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Ricter Casenger

Name: Ricter Casenger
Spent OM: 28500
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (2800):
  • Physical Strength (1000)
  • Buff Proficiency (400)
  • Area Defense (400)
  • Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers (5900/8000):
  • Healing (3000)
  • Telepathy (1500)
  • Shapeshifting (1400)

Moves (3300): 
  • Lanor (3000)
  • Fluffy Fur (300)

Super Moves (2000):
  • [T1] Restoration (600)
  • [T1] Divination (600)
  • [T2] Expiation (800)
Transformations (0): 
Assists (0):
Items (300):
  • Dataverse Device (100)
  • Communicator (200)
  • Drakes Skull 1x
Artefacts: None
Bases (0): 
Unlocks (14000): 4th Stat Upgrade

Base stats: 
  • ATK: 1
  • DEF: 7
  • SPD: 3
  • TEC: 3
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3


Attack: 1- He is not very strong, able to carry around two hundred pounds or so for a couple meters before flopping, he has average human level strength and hits just as hard as one.

Defense: 7 - Thanks to his sword his body regenerates at astounding levels, enchanting his body as striking him anyone would notice that his fur is soft yet slicing it with any metal object causes sparks to fly off. Like his fur was steel wool, and behaves like an extremely hard armor plating on his body at all times. His body is comparable to a tanks outer shell and his immune system adapts rapidly to poisons and things of that nature with out the use of his sword.

Speed: 3 - His reaction time is top notch, better than an average person and much quicker than one as well. Incoperating smells, hearing and sight to make avoiding attacks easier he will not take every attack he see's to the face. If he can avoid it he will and ensure that it doesn't do unnecessary damage if possible.

Technique: 3 - Improvements to his over all skill has made him quite hard too top when it comes to fighting evenly. Thanks to his stance and size he has adapted and trained in the art of deflecting and blocking while only striking when necessary back at aggressors. Making him way more skilled than by looks alone.

Healing: His main power, or the main power of his weapon Lanor, with out it he has very little going for him. With it though he can heal the wounds of others with just cutting them with the weapon, restoring body parts and even curing illnesses as well. Accumulating more and more remedies and medicines inside of it his goal is to make something that can heal all things, eliminating all manner of illnesses from the world he is in.

Telepathy: He isn't a complete physic by any means, however with the use of drugs and herbs he mixes them into powders and gasses that can influence someone's mind. From causing joy to even inflicting bad thoughts and illnesses, all of his drugs are saved with in the very sword he wields, allowing him to call on them in the middle of battle with out much trouble. Additionally he is allowed minor communication through mentally thrown words when he is in a more feral body.

Shapeshifting: A not so actively used power in combat, thanks to his history he has two body types, a more feral weasel that is larger than normal. As well as a more humanoid shape, while keeping his fuzzy animal appearance. He can randomly switch between the two at any given time but has yet to really control it fully. Making it confusing that they keep changing between two forms on occasion.

Lanor: (3000 OM) [Requires Physical Strength, Healing, Buff, Telepathy, Ranged Proficiency, Area Defense]
Is a 4’7”ft long, 5 inch width, double edged broad sword that has a stainless steel look to it with a brown handle and cross-guard, being balanced in speed and weight. Aside from basic looks the weapon works similar to a bladed syringe, permanently sealed inside of it are a number of pills, herbs, salves, flowers, and medicines that can be called on when striking someone. They can be combined immediately, allowing for well over two hundred possible combinations in the span of a second to be used, which allows for him to eventually find a possible cure for what ever is thrown at him. In addition he can mutate physical cells to match a body or de-mutate cells to change someone back to a 'normal' state, this part requires more practice and more time with a subject to be successful.

Mend: After a five second channel time the blade can be toggled too close small wounds of any living things it slices, leaving non painful glowing gashes that mend small cuts on the body and vanish after contact with the blade has ended. For large wounds he would need to deliver one strong slash or stab after a three second wind-up, which makes the wound stop bleeding, closing it and ensuring it doesn't again unless another wound is made along the same location. This doesn't heal the wounds sustained but more so mitigates bleeding out from them and minor pain as well. After another five second channel it may return to a normal blade, the blade cannot damage or harm any organic targets while charged and it behaves normally to metal contact.

