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Deadpool - Deadpool - 02-19-2015


Name: Deadpool
Spent OM: 25,800
Consumed OM: 400 (Used: Iso-Verse x1 ~ 300; )
Proficiencies: (3000) Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Area Shield Proficiency (400)
Powers: (6500) Advanced Regeneration (1800), Master Acrobat (400), Super Jumping (300), Insight (1600), Survival (2000), Hive Mind (400)
Moves: (1200) x2 Katana(300), Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (300), x2 Sig Sauer P320 (600)
Super Moves: (2200)
Tier 1 - [Offensive] Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (600)
Tier 2 - [Offensive] Furbypool (800); [Defensive] Always Wear Protection, Kids! (800)
Transformations: (2500)
Tier 1 - End to an Overture (1000)
Tier 2 - Super Serial (1500)
Items: (100) 
Devices - Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (DA16 reward)
Consumables - 
Flavor/Fodder - Medal! x1, 'Deadpool Series 1' action figure (DA15 reward), 'Deadpool Series 2' action figure (DA16 reward)

Base(s): (3000) [Formerly Jade Reckoning] Little Rascal's Treehouse (1000), Vault (2000)
Unlocks: (7000) Stat Upgrade III (DEF +3)
Artefact(s): 1 (Moon Tiara - @ Base Vault)

Base stats: [stats in transformation (Tier 1, Tier 2)]
ATK: 1 [3] [5]
DEF: 5 [6] [7]
SPD: 3 [3] [3]
TEC: 4 [6] [8]

Re: Deadpool - Deadpool - 05-03-2015

In-Depth Analysis

[Image: Wade_Wilson_(Earth-616)_from_X-Men_Battl..._cover.jpg]
Name: Wade W. Wilson
Other Name(s): Deadpool
Alias(es): Merc’ wit a Mouth, Regenerate Degenerate
Sex: M Lots
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210lbs
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde/Brown

Appearance: See picture provided
Extra – Underneath his outfit, Deadpool is covered in cancerous tumors.

Deadpool is a highly trained martial artist and soldier with a great degree of talent when it comes to weapons (regardless of type). Sculpted through decades of mercenary work, he is a master of assassination techniques, espionage methods, covert operations, infiltration methods, and escape artistry. In the midst of combat, Deadpool is known as an unpredictable foe; often relying on his Healing Factor in addition to his raw talent, he rarely can predict his own actions. The only consistent things about his approach to battling are (1) always taking advantage of his acute awareness, and (2) irritating his opponent with his endless talking.

On the surface, Wade Wilson is a wildly flamboyant extrovert. His positivity never seems to falter; even when things appear to be hopeless, he never misses a moment to make a quippy comment. Although many would describe him as a manic psychopath who excessively spews nonsense, he isn't (at least not the former). Behind the facade of it all, Wade is still haunted by his past traumas; a man desperate for direction, who considers his mask to be the only face he can show to the world.

Before adopting the name 'Deadpool', Wade spent his early adult years home-hopping from place to place while he exacted income from mercenary work. It took advantage of the military training he had acquired as a late teen, and more importantly, allowed him to escape the harsh realities of his inner turmoil. It was also during this time that he had a daughter named Ellie with a Black Puerto Rican woman. Most of his life prior to joining the military and subsequently becoming a mercenary was a blur (when asked about his childhood, he often used varying stories, involving different mothers and fathers, and even places of upbringing--sometimes it was Canada, other times Ohio, or another midwestern city).

He continued the hectic mercenary until he found his first true love, Vanessa--a shapeshifting prostitute. The two met in Boston, and things went from there. They shared the common goal of distancing themselves from their past traumas. The couple quickly fell madly in love, but Wade's idyllic life is then suddenly shattered when he discovers he has cancer. Not wanting to be a burden, he abandoned her.

Other than learning how to become a killing machine, his time in the military also brought him great social ties. He had heard rumors of a department--Department H, which did scientific research for Canada's National Defence--stumbling upon a cure for cancer; one that bypassed  all the agony and deterioration of leukemia. Ignorant of the program's true intentions, Wade accepted the experimental treatment.

The true goals of the Department H was to funnel subjects into the Weapon X program. They injected Wade with a cocktail of genetic altering materials, enhancing his strength and giving him endless regenerative capabilities. When Wade's body didn't accept the changes, they sent him to a place called the Hospice, where they conducted painful experiments on him in hopes of triggering his powers. Eventually they were successful, but once Wade had gained his new abilities he escaped. He donned the name Deadpool, mocking the 'dead pool' wager system guards had where they bet on which prisoner would be next to die.

A consequence of obtaining regenerative capabilities was that it also rapidly replicated his cancer cells, which soon spread across his entire body.  This disfigurement plunged him back into a life of mercenary work; there he would spend the rest of his time until being snatched by Omni and brought to the Omniverse.


