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Not quite salvation - Sloan - 07-09-2019

Sloan picked himself up off the ground, groaning as he rubbed his head. It was so bright. Was this heaven? The magus paused for a second at the thought. No, he wouldn't get into heaven. Dealing with demons wasn't generally the kind of thing that got you salvation. 

“Where the hell am I? Is anyone here?” He croaked, looking around and being met with naught but silence. At first the whole thing seemed to be blank, barring the weird fountain right next to him, but on closer inspection there seemed to be… Something, in the distance. Sloan considered his options for a moment before shrugging. What was the harm in wandering. It had only brought him good fortune so far. After taking a moment to ensure that his mask was in place and appropriately menacing, the sorcerer took off, ready for his new adventure.

After about fifteen minutes of his new adventure, Sloan felt the boredom setting in. As he walked, the warlock decided to test out his magical powers. He extended his palm in front of him and focused his magic for a moment. To his satisfaction, a bolt of crimson energy burst from his outstretched hand, slightly signing his already blackened gauntlet. The magus then raised his hand, fist clenched. Though nothing happened at first, Sloan could feel the steady drain of his power before a pillar of magma erupted from the pristine floor of the nexus, coating it in rapidly cooling rock. 

“Not bad.” He admitted to himself. After a few more motions, however, it became apparent that this was all he had access to. The pair of spells would have to suffice if fighting became necessary. Suddenly, the sound of screaming and roaring flames filled the air. Before Sloan’s eyes, a molten line carved itself vertically in the air before yawning wide, revealing a foot-wide circle of raging fire. From within the circle, a large goat’s eye gazed out, focusing on the sorcerer.

“Sorry pal, I was on the can.” Mercifax said, his eye narrowing as he took in the bright light of the nexus. “Shit, cut the brights, can you?”

“And here I was thinking I had escaped you.” Sloan chuckled. “You got any idea where this place is?”

“Nope.” The demon said. “Never even heard of anything like this.”

“Odd.” The human mumbled. “Well, I'm just going to be wandering. Let me know if anything unusual pops up.” 

“You got it.” Mercifax said before the circle closed. Sloan sighed to himself as his trek continued, slowly but surely closing in on what was gradually appearing to be a gate. After a long period of silent, boring walking, the mage arrived at the gate. 

“Hmm… Some sort of portal?” He said to himself, curious and slightly apprehensive about jumping through it. 

“Just go through it, pussy.” Mercifax said, appearing beside the sorcerer. 

“You shouldn't do that so flippantly.” Sloan retorted. “What if someone sees you? I doubt I'll last long in a strange world if everyone knows I'm bound to a demon.”

“Okay, first, you're ‘infernally associated’ so write that one down, and second, you're the only one who can see and hear me.”

“So everyone will just think I'm crazy then. Fantastic.” The sorcerer scoffed.

“Maybe you are.” Mercifax replied. “Ooooooh.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” Sloan groaned before closing his eyes and hopping into the portal, bracing himself for whatever was on the other side.