Alleviate: Touching the face of his sword while staying still he can hold it there for over five seconds before pulling it away and touching someone, leaving a glowing paw print on them after two seconds of contact, which can be done while in motion. The mark effectively turns pain into rapture as any damage they are suffering is still present, but the feeling of discomfort is reduced to being very minor to just being numb to it for the duration. The mark lasts for around a minute and can be applied and maintained so long as it’s himself, or an ally that stays with in thirty meters of him. He can hold the power for up to ten seconds before it needs to be administered or else he loses it entirely and suffers some energy loss. After applying it once he needs to wait more than a minute to apply it again on someone once the duration is over.

Cure: If he chooses he may also aim to stab someone with his blade and keep it inside of them for up to five seconds, for which he can move but if he dose the sword must stay in contact with the target and in his hands. The weapon would soon pull out any foreign agents inside of the body, that includes poisons, viruses, and parasites then either destroy or cure the illness as a mark is left in its place. The mark lessons the effect of the same poison for up to thirty seconds, but is dependant on the attackers TEC Vs his own DEF. If the attackers TEC is less than half Ricters DEF then target is immune to the same poison, if its even to his DEF then its half as effective, and if its more than double his own DEF just negates the mark entirely. This requires some energy on his own part to do, minor but repeated uses can lead to being fatigued and has a thirty second cool down before it can be reapplied after the mark vanishes. This can't heal those afflicted by super debuff moves.

Aroma Therapy: Thanks to all the herbal remedies he’s enchanted his weapon with, and some alcohol, his body can be engulfed in an aura that eludes the smell of vanilla with a mix of different kinds of herbs, in addition to a bit of sake from a friend of his to add some joyful inebriation. After a ten second channel time, that cant be interrupted, and five seconds of being in his generalized area he can use the allure of the smells to impose minor hypnotic effects on those who stay near him. One of which makes those who are around him very relaxed, a content state of lulled indulgence, similar to feeling a bit tipsy or drunk but having not drunken anything at all. They can choose to act normal however, or simply go along with the sensations as it was more so made to aid them than cause harm.

The aroma fights off the effects of foreign mental disturbances that may change the way someone acts, thinks, or anything affecting their five senses by matching his DEF vs their aggressors TEC. If they have double his DEF then the disturbance go’s through naturally, if they are nearly even then they are half as effective, less than half his DEF and they become immune to them for the duration. The effect can only afflict those in a five meter radius from his location. Leaving his general area makes the relaxing sensation go away, he can keep the mental blocking aspect of the skill going for one minute but on use it drains a moderate amount of energy from him. Flavor wise he can always smell like this while not giving an in combat effect, additionally this can't help those afflicted by super debuff moves.

Sharpen: After charging for twelve seconds he can tap someone with his blade or touch them personally and they will be have a dazzling glow around their body which only they would notice. Being filled with energy their very next attack would hit as hard as if they charged up a ten second attack themselves and used it, over all empowering their attack to hit harder but not reducing the time in which they cast their very next move. However it drains some of his own energy and what ever attack they make seems to add to the power of their attack but only once and only for the move they use right after he passes on the energy. He can only use this skill every minute in battle lest he risks offering too much of his energy and growing fatigued, and the energy can be held for over eight seconds before it needs to be given or used before it vanishes completely. He needs some focus for this and can only defend himself while channeling, being unable to do attacks in the mean time, he can move around freely while using this but artful evades are out of the question.

Shatter & Forge: With minor enchantments on his sword he can willingly allow his blade to shatter and reform in either of his hands. The process takes around one second and takes very little energy to do, the blade can also reform from any physical distance its at currently. For every thirty or so meters from his current location it takes an additional second to reform in his hands.

Iron Mountain: After a brief second he manages to take up a defensive posture while wielding his sword for which he focuses on parrying, deflecting, or blocking, strikes and hostile projectiles with the blade or flat face of the weapon. If a volley of attacks are coming towards him he can tighten his focus and parry them in rapid succession, cutting through or simply deflecting them away from his general area. While in this stance he can only shuffle along the ground which cuts his movement speed in half, in addition he'd begin to grow slightly tired if he's blocking multiple attacks for a long period of time.

