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Withdrawl Symptoms - Moon Knight - 11-06-2018

Out of all the places for a bank robbery in the entire verses, why did it have to be in Coruscant? The place is a metropolis, but way more advanced when compared to someplace like New York City. At most times, it was even a little too advanced for Moon Knight. Perched on top of a rooftop, the vigilante leaned down over the ledge, his eyes peering through a white pair of binoculars that followed his fellow teammate Centurion as the young man entered the bank’s open pavilion. Moon Knight prayed to Khonshu in hope that the kid could handle himself if things got ugly. No reply, of course, came from the moon god. It was beginning to look like a pattern. When he wasn’t appreciated he would he would appear, but when his attention was needed more than ever, there was only silence. And it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Centurion, he was just worried about his well being and the thought of losing another team member was almost too unbearable.        

“Shit!” Marc shouted, doing his best to track the kid as a large group of people started to surround him. 

“What was that?” Cade retorted, keeping his pace through all various people crowding around him. 

“Nothing, Damn.” He whispered looking over his binoculars. He narrowed his masked eyes then returned to the binoculars. “It’s getting crowded. I’m having trouble following you. What do you see?”   

"I see a lot of people," Cade said. "Nobody jumps out yet, but if it’s that angry old lady at the teller's booth, I can take her."

“Nope, they look a little rougher than that, besides I can’t imagine someone's grandmother being a criminal mastermind. Keep looking, I’m going to see if I can’t get a better eye on things from the skylight.”  

"Trust me, buddy, Grandma's are scary. One time, I-" Cade was quickly cut off as his attention drifted to the skylight. "Marc, do banks usually have window washers dressed in all black with glass cutters and military-grade rifles?"

“No, why?” He said while activating one of his nightstick’s grappling hook functions, launching himself to the bank’s rooftop. He rolled on impact, coincidentally coming to a stop near the skyline. Kneeling over the glass, he peered inside. To his surprise, he saw what Cade meant. Inside it was as normal as a bank could be, minus the heavily armed window washers and the futuristic technology that clearly went over his head.    

Cade shrugged, his armor sliding across his body in a single fluid motion. "No reason, just curious. Want me to arrest them for loitering?"

“Check them out, but be discreet about it, recall last time? Yeah, I don’t like being in Jail.”  

Cade looked down at himself, the Centurion Apparatus encasing almost his entire body.

"Uh... yeah sure. Discreetly."

“Cade, you cause any real problems and I’m going to permanently have disapproval written all over my mask.” Moon Knight said as his mask’s HUD flashed indicating an incoming phone call- Marcus, of course, the only other person with the ability to reach his line. “Answer, keep radio online.”  

Cade quickly weaved between the members of the crowd and slipped out the main entrance before ducking into a side alley. His armor finished enveloping his body as he made a stealthy approach to the roof. 

“Marcus, what’s up?” Moon Knight moved back from the skylight, taking his sight from Centurion’s location. 

“Hey, I just had a kid walk into the mansion and ask to join the Avengers. Did you have something to do with that?” 

The Night’s Protector gave a low sigh pacing back and forth on the rooftop.

“No… Look, Marcus, we had this conversation before. The Avengers are finished and we’re not coming back from the disappearances. The Omniverse just doesn’t want to bring us together as a team and you know the only reason Cade and I are doing this mission is because that we got a tip. Besides, why would I put a kid in danger and send them to the mansion, I already regret bringing the first one that followed us here.”    

Marcus grunted in the phone.”I recall training friends of mine named Kyle Reese and Star... they were like my son and daughter at one point. The point is, I know this isn’t my world anymore, but give them a chance. These children fought with me against Skynet. I trust them as much as they trust me.” 

"Should... should I switch channels, or..." Cade chimed in.

“It’s not about kids Marcus! It’s about this team and the fact that we’re four vigilantes in a world that doesn't want us. I doubt we’ll ever assemble again, we’ve lost too many already Marcus. There’s a reason I worked alone, I worked alone to keep my friends my family from harm and this team isn’t helping.”    

"Hey, so, great talk, but I do have about five armed hostiles about to break into a bank. Should we... do something about that, or?"

