune, the six-sword wielding samurai. There is a strong trade between these townships, based in the north of Camelot near to the Tangled Green's gate, and the ninja village of Mokugakure in the Tangled Green. While there are many elves living in Camelot, they generally intersperse with human towns - those who prefer the company of their own kind stick to the Tangled Green.

A popular pastime in Camelot is the battles at the grand colosseum just south of Minas Tirith, between the city and the gate to the Pale Moors. While officially frowned upon, many travel even from other verses to witness the grand battles that take place there.


Camelot, perpetually at war with Coruscant, has experienced increased calamity as of late due to the presence of a rampaging Rathalos


Minas Tirith - The capital city of Camelot is a massive fortress city.  Constructed as it was near the tallest small mountain in central Camelot, the city grew quickly, both out into surrounding plains and up along the mountainside.  This resulted in a city comprised of increasing smaller terraces that culminate with the Citadel, a flattened royal palace at the summit of the mountain.  Each terrace is surrounded by a white wall, with the exception of the great black walls that encircle the first circle.  Most of the city's buildings are likewise made of white stone, and given the flat plains that surround most of the ground approaches to Minas Tirith, the city is nothing short of beautiful.

The following non-player characters are centered in Minas Tirith: King Aragorn

Dalaran - While many gaze up at the floating island with distaste, it is in large thanks to the residents of Dalaran that Camelot has managed to prosper. In recent years, the majority of citizens have accepted and even embraced the conveniences brought to life by magicians. While part of Camelot, the Mages Guild has its own independent council for city-related matters. Albus Dumbledore, the Chief Warlock, serves as a frequent advisor to King Aragorn. Almost all of Dalaran's inhabitants are mages, mystics or scholars, and although they have no common background there is a common purpose of sorts. The city council was established early on to mediate between the various colleges and make sure all research is being kept within safety and ethics standards (both of which are a subject of vigorous debate). From time to time, the council members will get personally involved in order to stop the city from being blown up, which has miraculously yet to occur.  Dalaran resembles a fusion of pre-Blitz London and the Dalaran of Thrall's world. While Dalaran has some modern amenities, these 'technologies' are fueled by and built from magic.

The following non-player characters are centered in Dalaran: Albus Dumbledore

Dalaran’s Library - The Unseen Library, nestled into the depths of the floating island of Dalaran, can be found down a small side alley that only sometimes appears visible to the un-enchanted eye. Presided over by a large Orangutan who only responds to ‘The Librarian’, the Unseen Library is a mage’s greatest dream of arcane lore and dusty tomes of hidden knowledge. Aside from its wondrously painted domed roof, the library itself has no remarkable features, appearing like a typical old library of dark-stained wood and simple rows of shelves, but the true wonder of the building is the protective spells layered upon it. Each book is virtually indestructible, and the shelves seem to phase out of existence if even a minor amount of damage would be inflicted upon them (leading to amusing situations where a young apprentice might knock a ladder over, only to have it crash to the ground where a shelf once was). While frustrating to locate, the library is used by scores of magi daily to fuel their ever-growing thirst for knowledge and learning.

Colosseum - This enormous structure is an attraction that draws crowds from all the neighboring verses.  The Colosseum is host to many varied events, with the battles being the most popular draw for people.  Battles between primes are among the most highly-anticipated events in all of Camelot.  These Prime tournaments are famous spectacles to behold, but also extremely popular are the monster fights where captured beasts are pit against each other. These monster fights are held regularly, while the Prime tournaments are less frequent.

Roaming NPCs

Thrall - The leader of the orcish population in Camelot, Thrall is a skilled shaman whose level headedness and kindness make him stand out among his people.  He was a leader in his native world.  Thrall can be found in Minas Tirith, any of the small orcish villages, or even within the Spirit Realm.  While a busy individual, he is nevertheless quite open with strangers, always happy to exchange stories.

Charles Xavier - An expatriate from Coruscant, Charles Xavier has gone on to become a member of King Aragorn’s inner circle of advisors.  Although the immensely intelligent and powerful psychic is bound to a wheelchair, he often travels between Minas Tirith, Dalaran, and a few human settlements in outer Camelot.

Baron Victor von Magnus - While not a member of King Aragorn's inner council, 'the Baron' is nevertheless a high-ranking and very trusted officer in the Kingdom.  While he is not a landowner, Victor takes on the role of a peacekeeper, traveling throughout the Kingdom to ensure that no one is mistreated.  He can be found anywhere in Camelot, but he does not travel unannounced so it is possible to find out where he is.

