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Name: Asura
Spent OM: 4600
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers (1700/8000): Super Speed (1000), Super Jumping - Basic (300), Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (900): Mantra Burst (300), Mantra Blasts (600)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Bases (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 2

[Image: Ashura03.jpg]
"There is no need for gods that only take, for gods of death!!"

Character History

Asura, a Demigod who despises his title. A man who spits in the face of the concept of gods, and praying. A father that just wants the best for his family. Some of his happiest memories are with his wife, Durga, and daughter, Mithra. Shame he couldn't keep making them, as he was framed for murder by his allies, the rest of the 8 Guardian Generals of which he was one, had his wife murdered, and his daughter kidnapped. Then, just to rub salt in the wound, he was murdered and dropped from who knows how high, after he swore his vengeance.

This physical embodiment of wrath came back 12,000 years later, spurred on by a mysterious Golden Spider, his memories fractured, the only thing guiding him being a searing rage he could not yet explain. As he explored the broken world, he quickly found the first of one of his betrayers, Wyzen, of the newly rebranded Seven Dieties. Asura defeated Wyzen, and quickly regained his memories in the fight. Afterwords he was slain by his Brother in Law, Yasha, another of the Seven Dieties.

After another 700 years, he returned, and slowly forged a bond with a girl who had an eery resemblance to his daughter Mithra. Her life was short lived, as she was murdered by the Seven Deities, alongside her entire village. It turns out that the Seven Deities get their power by converting human souls, through his daughter's power. It physically hurt her, and she was suffering. Upon the girl's death, Asura learned his power was too great for his body, as he went on a horrible rampage, destroying all Gohma and Demi-Gods.

Ironically, it was Yasha, who was brought to his senses by seeing Asura's great strength, brought Asura to his. Together, the two defeated Deus, the final of the Seven Deities at this stage. And then they defeated Vlitra, the will of the planet, and the source of Gohma. He had won.

Or so he thought. There was one loose thread. The Golden Spider. It turned out, he was the cause of the 12,000 years of suffering. He used Mithra as a Vessel, and introduced himself as Chakravartin, the God that created Gaea, and the cause of the world's suffering. All of it was a test, to find his successor. And his successor, was to be Asura. Naturally, Asura refused, and attempted to do battle with Chakravartin. He didn't stand a chance. His rage was too wild, his power to chaotic, as it threatened to tear him apart. Hee and Yasha were forced to retreat, and in doing so Asura was knocked unconscious.

Yasha was the first to come too, and he did something unexpected. He sacrificed himself to give Asura a means to control his power. The greatest creation of the Seven Deities, the Mantra Reactor. The two had a heated battle, Yasha feigning to want to prove he was better than Asura, so that his body could acclimate. It was only when Yasha knew Asura could now control his power, did he allow himself to die, as Asura gave him a fist bump, honoring his Brother in Law, and Brother in Arms. hi

Yasha's sacrifice given, Asura did battle with Chakravartin once more, ascending to his greatest form. Asura, the Destructor. It was a battle of Creation, versus Destruction. God versus Man. Father of All, versus Father of One. Asura came close to death many times over, but in the end, his will, and his Wrath, won the day, and saved Mithra. Chakravartin was beaten, and as he was going to finish the god off, Mithra gave him a warning, that if he killed Chakravartin, he too, would Perish.

The choice was simple. "But... You would still live." That was all he cared about. His own life meant nothing, before the happiness and survival of his own daughter. He landed the final blow, finally understanding the true meaning of his wrath, and happily accepted the end of his life. For his was a life well lived... And in the end, he saw his daughter smile one last time. Little did he know... His story was not yet over. Another has now seen fit to extend his life, in another world. And with his life returning, so too, has his Wrath.


Asura is an angry little ball of death that just wants the best for those he cares about. He despises those who covet power, and feels it should be used to protect the weak. Rulers are highest up on his shit list, or more specifically in his own words, those who "Make others do, what they cannot do for themselves." He has little care for his own self preservation so long as he's fighting for what's right. He's always angry in some fashion, be he furious, pissed, or just mildly annoyed. He's difficult to get along with.

His moral code is extremely rigid, and he absolutely despises gods, as well as those who grovel to those they consider above them. He refuses to be prayed to in any fashion whatsoever, but he can't really do anything to stop them either. He is a Demi-God, yes, but he absolutely despises this status, and refuses to acknowledge it. After all, all he wants is to be able to protect his family. Why should he get any praise?

He has a disgusting temper as well, one that can be set off extremely easily. He'll happily rush headlong into the enemy, and fight them relentlessly without fear. However, he doesn't often ask for the help of others either. They will have to force their help upon them, and even then he'll grunt and complain about it all the while. It's his mess, and he'll clean it up damn it. Fighting is something he enjoys quite a bit, not that he would ever admit it. Killing is something he's not exactly going to blanch at either. If you've wronged him or others enough, unless you change your ways he will happily send you straight to hell.

[Image: asurawrath03.jpg?strip=all]

Fighting Style
Asura is a vicious fighter with no regards for self preservation whatsoever. He is an extremely melee oriented combatant, only changing to ranged when his opponent is being obnoxious with their own ranged attacks. Even then, he is constantly searching for a way in to better punch them. He relies purely on training and instinct, rarely stopping to plan his attack, and preferring spur of the moment savagery. He will happily take several hits if it means getting one good lick in of his own, and isn't afraid to keep going even if he loses an arm or two. So long as he wins the fight, that's all that matters. His arms have a bad habit of shattering into oblivion on him, and he's well versed in fighting with just headbutts and kicks as a result.


Mantra Burst, 300 OM - Requires Physical Strength
Asura's rage reaches a boiling point, and he unleashes a Mantra fueled strike upon a downed opponent. While this gives him massive damage output for 1-2 strikes, his limbs overheat and must be allowed to cool down afterwords, lest he risk them being destroyed. This cooldown takes a solid 15 seconds. His body just can't handle as much as it used to. Should he continue to attack normally during this cooldown, his strikes are noticeably weakened, and his limbs are more brittle than normal. Strike his limbs during this time, and you might just get one of his arms off him for your troubles.

Mantra Blasts, 600 OM - Requires Ranged Proficiency.
Asura can fire Mantra from his body in a few different manners. The first is as a rapid fire projectile, which he creates by punching the air. These projectiles move at the speed of bullet, and are the same size as his fist to his forearm. These blasts vanish after 25 meters. He can also eject them as a short range shotgun type blast, however he can not rapid fire this version, due toe larger amount of Mantra he's ejecting at once. This fires 6 shots that evaporate roughly 5 meters away from him. It can only be used every 2-3 seconds.

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