“I lost so much and risked a lot to try to change myself. Who cares if nobody wants us! I felt that pain when Skynet didn’t want me and the Resistance wanted nothing to do with me. It’s about all of us. Do you want to give this all up? I guess this is it then, back to square one. You fighting criminals, I being a criminal. You changed me for the better. I became one of you and for that, I gave up my ways.” 

“You know tha!-” Moon Knight widened then narrowed his mask’s eyes at the sound of gunfire echoing up from the skylight. “Marcus, I’ll talk to you about this later.” 

Looking up to tier four’s false sky, he gave a deep groan.”Khonshu save this boy from me.”  

Snapping his attention back to the skylight, he darted for it, crashing down through the glass. Descending into the bank, his white cape opened up, resembling an oversized parachute that allowed him to make a soft landing on an office table.

RE: Withdrawl Symptoms - Centurion - 11-14-2018

Cade remembered the first time he had stopped a bank robbery. It had been pretty early in his career, barely a month into his time as Centurion. Janus had patched the armor into local police scanners and Cade had thankfully received the call on a weekend. He would have hated to miss school. It had been a few angry men armed with alien tech they had bought from a shady dealer. Back then, things were simple for him. He could make an empty excuse to his mom, armor up, and fly over to the problem. A few punches later, the problem was solved and he could get back to surf practice with Gwen and Kirby. Now, things weren’t so simple. Thankfully, even when he was lost in another dimension far from home, Cade could get back to the basics.

The would-be thieves were nestled on the roof of the bank next to the skylight. Cade had made it past the crowd and out to the back alley behind the Coruscanti bank. He was making his way up the maintenance walkway on the side of the building when he overheard Moon Knight and Marcus bickering. It wasn’t the first time the Silver Avenger and the Terminator had gotten into it. Ever since half the team just disappeared (apparently a common occurrence in the hellish Omniverse) everyone had been on edge. The last thing he wanted was to be involved in the argument, especially as he was closing in on a group of armed intruders.

Cade spoke up, his helmet hiding his voice from the criminals. “Should… Should I switch channels, or…”

They ignored him, electing instead to continue their pointless banter. Moon Knight was frustrated, an emotion the young Centurion had not yet seen from him. Marcus was angry too, but that was more familiar to Cade. He wished that he had a deeper history with both of them so that he had a place in their conversation. For now, all they had in the way of a past was beating each other to a pulp then getting arrested together. Come to think of it, that sounded a lot like teh kind of friendship most of the guys on his high school football team had. Ass some alcohol and the young man was on a glorified football team. What a thought. Once he got to the roof, Cade observed the criminals from behind an air conditioning unit. They men were readying the glass-cutter and their rifles. Rappel lines had been anchored to the rooftop for swift entry, and duffel bags lay in waiting beside the skylight. As much as Cade wanted to listen to Moon Knight and Marcus argue, he felt like more important things were at hand.

“Hey, so, great talk, but I do have about five armed hostiles about to break into a bank. Should we… ya know… do something about that?”

Once again, he was ignored. Cade rolled his eyes. He had had enough for one night. He needed to punch something, if only to make him feel better. Cade rolled his shoulders and took a deep breath before stepping out from behind the AC unit. He cleared his throat loud enough to startle the criminals into spinning around.

“Aloha, gentlemen.” The clacking of rifles leveling with his chest brought back good memories. “Now, I see you’re all eager to get right into it, and I respect that, but I do want to give you all at least one chance to surrender.”

One of the criminals cursed and whispered harshly to his compatriots. Cade let them discuss for a few seconds before cracking his knuckles and stepping forward.

“Alright, have it your way.”