Date Masamune - The six-sword wielding samurai is the ruler of a small fiefdom in northern Camelot.  As the leader of one of the numerous cultural enclaves in the Verse, he can be found throughout his lands and occasionally in Minas Tirirth.

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  The Nexus Information
Posted by: Omni - 08-02-2013, 08:23 PM - Forum: The Nexus - No Replies

The Nexus is roughly 25KM in diameter and circular (roughly 400 square KM). The gates are spaced at each of the eight compass points, close to the edge of the circle. It takes roughly two hours walk to get from the fountain to any gate, or about twelve minutes at top speed on a mount (~80mph). This means it would take about four hours to walk from one side of the Nexus to the other, or ~25 minutes at top speed on a mount.

For reference:

[Image: Nexus.png]

[Image: Nexus_Dist.png]

The Nexus, by default, looks like a blank canvas. The ground, the sky, are all a bright, clear white, to the point where it is hard to distinguish the horizon and sometimes feels like you will fall through the world. There is no sun, but everything is somehow illuminated. The Nexus stands as the best example of Omni's power to simply make his own rules of how things work. Unlike most other verses, summoning permanent structures is impossible - perhaps a reflection of the impermanent nature of this verse.

In the center of the Nexus is the Fountain of Infinity. This is where all Primes incarnate, whether when arriving to the Omniverse for the first time or reincarnating after death. The fountain itself rarely looks the same - sometimes it will take the form of a tower, other times a great elevator from the sky, or an hourglass filled with sand, or a deep pool. The landscape immediately around the fountain also changes, though it quickly gives way to the endless flat whiteness.

On the horizon from the Fountain, the eight gates can be seen, housing portals to the eight main verses. Each is about two hours walk from the Fountain. To the west is the gate to Coruscant, a giant archway of smooth connected steel. It is always guarded by stormtroopers on either side of the gate, who usually only stop Primes if they are wanted criminals (and even then, are smart enough to call it in rather than to fight). To the northwest is the gate to the Endless Dunes, an archway of stone that looks worn and eroded. To the north is the perpetually smoking gate to the Ashen Steppes, hot to the touch. To the northeast, the gate to the Tangled Green, an archway covered in bark and vines. To the far east, the gate to Camelot, an archway of clean hewn stone. Scouts can often be seen coming in and out of it, who try not to come into contact with unknown Primes. To the southeast the gate to the Pale Moors, of grey stone and dark moss. To the south is the gate to the Frozen Fields, being of snowy ice. To the southwest, the Vasty Deeps, in the image of two palm trees bending to meet each other. Each gate is about 12 foot tall, and almost as wide.

The Nexus is perhaps the most important location in the Omniverse. Control of the Fountain means being able to capture any Primes who incarnate here, although generally they prefer them to come willingly – all Primes have the potential to become powerful allies. Occasionally elite squadrons from the Empire or Kingdom will wait at the Fountain for a dangerous Prime from the opposite side to reincarnate, so that they can banish them to the Underverse.

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  Emperor Palpatine
Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 11:04 PM - Forum: Empire NPCs - No Replies

[Image: SidiousOffice.jpg]
Location/Role: Emperor Palpatine is the ruler of the Empire. This places him in charge of Coruscant, Costa del Sol, and Carrefore, making him the only individual to claim dominion over pieces of three verses.

As time has worn on, the Emperor has made less physical appearances in the city. His likeness, however, can still be found on everything from hologram advertising boards to statues to children’s toys. The increasingly reclusive nature of the Emperor has had the effect of making many start to worship him, expanding a precedent originally set by his elite guard of space marines, who refer to him only as their ‘God-Emperor.’ Palpatine has made no such efforts to quell such activities.

It would be a rare ‘treat’ for anyone, even a prime, to have a one-on-one audience with Emperor Palpatine.

Story: (taken from Imperial records) Sheev Palpatine was born on the planet of Naboo into an aristocratic family. He had everything a young boy might want growing up, but his home life was tainted by a terrible relationship with his father. He was able to attend all of the most prestigious academies and universities, but he was always kicked out for petty crimes and misdemeanors. Each and every time he would be expelled, his father would make the accusations vanish with influence and money. This taught the young Sheev that money and influence could make anything possible, which was a lesson he would never forget.

