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Roger Smith

Name: Roger Smith

Spent OM: 9,100

Proficiencies: 3,000
-- Physical Strength (1,000)
-- Ranged (1,000)
-- Area Attack (600)
-- Area Defense (400)

Powers: 0/8000

Moves: 900
-- The Watch (900)

Super Moves: 1,200
-- T1 Super Attack: Sudden Impact (600)
-- T1 Super Defense: Arm Shields (600)

Transformations: 1,000
-- T1 Powered-Up Form: Big O; SHOWTIME! (1000)

Assists: 0

Items: 0

Artefacts: None

Consumed OM (0): 0

Bases: 0

Unlocks: 3,000
-- Permanent Stat Increase I (1,000)
-- Permanent Stat Increase II (2,000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

NPC Primes
-- Captain Crow

Roger Smith
"My name is Roger Smith. My other name is Negotiator. A much needed job which I perform here in Paradigm City, the city of amnesia."

[Image: 3444-475299486.jpg]

Age: Mid-40s
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Traits: Extremely distinctive 'windshield wiper' eyebrows
Attire: Well-kept black suit; matching black gloves and dress shoes; when outdoors, typically wears dark sunglasses; when in poor weather, adds a long black overcoat
items of Note: Distinctive watch on left wrist, bears no numbers on its face though does possess hands for telling time; Roger's car, The Griffon
Notable Quirks: Frequently adjusts his tie, especially when exiting his car; adjusts his coat lapels after any reasonably intense physical activity; tends to comb or smooth his hair when meeting a new individual


--Work In Progress


Character Source: The Big O




ATK: 3

DEF: 3

SPD: 3

TEC: 3


Physical Strength

Ranged Proficiency

Area Attack

Area Defense



Fighting Style

--In progress--



The Watch (900) (Requires: Ranged)
Roger's watch, worn on his left wrist. A handy tool, which features myriad functions concealed within it. Its primary function is to call the Big O, but its other uses are not to be forgotten. Chief among them are its grappling line and cutting laser tool, but it has other functions beside.
  • Grappling Hook -- The grappling line is a razor-thin wire, typically almost impossible to see save for when it glints in the light. It is capped by a small hook on the end, which provides it enough weight to accurately launch it, and to hook it in place when it hits a target. It has a maximum range of 20 meters, and travels at the speed of an arrow. It functions similarly to a grappling hook, allowing Roger to scale walls, swing across gaps, or retrieve distant small items in typical fashion for such a tool; the wire is more than strong enough to bear his weight, though far from unbreakable -- a fairly strong blow, especially a cutting one, can break it. If it is broken, it takes nearly a minute to repair and re-summon the missing wire and hook. Once the hook and wire is securely anchored and grappled onto something, it can be reeled in with surprising force for the watch's tiny mechanism, more than sufficient to easily pull an average sized human off their feet, though individuals stronger than Roger or particularly large targets can resist; the line can even haul Roger himself up to a higher point at a fairly decent speed.
  • Bladed Hook -- The grappling line's hook can also be adjusted to unsheathe small blades. Their small size makes them of only minimal use in combat, but allows the hook to be used to cut through objects with a well-placed shot, or by wrapping around and sawing through them. It is highly ineffective as a weapon, but can be an effective tool in the proper circumstances.
  • Cutting Laser -- The watch features a laser cutting tool. It is incredibly short ranged, only reaching up to about a foot, but puts out a tremendous amount of energy, chiefly in the form of heat. It can cut through most mundane objects in a matter of seconds, and with sustained use can eventually carve through almost anything, limited mostly by its short range and small size. It is cumbersome and impractical to use as a weapon thanks mostly to its short range, but it is fairly powerful and can inflict horrible burns if successfully used. It is somewhat troublesome to use, requiring the exterior edge of the watch to be rotated, and then a second and a half for the watch face to rise up and reveal the laser emitter, though at that point it can be fired with only a thought from Roger, and hidden away again simply by pushing the watch face back down. While it theoretically has a limitless supply of power, thanks to the unknown technology used to construct it, using it for more than roughly 12 continuous seconds will cause it to begin to overheat, and can burn Roger himself quite badly; thus it is used typically in only short bursts.
  • It can be used to remotely start and call Roger's car, the Griffon, to his location. As of now this serves little purpose other than convenience, without the car's other tools summoned yet.

Super Moves

T1 Super Attack: Sudden Impact (600) (Requires: Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack)
The Big O draws back one arm, readying a punch, as one of the pistons in its elbow cocks back. The process takes three seconds, during which immense amounts of air are drawn into the megadeus's arm and pressurized. When ready, the punch is unleashed, striking with a powerful blow, but that is only the setup for the true blow: whether the punch itself connects or now, the piston in the black megadeus's arm slams home like a piledriver, discharging the pressurized air all at once in a catastrophically powerful burst, approximately five meters in diameter. The force is strongest at point-blank range, but its sheer force can reach for up to 100 meters before its power begins to fall off. If used when not piloting the Big O, the megadeus's arm will burst from below the ground to deliver the blow, and sink out of sight again afterward. The sheer power is draining, both on the Big O's own power reserves and Roger's physical integrity and stamina, limiting its use (as SP allows).

T1 Super Defense: Arm Shields (600) (Requires: Area Defense)
The forearms of the Big O are extremely bulky, and have heavy plating on the front much like bracers. At need, they can be deployed, expanded and energized with an electric current to serve as sturdy shields, capable of covering nearly the full size of the megadeus's frame when properly deployed. It takes two seconds to deploy and brace with the shields, at which point they can be maintained for up to thirty seconds or until they have withstood tremendous punishment, up to and including the power of a T1 Super Attack before they must be withdrawn to repair themselves and cool off. When used out of the Big O, the megadeus's arm will erupt out of the ground, curling around and in front of Roger to shield him, and sink below the ground again afterward. The powerful energy currents needed to energize the shields, and to repair them afterward, are highly taxing to use, and must be used sparingly (as SP allows).

Power Ups/Transformations

T1 Powered-Up Form -- Big O; SHOWTIME! (1000)
[Image: wWKsBsK.gif]
Roger pulls back the sleeve on his left arm, bringing up his watch and giving the command in a clear voice, "Big O! SHOWTIME!" Within just a few seconds, the ground will begin to rumble, and then from behind him the massive form of the black Megadeus, the Big O, will erupt from below the ground. Rising up to a towering height of 30 meters in height, it will lift Roger in its hand and deposit him in the cockpit. Within ten seconds after the initial command, the giant mech is ready for combat. Its sheer size and bulk lend it considerable power, in terms of both offense and defense, and Roger's skill is not diminished in the slightest while piloting it, but its sheer bulk renders it somewhat plodding and slow, and far from agile. The power granted by the megadeus is formidable, but in the Omniverse Roger can only maintain the strain of piloting it for short periods (as SP allows).

ATK: 7
DEF: 7
SPD: 0
TEC: 3


[Image: kUpgBYg.gif]


Dan Dastun

[Image: l0I0SlW.jpg]

Norman Burg

[Image: WQIZ31u.jpg]

R. Dorothy Waynewright

[Image: 0Cwn7gn.jpg]

Big Ear

[Image: du5g0rt.jpg]


Player Primes



[Image: kUpgBYg.gif]

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