Thank God the first panicked shot missed. Cade had utterly forgotten about how severely limited his armor was. With the Omniverse having unsettled the core systems, there was no guarantee that Centurion was still bulletproof. He kicked at one of the duffle bags and it was tossed into the air. It fluttered with the wind and masked Cade’s retreat. He leaped back as a hail of gunfire ripped holes through the bag and spun back behind the AC unit. His hands sparked as his adrenaline spiked. The loud retorts of rifles broke the peaceful silence of the Coruscanti afternoon. Cade readied himself, then stepped out from behind the unit. His armor shimmered for a moment, then a series of hexagonal energy cells flared to life along its outer layer. It was a shot in the dark, but Cade prayed that the armor’s new Phalanx Barrier could absorb enough bullets to let him close the gap. His risk paid off. As he sprinted towards the criminals, sparks flew off of the impact points where their bullets were deflected by the ionic shield.

He reached for one of the closer criminals and grabbed his gun. With a harsh yank, Cade disarmed him and threw him off balance. Carrying the momentum, He spun around and smashed the butt of the rifle into the back of his head. The robber crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Not one to be stingy, Cade proceeded to chuck the rifle at another criminal, throwing off his aim. The man stumbled back and tripped over an exhaust pipe on the roof. The other three men started to back away, still firing.

Centurion caught Moon Knight darting across the rooftops out of the corner of his eye. Good, backup. Cade didn’t notice the man who had tripped finding his footing. The hero used his arms to cover his face and charged the three men remaining. The one he targeted had the wherewithal to duck under Centurion’s first swing, but he made the mistake of trying to tackle the ironclad hero. Cade grabbed his waist and lifted him. They both spun around before Cade released the man and launched him into his compatriots. They all collapsed onto the glass, one of them crying out in pain as his back was caught on the metal chassis of the glass-cutter.

Cade took a breath, his Phalanx Barrier flickering and then disappearing. “Okay. You guys had enough?”

No one got to answer Cade before he was knocked off his feet. With no barrier and no forewarning, Centurion was tackled by the man who had tripped. They both crashed into the otehr three and onto the glass. The skylight shattered, people shouting and screaming from inside the bank. Somehow, they hadn’t all evacuated by now. Cade snapped his arms out and yanked the criminals close to him. He spun so that his back faced the floor. He forced his suit to produce another barrier around him just before they crashed into the linoleum tile. The tile shattered underneath their weight, but Cade managed to put himself between the floor and two of the four criminals. His lungs now deprived of air and his head spinning, Cade dragged himself out from under the men he had caught and pushed himself to his feet. When his visio cleared, he saw one of the criminals holding a woman with a pistol shoved hard against her temple. The terror on her face froze Centurion in place.

The robber snarled. “Back off, hero, or I deposit a bullet in her head! We’re walking out of here!!”

Cade stood up slowly, hands raised in an attempt to calm the criminal. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“What the %&$# are you talking about? We’re getting out of here, boys!” His compatriots stumbled to their feet, gathering their weapons.

“You’re gonna be okay ma’am, I promise,” Cade reassured her. He stepped back with his hands raised to give the criminals some space.

Like a silver shadow, Moon Knight dropped from the skylight. He didn’t make a sound as he stalked up behind the hostage-taker.

Cade smirked beneath his helm. “Last chance to give up, brah. Let the girl go and he doesn’t have to hurt anybody.”

There was visible confusion on the criminal’s face.

“Alright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The criminal’s eyes widened a split second before the Night’s Protector descended upon him. His scream of terror and pain was cut short as he was enveloped by the Moon Knight. Cade caught the woman as she fell forward and gently held her as she sobbed into his shoulder. It was almost majestic, watching Marc decimate the criminals. There was a grace to his savagery. Maybe someday Cade could ask him for some pointers. The fight was over in barely seven seconds without a single shot fired. Moon Knight rose to his feet, knuckles dusted with blood, and glared at Centurion. Cade blanched beneath the deadly stare, disapproval seemingly permanently written on the man’s cowl. It was moments like this the young man thanked God for his armor’s full face mask.

RE: Withdrawl Symptoms - Marcus Wright - 11-15-2018

The man, once shown as a husk, a soulless machine that he used to be standing in the mansion, the shadows coming out onto his face.

“Hey, kid? You still around?”

Marcus found himself looking out around the mansion seeing if he noticed the boy named Ben around but he wasn’t around. Another possible member gone because of him.

“NO! ARGH! SHIT!... “

He was frustrated only to hear his echoing voice in the mansion bouncing off walls. Then he realized it.