At a young age, Sheev became fascinated with collecting ‘Sith’ artifacts. These were old relics and histories of an extinct order of Jedi who had been outcast for their unorthodox beliefs. His fondness for these relics would lead him to idealize the sacrifices of the long-dead freedom fighters, who were ostracized for having beliefs outside the accepted canon of the Jedi Order. Outside of his collecting,, Palpatine and his father shared only their love for podracing. Palpatine would use his father’s money and influence to compete in races and get access to the fastest, most advanced racers.

As a teenager, Palpatine studied at Theed University and was part of its Legislative Youth Program. Because of his father’s status, Palpatine made a lot of high-profile contacts, but he secretly opposed the conservative views of his father and Naboo’s isolationist government. In the process of undermining the current administration, Palpatine sold dirty secrets of the current rich houses (including his own). This covert work he did drew the attention of Hego Damask, a Muun businessman and a financier for some of the galaxies largest business conglomerates. Damask supported a pro-Republic monarchy on Naboo and had visited the planet to support his candidate.

The two met one day outside Theed University, and after much discussion, Palpatine joined Damask’s political and business endeavors. When Palpatine’s father learned, he immediately set out to undermine his son’s future. The family ventured out on a yacht, where Sheev’s father stated he planned to send his son away to an isolated part of the planet to finish his schooling. Seeing that his father planned to neuter his career, Palpatine objected, and the argument became heated. It was then that the father revealed to his son that he had wanted him killed from birth.

Sensing that he was in danger, Palpatine was forced to retaliate. In the process, he tapped into the Force and used its awesome might to destroy his family. It was only in the aftermath of this incident that Damask revealed that he was a member of a Jedi order that was long considered extinct, the Sith. After covering up the evidence of his family’s death, Damask offered Palpatine entry into the Sith Order, which the young man wholeheartedly accepted.

Palpatine was taken the desolate world of Mygeeto, where he valiantly endured trials of hunger, mind games, and exposure to harsh environments without any chance for sleep. Palpatine passed all trials and was accepted as a student under Damask, giving the young man access to centuries of lost history and information. In the public sphere, Palpatine went through the mandated public service and proceeded to stay in public service beyond the normally accepted age. He entered local politics and worked his way from the bottom upward.

After a five-year stint in the Apprentice Legislator program, he was appointed Ambassador in the retinue of the Naboo Senator (Palpatine’s earlier efforts had led to Naboo electing a monarch who motioned to join the Galactic Republic). Palpatine lost more elections than he won in his early political career, missing out on a string of political appointments. He elected to keep a low profile so as to not undermine his teacher, and to allow him to discreetly disappear from the radar in order to focus on his Sith training on harsh worlds and to meet with Damask on remote planets where they did not have to risk being seen together by beings from the political sphere.

Around the time of his thirtieth birthday, Palpatine and his teacher were beginning to note how the galaxy was changing. There was growing discontent with the Republic in the fringe worlds, and even many citizens of Republican core worlds were beginning to show their unrest and lack of happiness with the current government. Palpatine and Damask saw that these people yearned for a more centralized government led by a noble autocrat, and to that end, the pair sought to save the galaxy.

Following the heart-breaking assassination of Naboo’s Senator, Palpatine stood for election and won. The young man went to Coruscant, the center of the Galactic Republic. By the time Palpatine stepped onto the Senate floor for the first time, he already knew that the prominent power-brokers in the Senate looked down their noses at the more provincial delegates, expecting little to nothing of importance from them. He knew that he, too, was lumped in with the other hopefuls from Rimward worlds, those who, having never ventured far from their homeworlds before, would in short order be overwhelmed by Coruscanti politics.

Rather than do anything to prove the elites wrong, Palpatine encouraged them to keep thinking this way. Again, he failed to take advantage of opportunities that could have landed him on important advisory boards and powerful committees, and unless pressed, he never shared his observations with his colleagues. Instead, he purposely sought to keep his advancement slow, knowing that the more he did so, the more harmless he seemed to potential rivals. The performance evidently worked; the powerful Senators, wrapped up in their own petty power struggles, initially laughed at the small and quiet provincial, and otherwise paid him no mind.

Palpatine surprised everyone as he became increasingly popular. He wrote extensively, his notes on power became popular texts among political and military science students. Soon, his theories became well known enough for them to be taught at leading universities throughout the galaxy. Despite this growing influence, Palpatine remained unassuming, and would spend many hours alone reflecting in his modest, yet well-appointed quarters. People remarked on how he remained a private man, rarely attending social functions, devoting all his time to his work.