If he can see the attack about to come he can lower his stance, tensing up and preparing to counter act if given enough time to do so. He can hold this stance for up to ten seconds, allowing him to block or split a very strong attack with his own built up preparation. However he is rooted in place while preparing this, unable to move unless he drops the guard completely, and thanks to the strain it can only be used every few minutes or it will tire out his arms depending on the strength of the attack he's defending against.

Fluffy Fur: (300) [Requires Area Defense]
The stoats body is covered in a thick pelt of silky soft yet resilient fur, when attacked, metal weapons or projectiles cause sparks to fly off on impact with his coat. Blunt attacks bounce off, while elemental bombardments or strikes simply dissipate on contact. This move can only defend against weaker forms of attacks, relative to his Def against the opponents Atk, anything stronger or even to his defensive strength and it fails to be as effective. Additionally, prior to using this he needs at least eight seconds of focus, he must stay still and can only speak while doing this. Once finished freedom of movement is allowed as it takes very minor energy sustain afterwards. Cosmetically, his body is always fluffy and pretty enjoyable to sift through.

Super Moves

[Tier 1 Super Utility] Restoration: (600 OM) [Requires Physical Strength, Healing, Buff]
With a bright glimmer of his sword he would soon make a slash or stab at a friendly target, the energy from the sword would magically restore the use of lost body parts by re-growing them in a green glowing light over the course of three seconds. It can only be used on one friendly target at a time, in addition too only restoring one limb at a time but doesn't in fact heal them of damage points they my have sustained due to the strain on the persons physical body being too great to actually heal the damage all at once. Requiring more time or rest for them to fully cope with the injuries they suffered but allowing them full use of any separated/broken parts they were missing, he can also use this on himself if need be.

[Tier 1 Super Defense] Divination: (600 OM) [Requires Buff, Area Defense]
Engulfing his body in the invisible magic of his sword he is capable of all around stopping the power from a tier one super attack, as he seems all but unfazed and unaffected by what ever was trying to hit him. Simply either plowing through it or just standing there as if the attack did nothing at all with maybe a scuff or two for dramatics.

[Tier 2 Super Defense] Expiation: (800 OM) [Requires Buff, Area Defense]
Forming a stronger version of his shield it can be channeled for up to three seconds before being used, allowing it to be summoned onto his body to protect against tier two super attacks. Creating a veil of protection that stops him from being damaged or effected by those attacks if blocked.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3


In general Ricter is an upbeat kinda person, he rarely gets angry unless something has driven him to the point of rage, and he stays calm about most situations. When it comes to interacting with other people he adores the chance to talk to others, wishing to stay close friends with those around him, aiming to make them into possible allies and keep both himself and them alive for as long as possible since two is better than one. When it comes to fighting though he takes a more tactical approach, he doesn't rush in guns blazing, instead he prefers to be with someone else, staying behind them to ensure they are not damaged or hurt too much and acting as a direct augmentation to their skills or powers. When he is needed to go to the front lines he will jump ahead and aim to defend his partners and friends as best he can, ensuring they have time to heal or even rest for a bit while he takes the blunt of what his opponents can do.

He doesn't enjoy direct confrontation, and tends to stay in a middle ground, he will fight when needed but also work to mitigate the damage of his opponent when one on one, aiming to get a surprise attack with his unorthodox attacking methods using his sword. He is described as very selfless, and at times just an over baring big brother to some, at heart he is very kind and will do anything for those he thinks are worth the effort, but if he feels he's being used and just a simple medic with no appreciation he will leave you to fight your own battles at a moments notice. Waiting for an apology before he'd try to heal them of any wounds they suffered, wearing a warm smile and keeping an optimistic view through out any harrowing situation he can be a great friend or an amazing sword fighting medic.

Ricters goal in life has always been to find the cure for every known and unknown illness in the world. A daunting and almost unmistakably impossible task that would lead him to finding more ways to fight viruses and diseases that crop up out of thin air. This goal stems from just his natural wish to keep people from dying, the one thing he has been unable to fix, and part of him doesn't wish to fix given it just doesn't feel morally justified. Who is he to say that someone should come back to life if their lives have ended? Just like asking the question is it right to reanimate the dead? Its a question that he lives by, and he knows that eventually he may find the power to bring someone back from the brink, yet he doesn't want to be known for something like this. To be swarmed with requests from millions to revive a dead loved one, brother, sister, daughter, mother.

