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Talkings - Omni - 10-08-2018

Just as a heads up, while I did say I would not be coming back (partly for personal reasons, partly because a lot of people made clear they would rather I did not) Alex has expressed that he will be scaling back a lot and so I feel it would be best if I, at the very least, came back to oversee the direction of the site. I'm not sure whether people would be happy with this ... but, well, I ran the site for some six years and it was pretty okay, regardless of anyone's feelings towards me.

I'm going to be blunt: I'm in a big transition stage in my life. I'll finally be moving to my own place at the end of this year. I don't talk about this because it's humiliating, but I've been in temp. accommodation for the better part of a year and I took the time to focus on my own health mostly; weight loss and lifting and the like. It's been extremely beneficial.

As far as systems go, a lot of people have expressed that the move system is too complicated. So at the very least, I'd like to look into making it more user friendly, maybe overhauling it completely. I don't know if it's 100% possible to please everybody, but I like a challenge.

For the moment though I would like to just open a discussion.

I proposed quietly to Alex when I left, an alternative option: the end of the Omniverse story arc. I'd like to bring this up though I'm not committed to the idea. The idea is that we would flash forward a decade or so into the future of the Omniverse. Everyone would get a massive power-up. Players would be allowed to discuss and help shape what happened during those years. We would take a number of months to tie up the story threads that have been planted through the Omniverse, and answer many of the lingering unanswered questions. Basically, I would be bringing the story to an end.

I decided against it because Alex wanted to keep running the site, but I will propose it again now since things are limping.

This would not be the end of the Omniverse. The story would be left open for future roleplaying. I won't say more than that, because it would spoil the ending.

Another option I have proposed is to let the current active staff members continue to run the site, and I'll try to oversee things in the capacity I did before I quit. Things worked pretty well then. Maybe I'd even feel capable of working on things in the time being without feeling wretched. But I wouldn't be returning to full activity until the things in my life are sorted out. No major changes.

We could also pause things for a while. Leave the site open, maybe open forums for "open roleplaying" of non-Omniverse stuff (actually, I kind of wanted to do that anyway). Give everybody including the staff some time to relax.

I've spoken to the staff already and plenty of folks have come forward to say they'd like to staff, so I guess this place is sticking around for the time being. I'll leave the site open as long as people want; the server costs are a pittance so it's not an issue.

Ideas, proposals and general thoughts/feelings are welcome here. I'm not going to be checking this thread even daily because it stresses me out. You're also welcome to DM me on Discord though I'm not a particularly good responder and prefer to do that kind of thing once a day (close friends stress me out less).

RE: Talkings - Strazio Rockwell - 10-08-2018

I think the move system is fine as is. Idk why people think it is complicated.

I like the idea/potential of a timeskip. Both of my characters have some transformative/long arcs planned so it would be neat to see them be a bit expidited.

That said, I'm not sure how I feel about the "end" of the Omniverse story arc. Would our characters be gone at the end of it? Will the site follow a different story? I guess I'd like some more info before commiting to something so massive.

For the record I'm more than fine with keeping the status quo and keeping course as is.

RE: Talkings - Haseo - 10-08-2018

I think the overhaul on the move system would be a great idea since it was kind of complicated for me to do but I don't think we should end the Omniverse arc as a whole. Maybe make it so the people that were sent to the Omniverse for whatever reason are able to return home and come back whenever since there is a lot to explore in the Omniverse. Basically make the area in the center of the Omniverse able to shift into a portal that leads back to their original home but that portal would not be one way as it could be able to be opened again using the Omnilium orbs to open a portal back to the Omniverse whenever they so choose.

This paired with player choice in new moves gives the community a different way to approach the roleplay as if this were to go through we could have a Out Of Omniverse area devoted to the different primes in their homeland which could also work for the roleplay since that could be a good way to expand the Omniverse and show friends they may have made in the Omniverse what their home is like. Heck even bad guys could have a reason to go to this Multiverse as I call it to try to conquer it through use of the portal in the center of the Omniverse.

So yes I think if you do end the Omniverse arc as it is you use my idea for it or something similar. Anyways yes I will help write quests and missions if at all possible and do my best to help the community too. It's been a fun experience so far and I hope to have more fun adventures whether in the Omniverse or the Multiverse as well.

~OOC: I'm Ben also as well as Haseo so I hope I can help out.