For some twenty years, Sheev Palpatine served as a noble follower of the Senate and the Galactic Republic. Unfortunately, a crisis emerged when his home planet of Naboo was blockaded by the Trade Federation. The Senate, under the leadership of Chancellor Valorum, did nothing but debate politics and ethics while the people of Naboo starved. When the situation worsened into an invasion of Naboo, Palpatine orchestrated the rescue of the planet’s young and beautiful queen. With her help, he initiated a vote of no confidence to remove Chancellor Valorum from power.

The removal of the inept chancellor and his government led to a new election, and Senator Palpatine was put forward as a compromise candidate. He won in a landslide following the sudden death of a small number of senators who had previously vowed to oppose elections. His first acts were to send the queen and some noble jedi warriors back to Naboo to liberate the planet.

Unfortunately it was during this exciting month that tragedy struck. Just like his father before him, Chancellor-Elect Palpatine had learned that his teacher intended to use him for his own ends. Gathering up his courage, Palpatine confronted his former teacher, and after being attacked, Sheev struck back and slew his teacher. Despite his sadness, Palpatine had to press on, especially as new threats plagued the galaxy.

[Image: sidious-8-copy-1.jpg]
For nearly ten years, Chancellor Palpatine strove to make the Galactic Republic a better place to live, but despite his best efforts, strife continued to fester in the outer rims. Several worlds joined together to form the Confederation of Independent Systems, and while they were initially just political rivals, it soon became clear that they were building an army of clones designed for war. Seizing these clone facilities, Palpatine also accepted emergency powers that granted him greater control over the army and the state. He accepted this new authority with a heavy heart.

For two years, the Clone Wars ravaged the Republic, and all the while, the Jedi Order remained a thorn in Palpatine’s side. Try as they could to cover up the facts, it soon became clear that they were plotting to overthrow the Senate. Before he could save the Republic from the treachery of the Jedi, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was brought to the Omniverse.

It is said that Sheev Palpatine weeped for seven days upon waking up in the Fountain of Infinity. So strong was his love for his Republic that he couldn’t bear the thought of what must have become of it with his disappearance. By the time Palpatine’s sadness abated, he was joined by a younger man named Aragorn. A ruler in his home world, the two bonded over their loses and traveled out into the Omniverse, somewhat eager to unravel the secrets of this new world. They would journey together for a period of time that is lost to history before an unknown event caused them to go their separate ways. Palpatine claims that he drove out Aragorn because the younger man had designs on ultimate power.

In the aftermath of Aragorn’s departure, Sheev Palpatine ruled over a city that he redubbed ‘Coruscant’ after the homeworld of his beloved Republic. Over a span of two years, Coruscant grew into a futuristic city that spread out across the entire verse. With nowhere to expand, the city grew down, resulting in the creation of the second tier of Coruscant. Having seen before the threats faced by a Republic in a state of perpetual war, Palpatine assumed the mantle of 'Emperor' to ensure that there was a powerful ruler to guide the city through the chaotic daily life of the Omniverse. The council that had existed before remained, but all of the true power was vested in Palpatine.

It was around this time that the demon Diablo first began to send out raiding parties from the Underverse. The first several of these guerilla attacks resulted in horrendous losses for Coruscant, leading Emperor Palpatine to petition for the creation of a defense force for Coruscant, the stormtroopers. Around the same time, new primes started to arrive in the Omniverse, and Palpatine made personal visits to the Fountain of Infinity to recruit these individuals.

Just like Minas Tirith, Coruscant experienced even more prosperity with the arrival of additional primes. A third and fourth tier were established, and outposts were established in the Vasty Deep and the Endless Dunes. The Dunes in particular became quite popular due to the enormous supply of raw materials that lie beneath the savanna, leading to an increasing degree of industrialization in a short span.

As the demon raids gradually became armies, Emperor Palpatine was forced into a precarious situation. Debates with the council were becoming increasingly wasteful, as the individuals could not come to a consensus on anything, even as demons attacked Coruscant itself. This resulted in Coruscant being savagely assaulted by the forces of Diablo. It would be days before all of the demons and undead were purged from the city. In the aftermath, Palpatine blamed traitors, and from that day forth, there would be strict limitations on freedom of expression in Coruscnt.

Despite the set back, Palpatine resumed the steady militarization of Coruscant. The city went on to flourish in the wake of the disaster, with the seventh tier being almost wholly dedicated to the manufacture of war machines. In the process, however, the Endless Dunes were almost entirely deprived of natural resources, and even before the banishing of Diablo, the Empire was withdrawing from almost the entire verse. Military service became compulsory for citizens of Coruscant, and an elite guard of space marines was created for the protection of the Emperor.