He's never wished to be viewed as a god of some kind, especially since he doesn't believe that anyone should have that much power. Though he fears that when he reaches near the end of his goal, and he finds the object that can fix any illness it would lead him to finding the means of eternal resurrection, and those around him will request more of him than he can bare. This fear stemming from a story he read about a mage who became so powerful that he could turn back the time on death, the mage became viewed as a god by his people and was asked by people from all over to bring back people they lost. The sea of requests were never ending, and although he helped some over population in cities, towns and the like was a factor he noticed happened too soon into fulfilling peoples requests. But still people came, all for their own selfish reasons. The mage quickly realized that the religious cults built around him, the war generals and nations wishing to force them under their banner to revive dead troops, and the over population of the world would never end at this rate and caused more harm than good.

So he fled, many believed he had been killed and some even started wars on the front that another side had killed them, resetting the balance of death and birth yet again. Eventually the mage was regarded as the god of rejuvenation in his own world.


Ricter’s universe is that of old fairy tails and foke lore, where princesses get woken up by kisses and animals talking is fairly the norm. However in this setting it was a lot less cheerful and more so realistic, if that couldn’t be contrary enough, regardless Ricter was the pet of seemingly a small girl. One that took fairly good care of him and ensured he was well fed, petted, and well just about anything you can do with a weasel. But as the girl grew up she began to dabble in magic, getting better at it in secret away from her parents, even becoming so good she enrolled in many classes and things of that nature. After some years the weasel had gotten old, fairly close to death while his master had managed to become a lovely young woman, capable of many feats and skills.

However she didn’t wish to let her companion go, with the use of a ritual that was exclusive to witches he was made into a familiar, a creature enhanced with the power of magic and made to do the bidding of his summoner or master. Starting out small at first he was granted some symbolance of a body to halt the aging process, and even learned to use tools and skills humans could do, in a funny away she was now helping him to grow up. But word would begin to spread about a witch in the village, which scared the woman, knowing they had meant her as her rituals and many somewhat illegal crafts had gained the ire of those who would due to stop it.

By this time he had gained the ability to use weapons, which she would bestow on him a sword by the name of Lanor. It was a weapon to allow him to heal others and cut those he didn’t like, it was made so he could protect her and so he did. When the night of the raid happened both his witch companion and himself were ready, he’d avoid fighting but work to defend his friend against any dangers, they brought many people with pitch forks and spears, some even having magic of their own too. In the end though they escaped, though damaged and injured, he managed to heal them both and they got away.

Years would follow and he’d be more so an adult again, capable of speaking as well as human-like interactions too. He’d live somewhat contently with his witch of a master, enjoying banter, company and over all he was happy and so was she. Though one day she would have him go out to fetch some herbs for her, she had planned a nice celebration for her 122nd birthday party and she didn’t want to make it as bland as last year. So he would go out and try to get them, however instead of finding herbs he found a simple rift in the space of a tree, pretty typical given shes done way more interesting things before. So with curiosity baring his mind he would simple go through, wondering what was on the other side, but little did he know that he’d be dumped into the Nexus, far from his own world.

Physical Description

Ricter is a short statuesque weasel with white fur covering his mouth leading down to his chest, while the rest of his body is covered in tan or cream colored fur. With a slim build and rounded ears he has brown colored paw pads and a large poofy tail, the fur on it being grown out over the years. Height wise he is quite larger than a normal critter, originally his true body is only 2'7" ft tall, and weighing less than 60 lb. Feral in nature he can speak mentally when he is like this or by words as well. He doesn't wear clothes however, safe from maybe shirts and scarfs that would fit on his small body.

[Image: Standing.png]

When he is in his humanoid form he is well around 5’4" height wise, though also being at around 138 lb he stands about as tall as an average human female or around it, while opting to wearing simple clothing like shirts, jeans, and what ever he thinks would be nice. But mostly just a simple red shirt over a green one and brown jean pants, he opts to go bare footed almost all the time.

[Image: 10840650.jpg]
[Image: 10774117.jpg]

Important Events/Interactions
  • Marisa Kirisame gave him his first ever alcoholic drink, a bottle of sake, sparking interest and enjoying it immensely. It was easy to make friends with her after this as she would be his first ever Prime related friend in this odd universe. She would inspire the move Aroma Therapy.