Supreme Athlete
Through God-given-talent and training from military, Deadpool is an incredible athlete.
Master Acrobat and Super Jumping (Basic)

Healing Factor
Weapon X gave Deadpool a supreme Healing Factor that enables him to regenerate his body, down to a molecular level. He can also still control parts of his body that have been dismembered.
Survival, Hive Mind, Advanced Regeneration (though his powers have been nerf’d in the Omniverse, Deadpool’s Healing Factor still enables him to recover from non-immediate lethal wounds)

Fourth Wall
Deadpool’s insanity has driven him to believe that he is a character in a comic book series. This somehow gives him knowledge of other people. Furthermore, he believes his life is narrated by a person name Baron
Insight – Has knowledge of everyone’s moves and abilities.


x2 Katana
[Image: deluxe-dual-ninja-sword-set-7595886.jpg]
Req. - Physical Strength
A matching pair of Samurai swords.

x2 Sig Sauer P320
[Image: SIG-Sauer-P320-1.jpg]
Req. - Ranged Proficiency
Bullet: 9mm; Clip Capacity: 15+1; semi-automatic, with burst-fire option available (x3 rapid succession); Weight: 1.5lbs (w/full clip)
A highly efficient compact pistol, The P320 was designed to be ambidextrous in handling, sporting an ambidextrous slide catch lever and user reversible magazine catch. All other operating controls are designed so they can be operated from either side. New clips take 3 seconds of concentration to form from OM, but then the time it takes to load into the pistol and spring a bullet into the chamber is only 10-15 seconds.
Deadpool can accurately fire this weapon from 20 meters away, but the distance of bullets may travel up to 50 meters.
This move can be used with other moves, but only if one of the pistols are not being wielding, leaving one hand free to use another weapon or move.


Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
[Image: latest?cb=20100403213247]
Req. – Physical Strength
As an avid fan of Street Fighter, Deadpool has found a way to master many of the video game franchises's moves. Known better through its American name (Hurricane Kick), this is a signature attack of Ryu and Ken, from Street Fighter. It is essentially a spinning wheel kick that is performed after jumping off of the ground. The user spins 1080 degrees with his leg extended, which keeps him momentarily levitated.



Super Moves
Tier 1

Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
[Image: latest?cb=20100409203654]
Type - Offensive
Req. - Physical Strength, Area Atk. Proficiency
This particular move is derived from Ryu's move-set in Capcom vs. SNK series. The user performs a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, but this version has a vacuum effect, as the user spins over 3200 degrees. Opponent's unfortunate enough to get caught within its range (5 meter radius) are sucked in and hit multiple times from the spinning kick. The process proceeds for a few seconds (that seem much longer) until the velocity built up has exhausted itself.

Tier 2

[Image: yay__my_new_furby__by_bieber90pink-d60g4ee.jpg]
Type - Offensive
Req. - Ranged Proficiency, Area Atk Proficiency
An item Deadpool obtained during Dante's Abyss '15, and later replicated via Omnilium. While it may seem like your usually Furby doll, one button--where its asshole would be located--triggers a proximity explosive; when pressed, the doll's eyes glow a whitish-blue. Once Deadpool chucks the bomb, it explodes upon contact, creating a 10 meter blast radius.

Always Wear Protection, Kids!
Type - Defensive
Req. - Area Shield Proficiency
Deadpool forces his skin cells to replicate rapidly, coating his body with a strong layer of protection.

Forms / Power-Ups
Tier 1

End to an Overture
Type - Power-Up
After a preliminary period of sizing up his opponent, Deadpool may opt to take the fight more seriously; his attacks become more precise and powerful, but his mouth stays the same—talkative.
ATK - +2
DEF - +1
SPD - +0
TEC - +2

Tier 2

Super Serial
Type - Power-Up
Deadpool decides to use 100% of his wit and skill. This drastic increase in his strength and technique may shock his opponent sometimes.
ATK: +4
DEF: +2
SPD: +0
TEC: +4

Alternate Forms


Re: Deadpool - Deadpool - 05-21-2015

Friendly - Nuetral - Hostile

Karl Jak - "Papi Chulo Karlito"
The exuberant and outwardly bisexual CEO/Producer of Syntech and all of their productions. Deadpool first met the producer while participating in Dante's Abyss (2015); though their fondness for each other didn't form then, they enjoyed swapping witty banter. In the following Dante's Abyss event (2016), the two spend extended time together while trying to escape the island. Their flamboyant personalities meshed well as they constantly teetered the lines of sexuality and sanity. They even became close enough for Karl to give the mercenary a Communicator with his number in it.

Retane - " The Pronoun Generator"
Retane was a creature called a Namekian, who Deadpool fought in Dante's Abyss 2015. Neither of them wielded a true weapon--Deadpool no weapon at all, while Retane had a Victorian hand-mirror--, but the things became fierce when both men revealed further extents of their power. The battle ended in a stalemate. After the competition, Deadpool assumed control of Jade Reckoning (Retane's former base) during the Namekian's absence, renaming it the Little Rascals Treehouse.

