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Decisions, Decisions... - Daniel_Tempest - 11-25-2019

As we set foot into the Nexus I put the child I was holding back down gently. The mother pulled Charles close then gave me a hug "Thank you young man for that." she whispered quietly to me. 

"It was the right thing to do." I responded "Keep him innocent, let him have a proper childhood...I know I never did." 

"I'll try to, I really will." She assured me, scratching my ear a bit "You're a good man."

"Just being me, very few good people were still out there in my world...I hope that changed here."

"I wish you luck in that quest to find good people, You'll have forever." She told me, getting the feeling that one would get off of a Prime. "Come along Charles."

The young boy gives me one last hug before going off with his mother...he didn't know how lucky he was to still have someone who loved him, and I hoped to whatever gods ruled over this place that he never had to be in my situation. Well now I had to choose a gate and so with a little sigh I start the long process of checking out each gate.