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> run specter.exe - The Vision - 06-20-2019

Rain spilled over the streets of Costa del Sol.
The third-story window of 42 Saltgrass Road burst into fiery shards of glass as Marco's burning corpse tumbled out. A ghostly white arm shoved Cristo's face into the jagged remains of the window, rolling the face back and forth. The man screamed as his eyes were ruptured, and his tongue lashed at the burning glass.
Giorgio Cappellini wept in the fetal position as he watched his childhood friend burn and melt. Fire licked the brittle walls of the mob headquarters around him. He was once afraid of this place, afraid of what his boss would do if he made a mistake. Now he wouldn't have to worry about it. Soon, there'd be no more building, and his boss was impaled on a girder that had been bent into a stalactite.
Also, he'd be dead soon.
No. Not like this.
Giorgio looked out from between his clenched forearms and looked at the assailant. He – it – was some sort of superhero-type. It was wearing a skin-tight outfit that was the same shade of bleached white as its skin. Its cape billowed in the ashy smoke of the burning house. There was a glowing red gem at the center of the attacker's forehead.
Like a specter, the man in white was holding Cristo up by the chin. Cristo's hollow face was now riddled with sizzling, bloody glass shards. The attacker studied Cristo with some curiosity, before dispassionately letting him fall to the floor in a crumple.
Giorgio started squirming, suddenly very aware of the seared tendons in his right leg. With a quivering gasp, Giorgio used his fingernails to pull himself along the ash-covered floor. He felt one of his fingernails snap, and the mobster hissed in pain. With a pitiful sob, Giorgio turned around to look at the attacker.
It was staring right at him.
Giorgio let out another sob and rested his head on the floor. Okay. Maybe like this. He was tired now, and in so much pain. He couldn't make it out of this building, and the stairs were now collapsing.
The figure in white kicked him hard, causing Giorgio to tumble twice before resting onto his back. The mobster gripped his now shattered ribs and gagged as smoke filled his panicking lungs.
"Please, Moon Knight," Giorgio whimpered, "You've killed most of them. I won't do anything bad, I promise. I'll go clean. Just... please."
"Error." The figure spoke, but its mouth never opened. "I am not Moon Knight."
The figure knelt onto one knee and pressed its palm against Giorgio's chest. It was an odd sensation. In this burning hellscape, the figure's hand was cool to the touch. Despite the slight relief of the cool sensation, it almost felt like someone was pressing a gun to Giorgio's chest.
In an inexplicable moment, the hand warped straight through Giorgio's chest. A sharp pain rocked through Giorgio's torso, and Giorgio couldn't breathe anymore. He tried to inhale, but air wouldn't come in. Choking, bleeding, and his chest seizing up, Giorgio stared with horror into the figure's blank eyes. In his dying moments, he tried to say his last words before sputtering away.
The attacker stood up, steadily staring at Giorgio's chest.
"I am the Vision," the figure snarled, "I'm here to help."
> mark PartyOfInterest:: Moonkillers #neutralized
Processing complete.
> addto.display PartyOfInterest:: next
Processing complete.
Tracking PartyOfInterest:: Avengers

The Vision's eyes flared red as he stared out the shattered window onto the street. Blood spilled over the streets of Costa del Sol. The android lifted into the air, flying through the roof and launching forward as firetrucks arrived. It gave the building one last glare before the townhouse detonated, collapsing and sending a tsunami of ash flowing down the street.