In this Omniverse, he was too busy saving others to save himself in the process. Was he the man he claimed to be? Was he that hero?

The Terminator grabbed a few things of his and sighed, not even the portrait felt as dead as he felt right now as he traversed the hallways toward the Danger Room.

He felt weird depending on the danger room AI but at least it wouldn’t steer him wrong. It still felt so odd depending on an AI that didn’t want to kill him for once. But that was long in the past and that AI was somewhere deep inside water.

He set his stuff down and placed on his leather jacket “Computer, hey. You hear me?”

The AI turned its sight on Marcus and turned on “Yes, Marcus Wright right?”

The terminator sighed and lightly growling under his breath “Yes. Computer set up my own danger room. I need this to be a challenging one. Throw all the shit I did at me. Can you set that up?”

Marcus was becoming impatient “Can you do this?”

The AI took a moment before answering “Tell me about your past.”

Before he realized things turned dark, the AI placed his request under consideration after Marcus found himself oddly telling the AI everything.

Not long, the terminator found himself in a car, standing near the border of Texas somehow talking to his brother who has been dead for quite some time. For a moment he didn’t know what the hell was going on here. But soon he remembered that this wasn’t a real version of his brother staring him down, asking him why he was acting so weird.

Marcus felt like everything was back to normal somewhat, his robot parts were gone, he was somehow human again here. He always wanted to be human again but he never forgot he was.

Could this another chance to fix his mistakes? Would this version of his brother listen to him?

In the background, the AI dug deep into Marcus’s past and keeping it a close enough version of his brother due to his description.

His brother stepped forward and nodding at Marcus to follow him as he questioned where they were going.

“Where are we going, brother?” Marcus asked his brother.

“Simple, we are going to rob a bank!” The photorealistic version of his brother replied.

Marcus gritted his teeth “You’re crazy, dude. Do you have a plan? You know it’s not that easy.”

Sam turned “What the hell man! It’s just for a ride and it’ll be quick. We’ve been planning this for years! Why not do it now?!”

The terminator frowned finding himself oddly telling his brother “Shut up. We aren’t doing it.”

Sam stepped back “Enough! I’m not taking this, I’m doing it and you aren’t stopping me!”

Before Marcus could pull a stunt trying to tell his brother otherwise, he pulled back. He knew what was coming and it was bad. He could pull the car off the road and cause a wreck or he could let his brother rob the bank but how could he do such a thing, it was his brother, not some common criminal.

The past was reviving itself. Marcus knew where the end would come. How could he stop it-- HOW?

Marcus tried once again to tell his brother to rethink what he was doing. His brother tossed him a gun Marcus looked to the gun and back to his brother. “Stop Sam! Seriously… I don’t..”

“Shut up! We’re doing if you’re in or not”

Marcus grabbed his gun and pulled his arm back “Stop being stubborn, realize what are you doin-


r Sam pushed him aside, grabbing his gun.

Following his brother outside several other men followed up with them as well, with disguises and guns of their own as well, Marcus growled he was forced to follow his brother in this mess, It was the only to stop him.

The Texas First Bank was broken into that day with strange men pointing guns at the bank tellers screaming at them. Some of the men kept guard watching over the bank tellers while others quickly grabbed cash.

In a frenzy one of the frightened bank tellers activated the silent alarm. Sirens blaring in the distance reverberated into the building.
“SHHIT! COME ON, BOYS! Let’s get out of here!”

Cracking the safe several of the others grabbed several bags of cash. Hustling out of the building they quickly shoved the bags into their stolen vehicles

“See Marcus? That wasn’t so bad, wasn’t it?” Sam said as they made their escape.

“ Sam, The cops are coming. You know that, right?”

Sam slammed on the breaks “Well then, let’s make a break for it.”

There were cracking sounds of guns being shot back and forth, while Sam tried to swerve the car, Marcus tried to hold off the cops from surrounding them. Loud sirens could be heard on the road and they were getting closer all time time. “GIVE UP” The cops yelled as they slammed into the car trying to get it to stop. Soon the car was swung toward the tree and a crash occured.