Even with Diablo sealed in the Underverse, Emperor Palpatine maintained all the laws about censorship. He has continued a campaign against the Kingdom, although there have been no large-scale battles between the two powers. Despite his best efforts to be a fair and impartial ruler, many citizens of Coruscant are ignorant of the cost for safety and security. Fortunately for the Empire, Judge Dredd played a key role in forcing these vile terrorists and villains into the lower tiers, where they tend to attack one another and bicker like urban gangs.

Even so, the lower tiers remain a constant hotbed of disloyal and foolhardy terrorists who fail to see the importance of a strong central government. Despite their protests, Emperor Palpatine, as the strongest prime in the Omniverse, has made no overtures to indicate that he will give into their vile demands for democracy or unregulated freedom of speech.

[Image: 13950606921369.jpg]

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Posted by: Omni - 08-01-2013, 10:38 PM - Forum: Underverse NPCs - No Replies

Location/Role: Diablo, the Scourge of the Omniverse, is imprisoned in his home, the Underverse.

...Aside from this fact, no other details are known. Only four men ventured into the Underverse and returned, and of the primes to have been banished there, none have returned. It can only be surmised that Diablo reigns supreme.

Story: Nothing is known of Diablo’s origins. It is still hotly debated as to whether or not he was an original prime or if he falls into the category of ‘force of nature.’ All that is understood is that, one cold and dreary day, raids consisting of demons, undead, and other nightmarish creatures started to become a part of daily life in the Pale Moors. Within a few weeks, Coruscant and Camelot were both being raided frequently by these creatures. When sentient/intelligent prisoners were taken, they would only state that they served Diablo.

The raids would continue for nearly two years and take an increasingly larger toll on Camelot. The arrival of new primes to the Omniverse provided a much-needed boon for the Kingdom, which would enter a small age of prosperity before the war took a turn. The raids stopped for a week, which was just long enough for many to believe they had finally ended. Then, on another somber morning in Minas Tirith, a missive arrived that an army had been spotted in the Pale Moors: An army of monsters and demons.

King Aragorn rushed with his army to the Pale Moors, and while he succeeded in saving Darkshire, the rest of the Moors fell under Diablo’s control. Most of the Moors withered and died over the comings years, turning one of the most beautiful verses into a ghastly shell of its former self. From the Black Gate, the armies of Diablo would march out into the rest of the Omniverse, assaulting Coruscant and decimating much of Camelot.

It was at the peak of desperation that the wanderer Tyrael returned to Minas Tirith to inform King Aragorn that he had discovered the means to sever the Underverse from the Omniverse. In order to do so, he would have to enter the Underverse itself, a terrifying feat from which no one had returned. Wholly believing Tyrael, King Aragorn called in all of his favors and marched the Grand Army to the Black Gate.

The Battle at the Black Gate is documented in various sources. In the aftermath, the forces of Diablo stranded in the Pale Moors either fled or were struck down in their lethargy. Despite being separated from the Underverse, many of the demons survive today, either alone or by falling in with Count Dracula.

In the aftermath of the Battle at the Black Gate, ‘banishment’ became the worst punishment in the Omniverse. Through this technology/magic, primes can be sent to the Underverse, from which none have returned. During the conflict with Diablo and even in the aftermath, there are those who worship the ‘Lord of Terror’ as a god. They view him as the savior of the Omniverse rather than its defiler. The founding families of Silent Hill maintained such a cult until the town was overtaken by fog and transformed into its current state. Sects that worship Diablo still exist in Coruscant’s lower tiers and in Camelot.

Presently there are efforts in both major verses to suppress discussion of Diablo outside of a historical context. It is said that those in power all fear the day that the Black Gate reopens and the seemingly endless army of Diablo makes its return.

[Image: Diablo_in_hells_garden_by_NAstyJ.jpg]

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  Forum Rules
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Most importantly, and hopefully most obviously, don't add things to your roster if you haven't posted the purchase in the Purchases forum. I don't think anyone is stupid enough to try this and get away with it, but just to be absolutely clear, you will be found out and banned.

Keep to the template. Don't make up your own. If you're confused about where to put something, ask a staff member.

Keep a total of all spent OM. You should keep a total for each category, and for the sum of all spent OM. See 'Samus Aran' (the administrator's character) for an example of how to do this correctly.

Don't post in other player's rosters.

You are allowed to add more than one reply to your roster if it makes it easier to separate up the information, but don't get ridiculous.

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