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Black-white, a doctor, and stardust - Marisa Kirisame - 04-30-2019

Marisa was flying to the edge of the verse as the sand turned to dirt and so she landed on the ground with Nitori in tow as they began the relativily short walk to the verse gate as the two began to talk with Nitori starting. "What are you going to do in the face of this problem?" Her voice was calm and collected as she looked at the witches neutral face.

Breathing in Marisa began to speak. "Ah, well I should be honest. I'll likely do something stupid since it's how I roll. But besides fighting them isn't such a good idea considering if they seriously come after me, the city will be in danger. And if I head over the City doesn't have really anyone with actual power to protect it. Guards and whatnot are only so useful against a prime." Holding her broomstick behind herself she went quiet as the gate showed up. "If I do go to turn myself in, don't let Alice come and try to break me out." As much it hurt her pride to say that she may need another persons help she shoved it down and continued. 

"Same goes for you Nitori, considering I made my decisions and I'm a big enough person to look them in the face and take them head on." She gave her typical over the top, slightly sarcastic grin as she chuckled. "Plus... how bad can it be?"

It was then that they reached the edge of the verse right next to the gate ready to head out.