RE: Talkings - Ash - 10-09-2018

Making the Nexus become a portal back home ruins the spirit of the Omniverse, it also drives giant plot holes into the story that is on going right now. For that to happen the Omniverse Arc would have to end. And then you still have to explain all of the contridictions that Doom Guy's visit to Omni that creates. Character's like Taloc and Dust wouldn't have too big of a problem. But Ash and a number of the rest of the cast... Problematic.
That isn't considering the issues with what that actually means for the characters. If the goal for this is to put the character down for a bit while you write for someone else? Switching is fairly easy. NPC's are always a good way to explore other story lines and such. As well, if you want to bring some NPCs in from your character's homeworld, that's a thing that people have been doing for a while. I guess I just don't get the point, but I am willing to hear you out on this.

Without some more information about this time skip, I am going to side with Strazio here. I have a long story arc and plans that a 10 year skip would just kind of.... Ruin. So I dont' really want this to happen. It would make for a good clean slate kind of thing, and I can understand the appeal to that. But I might as well switch out Ash if that's the case and truly start "over". Its already pretty hard to write for a character I'm invested in while things are slowed to a crawl like this, so I don't feel super interested in this plan.
But I am but one voice in a million.
I'd also be way more intersted in watching the Omniverse coming to an end than skip and and be told how it happened. I'm more involved with the former.

Opening it up to non-omniverse RP could be cool. But again, I'm heavily invested in Ash and will continue to write her as long as I am allowed to.

As for the move system. I would love to see what you come up with. I am not going to agree or disagree that the move system that we have now is flawed or not. I was here like three years ago when it was near impossible to please some of the staff members and even harder to get a secon opinion, and on my return things were easier. I think its an evolving process as is Omniverse as a whole. So as long as we don't go back to my nightmare, I'm game.

RE: Talkings - Cade Zimmer - 10-09-2018

I am willing to stick around.One idea I had thought of was that you open a third character for everyone, and then add a fourth and fifth character slot to the rules.  Also expanding the Dataverse to have an Undernet, and other areas would be a wise idea and might drag more members our way. One idea I had was making the Time Skip optional for members / their characters and creating a 2nd copy of all the channels for the Time Skip so that those who wish to be affected can be, and those who do not wish to be affected can ignore the Timeskip. Giving them the best of both worlds, essentially.

RE: Talkings - Haseo - 10-09-2018

I didn't think ahead that many other characters could be affected negatively with my Multiverse idea. I just thought that having a place to relax or a temporary visit to their homes would be fun. I guess I didn't exactly think that whole thing through. I apologize.

RE: Talkings - Sasuke Uchiha - 10-09-2018

(10-08-2018, 09:36 AM)Strazio Rockwell Wrote: I think the move system is fine as is. Idk why people think it is complicated.

I like the idea/potential of a timeskip. Both of my characters have some transformative/long arcs planned so it would be neat to see them be a bit expidited.

That said, I'm not sure how I feel about the "end" of the Omniverse story arc. Would our characters be gone at the end of it? Will the site follow a different story? I guess I'd like some more info before commiting to something so massive.

For the record I'm more than fine with keeping the status quo and keeping course as is.

Samesies. I kind of always loved this site as it is and didn't see the need for major overhaul changes.

RE: Talkings - Omni - 10-09-2018

Still reading and watching this thread but I wanna see and hear more responses, if possible. Thanks to everyone who's weighed in thus far.

RE: Talkings - Shellbrick III - 10-09-2018

I think the move system is fine as-is, although I feel the timeskip would throw a lot of people's character arcs in the trash unless we can find a way to make it optional.

RE: Talkings - Taloc - 10-09-2018

I'm gonna be straight and blunt here... I believe the move system is fine. Maybe a lil bit of ironing out some more, but it's a solid system. As for the time skip, it would completely destroy all the plans I've been making for the last few months. Now, I haven't been acting on these plans due to life being crazy, so I don't have much room to speak there.
However I do have an idea as to how we could move forward with the end of the ov without doing a time skip. I don't want to go into more detail here for to reasons, but I'm open to dm on discord if you so wish.

I hope you're feeling better Omni. I would love to write with you some day.

RE: Talkings - Koal - 10-09-2018

Im gonna have to side with the majority and say that while I think the idea of a time skip is cool, It would ruin story lines that people have lined up. And the move system isn't that hard to grasp in all honesty. It works as is. If it ain't broke...

RE: Talkings - Alexander Blakesley - 10-09-2018

Move system - Mind need tweaking but otherwise functional

Timeskip/End of OV arc - Not been involved much in the OV's story and I don't have much planned other then SOMETHING -> Void Quest -> Meet Omni -> ???? -> PROFIT! So I don't really have much to say other than maybe add subsections in each verse dedicated for those who are interested in timeskips. Or make it an optional thing players can do.