Soon it happened there, the car slammed into a tree. His brother was dead, bleeding in the front seat of the car. Two cops were hurt in the process. Marcus didn’t do it, his brother was bleeding and not responding. Marcus was getting worried and shaking the man first cautiously and then screaming then for his brother to wake up. The cops called for backup and then other cops got up and pointed at the car surrounding it as Marcus was blamed for everything: Two cops dead and his brother died that day.

He went to court the next day, blamed for two innocent cops deaths and his brother’s death he didn’t cause. The jury murmured over his case and came back with the verdict: It was to go to Death row. The man was guilty to die by Lethal injection the very next month.

He had to go through his first death again, the same pain of the families crying outside the window, the same stinging poison going through his veins, everything.

He was a dead man walking.

He sat in a cell, others glaring at him angrily “What are you in for?”

Marcus sat there not speaking.

“What, not talking?”

One year later, a cancer-stricken woman came into Marcus’s cell begging him to sign his body over to Cyberdyne Systems. He refused for a while and then stood up and kissed the woman and signed his body over to Cyberdyne in the process.

Pawn… meet pawn.

The AI flashed a dentist chair of some sort where Marcus laid in front of the window and then the needle was stuck in as he didn’t say a single word. The pain and poison stung through his veins as he was dying then and there.

Except for the fact he stared himself on the table. It was scary. He never wanted to do that again.

A voice screamed for a second “ENOUGH!!!! AI stop for.. a second.”

The terminator found himself breaking. He was staring into his own soul of a scared and lonely man.

Except this wasn’t the end, not yet.

The Rooster felt his teeth grit, he could take a lot of shit so far. The death of his brother hit him hard but events to come would hit him even harder.

Judgement Day happened, He didn’t remember too much about it so far.
He was truly alone his second life, right...Or not?

“HELLO?” He yelled out walking through the wasteland Judgment day created.

Dark skies, broken bones and metal parts littered the ground. Nuclear fires from the missiles fired by Skynet burnt like fire pits in the ground. Marcus had no way of telling who he could trust.

Until a kid or was it a teen pulled him aside and pointed a gun at him as he turned it back at him after pulling a Resistance coat off a dead soldier.

It was going to be a long second life. Turns out the kid and his companion, Star wasn’t so bad. They almost became like son and daughter at times. It took a long time to get to know them though. He kept going.

All the way until he met Blair, his lover. That’s what really killed him. Every time she shot at him, it hurt him as much as it hurt his heart. The times they shared back then meant everything to him. And he meant it.

In the Omniverse, everything changed. His experiences of fighting Skynet, joining the Avengers and more and more members came back to bite him in the ass.

Then regrets started to flood back. All the arguments. Anger and screaming between the Avengers had crossed his mind. Every time Marcus had an argument with one previous member of the Avengers, so much regret flooded in.

The Vision had disappeared, leaving a hologram of hatred in his place.

“You scared our members away, Marcus. You are the weakest on your team.”

Marcus frowned. He wasn’t going to let the former leader of the Avengers talk him down like some kid.

“I was trying to help bring members back, Vision. Isn’t that what you want?”

A prison scene was shown back in Coruscant of Dust sitting alone being hurt in prison along with Koal.

Two voices echoed “You did this Marcus, You deserve to be here instead of us! You did awful things.”

Marcus held his head, anger and regret making the terminator step away.
Finally, Blair stepped in an angry grin on her face “You made me leave, Marcus. Look what you made me do!”

Blair tried to chokehold Marcus “KILL HIM!”

Marcus looked back with horrified tears in his eyes “BLAIR! Stop this … This isn’t you.. I didn’t do this.”

“Stop with your damn lies, terminator. I should've never trusted you. Maybe John Connor was right all along.”

Marcus just weakly fell to his knees, STOP! I.. SHIT.. can’t.. no...

He just let the tears fall in the dark, that was his breaking point there.

“STOP THIS! I don’t want to live my past anymore.”

The AI Simulator stopped, leaving the terminator to sit in the darkness, exposing his “wounds” to empty space.