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Kenpachi Zaraki

Name: Kenpachi Zaraki
Spent OM: 19600
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (2300/8000): Super Jumping [Basic] (300), Survival (2000)
Moves (300): Zanpakutō (300)
Super Moves (2000): Energy Wave (600), Ryōdan (800), Overpowering Reiatsu (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Bases (0):
Unlocks (14000): Stat Increase I (1000), Stat Increase II (2000), Stat Increase III (4000), Stat Increase IV (7000)
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 4
SPD: 3
TEC: 2
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Dante's Abyss '15
Vincent Valentine

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Grand Champion
Nanaki/Red XIII

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(07-16-2018, 06:14 PM)Lord Zedd Wrote: I'm here to kick ass and write compelling stories with Vincent Valentine.

And baby, we're all out of Vincent Valentine.

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Name: Kenpachi Zaraki
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Actual Age: Unknown, 500+
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 202 cm
Weight: 90 kg

Kenpachi carries himself with a relaxed, almost bored demeanor the majority of the time, only showing happiness during battle. He is quick to become irritated if he is denied the opportunity to fight, going so far as to threaten death on his own subordinates if they got in his way. Though known for being a “beast”, craving bloodshed and strife, Zaraki’s actions are nearly always for the greater good. Due to his overwhelming strength, he goes to great lengths to handicap himself so as to allow battles to drag on longer and maximize enjoyment. He goes so far as to obscure his vision with an eyepatch that also acts to seal his power, as well as fight one-handed. In the past he also wore bells in his hair to help opponents keep track of his movements, though he has not bothered with this behavior since shortly after being defeated by the substitute Shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki. Though he loves battle, Kenpachi most often refuses to kill defeated opponents, seeing it as a pointless, cowardly practice. That said, if the foe refuses to quit after being defeated, he is known to kill without hesitation for the sake of sparing them further embarrassment. He is known to show great respect for those that crave battle as he does, and even greater for those who can defeat him. Following a strict ‘fun before work’ philosophy, he is known to take frequent naps and shirk responsibilities when possible.

Fighting Style
Both as a consequence of learning to fight on the streets of Rukongai and of his desire to prolong battles for as long as possible, Kenpachi does not subscribe to a specific fighting style. He is known for fighting one-handed, slashing wildly and unpredictably with no regard for his own safety. He is exceptionally strong and resistant to damage, often taking attacks head-on rather than dodging or blocking (though he will do the latter if an attack if sufficiently strong, i.e. a point-blank explosion or gunfire to the face). Even upon being skewered by an opponent’s blade or thrown into the vacuum of space, he has shown little response to pain other than perhaps the occasional grin. Kenpachi is quick to charge into battle when one is approaching, taking no time to plan or strategize. Despite this, he is a decent tactician, known to adapt to an opponent’s fighting style mid-battle.

Since he was a young boy, the man that would be known as Kenpachi had lived on the streets of the 80th District of Rukongai, the largest region of Soul Society. Referred to as Zaraki, the 80th district was known throughout Soul Society as the most violent and dangerous district of Rukongai. By virtue of growing up in this region, the orphaned boy would take the name of his home as his surname. He dwelled for years in this realm of constant strife, fighting and killing to survive.

During one such day of slaughtering to preserve his life, Zaraki came upon the body of a Shinigami, taking the man’s Asauchi (‘blank’ Zanpakutō) as his own and imprinting his soul upon it. He would wield this blade against many foes, slaying all that opposed him with ease- all, that is, save for one Yachiru Unohana, then known as the most formidable criminal in Soul Society. This battle marked the first time Zaraki had felt fear and the first time he truly enjoyed battle. For this reason, he came to respect Unohana greatly and desire to become like her. In hopes of meeting her once more, he continued to train himself.

Some years later, as he passed through the 79th district, known as Kusajishi, Zaraki would come upon a young orphan child. Despite his appearance and the fact that he was drenched in the blood of men he had slain, this child did not show fear. Quite the opposite, she reached out for his blade, laughing as she touched the blood-soaked sword. This struck Zaraki, who named her Yachiru Kusajishi, after her home and the woman he idolized. Zaraki would take this girl on as a daughter-figure and travel companion, protecting her with his life.

Eventually Zaraki would find his way to Seireitei, the home of Soul Society’s Shinigami forces. Soon after arriving, he managed to slay the Captain of the 11th Royal Court Guard Squad with a single blow in front of an audience of the other 200 or so members of the platoon. It was on this day that Zaraki took both the title of Captain and the name Kenpachi from his predecessor. This title labeled its bearer as the strongest Captain of the 13 Divisions, a moniker that had belonged solely to Captains of the 11th Division since the first Kenpachi, the felon-turned-savior Yachiru (now dubbed Retsu) Unohana. From that day forward, Zaraki had both a name and a purpose. He would guide his division under the simple idea of a love for battle.

