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This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Marcus Wright - 10-08-2018

The Avengers Mansion. A place once full of life, once worth coming back to every so often. When you were the often the hero, you played your role and Marcus often stepped up and tried to play a criminal turned hero. One mission after another, he found himself staying more and more in touch and finding a reason to stay in the Omniverse.

But tension was pushing Marcus away from the Avengers and Moon Knight. He thought he was part of something bigger than himself, useful for something else than killing.

But the terminator saw small cracks forming.

It happened when Blair disappeared.

He never knew what had happened to her. Had she had enough? Had she decided she was useless here? Was she kidnapped?"

Marcus started to hum a song almost thinking to himself.

"I can't see where you are coming from. But I know just what you are running from and what matters isn't who's baddest brother. The ones who stop you from falling from your ladders, brother.

And you feel like your feeling now.."

and doing things just to please your crowd.

When I love you the way I love you and I suffer but i ain't going to cut you because

This ain't no place for no hero!

This ain't no place for no better man!

This ain't no place for no hero to call homeeee

It left Marcus shocked to be starting at step one all over again, forced to figure things out for himself.

Was it a blow to his confidence?


RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Ben Tennyson - 10-08-2018

Ben had gotten separated from Casshan again as he wandered into the deeper parts of Coruscant finding himself lost in the city once again. Ben would wonder to himself where the heck he was as he paced the streets to a huge mansion which had caught his interest from afar. There were of course many sights to see in this large city and Ben being a ten year old boy was naturally in wonder about everything around him as he took in the sights, smells and sounds of this city.

Everything was so bright and vibrant as moved closer to the mansion then opened the door. "Hello? Is anyone home?" Ben would ask as he entered the mansion now noticing the place was rather empty. The mansion was filled with different portraits and different objects representing super heroes in some way. "Heroes?! So there are more heroes like me and Mister Casshan out there?" Ben would ask out loud not knowing anyone was here in this huge yet empty mansion.

RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Marcus Wright - 10-08-2018

The echoes of the quiet Avengers mansion rang with a voice occasionally bouncing off the wall. There were old statues of the Avengers of the past, present and future.

There were statues of the past Avengers- Vision, Hellboy, Captain America and Judy Hopps along with Blink, The second wave of heroes to join were Marcus, Dust, MK and a few more to count.

Either way, the statues held large windows showing the dust on the statues as nobody had cleaned them in what seemed like days.

But one thing stung: Marcus had hung around for old times sake and it was hurting him.

He held his lover's things in his hand, squeezing them hard before he had grabbed his few things he had packed from his Avengers room over the last few years.

"Who's there?"

It couldn't be Blair, her voice was way too lighthearted and calm. It sounded more male and he was saying "Heroes?" "Like me and mr Casshen?"

Marcus was just about to leave when he took notice of the kid in front of him "Yeah, you're talking to one of the Avengers... or what used to be us."

He felt just a little tense saying that they had given up of all things.

"Who are you, kid?"

It couldn't hurt talking to someone who might want to join him on a basic adventure.

"Heroes.. yeah... Over there's me.."

RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Ben Tennyson - 10-08-2018

The man he heard speak to him was rather tall and he seemed menacing at first but Ben knew he could probably take him on but before Ben reached for his watch in panic he heard that word that usually changed his mind about things, Hero. "You're a Hero too then Mister?" Ben asked confirming that he too was a hero, or at least something close to what a hero should be. "My name is Ben Tennyson and thanks to this super cool watch of mine I can turn into 10 different super powered aliens!" he said almost like it was an audition but not mentioning he only had 1 of those super powered Aliens currently. Yet even though he said 10 Ben knew he had way more before his journey started in The Omniverse, of which he only has 1 currently.

According to his alternate future self he could have up to 10,000 different super powered aliens but that meant Ben was going to need to work hard to get them back. "I got separated from Mister Casshan but he's a pretty cool super hero too. He told me he saved the world from an robotic takeover or at least tried to. I don't remember all the details but I wanted to check out this city more and see if I could find a place to crash for a bit." Ben saying since he had no idea where in the city he was. "What's your name Mister?" Ben asked as he still couldn't help but look around at the different costumes and things displayed here.

RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Marcus Wright - 10-09-2018

Marcus raised a eyebrow and frowned "Alright, Alright I can take you on a tour of the mansion but I was going to search for my girlfriend who went missing."

Then he realized this kid wanted to join the Avengers.

He was quiet and looked up again.

"Marcus Wright."

"I'm a hero but it took me a while to adjust to the system of things around here."

As long as Ben didn't ask anything about his dark past or anything else related to Blair, he could handle it.

"So, Ben, how long have you been around the Omniverse?"

RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Ben Tennyson - 10-09-2018

The man was not as frightening as he thought and maybe a little sad? Ben could not tell very much about him but what he did know was that Marcus was a hero of sorts that helped people out of trouble and dangerous situations, at least that's what Ben thought Marcus was. "A tour would be awesome!" he would say excitedly as he would follow Marcus around the mansion.

"How long I was here? I'd say about a few days Mister Marcus. Mister Casshan helped me survive out here in this place before I lost track of him again." Ben said before pacing around the place and in awe of the different super hero stuff that was in the mansion. "So what are these guys called anyway? All I see is a big A with a circle on most of these things." Ben said as he had never heard of the Avengers before now. "Is this Omniverse got anything to do with my Omnitrix?" Ben would ask before pointing to his watch on his left wrist that he showed off before.

RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Marcus Wright - 10-09-2018

Marcus heard Ben mention that his friend, Casshan fought robots at one time.

He stopped and turned, making him think about that tidbit of his past again.

"Let's say I lived through a war fighting machines named Terminators."

"Living from day to day wasn't a pleasant experience."

"Have you heard stories about the end of the world, Ben? He didn't want to scare the kid on his first few days here in the Omniverse.

"The end of my world was named Judgement Day. A Self-activated AI named Skynet used our nuclear missiles on about 3,000,000,000 innocent lives. That's what John Connor always told me though."

Marcus's frown calmed for a bit "Anyways, our group is called the Avengers. We always helped people from hurting others. "

"Those statues there contain every Avenger who ever stepped foot in the Omniverse." Marcus looked over at the Omnitrix on Ben's arm, blinking. He'd haven't seen that tech before. But there was always room for something new."

"Not exactly, perhaps it's a Coincidence? Same names."

Marcus blinked, perhaps Ben being around was bringing back memories of a teenager named Kyle Reese.

Perhaps he might take a liking to the kid after all.

RE: This isn't no place for no Hero to call home - Ben Tennyson - 11-18-2018

At the mention of the 'End of the World' Ben froze for a bit remembering he stopped something close to that from happening once. Maybe not the literal end of the world but there was this alien he fought named Vilgax and they were on a campaign to rule everything and use the Omnitrix to carry it out.

Ben wasn't really listening too much as he thought about what he would have done if he had not found the Omnitrix? Would he still be the hero he was today? But what he did listen to was the name of the superhero group, The Avengers.

"Wow Mister and you are one of these Avenger guys?" Ben said now excited since he was now essentially being given a tour of this mansion like place that housed them while they were still active.
A coincidence? His Omnitrix had no connection at all to this multiverse of worlds in the least? Ben was kind of stuck on the thought that it was no coincidence he was even here in the Omniverse but he suppsed that this might be just one huge fluke after all.

"So if it's not a coincidence, what then?" Ben would ask Marcus wondering his thoughts on all this. Ben was very confused on what to think right now.