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Babylon Wars: The Next Gunslinger - Sasuke Uchiha - 11-03-2018

The Lion’s Tail, a local pub frequented by Gilgamesh loyalist and patriots, had become abuzz with more and more patrons as of late. Dante’s Abyss had renown and with a roster chalked full of New Babylon’s own, including the king’s hand and the king himself, it proved to grow quite the crowd. Pool, Poker, and Blackjack tables had all but been put away and replaced with more seating for digital screens; nothing quite packed the house like the infamous Syntech event of Dante’s Abyss. The Lion’s Tail was making a killing and it didn’t hurt that they were the only bookies backed by the crown. Naturally, the house wouldn’t bet against the king, but this didn’t stop them from capitalizing on Gilgamesh as well; they simply outsourced the bets for his matches to more nefarious gambling organizations from Carrefore and outside the verse.

“Aww man, it’s already started!” said a rustic young boy to his friends while sitting in a booth located in the restaurant section of the sports bar. “You can cut the tension in here with a knife.” 

“Well, what do you expect? Everyone is here to watch Gilgamesh,” his only female companion said as she took her own seat, “and he just lost the first round. If he loses again it’s all over.”

“Shut up, Nancy.” the boy said as he shot her a serious look. “Don’t talk like that.”

“I don’t want it to happen.” she professed as a waitress came and left three waters behind. “I’m just saying.”

“I don’t care. Don’t talk like that. He’s going to win. COME ON GILGAMESH!”  by the time the boy began cheering, he was standing in the booth.

“Tobias, she’s right.” the older male of the group, Clyde chimed in. “I wouldn’t get your hopes up.”

“Aww, not you too.” Tobias whined as plopped back into his seat. “Shut up the both of you!”

“Kill the traitor!” a belligerent spectator from a nearby table screeched as throughout the Lion’s Tail, digital screens depicted their one true king squared off against not only a former ally in the mercenary Deadpool, but also one of their own in the psychic Erik Vrell. 

Quote:[Image: youtube_omni3_top_zpsb2a58193.png]
[Image: youtube_omni3_leftright_zps80a0ecbd.png]
[Image: youtube_omni3_leftright_zps80a0ecbd.png]
Gilgamesh is seen rocketing from Desman’s back, cocking back his scythe as he descended upon Erik. He intended on cutting through the mage’s wall and the mage, in one forceful slash, presumably cutting himself a spot into the next round of Dante’s Abyss as well. His face displayed his confidence; with his eyes burning with desire, and his tongue sticking out, the king levered his scythe into Erik’s barrier. The long, curved blade dug deep into the mage’s defense, slitting the wall halfway. 

“I will cut your wall in two!” Gilgamesh roared.

Erik now used both palms to support his technique. “Deadpool! For the damned Gods, get up and help me!” He barked, beaming his eyes towards the mercenary.

Deadpool slowly returned to his feet, cracking his neck, reassuring that it wasn’t broken. He gazed back at his ally, oddly embarrassed--now it was Erik saving his hide.  

The mercenary reached for his waist with his left hand, snatching a furry red toy from his belt. ”Super Serial Furypool time.”

He winced as he gingerly stuck his right index into Furbypool’s rectum , but found mild solace in its eyes glowing a milky blue. 

”Hope you three are wearing your brown underwear.”

Furbypool left devastation in its wake.

The snow was gone, melted in the towering inferno that surged throughout the domed fight area.

Deadpool let out a groan and rolled off of Erik, who he had graciously shielded from the blast.

“Was it good for you too?”  The mercenary chuckled as he sat up and gave his lame shoulder a smack.  Across the summit, he saw a shuffling mass.  “I think it’s time for the epilogue.”  Deadpool spoke aloud as he pushed up off his haunches and half-dragged a groggy Erik to the far side of the mountain.

Lying next to the broken corpse of Desman Black was a charred, broken Gilgamesh.  The king clenched a fist as he tried to drag himself into a seated position.

Drawing his katana, Deadpool started to whistle as he sized up a nice strike on the side of the monarch’s neck.

