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The Avengers: A Light in the Darkness - Ms. Marvel - 11-03-2018

An ominous mist embraced the blonde heroine as she stepped through yet another portal. Clad in her spandex best, the Avenger was happy to be out of the Nexus again, and even more so to be out of that confusing bar-brawl in Coruscant. Hero work was many things, but one thing it was not was a bar-brawl. 

As she traveled the beaten path, an eerie fog blotted not only the horizon, but the space ten feet in front of Ms. Marvel. Howling sounds of the wind, or wolves, or both stalked her; just when she thought the howling was gone it would start up again. She could feel eyes watching her, piercing the veil of fog, studying her every movement. More sounds: leaves crunching and rustling, tree branches snapping. Something was out there.

Who’s there?!

That’s something a victim would say. Carol Danvers was no victim. Carol Danvers was a hero. Instead she said, “Come on out of there. I know you’re there.” When silence responded she pressed again, “Are you friend or foe? I hope its friend.” Shoulders back and chest out, she grinned, “For your sake.”