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Feran Log - Taloc - 11-16-2019

Purchases and Deductions for Feran ap Maddyn go here!

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Current Spent OM: (total, viewable on your roster)
Buying: (whatever it is you want to buy. If purchasing a move you MUST link to the approval). Cost: (the cost) OM
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All moves must be approved here before purchase.

RE: Feran Log - Feran - 12-18-2019

Current post count: 13
Current earned OM: 6742.19
Current spent OM: 4100
Basic Lifeburn (Power) (1000 OM) 

Wyld Frenzy  (Powered up form) (1000 OM) (Approval: ) 

New spent OM (Powers): 3800

New spent OM (Transformations): 1000

New Overall spent OM: 6100

RE: Feran Log - Feran - 01-03-2020

Current post count: 16
Current Earned OM: 7591.46
Current Spent OM: 6100
Buying: Stat upgrade I (ATK) Cost: 1000
New Spent OM in category: 100 (Unlocks) 
New Overall Spent OM: 7100 

RE: Feran Log - Feran - 01-08-2020

Current post count: 19
Current Earned OM: 8552.67
Current Spent OM: 6100
Buying: Advanced super jumping Cost: 500 OM
New Spent OM in category: 4300
New Overall Spent OM: 7600

RE: Feran Log - Feran - 01-15-2020

Current post count: 23
Current Earned OM:  9231.63
Current Spent OM: 7600
Buying: Enhanced senses . Cost: 1400 OM
New Spent OM in category: 5700 (Powers)
New Overall Spent OM: 9000