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Name: Scratch-N-Dent
Spent OM: 5000
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (1600): Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (2200/8000): Hive Mind (400), Disassemble (800), Fusion (1000)
Moves (600): Magnetic Shield (300), Iron Storm (300)
Super Moves (600): Self Destruct (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Bases (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 1 - He can beat an 8th grader in a slap-fight.
DEF: 5 - Standard caliber bullets will not damage him with just one impact.
SPD: 1 - Faster than molasses. Slower than bad news.
TEC: 3 - Each move is calculated with mechanical precision.

Personality & Writing Guide:

Scratch is very loosely inspired by HK-47 from KOTOR. Imagine Don Rickles and the Fruit F*cker combined to become a malevolent (but well-intentioned) Jehovah’s Witness. Scratch believes that organics are inherently flawed and need careful guidance and saving from their own nature. Despite his intended programming, he’s enthusiastically religious and is eager to spread word of a fictional deity known as Derp to all corners of creation. Because the gods have a sense of humor, he as one of their most fervent apostles is completely unable to speak and was only ever outfitted with a cranky dot-matrix printer. He’s happy to accommodate poor eyesight by printing in Easy-Eye ™ large font or even in braille, however the message is usually an insult-ridden criticism interwoven into whatever he’s trying to say. In all respects he’s rather fond of his equally defective forge-mate, though he’s got all the intelligence of an over-achieving doorstop. They were parted when Omni nabbed Scratch, so in terms of a primary motivation, it's definitely to find his brother.

When communicating, Scratch will print a few lines of sarcasm and either hold it aloft, hand it over, or just let the paper flap around from his printer unit. In any case, make use of the CODE markup within Vbulletin.

Like this, loser.

As Scratch looks for his forgemate, he will occasionally print religious tracts for the almighty Derp. Expect resistance to any attempt to discuss theology. Because he can DISASSEMBLE, he'll occasionally be taking other forms. Did you see a large, armored robot in the shape of a toaster walking around in Camelot? Probably Scratch.

Breakfast.exe: He's got a waffle iron in his chassis, so if if you're ever hungry while listening to some religious banter, a waffle might be on its way too.

Argument.tiff: Adept at proselytizing, preaching, and or selling absolute hogwash. Scratch is noted for being somewhat persuasive when it comes to getting his way. This often involves being quite rude, and printing in precise detail the thing that people feel self-conscious about. Call it insult comedy, observational humor, whatever. He’s so good at this that General Automatics Inc. reported a 75% decrease in product complaints in the two years he worked in the mailroom.


Created at the General Automatics Inc orbital factory on Deneb VIIIa, prototype model T551-C (better known as Scratch) was intended to be an automated domiciliary assistant, butler, and majordomo. His administrative subroutines never really took, and he was reassigned to the mailroom at General Automatics where he was tasked with sorting and responding to complaint letters. Invariably, juvenile insults and written slang became ingrained into his default lexicon (and even his bootfile). He has been outfitted with varying pieces of administrative equipment, and communicates with a rather loud printer. After reading a large amount of religious junk mail, he committed a Religion.ini file into his Startup subroutine and thus his tendency towards zealotry was born.

He was created the same day as prototype model D100-A, a much more congenial combat model made to be a durable training dummy. After being saved from the scrap-heap, Dent (named as such due to a caved-in headplate), was placed on janitorial duty due to his propensity to obsessively sanitize (incinerate) dirty surroundings. He has since been given a Mop_and_Bucket.dll file, that diverts his more neurotic behaviors into something a bit more useful. He was never given much in terms of deductive reasoning or decision-making skills, and generally is tasked with taking blows on the proverbial chin.

One fateful day (a Wednesday), the factory’s plumbing backed up and flooded the hallways and life support systems with organic waste. Overwhelmed with the amount of filth, Dent managed to reduce the entire orbital facility to a decompressed cinder. The resulting blaze triggered a catastrophic failure of the station’s hull integrity, and just before being vented into deep space he could have sworn he saw a shimmering figure regarding him with some degree of interest. In the dead vacuum of space, he heard a voice. His light receptors quickly overloaded, and when they regained their faculty he was standing alone in a vast plane of white. Dent, however, was nowhere to be found.