  • Recognition, Thanks to the events of his past as well as his medical work in the Tangled Greens he is well known there for being a skilled physician and doctor. Known for curing even the most heinous diseases. While having minor influences on being a part time sword fighter.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

Story Lines and Events

Herbal Medication
Ricters entrance into the greens was a mild one, not used too but welcoming the climate he would encounter a small camp of goblins holding a wounded moogle bound to a tree. Learning that they had eaten her friend he would dispatch them in the dead of night, once free she would lead him to Amborsia, a city of many species and creatures living together. Opting to live with her and her brother he would gain a job as a nurse in the local clinic while exploring and finding out where the two worked.

Limits of Skill
A week has past and Ricters skills have earned him some appreciation from Dr. Sorrel, a sylveon. Being offered a position as a doctor he takes it on the advent of curing an illness from a treent, which leads to a ‘cure’ but being regressed to a seedling. Hours later the clinic is hit with a deadly virus that saps the strength of those inside, forcing Ricter out to get ingredients to find a cure for the illness with the hope that he wouldn’t be too late when he gets back.

Preshow Facility
On reaching Dante's Abyss, a large fighting tournament that consisted of many of the omviverses strongest competitors he would be happy to try and test his own merit in the tournament. He'd however meet with Marisia Kirisame, a female magician whom seemed to be quite nice and would even have a small lunch with the weasel. In the end he would be given a nice sake bottle before the matches would start, soon realizing he enjoyed drinking the alcoholic beverage while also making his first ever prime related friend. The fights he participated seemed to be very stream lined, following a familiar theme as he was pared with Cell of all people.

Cell/Ricter vs Ash/Jak - Lasted some time but ended in the weasel being the first to be thrown from the ring, however Cell would manage to defeat both Jak and Ash on his own by throwing them both out.

Whirda/Yuuka vs Cell/Ricter - The match left hin in a sore spot, being knocked unconcous early he was simply left by Whidra and proceeded to fight with Cell. Then when waking up and joining the fight again he was left by Yuuka to 2vs1 Cell once more. In the end it lead to another personal loss as he was hit with a simple pepsi bottle and knocked out while Cell was too damaged to get back up. Dropping them to the losers bracket.

Erik/DP vs Cell/Ricter - The last match for the duo would also lead to a loss, with focus being scattered the combined efforts of Deadpools explosion and Erik's cult of power wuld lead to a surrender from the weasel that only lead to his death. With both Cell and Ricter having died they were out of the contest and would revive at the fountain, another loss on the board.

Dreams of Old Memories
It would be well over a week of him being dea by this point, Ricter would be pleaged with dreams of his past, Detailing his entire history up until the point he reached the omniverse. Full of both regret and some sad memories that made him feel bad for what he left behind and now his future. Waking up however he would find he was in the nexus, he didn't full on remember that he had died but he knew something was amiss as he headed back home.

Under The Cheerful Town
Being invited to tea he would visit a frined who lived under the town of ambrosia in another town that seemed to be inhabited by bugs and other rodents. The visit turjns sour when he gets involved with the local mafia who ran the town with not a problem at all, however to liberate his friend and those he grew to care for from this grip he choose to dismantle the organizations power one step at a time.

Two Wrongs
With the help of Simon, a rodent that was once the boss of the mafia underground he not too long ago dismantled. They would be in a small truse to get back his sword, Lanor, from a tribe of orcs that had taken it. Fighting through many things, from killer plants, raptors, and the very orcs that had stolen from them they would have to work together to get it back. In the end however Ricter lets him go free under the promise he doesn't' go back to a life of crime.

Medical Aid
For the first time Ricter explores beyond just The Tangled Greens, and travels ot the Ashen Stepps, a hot and desolate world. He needed something called a fire flower, mostly to solve the ever growing crsis with people getting burns that they normally couldn't solve at the clinic. But he would meet up with the Gorons first, offering medical aid to them in exchange for the flowers, which after a few days they provided.

Being Reborn
Ricter has grown comfortable in his new life, with the peoples he's saved and helped along the way all showing some form of appreciating for what he's done. It was welcoming, especially for a person who barely gets thanked for anything. This showed a shift in his personality, and also his dya to day work as a doctor bein explained, turning from someone who thought they should be a Prime that gains power to forcefully change things around them, too somene who just improves the lives of others with his powers.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

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