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Ambush in the Forest! - Haseo - 10-06-2018

As Haseo found himself in the middle of a wooded area he had noticed something very quickly as he tread into the woods the area known as Camelot, he was real and this was what disturbed him the most since he was inside his character Haseo from 'The World' but this was not 'The World' anymore was it? 

This was The Omniverse and it felt different being Haseo again. His surroundings were tall trees with noticeable flora and fauna around him. "Ugh! Just like me to run into the wrong portal!" he would exclaim out loud before hearing something in the bushes, it was a small rustle but it was there. Even though he was wrong about going in the wrong portal he was right about one thing. that he was not alone. 

A light magic of sorts made his twin daggers appear from his sides as he drew them from seemingly nowhere and into his hands. His crimson red eyes scanned the area for any sort of disturbance to see and hear multiple rustles in the bushes surrounding him. Suddenly an arrow shot out from one of the bushes which caught Haseo's trained eye before he evaded it by moving his head to the side effortlessly as it just missed his head from by several inches. Soon multiple arrows with out warning shot at him from all directions toward multiple parts of his body.

"I don't have time for this." Haseo said annoyed before deflecting arrows using his quick twin daggers in response to each arrow. He did get most of them but some of them did hit him or rather they hit his black demon like armor which protected him from the arrows seemingly made from crude stone so they just bounced right off of his armor. 

The bandits who were hiding in the bushes soon noticed this and charged out of the bushes wielding a variety of weaponry but all crudely made to ambush caravans and traders on the road. They would soon find out that they picked the wrong person to try to rob. His crimson red eyes glared right at them almost like a demon would as he teeth came to a light grin revealing his canines that almost looked like fangs to most. 

"Now die you pathetic worms!" Haseo was getting in that mood again, the one where he was 'The Terror Of Death' in the heat of battle. Haseo put away his twin daggers with that magical light effect and drew from his side using the same magic a giant black scythe that he drew with both hands then swung it in a full circle as the bandits did not expect to be hit all at once even though they had surrounded him completely.  His Scythe did not cut very deep but it was enough to make them bleed out quite a bit. "It's a Demon! Run!" one of the bandits cried out from the bushes who did not get hit but saw as this lone boy took on 10 bandits all at once with a single strike of his scythe. 

Of course Haseo knew this was just him play-acting and he was doing his best not to kill these bandits because for all he knew they might not be primes so they don't get to re-spawn. So because of that fact that he was pretty sure was the case Haseo held back in his attacks and simply glared at them all like a true Demon would, with blood-lust in his eyes that would scare them all off. "Retreat! Get out of here before it kills all of us!" the bandits cried out as they ran away in all directions in panic. As they ran away in fear Haseo put his scythe away with that magical light effect and smiled a bit. 

"Jeez you guys wouldn't last a few minutes in 'The Forest of Pain' would you?" he chuckled as his mood changed back to that of a normal teenage boy. "Man those guys were wimps but I guess they were hoping for someone who couldn't defend themselves to rob or kill? Serves them right I guess." Haseo said before heading farther into the forest hoping for a nearby town or something.

RE: Ambush in the Forest! - Haseo - 10-08-2018

Haseo noticed that no one was around anymore as he paced back toward the Nexus area that he started at and would go through the portal to see what he would do next. "Damn nothing going on in here. I should see where else I can go in this Omniverse." Haseo would say as he paced over toward the portal and moved into the area where it was. As he stepped through it he would soon notice the other doors around the different verses and wondered where he should go from there. "So many choices.." Haseo complained as he pressed on into the Nexus.

~Haseo leaving the area.