Height: 5’10 – According to General Automatics R&D, 5’10 is the optimal height for interaction with lame no-scoping THOT organics.

Weight: 300 lbs – Likewise, 300 lbs has been determined the baseline weight for the T551-C.

Appearance: True to his name, Scratch bears a great deal of metal-fatigue across his faceplate, twisting his visage into a macabre and corroded rictus grin. An evangelist of the Elder God Derp, he has adopted a black hooded robe to complement his already frightful appearance. A few household and office appliances have been incorporated into his chassis, including an egg-beater, cocktail bar set, a cartridge-fed stapler, a pair of scissors, a paper-shredder, and waffle-iron.

Physical Strength (1k OM): Hand2HandCom.bat: Having learned a thing or two from his brother Dent, he has a decent grasp on basic combat techniques, augmented by the occasional combative use of his incorporated appliances. Nobody wants a hot waffle iron to the temple or an egg-beater to the nose. A staple through a thumbnail can really sting, too. So there’s that. He might not hit hard, but he hits where it counts. He can beat an 8th grader in a slap-fight. When it comes to fighting a trained martial artist, he generally focuses on rope-a-dope techniques.

Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM): SprayNPray.dll: To compensate for his lack of speed, Scratch has adapted to focusing on attacks that affect a wider area of effect.

Hive Mind (400 OM): UPS.app: Each critical body part has its own un-interrupted powersource, allowing it to continue simple tasks while not connected to the CPU.

Disassemble (800 OM): Fixit.app: A networked map of nano-components allows Scratch to disassemble and reassemble himself.

Fusion (1000 OM): startup/ExoSuit.app: Scratch merges with an additional user, and morphs into a powered exo-skeleton (RP fodder). The end of the ‘fusion’ would simply require a pilot exiting the exo-skeletal frame, or Scratch doing a hive-mind/disassemble routine.

Get away from her, you bitch!

(I’ve always wanted to say that.)

Magnetic Shield: PolarityPosNeg.exe: (300 OM move), Requires Physical Strength
Internal coils generate a powerful magnetic field, shifting his own chassis-housed armored plating into a floating parabolic shield approximately 3 feet in diameter. Due to the readily available nature of materials (his own chassis), forming a shield is rather quick – within a second or two of direct concentration. Items like bullets or other small bits of metal debris may cling to the shield and magnetize. Maintaining the shield takes little effort due to the tendency for metals to retain a residual magnetic charge; it won’t rapidly degrade with a few seconds of distraction. Directing and moving it, however, requires focus.

Iron Storm: PolarityPosNeg++.exe: (300 OM move) – Requires active Magnetic Shield, Requires Physical Strength, Requiers Area Attack Proficiency
Internal magnetic coils suddenly reverse, blasting all magnetized materials collected by the shield (including fragments of the shield itself) in a wall of shrapnel. The flight of these projectiles is directed in a wide ray, in an approximate three foot diameter. Because of a lack of aerodynamics, weight, and a tendency for shrapnel to collide with itself mid-flight, the danger of this attack degrades drastically outside of melee range (12 feet) from 350 fps to a measly 60 fps. The trigger is inefficient, so usage requires a half second delay. Close range, the effect is like a directed fragmentation grenade. Outside of optimal range, it’s virtually harmless and feels more like being pelted with a handful of paperclips.

Self Destruct: GoodbyeCruelWorld.exe: (600 OM tier 1 super) – Requires Area Attack Proficiency, Disassemble, Hive Mind
Consider this a fully weaponized use of Disassemble. Executes a self-destruct application. Devastating within a 12 foot radius. Damage Type: Piercing/Explosive. Requires a countdown (one turn). Scratch blows himself apart, becoming a billowing cloud of heat, concussive force, and shrapnel. It may take a bit of effort (a few seconds of concerted focus) on his part to reassemble himself. Has a 16 character password to cancel out of. How about you try inputting that with an egg-beater for a hand. Once initiated, requires significant concentration to end the program before he detonates.

(Have a nice day MEATBAG SCUM LOLOLOL)

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