Sasuke Uchiha - "The Absent Shinobi"
Deadpool met the teenage ninja while apparently sleepwalking in Dante's Abyss (2015); a brief spar erupted. Despite his youth, Sasuke was a skilled martial artist. His knack for concocting strategies on the fly impressed the mercenary. The skirmish ended, and a friendship formed. Though polar opposites, Sasuke's calculative personality meshed well with the quirkiness of Deadpool. They spent most of the competition together, up until the finale. After Dante's Abyss the two lost contact, but Deadpool did intend to help when he heard the ninja faced an outnumbering opposition, but before he made it the ninja had fallen.

Vincent Valentine - "The Moral Compass"
Vincent was a cerebral man who grouped with Sasuke and Deadpool during Dante's Abyss (2015). Their time together was short, but Deadpool respected the morals that he stood for. In the following year's competition (DA2016), Deadpool met one of Vincent's friends, 'Red'.

Mickey Mouse - "Hypocrite"
Deadpool has a complicated relationship with Mickey. They met after the 2nd Easter Egg event of Dante's Abyss (2015), which separated the mercenary from his group. They clashed instantly. It ended with a mutual bond of respect formed. Then they traveled together for a short period, even killing another Prime (something that drove Mickey to the brink of insanity). This caused the mouse to go through phases of manic depression. He ultimately attacked Deadpool, causing a rift in their partnership. They wouldn't meet again until the finale; with the parasitic malfactor, Mickey unleashed his true madness, pinning Deadpool down while the two took a direct blast, killing the latter.

Hiro Protagonist - "Token Black Guy / Chocolate Thunder"
An expert hacker and computer technician. Deadpool met him during Dante's Abyss (2016), and spent the duration of the event with him. Hiro reminded the mercenary of his buddy, Weasel, because of their similar skill sets (Weasel didn't have his combat capabilities though).

Pepsi-man - "Major Tool"
The bland mascot for Pepsi Soda Co. Deadpool first met Pepsi-man during Dante's Abyss (2015). The mascot's lack of personality disturbs Deadpool to a great extent, so much so that he occasionally harasses him over social media. Their tart relationship soured more during Dante's Abyss (2016), where Pepsi-man and a faux Karl attacked him (technically, Deadpool attacked them, but he was provoked).

Honorable Mentions:

It's unclear how long Deadpool has know the Pokémon, but the two reacquainted during Dante's Abyss (2015). Their time together was short lived, but the mercenary finds Wartortle to be highly entertaining.

Doomyguy and Deadpool briefly fought during the finale of Dante's Abyss (2015). Deadpool gained the upper hand, but was soon interrupted by another finalist. Later, Doomguy shot Deadpool while he fought Mickey Mouse, completely disintegrating him.

Luffy, Guu, Jon Snow, Desco, Cindy, Aero, Erza Scarlet, Harry Dresden, Ganondorf, Blink
Random people that Deadpool either found alongside or fought against in Dante's Abyss (2015)

Gildarts, Samus Aran
Two people that Deadpool defeat in Dante's Abyss (2015) with the assistance of Gilgamesh, Strazio, and Sasuke.

Gilgamesh, Strazio Rockwell
Primes that helped Deadpool near the end of Dante's Abyss (2015). Deadpool later encountered Strazio in the finale, but the two did not fight.

A foxy (literally) latina he met during Dante's Abyss (2016) She attempted to arrest Karl, but since the producer was the only ticket off the island, Deadpool and Hiro killed her.

A digimon that be met during Dante's Abyss (2016). They spent a short amount of time together.

Okor, Christa, Colonel, Abner, Zack Fair, Remilia Scarlet, Gin Yatreg, Amber Veritz, Granite, Makota Yuki, Arthuria Pendragon, 'Red'
Random people he encountered during Dante's Abyss (2016)

Delsin Rowe, Jak Mar
People Deadpool defeated in Dante's Abyss (2015). Mickey killed Delsin with Deadpool's help; Deadpool killed Jak while both were alone.



RE: Deadpool - Deadpool - 02-01-2017


Snatched From Marvel
While in the middle of a mission (or dream--he couldn't tell), the mercenary vanishes, only to reappear in a foreign world. He met a white figure, Omni, who gave him the scoop of the new realm he found himself in. Once the figure disappeared, Deadpool explored the 'Nexus' alone until coming across a fast and mysterious person.

A Gloomy Town
After tackling the the mystery man . . . cookie, Deadpool tumbles through a strange portal, which transports him to a dark and gloomy land. Deadpool abducts the cookie and spends the night at a hotel. The cookie comes-to, and a scuffle erupts, but the two soon make peace. From there, Deadpool comes across a sign promoting a competition.

Dante's Abyss 2015