Kenpachi would later meet Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends, being dealt his first loss since childhood at the hands of the boy. For this reason he developed great respect for Ichigo, considering him an honorary member of his division and choosing to become an ally to him and his friends, always seeking a rematch when they met again. Ichigo would never agree, seeing the two as friends who did not need to fight. Though Zaraki did not see it this way, he would relent at his behest. He would aid Ichigo in freeing Rukia Kuchiki, defeating the Arrancar, and later in returning the boy’s Shinigami power to him after the fall of Sōsuke Aizen.

Some time later during the Thousand-Year Blood War, an invasion perpetrated by the hidden Quincy empire, Kenpachi would fall to their leader in battle. In order to become strong enough to combat the Emperor once more, Zaraki was set to battle against Retsu Unohana in hopes that this test of strength against his only rival would awaken his true power. It was in the midst of this battle that Zaraki was whisked away to the Omniverse.


Zanpakutō (Physical Strength)
[Image: kenpachi__s_sword_by_abaworlock-d30ufl5.jpg]
Standard issue for all shinigami, Zanpakutō (or Soul Cutter) are spiritual blades that serve as physical representations of the user’s power and soul. Zanpakutō typically take the form of a japanese sword, Zaraki’s own taking the form of a nodachi. The sword measures approximately 170 centimeters long from pommel to point, with the hilt measuring around 30 cm. The blade has a very rough and jagged appearance, bearing many chips and mars along its length due to its wielder's careless fighting style. Despite looks, the blade cuts as well as any sharpened blade, due to Zaraki’s immense spiritual pressure. As the blade is literally an extension of his soul, he wields it effortlessly, being capable of dealing blindingly fast slashes with apparent ease. The sword’s hilt is white and wrapped in bandages, matching its sheath. When not in combat, Zaraki keeps the blade at his side, tucked into his obi.

Super Moves:

Energy Wave (Tier I Offensive Super Move; Physical Strength)
[Image: OSBNes0.gif]
Although Kenpachi is known for his abysmal energy control and complete inability to consciously manipulate his energy in any meaningful way, he is able to compete with his peers using sheer physical strength. By letting up on the conscious effort he normally puts into keeping his immense spirit energy in check (over the span of a few seconds) and slashing downward with an almighty swing, he can project a wave of golden energy that bursts forth from the tip of his blade and surges forward along the ground toward his foe. This wave is only around a foot wide at the far end and  has a maximum range of just over 10 feet from where Kenpachi is standing, reaching this maximum distance in around a second. The wave detonates on impact with his target or when it reaches this maximum range. Though it does tend to kick up quite a bit of debris, the explosion it causes is quite localized, at just shy of 3 feet in diameter.

Ryōdan (Tier 2 Offensive Super Move; Physical Strength)
[Image: latest?cb=20120227134137&path-prefix=en]
Though Zaraki typically chooses to follow no particular fighting style, he has been trained to some degree in the art of kendō. He loathes the practice, as the few times he has used a formal kendō technique the battle his opponent was immediately slain. He thus only uses such stances if he feels his opponent is worth the effort (i.e. if he believes it won’t outright kill them). Gripping the sword with both hands, he adopts a chudan pose and slashes downward, producing a powerful wave of energy. As Zaraki is not proficient with energy manipulation, this technique is a rather short-range attack produced entirely by the strength of the swing. The effect is a cone of destructive power that travels around 3.5 meters, being approximately .75 meters at its widest point.

Overpowering Reiatsu (Tier 1 Defensive Super Move)
[Image: tumblr_mwgx4weYtN1sx1kcjo1_500.gif]
Even among other Captain-level shinigami, Kenpachi has been noted to have a monstrous amount of spiritual power. The effect of this in battle is a positively suffocating reiatsu (spiritual pressure) if he consciously pulls back on his self-imposed limits. Those that have experienced his raw spiritual pressure have described an enormous weight bearing down on them, as well as a feeling of dread. When used in the Omniverse, this translates to basic attacks and super moves of the same tier ‘failing’ before they are properly executed or missing entirely (the effect is the same, description is fodder).


Yachiru Kusajishi
[Image: Y2HxixJ.jpg]
Serving as the Lieutenant of the 11th Division, Yachiru is one of the few people for whom Kenpachi cares. Since finding her as a nameless orphan in Rukongai, he has protected her as a father would his child, bestowing on her the name of the first person he ever respected. She never leaves his side, nearly always taking a seat upon Kenpachi’s shoulder and offering advice and opinions, usually to Zaraki’s annoyance. Despite appearing to be a mere child, she has shown significant combat ability.

[Image: G3vODOp.png]
Dante's Abyss '15
Vincent Valentine

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Dante's Abyss '16
Grand Champion
Nanaki/Red XIII

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(07-16-2018, 06:14 PM)Lord Zedd Wrote: I'm here to kick ass and write compelling stories with Vincent Valentine.

And baby, we're all out of Vincent Valentine.

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