And finally, Homeverse gate - I'd be all for this as a special quest similar to the void quests, something that tops off a character's story and entirely optional while providing a way to finish a character's story or allows them to visit their homeverse.

RE: Talkings - Ash - 10-09-2018

I disagree, I don't think anyone needs 5 or 6 accounts for charcters. If you want to play that many characters you are better sticking with NPCs. Of course, this is nothing you haven't heard about. Take it from someone who plays three characters and a line up of NPCs - you don't need 6 accounts.
The Copy/Paste channels idea is disagreeable as well. Too much 'don't fuck up the time line' would have to happen.

It's cool dude. I don't want to spoil anything in case you have a void quest planned up as well or plan to meet up with Doom Guy himself at some point, hence why I am being vague here. But traveling back to homeverses seems pretty out of the question based on my perspective.
That said, a return home quest might be an interesting way to wrap up story arcs for character we don't want to continue using - as suggested by my boo Alexander *winks* - but only as an ultimate exit thing. Again. Trying not to spoil stuff for those who don't know.

You and me both, Bro.

RE: Talkings - Retane - 10-09-2018


@ Greg...

We have gone back a long time... So let's go...

FIRST OF ALL! Anyone that suggestsst a 'Homeverse Gate"... Needs to stop, and go lookthe Oververse, where a few people have asked questions. We are copies at a certian point or some shit.(#special)(Aint read anything there sense Alex/Wyatt?)

Next: The Speed up 10 years thing, sounds too much like what Chubbs did and we had to switch from canon to non cananon. No matter what, this wont work, even with canon characters, you ruin everyone's chances at character's storylines(Horsemen have alot of storylines going on).

I think I have like 5 Active Horsemen that can help make things intersting.

Also, the move system is TCH! Mostly because how stats are made at the moment when it comes to moves. It's hard to dump a few hundred extra OM into a move to make it stronger atm when someone can do the same thing for 300 OM.

My biggest issue is this though:

Simple fact is, while we are 'talking', nothing's beeen updated for a few weeks.

You can't act as if you have a huge chunk of staff memebers, with this going on.

Hell, I waited and watched and did the new Vote thing myself. Thing is though, it's useless if you have no one doing numbers. 34450.09 Still waiting on September...

You have no official staff doing anything.(At least not publicly).

I suggest a few new staff members. i could give you a list of maybe 3, but simple fact is, onlty a few people actually keep writing here, so I dont' know. What you need, is a few staff members that can keep it flowing before anything else.

Then go from there.

RE: Talkings - Omni - 10-10-2018

Thanks for replying all, though I would encourage folks not to worry about what other folks are saying. Just give your own 2 cents.

On a related note, would anyone take strong exception to me unbanning Dane? I had long discussions with people about this and posted my disagreement, but the reply was never forthcoming. I'm inclined to unban him and give him another chance at roleplaying here (not staffing) and maybe helping out on the move workshop topic. Again if you would prefer to PM me about this, I am okay with that.

RE: Talkings - Haseo - 10-10-2018

Why Is Retane so rude to me all the time? He's starting to sound like a bully.

RE: Talkings - Sasuke Uchiha - 10-10-2018

I'm against an unbanning of Dane. There were some things uncovered about him abusing his staff power in order to manipulate members/players. That bothers me to the core. Also, if I am being honest, I don't think Dane could be here and be JUST a member. Before he was banned, staff tried to just un-staff him. He basically refused with his actions and continuously posted in staff only help threads and just, in general, derailed the direction staff was taking.

Idk. I'm against it, but I guess if everyone else was cool with it, I could live with him being JUST a member, but seriously, if he ever became staff, I'd probably walk out. I walked out on the other site because of the way staff was running things. Just puts a sour taste in my mouth if he's given any sort of power.

I would just prefer to work with new people and grow them into what the site needs, rather than try to work with known offenders.

-Dio Brando was manipulative and we never gave him another chance. Same with Dana.

RE: Talkings - Deadpool - 10-10-2018

As it pertains to Dane, im indifferent when it comes to him being allowed back on the site; as far as him becoming staff again one day, I'd rather see other members get their shot at staff to see if they would do a manageable job.

RE: Talkings - Cade Zimmer - 10-10-2018

I must agree with Sasuke and Deadpool that Dane must not receive another chance at staff.

RE: Talkings - 13-Jzall - 10-10-2018

I wouldn't mind dane coming back as long as the whole 'move guru' thing is toned down a little.