“Don’t,” Erik muttered as he pushed the sword aside and knelt next to his beaten king.  “I apologize, my lie—”


Gilgamesh’ blood splattered Erik’s face as the round tore a neat hole through the monarch’s face. 

“Now that’s a money shot!” Deadpool chuckled as he holstered his sidearm and patted the blood-stained kid on the shoulder. “Good job, kid.”
[Image: youtube_start_zps15262d35.png]
[Image: youtube_omni3_bottom_zps34928e44.png]

Whilst Gilgamesh’s loss and cruel execution was indeed unfortunate for the state of Nippur, this was not the story of the great Gilgamesh, nor his downfall; it was the story of Tobias ‘The Kid’ McCray.  

“It’s started.” Tobias moaned as their waitress finished refiling their waters and left again.

“What’s started?” Clyde asked. His arm now rested around Nancy’s slender shoulders.

The boy’s face was solem. “It's all going start again. The looting, the rape, the murder… All of it”

“Oh, you don’t know that!” Nancy snapped and shook her head. 

“I do know that!” Tobias exclaimed. “ That’s what happened last time.”

“You don’t know what your talking about, Toby.” Nancy fired back as Cylde read the room and removed his arm while adjusting his posture in the booth. “He got banished last time.” she said. ”This is totally different.”

“Don’t call me Toby!” the kid screamed; his face was flustered. “And I do know what I am talking about. This is the same as when that bastard mouse and cyborg brought hell on us all!”

“Come on, Tobias.” Clyde spoke up, trying to be the voice of reason. “This was a sports contest. The king will return to us shortly.”

“No he wont! He’s not coming back! He’ll abandon us just like he did last time. It’s all over!”

“You’re overreacting.” Nancy said, looking to Clyde for assurance.

Clyde met her eyes and leaned forward, “Yea, that’s right… And even if that were true, which its not, there’s always the king’s hand, Sasuke Uchiha.”

“Load of good that traitor will do us!”

“Toby!” This time Nancy screamed.

“Don’t call me that! He is! He ran out on us! Without Gilgamesh around we can’t trust any of his generals to save us.”

“Well, what would you have us do?” Nancy looked flabbergasted.

“I’ll do something!”

“Toby, you’re fourteen.” Nancy said as she took a drink of her water,  “What can you do?”

“Don’t call me that! It’s Tobias and the king’s hand is the same age!”

Clyde scoffed. “You were just talking shit about him!”

“I know! But he’s still all badass. They all are. If they show up, that’s great. I just…" Tobias broke off for minute then looked at Nancy, "I just know they won't. I don’t want to end up like father… Or worse… I don’t want you… you to end up like mother.”

“Oh Tobias.” Nancy looked concerned.

“I’m going to do something. I’ll… I’ll seek out Roland and his gunslingers!”


“No. I’ve made up my mind. The Gunslingers have always protected Town With No Name, can you say the same about New Babylon and Nippur?”

“Tobias, that’s not fair to our boys-” Nancy began but was interrupted. 

“Life’s not fair. Facts are facts. I’m riding for TWNN in the morning.”

“I’ll go with him.” Clyde blurted out.

“WHAT?!” Nancy was beside herself dumbfounded. “Wait--”

“He’s right,” Clyde said as he donned his hat, “we can’t just do nothing and the gunslingers could really help. The kid's actually got a really good idea...”

“Then it’s settled. We’ll ride at dawn.” Toby said behind a smile that reached ear to ear. He was also beside himself; the kid was damn near giddy.

“Tobias!” Nancy shouted. “Clyde!” she shouted. They just started to get up out of their seats. Nancy was in full panic.
“Nancy.” Clyde tipped his hat and turned to leave the bar-restaurant.

“Clyde!” Nancy shouted, but he just kept walking. Tobias started after Clyde when Nancy grabbed him by the collar, “Tobias! You little shit! What have you done?!”

Tobias just laughed and squirmed away. Before he left to chase after Clyde, he looked Nancy square in the eye and said, “What we should have done a long time ago!”